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Current I heard a rumor that RE2 is being remastered.
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I too like pokemon. They are amazing, especially with a side of rice or potato and a salad.
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@cosmicsherbert; Your right. But its an option...
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I really wanna talk to someone about that Thanos/Vader stare down just before the infinity war credits started.
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The world is built on perspective. One man's evil act ilcan easily be another man's good deed.


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This looks interesting. If you expand the cast a bit coukd have a Doctor like feel.

Dorian was more than content to let the local constabulary question the actress.The shifter preferred other methods for retrieving information. And so she picked at her plate, listening to the discussion at the table; At least until a very familiar pink haired head strode past.

Dorian sat bolt upright seeing Trinity stride by; Dorian’s left hand twitched as the retcog blow a kiss. Wendy’s words snatched the shifter’s eyes away from the pink hair and blue catsuit. Dorian got to her feet. “Please excuse me.” She muttered as she headed towards the tent’s exit; The shifter moved her plate to rest near the medic that appears to be all mouth.

Dorian moved through the camp shadowing her trio of co-workers from a street over. As she strode behind a tent she silently changed her form. Dorian’s pace didn't change as he became a man in his mid twenties with dirty blonde hair. His nose had obviously been broperfectime or two, his white tee was dirty with age. Any close observer would notice that Dorian was the same height and build of the male escorting The Witness.

As she passed another tent she shifted again. She looked almost identical to the male figure she had just been. This figures nose had never been broken and she had a smattering of freckles across her face. Dorian wasn't positive the twins were Trinity’s escort, but given the situation they were the obvious choice. Although another appropriate choice would be; Dorian’s thoughts froze as she realized what she was doing. The shifter was focusing on a problem she had an answer to, rather then deal with the questions she did not.

Dismissing both Dorian turned away from Trinity's path, shifting again. Dorian’s pace quickened and he belined for the editing tent. Stepping through the flaps he barked. “Bring up the footage of the explosion and get out.”

The editor opened his mouth but Dorian interrupted. “I have had a psychotic detonate an explosive on my set while trying to kill my stars. My shooting schedule is now fucked while we wait for that corset wearing idiot to get out of the hospital.”

The films editor blinked at the wave of rage crashing over him; Before he could say anything however the director continued. “And reshoots will only work if lil miss perfect is willing to uphold her contract and return. If your life was at risk would you come back?”

Dorian waited for the editor to start shaking his head before continuing, “Exactly. So I have to see if I can make what we got work. And if I can’t I’m likely to fire the first person I see. Want to stand in the unemployment line?”

As the editor shook his head Dorian bellowed, “Then… BRING UP THE FOOTAGE OF THE EXPLOSION AND GET OUT!”

The editor scrambled to fulfill his orders and fled. Dorian’s hands flew over the controls, he shifted the camera's point of view, zooming on the unexpected presence. Dorian moved frame by frame until he found what he needed. With a touch of the controls he brought a face into focus; Dorian smiled as he saw it.

During prep for the assignment Dorian dug through the studios incident reports involving Mr. Steel, and this particular face was among those reports. The shifters hand slide across the controls sending the footage to a random image as he turned to leave. As the director left the editing tent, the director entered the tent, scriptwriters in tow. The doppelganger nodded politely to the original as he passed.

Once out of the sight Dorian slipped into a more comfortable form. He made his way towards the crowd gathering around the area the trio of UN Security Personnel. Pushing through Dorian called out. “Trin.”

Dorian listened to the conversations behind her. The useful medic seemed to misunderstand the question she had asked. The shifter turned the question over in her head, the information she had indicated to her that the doctor was the innocent type. Dorian made a mental note to be more blatant with any idea that may require grey area consideration; This note, like most Dorian ever makes about a person, is fluid in its contents.

As local PD approached Dorian prepared to explain her presence and the need for secrecy. However the man’s report impressed the shifter; The cop had good instincts. Dorian listened to the officers conversation and a small smile grew on her lips. The crew would be occupied for a while, and the director would most likely be working on

Even as the shifter decided on her next move Weathers said something that caught Dorian’s focus. ”-me on the Nut case that did this. After which I’d love to treat you all to lunch at the Sundeck where we can talk about this.”

Dorian turned the words she half listened as she turned to face the actress. Dorian tilted her head at the actresses desire to eat while answering questions. As Perfection roared off Dorian turned back to her warp stepping through. Dorian left it open as she strode into the production camp. Watching the trail of dust the shifter saw it stop at the mess tent, she altered course to meet it.

The blonde entered the mess and joined Wendy at the table. Dorian considered the best way to ask why this was the first destination without being what her supervisors called pushy. The question thus caught her by surcaugh, causing her usually controlled expression to break; An eyebrow raising. Recovering her composure quickly the shifter nodded.

“I don’t generally deal with the local police.” She admitted. Dorian studied the buffet being laid out before the group; She began to help herself to a plate. They had time, and if nothing else Dorian can get what she needs either way.
Makes sense. Wanted to make sure it was known as well just in case it was missed.
Dorian shifted and no longer looks like the PA.
If you need any help @RavensMuse you can jump into the discord.

The mousy brunette sighed and turned away as she lost sight of the attacker. Her ears picked up the attempted wit from the girl. Dorian had. Een close enough to the actor to get a look at him. While the scalp wound was bloody, his skull appeared to be intact; Unfortunately that means he would most likely retain most of his brain cells damaged as they already were. The lack of pink foam at the corners of his mouth told her that any broken ribs missed the lungs this and the short period of time that the healer spent with each told her none of the injuries were life threatening.

The “production assistant” made a shushing motion to the girl. “Quiet,” She said, her voice was sweet and warm yet there was a sound to it that indicates she needed approval. “The grown ups are working.”

With that she turned to the doctor and witness. As she turned a series of snaps and cracks as if someone threw a whole chicken into a meat grinder. Where the mousy little brunette was, now stood a statuesque blonde in a power suit. Her voice, like her eyes had lost the warmth and softness; It took on a firm yet sultry. “Doctor, in your opinion is what the press saw enough to claim the actor is comatose?”

Her mind already began plotting out a bait and switch, should she manage to convince her superiors. Better yet she should convince Mr. Steel and let him convince her superiors. Her eyes flickered to Ms. Weathers as she considered the need for more bait. Would the actress agree to it? Acting without a camera was -

She turned suddenly back towards the tear. Were they that good? She questioned internally. She considered the clips she had seen. “Of course!” She stated aloud, she was frustrated she didn't think of it sooner; This was after all one of the top adventure stories.

The mousy production assistant turned watching the bikes as they sped off. While the rest of the crew started to relax Dorian tensed. In the distance the horizon shimmered, and Dorian swore. The clipboard hit the ground and her hands rose; She quickly made a tearing motion. Her eyes followed the arc of Rondo’s flight and placed one end of the warp where he would hit the ground.

The second ragged edged square was placed near the ambulance she was striding towards. She stopped next to where the actor rolled to. “Idiot.” She said loudly before stepping over the man and through the warp into the salt flats. Her mousy brown eyes watching the streak away from the site. “Dammit all to hell.” She muttered, turning her options over in her head.

Among the staff working the shoot was a mousy brunette, holding a clipboard to her chest. She attempted to look patient and attentive. Inside she roiled with anger and frustration; The target and primary cause of these feelings was the focus of her attention. Rondo delivered his lines to a group of children.

She could have done better. She knew it, her superiors knew it, hell even Rondo knew it. And yet he had to protect his ego, and her supervisors just couldn't say no to the biggest vid star around. To make matters worse Mr. Steel was acting uncharacteristically macho; The idiot refused to let anyone else do anything to his bike. Of course the little production assistant knew the root cause for this behavior, and her eyes moved to the blonde on the bike.

Why did she have to be on this set at this time. Without Miss Weathers presence Rondo would have been huddled in the safe house, and Dorian would be center stage and winning the actor an award. Instead the son of a bitch claimed his audience needed him, and the show must go on; No matter how many attempts there have been.

Rather then give Dorian the permission to incapacitate the actor and replace him. They gave different orders. So Mr. Steel’s production assistant got an indefinite paid vacation, and Dorian took her place. Her orders were to stay close enough to Warp the idiot to the safety, if possible. Dorian made it clear to her supervisors that she would do her best however she wouldn't be responsible if the actor didn't survive.

The mousy lil brunette sighed and drummed her fingers on the clipboard. Her thoughts were buried with how asinine this entire situation was.
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