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Current @cosmicsherbert; Your right. But its an option...
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I really wanna talk to someone about that Thanos/Vader stare down just before the infinity war credits started.
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The world is built on perspective. One man's evil act ilcan easily be another man's good deed.
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@Vita No. A sub is a boat that sinks and later resurfaced. A sandwich is foodstuffs between two pieces of bread.
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Hmmmmmn. Abandon the shuttle cause a bunch of Capital ships just warped in or dedicate the Liberator to the fight. Decisions... Decisions. I mean if the Sith lord dies, would that really be a bad thing?

Probably less a bad thing than a Gould inside a Sith Lord. I need to check something than I gotta talk to her majesty

Da’Toth frowned at her com pad. Something in the images she studied had grabbed her attention. She stared at the stars in the images on her hand held computer, they felt familiar somehow.

“Captain, the computer has recognized the phenomenon we first encountered.” The Drazi trainee stated. “It was a rare form of cosmic radiation.”

“Really?” The captain asked, “Well that's a relief.” The human stated almost cheerily.

The first officer's head snapped up at her captain’s words. Da’Toth had known Marcus for years, and she could tell by looking at him that the information was anything but relieving. And the way he spoke reminded the alien of a previous mission, one in which they knew they were being eavesdropped on.

The Shok’Nali scanned the bridge, the faces of the trainees looked relieved, and even the veteran Rangers looked more relaxed since the identity of the first one they saw was “discovered.” Da’Toth always wondered what it was about the first ones that terrified the younger… It suddenly hit her.

She tapped a series of orders into her com pad. She overheard conversation as she watched the image change. Finally her computer displayed what she hoped she’d see. Her triumph was betrayed as another result she searched for came back negative, followed by another, and again another.

Marcus was skimming the display, reading through the various conversations Ahel was eavesdropping upon. He studied the information again before the sensor trainee spoke up. The sudden identification of the “phenomenon” seemed uniquely timed.

“Really?” Marcus stated, his suspicions hadn't faded; However he felt the need to disassemble, “Well that's a relief.”

The captain could see relief settle over his crew. The truth of his doubts would remain his secret to share. He didn't know what these first ones could do, and so he’d have to proceed carefully. Marcus’ attention was grabbed by a message from a small ship.

"Attention ships. There is a greater threat approaching from the" -Palpatine felt for the ripples in the Force- "Galactic Center. We must stand together or be destroyed. As this shuttle is lightly armed, I... suggest... you protect it."

The captain’s eyebrows rose, This one is used to issuing commands. Marcus thought. He had already placed his crew at battlestations. The experienced rangers either ran their trainees through drills or relaxed; Either through meditation or more mundane means. Either way his ship was combat ready.

“Captain a moment?” A voice asked softly.

Marcus moved his eyes to his first officer, the captain nodded and joined her. “Yes?” He asked.

“I think I know where we are.” Marcus kept his face still and motioned her to continue. She showed him the computers displayed location, including an estimated date over two centuries earlier then it should be. “The date is an estimation based on recorded galactic drift.”

“That would explain our communication difficulties.” Marcus said.

“It gets worse,” The Narn entered a command and the display changed to a number of star scapes. The first officer’s finger touched one of the images. “Minbar;” The finger moved to the next images, “Zhabar, Pa’ri, Aicha;” Her voice grew sad as her finger hovered over the final image. “Narn.”

Marcus bit the inside of his cheek to prevent a frown. He wasn't intimately familiar with most of those systems. However, the star identified as Minbar was a different classification of the star he remembered. “Did you identify any star properly?”

“Only two appear correct,” The Shok’Nali stated. “Centuari Prime, and Sol.”
Sorry bout lack of post. Life got a little strange. Post is mostly written in my google will finish it up and have it up friday.
I'll try and get a post up after work tomorrow (tues)
I'm disappointed I missed this. I wouldn't have been able to resist submitting my Uraga class Stealth carrier from Macross! Then again I do have a nice system Lord I would love to play. Of course one would have to resist the temptation to submit either a Macross Quarter or a Glorious Heritage Class ship from Andromeda. Those would be just too ridiculous.

I actually initially planned to play a Glorious Heritage Class ship. But was told it was too much for the rp. Of course that was before a mothership from homeworld showed up.

That would depend on each ship's sensors. I expect most ships that do not encounter space monsters or biological ships would just see a weird ship reading.

yes it does depend on ship sensors. That was why i brought it up. Any sensors searching for life signs would most likely read the ship as one massive life sign. Whether they encounter space monsters or biological ships don't matter. Its a massive life sign, because the Vorlon tech it is comprised of is living.
So a thought occured to me. Given the living material the whitestar is made of would it appear to be a large creature more then a ship? And thus hide the crew inside?

The bridge was dead quiet as the ship simply dropped out of hyperspace. Marcus was out of his chair pointing. “Get all sensors on that.” He ordered, even as the orb faded. The captain was aware of the other ships but they looked constructed, the orb did not. “Battlestations.” He ordered as it vanished.

“Was that” A feminine voice asked.

“Maybe,” The captain interrupted. “Get me a line to someone in charge, and keep the trainees from seeing the sensor data.”

The Narn turned and moved to the communications station. In route she redirected a Drazi from the sensor station to the combat systems. She also redirected the comm trainee as well.

Ashann looked up and frowned, Humans have no patience. He thought as he stood, the elder teacher looked at the students also meditating. “You have places to be correct?”

He waited until the students departed for their stations before making his way to the bridge. His eyes scanned the stations as he moved to the captain’s side. “What is happening?” He asked quietly.

“I don't know yet.” Marcus replied just as quietly. “I need you to take a look at the sensor data and tell me what you think.”

Ashann, his curiosity spiked, moved to the sensor station. He watched as the data was replayed; He hadn't seen anything like what was replayed for a very long time. He went through data crystals cross checking data. After a few minutes of research he rejoined the captain.

Marcus spent the time listening as information trickled in from the battlestations. He frowned at the time it took to fully man the stations. They would need to work on that he acknowledged to himself as the Sech joined him. “Well?” The Shok’Na asked.

“If you are asking if i believe it to be a First One;” Ashann started. Marcus gave a slight nod. “Yes, it appears to be one. However not one we know of.” The captain grunted. The Minbari teacher asked, “Your thoughts?”

“It’s one of two things.” Marcus started, “Either it was hiding or exiled by the others, and we need to figure out if its as bad as the Hand.”

“And the other?” Ashann asked as the Shok’Nali approached. The captain turned his attention to the first officer and motioned her to speak.

The Narn’s eyes swept the bridge as she spoke quietly. “There is no response on any of the usual channels.” She shook her head as she continued, “By G’Kar, we aren't even getting ISN.”

“Yeah, I don't think we’re in Kansas anymore.” Marcus said. The aliens gave the human a blank look. Marcus sighed, “Somehow we are in unknown space.”

The two subordinates exchanged looks with each other, as the Captain nodded. “Get me details on the other ships and find out where we are.” He ordered where everyone could hear.

“Yessir,” Da’Toth said, the first officer said. She turned away and started barking orders to the other rangers. The captain watched the viewer, and considered the plan. They were Anla’shok; they would watch, they would listen and they would learn. And when the time was right they would do what they had to.

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