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Current I heard a rumor that RE2 is being remastered.
3 mos ago
I too like pokemon. They are amazing, especially with a side of rice or potato and a salad.
3 mos ago
@cosmicsherbert; Your right. But its an option...
4 mos ago
I really wanna talk to someone about that Thanos/Vader stare down just before the infinity war credits started.
4 mos ago
The world is built on perspective. One man's evil act ilcan easily be another man's good deed.


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No worries Rumi. Real life is priority.
As the runner of the game you can work it how you want. Still looks good.

Marcus waited on the bridge of his ship. His thoughts drifted through the dilemma he faced. Earth was never known for being very accepting and now would likely be no different. The Centauri however were always fairly easy to handle, so long as you had booze or made them think they were going to get more from you by working with you then by eliminating you. Unfortunately none of his crew were centauri, the humans among them however could fairly easily pass all but a medical scan.

First word came to him that the fighters were aboard. Then his first officer strolled onto the bridge. Turning to her he raised an eyebrow in question. “The survivor has been locked into quarters near the infirmary.” She stated. “And everything that could be saved was moved to the cargo bay.”

Marcus nodded. “Good; No ones to be seen by our guest without a vacsuit on. I’ll handle the questioning.” The captain stood. “Start sorting through what was salvaged, try to eliminate the mundane. But don't dispose of anything.”

The human turned his eyes toward the swirling red on the nearest display. “I want Wyvern 3 ready to launch before we return to normal space.” Marcus sighed softly, he didn't even realize he made the decision he did. “Set course for the last recorded coordinates of Centauri Prime.” The captain began to pace as his instructions were followed.
Well I guess I'll try to make a post now.

Btw, not meaning to beat an already dying horse, but just to remind someone here regarding why I was waiting for the GM was simply regarding her actions with Palpatine, NOT because I only and solely report to her. Unless you (@NanoFreakV2) know precisely on what she wants to do with Palpatine, I didn't know if anyone else had an idea what he'd do except for her.

Just, wanted to bring this out there again for this moment.

I don't only report to anyone. As I said I new to discuss the finalization of a character I inherited from her (her phrasing.) And as my ship is further away then even the instawarped ship my lack of posting had zero effect on anyone elses thus I am holding nothing up.
I did say what the issue was. And you made no offer here or otherwise to even attempt to help till now. As I said I'll take care of it myself.
<Snipped quote by Assallya>

<Snipped quote by Dnafein>

I think it's more a misunderstanding, I feel like while you were waiting for the Queen that should have been all Nano needed to know to then be like 'alright, I'll get things going for ya then'. In my opinion.

That is exactly it. When The co-gm finds out a player is waiting on the gm who I unavailable for whatever reason they should step up to see if they can figure out a solution. Even if the solution I little more then a shield that says the co-gm approved that move.

Rather then receive any such inquiry about offering assistance I was basically told doesn't matter still gonna get rid of you if you don't post now. So after work I will edit my post and take care of it myself.

<Snipped quote by Dnafein>

If you are not willing to participate unless the GM is here then you are writing yourself out.

I never said I wouldn't participate with the gm. I said I needed to discuss something about my post with her. As pointed out above, by myself and @Sep, this should have received a response other then What equates to "not my problem" from the co-gm. And that was the problem.
To a point yes. I have to question though when the co gm is attempting to eliminate players simply because they are waiting for the gm itself however.
@NanoFreakV2 Its not sitting around its currently in a dimension the home universe calls hyperspace where the other ships can't even detect or reach it. And while its awesome that you want to keep the rp alive while the GM is otherwise else where i am pretty sure this is still @Queen Raidne's rp yes?
@NanoFreakV2 I too am waiting to see our queen. To finalize inheriting the imp captain.
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