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|| Tiz Arrior || Day Three - Evening || The Forbidden Lands Temple || WC: - || Level 1 ||
|| Bentley @ONL, Delsin @DJAtomika, Mr. President @Holy Soldier, Piper @DracoLunaris, Shantae @Guardian Angel Haruki ||

Experience: |||||||||| (00/10)

The warrior found himself freezing when Boss did, the later's focus on him him making him wince just a little bit. Did...did he say something wrong? Luckily it seemed like the person on the other side of his intercom made him relax and continue walking, Tiz scurrying forward so that he was now beside the other man. This seem to prompt Boss into a rather winded spiel about who he was, the gist of it being was that he was a king.
“Whoa, that really impressive sir, it's an honor to be in the same groups as you!” Tiz remain polite however, placing a hand on his heart before lowering his head as if he was bowing. Yeah, Boss seemed a little, uh, boisterous...but that wasn't always a bad thing!


It was a shame that the mission had to get all serious, seeing as Tiz would rather get to know the others a bit more before getting thrown into this, but it didn't bother him too much as things were starting to get interesting; not to mention a little creepy too. It looked like they were to be tasked with a mission inside of a mission... missionception? Missinception? Yeah, let's go with that. He tried to pay close attention to the conversation, eyes also shifting to the statues that lined the room. If his intuition proved right, they'd be dealing with the real life versions of these statues, referred to as the Colossi?

Bentley's confirmation of the missinception made Tiz nod slowly in understanding. They weren't meant to fully trust this Dormin guy right? But seeing as the only note taker of the group was going along with this, Tiz did the same, walking beside the other as they both headed back to the group. It made sense why the turtle was assigned as one of the leaders for this mission, he already had a plan up and ready to go for how to handle said Colossi.
“Sounds good to me. I mean, with what we know now, it's probably the safest option, right?” The silverish brown haired boy mused, a small smile forming on his face as Piper and Delsin also seemed to be good with this plan. He then nodded again at the prospect of hitting the prison first; they'd have to start somewhere and it didn't seem to matter where either.

When it came to his two teammates showing of their abilities, Tiz couldn't help but feel a little bit embarrassed at how much he was lacking behind the two of them. Bentley made it seem like he wasn't anything special, but seeing what he had in his arsenal made Tiz think the turtle was just use to undermining himself. And Delsin could turn into and utilize fucking smoke as a weapon. It was kind of unfair how behind he was in comparison, but it was all the more reason to get through this mission and build himself back up to where he was back in the day.

Tiz let out a light chuckle as he scratched the back of his head. He just had to go last out of three too...
“A-Ah, I'm not as smart as you, or have cool powers like you yet, unfortunately.” He looked between Bentley then Delsin respectively. “I'm decent when I fight hand to hand or use a dagger, especially with my job class, the Freelancer. The only useful thing I'll probably be able to do is Examine the enemy to see it's weaknesses, how strong it is and things like that, but I need to be covered so that I don't lose focus.” He explained before looking over to Delsin and grimacing.

“Yay, more walking, of course we're prepared...can't you see how excited I am.” The last sentence came out more as a statement than a question as he frowned harder for emphasis on his sarcasm.

|| Akira Kurusu || Day Three - Evening || Ragnarok || WC: 524 || Level 4 ||
|| Fox @Dawnrider, ??? @Zarkun, Slayer @Lugubrious, Naija @DracoLunaris, Cloud, D3, Kirby @Holy Soldier ||

Experience: |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| (09/40)

The corners of the raven haired teen's mouth quirked up for a second at Naija before his attention was brought to Slayer, the smile only growing. They had been allies mere hours ago and now they were both on the same platform; not veteran and newbie, but comrades in arms. The question he proposed was also something he himself needed a little freshening up on. He'd only been in Platform City for a few days, and that was him being generous. The blond that went by Cloud as well as a girl he didn't catch the name of both targeted the giant penguin that had been following them into the ship. The penguin only got heated up in response, but what he had to say wasn't all that wrong even if Akira didn't want to admit it. Claiming yourself to be a good guy doesn't mean your actions are just as positive, he knew that all too well...

With a slight quirk of the eyebrow, Arika's attention was brought back to Naija as she elaborated to the best of her ability what the hell's been going on to get them to where they were now. He didn't want to say that her explanation only made him more confused, so instead, he gave her a slow, slightly dumbfounded nod as he took a seat that happened to be right next to her's. Managing to buckle himself in on the first try, the phantom thief removed his glasses. A spark of blue flames covering his body followed by the sound of a chain link snapping under tension, and Akira had changed to more suitable attire, his black and white mask resting atop his head like sunglasses would. He then busied himself with anything but the feeling of his stomach dropping. It honestly made him want to laugh, but this was an important mission, one he didn't plan on messing up.

Much sooner than he expected, they had managed to catch up with the Halberd, but not without a run down from Vault Boy and some bitching and moaning from the penguin. Honestly, could they just leave him here? Akira could already feel in the back of his head that he was going to be annoying. Of course, the thief didn't say any of this out loud and simply took off his seat belt when the former mentioned his concern over the shields covering the target ship as well as the pink marshmallow yeeting himself into the void of space.

Being just a normal human, he couldn't possibly go out into space without dying (okay, he did it once in a Palace, but a Palace is different from the real thing) so he was pretty useless here.
“Unless you can help pilot this ship, probably not.” He answered the girl as he stood from his seat, only holding onto the back of it now. “It'd be best to stay out of anyone's way, going to the shells would probably be the best option.”
He hummed afterwards, already heading in the direction of the shells but not getting in one in case there was a change of plans.

tag(s): Colin @NorthernKraken | mention(s): Kiri

Skidding across the floor and tumbling without any control nor power to stop herself, Loona couldn't help but be surprisingly grateful for the debris and scattered bones that stopped her. With her lower half bent awkwardly above her, bleary eyes tried to focus on what just happened. Botches of red swarmed the fairy's vision as she assessed what the hell was going on. But before she could get an idea of anything, a bright warm light followed by the combined screams of multiple had her blood run cold. Only a monster could produce sounds like that, no? But the smell... oh gods, the smell... Something Loona managed to block out earlier dulled all her senses. The all too familiar scent of boiling blood, burning skin, and the sounds that came with any sane person... Loona covered her ears and closed her eyes but to no avail, the screams only seemed to grow louder to multiply in her head. Tears of blood from the laceration on her forehead trickled down as they had won the battle in exchange for a life...

Upon exiting the trail ground with one less member, Loona hung her head slightly low, staring at the blood on her clothes and hands. There was nothing to be proud nor excited about. It's what she signed up for, but she didn't expect something like this to happen so soon. Maybe if she was faster, she could have helped in some way. Maybe if they figured out how to deal with the monster quicker, they'd all be in a better mood...

Refusing to make any form of eye contact with anyone, even at the mention of food and the ability to venture to more places within the keep she remained still and hovering under everyone's line of sight, Loona only looked up when she felt a hood drop over her head. It was her size and everything. She only managed a grimace and a tiny 'thanks' before looking to the rest of her teammates. It looked like they weren't feeling any better about this either. Kiri left for the rooms without a word and Colin, who was walking in a similar direction, ...she wasn't quite sure if he even knew where he was going. Remembering back to his previous outburst, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to leave him alone, even if he was just going back to their room.

With a new desire to make sure Colin got back to the room without any problems, Loona slowly and gently placed herself on the man's injured shoulder, resting a hand on the wound to heal it before getting a bit more comfortable on her new porch.
“H-hey, um, how about we get a shower first? I-I mean, it wouldn't be a good idea to dirty your sheets so soon.” It had only been a suggestion, whether Colin decided to go with it or not, Loona would stay beside him until he as at least looking a bit better. And she's try to do the same for Kiri, if she could ever get close enough...

|| Tiz Arrior || Day Three - Evening || The Forbidden Lands Temple Bridge -> TFLT || WC: || Level 1 ||
|| Bentley @ONL, Delsin @DJAtomika, Everyone on Colossus Mission more or less Mentioned ||

Experience: |||||||||| (00/10)

When it came to Tiz introducing himself to the group, he seemed to be met with a few questionable glances as well as pleasant responses in return, some of which coming from the two people...robot and turtle to be exact, he was suppose to be afraid of. Definitely not as bad as he thought they were going to be, all of them actually, as he gave everyone in his group a polite but slightly awkward grin. His attention quickly moved to the leader of his group as he seemed to wonder if he had any weapon. Of course, that would be important to mention, especially since he looked to be one of the most normal out of the others.
“Oh, right. No need to fear, I got a dagger and this little thing right here that lets me use other skills, magic, and stuff.” Tiz hummed as he pulled out what looked like an orange and purple stone and held it out in front of the other two to get a look before putting it back for safe keeping. He knew he'd have to get back into the swing of things, but once he did, he'd be able to show what he could really do. Unfortunately, this didn't include anything outside of the realm of common sense for him, seeing as Tiz could only nod dumbly at yet another big word Bentley threw in his face like quantumphysics; or was it actually two?

Before anything else could be said among the three, Tiz and practically everyone else's attention was moved to Boss as he introduced himself. He didn't quite know where the United States was, nor what a President even meant, so he simply followed along with what he was saying since everyone else didn't seem seem to have a problem, bar Bentley, with it. However, Tiz still wanted to be in the loop somehow.
"So, is the President like a Headmaster for a school? Or a King?" He asked out loud for anyone willing to answer, as he ended up falling in step, well in step and wheel, with the giant turtle.

Once they got across the bridge, Tiz was really wishing he had the Dark Knight or Valkyrie class outfits on him. Just something to keep the gust of winds that assaulted his body and made the walk across the bridge almost intolerable from affecting him too much. And while it was cool to see the bridge looked to be never ending when they first started walking, the silverish brown boy just wanted it to END. Thankfully, it eventually did, and he was instead greeted with something a bit less cold and much more on the intricate and cool side of things; that being the temple. Like before, curiosity seemed to get the better of the young Freelancer as he started to wander away once again, stopping every now and then at the statues that lined the walls as he waited for the other's to catch up. They eventually made their way to some kind of altar, one that had Tiz hang back with the others for once. He didn't have great experiences with places like this, so it only made sense; he did make sure to have Bentley in his sights in case he was needed.
“Hm, I don't know if anything's he--” Before Tiz had a chance to finish what he had on his mind, a sense of dread overcame him like a thick miasma. For a second he found it hard to breathe, but once he got use to the feeling, Tiz was now looking for the source, one that probably wasn't human. Thankfully Bentley chose to speak up and address the being that all of them just so happened to understand, even taking a spot ext to the other and folding his arms, awaiting some kind of answer.

|| Tiz Arrior || Day Three - Evening || Floor 49 - Tetris Castle to The Forbidden Lands Temple Bridge || WC: || Level 1 ||
|| Bentley @ONL, Delsin @DJAtomika ||

Experience: |||||||||| (00/10)

“Ow ow ow…” He knew that committing himself to a new cause would be a little painful, but no one said anything about freaking shots being involved! And it still hurt too! Probably because most of his injuries could be whisked away at the swig of a potion so he never felt much pain in general, but upon coming to Platform City, he’s been forced to relinquish almost everything he knew about his past home. Oh how he missed Norende, especially after finally getting the place back to normal too. The silverish brunette grumbled quietly to himself as he hurriedly made his way to the 49th floor, where he’d been taking a part of a mission along with a few other newbies. Let’s just hope they were nice…

Everyone seemed to arrive within minutes of each other, there being at least ten of them in total. And despite the rather intimidating Prince in some… thing - Tiz had no clue how to describe the contraption in front of him so he simply ignored it for now - the boy’s eyes lingered on the two most out of place out of the group.
Is that a robot? It looks so sleek compared to what I’ve seen… wait, should i even call it and it? Them? Ahhh, this is weird… And why the heck is that turtle so friggin’ huge? And taking notes?! Should I be taking notes too? Aw man, I think it’s too late anyways...

...Let’s just say Tiz wasn’t fully mentally there, but he did manage to catch everything he needed. They’d be gathering information. It didn’t seem too hard, but he couldn’t be so sure since it would be in a different place and the stakes would be so much higher. When assigned their groups, Tiz wasn’t quite sure what to think since he didn’t know anyone’s name. He was definitely sure that he didn’t want to be paired up with both the robot and the giant turtle; he’d probably be eaten alive...or used as a fuel source or something.

As everyone seemed to shuffle into their groups, it looked like Tiz’s wish came true, but despite being in the same group as the very two people - is a robot even a person? - they split again, with him ending up with a shady looking guy and the giant turtle. Honestly hearing the creature talk was even weirder than seeing him, but of course, the boy kept these thoughts to himself and smiled faintly at his introduction. Once the shady boy continued in the line of introductions, it was clear to him that they both had done something pretty cool and special back in their worlds. Could he say that his deeds were just as commendable?
“Nice to meet you Bentley, I sure your brain can make up for my lack of one, haha. And Delsin, was it? That’s a pretty unique name and ability.” His smile turned into a grin as he looked to the others and waved politely. “I’m Tiz Arrior, but everyone just calls me Tiz back home. It’s nice to meet you all and hope we can get along.” His introduction was a lot shorter than the others but he didn’t really have anything else to say about himself, not that they’d understand so what was the point?

Once it was time, Tiz made his way into the portal curiously which would be taking them to their destination. He wasn’t quite sure what he was expecting, but as his feet took their first few steps on foreign land, the boy couldn’t help but let out a gasp of surprise.
“Holy crap, look at that bridge!” He shouted while pointing, taking a few steps forward as if that would give him a better angle of the scenery or something. He had quickly turned back to Bentley at his comment. “Roll up what and call you who?” He questioned before he scooted himself a bit closer to the group, head in almost an everlasting tilt.

tag(s): Colin @NorthernKraken, Kiri @c3p-0h | mention(s): Nick

Loona made it very clear she was trying to avoid anyone getting in her way, seeing as she practically zoomed into the room she'd be sharing with two other people. She wasn't exactly expecting anything special or accommodating to come from the generic room, but she could safely say that she missed the flowers and the trees, and the open sky already. Not enough to leave, but enough to make her notice how much different the keep was to her home...

Upon entering the room, there was already someone's belongings in one of the beds. She knew who those belonged to, that antsy guy who pulled out a weapon during that whole fiasco...great, that's exactly who she wanted to share a room with...hopefully he wouldn't see her as a threat. Loona only hovered around his things curiously for a moment before flying away and towards the window, watching as said man made his way back inside their shared room and proceeded to get something out of his things. Seeing as she probably wasn't noticed by the other, Loona remained at the window, hands clasped tightly around her necklace. She had thought back to what Nicholas said about her fairy dust, and it made her wonder if she'd have enough for what was in store for them. The tiny girl couldn't be sure even if she asked, but it would be better to have more than less, right?

Working out the thoughts carefully in her mind, Loona came to the conclusion to take this time to refill her reserves. And that she did, with closed eyes and a stern face, the shimmery silver dust exuded from in between her shoulder blades, down her dress, and eventually sprinkled into the silver hourglass necklace she placed underneath her hovering body a mere seconds prior. She would have kept going until the necklace as well as other portions of her body and clothes were covered in the dust, but Loona was soon interrupted by the sound of two other voices near the door; one man and the other female.

Quickly tugging her necklace over her head, Loona slowly hovered onward the two with green filled with confusion. The antsy guy, Colin was his name, was introducing himself to a woman she'd never seen before. Wasn't she suppose to room with another guy? Too nervous to speak up at all about it, Loona couldn't help but be a bit caught off guard by how cold this woman was being...she definitely gave off 'ice queen' vibes if Loona didn't know any better. She should probably speak up though before any of them start arguing again, but what to say?
“ looks l-like we're all roommates..?” She mumbled, being sure to keep her distance in case either of them had some sort of fit. She'd rather not be injured by the people she's meant to trust...

(⠉⠁⠏⠑⠇⠇⠁ ⠭⠊⠝⠛)
location: Making his way to Solaris Universatas via bus (Friday Morning)
tag(s): Victoria @PrinceAlexus
mention(s): None

At the mention of hospitals, Capella couldn't help but visibly cringe at the thought of them. He definitely had his fair share of visits to those, and none of them were relatively good. It was just something he had to deal with because of his eyes, but the way this lady talked about them with almost the same mindset as him made him feel a bit bad... was there also something wrong with her she couldn't help? Did it have to do with her balance?
"Oof, tell me about it. I'd take an exam every day for the rest of my life if I never had to see a hospital again. Welp at least they're good for something." Despite his slightly concerned thoughts about said woman, Capella pushed them into the back of his mind. She was nice enough not to mention his problems, he should do the same.

"Ah, so Tatu is or are foreign musicians? They probably make some sick beats and perform pretty well if they came here!" The boy grinned. It was always fun to talk about different kinds of music, even if he didn't know what they sounded like, but unfortunately time was not on his side and he couldn't hold up his side of the conversation any longer. Just as he was making his leave and bidding the woman farewell, Capella was given a name to attach the unique voice to as well as a warning that today might not be one of the brightest to cast over Sol City. Of course, he had the feeling as well, but dwelling on it all day would just make him nervous for his evaluation. All he had to do was get to school and back in one piece and he'd be safe for the rest of the day.

"Of course! I'm Capella and it was nice meeting you! Have a nice day and please be careful around these parts!" He hoped his words would give the same reassurance that her's did, but he didn't stick around long enough to know. And with that, he was off, moving as quickly as he could without running the risk of tripping and falling.

|| Akira Kurusu || Day Three - Morning -> Evening || Platform City -> Ragnarok || WC: 853 || Level 4 ||
|| ??? @Dawnrider, ??? @Zarkun, Slayer @Lugubrious, Naija @DracoLunaris, ??? @Holy Soldier ||

Experience: |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| (09/40)

Akira and the rest of his team returned to Platform City, only to be informed that he and Slayer were to get ready for another mission later in the day. To say he was a bit overwhelmed was an understatement. Now that he was off his first mission, Akira returned back to his normal school clothing in a flicker of blue flames, which only made him look even more tired than he actually was. Regardless, he needed to get ready. Needed to head to the Velvet Room to collect what belonged now belonged to him. And with the first chance he had to sit down since coming back, that’s exactly what he did. Taking off his glasses and slowly closing his eyes, the raven haired wild card’s subconscious began to wane until suddenly fading out completely…

When he eventually came to, his eyes filled with velvet blue and he was wearing the oh so familiar black and white striped prisoner clothing. He was far too use to his arms and legs being restrained by chains as well, seeing as he simply shuffled over to his jail cell bars and grabbed onto them, glaring at the lone mahogany desk in the center of the room.

”Welcome, to the Velvet Room.” The abnormally long nosed man greeted for the millionth time, staring back at Akira with large veiny eyes. Ah, it seems you’ve made new bonds, and thus, new power.” Akira nodded quickly with a faint smile. ”Good, good… Caroline, Justine, if you may.” The teen looked over at the small twins guarding either side of his jail cell, watching as they turned to him like a mirror-like image. Taking a seat on the ground, Akira awaited as the girls got to work with unlocking his new Personas. Well, time to get this over with…

Akira sat up with a start, steel eyes blinking quickly to rid the bleariness. He didn’t exactly feel much stronger, but it was always like that. When he needed them most, they’d be there for sure. With that done and over with, Akira proceed on with his day, mostly focusing on recharging and getting himself prepared for yet another mission. He grabbed lunch and ate by himself in his room, taking his sweet time indulging himself for a job well done by watching some miscellaneous online videos on his phone as well. And before he knew it, the lemming in charge of taking care of him had let him know it was time for him to go and join the others, said butler now leading him down the castle to one of the hangers.

By the time Akira got there himself, there were already a few other people there, some human and others… not so much. He of course recognized Slayer, but unfortunately wasn’t given the chance to even greet him properly as it was time was of the essence. Shoving his hands into his plaid pants pockets, the high school student listened diligently to the mission that would be shared amongst the eight seven of them.

The main objective looked to be destroying the pirate ship, but there was so many other things they had to worry about and look out for in the process before doing so. It was a lot more stressful than the previous Alpha mission, that’s for sure, but what could he expect? Nodding his head slowly to show that he was listening, Akira watched as the other began boarding the ship that would take them to their destination, only following once most of them had their backs turned to him. His eyes quickly found their way to what looked like a fish girl with wings sprouting from her lower back… or maybe it was her hips? He couldn’t tell from where he was currently at, but what mattered most was that she was trying to introduce herself to everyone. Naija was her name… she seemed reliable enough. Everyone did since they were all Delta, but hearing her say that she’d make sure they come out of this alive was extremely reassuring. Then suddenly her attention was focused on him. Of course, all these guys probably had some idea of who was who on this team, but Akira himself was new. He only knew Slayer enough to make small talk with him; that is, if he ever bothered to speak himself.

As everyone approached the ramp to enter the Ragnarok, Akira curiously watched as Naija hovered off the side of the ramp so that her heels wouldn’t bump into it and that her attention was solely on him. It was pretty cool, she could even pass off as a Persona… not that he’d mention something like to her. When he was asked his name, Akira pushed up his glasses a bit and smiled.
“Akira Kurusu, but I usually go by Joker on missions. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Naija, and the rest of you.” The normally silent boy spoke up loud enough for the others to hear as well, taking a hand out of his pocket and reaching out towards Naija for a handshake.

|| Akira Kurusu || Day Three || Boo's Castle || WC: || Level 4 ||
|| Six @Majoras End, The Heavy @ONL, Slayer @Lugubrious ||

Experience: |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| (09/40)

A smirk formed on the teenager's face as he let go of the torches keeping him airborne, landing on the ground safely. If Heavy's maniacal cries were anything to go off of, they had won. It was obvious that he wasn't entirely defeated judging by his words and the fact that he was a freaking ghost, but that didn't matter. They did what they came here to do and that was that. Heavy's positive and endearing words made the raven haired boy grin, giving the other a pleased thumbs up as he approached the rest of the group. However, before anyone had the chance to say anything else, their attention was moved to the color coordinated flames that were left behind. None of them were blue so Akira could only assume they were safe. Instead of dwelling on it though, the boy's attention was brought to the red flame, reaching into it with no hesitation. He didn't imagine there to be another dagger in the red flame, he honestly didn't know what he expected, but the slightly cool feeling that came from the blade made him immediately pocket the item before looking back to the others, feeling the bond that they shared making him stronger.

He first looked to the leader of the mission, Slayer, who had received a hidden weapon of sorts. He managed to guide them through this little adventure despite none of them even knowing each other. It was commendable the amount of maturity and calmness he exhibited to them as a sort of mentor to the groups.

Then there was Six, the little one Akira didn't really expect to be so helpful if he had to be completely honest but had grown to want to protect her.

And lastly there was the chivalrous Heavy, now clad in new armor and attempting to get the him and the others to dance along with him back to the train. He's probably the only one out of the three he'd see getting to know outside of missions and all.

Despite having his own style of dance, it being nothing like what the larger man was currently doing, Akira tried following along, mentally reminding himself that he needed to go to Velvet Room once they returned.
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tag(s): Nicholas | mention(s): Everyone I guess

"Hi." Despite how relaxed the voice sounded, Loona still tensed, spinning around and moving back just as the owner of the voice in question did the same. Tiny hands immediately moved to her hourglass necklace, big green eyes scanning over the man in front of her. Short brown hair that was a bit longer at the top than the sides, similar colored eyes, and fair skin. He clearly looked prepared for what he was getting himself into...he looked like he had experience unlike herself, who was dressed in not so protective pinks, greens, and browns. Just what did he want exactly? Was he trying to be nice? Or maybe he wanted something from her? The thought crossed Loona’s mind to just ignore the man, but seeing as it didn’t look like he wanted to cause her any harm, she decided to humor him.

“H-Hello…” She murmured, a cautious smile pulling at her lips before turning lopsided from the tilt of her head at what came after.
”First time?” What did he mean by that? First time being in such a place? First time in a violent setting? First time talking to someone that wasn’t her kind? The fairly board question had the girl a bit stunned.
“I g-guess?” Looking down at herself after speaking up, it only took a few seconds for her to realize where she decided to place herself into the crowd. “O-Oh, I’m sorry! Am I blocking your view? I d-didn’t mean to, promise.” It was definitely a different feeling having to worry about where she was, especially since everyone was so much bigger than her. It was never a problem back home, so this was just something she’s have to live with.

Presenting her with a slight smile, the man spoke up, probably sensing her uneasiness about...well, everything.
“It’s quite alright. I was just…” He was staring at her much like she was to him. “...Did you volunteer?” The fairy felt her face begin to warm up, one hand dropping to her side, and the other sliding over to clutch the other arm behind her.
“Yes. Is...i-is it obvious?” She questioned, now floating a bit closer to the other’s face. “I’m not really use to being outside of my home and around so many humans and the like so…” Loona then trailed off mid-sentence since she could feel herself begin to ramble.
"Well... considering you volunteered for this..." He started, folding his arms over his chest before gesturing the other initiates with his head. "...You're either crazy... or you must be damn good with that toothpick."
“I-I’m not crazy, and this is not a toothpick!” She said suddenly, waving her arms around a bit while gesturing to the slim sword to prove her point. Of course she didn’t want to admit that neither of the two conditions applied to her, however the thought that she really wasn’t prepared for this made her pout a bit, only perking up when the other spoke again.
"May I ask the brave soul what brings her here?"

Great, another loaded question, except this time she knew exactly what her reasons were for coming here. Her initial thoughts revolved around if she even needed to tell this man her reasons, that is, until it dawned on her that that alone was the only merit she had to prove that she belonged here. Without her reasons, she'd be useless. And the more people know, the better, even if it wouldn't make a difference. That didn't mean she wasn't going make this easy for the curious man.

“Y-You can just call me Loona. Loona Celestina.” She began with a small smile before continuing. “I want to become a Red Hood to bring awareness to my kind and those who weren’t h-helped by the Red Hoods. Loona then mumbled out before balling her fists. "I’m not the b-best fighter, but I can patch up wounds and stuff like that. H-hopefully that’s useful in a place like this..." Even without any context or even names from the other initiates, Loona scraped harshly below the bottom of the barrel when it came to any form of fight be it physical or verbal. She could learn, definitely, but she'd have to learn quickly or else this would all be in vain. Luckily, she was already making connections, albeit just one at the moment, and judging by how calm and relaxed he looked to be in the keep, Loona felt like he could rely on the man despite only just meeting. "But, what about you Mister? You volunteered as well, right?”

“Aye. Volunteered. Although it didn't really feel like a choice and the 'why' is less noble than your own. Call it..." Loona tilted her head as the other looked away, lips pursed as if deep in thought. "...Selfish motivation.” Selfish motivation? What could he mean by that? Of course it could be a myriad of things condensed into two easy to understand words, but it was a bit hard to believe especially with how she wouldn't even be talking to him if it hadn't been him starting the conversation in the first place... "Loona." Before she had a chance to dwell on it any further, her name coming from a more unfamiliar voice had her straighten, sharp green eyes unconsciously studying the other person's face in the process. "It's nice. I like it. I'm Nicholas but you can call me Nic-... How does one greet the Fae, Loona?"

To say she was surprised when the other asked how fairies greet others was an understatement. Who knew humans could be so nice? ...He was human...right? The emerald eyed fairy looked down when she saw something move, it being the man's, who had a rather foreign but pleasant name in her opinion, hand presumably reaching out for a handshake of some kind before looking back up to meet his brown hued eyes.
"Oh, th-thank you!" Loona started a bit flustered before smiling. "And thanks for asking too. For those bigger than us, I've been told that we normally shake the other's finger or an appendage with a little dust. Here." And with that, Loona hovered down towards Nicholas' hand before grabbing his index finger and pulling it up and towards her as if to simulate a proper handshake. She then grabbed her necklace with one hand and shook it around a bit, coating the tiny digits and palm with her own silvery substance. Now using both of her hands, Loona shook Nicholas' finger vertically with a good portion of her might before letting out a sigh. The struggles of being so small were truly vast... "It's nice to meet you, Nick!"

Unfortunately, Nick wasn't given the chance to respond right away, the moment not lasting as long as Loona would have liked it. Shock washed over the fairy’s features as she turned back to look at the three imposing figures in front of the crowd of initiates; this time, she made sure she wasn’t blocking anyone else’s view of the trio that would probably be giving them some very important information, now positioning herself beside Nicholas’ head. Despite being in the air, and not having to feel anything that came from the cloaked man in the front, the noise alone was enough to make her look over, hands involuntarily shaking at the thought of what was in store.

As the woman, Commander Rogue was her name, began to lecture and make her feel smaller than she already was, Loona’s attention shifted back to the Red Hoods watching from the sides. They had to start from the bottom as well, right? Which could only mean that they were the ones that persevered and managed to prove their strength, prove their usefulness to the group. Something she very desperately needed to do herself. Would they be able to teach someone like her? Would she be able to handle being around other species for the first time in her life? Loona could only hope. So far she thought she was doing alright.

Now following the Red Hood that went by Finlay, everyone was being separated into different rooms. She hoped that Nick’s last name was either of the two that were called along with her’s, but seeing as he didn’t say anything on the matter, it was probably safe to say that they were in different rooms...great. Speaking of Nicholas, Loona’s attention was soon brought back to him, her fairy dust clinging loosely onto the appendages that it coated; a few specks even found their way into the air, heading towards the ground. "Thank you." Loona was quickly brought back to before the Commander lectured them as Nicholas smiled.
“O-Oh, you’re welcome.” Loona returned the smile with one of her own, hands now clasped loosely in front of her as the other was quick to continue the conversation.
"Curious to know though... that's not just for 'shaking hands' is it?" Following his dark gaze to her necklace, Loona gave him a knowing nod. She was a bit worried about anyone looking at her necklace since it was very important to her, but she'd have to explain herself soon or later. Might as well do it with someone she's familiar with first.
“Right, fairy dust is normally used for healing wounds and replenishing stamina. With enough of it, I can make inanimate objects shrink or grow too. B-But don’t worry, what I did should be harmless.” She responded quickly with a smile before looking at the different rooms. “I guess we’re in different rooms, huh.” Loona continued, her words coming out more as a statement then a question. Regardless, Nick gave a short nod in response.
"That we are. But don't worry. I'd wager you might be the only one who actually belongs given what you can do. Stunned to hear something so straightforward, especially about something she was nowhere near confident in, the fairy almost missed what the other said afterwards. They hand only just met a few minutes prior but was confident enough to say she really belong in such a cutthroat place? "So trust me when I say, I'll be sticking close to you when I can. I'm not likely to find another face as kind as yours. Plus... you might need someone with a longer sword to watch your back." A sly grin pulled at the fair man's lips. "Loona. Pleas-"

An unfamiliar voice followed by what sounded like chains clicking open reverberated around the hall, effectively making Loona and Nicholas' private conversation null. The fairy could only watch as the owner of said voice proceeded to free every shackled being she could before introducing herself. By that point, Loona had already found refuge in Nick's collar, brows furrowed as the situation couldn't get any worse, right? Flinching when the woman, Brighid she called herself, acknowledged her presence, Loona could only watch with now nervous emerald eyes as everything effectively went to shit.

Introductions were made, words were said, and weapons were drawn in a matter of minutes. And they were suppose to work together? She could definitely see those trying to prevent anymore chaos, but it seem to all be in vain. Knowing she couldn't do anything simply because of her stature ad nature in general, Loona tugged on the collar she had unconsciously latched onto.
"Th-They really need to isn't the place for it..." She frowned. "D-Do you think m-maybe you can do something to c-calm them down?" She then asked with an anxious tilt of the head.
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