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Bethlehem, Israel, Green Sahara @Nerevarine @Renny

The sickening smell of burning flesh and the added weight of her blade had the girl squeeze her eyes shut in despair. It was almost like Rago didn't even see what was right in front of him. Capella could only imagine what would have happened if the other evaded her attack, however the thought didn't manage to fully make itself realized as she soon found herself looking down at the man's hat. A part of her wanted to take the accessory for herself, as a parting gift of sorts, but another part of her wanted to forget this whole event even happened.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion at that point, Heartless retreating as if they did nothing wrong; without their leader, they probably lost the will to do anything for themselves. Well, it didn't matter anymore. She should probably find Rago's body to make sure he's actually done for. Unfortunately, this thought was pushed to the back of her mind as both the woman and child she's tasked to protect threw themselves at the star child, said girl sending away Halcyon before she accidentally hurt the two. Small, trembling hands found their way around the two, clutching gently onto them to get a better footing.
"Y-You're welcome...You're welcome...I'm g-glad I could help..." Capella rasped with a small smile, voice completely shot from all the yelling.

Once the woman, Maryam was her name, calmed down, Capella was given a much proper thank you before her attention moved to a man struggling to get back to his feet. Capella simply kept her distance, reaching down to collect the wide rimmed hat before holding it against her chest. She needed to move on after finding Rago, taking up more time here would only just make her next journey all the harder. Unfortunately, the people of Bethlehem weren't going to let her off as easily as she thought.
"O-Oh, um, you really don't hav--" Never getting the chance to finish, Capella whisked away against her will, and treated graciously for her hard work.


The people of Bethlehem were far too nice. Even though they had just been attack and lost most of what they grew accustomed to, they still managed to pull a celebration that Capella didn't have the heart to walk away from. At least she was able to catch up with Amalthea in the midst of it. If Rago was really still out there, he'd be gone by then, so Capella made the decision to avoid wasting more time looking for him and instead head to her next destination;

PS: After you've saved Bethlehem, go to the western side of a Peninsula called Arabia, and save a city called Mecca from an invading army calling themselves the Kingdom of Axum. Do not let a single Axumite - Or their own legions of Heartless - get within 50 miles of the city. Another birth of immense importance is to occur there.

"The Gummi Ship is still back at Jerusalem." The Moogle mused, making Capella sigh in slight defeat. She couldn't possibly ask the people of Bethlehem for a ride, not when they needed to be together at this point. Plus, it wouldn't be too hard to fly back. This time, using his finger to draw the Corvus glyph she needed, Capella was in the skies in no time, Amalthea clutched tightly in her free arm.

It was smooth sailing for a little bit before Capella found herself hit with a wave of dizziness.
"Capella?" At that instant, the glyph on her back crumbled and her vision blurred. Did she push herself too much? Her mind was still running, but her body just couldn't keep up it seemed. Unable to lower herself before her wings disappeared, Capella felt herself plummeting towards the ground, Amalthea shouting her name, and consciousness fading in the process. However, just before she was completely out for the count, steel eyes caught the sight of a figure moving towards Bethlehem...
@Renny Sure! That sounds good to me ^^ Capella's heading to Arabia next so it's your call if you want to catch her in Bethlehem beforehand or meet up with her in Arabia :)
Bethlehem, Israel, Green Sahara @Nerevarine

Bethlehem was said to be on the smaller side in terms of towns, but with all the commotion going on and the fact Capella still had yet to find Yeshua made her think otherwise. The clothing she bought not even a few hours ago was already starting to tear at the ends. Royal purple sleeves were now scorched an evil black as they tried not to disintegrate from the combat it clearly wasn't suited for. But regardless, the star child didn't stop. Once one of her glyphs broke down, she was quick to make another, even leaving some of them on the ground and setting them off once she was farther away. The tediousness of it almost made Capella go crazy, but she wasn't planning on stopping until she knew where Yeshua was; and with this extra boost in power she was given, it only made her desires that much more obtainable.

The young girl searched to and fro, helping those she came across but also keeping an extra close eye on anything that seemed out of the ordinary. This eventually lead to Capella's steel gaze falling upon some of the men she remembered she helped escape earlier.

Only...they were dead now.

Capella wouldn't have been too surprised especially since she'd told them to leave quite a while ago, but something was off... Taking this as a clue, Capella followed the barely visible trail of blood that seemed to be coming from a mystery assailant; someone that either had to be a third party or the one behind all of this.

The trail proved to be very useful, different bodies replacing the drops of blood she was already straining her eyes to see. Eventually, the Auriga-born found herself staring at one of the only buildings that had yet to collapse in the midst of everything, wasting no time sprinting towards it, shallow pants of breath being all Capella could muster at the moment. Standing in front of the building entrance, Capella was left face to face with both her objective and her enemy.

The former looked unharmed for the most part, and it was honestly a large weight off the blonde's shoulders to see that she hadn't already failed. But as her attention moved to the man looming over them, the weights returned ten times heavier. Black skin darker than the moonless night sky. Body cradled by an orange fabric as warm as the sun. A wide straw hat that masked most of his facial features aside from a slasher smile as sharp as his sword if not sharper.

Capella couldn't stop her hands from shaking as she positioned Halcyon in front of her. She could hear her heartbeat in her ears, it drowning out everything aside from what the man in front of her was saying. With very little time to regain her bearings, the star child found herself in another fight, one that she couldn't just force her way out of.

"I-I'm not a hero, b-but I do h-have a t-task..." She croaked before letting out a strangled fit of coughs afterwards. The name Rago Yakubu completely eluded her, but it wasn't like she had enough time to think about it anyways as she was forced to move back in hopes of getting Rago away from Yeshua and his mother. Too much distance might make the man give up on her, so taking to the skies was out of the option. Close combat against someone like this would be impossible for her, but she'd just have to make it work.

Bright red, crumbling glyphs remained by her side as she called forth on the power of her constellation again to send a flurry of fireballs in the man's direction, before following right behind them with a prepared slash in the shape of an arc; an attack that would at least protect her if Rago chose to retaliate.
Just outside of Bethelehem, Israel, Green Sahara @Nerevarine

Despite her distant, unbothered posture as she glanced up at the starry sky above her, Capella's ears remained sharp and alert as she only managed to pick up bits and pieces of the conversations happening behind her back. Some were...mistaking her for royalty? Someone like her? Capella would have laughed if it hadn't been for the situation she found herself in. Of course she knew purple was seen as a color only worn by nobles, but in a sense, she was one. Although not the kind that the people here were use to. Regardless, Capella eventually let the comments go in one ear and out the other as she found herself petting the Moogle situated on her lap; Amalthea, she's mentally named the creature for now.

As their slow and steady trek began, Capella found her mind begin to wonder within the maze that was her memories. She wondered what those of Auriga would say about her sudden absence, if they would even notice, and what the Big Three would do to her once they found out one of their own defected. Maybe they'd let her's not like she was doing anything wrong. But Sirius would probably want her Star Fragment back. A quiet sigh escaped the blonde and blue haired teen at the idea as she placed a free hand on her chest, right where said Fragment was inside of her, a faint glow peeking through her purple garbs as she looked back out at the panoramic surroundings. While she was enamored by the beautiful landscapes, she couldn't help but see the duality that cloaked it all, causing a sense of unease to crawl up her spine. She tried to enjoy the ride regardless and not scare any of the other travelers that were making this possible. If anything, this was normal for them, right?

The star child was glad that no one talked to her during the mini trek, but unfortunately it didn't last to the end of their journey as a young man ceased her attention for himself. Tightening her grip on Amalthea, Capella gave the man an unsure, but curious glance as she opened her mouth to speak, using that time to translate what he even said.
"U-Uh..." Vocal chords constricted uncomfortably due to under use, but she continued regardless, keeping her voice barely above a whisper. "I guess you c-could say th--" A cacophony of neighs drowned out the rest of what Capella said, her attention snapping back to what was around them. Within seconds, Capella was on her feet, practically flinging the unsuspecting Moogle off her lap. A sea of purples, blacks, and yellow spots surrounded not only the cart, but also the small town that was so close yet so far away.

"Those are your enemy, kupo! You must defeat them! Remember the letter?" Amalthea chimed, perking up significantly at the predicament they found themselves in. The star child grit her teeth, already exhausted at the thought of taking care of this all by herself. The letter said to protect a child from these...these Heartless, but the thought was more than out of reach for the Auriga-born.

Not wasn't the time to think! Go. Go!

"Go!" Capella yelled, grasping her neck as the uncomfortable vibrations slid up and down her throat. "Keep moving! I'll make a path! Just don't stop! You have to get me to Bethelehem!" Capella summoned Halcyon right after and made her way to the front of the cart so that she was right behind the driver. Capella then held the Keyblade above her head and began to draw out the constellation of her namesake, the tip of the blade glowing a pale red with yellow swatches. If her Keyblade really had gotten stronger, then this should do the trick...hopefully. "Messier Object 37!" Capella called upon on of the sacred Messier Objects, watching as the glyph flew up into the sky. The glyph then enlarged as a shower of golden light fell down, thin needles precisely and ruthlessly cut through the waves of enemies that chose to surround them, the cart only being protected by the glyph above them.

Capella gripped onto anything she could as the cart sped ahead, also having no time to even admire her work. She needed to reduce the waves of Heartless before she got to them. Taking out one of their commanders would probably do the trick, but she couldn't handle any of them with so many other people to worry about. Distracting them would do the trick for now.

As the glyph above them disappeared, Capella started to draw another three, but this time in front of her and in the color of bright red.
"Flaming Star Nebula!" At her command, several fireballs as bright and white as a star themselves hurled their way towards the three separate commanders and the Heartless surrounding them. Not even looking to see if she made any impact, the blonde looked back at the driver. "Oh, here's good, I think I can go the rest of the way. Find any stragglers and let them on here. And don't get too close, please!" She tried to be as articulate as possible before hoping off the cart and drawing another glyph in black, this time of the Corvus constellation; this one rest on her back while the previous Auriga glyphs remained stationed in front of her. "Gienah!" The glyph shaped into a pair of black wings and without a second thought, the star born child catapulted into the air, passing over all the Heartless invading the small town. "Flaming Star Nebula!" The red glyphs activated once again, fireballs falling down onto Heartless. She only stopped once she got especially close to some of the houses.

She needed to find that boy.

"Yeshua!" She called out among the turmoil going on around her. Unsure of where to go, Capella took off in the direction with he most Heartless, giving others some direction to go to once they were out of immediate danger, but not without asking for the child she needed in her sight.

location: Vertti Household
tag(s): Mistress Vertti @BrokenPromise

It's been quite a while since the two had gone out, just the two of them. It was almost surreal for Grisaia as he moved to and fro, conversing with several different merchants to get what they needed. Things almost felt like they were going back to normal...but unfortunately, something had been tugging at the blonde's mind; something he just couldn't let go and that the Mistress knew he couldn't let go as well.

Grisaia tried not to let it get to him as it would just ruin the moment, but as he found himself rowing the boat - he really should have thought through who should have stayed with him and who should have guarded the household, but oh well - slowly in hopes of not jostling their tools or the Mistress to much, the thought eventually began to eat away as his everlasting patience.
"Yeah, I've never done this myself...I hope we can get something good to share with the others." He commented as he paused his rowing to roll up his sleeves, resuming a few seconds after. As Vertti continued with an apology, the rabbit found himself staring down at his lap rather than looking at where he was taking them.

He was never one to doubt anything that Mistress said, but something just didn't feel right.
"Adventures? Nothing special in particular." He could only hope she wasn't hanging out with the wrong kind of people. "I talked to Lady Mie at least once ever other day. We even went out some places." But why hadn't she said anything to him about the situation? Did she not trust him? "Other than that, most of my time was spent looking for you." He said as his rowing slowed to a complete halt at this point. He needed to know, not some excuse that'd keep him quiet.

"I...I know you said that I didn't need to worry about that whole situation, but I feel like you're hiding something from me. Please, if there's anything else you haven't told me, let me at least know that no one's out there wanting to hurt you because of this." Grisaia pressed, keeping his gaze on their equipment as he already started assembling the fishing hooks and putting together the bait. He hadn't planned on moving the boat anymore until he's a least gotten some kind of answer.

"Why thank you! It's a pleasure to meet you, Mie." Eiko grinned, allowing all of her pearly white teeth to flash for a moment before disappearing behind her lips. She could practically feel herself melting at the compliments thrown her way, but it wasn't like she was going to stop her unless things got hairy. But trying out clothes and possibly making a new friends, she was totally down for that.

She could only watch intently as the purple fox grabbed the necessary tools to do a fitting. She'd probably need a place to actually change, it probably being the back of Mie's cart seeing how things were going. Eiko was never the type to really wear clothes that she hadn't made herself, so nervousness was slowly starting to settle in.
"N-No you're totally fine, I use to be pretty bad at it too, but I think I got a bit better. I must ask though, how did you get all of these clothes, they must have been pretty expensive?" Eiko chimed in as she looked down at her own attire with proud grin. Her clothes had be pleasant enough to catch Mie's attention, right? But if she was able to accumulate this much clothing, wouldn't it have been better to save it up for herself? "Yeah, I could definitely see how you feel. Making and selling things to other people is always pretty sketchy, especially since you don't know exactly what they want." The dove hummed in agreement before the nervousness from before ceased to exist as she found herself staring at the dress that would be fitted to her size. Not only was it a very pretty color, it was just her style too! Gods, Eiko hoped she hadn't been drooling.

"I-It''s so beautiful! You're really gonna fit it for me?" Eiko questioned as she smoothed down what she had on now so that the measurements would be a bit more accurate. While the dress itself had been pretty in every possible way, she was mostly afraid that her wings would get in the way of it all.

At the mention of linking hands, Loona found herself practically in the palm of two others, one of them being Ryder. It was quite awkward, especially since she's never really talked to him before, but it definitely beats messing up the teleportation for everyone else.

They found themselves in the middle of a field quite a ways away from the Keep.
“Whoa...” She breathed out as she hovered above the rest of the group to get a better look at their surroundings. The most noticeable thing was definitely the outpost, their destination. She already knew the trek would be a little much for her, but when wasn't it? With everyone coming to silent agreement that Ryder would lead the way, the group of red and yellows continued onward.

Their initial arrival to the outpost was more or less what Loona expected, with Geoff being more interested in the color of their hoods rather than their actual ability...not that she could blame him. They were all still very new to this... Luckily Ryder was bold enough to speak up from the entire group, something Loona was grateful for. And with that, the quick, but much needed, briefing began, the fairy hovering just beside Ryder's head.

It looked like they had two options, both of which would take a while to get to if they all went together. It seemed like Ryder thought the same as he also didn't want to waste time. It eventually lead to Tholo and Brighid taking care of the couple, and Ryder, Kiri and herself focusing on the widow. While she was glad she was with someone she knew, it was also a vice since the fairy wasn't quite sure what Kiri thought of her. And Ryder she couldn't help but be a bit intimidated by. But her feelings weren't important at the moment, it was getting the mission completed. So with a slight nod, Loona followed after the other humans, the natural light from her body illuminating the small space around her. When it was time to separate, Loona gave a slight bow to Tholo and Brighid, wishing them good luck.

location: Vertti Household
tag(s): Aer and Mistress Vertti @BrokenPromise

A rather high pitched shout in his face made Grisaia wince, sensitive ears twitching in annoyance. He also seemed to freeze like Aer did, not that he notice the other had.
"Y-Yes, it is." He mumbled, hands locked in place even after the smaller pulled away from him. The blonde closed his eyes as he was still recoiling from the sudden and unexpected noise. "No, not really..." He only opened his eyes when he felt himself being turned around and pushed out of the room. What she had to say next made Grisaia frown. Robbed? He was inclined to ask more, but she continued before he was even given the chance. "Um right, I'm glad you feel better." He spoke with a slight bow right before she closed the door behind her. Maybe she wasn't as out of it as he initially thought, which was good. He hoped that he hadn't brought up any bad memories...he'd need to talk to her about that later.

Grisaia turned to face the Mistress once he felt Anubis' presence approach him as well as his metia glowing softly under his clothing. A slight tilt of his head was all Grisaia could do as the woman seemed more focused the wine than what just happened.
"Everything is in order, Aer was just...a little off But she seems a lot better than what I expected." He explained as he gave his mini report.

At the mention of going on a walk, the rabbit's ears twitched up in an amusing manner.
"I get to decide? Are you sure?" He asked, just in case she was entirely sure with him doing so. "If it's alright, might we go and check out the Docks? I'd like, n-nevermind. I'll go and grab you a jacket, please meet me at the main entrance." And with that, Grisaia hurried to the Mistress' room, leaving both her and Anubis in the hall.

It didn't take long for the blonde to grab a light jacket from the Mistress' wardrobe as well as an umbrella despite the good weather, before he hurried down the main entrance. As he was heading down the stairs, Grisaia called upon Adhara to watch over the estate while they were gone as well as to check up on Aer every now and then. The request was given a grumble in response, but that seemed to be the norm as Grisaia didn't pay ant mind to it and instead took to the Mistress' side, ready leave when she was.

An awkward laugh escaped the brunette's mouth as she was pulled into the other's side, one arm draped over her shoulders. If she didn't really need anything then why was she called down? Eiko was tempted to ask, but instead she brought one had up to her staff shaped necklace, listening intently for the question to be asked in passing. She called herself a merchant, but it was a bit hard to believe with what she had on. Then again, Eiko was from the slums and she was able to dress like she can from quite the opposite, so once again, the brunette's mouth remained shut on that topic.
"O-Oh, thank you! I'm not exactly sure how helpful I can be, but I'll try my best." Although the compliment made her more inclined to help, even if she hadn't Eiko would still want to see what was up.

Wings drooped slightly as the two made their way to the fox's cart, and Eiko was immediately caught off guard by the exotic fabrics.
"Whoa, these are all yours?!" She gasped, now clenching her hands together to avoid reaching out and touching anything. "So pretty~" Eiko sighed quietly before the fox girl asked for assistance once again. It did strike the emerald eyed girl as odd that the other was asking for fitting despite she never having an intention on buying or anything like that, but could she really say no to trying on new clothes? "Sure! I could do that, no problem! Oh, I'm Eiko by the way, Eiko Tachibana. I guess we'll be working together for a little." She grinned, holding out a small hand to shake.
Jerusalem, Israel, Green Sahara @Nerevarine

It was pretty obvious that this was Capella's first time on a Gummi Ship, seeing as she left the flying to auto-pilot and the Moogle, and that she was too busy pacing back and forth to really pay attention to anything else going on around her. Her eyes remained focused on the slightly crumpled letter in her hands. She still couldn't quite believe it. Why was she of all people chosen for something so important? There has to be more people without a doubt. But why send her off by herself then? Crumpling the letter up a bit more with her grip was all she could do to let out her frustration.

"Star Child, kupo? We've made it to Green Sahara." The Moogle spoke up after some time. Capella smiled faintly as she made her way to the wheel, steel eyes widening a the sight below her. Of course she was expecting something new and different, but this was on a whole different level! She wanted nothing more but to head down there herself and take a look around. And that's exactly what she did; plus, now that they were in the world, she'd need to be a bit careful with how she presented herself. They did mention what she had to do, but ensuring her own safety in a foreign place was key.

Parking the Gummi Ship a safe distance away from the city, Capella caroled the Moogle into her arms and took off on foot. Capella didn't realize how big everything would be once she touched ground, but as she approached the city, she could barely pull her attention away from the building that towered among anything else she's ever since before. Everything...everything seemed so polished and bright. So bright that she could've sworn she would be able to see her reflection in some of the inner buildings if she walked past them. This place already seemed much more lively compared to her home; pretty ironic since she lived in the stars.

A quick glance at the wall segmenting the city immediately brought up some questions, but she chose not to dwell on them now. Right now, she stuck like a sore thumb and needed to find some clothes and possibly someone that could take her to her destination without any trouble.

Capella had only been in Jerusalem for about an hour, and was more than happy that she'd spent most of her life learning about the most mundane things she would have never thought she needed. She knew enough Hebrew to be conversational, and it seemed like her money magically converted into the correct currency, so she was able to buy a deep purple garb with golden accents for herself and her Moogle, although not without a bit of a struggle with what she originally had on. Making sure that the veil on her head was secure, Capella thought back to everything she managed to listen in on, as well as getting a few peeks at the maps one market had up for sale.

Much like back at home, she'd be following Sirius.

Now all she needed was a way to get to Bethlehem. Hopefully she wasn't too late... Venturing to the outer parts of the city, it didn't take long for Capella to find someone willing to take her to Bethlehem, especially since the little group already seemed to be heading there was well. Capella didn't pry any more than she needed to and instead paid generously before hitching onto their ride and waiting as patiently she could for their departure, looking up to see if she could find her namesake.

Dinner ended up not being as bad as she thought it would be. Everyone seemed to be nice to her at the very least, and she made sure not to step on anyone else's toes before the mission tomorrow. She even made an effort to talk to Finlay about some fairy tales that she heard growing up around her people. It was fun, but alas, more drinks were poured and it became harder and harder to hold and actual conversation with the others, so Loona bid the other a good night and headed back to her shared room. Instead of using her time to train, Loona perched herself back on the windowsill she's chosen as her bed and chose to meditate. A clear mind was needed to produce the substance that would help her allies. If she could keep a clear mind in the heat of battle then she'd have plenty of bodies on her head.

Loona thought back to today. A lot happened, most of it she wished never happened, but it did and there was nothing she could do about it. The wingless creature frowned as her shoulders relaxed. She should be happy, most of them were okay...well physically okay. Kiri was still mad at them, but that was something she could always make better right? The freckled girl could only hope that she wasn't putting herself down for something they couldn't control. Colin too. They both need to see that their teamwork is what lead to that result. They...they should be proud.

Shaking her head quickly, Loona let out a sigh. There was also herself as well. She wanted to say that she was alright, but it's hard to tell with everything going on. And it wasn't like she could ask any of her teammates, they barely even know each other! Not to mention that one of them for sure probably hates her at this point.

A bit too discouraged to continue meditating, Loona found her way onto her pillow bed and closed her eyes, the stars being the last thing to engulf her vision.

The new mission didn't seem too bad in the fairy's eyes. It was like a recon mission that had an extra bit of killing on the side...okay maybe it was the other way around, but still. Depending on who joined in, she wouldn't have to do any fighting by herself right? Quickly weighing the options, Loona pulled down the yellow hood over her head and floated a bit closer to Finlay.
“U-Um, would it be alright if I c-came along?” She practically mumbled out.

location: Vertti Household
tag(s): Aer @BrokenPromise

The boy's ears drooped a bit as the bed was empty. Had she gone somewhere? No, Aer was definitely smarter than that...although maybe that would explain it. Grisaia himself has only been sick probably a handful of times, and he's been told that he did some pretty stupid stuff during that time. But he was jumping to conclusions at this point. Just because her bed was empty doesn't mean she's entirely gone, right? He was about to open up the door all the way, but instead found the door itself swing the rest of the way open. A familiar voice had the blonde stand up straight, crystal eyes staring down the small woman.

"U-Um...hello..?" He mumbled as he waved dumbly back, his mind quickly putting the evidence in front of him together. When the Mistress said she gave Aer a bit of wine, he wasn't expecting...this. He wanted to assume she was a lightweight because she was so small, but the amount of bottles threw him off.

What threw him off even more was her smile. So much so, he almost missed what she had to say.

"Yeah sure, um, about that though...wouldn't medicine be a better option for getting better?" He offered before scratching his cheek with is pinky as the other giggled uncharacteristically. As Aer reached out to touch his face, Grisaia stopped her by grabbing her hand in his gloved one, a heavy sigh escaping his lips afterwards. "A wizard? ...I guess you could call me something like that, but for now...give me those, I'll uh fix them later." Playing along for now, the rabbit took the two bottles from the red adventurer before setting them on the ground next to her bedroom door.

Now grabbing Aer by the the shoulders, Grisaia gave the drunken woman a small smile.
"Might you help me with a spell I've been working on? It requires you to lay down, though. Is that alright?" Despite not getting an answer yet, Grisaia was already pulling the woman back into her room to get her to lay down and possibly fall asleep.

Reaching the Golden Quarter a minute or so after bidding goodbye to her friend, Eiko's attention was pulled back to the ground. Someone was calling her, she knew that much, but where was the voice coming from? Now only hovering in the air, the brunette looked in all directions for the source of the voice, her eyes finally landing on a girl waving up at her. She could already tell from here that she didn't know who this person was, but what they wanted from her seemed pretty important. Plus, she was already in the Golden Quarter, so moving by foot wouldn't be that much of a difference, right?

Relaxing her wings so that she could fall from above, Eiko stretched to her wingspan in order to glide the rest of the way down. Landing right in front of the purple fox, Eiko gave her a curious tilt of the head.
"Hello! You were calling out to me, right Miss?" She asked before giving the other a small smile. "Was there anything you needed?"
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