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As she managed to stop laughing she looked to see the boy playing around in the sand, not sure what he was doing. It became clear when he suddenly turned into a pebble and flung himself towards her. Like….Really? He couldn't just walk over here. She was only a short distance away. Clearly he was trying to ‘impress’ her with his…’skill’. To which he didn’t even get that far, rolling the last few feet until he was standing right beside her.

She pulled her head back slowly with a thin eyebrow raised at him while the other scrunched down in a semi glare. Why did he have to get so close. Weirdo. Now, Dawn was used to boys hitting on her. She enjoyed it, and she enjoyed flirting with boys. But it’s come to the point where she was critical of how they flirted.

His pickup line was cringe. She rolled her eyes when he spoke. Taking a mental look at herself, her black nails, her short slightly spiked hair, the Heavy metal music the boy surely could hear over the headphones cause she was blaring them. Indicators she was not the ‘perfect girl’ like her little sister now. She got it, claiming she was an angel was to tell her she was beautiful. One point. Minus 10 for saying watching over him. Though he might need one if he continued to stand so close.

She didn’t answer him, she pursed her lips in thought and picked up her phone and finished the text she was working on. “Pebbles? Odd name.” She said while she looked at her phone. After a moment she glanced up without moving her head. “You know, that would have been a SMIDGE more smooth if you didn’t freak out over some lizards just moments before….” She said while pinching her forefinger and thumb barely together. Looking up while sticking her tongue out at him for a split second. A cheeky grin on her face as she thought about what her lizard did.

”Or… trying to ‘show off’ by ‘catapulting’ yourself over here. When you could have easily walked. I'm sure whatever angel is ‘watching’ over you is slapping themselves in the forehead at this moment. I'll give you an ‘E’ for effort though.

This was the moment the girl named Chloe introduced herself. Making a joke that was rather on the nose with her pointing to it at her own expense. Dawn smirked slightly, she always had a respect for those who tried to make jokes about their handicaps. Though she thought this one was quite weird in presentation. She spoke oddly, and how she worded things made it sound like this girl was extremely sheltered. Homeschooled perhaps? She cocked her head to the side as she looked up at the girl from her seat in the grass. Before getting up. Taking this moment to take a few steps away from the weirdo boy towards the girl named Chloe.

“It’s not inappropriate if you’re the one making the joke. But just to clarify, pebbles and I are not close…He was just trying to get to know me.” She said, glancing back at Peter for a moment before turning back to Chloe. ”Oh, I’m Dawn by the way … How did you see my quirk if you...ehm..Cant see?”

A lot happened, Roy walking in, kenichi after, Dulga talking to ruby and wanting to train more. But the biggest thing that happened…. was the ghost that appeared. Kaida froze. A ghost. A real ghost. She didn’t hear what the girl said. Her brain shut off. She was told hundreds of ghost stories by her uncle, her head butler. Each and everyone scared her senseless.

It was the one thing her strength or her scales couldn’t protect her from. She pulled the hood more over her head and her Cloak more tightly around her as she launched herself over the couch into a fetal position. Holding her head as she started shivering.

She didn’t even see kenichi throw Roy… even that would have been comical watch. But not right now.

Renard sighed when all he heard was ‘what ever.’ He didn’t have time to do anything when three more girls suddenly appeared. The blue haired one giving him a wink. He smiled only slightly. Before she went towards gabby. He felt it strange they called them ‘heros’ he didn’t think they really did anything. Course rumors get altered by each person who tells it.

The dark haired girl then started to stir the pot. He gritted his teeth as she mentioned sofia. He didn’t say anything though. Contiplating on just leaving instead.

They then said they wanted to spar or to leave. He walked back to where his bag was, and freya. Sitting down. “Big talk from someone who didn’t see what happened there. You don’t get to talk about it, or our class..” He said matter of factly.

He motioned to the others. “If you want to train, your free too. But don’t speak crap about our class again.” He said starting to rub his leg once again.

While peter was practicing. He didn’t notice a white haired girl under a tree her legs crossed. Texting casually on her phone while listing to some oldies punk rock. Her phone vibrating ever few moments with texts.

She glanced every once and a while at the boy training. She thought he was going to be interesting at first. Dark haired tall boy who looked mysterious. But she couldn’t help but laugh with a pfft as she saw he could only turn into a rock. Like… a rock. Not a rock boy. Not a steel boy. But a rock. Some super hero Material right there.

She sighed and dropped her phone In her lap. Growing bored with texting the bois for a minute. He leaned back against the tree as she looked at the kid training In front of her. Her head cocked to the side. She didn’t know him, just that he was in another class of school. He had to have been bored turning into a ‘rock’ and back again. And she wanted to mess with someone.

She lifted her hands and both of them glowed softly. Two bearded dragon lizards formed in each. They quickly lept off her hands and alarmly quickly sped towards the boy silently.

She picked her phone up and changed the song. She looked up in time to see the lizards run around peter when he was resting. One of them distracting him by running circles around him, while the other zipped up his pants to his shoulder.

By the time he noticed the one on his shoulder, it was staring at him. Instantly it opened its mouth and it’s tongue shot out and into the boys ear. Followed by a loud laugh behind him. The two lizards disappearing as she started to cover her mouth.

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collab with @Aerandir

Renard didn’t react too much to the others, but the sudden hit in the back from Gabriella’s punch was indeed slightly comical. Literally a twitch of a smile came on his face as he looked back down to his leg as he massaged it. A few moments later when Kerianne was distracted by Gabby, Yi had slid down a rope upside down, managing to get right behind her and speaking normally. But he knew he meant to scare her, He and Yi took it upon themselves to Get a genuine scare out of the strict student leader of the group.

A huff a held in laugh and a slight twitch again came upon his face. Though no one would see it as they would be focused on the scene Yi just created. Though he did look to Freya as she snipped at Eira, surprised as she was not one to do all really. He never heard her make a snark anyone. She then mentioned to him she should be grateful after he saved did for her. At which he shook his head. I wouldn’t worry about it... he said softly. Though he never heard her say thanks, or saw her smile. She did try to help him near the end.

Kerianne tried to play it off cool, as she suddenly teleported away. But the knocking over of equipment and her failing to come up with an excuse right away meant Yi had succeeded. Though she did managed to cover it pretty well. This would only egg them on to attempt once again later on.

Yi simply smiled with his eyes seemingly closed at Kerianne’s attempt to play it cool. And nodded as he replied “Yes, remaining unseen in an open room full of people is a very useful skill to learn. Though I must say your reflexes are… He watched as a ball bounced by him. “... on point.” He gripped the rope between his legs with his left arm and unwrapped his legs from the rope. Looking over as gabby called for everyone's attention. He slowly twisted rightside up with the one arm holding the rope till he landed gently on his feet. While she spoke he helped Kerianne with picking up a few balls that rolled towards him.

Renard looked to Gabby as she called his name out. Suddenly thanking him for what he did before the incident. Quite honestly he had forgotten about the attempt to encourage her before they got on the bus till she brought it back up. The mentioning of dwelling on failures caused his right eye, with the old scar to twitch.

She then turned to the others, and explained if they felt gabby helped them, it was thanks to himself. An odd look came upon his face as she did. He could logically see her reasoning behind the sentence, but he did not quite agree with it, nor did he want to be given more praise than she was trying to do. Especially when she told the others who were not there how hard he fought. He started to shake his head and raised his hands up as to refuse the notion. He certainly did not fight the hardest out of all of them. ”N-no..Gabby...I. That's not...

Kerianne then spoke up, cutting him off as she started ommenting on how he helps drive everyone here. He looked to her as she mentioned Yi, only tilting his head slightly thinking...he would have done it anyway. But didn’t say it. When she mentioned there's a reason he’s here, and how he had quite some heroic potential… he averted his eyes downward. He never expected to hear that from her, she always seemed to get on his case about something. But she was smiling at him and encouraging him. Thanking him for helping the others get out. He sighed in slight defeat as he started to get uncomfortable.

Freya then jumped onto the wagon. Using this to reinforce what she said earlier. Adding onto every point that was said. Again giving him more credit that he felt he deserved. How would he know if they would have gotten out of there without his help.

But when she mentioned on how he tried to lift spirits, an make them smile or encourage them. He felt twinges of guilt as she pointed them out. At how selfish he was being in this state, and dragging everyone down with him. Pointing out again at his failure, now that they had to cheer him up. It made him feel worse, but at the same time he couldn’t help but have hint of a smile on his lips… at the whole attempt to make him feel better, even though he felt so uncomfortable and guilty because of it.

She suddenly switched gears, starting to crawl around him, and act like a cat waaaaaaay more than she would ever do. Honestly it was adorable, uncomfortable, and funny at the same time. She always had her cat ‘quirks’ but going full mode like this, he didn’t know how to handle it. Though at her laugh, he couldn’t help but cover his face in slight embarrassment and to hide his smile. He did say softly so really only she could hear. That’s not fair Freya.. looking to her for a moment.

Breeze then spoke up, the girl who was so shy and timid he thought he offended her at first when he tried to be nice to her. Only recently had she gotten used to his personality...well before the trip. Her bringing up being so nice caused him to frown slightly at thinking back to how he acted to others before. But it did mean a lot that she spoke up. He was finally smiling softly now, so everyone could see. Appreciative of all their support.

Though he still had his issues… not feeling worthy of being called a hero still. Be it hardheadedness. Or denial. It was something that couldn’t be pulled away quite so easily with kind words and thankfulness towards him. At least not completely. They did help to finally pull him from his dark thoughts for the moment. Perhaps it was best to just put on a smile and move on. Not wanting to drag them down any further.

Clearing his throat, he said just barely loud enough for all of them to hear.”Thank you...everyone...i’m sorry for bringing the mood down. Looking to each of them as he said it. Nodding a silent thanks to each person who said something, reciving a silent nod back from Yi, who didn't have to say anything. His eyes silently saying thanks in return. ”I don't deserve that much praise though... adding on when he looked to Gabby. ”Everyone did their best in that situation. I shouldn’t be thanked more over anyone else. He scratched the back of his head looking to Freya. Whispering ”can you stop that now… I'm smiling ok? He said with a slight smile, and red on his cheeks embarrassed she was doing that around him still.

He looked over to Eira who was still standing at the door. More embarrassed she actually stopped when Gabby called, only to listen to her rant how ‘great’ he was. He quickly excused himself and moved over to the door as she was leaving once again and said quickly and just loud enough for only them to hear.”Hey Eira, I’m...uh sorry about earlier. I just wanted to say thanks for trying help me before… yeah know… near the end. I just realized I didn’t say thank you for um...yeah.. Thank you.” He finished awkwardly, looking away from her and back towards the gym.

Yi let out a satisfied sigh. "Annnnnnnd there he goes. Seems like it worked Gabby." Looking to the others in the room. Well, we still got some time. Anyone wanna spar?" he said looking to the four girls in the room, Freya, Keri, Gabby and Breeze.Or... something?
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Could be a slice of life. Her getting ready for school, or a big moment in her history.

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Renard and Freya

collab with @LuckyBlackCat

Pulled from his thoughts as he walked, he slowed his step and looked around till he saw Freya moving towards him. She asked about his injuries. To which he shrugged, about to say they are fine. But then she she said to tell her the truth. He felt his words caught in his mouth as he sniffed and rubbed his nose with the back of his right hand. Looking looking forward and away from her. He didn't know what to say. Of course he wasn't fine. He didn't even know why he was here today. He didn't belong here.

"I'm fine...leg is just a bit tight is all. He said with a smile, more genuine than previous attempts. He didn't want her to worry about him. I Just have a lot of things on my mind lately as well...Dont worry about it."

Worrying wasn't exactly something Freya could avoid. The look she gave him remained tender, although her words were blunter than they had been so far. "Look... I know you're not fine," she admitted. There. She'd said it, like she'd have had to sooner or later.

"Keri was right the other day, this... This isn't like you," she continued, lowering her voice to a whisper. "If you don't want to talk about it, it's ok, I'll respect that. But if you do..." A little reassuring smile spread over her face, the kind her mother wore when comforting her. "I'm here."

Slowly, she lifted her arm. While she recalled the searing shock all too well, there was no need to be skittish around him, no need to make him feel worse. This was the friend she trusted. Placing her hand on his shoulder, she hoped that trust would show through.

Renard looked at her again. When she said she knew he wasn’t fine. Going on to say if he wanted to talk about it she was there. He didn’t know what to say, only standing there conflicting actions running through his head.

It was when she she lifted her arm though. He looked down at it, it seemed almost in slow motion when she touched his shoulder. No electricity shot forth, he lowered his head. “ I was thinking you were afraid of me... now.” He said awkwardly, thinking back to their ride to school, while he did keep to himself, he didn’t want to scare her at all.

I just...” looking around he then continued “My mother was murdered seven years ago.... all that.... that blood. Those bodies... just reminded me how weak...” his right side of his face wincing as he rubbed the deep scar that went over his eye as it seemed to burn once again. “I-I...” he let out a sigh and closed his eyes. Taking deep controlled breaths. Refusing to open his eyes out of fear of crying.

At first, all Freya could do was gape, wide eyes blinking. Murdered. His mother was murdered. He'd told her she'd passed away, but hadn't said more than that. The only sounds were footsteps in distant hallways and the steady thrum of the rain outside. Then Freya managed to speak.

"Oh god..." she muttered. "Oh geez, Renard, I had no idea..." She gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze. No wonder he'd reacted that way, seeing all that right in front of him again...

Her gaze travelled in the direction of his fingers, to the long jagged scar running down the right side of his face. A reminder, she thought with a wince of her own. "And you were hurt too." Truth be told, sometimes she'd wondered what her happy-go-lucky friend must have been through to have gotten such a wound. Between the scar and the way he barely spoke about his past, she'd suspected something she'd hated to think about - Renard must have had some much rougher experiences than he'd let on. And now it had all come to light in the most horrific of ways.

All because of her own stupidity.

Shivering at the full implication of what she'd done, she did the only thing she could think of. "Look at me," she said, lifting her hand from his shoulder, then holding out her arms. She wouldn't blame him if he refused, but he let her pull him into a hug. "That isn't hurting you, is it?" she asked, keeping her grip loose so she wouldn't set off any injuries. She'd hurt him enough by making him relive his worst memory.

"You're not weak," she said softly. "Please, don't say that about yourself." She glanced over her shoulder down the hallway, looking out for anyone who might overhear. "Come on, let's find somewhere to sit."

Renard hesitated only for a split second before he allowed her to pull him into a hug. He simply said no when she asked if she was hurting him. She then continued to say not to call himself weak. But that’s what he was. He couldn’t protect his mother... he couldn’t even properly protect Freya, or the others in class.

It might seem Arrogant of him to think he was stronger than the others, but he genuinely went through hard training for seven years to become strong enough to defeat the man who murdered his mother.... the man who was even stronger than his own father. He thought he was making progress because he was starting to keep up with his father in training... he must have been going easy on him.

He nodded simply and followed her to a bench nearby. Once there, he simply said “I am, freya.... mentally and physically. I couldn’t protect you or the others... and I’m certainly messed up... more than the others in class.”

“I have been working for seven years towards this. And I couldn’t do a thing.” He said

Sitting down next to him, leaving her backpack and lunch bag at her feet, Freya shook her head. "Stop. Stop saying that," she insisted. "You did protect people back there. Eira... and Sofia. If you hadn't knocked that fire extinguisher away..." She shuddered at the thought. "And you saved me. Shit, I'm sorry you had to, I'm so, so sorry it led to that... But thank you."

She pulled a packet of tissues from her bag and handed them to him. "It's ok if you need to cry," she reassured him. "It's not weakness, it's just what anyone would do. Yeesh, I don't blame you."

Moving closer, she put her arm around his shoulders, that nervousness gone. She hadn't exactly been afraid of him over the past few days. More like shaken from everything, although nowhere near to the extent that he had. All she could do now was be the friend he needed. A better friend than she'd been at the hospital. "I don't blame you for anything."

He was silent for a minute as he processed what she said. She did bring up some valid points. But to him, he felt it wasn’t enough. But he simply nodded silently.

He did shake his head in decline of the tissues. He honestly didn’t want to cry in school. And frankly he cried enough over the weekend. He stared at his hands for a moment, actually taking comfort from her arm around his shoulder.

He then softly said. “ I didn’t save you, if anything you saved me. I probably would be dead if you didn’t come back down and distracted that girl. I don’t blame you either so I don't know why you're saying sorry, I would do it again without a thought.”

Freya stared up at him. "But you did! If you hadn't stepped in, I wouldn't be here right now." She cringed at the memories of what had happened afterwards. His insistence that she shouldn't have tried to help. That he should stay behind so she and Eira could escape. Survivor's guilt? Had that played a part?

Her arm tensed around him. "Do you know how much you matter to people?" she asked, her voice shaking. "I mean, I'd do the same again, for you."

She closed her eyes. The conversation was just going round in circles, doubtlessly keeping Renard's memories of that day fresh and raw. Letting out a long, drawn out sigh, she looked at him again. "Think of what Keri said. About how we've only just started," she reminded him. "Even if you've been training for years, none of us have completed our training yet. That's what we're here for."

Standing up, she gathered her belongings. "If you want to practice some more, I'm sure we can use the gym right now." Normally she wasn't one to suggest a training session, the mere thought of practicing in front of others making her squirm. If it helped Renard, though, it would be more than worth it.

Renard sighed as she as she tried to confirm that he did save her. What she was saying was helping. Slightly. But this issue wasn't something that couldn't be fixed after one or two appreciated hugs or words of encouragement. She tried to say he still was still just learning and despite what she mean for, it only caused him to close up slightly inside. He listened to her silently, and was glad when she decided to offer training. Changing the subject.

How ever she hated training in front of the others, as he tried to get her to train with him many times before. The thought was appreciated and gave him a small smile. Thank you, Freya. For listening. We can go over there, but I don't want to aggravate my leg anymore than I absolutely need to. It seems like most of our classmates are heading that direction anyways. “

He stood up as well, and the duo walked towards the Gym. When he opened the door, he could hear them talking. Kerianne, Breeze and Eira were talking/ training. They just happened to walk in when Eira spoke up. She was one to be cold, to everyone. But did she literally forget about the three guards that were killed Friday? Growing a little irritated, he said loud enough for them to hear. ”Three people did. Staring at her with a hard glare. ”Also, Sofia, who almost died… is not coming back to school. I Meant to tell you earlier. But I didn’t see you at the hospital...

He pulled out her letter and added, ”She wrote me a letter before she was taken to another hospital. Placing it on the bench right next to him. Then adding flatly.feel free to read it... As he turned and started to limp slightly towards the bleachers. He sat down and sighed.placing his bag to the side.

He was trying to stretch out his tight leg as he did, and using the electricity he had generated while moving around to concentrate in that same leg. Using the heat caused by it to help sooth.

Renard had said nothing to Kerianne when she brought up the fact he didn’t tease her. Even asking how bad did things get. He didn’t know how to answer that honestly. The subject was rough on on him as it was. He only looked away from her, his hand gripping the flowers and card tighter.

When she then moved between he and peter, saying “...once you see certain things... It’s kinda all you can do.” He instantly saw his mother’s body once more.Letting out a deep breath, trying to remove it from his thoughts. Only to flash to the dead men whom he recently was covered in their blood. The attempt to save someone, only to be tossed aside like a ragdoll. Was that all he could do? Just be a failure, and see his failures?

As he was walking away though, he stopped when Freya asked him to stop. Gabby blocking his path near the same moment. She tried to give him a stern look, to which he simply glared back.

"If you are sorry, truly, then do better," she said, "If we are heroes, then so are you. If you use a different word for yourself, those seven years you spoke of are wasted."

It’s what he tried for seven years. To do better. It was for nothing though, he thought he trained hard… but it was worthless. But while she was trying to help, he only gave her a flat. ”Then it’s wasted.” Before looking back towards freya. Deciding to answer her as well. She’s going to be fine. She will live. Just being forced to leave because of her parents. Her words before about him were lost in the confusion of words. Looking to the others, for only a moment each, he then turned. Limping down the hall towards the exit of the hospital.


Renard looked up as he gathered the books he into his leather satchel. His body free of bandages, only fresh scabs were all that were left from what happened on friday. The english teacher explained that they had the first part free to study while Haye’s was busy. He sighed a little sigh of relief. His leg was still slightly bothering him. Enough that it only showed a tiny limp with each step. But enough he could ignore the pain if he needed to. That said, you didn’t see him complain….or say anything….the entire day. Keeping to himself instead of being normally participating in everything.

No bantering with Peter or Yi. No playful teasing, or flirt and a random joke. He just sat there and looked at his books for class. He finished packing his bag and moved towards the next classroom. Seemingly lost in thought.
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