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|| Akira Kurusu || Day Three - Morning || Boo's Castle || WC: 391 || Level 2 ||
|| Six @Majoras End, The Heavy @ONL, Slayer @Lugubrious ||

Experience: |||||||||||||||||||| (17/20)

Akira's landing could have been better, but with both of his hands occupied with a torch and his trusty dagger, he could only tumble to the ground with his elbows before using the momentum to bring himself back up to a standing position. Turning to see the fruits of his labor, Akira could barely hide the smirk gracing his features at what they managed to accomplish. Much like how he followed up after their leader, Heavy came up after him and lastly, but most definitely not the least, Six dealt a devastating blow to the white blob of a ghost, part of its body fazing out in the process. It was pretty obvious at that point what they needed to do to end this, the little one being their most important weapon to success.

Slayer's call on keeping up the pressure brought Akira back to real time, taking a quick breath before sprinting forward to catch up with the king of ghosts, who was pushed father away because of the vampire. An idea quickly formed in the raven haired teen's head as he returned his dagger back into his cloak and instead grabbed the intense torch with both hands. Utilizing the momentum he managed to keep up, Akira slid across the slightly crumbled floor, the heels of his boots skidding across smoothly, only stopping himself once he was directly underneath the king.

Practically shoving the torch into the ground, Akira gritted his teeth as if he were in pain, his body curling up underneath the incorporeal being as Arsene became more and more visible behind him. The persona stared at his companion for a brief moment, the physically broken but mentally in tack chains that connected them floating ominously in the air, before moving close, his wings covering the teenager and the torch from view. However the later only disappeared for a second as Akria's voice prompted the flames to erupt.
"Eiha!" He shouted, the blue flame turned into black and gray darkness and expanded like a campfire, making the king Boo his marshmallow.

Keeping him still would be the best option for the Heavy and Six, Akira thought, seeing as they were more on the long range side of things. Hopefully the others could finish this soon or else he won't be able to hopefully hold him still any longer.

location: Vertti Household
tag(s): Mie @Rune_Alchemist
mention(s): none

To say Grisaia was expecting the response that came from the fox woman was a massive understatement as he was able to guess almost exactly what she was going to say to him in response to his question. Of course it wasn't anything like that, at least for him. He was just fulfilling the orders that were given to him, nothing more, nothing less. And if Mie, someone he could at least call an acquaintance, was willing to help him out, then that's even better.
"I'd really appreciate it if you did." His voice was unfaltering as his hands were placed loosely behind his back. With the Mistress gone, Grisaia didn't have much to do that the other servants couldn't handle, so any time was favorable for him. However the mention of a business meeting did seem to pique the rabbit's interest judging by the twitch of one of his ears.

"A business meeting? Might I ask what for and if you plan on going alone?" He didn't know how Mie did her thing outside of selling things to the Mistress, but if she planned to go alone on a business meeting, with how small and borderline defenseless she was, it wouldn't sit well with the blonde if she went by herself to something like that. Although she might not accept his help, he at least needed to know if she would be safe during the meeting...

location: The Golden Quarter
tag(s): @liferusher @Althiel@Ryofu @Rune_Alchemist @BrokenPromise @Crusader Lord
mention(s):Od Laguna

Not to say that she thought bad of these people, but Eiko remained on guard despite bowing alongside her new comrade, hoping she wouldn't have to do something the other party would regret. As he looked up at the girl Aki bumped into, Eiko could only tilt her head at she looked? Her face was a bit red as if she was just running, and the way she laughed brought a slight smirk to the dove's face. And upon closer inspection, her clothes too were off, but not in a bad way. Being the way she was, Eiko immediately began taking mental notes on how to incorporate some of this girl's style into other clothing she's made.

She was so engrossed in fact that once she came back to reality, she was meet with the sight of the stranger placing her hand on Aki's head. A polite, but mildly confused smile graced Eiko's features as she slowly lowered her staff so that it was now behind her back. This stranger didn't seem so fact, she seemed to be really nice, letting them get away with Aki bumping into her; praise Od Laguna for her mercy on them!

As another stranger approached, probably in attempts to collect their friend, Eiko didn't bother raising her staff once more. These people seemed harmless enough, if not a bit on the stranger side... The new stranger to join them was taller with more of a...body as well as had eyes similar to her own. She had no mercy for her companion, apparently named Chieko, and did exactly what Eiko expected and tied to get her back to her other friends. As their eyes met, Eiko smiled widely already taking a liking to the girl and her fashion sense.
"Oh no, you're fine! We should be apologizing since my friend bumped into Miss Chieko first. My name is Eiko and this is Aki, it's our pleasure!" She spoke politely and with a faint sense of formality, showing off her pearly whites for a brief second before placing a hand on Aki's shoulder. They probably should get going, but Eiko just had to ask. "You said you were foreigners, right? So where are you guys from? It's hard to guess with the clothes you have on, heh heh." Eiko questioned before letting out a little laugh of her own.
Bella's eyes lingered on the snake Kwami, the one that belonged to Tonya. It's not that she wanted to stare, but more like she was a bit nervous about breaking eye contact with him looking back at her so intently. Once the later spoke up, Bella nodded slightly, a relieved smile gracing her expression for a brief moment before the others came to retrieve their partners. She didn't say much as they did, only nodding quickly as a farewell, and smiling faintly when Eddie gave her a small pat on her back.

As she was about to take her leave seeing as everyone was ready to head back, Bella's eyes lingered on Alex's as her's did to her own. She wasn't quite sure what this meant, but before she could think any more on it, she was already skating towards the dark haired upperclassmen. From their last little drive back home, Bella knew that they lived in a similar direction, so walking how with Alex just made sense. Plus they were friends now!

Moving into step with Alex, Bella smiled happily as she looked up at the other.
"I-I'm glad...even though we did mess up...I'm glad we can be friends now..." She murmured before quickly looking down at her clasped hands in front of her. She was mostly quiet after speaking up, as her conversations skills were held captive by her nervous persona.

location: Vertti Household
tag(s): Mie @Rune_Alchemist
mention(s): none

Grisaia followed silently after the fox Demi-Human. Despite his expression being a bit clenched, his mind was completely elsewhere, as he was much more worried about other things. Things he'd rather forget about but couldn't for the life of him do. He only returned back to reality upon seeing his small companion relaxing on the living area's couch as if she owned it herself. It was amusing to say the least, especially with how small other other looked on the much larger couch, enough to make him want to smile, along with what she said next, but he remained emotionless.

"Of course, apologies for my rudeness, Lady Mie. I'll return with an appa spice blend. Now, if you'll excuse me." He hummed clearly before turning and walking towards the door on the left, opening it and passing through the hall which lead to the cellar. The cellar itself was stocked with bottles and bottles of different favors and time periods. It didn't take long for the blonde to grab their most popular blend from the rack, collect a glass cup and straw, and make his way back to Mie hopefully before she did anything weird.

Placing the cup down on the coffee table next to the couch, Grisais proceeded to prepare the drink, his eyes slowly wandering to the other in the process.
"Might I ask you a question, Lady Mie?" He questioned, ears drooping slightly before he continued. "Did...did you have any plans tonight? Or maybe tomorrow? Before the Mistress went missing, she said I was being 'antisocial' and 'needed to get some sun'. I don't know how to spend my time outside of this house, so..." Saia trailed of with furrowed brows as he handed the flavored drink over, tilting his head curiously in the process.

location: The Golden Quarter
tag(s): @liferusher @Althiel@Ryofu @Rune_Alchemist @BrokenPromise @Crusader Lord
mention(s): (Od Laguna lowkey)

Finally making their way out of the smelly alley, Eiko let out a sigh of relief. She probably would have brought a hand to wipe her brow if it hadn't been for Aki holding her only free hand, not that it mattered that much; just being out of that place had her feeling so much better. She took note of the other girl's nervousness and smiled faintly at her demeanor. Eiko remembered a time when she use to be like that, but now she could look out for Aki. If there even was something in there waiting to come after them, she would have noticed long before entering the alleyway and would have been more cautious about the pinkette coming any closer.

A sweet smile tugged at Eiko's lips as she saw Aki reach up to the sky and for the sun.
"It does feel great to be out here though..." She mused happily as she walked towards Aki, hands behind her back and clutching her staff loosely. "Hm, I've got a bit of spare change on me, so maybe we can buy something?" Eiko then suggested, tilting her head curiously as she wondered what the other had in mind. And while yes, the money she had with her was originally meant for herself, Od Laguna cherished those who were selfless and caring, and that's what she hoped to be.

Not receiving so much as a 'yes' or 'no', probably because Aki was far too excited to get going, Eiko allowed herself to be pulled around by said girl, an action that would usually annoy her, but strangely didn't this time around. Regardless, she didn't want to see Aki almost cry again, so that might be the reason? Once they were closer to the shops, Eiko felt herself become much more chipper at the idea of doing some shopping. She almost didn't notice the people, natives and foreigners with interesting and somewhat familiar clothing alike, standing in front of a particular shop she wanted to go into until Aki had to physically stop her. Sharing a curious glance with Aki, Eiko furrowed her brows slightly at what she had to say next. Her first instinct was to question who would hate someone like Aki, but clearly knowing better, and being biased, Eiko changed her statement quickly before speaking up.
"You think so? You wouldn't know unless you went to see for yourself. Plus, Od Laguna is on your side, so there's nothing to worry about!" She smiled encouragingly before continuing. "But we could always look somewhere else, of course. There's lots of great shops here!" She concluded as she then moved along with Aki to the closest shop to them.

Eiko had been far too engrossed in what was in front of her to take note of the other people nearby. She instead focused on the charms and specific fabrics in her line of sight. Aki got her attention a few times, showing her charms that she thought looked best on her and she even thought about buying two charms for herself and two for Aki, but as she was looking elsewhere, Aki's especially loud apology had her look up, now alert. Withing seconds, she was at the pinkette's side, dove wings spreading slightly as she bowed with Aki.
"Please accept this apology, Od Laguna. Sorry about that, might I ask if your alright?" The priestess questioned with slightly worried emerald eyes, her pink staff now in front of her, in case any of these people decided to get hostile.
I'm here too.

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location: Swan Songs Music Event (Tuesday)
tag(s): None, open to anyone in Swan Songs
mention(s): Toasty, but he isn't with him

The blonde college student suppressed the intense sneeze forcing its way out of his nose as he tapped the door that he knew for a fact belonged to Swan Songs. He spent a lot of his free time there, especially when he was coming back from his classes so there's no way he could miss it. It was a good place to help him unwind and relax, and he even filled out an application to work there after school, one that he could only hope gets accepted. And even if it didn't, he'd probably still spent most of his time there just to zone out and forget about everything. However, ever since that huge storm and going through such an odd experience followed by a nasty cold that had yet to leave him alone, Capella's time with the place was cut drastically. And despite still being sick, he took the chance seeing that there was an open mic night going on. Listening to live music always helped with colds...right? Too bad he had to leave Toasty behind because of how many people he assumed would be there.

And that there were, Swan Songs was crowded, not that Capella needed eyes to know that. The sounds, smells, and feeling of other people bumping into him as he pushed his way through were more than enough stimulus for him to know that. The blonde smiled regardless as the familiar sound of a wooden chair connecting with his walking stick brought relief to his jittery frame. Ensuring that no one was on said seat before plopping down, Capella immediately began twiddling his thumbs seconds afterwards. Of course he wanted nothing more than to walk around and see what other people were up to, maybe make a few new friends but his presence was enough of a hazard, and coupled with this many people? He wouldn't even dare..

Capella had to admit though that it was a little bit lonely hearing everyone around him talking and having a good time. Normally he'd have Toasty with him or something to distract him with but now he only had himself and his thoughts while he waited for a performer to show what they had in store for the crowd. It was boring, but the anticipation as well as his clouded sick mind were enough to dull out that feeling he had, if only a little.

Shaking his head to and fro, Capella attempted not to unconsciously eavesdrop as he waited for what was in store.
Oh wow, that's a lot. Thanks, I'll have Capella go to Swan Song's since it's the most logical place for him. Post will be up soonish.
@PrinceAlexus Actually a recap would be really nice, just to get an idea of where everyone's at and what's going on ^^
@PrinceAlexusAh okay I see, well I might just wait it out since I have people at home and I'm heading back to school on Monday so we'll see. Thank you!
Just curious if there was going to be a timeskip of something in the near future? I want to bring in Capella again, but not right before a timeskip :)
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