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Breeze Porfirio || Arsenal
@LuckyBlackCat @Aerandir @SimpleWriter

'...Maybe she should've made sure Kerianne was fully okay before running off to take care of another task', was all the short girl could think of as she pressed her hands, then her arms, onto the ground in a deliberate manner. Had a complete stranger been watching her, they would've thought she was crazy or trying to make an indent on the ground, but that had been the least of her worries as the green haired girl was clearly concerned about other things. What if Kerianne needed to go to the nurse or something even more serious? She...she looked okay from where Breeze currently was, having moved from the ground to the bench where Breeze left her. However before she could look back at the task at hand, the young girl's attention shifted to her other classmate, Yi.

He was giving her a thumbs up, but for what reason? It took a bit of squinting a little bit of imagination for Breeze to realize what he was asking. Before answering, green eyes darted around the space originally littered with glass shards. From what she could tell, there weren't any more shards that needed to be picked up. She then looked to her arms, the distinct charcoal color coating her hands and forearms providing more evidence that her work was done.

Giving Momo and Gabby more space to uh...finish up, Breeze scurried over to Yi whilst making a mental note to recover the blocks still scattered about from her and Kerianne's sparring match, a nervous, but mostly happy smile pulling at her lips once she was in front of the other.
"Th-Thank you for the offer, but I think I-I got all of it." She spoke as proudly as someone like her could, showing both of her hands and the shards that coated them. She was going to ask how his sparring match went, but another brief look at Kerianne had the question die at her tongue and bring up the thoughts still fresh in her mind. Unfortunately, that rare pride instantly dissolved as well once her thoughts went back to her sparring partner.

"U-Uh, Yi? Do you think K-Kerianne going to be okay? Sh-She looks exhausted...I-I hope she isn't in a-any pain, I-I mean, I don't think I hurt her, b-but what if she is in pain and is just hiding it or something? Maybe we should take her to the nurse's office? O-Or maybe we should go and let Maple K-King know about what's going on? B-But I can't talk to him, h-he's too scary, I.." She rambled on, the mere thought of one of friends needing help causing her to spiral into one of her nervous breakdowns. It was hard for Breeze to determine if the tears forming in her eyes were because she was tired or if it was because she wasn't sure what to do. However it wasn't beyond the girl to burst into tears every so often over something simple that would resolve itself. It's only this time the young girl is looking to Yi to offer some sort of idea on what they should do.

Sparring Match Part 3 of 3
In collaboration with @LuckyBlackCat

Staying in place as Breeze shook her head, Kerianne relaxed her stance, ready to stop, only resuming it again when her opponent took up her own battle pose. She did wonder whether Breeze truly wanted to continue or if she thought she had to, but she wasn't about to make the situation even more awkward. "If you're sure," she said, double checking that this truly was the best idea. Given Breeze's normal disposition, the young girl looked as really as she'll ever be. "I won't use that move again, but let me know if you want to stop."

"...R-Right, thank you."

Chewing her lip, hoping she wouldn't do anything else to upset Breeze, she reached down and slipped into a block's shadow, the later tensing as she did so. Feeling the lightheadedness set in as she emerged by another cube, she remained in a crouch. Positioned in front of the block so Breeze wouldn't be able to grab it and use it against her, she reached out, hooked her arm behind her opponent's ankles and pulled. Completely blindsided, Breeze felt herself falling forward, however instead of panicking like earlier, she used the free momentum to her advantage. Pressing her hands onto the ground, the green haired girl twisted and winded her legs around in hopes of making Kerianne stagger before pushing her feet towards the blonde to get her to let go. Thrown off-balance, Kerianne had to slam her hands against the mat to keep steady, freeing her opponent. As Breeze rolled forward to create space, she brought a hand out to grab a nearby block and threw it at her, taking the time to stand before beginning to rush her, sending a flurry of jabs and knife slashes once she was close enough.

Kerianne only just managed to duck the projectile in time, but before she could do anything else, Breeze had closed in on her. Pulling away from a knife stab and reaching out, she warped through the nearby block's shadow, the blade hitting only the faint black wisps she left behind. She popped up to the side of Breeze, but at the very second she did, something smashed at the other end of the room, eliciting a squeak from the other. That would have been enough of a distraction in itself, even if not for the dimming of the light and the shift in the shadows. Toppling as if someone had pulled a surface from under her feet, she landed sprawled on the mat, Breeze only landing on her knees beside her.

"H-Hey, are you okay?" The green haired girl questioned wearily. Despite speaking to Kerianne, her eyes were focused on the glass shards littering the ground. Someone could really get hurt from those...

Twisting round and staring over to make sure Gabby and Momo were alright, Kerianne sighed at the glass shards on the floor. "Well, something like that was bound to happen sooner or later," she muttered, staggering as she rose. She glanced from the mess to Breeze. "Let's go help." If nobody did, somebody could get hurt. One step, though, and the room wobbled around Kerianne. Picking up broken glass in her current state probably wouldn't be the best of ideas, but she couldn't just leave it lying around, especially with the other fight growing more and more intense.

Breeze knew better then to have Kerianne try and pick up glass with how disoriented she looked.
"Don't w-worry! I can pick it all up on my own!" She claimed as she placed the rubber knife back onto her stomach for safe keeping. "Plus it won't hurt if I j-just use my Quirk..." She explained further before bounding off, her energy levels nowhere near as exhausted as most probably would've thought. Still clearly nervous around the newcomers, Breeze shuffled awkwardly around Momo and Gabby as she placed her hands and arms on the floor, skin eventually becoming littered with pitch black specks. Every now and then she'd cast a nervous glance to Kerianne before immediately looking away.

I'd like to re-join if that's alright c: but I wanted to know if having two characters was okay? Like I bring back Loona and have a new character?

Sparring Match Part 2 of ?
In collaboration with @LuckyBlackCat

Rolling backwards before standing and creating a bit more space between the two, Breeze returned the rubber blade onto her stomach, taking a moment to reassess what just happened. She should've expected Kerianne to come up with something like that, and yet, she still fell for the other's feint. Had her father seen her make such a crucial mistake...a chill ran up the young girl's spine as she forcefully pushed the thoughts out of her brain. It wasn't healthy. Not now at least. Luckily, as she drove away memories that had no reason of being on the top of her mind, an idea sparked into the green girl's head, lighting a fiery smile that tugged at her lips.

She proceeded to remove the weighted blocks littering her skin and throw them to random places on their side of the the gym. With the difference in terrain as well as the added shadows cascaded throughout the floor, Breeze brought her fists up. This had originally been an idea to help Kerianne move around and use her Quirk, but this was thought up before they got the memo that they'd be sparring against each other. Did this prove advantageous to either of them? Breeze couldn't be sure just yet. Instead of worrying about it, the younger sprinted forward, aiming a speedy punch at Kerianne's face before feinting with a misguided turn. Kerianne only just managed to avoid the punch, but the misdirection threw her off, just like her own had done to Breeze. Without the blocks slowing her down, the girl seemed to move almost twice as fast as before. Now facing the older's side, Breeze brought her arms and a foot up as if she were about to full body grapple the other to the ground.

And that she did, crawling up the blonde's body almost like a spider, spinning and curling around her limbs before ultimately flipping them both to the ground. As Kerianne fell backwards onto the mat, Breeze was still on her, locking one of the former's arms and chest with her entire body. Even though Breeze weighed little without the blocks, small nimble fighters could easily use opponents' height and weight against them, as the taller girl knew from a certain someone she lived with. Struggling, she raised her torso as much as she could, reaching into the shadow of a block. She slipped through, leaving Breeze splayed out on the ground from the lack of anything to hold onto, emerging next to another cube behind her. Planting her feet apart to keep steady, she bent her knees and reached to grasp the other girl's wrists.

As a pair of hands enclosed around her wrists, Breeze found herself stilling. She knew this was just a sparring a match, but the familiar position she found herself in before was a little too startling for the green haired girl. Her brain seemed to short circuit as she squirmed a bit out of fear, but once her foot nudged against one of the wooden blocks surrounding them, Breeze took it, using both feet to fling the cube up at Kerianne's face. Her opponent raised an arm to block, leaving the grip one-handed. She yanked her arms forward as she did so, using the sudden attack to pull herself free, however instead of trying to stand, Breeze remained crouched down before swinging a leg right at Kerianne's ankles, eventually arming herself back with her rubber knife.

In two wide sidesteps, Kerianne pivoted away from the strike. Swaying, regaining her balance, she faced Breeze again, eyebrows furrowed not just from concentration but concern. That sudden freeze, that shudder, those tense muscles - The green-haired girl's reaction hadn't gone amiss.

She stayed back, lifting a hand to signal a pause, the other straightening in response. "All ok?" she asked. While it was good to put as much effort into training as into competition, had this fight become a little too lifelike? She wasn't acting like the thug she'd nearly become, was she? Or did Breeze have some messed up experiences herself?

A short distance away, the other duo's banter and dance-like moves to lively techno music contrasted with the solemnity of their own sparring session. Breeze's attention seemed to be guided towards the other battle mostly because of how embarrassed she felt for getting so frazzled over a sparring match. She didn't mean to make Kerianne look at her with such concern, it making her trembling frame shake even more.

"I-I'm sorry..." The younger whimpered, hands now gripping her rubber knife tightly as if it would stop her hands from shaking out of her own volition. Kerianne's worried frown deepened as she noticed the trembling. "I-I'm okay, you d-didn't do anything wrong...j-just, j-just got a little spooked." Green eyes eventually meeting back to look at the blonde, Breeze slowly approached Kerianne, her normally meek nature seemed to be amplified by how pale she looked compared to just a minute ago.

"Th-Thank you for worrying th-though...I'm sorry you had to stop the sparring match because of me...u-uh, we could continue if you wanted t-to?"

Kerianne lowered her hand, but stayed where she was. "It's ok. No need to apologize," she replied, earning a nervous glance from Breeze before her green gaze fell to the ground. If anything, she was the one who should feel bad, having put someone prone to anxiety in this state. She wasn't going to treat a capable and determined person like they were made of glass, but she still had to be respectful. Again, Kerianne wondered about Breeze's experiences, her reasons for wanting to become a hero. She bit the inside of her lip before speaking up again.

"Do you want to continue?" She moved one of her feet back, ready to either go into battle stance or leave the pose depending on Breeze's answer. "If you don't, that's fine. Never thought I'd say this, but maybe my sister has a point when she says time out is important."

Did she want to continue? Breeze noted the mention of her sister before putting some thought into what she'd say next. It probably would be a good idea to take a break, but that would only hinder Kerianne's training...she didn't want to be a bother to someone else, especially someone as nice as Kerianne. With a quick shake of her head, Breeze stepped back a few feet.

"...I-I think we should continue..." Breeze didn't want to stop at such an awkward note, and knew that sparring would definitely make things a little less weird for her, so it was the only option. With her knife held out in front of her, Breeze awaited Kerianne's next attack, a reassured albeit, nervous smile pulling at her lips...

Sparring Match Part 1 of ?
In collaboration with @LuckyBlackCat

Pairs were meant to...duel against each other? While Breeze looked very relieved and quickly accepted Kerianne's offer to team up with her, the slight surprise on her face was evident when the other turned out being her opponent. This surprise faded as quickly as it appeared, Breeze probably feeling even more glad that she didn't have to fight any of the scary newcomers; well except for Alex, she seemed nice enough.

At the teacher's unexpected announcement, Kerianne's forehead creased. She should have been clearer. "Uh, Sir, that isn't what I mea-" she started, then fell silent. It wasn't her place to question the rules. Facing Breeze, she relaxed as she saw the little smile on her face. Maybe this was for the best. Maybe Breeze would be even more comfortable with an opponent she trusted than an ally she trusted.

The girl completely littered in square shaped tattoos looked to her fellow classmate, lowering herself to a more crouched fighting stance. The normally meek and easily frightened girl now held a serious expression on her face, one ready to battle.

Taking her own battle stance, Kerianne nodded. The room no longer swayed as she moved, the side effect of her Quirk having worn off. "Ready."

No sooner had she given the okay that Breeze lunged with a rubber knife, her arms initially crossed in front of her before swiping outwards, aiming straight for the blonde's torso region. Kerianne's reflexes kicked right in. She dodged the blade like she'd dodged the steely glint of the real thing on rough streets those few times. Her face the unreadable mask of someone in survival mode, she dived into a cart's shadow and surfaced behind Breeze. She reached out, aiming to hold her opponent's arms behind her back.

Had Breeze not been aware of the other's Quirk, she probably wouldn't have been able to react quick enough to escape. But fortunately, the green haired girl knew how to get around something like this. Just as Kerianne's presence appeared behind her, Breeze crouched down lower than she had originally, grabbing one of the hands that came forward to restrain her and hooking it over her shoulder. Using her smaller hands to secure her grip on Keri's own, the shorter girl pushed backwards onto the other's chest before pulling forward, flipping Kerianne over her shoulder. However instead of letting her fall, Breeze let go so that the blonde could recover without any problems.

She proceeded to lift up her shirt and push the knife into her skin for safe keeping. Now that their previous scuffle had returned to their original standstill, Breeze tried a different approach. Whether Kerianne had fully recovered or not, Breeze approached the former with a cartwheel followed by a halfway back handspring into the air. Instead of her feet hitting the ground first, both feet aimed straight for Kerianne's face.

Catching her breath, Kerianne had no time to sit up. As Breeze leaped, the blonde turned her head, reaching for her opponent's growing shadow and vanishing. She reappeared by the punching bag as Breeze landed on the ground, the later needing another leap to lower her momentum. "Good trick there," she called, spacing her feet for balance as if she'd jumped from a moving vehicle. She'd have to be careful how often she relied on her Quirk in this fight.

"Th-Thank you!" The younger eventually called out with a slight stutter before letting out a breath she didn't know she was holding in.

This time, Kerianne ran at Breeze. It was only halfway towards her that she crouched, thrusting her hand at a shady patch. Green eyes immediately shifted away from her figure in anticipation of where she would pop up next. Instead of teleporting, though, she sprang back up and kept running. Making use of the momentary confusion the feint move had been meant to cause, she gripped Breeze's shoulders, sweeping her foot towards the green-haired girl's legs.

With no time to brace herself, nor react defensively once her shoulders were grabbed, Breeze was forced to the floor on her back, one hand instinctively holding onto one of Kerianne's wrists while the other went under her shirt. The taller girl found herself bending double. With the wind mostly knocked out of her, the shorter swiped upward with the rubber knife she'd placed on her stomach prior, hoping the attack would be enough to at least stagger the blonde and give Breeze a chance to roll back up to a more favorable position.

Swiveling her wrist, Kerianne swiped her arm free of Breeze's grip and stepped the the side, too slow to evade the blade's tip that glanced off of her ribs. The blond pursed her lips. It hadn't hurt, but in a real battle, even if she avoided lethal injury, an attack like that would still weaken her.

This was just a sparring session, yet she couldn't let her guard down. Some day the fights wouldn't be so friendly. And to reach that point of being a pro hero, she had to show how seriously she took the training.
Oof, sorry about the purple mate lmao

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@Grey Cool! tbh i don't have much for my Hearing Girl or Touch Boi, so I'll get to that first and then probably shoot you a pm to talk more about it! :)
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