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Unable to stop the tears from running down her dirt stained cheeks, Capella forced her eyes shut as the brown haired woman told her that she would get her out of this strange predicament she found herself in. As the other wrapped her arms under the trapped girl's arms, Capella couldn't help but tense up at the contact. And while she was grateful for the other and what she was trying to do to help her out, the dual haired girl let out a scream of pain as the weeds didn't feel like letting her go, to the point that the weeds felt like rope trying to pull her body apart with each pull that came from the brown haired girl.

It got to a point where Capella thought she was really going to get ripped apart by the weeds and her new acquaintance, that is, until a low growl forced her to open her eyes again to a sight she couldn't believe. That dog from before, the dog that desperately called out for their help, pulled and yanked at the weeds holding her captive.
"Alright! Go doggie go!" One of her voices chanted. An while Capella would never say it like that, she was silently agreeing with the voice as well.

Unable to do anything but bare the pain, Capella held in her cries for the sake of those that were helping her, even the man that seemed to be attempting to ward off other enemies from approaching. With the dog's help, it didn't take long for Capella to be freed, and once she was, the girl wrapped her arms around the brown haired woman's waist, burying her face into the other's chest. Too frightened to speak her thanks, Capella chose to let her actions speak for her.

She only pulled away at the sound of the man's voice, him telling them to get ready to run. Not sure if she could handle anymore of this, Capella looked to the cat eyed girl hopefully, wondering if sh would follow the man's orders or not.
Bella could only tilt her head curiously when Serpentine didn't seem to follow after her. Did she say something wrong? Or maybe, being a snake and all, she couldn't move across large spaces at a time like she could? Before she could ask of the other needed help or some kind of assistance, the older girl wanted her to go on ahead and help Talon who might be in danger. The thought of going in to save someone was a little bit unnerving, especially since she hasn't done any of this sort of thing ever in her life, but she was entrusted to do this, and who knows, maybe she might be of some help?

Giving her best determined nod, Bella was off, hopping from building to building with the use of her momentum. So, look out for karate out Talon...look out for karate out Talon... the two phrases became more like a mantra to the rabbit girl as she hopped to and fro. She didn't want to mess this up. She had to do her best to help out, which eventually got her to thinking...shouldn't she have a weapon like everyone else? Feeling all over her body for something that could possibly be a weapon, Bella bounded forward and tumbled to a halt, seeing no sight of the karate kids as she was now crouched down on a building that was right beside the Luna's Lunar Lounge. What the heck was she suppose to do if she didn't have anything to protect herself with?

Not having the time or really the patience to be thinking about it, Bella hopped on top of the lounge building and began to crawl around the roof. Talon had to have found a way to get in without being noticed, right? Since he was flying, the roof made the most logical sense. A proud smile formed on the blue haired girl's face as she spotted one of those windows that were often used to let steam out of a kitchen or building. Immediately, the girl lowered herself in, dropping to the kitchen floor with little trouble. Good, this was good. She could work with this...

Bella cracked open the kitchen door, only to see the predicament Talon, Furitta and...Rogue-Bat? Wait, what? Too confused to really wrap her head around it at the moment, Bella reached down to pick up a round tomato, before chucking it through the small opening, hoping hitting someone and possibly getting their attention. But it wasn't like she stopped after the first tomato, Bella continued to throw condiments, snacks and even beverages out the crack in the door, hoping that it would be enough to get the teens off of Talon and to focus on her.
In Mote 3 days ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay
I'll try to get something up either today or tomorrow :)
Bella nodded slowly before lowering her head. So she was right about what was going on. It made sense after all; who would just let someone get taken away like that, anyways? A smile crept up the hooded girl's face as she was glad at least her presence was appreciated, despite her making such a fool of herself earlier...

As Serpentine went on about what was happening, Bella could only tilt her head in confusion. It was a jumbled mess of words, no doubt about that, but for some reason Bella still managed to get some sort of gist of what was going on. The snake woman seemed to notice as well that her words were all over the place, seeing as she reiterated herself and ultimately reassured Bella that they knew what they were doing and that they needed to move.
"R-Right..." She mumbled as she also brought her attention to the tall boy. Hearing the other claim that he could take to the skies while they followed down below was a little worrying for Bella. Could she even keep up?

Not given much of a chance to voice her thoughts to the other two, Talon agreed before giving a charming smile to the two of them and jumping off the building, free falling for a bit before he began to fly. It was pretty cool if Bella did say herself. Seeing as she was a rabbit, she cold only hop and jump right? Or did she have something else up her sleeve she didn't even know about?

Looking back at Serpentine, Bella placed her hands behind her back and peeked at her from her hood.
"I-I guess we should move a bit c-closer, yes? Just in case?" Talon did say he was going to call, but that didn't mean they couldn't get prepared.

Taking a shaky breath, Bella bent her knees and jumped forward, creating a large arc before landing on the next building. This landing was a lot better as she didn't topple over and instead continued her momentum with a light job before stopping and turning to make sure Serpentine was following.
Fortunately, before she could make an even bigger embarrassment of herself, Bella was graced with the presence of another person dressed with an animal motif similar to her own. Was she...was she suppose to be a weasel or something? Unsure of if she should asked the masked woman what kind of animal she was in a time like this, said woman beat her to the punch and introduced herself as well as what she was going to do.
"C-Captured? But why?" She asked, but the other was already charging in, pulling the attention of the teens away from herself and onto her.

Maybe with the both of them they could have done something together, or possibly found refuge for people in need. Was this apart of some plan she had? And if that was the case, then wouldn't that mean she probably had other friends that could bust her out? Just as the thought crossed her mind, Bella was startled once again to see two people flying in the air towards her. Now it becoming a habit, her first instinct was to grab the front of her hoodie and pull it down in front of her face, scared that these people might recognize her, but then a realization dawned on her. That Kwami thing said that no one would know it was her unless she explicitly said it herself, so it didn't really matter how she acted around these people, right? Who knows, maybe they might be just like her in some ways...

Bella stepped back a little bit to give the two newcomers some room, playing with her fingers to calm her nerves. Seeing how casual they were being confirmed Bella thought about the 'capture' being a plan of some sort. With two more names she tried to remember, Bella frowned slightly, realizing that she needed a superhero name as well. Nothing came to mind at the moment so she kept quiet about herself and instead focused on getting up to the roof.
"Um, alright..." Bella spoke clear for once as she recalled how she was able to jump so far earlier before bending her knees and hopping up on top of the building she fell from with one jump.

Her landing was more of a stumble, but she managed not to fall, which was a sign of improvement, right? It was there that she was given a much better appearance of the two and while she could tell the tall boy was a sleek looking bird or some kind (an eagle?), she had no clue what the girl was suppose to be. Judging by the name, Bella would assume a snake, but once again, she kept quiet about it and instead focused on understanding what was going on...that is, until her mind went back to Furitta.
"Are you guys friends with that other girl? Wh-What if she gets hurt or something while we're talking? And those brainwashed p-people down there need help too, r-right?" She questioned, her expression dripping with worry.
Hope my intro post doesn't seem too forced, let me know if there are any problems with it
Bella could only stare in faint confusion and shock at the small, partially opened, box that sat upon her dresser, her standing one the other side of her very large room. What she thought was just another present from her parents turned out to be a living, breathing, autonomous...toy called a Kwami. Of course the second she tried to originally open the box, this 'Kwami' had another plan, and waited for the box to be opened just a crack before busting through and screaming at the top of its lungs about partners, friendship, magic, and so on. Luckily, with no one in the house, Bella had free liberty to scream at the top her lungs, resulting in scaring the Kwami and sending it back to the box it came from.

And this is where we are now, Bella rooted to the floor in one spot and the Kwami in the box, peeking curiously at the blue haired girl. They remained like this for quite a while actually, that is, until the distraction of a resounding whip cracking and screams of other people through the open window facing the nearby outlets plenty of blocks away.

Giving the Kwami a side glance as she turned and hurried over to the window to possibly see what was going one, Bella placed her hands on the sill and frowned. Without a doubt, it had to be another if this wasn't enough for her to handle. Now she was at home, alone with what she thought was akin to an alien and was essentially helpless. Like most kids, she thought of ways that she would help on her own, but unless she was like the superheroes that usually saved the day in real life and in the comics, she couldn't do anything...

"...Do you want to help?" Startled by the sudden voice and how close it was to her ear, the bluenette jumped and stepped back a bit, her hands clasped tightly over her chest. Upon closer inspection, the Kwami looked like a rabbit, though she probably only got that when she saw the thing holding out a rabbit pendant, probably for her to take. Not sure on how to answer, Bella kept her lips sealed, and instead watched the Kwami's movement as it slowly got closer. "Come on! That's why I'm here! You got the stuff to be an amazing superhero! And the only thing you have to do..." Trailing off, the Kwami flew forward and circled around Bella's head with a happy squeal. " put this on and say, 'Hoppi, Ears Up!'" It explained quickly before practically shoving the pendant into the bluenette's trembling hands. "Come on! Come on! Hurry! People are in danger right this moment and only you can help them!" The Kwami continued to ramble on to Bella, who was even more confused now than a few moments ago. What kind of sick present did her parents give her?!


Bella was unable to hide the pure shock from showing on her face, as she was literally hopping from roof to roof as if it was nothing. Of course she was following the direction of where she head the screams and cries for help, but she was probably having a bit too much fun for her own good. She didn't really understand what was going on, but if she could help people with this, then she'd be happy to oblige.

Once she spotted the hordes of teenagers walking methodically through the streets of 5th and Wenburry, Bella crouched down and tried to stop herself, but this only lead to her losing her footing and thus falling off the medium sized building she was on. She honestly thought she was going to die, judging by the scream that left her mouth as she clutched onto her new green rabbit hoodie, but luckily(?), some of the teenagers managed to break her fall. Unfortunately for her now, she was now in the midst of a situation she had no idea how to take care of.

Eyes now wide with fear as she staggered to get back on her feet, Bella was rooted in place once again, unsure of what to do next or if she could even protect herself...
Sorry for just disappearing like that, but I'll put my character up once I get on my laptop. Quick question though, and I might have missed this on the first post, but do we start with our Kwamis or no? @Rockin Strings
@Polaris North That actually was the intention. She's scared of others seeing her in a different light, especially with how unfiltered her mouth can be, and expects others to be honest with her, despite her not being completely honest with everyone else. It's a fault of her's, but something she'll definitely get across as the rp progresses.

@Rockin Strings If it really is a problem, I don't mind changing it? And as Bella opens up a bit more, there will also be a change in Usaji and how she acts?
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