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3 days ago
Current I am a Lancer. I have a prep sweater of my High School with my High School's COAT-OF-ARMS in a grand embroider on the back too. Whatever color it is the pants are the prides other color in camouflage.
3 mos ago
Street: Camouflage pants with urban combat boots; the colored kind keep you on your arbitration of keeping POSERS from having Anarchy. The rest is just music & pop girls. XSKATEBOARDX <333333333333333
4 mos ago
4 mos ago
I'm the Malayan Pit Viper. Account reinstated. Please, come to my DISCORD. I'd like to share what a DISCORD should be- I think everything else is a technical Guild.


DISCORD; Decadence of a Swordsman: Sebastian Dabrowski #1350.

I am Sebastian, I edit Fandom Wiki's from small-time-wonders like the Dragonology Fandom Wiki, to middle-class Fandom Wiki's like: United States Fandom Wiki, Rsroleplay Fandom Wiki, and the Skateboarding Fandom Wiki. To the even greater Fandom Wiki's like Halo's Fandom Wiki.

I maintain Snake Wiki, am a Bureaucrat for Deadpool Wiki and have even Founded Billiards Wiki & the HaloProtocol Fandom Wiki. I like to skateboard, train in swordsmanship, and get buff. I'm Polish, North American, with interests in motorcycles, ball rooms and just noble class stuff. I have a Malayan Pit Viper animal herald for Role-Playing; I trained in role-playing during my schooling and decided the best tactical option to enhance my experience and to never give up on myself is to create a family crest/sigil- that being those spirit animals people earn through Martial Arts and barbarianism.

My role-playing viper's race is called "Zmija", and it's kingdom is separate from the fantasy enthused kingdoms with humans. But I still do quests from the Dungeons & Dragons books/Pathfinder books (as well as, if I want, other roleplaying books) to train myself in hyper-lethal vectors, weapon mastery dexterity, as well as dragon hunting. It's a separate channel on my DISCORD; it teaches me how to stay primeval and not pretend magic(k) is good.

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Thanx, but I will not be voting.
@Viper Commando

I could find a judge if you need one. Activity here is rather scant these days, so finding proper judges can be difficult.

@Doc Doctor Please do.
I'd like to have an Arena score-count and not be atomic, here. So who are the Judges? I have quite a good amount of role-playing skill in the arts of war, subterfuge and hand-to-hand. I've studied Sword Hunters, Primeval Head-Hunters/Slayers, Barbarian Dragon Hunters/Commanders, Mercenary Princes, Overlords and I've started as a Space Marine+Space Mercenary. I infact started as a Halo SPARTAN ROGUE, but that's for a bio initiative.

After facing off against a vampire tyrant, my first nostalgia- I went to staying normal and finding my spirit animal for role-playing, the other people the people that challenge the word "dark" and "necromancer" did wolf riders, for example, as well as mages. It was quite the controversy; the kids in school that wanted to become Knights had to dumb themselves down to Guardian to like those people and continue role-playing, bringing up cyber-knights and many a galore of types of characters for me to have overheard. ... I am interested to see how I do with vsing characters vsing characters. I see now where all the fandom is really. Where as I had to see how close the character is to myself to get better at role-playing, to as the others just vs a character by another character to vs Lancers.

I got a good tier of characters I can use capably. But my actual Role-Playing spirit animal herald is not for battle on this site. I solo.

Right, so who are the Judges particularly? Already I have a Doc guy looking to skin me.
@Doc Doctor Yeah, sure. I just need to do some PM's for Me & Shadow Dragon. When I find a moment to vs you, apparently correctly- with designated area, Judge and so forth.. Then I'll PM you too.
Thanks, but I'll continue it with somebody else. My next character is going to be Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. I picked the Imperial Royal Guard to see where my melee would take me- you know before I Malayan Pit Vipered everyone.

Since I was the challenger/opponent it's up to me to find the Judge. You can too, if you want, but relax, have some tea, use a wetstone.
I had a match against Shadow Dragon, I'd like a Judge to calculate it.
Walkin' in in extreme-Riddick-goggles, Mohawk lazily swipped to his right, full gray motoxross armor on, black tactical S.W.A.T./airsoft gloves, green camouflage pants and black urban combat boots. Attached to his waist is a mercenary longsword sheathed in its black scabbard. On his left hip, and the holster over his heart are two blaster-pistols, and in his arms is held a space marine blaster-machine-gun.

I wanted a hand-to-hand combat fight, to see how far I've come with actual swordsmanship/commando role-playing to continue my solo adventures. But you left me no choice.

Sounds like you have said it was a draw.
I killed him. You didn't explain how you survived that catastrophic explosion. It was the size of a supernova.
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