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2 mos ago
Anyone remember "The Game" from school? Where you lost by winning when you just thought of the word "Game" or saw it. I believe it's because of Nick GaS' "Heroes of the Game". Rejoice, freedom, <3!
2 mos ago
The life of a Fairy-Hunter: Smash them, crush them, valiant dashing swordsmanship, but I just can't use a flamethrower.... But I can on shades!
4 mos ago
But my High School sweater is still happening with the appropriate colored camouflage pants for noble purposes. The coat-of-arms will be on the back of the sweater. Blue & Red!
4 mos ago
My apologies, I am not a Lancer. I may have a spirit-animal for barbarianism because of Martial Arts and imperialism but I am not going to be a mammal and have parties to be a party-animal.
9 mos ago
Street: Camouflage pants with urban combat boots; the colored kind keep you on your arbitration of keeping POSERS from having Anarchy. The rest is just music & pop girls. XSKATEBOARDX <333333333333333


♠ I was born February 5th, 1992. Somehow poker cards have been mastered to the extent that my birth card is the Seven of Spades.


Roleplayer terminology:

If you had to give them roles they are considered Role-Players. If not then they must be already roleplaying a character and so are then just "Roleplayers."

ROLEPLAYING: Hello I'm interested in roleplaying along side you. I'm a dashing, confident, and charming individual that is turning soldiering and warrioring into Prince. One day I'll have a nation roleplay of my own, but I want it to be personal. Nothing English like and on the website, but Poland like instead where it's privately created on paper/or something.

I am great at adapting, powerful with my tactics, and it's all from helping you with your roleplays stratagem to be able to keep being who I am as you see here. Have I ever been a Jester? No. No, I like slapping the booze out of their hands. Now of days they drop the bottle on their toes and I just Ranger away. Because of such situations I've lead myself in the real world to learn what they couldn't roleplay correctly at me (the dropping their booze on themselves without me even being a love-interest to start) I train in swordsmanship, am learning animal handling, and am going to school for an Associates/Bachelors in Science to become a Snake Wrangler. By the time I get my Motorcycle Mechanics License I should just have to get a Venomous Snake Handlers Certificate. But that's for leading snake wrangling aside my family on road trips, with all those accolades I'll most likely just work at a zoo and drive/pickup (however I can fit in my wife) my children to/from school. I'll even have a motorcycle mechanics license after my children graduate from their schools so I can buy my wife diamonds while working a 3rd shift job. . . Where the rest of the whole day is being a wonderful, caring, extraordinarily handsome lover!

Champions, Rangers, Arbiters, Nobles, and Warriors: In school there're a great many girls and boys that became "monsters". For me I learned how to slay the slime(s)/sirens. Can't let them become witches, "shifters", or even dark swordsmen. The "trolls" must of been a fake pawn to an "ogre/ess" because I never see anyone trolling, they're just people monster-hunting. Of course, the mermaid was a successful troll- just ask the fairies. The most favored things I do is master Sword-Hunter against rogues, Extraordinaire against muggers/bandits, Extreme against acolytes/occultists, Dragon-Hunter against the noobs, and chivalry against the spirits. As for the fake barbarian people I created my spirit-animal into a Dungeons & Dragons only character and taught myself leveling all the way to level 100. I even Sebastianed myself to a Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League January 16th 2019 and survived the Tomb of Annihilation, for an arbitration of some native word like "bravery". I went in with a notation packet as a Weapon-Master class, Sell-Sword subclass, with a Shadow-Bringer background; I missed fighter as they were already in adventure and superseded to a level 10 Champion.

I am Sebastian, my Fandom Wiki account is "SpecialOperationsTrooper" and "Dragonologist By March 14th 2019" I edit Fandom Wiki's from small-time-wonders like the Dragonology Fandom Wiki, to middle-class Fandom Wiki's like: United States Fandom Wiki, Rsroleplay Fandom Wiki, and the Skateboarding Fandom Wiki. To the even greater Fandom Wiki's like Halo's Fandom Wiki.

DISCORD; Decadence of a Swordsman: Sebastian Dabrowski #1350.

I maintain Snake Wiki, am a Bureaucrat for Deadpool Wiki and have even Founded Billiards Wiki & the HaloProtocol Fandom Wiki. I like to skateboard, train in swordsmanship, and get buff. I'm Polish, North American, with interests in motorcycles, ball rooms and just noble class stuff. I have a Malayan Pit Viper animal herald for Role-Playing; I trained in role-playing during my schooling and decided the best tactical option to enhance my experience and to never give up on myself is to create a family crest/sigil- that being those spirit animals people earn through Martial Arts and barbarianism.

My role-playing viper's race is called "Zmija", and it's kingdom is separate from the fantasy enthused kingdoms with humans. But I still do quests from the Dungeons & Dragons books/Pathfinder books (as well as, if I want, other roleplaying books) to train myself in hyper-lethal vectors, weapon mastery dexterity, as well as dragon hunting. It's a separate channel on my DISCORD; it teaches me how to stay primeval and not pretend magic(k) is good.

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Hellish, huh? I'm only aware of a gladiator supreme battle royale and army stuff. I need to master 1x1 mercenary combat. I've gotten to used to running with both my arms holding a rifle. I'm beginning to make officer decisions. Which is good for a Space Pirate dream, but I like orders.
Will it be ranked?
I realize I can have a private conversation with myself. I'm closing this interest.
I slayed a bunch of fey on one of their traveling sky-ships. And used the sail to parachute to the crash site where I ripped out their hearts and organs to eat later on for myself. I so far have made it to the continent where I played Tomb of Annihilation at my Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League. I'm 4 levels from making it to the "starting" point of my quest there. I joined with a notation packet on January 16th 2019 to be a Weapon-Master, with a Sell-Sword subclass and Shadow-Bringer background. Since they were already in adventure I got in as a level 10 Champion.

I'm currently out of an underground arena where I slew like 27 lizardmen and am nearing an entrance to the Tomb of Annihilation underground. There's about 1000ft or 3000ft from a stone wall that will turn when I get to it. But there's nothing but skeletons in my way. I already went in scything it up and reaping them down but had to return to the beginning, even through the first skeletons(which became hordes), pass the skeletons I'll probably fight a dracolich in the next room. I have online intel about becoming a Dragon-Slayer. I need to make full dragon armor by level 8 and have created a dragon bastard sword by level 6. I'm 5. I don't really care about those stuff- as I started as a Champion with just my scythe and leather armor. After I return to that level 10 questly through this opening story to it all I'll don what you see to the left.

But yeah I'm totally going to slay the dracolich after all these skeletons.
How does Smoker become a Vice-Admiral in the New World and is so weak?
I used to smoke at the graveyard with the other skateboarders. I drive my SUV through it because the misfits- pfffuck all of these people really didn't actually like broncos, hummers, or even jeeps. They all stayed stupid and jar headed. I'm like the only dude that survived dubsteps honor. Which is that true golden paintjob for automobiles. I still have no idea what a "car" is I'm to smart for that. Automobile is classy.
Lol Hank.
Name's Sebastian. I'm 28 and am content with not having romance, fading or using smut. Whatever smut is... I may know smything, but not smut. I do like having someone who can roleplay as someone who did have romance in their life and are the better for action because so.

I like DC, too. I'm about to make a move on Terror Titans without having read anything about Darkseid before. I'm all about Red-X and read online that he gets mentioned in it. As for the other DC characters I'm Batman Beyond, and like Copperhead- just no tail. I mean the Royal Flush Gang exist have some diligence and just make it something like Eels costume in MARVELs Serpent Society. The person would get so far in life like that. Copperhead is like trying to be a Baron Sky-Pirate Roleplayer though. I never got a chance to get into the character yet (like the Grim Reaper also from MARVEL) but I'm getting there. I'm like Deathstroke- Yo, yo, yo he got his eye out in a Batman & Son movie! That could totally be the que that's needed for Red-X to become active if they made that the story for Robin (not the Robin that is Batmans Son- Dwayne or something) and Red-X.

Right- back to the roleplay interest.

Uh I'm okay with a Superhero type. We can do any one. You should stay female and I male. It's always funner to be legit. But if you'd like to do a medieval we can. I'm entirely capable of being some slower on foot pragmatic man, I may even get a horse- but from what you typed you are interested in the easier intrigues like ballrooms, Princesses, Ooo a dragon. I haven't yet slain a dragon personally, it'd be interesting to tread carefully. What ideas you got on the medieval?

You look like a bartender. What kind of roleplay would you like with bartending? I'm a billiards player, I relax and forget about my swordsmanship training and shadow step dexterities while I play pool. Perhaps we could find an underground motorcycle something something. What's a barback?

I can't do vampires though. I just can't picture van helsingieng, automatic crossbows, or even being a vampiric vampire-slayer team member. Not that I would I don't like magic so I don't like roles that involve magic. But I'll definetly go mage hunting. I'm totally a mage-hunter.

And lastly, sorry for it being not in order on here by the way I went by heart, I'm not great at apocalyptic stuff. I'd rather be a space-mercenary.
Thanks Lady @Fractured.
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