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Kanna Watanabe
-- August 1st, 2015 || Morning || Sadaomi Beach --

Fiddling with the hem of his jacket, Kanna watched in silence as the others began splitting up into small groups to go and do some of the things he listed earlier. It was a bit weird, to be honest, as since he only had a small connection with Rui for the most part, asking if he could join one of their little groups might make things awkward for everyone; Kanna definitely didn't want that.

Unaware that one of them was quietly approaching him, while other was about to begin some unintentional eavesdropping, Kanna flinched, looking up at the former with a tilted head. Dark hair and steel colored eyes, two traits that Kanna knew he couldn't forget. He said his name was Samuru Amakusa upperclassmen possibly?
"A-Ah, hello Amakusa-senpai, i-its a pleasure to meet you!" He originally began, giving the other a slight bow before straightening. "Oh, I'm okay. Thanks for asking. I've been through a lot worse so, I sure I-I can get through this." While he said this, the boy couldn't help but have few doubts, these doubts clearly showing on his face. Of course he was nervous about what the others thought about him, after hearing about his brother and what made into how he is today, but he still couldn't out right say it. It was pathetic...

Lowering his head at the fact that he couldn't be completely honest, Kanna caught sight of Samuru drawing what appeared to be a sky and a crystal blue sea. Navy blue eyes lit up almost immediately as he couldn't help but clap his hands together in awe.
" can draw? That's so neat! And it looks almost like the real thing!" Kanna smiled widely, his eyes practically sparkling at the talent in front of him. He appeared to be much more relaxed as well. He nodded quickly in agreement, his eyes never leaving the sketch in Samuru's hands. "Y-Yeah, I don't know them that much, but it's always nice to see people when they're happy." He voiced, before looking back up at the other male.

When Samuru put a rather mischievous smile on, Kanna couldn't help but lean in a bit, understanding full well that he was about to get some dirt on something or someone. Hearing that the other wanted to see what Rui was up to, Kanna could only arch his eyebrows. Although he hasn't known him for long, Rui did seem like the type of person to show less than what he knows. And plus, it would be fun to having an adventure on the beach!
"O-Okay! Sounds like fun!" He said while nodding eagerly; it was clear that he had already grown fond of his senpai.
Fei Tendo and Emilia Tendo
-- Day One || Morning || The Mess Hall --

Emilia couldn't help but stifle a laugh when Mason pointed out that the uncanny appearance that witches usually had in folklore. He wasn't wrong...but that didn't make it any less funny to the girl. Hearing Tempest's small explanation on the whole deal made enough sense, as witches were known for creating potions and things like that. When the attention was brought back to the twins, Emilia couldn't help but smirk at the statement.
"Yup! From what I know we're one of a kind! Well...uh...two of a kind actually, heh heh." She reiterated, scratching the back of her head once again before looking over at Tempest and putting a hand up in the air. "Hey, don't worry about it. I'm just glad my roommate isn't super stuck up or anything." She sighed, briefly being reminded about Fei's roommate and how he's nowhere to be seen; maybe he could turn invisible or something? Shaking her head to rid the foolish thoughts in her head, Emilia turned back to Mason. Hearing the other accept them just as she did for him made the girl rather grateful that she couldn't physically blush. With the twins sharing a brief look, they looked back up at Mason.
"Likewise." The spoke in unison, the bond of a new friendship growing.

It was from that point onward that Emilia kept mostly silent, taking mental notes of what Mason's gargoyle form looked like and what it was weak to as Tempest asked all the questions. It probably would have been too overwhelming if she chimed in as well, but Tempest pretty much got all the points she was curious about to. Keeping a comforting smile on her face, Emilia listened intently to what Mason, Fei also surprising paying attention to the conversation as well.

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Kanna Watanabe
-- April 9th, xxxx || Morning || Hinasho High --

Kanna nodded quickly when the other asked if he was okay. Heck, it should be him that should have asked him if he alright for almost getting run over, but before he could even say anything else, the both of them were whisked away by a swarm of students trying to get to class. It was unfortunate that Kanna couldn't fully apologize for what he did, but there was always another time. Clutching his arm and scooter tightly to his chest, Kanna let the wave of students overtake him, practically taking him to his classroom with the utmost swiftness.

He didn't mean to bring his scooter inside, he really didn't, but thankfully it could clasp into itself, making it easy to hide in his desk. Taking a seat in the back of the class and doing such to avoid getting in trouble, Kanna watched in silence as the other students began to fill up the room. A few of them he recognized from school unfortunately, while other were complete strangers. One of them even walked up to him while the others were still getting situated.
"Yo, Kotaro! What's up man?" He chimed, holding out a hand. Eyes twitching in annoyance, Kanna smiled faintly as he reached out and met the other's hand halfway through. He was use to it, everyone believing that he's his brother, mixing up their names, all of it. He thought that in high school he wouldn't have to worry about that but...yeah. It got to the point, where he doesn't even correct them anymore.
"Nothing much. Spent a lot of time at the gym." He responded, despite the sick feeling in his stomach telling him not to. And it wasn't just the normal butterflies he would get when he lied. It was more of the 'I'm seriously about to puke up my breakfast' kind of feeling. Fortunately he could hold it down.
"That's what's up my man. Gotta stay rip for the ladies." The other boy laughed which prompted Kanna to do the same, albeit much more halfheartedly. Thankfully, the teach arrived just in time so that he wouldn't have to make some halfassed response. "Talk to you later dude." Kanna nodded slowly as his attention in class slowly moved to the window and up at the sky.

-- April 9th, xxxx || Lunch || Hinasho High --

Finally, it was lunch time, a time where he could get away from anyone that already knew him and just relax. However, unfortunately for him, he forgot his boxed lunch at home so he had no choice but to buy some lunch or starve. Making extra sure that his scooter wouldn't be noticeable to the naked eye, Kanna stuck his hand into his pants pockets first, then his hoodie pocket, and lastly the only other place he would have it, his breast pocket...only to realize he was completely broke.

Almost wanting to cry at that point, Kanna lowered his head in defeat before standing up and walking out of the classroom, heading down the steps soon after. Where were they...where were they...ah, there they were. Kanna moved into a brisk jog in order to catch up with the carts blocking a portion of the hallways and the staff pushing said carts.
"Uh...e-excuse me!" The white haired boy called out, slowing down to a stop once he caught up.
"Yes? Can we help you? If you're waiting for a meal then you must return to your classroom before we can serve you." The female with short black hair informed him. Shaking his head ever so slightly, Kanna continued.
"No, no, I wanted to know if I could help and waive a meal." He explained, a small smile forming on his face. He use to do the same thing with his brother all the time; sometimes they would even purposefully forget to pack lunches so that they could see who was the better server. The woman nodded slowly in understanding before handing the boy an apron and letting him hold the cart she was originally pushing.
"We appreciate the help. Now, we've already served the third years, now on to the second years." Kanna nodded slowly as he pushed the cart along with ease.

Kanna went from room to room with the black haired woman, serving lunches and pushing the cart to and fro. Kanna hadn't really been paying attention to the people he was interacting with, as most just called him cute and sweet for helping out, in which he had no response for. It was when he got to the second to last second year classroom, that Kanna had to do a double take.

It was that guy from the before, the one he almost ran into. With Kanna now blushing up to his ears, he couldn't hide the nervousness that had disappeared ever since he left the classroom. What if he recognized him and called him out? Or made a big deal about the situation like before? Visible panic showing in his eyes, Kanna quickly served those who wanted meals, only freezing when he got to the other boy, unable to ask if he wanted a meal or not.
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Kaleo Yuna

Group 1
Location: --- || Action: --- || Mood: ---
Interacting with: --- @Mae, @Paddiecake, @Orpheus

Completely unaware of the events that were taking place, Kaleo's small pale body remained motionless, her mind stuck in the realm of dreams. Heh. Depending on how you look at it, she might have been more safe there than in her own body...

Farran Parisa

Group 2
Location: The Ground --> The Forest || Action: Checking out the World Beyond
Interacting with: Melanie @Mae, Castiel @Fox of Spades, Lloyd @SilverDawn

"Y-Yes, I'm okay! But why do you keep calling m--" Farran was cut off bu the sound of said man falling right beside him in a similar fashion. He wanted to ask if the other was okay, but seeing how he was much more worried about Lloyd and his elbow, it was probably safe to say that Castiel was alright as well. Not to mention Melanie's 'graceful' fall on the side of him being quite the spectacle. "A-Are you alright?" He questioned shakily as he tightened his blindfold with both hands.

Looking back over in the direction of the strange monster, Farran could only furrow his brows at his way of speech, although it wasn't visible. He was still a little upset with how the man laughed at his and his friends misery, but knew that it wasn't anything to be too salty about. However, despite this, the silver haired boy seemed to be able to understand what he was trying to tell them.

It was clear he wanted something from them. He wanted them to follow him, to help with some sort of task. And with Castiel's questions, Farran felt like he could somewhat piece together what was being asked.
"No, wait a minute." He started with no stutter, standing up in the process. "I think he wants us to follow him. That witch he mentioned might be planning some more stuff to do. Might it be better to go with him and see if there's anything we can do about it?' Farran questioned as he already started walking towards the creature, his boots giving off a little 'squish' with every step he took. This creature had to be good; from his body language to his words, following him had to be the right choice. Farran nodded confidently to himself as he walked through the hoe in the wall and into the forest.

Wakana Sakura

Group 4
Location: Will Tree Field || Action: Searching || Mood: Scared --> Confused --> Unfocused
Interacting with: Rowan @Kore and Diane @Moonlit Sonata sorta

Wakana felt like she wanted to die. She never thought that she would have to go through another experience like this ever again, but here she was. Unable to take much more of it, the ginger curled in on herself, crouching down to the...floor...and hugging her knees. The tears wouldn't stop, regardless of how much she tried to hide it.

It was only when she realized she wasn't alone that Wakana lifted her head. That's right. She was with someone that was actually pretty cool, someone that didn't see her just for what she was. In attempts to find salvation within Gas Mask, Wakana was about to move towards her, possibly hug her and explain her odd behavior. But before she even had the chance to do so, the world around her began to crack. Not even just the train, but even Gas Mask, her belongings, everything, even herself. Hairline fractures snaked around her legs, quickly rising and becoming a pattern along her skin and clothing. In far too much shock to comprehend what was actually happening, Wakana let out a shrill cry, tightening the grip on herself she originally had.

Unfortunately, this only seemed to prove fruitless as the increased tension only seemed to make her shatter within herself much quicker than expected, following the rest of the world in one beautiful crescendo before dying down to nothingness.


Wakana assumed she had gotten her wish. She honestly thought she was dead or at least floating within the realm of purgatory. However, the sound of the wind blowing in her ears as well as the grass tickling her skin and the sun's rays entering her blurry eyes, it was safe to say that she was at least somewhat alright. A soft groan escaped her lips to show that she was awake, as she brought a hand to her head only to touch something with a texture akin to gelatin. A little less freaked out then she would have been if she could properly see, Wakana slowly sat up, shaking her head quickly in hopes of relieving her face from the gooey jelly that covered her. Everything was still bleary and hard to see mostly because her glasses had been who knows where, but she could still pick out the voice and appearance of Gas Mask, who was currently waving at her. Not wanted to appear as rude, Wakana waved back before placing her hands on the ground and sifting through the grass and jelly in hopes of finding her glasses.
Fei Tendo and Emilia Tendo
-- Day One || Morning || The Mess Hall --

Fei looked back over at Mason, tilting his head a bit as he took a moment to process what he was being asked; it was a common thing for the boy to do, and only something his sister and stepparents have fully gotten use to. With a slow shake of his head, the boy began.
"Y-Yes...but she's my b-big sister..." He clarified, clutching Emilia's sleeve tightly as he did so. Said girl smiled sweetly in the process, giving Fei a quickly pat on the head before bringing his attention back to Mason, who seemed to be going through something himself.

And although she didn't want to admit it, Emilia couldn't help but see a little bit of herself and her brother in the taller male. It was painfully obvious that the other was confused and scared, unaware of what was right and what was wrong. He was almost like an infant, someone that needed to be taught through new surroundings. He was like them, despite their differences. It also made more sense as Mason was showing more qualities of his soul, that being a little more bleak and appearing far more insecure, rather than the man she originally met; it was almost refreshing to see, reassuring that Emilia and Fei weren't alone on this new experience.

The twins remained quiet as Mason questioned while Tempest answered, with Emilia pipping up once Mason's spiel was directed towards them.
"Oh, it's Emilia and Fei." She began, thankful that they're past their little argument from earlier had quickly subsided. "In my opinion, I'd think that it really depends on who you're asking. It's good to be mindful of if someone use to be entirely normal before something or someone screwed with their lives. I appreciate that you approached the topic like this as it isn't rude nor aggressive." She continued, nodding in approval. "This is all really new for us too, you know? In a world where we can pass off as normal children, despite knowing the truth is much more...hollower, I can agree with how you feel. Everyone kept growing, while me and my brother stayed the same...but by coming here, we hoped to find people like us, like you, who feel out of place. And although you're a little sleazy, I hope we can get along since we have common weaknesses." She concluded before scratching the back of her head in slight embarrassment. "S-Sorry, I don't usually talk like that..." She smiled beofore taking Fei's hand and rolling his shirt sleeve up to his bicep, revealing balled joints at his wrist and elbow. "So, we have a witch, two dolls, and..." Emilia trailed off, wanted Mason to tell them what he was. It might have been a little sudden, but she hoped that with her little speech, it would give him enough courage to be more open about his insecurities and to be true to himself.

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