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Nova || Dawn, Miricia

Before he could get any response from the prince, Nova's attention was pulled to the winged Laguz, dark gold eyes meeting up with deep blue. Normally when he brought up being able to do 'magic and stuff', people would just take his word for it. Having to show proof was bit new for him, and honestly, made him feel as if they were going to judge him just based on that. Lowering his gaze down to his satchel once the prince echoed the same thing, Nova reached in and pulled out the three tomes as well as a few of his school books. Turning them so that the spines were visible, the green haired boy pointed to the green Elwind tome.

"I-I can use, fire, lightning, and wind magic. B-But I like the wind o-one the most." He said with a nod. "I learned a l-lot of stuff from school too..." More of less unaware that he used the word 'stuff' again, the young boy looked back to the winged Laguz as he spoke, nodding along once he noticed the information would benefit in terms of him joining. He found himself continuing to nod once he received proper introductions, giving each a proper, and slightly apologetic, bow.

As the boy was straightening from said bow, Nova ended up face to face with the Laguz, unable to hide the flinch that came along with the other crouching to his level. Despite the nervousness boiling up inside of him, Nova's face remained relatively calm.
"My name is...Nova. I'd r-rather not give my family name for the sake of keeping my parents m-mostly anonymous, but th-they are instructors at the college I a-attend due south of h-here..." He said as he started to shove the books back into his little bag. "...Might I ask your name?" He questioned back, his attention on the Laguz once again.

Nova || Dawn, Miricia

The green haired boy seemed to shrink back as both the man he was standing behind as well as a younger archer were startled by him suddenly speaking up. And while Nova didn't look particularly spooked in terms of facial expression, his body was practically shaking like a leaf in the wind from the sudden outbursts and defensiveness. Lowering his gaze to the ground for a moment, trying to figure out why they were so shocked, Nova eventually looked back up at the odd group, eyebrows arched enough to show that he was a bit confused.

"I've been h-here the whole time. I c-couldn't get into the bar b-but...I still wanted to help figure out how he was a-assassinated." He managed to get out, being particular about leaving names out his explanation. "I wasn't g-gonna...I just...I just wanted to help...I can d-do magic and stuff, so I can help, right sir? He then asked, the question more directed to the prince than anyone else. Despite it being unintentional, Nova's eyes glared down on the archer in between Erik and himself, shooting daggers at the needless defense, before softening back up when he looked past the archer and to the prince.

Nova || Dawn, Miricia

Believe it or not, but Nova had been tailing the odd group of people and Laguz ever since they ended up surrounded and taken to see King Jacob the Third. Of course he had heard about the rendezvous point being in the Dancing Dragon, a place the young boy had committed to memory since learning this information, but the King probably wasn't expecting someone so young to take up the offer. Before he could even touch the door to get into the tavern, Nova was stopped by a sign next to the door saying that he'd need an adult with him to get in. Talk about luck...

So being the good kid he was, Nova lounged around until the commotion coming from inside brought them back over, only to see the strange group being escorted to the palace. His small stature proved to be beneficial as he unintentionally positioned himself right behind Gregory, becoming his shadow on the way to, inside of, and out of the palace, remaining entirely silent during the whole ordeal. There was nothing to comment about that wasn't already said, if he was being completely honest.

Also unaware that he hadn't been noticed by the rest of the group just yet, Nova placed a hand on the satchel strap across his chest that held all his tomes and vulnerary, peeking out of Gregory's shadow and his gold gaze now staring up at them.
"...I-I agree. To the f-first option, I mean." He mumbled out, the younger tilting his head in the process.
Accepted via PM!

Hello! I think I'm interested in joining? I don't have a concrete idea of what my character will be like, but I'll probably go with a mage ^^ i noticed that you guys are lacking girls in the group, but my character will most likely be male so sorry about that haha :)
I'm interested for sure!

Breeze Porfirio || Arsenal
everyone in the gym

Of course it brought a smile to the small girl's lips upon seeing the Renard react so positively to their truthful words. It definitely brought the mood back to something she was slowly but surely becoming use to to. As the boy in question moved on to talk to Eira a bit more privately, Breeze found her attention moving to Yi's question regarding some sparring. By now, her body was use to the added on weight so of course she'd be up for a bit of sparring. Not being as physically strong as the rest of her class, as well as being a little bit smaller too, the green haired girl reached back into her backpack and pulled out a rubber training knife, an uneasy, but ever willing smile tugging at her features.

"Y-Yeah, I'd like to spar if th-that's okay." She spoke up, pulling herself up to her feet as she held her knife backhanded in front of her. Despite appearing ready for anything, the small girl let out a yelp of her own as a very loud voice sent her almost into a state of panic. The grip on her knife tightened as she watched the three newcomers walk in and introduce themselves, some a little more exited than others.

And the mood that just started to lighten up was being ruined by these girls, well one of them to be fair. She didn't know anything about the situation, but still felt as if she had a right to talk so lowly about those involved? It hurt, it really did, but instead of standing up for her friends, Breeze remained quiet. What could she say? She also wasn't there and would just be seen as hypocritical even if she tried. It was best to just be nice...

Breeze somehow found herself cowering behind Kerianne once she spoke up, giving said girl a nervous glance before introducing herself to the strange, and slightly rude, trio as well.
"U-Uh, I'm B-Breeze...I-I don't mind you joining e-either if everyone e-else is o-okay w-with it." It was clear as day that she was more than uncomfortable sparing with people she didn't really know, but sooner or later she'd have to get use to it if it meant becoming a hero. But for now, she was just a student, so one could only expect so much from her.
Outside Mecca, Green Sahara @Nerevarine @Double

Golden eyes scoured the sea of darkness, the little needles of light she produced with the help of her glyph managing to keep most of the similar eyed monsters from overtaking anything. It was only when she saw the bout of movement that Capella looked over to the sacrifice, a sense of relief tugging a her features to see that he was okay. She wasn't quite expecting the Keyblade however, as she couldn't help but give him a very pleased smile. Although they had just met, she already felt some camaraderie with this man for sharing a similar weapon.

"Brother?" The star child repeated, following the other's Keyblade to the the beast still wrecking havoc on anything that got too close. "Th-That's your brother?" She managed to stutter out, brows furrowing as she looked between the two for any sort of resemblance. She had no reason to doubt the other, but s-still! The quick, but much appreciated, thanks was returned with a slight nod of her own, her free hand reinforcing one of her glyphs that happened to be losing power. Handling these little dark creatures would be easy for her, especially since she had some experience with them prior. She found her eyes moving between Audry and the man however, worried that both of their opponents would somehow get the slip on them.

The man was being thrown back by his brother, the former's attempts to get the later's attention were working out in his favor, but ironically enough putting him in the danger he expected. Confusion was written all over the star child's face when the sacrifice decided to withdraw his Keyblade. From what she saw, he didn't have an other weapon on him, so what was he planning to do? The blonde and teal haired girl found her jaw slaking at the sight of what she thought was his Keyblade disappearing, it instead shifting into a completely different weapon entirely; a whip of some sort? She'd never heard nor seen Keyblades having the ability to change forms back home, so this was definitely something she'd need to look into if the could get out of this in one piece...

Capella attention quickly moved back to Audry and a threat she knew firsthand would be problem. Audry and Rago traded blows of varying degrees, some connecting while others just barely missing. It looked as if Audry was steadily beating the man, had it not been for his wounds being healed by magic. Was that how he managed to survive before? But if that were the case, why hadn't he healed himself back then and come after her? She gritted her teeth knowing she couldn't go in and help the other since she was busy with these pesky monsters. She had a part to do in this, and if she left that task to aid another, it could prove disastrous in the long run, so Capella remained where she was, empowering her glyphs with the swing of her blade.

Before she knew it, the creatures that initially felt never ending began to retreat. Tired eyes following their path to Malachi, who was also taking his leave. Good, this was good. If he was leaving, that meant Rago was probably going with him. However, that still left that man's brother in their hands. Seeing as there was no time to really come up with a plan on her own, the young woman flew over to the two brothers, arriving at the same time Audry had. She didn't look too good, but with such a big threat in front of them, she'd have to wait.

Capella remained behind the man, unsure if he even wanted anyone else to help him or not. Regardless, she remained on standby, fingertips glowing in case she needed to act.
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