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Current Street: Camouflage pants with urban combat boots; the colored kind keep you on your arbitration of keeping POSERS from having Anarchy. The rest is just music & pop girls. XSKATEBOARDX <333333333333333
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I'm the Malayan Pit Viper. Account reinstated. Please, come to my DISCORD. I'd like to share what a DISCORD should be- I think everything else is a technical Guild.


DISCORD; Decadence of a Swordsman: Dabrowski Avenger #1350.

I'm a Bureaucrat for the Deadpool Wiki. So, I got help creating the Deadpool DISCORD. I also adopted Snake Wiki - it's DISCORD has an invite to my The Dragon Hunters Guild. I'm also the Founder of Billiards Wiki, because my birthcard is the Seven of Spades I felt I had to. And lastly I also the Founder for the HaloProtocol Wiki.

XboxLive: "Halo Mercenary".
NeoPets: "orangeskateboard". I recently learned that Hissi's have a limited edition date of May 4th. I'll be getting one and then that'll be my official official official Official NeoPet.
I'm also a R.L.S.H. from Illinois.
My two Fandom Wiki User Accounts are "SpecialOperationsTrooper" and "Dragonologist by March 14th 2019". After I am done with accumulating Key to the Wiki Badges {You can view the chronicling at}, attain the rank of Strike Commander for Halo 3 with the Master Chief Collection, for I achieved Field Major prior it's legacy. I wanted to get Strike Commander that whole time I achieved Field Major in LONE WOLVES (RANK 34)/Social Slayer (GENERAL). I will also need to finish some Fandom Wiki roleplays out. Such as my "Viper of the Scythe" live animal roleplay on RolePlay Wiki, and like "Knight of the Kinshra "Killer Viper" Sebastian" from the RuneScape RolePlay Wiki for instance.

Before I switch to Dragonologist by March 14th 2019 to arbiter my good faith in editing by sticking strictly to the Wiki's I need to stay a part of. {Deadpool, Snake, Billiards, HaloProtocol.}

I like to skateboard, I do swordsmanship, I'm planning to be as princely as I can be; Learned the Polish language so I can write it to my personalities soul so I can teach myself to read it instead of just speak it. For I am the first generation of my family in the United States of America. And my whole family is losing it's pureblood status because of my sister and cousins. I will most definetly like to challenge them and their delegation of wits by having a Polish pureblood Lady. I may even move to Poland with her.
A motorcycle mechanics license, paint my automobile/SUV camouflage- I'll also get 35in wheels/rims for it, a sun visor for my windshield, a snorkel and possibly give it a PVC extension in the rear with the U.S.A. flag as a pennant ( I may just make it my Polish birthplace's coat-of-arms instead and have the U.S. flag on my hood, have my personal coat of arms[which needs to have the Malayan Pit Viper as I have dubbed it my herald by spirit animal rights] on the drivers door and the Kingdom of Poland's emblems on the other three.) I'll also be attaining horse back riding lessons (they're only $50.00 an hour where I live), possibly master one Martial Art since I know street fighting and have been instructed in Brazilian Ju-jitsu whilst I was in jail, been shadow boxing ever since and became a swordsman in turn. I'm getting a physique too. I may even learn to dance. I'm putting on muscle with weights and excersing as well to make sure shadow boxing isn't neglected. I'm also going to train in some sorts of weapons, such as the European scythe(but last), a katana (which is what I'm training in currently{it's been 4 years of self mastery. I don't need a mentor this is American Soul, baby!} and will within the next year finally produce a YouTube video [which has me burning my Naruto ninja forehead protector, because recently I came to realizing I was just interested in proving I was a better challenger because of being a street fighter whilst all those other people adventure away from tournaments to go be protoge's to a Japanese swordsman]. I'm also going to do archery, and get myself medals by way of philanthropist extraordinaire. A black straight katana for flame-swordsmanship, a Spartan shield (it's supposed to have the best arm grip), my shield as well as a ninja blade whip. I will also train in longsword.

I also have a Spotted Plecostomus named "Gambit" she is probably 5-7 months with me now. She was smaller and picked on by a fish when I had got her. She loves warm water and is teacher herself to flaunt her fins- what she knows is that she can eat greens upside down and that when she gets ontop of them they sink under her force. I can't wait to see her prospect the idea to do that maturely and primeval it to the bottom of the fish tank.

When I first had the idea to give my grandmother a Plecostomus, for want to challenge my sibling and cousins table, because I'm no sheep.. I had given her one named "Blade" but it died the night after that day to her cold fish tank. So I'll be growing Gambit for three years at my parents house while I teach myself ecology and as well as the delegation process of roleplaying because of Martial Arts needing a perfunctorily discipline of diligence (or whatever it is, I learned that when I was in my teenage years. I'm 27 now.) I'll give her to my grandmothers fish tank along with a manual-temperature thermometer to give her fishes a chance for warmth as well as for Gambit. After 3-5 years with my grandmother the original fish tank I had Gambit in will be used to study the frogs/salamanders/toads that fall into my parents cellar-window. After every 3-5 months of treating those amphibians I'll release them into the irrigation locations of my neighborhood. There're a few ponds, vast forests, and it's a Chicago suburb just an hours drive from there. There are some locations that can't have anything done but for a irrigation sewer ending. It just buffoons water into the vicinity of open grass. It gets mowed automatically, and is next to a forest preserve. But it can't become part of the location. With it solemnly growing over mud left over from the irrigation, as well as the first playground park area's irrigation opening I decide that's where I'll release them. Behind my house is a cinderblock wall of two stories high with a lake behind a forest opening, and I have a sewer grill on my actual yard.

Over the few years I'll be doing that and waiting to get Gambit back to possibly give to my future-Lady's family for a few years before the final trip, by ship, to Poland to give to my mother's parents. I never met them and the best way to honor them and my bloodline through them is to have a double edge sword with my parents first names engraved onto the blade, AND this Plecostomus is a nice warm up to them.

I'll be joining the herpetology world of soceity between the ages of 34 and 37, maybe even younger. I intend to become a Ranger of whatever degree I need to to study reptiles by these actions in Chicago. I think I'll even become a Pyro Technician.

And of course I will have my own website created.

The name's Sebastian, Sebastian Dabrowski.

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@Viper Commando

I could find a judge if you need one. Activity here is rather scant these days, so finding proper judges can be difficult.

@Doc Doctor Please do.
I'd like to have an Arena score-count and not be atomic, here. So who are the Judges? I have quite a good amount of role-playing skill in the arts of war, subterfuge and hand-to-hand. I've studied Sword Hunters, Primeval Head-Hunters/Slayers, Barbarian Dragon Hunters/Commanders, Mercenary Princes, Overlords and I've started as a Space Marine+Space Mercenary. I infact started as a Halo SPARTAN ROGUE, but that's for a bio initiative.

After facing off against a vampire tyrant, my first nostalgia- I went to staying normal and finding my spirit animal for role-playing, the other people the people that challenge the word "dark" and "necromancer" did wolf riders, for example, as well as mages. It was quite the controversy; the kids in school that wanted to become Knights had to dumb themselves down to Guardian to like those people and continue role-playing, bringing up cyber-knights and many a galore of types of characters for me to have overheard. ... I am interested to see how I do with vsing characters vsing characters. I see now where all the fandom is really. Where as I had to see how close the character is to myself to get better at role-playing, to as the others just vs a character by another character to vs Lancers.

I got a good tier of characters I can use capably. But my actual Role-Playing spirit animal herald is not for battle on this site. I solo.

Right, so who are the Judges particularly? Already I have a Doc guy looking to skin me.
@Doc Doctor Yeah, sure. I just need to do some PM's for Me & Shadow Dragon. When I find a moment to vs you, apparently correctly- with designated area, Judge and so forth.. Then I'll PM you too.
Thanks, but I'll continue it with somebody else. My next character is going to be Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. I picked the Imperial Royal Guard to see where my melee would take me- you know before I Malayan Pit Vipered everyone.

Since I was the challenger/opponent it's up to me to find the Judge. You can too, if you want, but relax, have some tea, use a wetstone.
I had a match against Shadow Dragon, I'd like a Judge to calculate it.
Walkin' in in extreme-Riddick-goggles, Mohawk lazily swipped to his right, full gray motoxross armor on, black tactical S.W.A.T./airsoft gloves, green camouflage pants and black urban combat boots. Attached to his waist is a mercenary longsword sheathed in its black scabbard. On his left hip, and the holster over his heart are two blaster-pistols, and in his arms is held a space marine blaster-machine-gun.

I wanted a hand-to-hand combat fight, to see how far I've come with actual swordsmanship/commando role-playing to continue my solo adventures. But you left me no choice.

Sounds like you have said it was a draw.
I killed him. You didn't explain how you survived that catastrophic explosion. It was the size of a supernova.
I need a Judge for my fight against a vampire tyrant. I can not do anything further or I will have a fault for my synopsis.
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