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Ah, I think I caused some confusion with where Capella was. I think I read one of the earlier posts and got the impression that the mote was near the base of a sand dune, but I wanted her to be close to the Mote like the last post describes. When I get on my laptop I'll edit accordingly! And sorry for the confusion!
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Sorry if there are any discrepancies in my post when compared to the previous. I got a little confused on the setting and where the Mote was positioned. ^^
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"I'm telling you, I heard a dog somewhere. Right guys?" Sirius' voice caused the young girl to jump in surprise as she took a few looks around her to make sure she wasn't being followed. A few other voices mumbled in agreement, but Capella seemed to be more annoyed with the first voice.

"Y-You're making it quite hard to be alone. I thought it someone else.." She said as she placed a small hand on her chest. If anyone had been watching her, they would have thought that the girl was talking to herself, and while that wouldn't necessarily be wrong, she wouldn't want people to think she was as weird as she looked.

She walk mostly silent along the sandy tide, her bare feet exposed to the damp sand and small water droplets that swung by. Dressed in all white with hair akin to half painted drawing, most would think she was a spirit or maybe a ghost that became visible once the moon had hit its peak. Lowering her head to her feet, Capella listened quietly to the voices in her head as they talked about said dog.

"A dogie?! Where? Where?! Capella, go look for it!"

"Yeah, go find it, so that you can kill it and move on with your life."

"Rigil, how COULD you?! The little pupper might be in danger!!"

"Canopus is right for once, we should at least make sure everything is okay, Capella."

Nodding slowly in understanding, but without any input of her own, Capella dashed forward, hopefully getting close to the destination that the voices, well Caponus, so desperately wanted her to check out.


Capella didn't have to run very far as it only took a few minutes for her to see what was going on. Well for one thing, she wasn't alone despite how much she would have wanted to be. There was two men, who appeared to be talking to each other, one of them holding their hands up, and the other sported a bird.

"Ohmygod, look it's the pupper!" Capella blinked in confusion as the voice in her head instead was more focused on the swirling trash just above a rather small sand dune. Blue and orange eyes blink in confusion as the barefoot girl instead approached the sand dune, her eyes wide with curiosity as she could see a blue light pulsating from the base. The two mean were forgotten at that point as Capella slid down to her knees, her white dress now covered in sand particles, and stared down at the aforementioned Mote in hopes of getting a better look. She was close to the edge of the sand dune but her body continued to lean forward, despite Sirius' pleas for her to be careful. How could she not stare at something so beautiful?
Sorry for not posting, got backed up in other rps. I'll try to post tomorrow at the latest.
Short post, wasn't really much for me to post on and lacking a little bit of muse so apologies on that ^^

Date: September 5, 2028; 12:00AM
Location: BBS Atop "Seattle"

Although she didn't look like it, she knew that her master was in good hands with the rest of those children. Just by looking at them, she could sense the Personas just waiting to burst out of them and come to her aide, but it was clear that it wasn't their time yet. Stealing one quick glance in the direction of Eden, seeing that she was protectively stashed away on one of the corners near the floor, and that those who were fending off their enemies with a new found strength were also okay, Inari brought her attention back to the spider monster, her expression stern, but playful. She watched with a amused look as the monster began to back up, trying to separate her from her master and the other humans. While she would have much rather stayed behind and made sure everyone was alright, moving one of the bigger enemies away from them made more sense; they were humans, but they could take care of themselves...

Playing along with the spider monster's plans, Inari followed after the spider as it crawled farther away from the mess. As she slowly caught up, she released another icy breath towards her opponent, hoping to slow it down before bringing up a clawed hand and slashing downwards. She needed to inflict as much pain as possible so that when her backup arrived, it would make things easier.
@Fury Panda I'm still in ^^
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@Mokley Ah, so sorry for practically neglecting this rp! I'll probably have something up after your 'mod-like post' xD
@Holy Soldier Okay, I finished my prompt. I had major writer's bock when it came to writing my idea out, but hopefully it's okay ^^;
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