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Current Just heard the news about Woojin from Stray Kids. I'm so devastated and literally shaking. This feels like a really sick joke, but I hope he and the other 8 members are okay. #ThankYouWoojin
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For any kind of wound, there's always some kind of medicine or treatment.
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Remember kids, never let anyone convince you to take college physics over the summer! :'D
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i don't know what to put in this now...
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No posts today or tomorrow. finals.


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Chisato "Chi" Yuuki || Elixir

Chisato nodded eagerly, glad that his friends both seemed to be willing to let him help out on the more physical things despite his condition. While they were all busy getting stronger and all, he was doing his own training to be a useful field medic despite his disadvantages.
"Un, that sounds good! Looks like we got a flexible plan on our hands." He said with a small smile, refusing to let his mind think about all the potential injuries he'd need to help out with after all this was all over. Who knows though, maybe everyone will play nice and not hurt each other too badly right?


Silverish blue eyes shifted back to Kerianne regarding his blood.
"Un!" He hummed, reaching into one of his many pockets and pulling out what looked like a roll of tape.
"Made especially for me. Since my body takes longer to form blood clots, these bandages keep me from bleeding out until then." He explained before pocketing the item. Of course he had regular bandages for other people's injuries too. that he thought about it, most of his equipment catered to others rather than himself. He could only hope that his preparation would actually benefit the well being of those he cared about...

Chi looked taken aback by the question from Keri, and for a brief moment, the boy couldn't hide the haunted expression pulling at his features. He shouldn't have let it bother him too much, he really shouldn't have, but the feeling still hung over and plagued his heart. Normally bright eyes dulled, and his previous smile straightened to a thin line. That day was such a blur yet also the most vivid memory he had in his mind. Thinking about it just made him want to go home, but Keri and Renard needed him. He wasn't going to let his personal life get in the way when he was relying on other's and vice versa.

So, much like Renard, Chisato swallowed down his anguish looked back to the other two less like a kicked puppy and more like he normally would.
"Un, I'll be okay. now's not the time to worry about that stuff anyways." The boy said before nodding quickly in agreement with Renard's statement. "You're already really cute normally, but he has a point." He said rather genuinely before pulling himself up to his feet and latching himself onto Kerianne. His arms were wrapped around the girl's figure while his head rested on the crook of her neck.

"Th-Thank you though...for caring." He mumbled, choosing to remain latched on to the girl for the comfort and because hugs always made people feel better.


Breeze Porfirio || Arsenal

"S-Sorry..." Was all Breeze mumbled out at Raymond's attempt to reassure her. While she didn't talk much to the older boy, she at least knew that he wasn't scary or mean unless he was just messing around with someone. It was less of him and more of--

Breeze let out an involuntary squeak when XiaoPao slammed her tail on the ground to propel herself into the air. Without really realizing it, the green haired girl moved closer to Raymond, eyes wide as she watched the shrimp girl squeal over Raymond's Quirk. Breeze wasn't really sure what to make of the girl quite yet. She was awfully loud, but seemed powerful and very willing to work was them as well. The green eyed girl could only hope that she herself didn't slack behind. I-Inhale courage...exhale f-fear...

She'd almost missed Raymond's question, looking up at him with a slightly tilted head before looking down at herself.
"Y-Yes. I have a chain and some rope..." She trailed, pulling down the collar on her costume to show the tattoos of both around her collarbone. "...two wooden knives, a filed up water bottle, a net, metal wires...oh and an umbrella." As she listed things off, Breeze pointed to where they were located on her body. Most of it was miscellaneous, especially since she had no clue who'd she be working with, so she only got things that would universally be helpful.

"I-I wouldn't worry about...accidentally hurting us. I-I mean, not that you can't control yourself, b-but...I could store any crystals that might hurt me and Xiao...I-I mean Pow, can p-protect herself with her hands?" She suggested, looking to the red girl to see if that was case or not before looking back to Raymond. "I could try to restrain the target, then the both of you go a-all out?"

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Chisato "Chi" Yuuki || Elixir

The pinkette nodded gratefully towards both of his teammates, a small smile gracing his features. Even though it was never something he'd say out loud to avoid putting pressure on people, he was really glad to be with two people he knew were very capable. Truth be told, Chisato felt more like he was the one that lucked out the most between the three.

Eventually being pulled out of his thoughts when Keri brought over a chair for him, Chi's previous smile showed a bit embarrassment in it.
"O-Oh, uh, thanks..." He trailed off, taking a seat a bit faster than he'd like to admit. Leaning back and letting out a deep sigh, if anyone saw him now, they probably would've thought he sprinted all the way to school with how tired he looked. Keri's advice echoed in the back of his head, prompting him to follow while his eyes darted back and forth between the two blondes when one spoke up.

There wasn't much he could provide in regards to battle tactics, but he still listened in to stay in the loop, nodding to himself every now and again to make sure he knew what was going on. Taking mental notes of what others were saying became second nature once his Quirk started to develop, so keeping track of what the blondes were planning was easy. However when Renard pulled him back into the conversation, the boy stiffened before tilting his head a little.
"Basic self-defense, but nothing compared what some of the guys here could do. I mean, a few cuts might make me bleed out so I try to stay as far as possible." He explained before nodding briefly in regards to Renard's electricity. Something like that would definitely be top priority...

"I'd say I'm pretty good with creating distractions and using the environment to my advantage. Wouldn't be surprised if some of the teams try to knock me out first. We should use that to our advantage, yeah?" Chi questioned. He was confident enough in his ability to hide and stealth his way around, but would the other two have enough faith in him to resort to that if they needed to?


Breeze Porfirio || Arsenal

Breeze felt like her heart was on fire, eyes burning with the sensation of incoming tears. While it wasn't anything intentional on her part, the girl often seized breathing when she felt the need to try and disappear. Teeth bit down on her lower lip as she looked down, hair covering most of her face as she studied the ground like a textbook. She only looked up a little when she felt a hand on her head again and caught sight of the familiar blonde she took refuge behind.

The poor girl stared at Renard for a moment, not doing anything before taking in a shaky breath as instructed. It was enough to clear her mind and listen up to the advice her friend bestowed upon her. And while it was hard to believe that Renard was ever scared of anything, Breeze clung to every word. Inhale courage...exhale fear...? Would that help her? A part of her wanted to question if that would really work, especially for someone like her, but before she could get the chance to do so, a quiet giggle bubbled up inside of her. Leave it to Renard to make things better again.

" you, Renard." She stammered, taking another deep breath before giving the older boy a small smile. "I-I won't forget it." She whispered afterward, slowly stepping out of Renard's shadow and placing herself next to him like she had before.

She didn't realize how soon she'd have to use that special technique Renard blessed her with, but with Dakota ramming into the scene and more unnecessary comments from Steven, Breeze was almost hyperventilating, exhaling all the fear she could in favor of courage. Luckily, the announcements distracted her enough to calm her breathing to something close to normal; she could've done without Miss Dunwich's squealing though.

Emerald eyes glanced around at her new surroundings, holding a bit of indifference. As the teams were presented to the group of students, Breeze could only curse Chisato for being on the team she would kill for. Shaking her head to rid the negative thought, Breeze looked to Raymond, then XiaoPao. She didn't talk much to the former despite being in the same class and the later was a complete could be far worse.

Shuffling slowly over to Raymond, Breeze glance over at the little shrimp girl as if willing her to join them with weary eyes. While Breeze knew of Raymond's Quirk, it was clear that they'd need o go over it for the other girl, what they could and couldn't do.
" can store things on my skin. Anything y-you need me to hold or carry I can...u-um...I guess I'm pretty fast, m-more close ranged than anything." Although she was trying, the poor girl's voice quickly died out, her attention focused back on the ground as she took a deep breath and murmured something to herself.

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Chisato "Chi" Yuuki || Elixir

Yeah, this Steven dude was going to be a bit of a problem...was what first came into Chi's mind. But the naturally good side of him just chalked it up to himself being a little cranky. At least Steven looked to be ready for whatever was going to be thrown at them!

Taking his straw along with giving the most encouraging smile he could muster despite his energy levels, Chisato nodded along as Gabby spoke, his silverish blue eyes practically sparkling.
"ドラゴンボール Z (Dragon Ball Z)! Such a classic, kind of hard to dislike those, haha!" He giggled. "And Encyclopedia Encyclopedium? Oh! I think they call it '百科事典 の エンシクローペディアム (Hyakka jiten no Encyclopedium)' back home? I've seen a few gifs of it online actually! Never got around to watching it though, but if it's anything like Zatch Bell with Trigger animation, I'll check out the first episode after this exam!"

As if on some sort of cue, the familiar blur of Dakota startled him into a dizzy spell. The boy swayed for a moment before catching himself, expression strained. Seeing as this was a normal occurrence for him, the healer pulled out a granola bar he was saving for later and began nibbling on it. While he wanted to make sure Dakota was alright, he'd be useless if he just passed out on the way walking over to her. Kerianne seemed to be handling the situation though. Not to mention the exam looked to be getting underway!

The students were finally brought into the test location and split off into teams. Hearing his full name made the pinkette flinch, but he was quick to hide it with a small smile, making his way over two the two familiar faces.
"Guess we lucked out, huh?" He questioned, absentmindedly fiddling with the container on his back and pulling out what seemed like endless vials from his pockets and started filling them up with his blood. Filling up two finger length vials, Chi handled one out to the both of them with a small smile. "In case any of us get separated from each other. Drink it if you get tired and rub it on any injuries tat may be bothering you." He instructed before munching slowly on his granola bar again, the previous second wind he found quickly dissipating.


Breeze Porfirio || Arsenal

Despite Kerianne giving her reassurances that she would be fine, Breeze couldn't help but give a look of uncertainty. That fall really looked like it hurt...and she knew Keri was a tough girl, tougher than Breeze could ever be herself, but still... She made a noise somewhere between a whine and a sigh before pulling her attention up to Renard. It was odd how he knew just what to say to brighten the young girl's mood, but here she was, letting out a giggle at Renard's cheesy line. It was the pick-me-up she didn't quite know she needed.

Before she could give any kind of response to the taller blonde, Breeze's attention moved back to Keri, nodding slightly in thought. The sparring session was fun...for the most part, but now there's even more people. What if she ended up with strangers, or worse, had to fight her friends? An almost haunted expression pulled on the green haired girl's features as she nodded faster this time, hoping to quell her nerves. The new face didn't exactly help much either; Momo she'd at least seen a week ago and was familiar with her. Melissa was her name, but Breeze chose not to speak on her own. Instead she remained safely next to Renard, eyeing Gabby curiously but keeping all of her thoughts to herself.

Steven's introduction had especially caught the small girl off guard, earning a high-pitched squeak from Breeze before she fully hid behind Renard, fully believing that he'd be able to block off anything she thought may harm her. She almost looked like she was about to cry, head hung low as she listened tentatively to the other voices, some familiar other not so much.

Why couldn't this day just end already?

Chisato "Chi" Yuuki || Elixir

The pinkette took the slip of paper from Melissa as he passed off his drink to Gabby.
"Huh, I didn't think of Garlic powder before..." He mused before following the bee girl's gaze to Gabby, beaming just as widely at the muscular girl like everything was okay. Looking back over as Freya became Melissa's next victim taste tester, Chi gave a reassuring nod, the type of calm nod he managed to perfect for when he need to take care of other people. It never helped when the person helping someone else was also scared or worried about something, right?

Unfortunately, Chi couldn't keep his calm attitude up for much longer when Freya suddenly yelled out. Earning a small jump of surprise from him, the silver-blue eyed boy smiled wearily.
"Y-Yeah, if you could handle that, then this exam will be nothing!" He tried to reassure, even giving a thumbs up to not only Freya, but the rest of their class as well. They didn't know what would be thrown at them, but all that mattered as that they could take care of it, just like heroes should.

"Wait, you watch anime Gabby?" Chi pipped up, reaction a bit late since he was still eyeing Freya to make sure she was okay. It made him look a little sheepish, but still interested nonetheless. "Got any favorites?" He asked right after, holding a hand out for the drink she probably didn't want anymore.

It was then that Steven chose to make himself known, waddling right in the middle of their somewhat group conversation. Arching a slightly unammused brow, Chi placed his outstretched hand on his hip.
"Uh...right. Well it's morning and we're all here, so I guess it's been good?" The medic spoke in a questioning tone, not sure if he should omit Freya's...incident or not from how things were going.

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Breeze Porfirio || Arsenal

Before any more worry could come to her blonde friend, the later was suddenly on the ground, earning a squeak from the easily startled Breeze. Depsite not being the one to get hurt, she was still trembling from the noise that came from the two colliding with the floor, eyes wide in horror. Deciding not to take much note of Dawn's impersonation of All Might, Breeze looked down at Kerianne, expression a bit stiff.
"A-Are you okay, Kerianne?" She practically whispered, voice shaking underneath her breathe. She'd rather not have Dawn turn her attention to herself and tackle her down or something... But what if Keri was really injured from that? They were about to take an exam of all things! It could serious jeopardize her chances of doing her very best!

Before her thoughts could spiral into the darker realms of possibility, a familiar hand landed atop her head, washing away most if not all of her negative thoughts. A small smile formed on her face as she unconsciously leaned into the touch a little bit before looking up at the owner of said hand.
"G-Good morning R-Renard. Are y-you ready for today?" Breeze spoke up, her smile brightening when they made eye contact. She wasn't sure how Renard was able to do it, but Breeze always felt a bit better when around the other. He was always nice to her like Kerianne was, but in a slightly different way. It was hard to explain, but what she did know was that she was okay with it.

As Keri's voice filtered into the young girl's brain, Breeze looked over only to see both Dawn and Keri were standing, as well as Gabby and Raymond's arrival. Relief managed to loosen her up a bit more, but all of it was in vain once Momo and a stranger in a bee costume started talking to them, making her tense up again. Strangers were always an iffy topic for her, even if they were students. Anything unfamiliar just made her...uncomfortable. Breeze scooted closer to Renard as if it were on instinct, weary eyes watching the two girls while her hands fidgeted with her hair.

Chisato "Chi" Yuuki || Elixir

Chi couldn't help but wince when the sisters hit the ground, but he did crouch down to get a full view of Dawn's heroic impersonation; if he hadn't been holding a cup, he would've given her a round of applause. At least Dawn came to them rather than the other way around. It was almost like they were summoning people with how quickly they'd appear after saying their name. Standing up as Gabby pulled Dawn off of the other girl, he had to agree with the former. This was some serious business...but then again, it was pretty early in the morning and if everyone was super serious, it'd just make everyone just as crabby too. It seemed like Freya was in the same mindset as her based on what she said, Chi only nodding dumbly along.

He was really tired, but it was something he needed to get use to if he was going to be helpful. So that he wouldn't let anyone down again...

Wholly unaware of the saddened and clearly confused look gracing his fatigued features, Chisato only really snapped out of it when a blur of black and yellow entered his line of vision making him look up from the ground. While he didn't quite recognize her, she felt very warm and appeared rather nice from what he could tell. Continuing to slurp his drink as the bee spoke, Chi remained idle, knowing that he didn't have enough energy to waste on exercising and the sound of his own blood sloshing around wasn't exactly pleasant to hear.
"Uh, I'll pass..." He slurred past his straw, the contents of his drink mostly finished at his point. It was then that the bee's attention landed solely on him, but more specifically the container strapped to him.

"You do?" The pinkette blinked, moving closer in contrast to Keri who sauntered away. The amount of bottles of vary sizes and shapes managed to get Chi's eyes to sparkle a little; the same sparkle he had before the incident. He'd been trying to work with what he had, making drinks from things he saw online and whatever he could find at home, but nothing seemed to match what he was use to drinking. Maybe this girl could help him out...she at least sounded like she knew what she was talking about. "Ooh! Ooh! I'll try! I'll try!" Chi chimed excitably as he raised a hand in the air. He did have to lean back when the drink fizzed out from the previous jumping around, but that didn't deter Chisato the slightest as he pulled the straw out of his original drink and put it into the new beverage.

"Chisato, but everyone just calls me Chi. Thanks for the drink Melissa!" As fearless as ever, the pink haired boy took a big swig. And almost immediately, he perked up, the tired look in his eyes slowly but surely disappearing the more he drank. "Hey, this tastes pretty good! Mind if I get the recipe?" He asked the girl before turning to look at the others. "You can't knock it 'til you try it." He added before offering his new drink to anyone willing to try, straw and all. He offered to Kerianne, Gabby, Dawn, and anyone willing to give it a taste.

@LuckyBlackCat @Heartfillia

Breeze Porfirio || Arsenal

Breeze wished she could say the past week was uneventful for her. While there was nothing class-wise she had to worry over too much, the inevitable hero exam hung over her head since she'd gone home and relayed the information to her father. She was mostly indifferent to the idea of going against other students; word had gone around that they'd be able to work in teams. But with a chance to show her skills came her father's desperate attempts to push her even father than normal. The soreness from the extra training had gone away fortunately, so she'd a least be good for what's to come.

Currently, she was wandering past the crowd of students in search of her fellow classmates, hands clasped nervously in front of her. She was confident enough in her skills, but watching people get hurt especially if they didn't deserve it felt off to her. Yeah, it was for school purposes, but one wrong move could really mess someone up...

The green haired girl sighed before reaching up to adjust the ribbon keeping her hair from getting too much in her face. It was rather interesting seeing everyone in their hero outfits, though. While some could pass off as normal clothes like her own, others were really out there.

Before she could continue her train of thought, a familiar head of blonde hair grabbed her attention, bringing her closer to some other familiar faces as well. Once she was in earshot of Kerianne's inquiry, Breeze could only tilt her head in confusion. Dawn was missing?
"U-Um, I don't think I saw her around here, b-but she could just be someone in this crowd?" She tried to sound reassuring, but her comment came out more as a question as she looked out at the colorful group of kids huddled together outside.

Chisato "Chi" Yuuki || Elixir

While Chisato was physically present, his mind appeared to be elsewhere, thinking about nothing but also everything at the same time. Tired eyes stared at nothing in particular while he slurped on a sickly green colored smoothie, wanting to replace the iron he lost from the neon blue blood sloshing around in the container attached to his back. He wouldn't know what to expect, and if someone got seriously injured, he'd need to be on deck. He wouldn't fail on his duties; although it would've been nice if he counted as a special case among the other students. Well, it didn't matter now anyways. If his friends were gonna go through this exam, he'd right there along with them.

Looking over at Freya once she made herself present, Chi smiled around the straw in his mouth.
"You'll never know when someone needs a hero. This is good practice, don't you think?" The combat medic didn't bother pulling the straw away from his mouth even as he spoke, creating odd slurs with some of his words. Freya was right though, it was a bit early; he probably wouldn't have noticed it if she didn't say anything about it though.

When some guy bounced over and past them, the boy clad in white didn't seem to react that much, eyes half lidded and drinking down his smoothie like a well oiled machine. Whether he was too tired to react, still sorting out his thoughts, or something else entirely, Chi held indifference...for the most part.
"...He has good fashion sense." The pinkette nodded approvingly before walking beside Freya into the crowd, but not without giving her a quick side hug for comfort beforehand.

Placing his free hand on his hip, Chisato took a look around as well.
"Hm...I'm not sure. She can't not be here right?" Keri not being present sounded...weird. She was always punctual, on time, never late. Maybe she got caught up with something?

Luckily their worry for their friend didn't last for long, as the girl in question ended up approaching them.
"Dawn wandered off?" A frown pulled at the corners of Chi's mouth. Judging by his solemn expression alone, it was clear that he hadn't seen the other girl. Unfortunately, he hadn't been paying attention his surroundings much either, something he'd need to fix before this exam really got started.


The Wingless Angel | Frustration | Duncaster | Tag(s): Open

Turns out, the young Fae needn't find a place to sleep, as even if she did she wouldn't be able to muster a wink of sleep out of herself. The crazy thing was that she wasn't even tired, although her expression had yet to brighten at the prospects of a new day. Sometimes Loona wished everything would start over once she died (if you get that reference, you're an intellectual) went to sleep, the same day replaying itself over and over until she did everything she wanted to and be done with it all. Was it a bit of a morbid way of thinking? Maybe...but needing to watch every move she made in fear of her Pillar coming back to collect her took its toll.

However, today was suppose to be different.

She'd gotten the gist of what was happening today during her mindless stroll the night before. A Unity Celebration, not exactly for The Red Hoods, but definitely with them in mind. Of course the Fae had yet to tell anyone of her affiliation with the once high standing group, but that would only put needless attention on her; if anyone were to believe her that is. Hell, who would believe a half-pint who could barely do anything for herself as a ember of the Red Hoods. A part of her really wanted to dress in red as a sort of statement, but again it was a little too risky to do...anything really. Instead, Loona went with something much more casual; a golden trimmed two piece shirt and poofy pants with orange block textiles and a blue gem adorning the center. Along with a pair of pale plum flats, her precious key, and a simple golden necklace, she was ready to venture back into Duncaster...well, as ready as she'll ever be.


While she was expecting to see a lot of people walking around for the event, this was a little overwhelming. It took everything in her power not to take to the skies to get a bit of fresh air. But no, she's been through far worse, a few people shouldn't be that bad. Willing the tears in her eyes away as best she could, Loona found herself staring at, and eventually approaching, the monument near the podium, a frown tugging at her lips.

Despite their being nothing real about the statue, for some reason it held a power Loona wasn't quiet sure how to explain. It almost made her feel safe, which in turn brought a sick feeling to her stomach. There's no way she'd ever made someone feel like this before. If anything, it was the exact opposite...
M-Maybe it was a good idea that I's not like I was anything like them or this monument... A frustrated sigh left her lips, emerald eyes lowering to the similar colored grass before sliding back up to the monument, expression grow weary the more she started at it.

??? | M.I.A. | Duncaster | Tag(s): Kaleo, Mana (Open)

He could feel the multiple pairs of eyes staring at them, and for once he had nothing to be ashamed of. It's not everyday you saw a dirty teenager, a tiny look-a-like of said teenager, and a baby dragon perched on the top of the former's head without a care in the world. He'd be staring at himself too if he wasn't so focused on the selection of free food in front of him. For once, Cyrus was able to drop the attitude, acting a bit more like the child he claimed he never was.
"...A-Are you sure it's free? We can take as much as we want?" The silver eyes boy stuttered over himself, his free hand going down to his pant in order to wipe any dirt that might be there before slowly reaching out for one of the meat kebabs just waiting to be devoured.

"For the fourth time, yes, take as much as you like!" The man in charge of the cart started to sound a little annoyed by his constant questions, but Cyrus really wanted to make sure before he accidentally did something he was really wasn't trying to do. Mana let out a few squeaks whilst hopping atop the boy's messy purple hair. Seemingly not bothered by the action, Cyrus snagged four sticks before bowing in thanks and moving to a place with a little less people, Mana jumping down to stand on the ground as Cyrus crouched as well.

"Here. Next time just take it for yourself, you lazy swine." The eldest groaned as Mana proudly grabbed at the kebab in his mouth with a gleeful squeak, Cyrus rolling his eyes as the choice 'words' thrown his way. "Hey, watch it. I don't care if they don't understand you, but there're children here..." He sighed before looking to Kaleo, an ever present look of confused locked on his face.

"Cy, where are we?" He eventually asked, turning his head every now and then when someone got a little too close. "Is it a party or something? That guy just gave you free food!"

"Gave us free food. And I guess you could call it a party? I forgot to ask..." Maybe he should've before he went taking food from, whats done is done. "Never mind that though. Chicken or beef?"

"...Ch-Chicken." Making sure his little brother had the kebab safely in his grasp and that it wasn't too hot for him to eat by himself, Cyrus watched as people moved to and fro, a constant set of eyes always finding their way either to Mana or the two boys. For once, Cyrus was glad that Kaleo didn't have to be weirded out by the constant stares, but it was to be expected. Who knows, maybe someone would call them out, thinking they were someone else, and ultimately bring them close to their goal.

Chisato "Chi" Yuuki || Elixir
@LuckyBlackCat @Heartfillia

Another day, another break spent in the nurse's office. Of course it wasn't for himself, but Chi knew where his strengths lie, and now more than ever he needed to prove himself useful to those that rely on him.

Ever since the tragic incident involving his mother's Quirk going completely out of control, Chi's been absent from school. Of course he was more than thankful for his friends keeping him company though phone calls, text messages, and even bringing him homework (although that last one he could've done without), but actually being back at school felt much more liberating than being at home.

And now that he was back, the nurse ended up going overboard with drawing blood from him. While his pink hoodie underneath his blazer covered his arm, the slight glow of neon that managed to shine though the layers made it pretty obvious what he had been doing. Well...that's if the occasional swaying and sleepy look he had on his face didn't tip anyone off earlier.

Break time was quickly coming to a close as the slightly anemic boy stumbled to his next class, hoping he'd be able to eat the snack the nurse gave and possible catch a few 'z's before class truly began.

Pulling the door open with as much strength as he could muster, Chi poked his head in, half-lidded silvery blue eyes scanning who had arrived. Spotting a head of blonde hair and a familiar pair of feline eyes, Chi could barely suppress the small smile tugging at his lips as he fully entered the room and shuffled towards his seat near the middle of the room. Instead of sitting down like he probably should have and really needed to, the teen shuffled through his stripped backpack, eventually pulling out a chocolate chip cookie wrapped in plastic and setting it on the table.

Careful hands partially covered by the sleeves of his hoodie worked diligently to separate the cookie into three pieces while still inside the plastic before making his way towards Freya and Renard.

"H-Hey, do want a piece of this cookie? The nurse made it herself and said it was 'reaaaaalllly good'?" Despite the unnatural stutter at the beginning, Chi still offered up the snack, fingers trembling as he held the medium sized treat up towards them.
@HeartfilliaThanks! and no prob take your time :)

Chi has dabbled in the art of self defense, but in terms of combat experience, it's very minimal, probably the lowest in the class.
Okay, here he is, lmk if I should change anything or if there are any problems!

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