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Bella let out a sigh filled to the brim with anxiety and fear as she stared down the teacher holding a stack of papers, most likely the test she was about to pass out to the rest of the class. Of course she studied and felt somewhat prepared, but her mind just felt that the second the stapled pieces of paper landed on her desk her mind would go blank. Fortunately, or unfortunately, before the teacher could pass anything out, all the phones in the room began blaring to life, all except for Bella's which she turned off for the sake of said test.

Quietly peeking over her seat neighbor's shoulder, Bella got all the information she needed and immediately stood, placing a hand on her stomach. It was an action she normally did and the teacher quickly understood as she simply nodded and allowed Bella to eave the classroom. Once she was a few steps away from the door to her classroom, Bella immediately began running to the school staircase, going every other step to quicken her pace. Hurrying to the roof, Bella pulled her hat off of her head, releasing Hoppi from her hiding place.
"H-Hoppi, hop to it!" She managed to blurt out, closing her eyes tightly as she transformed into Usagi, which to Bella just looked like she put on a big green rabbit hoodie over her normal clothes. Ignoring the thought, Usagi hopped into the air, going from building to building towards the LLL before placing a hand on her rabbit pin as she received a call.

"The kwamis? Meet up? I-If it's alright that Hoppi can join, then I-I don't see a problem s-so long as our i-identity is hidden... She explained before halting at the sight of citizens collapsed on the ground. She wanted to make sure that they were okay, she really did, but stopping the source was more important so she moved on.
Whoops, did realize it was my turn. I'll have something up either today or tomorrow morning.
@tobiax This. You literally just read my mind xD
Yeah, I can't wait to rp their evolving relationship :)

@Rai Yeah totally, they could be defense buddies (well, when Rookchessmon comes into play haha) Pfft xDD Alex definitely wouldn't take kindly to that and try to make fun of him in some way (ultimately failing tho)
@tobiax Okay cool, thanks for the feedback! I would like the digimon to be diverse, but I think I'll go with the BlackCHessmon line :). As for your character, you make it hard to not feel bad for her. Unfortunately since Alex doesn't know anything about her background, I can't see them getting along in the slightest at first, especially with how Biance believes people need to work for what they want. Great character overall.

@Raddum Yeah, I would be pretty annoyed to if some kept asking for stuff from me when they're fully capable of doing it themselves. Alex will definitely try to get Mori to open up, but it'll most likely backfire like you said. Though, I think they'll love each other by the end of this lol

@Rai I love Z so much. What else can I say? I honestly have no idea how Alex would react to him though xD
@Raddum Nah, I definitely saw the contrast too when I was reading you character sheet xD but yeah, once they switch over they might end up seeing that the faults they thought they had before might be helpful and positive things depending on the person. I can totally see Alex envying Mori for his independence and might even see him as a role model of sorts and rely on him for things :)
@tobiax No prob! And if Enter already has a character that fits Vorvomon's aesthetic, then I can switch to a different line. I was already thinking about changing it to the Chessmon line, which would fit the crest and Alex's character a lot better if you asked me. So it's all good. :)
@tobiax Thanks for taking a look at my character! I'm totally fine talking about the Rookie stage, but since you mentioned the high density of dragons, I could always just change the whole line and come up with something else? And sorry about the last name thing! I couldn't see her other eye, so I thought she was a completely different person :P Editing the last name right now ^^
Here's my character, still iffy about the gender, but I still hope this is okay ^^ (had to replace all the 'they''s with female pronouns so sorry for typos)

As she made her quick escape from the two upperclassmen she assumed she interrupted, Bella was caught off guard by a boy complimenting her skates before raising his hand in front of her. What...what did he want, exactly? Completely clueless to what the boy was trying to do, Hoppi had to jump in in order to help Bella out.
"High five! High five!" The Miraculous whispered, causing Bella to let out a quiet 'oh' before smiling sheepishly and connected the high five with a little laugh. "Th-Thank you very much." She responded, speaking to both the boy and Hoppi. Who knows what would have happened if she didn't say anything?

Eventually getting to school about a minute or so after the altercation, Bella quickly changed to her sneakers before heading to her classes.
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