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Pendulum || Turk || Junon, Abandoned Building || Turks (Landon) @Karl Kadaver and Sticks @Fuzzybootz

"Why. Why. Why. WHY. WHY? WHY?!" Penn groaned as she was just about to slam her head on the wall next to her. Why was everything just going wrong for her? If Sticks had just put her out on the battlefield, she would be so much more useful...but it wasn't like anyone else could do her job any better so she was practically suck. Instead of whining any more about it, Pendulum closed her second laptop and hurried to the window. She quickly threw her free arm out, a spiral pendulum coming out of her sleeve and hooking onto the roof of the building she was in. Using it as a rope of some sort, Penn climbed up to the roof of the building.

She had no time to waste. Opening back up the laptop, Penn got to work on overriding what looked like a communications jam; thankfully her location proved perfect as the building she was in had a satellite dish just waiting to be used.
She tapped away on her keyboard, and sooner or later got a hold of the satellite dish's communication capabilities.

"It's not the strongest thing out there, but it'll have to do." The girl mumbled as she ran a hand through her tied up hair. She proceeded to pull up the tab from earlier that displayed all the Turks and their locations based off of earpieces while also connecting her earpiece to the laptop which was connected to the satellite dish. "Please work, please work..." She pleaded as she tried to reach Landon, only to jump in surprise as his sudden "Hello?" blasting in her ears. questioned, waiting only a few seconds for the other to answer before her patience wore out. "@$%&!! Scared the @$%! out of me..." Well at least her little makeshift communication 'tower' was working out pretty well. "Okay, whatever...Landon," Penn began, using his real name to stress the seriousness of her next statement. At this point she was currently standing, looking around at the other buildings to find the one that said man was in.

Upon locating the roof of said building, Pendulum unconsciously crouched down at the sight of a camouflaged woman bouncing across the rooftops of buildings as if it was nothing. The red headband around her head said everything.
"Get out of that building as quickly as possible! She getting away using the rooftops! You can't miss her!" She shouted through the earpiece, hoping Landon could still hear her. Upping the signal radius, Pendulum hoped to get connected with all of the Turks as she shouted with the utmost urgency, "The hacker is using the rooftops to escape. I repeat, the hacker is using the rooftops to escape. Those close to the outskirts of Junon, surround the perimeter of the residential district. Those closer to the center, apprehend her!"

Laphicet Kyrielight || SOLIDER 1 || Junon, Military Base || Astral @Renny, Damien @Zarkun, Alain @Double and Caius @Sudkurve

Laphicet couldn't help but jump at the sudden change of plans. The way the ground shook, followed by Astral leaping up the steps with great speed. They could only watch for a moment until they felt a tap on their shoulder, causing them to flinch. Embarrassed by their inability to calm their nerves, Laphicet blushed, nodding faintly as The Merciful bounded up the steps as well. Giving his cheeks a quick slap, Laphicet followed, crouching down and almost running on all fours to catch up.

Laphicet had arrived just in time to see the laser cut through the barrel effortlessly. Any form of calmness Laphicet tried to hold went out the window as their eyes widened and began to tear up due to shock. What really set the young SOLDIER off was seeing Alain so upset...
"W-We're gonna get in a lot of trouble aren't w-we..?" They stuttered as the tears they tried to hold in began rolling down their cheeks. While he didn't have any input to the destruction of the barrel, they knew for sure that all the 1st SOLDIERs set on the mission would get punished for this; just the thought sent them to tears... They stood where they were, one chakram unhooked on order to support those who asked or where in need.

Kaleo Sima || 10 || Lo Town || None || Open

"Okay, you two, I'll be cancelling that subscription nonsense and sitting over there if you need me. You guys go and spend some time looking around, alright?" Kaleo really didn't want to leave his grandfather's side, but he was practically being told to go do something productive. With a shallow nod followed by a slight droop of his head, Kaleo was off to who knows where.

Kaleo opted on moving a little away from the crowded sanctuary, finding a patch of grass were very little people were near. He took said spot as his own and sat on the ground, placing his goodie bag next to him and watching as Hana curiously went through it. While the pokemon was going through it, an idea formed in the boy's head. Slowly, as to not startle the Bellossom, Kaleo pointed his pokedex, named Cleff towards it. Excepting to hear some kind of information come from Cleff, Kaleo leaned forward in anticipation.


"Pokemon Locked- To Unlock visit any Sliph Co Outlet on Johto or Unlock the Full Unadvertised Pokedex for $99.99" The boy couldn't help deflate upon hearing that. Knowing that the pokedex wouldn't have any other function to amuse him, he placed in his bag for safe keeping and brought his attention to the goodie bag that Hana sorted out for him based off of coolness. First was the voucher for a Pokegear, the pokeball, and then a map. Never had a pokegear, so that was cool, and the pokeball was the very first that he owned, which also made it interesting, and the map was useful. Then there was the itinerary he was probably going to give to his grandfather when they met back up. There was also a pokeball potion deal going on as well. He had quite a lot of time until the next big event, so maybe getting his Pokegear and a pokeball would suffice for a good amount of time spent?

Deeming it a good idea, Kaleo packed everything back into the goodie bag, except for the map and the voucher. Judging by how the map showed it, the walk to Saffron shouldn't be too far. He had never read a map on his own, but he's seen his grandfather do it multiple times before, so it can't be too hard, right?




Boy was he wrong...

He couldn't even get out of Lo Town, and was instead walking in complete circles. Hana followed briskly with a happy smile on its face, probably assuming that they were playing some kind of game. Kaleo, on the other hand, furrowed his brows and let out a sigh to hide the distress on his face. He had already wasted so much was he going to become a pokemon trainer if he can't even read a stupid map!?
Kanna Watanabe
-- August 1st, 2015 || Morning || Sadaomi Beach --

What was he going to do? He had to find the picture, but in a big beach like this, was it even possible? He had no idea where he dropped it, or if it was on sand or not. Maybe someone picked it up? What could he really do in a situation like this?
"Uhm..." Kanna flinched and rose his head, now looking at the glasses wearing girl with distressed eyes. "Is... is everything okay?" He was about to say no just to get her to leave him alone, but that wouldn't help anyone, now would it?

Seeing the others set up some kind of water gun fight, Kanna brought his attention back to Kotori, leaning a bit towards her as if to tell her that this was only for her ears and her ears alone at the moment.
"I-I...I can't find...I lost s-something really important to me..." He began, having to stop himself multiple times from not crying. He knew he looked pretty pathetic in front of Kotori at the moment, but he was in too much distress to really care. "I-It's a picture of my brother..." Kanna sighed shakily as he rubbed his eyes and placed his chin back down onto his knees and watched as the others began to assemble teams. With the mood he was in know, he knew for sure that he didn't want to play any games, at least, not until he found his picture. B-But where? "I-I don't even know where to start th-though..." He concluded, already lowering his head in defeat long before he even started.

I should be able to get a post up either today or tomorrow. ^^ I still have to respond to some other stuff so it might be tomorrow.

Pendulum || Turk || Junon, Abandoned Building || Turks (Landon) @Karl Kadaver and Sticks @Fuzzybootz

“Keep Digging Pendulum and shut them down.” A stern voice rung in one of the girl's ears. Pendulum couldn't help but grin a little as that was all the motivation that she needed to keep going.
"You got it, Boss." Was all the girl had to say before, her fingers started to blur as they moved across the keyboard. While having one of the keyboards continue to loop through fake signals, she was on the other on, giving off a signal of her own to pinpoint where the other Turks were based on the mini intercoms in their ears. She would only get a serial code, but even she was prepared for that. She watched the black and green screen as the little white dots, corresponding to the Turks, moved in varying ways. None of them seemed to give off the impression that they found something, so Penn simply waited, refreshing every now and then to have everything in real time.

"Nothing out of the ordinary..." Penn hummed before her eyes moved to one of the white spots on the screen moving up in a zigzag...running up steps? Penn tilted her head curiously before taking a look at the serial number only to arch an eyebrow. She knew this number...

"Oi, Robo-Arm, did you find something suspicious?" She questioned, waiting only a few seconds for the other to answer before her patience wore out. "Hey! I know you can here hear me! Answer up!!!" She yelled, her face scrunching up ever so slightly. Why wasn't he answering? "Hello?" She mumbled before moving back to her laptop and pulling up a new tab for status updates. Everything looked to be in the green except for...

"You have got to be @$%! me..."

Laphicet Kyrielight || SOLIDER 1 || Junon, Military Base || Astral @Renny and Caius @Sudkurve

The "ears" atop Laphicet head practically flattened when they felt another strong surge of magic come forth. Immediately, Laphi unhooked his chakrams, more than ready to support Astral take down whoever was following them. It was only when The Merciful came into view that Laphicet shied away, sparing a few stares before looking away. It wasn't that he was particularly scared, but around new people, their meek persona tended to come even in missions. They felt bad for giving sort of a cold shoulder to the man, but what else were they suppose to do?

The SOLDIER was so deep in thought and trying to avoid Caius' gaze, that they almost ran right into Astral as he stopped on the last step and turned to face the two of them, voicing his opinion one the current situation. Help out the Turks? That was certainly doable with two of them going off, but which two?
"I'm m-much batter at supporting people, so I c-could help the Turks or help with the S-Superweapon..." Laphicet mumbled as they began to mess with their fingers. They didn't pick a side and more just left it to Astral and Caius to decide where they should go.
I'm still interested too. I'll probably keep my two girls and revamp Farran a little.
It's midterms week and I'm sick so if I don't get a post out on Thursday then definitely I'll have one on the weekend ^^

Kaleo Sima || 10 || Lo Town, Sanctuary || None || Elder Robert and Priscilla



"'s time to get up."


"You do want to get your first Pokemon, right?"

That seemed to be enough to get the pale child to rouse from his slumber and sit up. Sporting a pretty silly bedhead along with a dopey look on his face, Thahn smiled faintly and clapped a hand on the boy's shoulder before standing up from his hotel bed and proceeding to get ready for the big day ahead of them. They had rented out a hotel and bought new suitcases just for this event. Kaleo was going out on his own and starting his pokemon journey. And while Thahn was still a bit nervous about letting his mute grandson venture out on his own, he knew that the boy would get through it; heck he was Alto and Kanon's son for crying out loud!

While tightening the low ponytail that kept his white locks tame, Thahn stole a glance at Kaleo, who was brushing his teeth, and Hana, who was attempting to mimic him. The former didn't look much too excited about this new journey that awaited him and that was to be expected. He was never the type to let his face show how he felt...and that was fine, but maybe a little bit of excitement would have been nice? This would be his second time paying for such a thing...

"Hey Kaleo?" Thahn waited for the brown haired boy to look over. "Are you excited to get your first pokemon?" He then questioned, tilting his head curiously to see what he had to say.

Said boy stared blankly at his grandfather, toothbrush still in his mouth. He appeared to be thinking for a few seconds before shrugging his shoulders and going back to brushing his teeth. Hana decided he would play translator and let out a series of cries, with Kaleo nodding in agreement before spitting into the sink.




....Thahn could never understand those two when they were together...

The three hurried and got dressed, followed by breakfast and repacking Kaleo's things. An hour after they had originally woken up, three were already outside, rushing to catch the bus they pre-ordered tickets for. Even upon exiting the hotel, the were multiple crowds of people in the front lobby, all trying to get the attention of the two women panicking behind the front desk. Thahn truly felt back for just just leaving without assisting in anyway, but they had to get going or else they would have a longer line waiting for them at the Sanctuary. Through quick reflexes, having Kaleo hold Hana, and him hold Kaleo's hand, they were out in no time.

Thahn had expected outside the hotel to be a little less crowded, but it ended up being far worse. Tidal waves of people and pokemon could be seen wherever he looked. Thahn could have sworn he forgot what the ground looked like as he hoisted Kaleo up in the air and carried him and Hana to the bus stop, just barely making it and getting seats in the far back of the bus. Despite still renting a hotel, they were still pretty far away from the Sanctuary, and Thahn wasn't planning on tiring out his grandson before his journey even started.

The bus ride itself was fairly long, or at least it felt long due to all the rowdy kids and pokemon crammed into one place. Thahn could see Kaleo staring at everyone's rowdy behavior, and behind the stone cold face, he was able to see a bit of confusion. Maybe because of how happy everyone seemed about the event? No, probably because most of them weren't getting a pokemon, why would they be excited about others doing so? Thahn chose to keep quiet once he saw Kaleo reach into his backpack and pull out a book. He couldn't help but smile.

Taking their first steps toward the sanctuary, Kaleo and Thahn were met with the sight of a rather long line, followed by a girl with long black hair running past them.
"Huh...children these days." The man sighed as he smoothed back his hair and looked down at the Kaleo. "Let's get in line why don't we?" He questioned before receiving a simple nod in response.

The three waited patiently in line, watching most get through without a hitch and a few being sent away. When it was finally their turn, they were greeted with a rather old man and woman manning the front desk.
"Welcome to Lo Town home of the Official Pokemon Sanctuary. We’re so glad you’ve chosen us as the place to begin your Pokemon journey. Can you confirm if you’ve pre registered?" The man questioned. Both Kaleo and Thahn nod, the former continuing to stare at the old man while the later gave a polite smile.

"Can I have your official Pokemon registration card please?" The question was directed to Thahn, but instead of complying, said man looked back at his grandson who was holding out his own ID card; Thahn had gave it him earlier, since Kaleo was much better in terms of not forgetting things than he was. The man at the front desk appeared to be only a little bit confused as he took the card from the child and a Pokedex from the woman next to him. Thahn had seen the process being done before, checking if the child has already or seen any pokemon while registered into a different pokedex, but for Kaleo the is was only something that he had read in journals and books about Sanctuary registration. The boy unconsciously stepped closer to get a better look at how the Pokedex was able to do such a thing before flinching backwards in surprise when the Pokedex began to speak up.

“Welcome Kaleo. You’ve caught 0 pokemon, you’ve seen 0 pokemon.” It took everything in Thahn to hold back a chuckle as he patted the young boy's head.

"Well thank you Kaleo. You’ll be the 19th to enter the Sanctuary. Now finally to lock in your spot and claim your goody bag including your very own pokedex and a voucher for some brand new pokegear we need you to sign this form.” The old man moved to form towards them to read, and without a moment wasted, Kaleo took the form and began reading through it, teal eyes almost becoming a blur as he finished reading everything in two minutes. He looked up at his grandfather and nodded slowly in confirmation before handing the form to said man so that he could sign.

It was clear that the old man at the desk wasn't expecting the child to do most of the work in terms of registration, but it was true. It was all Kaleo who signed up, read all the forms, made sure he had everything himself and so on. The only thing he's sure Kaleo needed help with was his signature and actually catching the pokemon, two things that were no sweat for Thahn.

“Thank you so much. Please note we’re holding a little party up at the Sanctuary tonight with a special talk by former Indigo League Champion and our very own Keeper of the Keys. Ken Adams. More details in your goody bag.” The man at the desk hummed before taking what looked like a goody bag and and the Pokedex, and handed it over to Kaleo, who took with a blank stare. “Congratulations, your very own Pokemon adventure is about to begin.”

And with that, all they had to do was wait. They still had a while to go, and Thahn was a bit worried that Kaleo would get bored and want to go back home, but it seemed like the boy was occupied with the pokedex, so he should be fine until it was his turn.
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