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@TruthHurts22that kinda sounds like @LostButterfly92 characters ability. She can hear thoughts of other people and talk to other people telepathically… sorta. Still learning.

Unless I’m completely misinterpreting what you said…

Ryker smiled at the interaction with Destiny and Sascha. But he didnt say anything when Fauna spoke up again, mentioning she had her children young. Which he gathered already but he nodded and smiled back at her.

When Dani shook her head he nodded. “Alright, if you change your mind dont be afraid to ask.” he said softly.

After the running man passed them, she offered for Ryker to sit with them. The younger ones chiming in with their approval. ”I would be honored.” he said with a smile, as they made their way to the conference.

As they sat down, Ryker felt a vibration. Glancing at his phone he frowned slightly as he noticed it was work. Looking to the others he said quickly. ”Sorry, excuse me for a moment.” He said indicating the phone. Looking at sascha he added. ”Sitta, stanna kavar. “ he said pointing next to Destiny. He smiled and walked just outside of the hall.

He took his phone call, which took much longer than he expected. Despite him being on ‘vacation’ it didn’t mean much if you were in charge of active cases. Most of it was being updated on some major breakthroughs. While the rest of it was him delegating orders, having uniforms go back and search some areas, and getting paperwork pushed forward.

When he finished he received another phone call from Everly. Asking for permission to go to a water park with her friend and her family she was staying with while he was up here. He agreed, feeling relieved she sounded relatively happy.

The conference broke out, and he switched to talking to Everly to her friends parents. Confirming and asking a few questions before ending the phone call. He turned back to see everyone gone, except sascha who was still sitting where he told her to stay. ”Komma!” He called out, seeing her zip around the chairs and bolt towards him.

He then found someone from the staff to explain what was happening, explaining he had to step out. Soon he was led to his group, ‘2’. He arrived just after Destiny apparently grew a flower on her head. Was that her? Or someone else? He noticed the girl who shocked him accidentally was in the group. He actually didn’t catch her name. But with her and Fauna and two other beautiful women in the group, it looks like he hit the jackpot.

He came to a stop near the only woman standing in the group, just as a large man who clearly was a veteren spoke up. He decided to wait till he was done before taking a seat. He wasn’t surprised at the mentioning of his Green Beret background. He smirked slightly at the uncle embarrassing his niece. He guessed he could forgive him for being a Green Beret as he liked him so far, and honestly would have done the same thing if Everly was here.

Clearly his niece Felicia didn’t want to sit near the kids if she had enough time to sit already. He made his way to the open seat next to Fauna’s kids. Everyone looked to him as he realized this probably meant they thought it was his turn. He smiled and turned around to everyone once reaching his seat. ”Oh, excuse me. My Name Is Ryker Burke, Pleasure to meet you all.” Noticing sascha was near Felicia sniffing her with a curious look on her face.

A soft quick whistle got her attention as she moved to sit next to him, slowly wagging her tail with her looking up at him with her brown eyes as if that would make him forget she didn’t stay right by him. ”This here is my Partner Sascha... He said while rubbing her head. ”I am a walking ac unit. For you out of state folk, if you need a respite from the heat...I’m at your service. ” He said with a smile and a wink towards the ladies. Though clearly the only one he knew was out of state was Jacque and Felicia, having missed the others intros.
@Kale19im just wondering if you noticed if everyone is above 18. if you did that’s fine, if not. I might recommend making him older. If you’re fine with that then ignore me. :p

"I um, I'm fine, really... " Dani stammered quietly.

Ryker blinked, so it was her that he heard a moment ago. He glanced over to her mother

"Oh, just a case of heat exhaustion. A little bit of water and some shade and she'll be right as rain," He glanced back at Dani, he had seen...felt... heat exhaustion before. It wasn’t that. It was something else. If she could speak to him telepathically...could she feel his pain as well from the shock? He didn’t push the issue for the moment, but smiled. "She's a little shy around strangers," nodding.

"Anyways... my name is Fauna and this is Danielle, William, Destiny, and Abagail. Say hello to the nice gentleman, kids." He smiled at each one with a friendly smile and nodded. However he was noticing how Dani was seeming even more nervous while looking at Sacha. He patted his dog's head with a simple command. “Sitt” While it was easy to understand he said sit, but he said it in an odd accent. Sascha immediately sat down next to him.

"And who do we have the pleasure of meeting?" Before he could answer he heard Destiny suddenly shout out as she moved forward towards Sascha if she could pet the dog. Another lad came up as well asking if he could pet Sacha as well.

With Destiny pouting and saying she wanted to pet her first he scratched the side of his head...She looked the same age as Everly, but slightly immature in comparison. He smiled and said ”You don’t have to ask me. You have to ask Sascha.” He crouched down next to his dog and said, You have to offer her a handshake first. If she does shake your hand, you can pet her.” He glanced at the boy who asked as well. Same with you.

As soon as Destiny would offer her hand, Sascha would immediately place her paw in it. He smiled and looked up to the mother and stood back up ”My name is Ryker Burke. It’s a pleasure to meet you all. This is my Partner Sascha.

Well Miss Fauna, I’m assuming you are the eldest sister?” He said with a charming smile, ”If you do require any help, just let me know, I can cool anything down with a simple touch.

Selena had kept quiet for most of the morning, only nodding to those who did say goodmorning to her. While running she easily kept ahead of the pack, shocked of course to see Dax shooting other students...but not totally surprised, She had seen Finn go through similar situations with his father.

She was breathing slightly heavier after the run, but she wasn’t winded. It had been a while since she went on that long of a run. Usually much faster in sprinting and short bursts. She watched the demonstration by the drow elf… and she was mesmerized. Kitsune warriors always had a beautiful and deadly style. While the teacher reminded her of it, it was clearly different in its own way. She would like to see how the teacher would match up to a master swordsman of her race. From either the red haired kitsune clan or black haired one. They were considered rivals in skill.

Not that she received as much training being part of the red haired kitsune. She wasn’t even allowed to train with a real swordsman. The very act of hitting a Goddess even in training would have been death. So she really couldn’t compare...destined to fight golems as her sparring partners. She was told she had great skill… but she wondered really.

When she started, she also bowed down but didn’t draw her weapon. Reserving to just rest her right hand on the smaller of the two swords grip while her left held the sheath just at the crossguard. When the dummy would attack, she would step just out of reach and slash. Cutting off one of it's arms.

it only hesitated for a moment, before it attacked in another direction. This caused her to duck down, and slash again, but it quickly danced out of the way, Selena’s tip only cutting the wood slightly. It followed up with another attack, which Selena raised her sword over her head, the tip of her sword pointing down at an angle, catching the weapon. She pushed up and pivoted her sword tip up while stepping closer allowing the dummy’s weapon to slide down and miss her as she twisted the swords blade and slashed at the opening. But barely nicked it's neck as it did a back summersault. It's foot mere millimeters from her chin.

The mood suddenly changed as she quickly went on defense now. It seemed the dummy was only getting faster and faster, causing her to dodge and parry blows from the dummies sword. Never really getting an opening to attack. She started to sweat at the excursion, as each block or parry was JUST in time. while she had similar training exercises, none of them were ever this intense. She was sure the magic was held back because of who she was. While this... this was a pure spar. Something she never had.

She messed up, thinking of her previous training sessions… caused her to lose focus. Her sword arm was twisted and grappled so she couldn’t move and she received a solid punch to her gut. Which caused her to crumple to the ground holding her stomach and letting her sword go.

She sat there for a moment, winded. She never received a hit that hard from her training dummies… She started to realize how much training she was not given...because she was...their fragile goddess. She gripped at her sword again which was dropped in the dirt annoyed. Wiping down the blade and dusting it off quickly before groaning as she stood up.

She was happy she was getting a chance to actually train. But at the same time annoyed on how much it hurt. Annoyed with how she was treated back home....and really irked the stupid dummy dropped her sword in the dirt. She gripped her sword tightly and got in a ready stance and waited for the next attack. when it came, a high cut straight down. She quickly took two steps forward, raising the blade over her head, with her right hand. The tip pointing down towards the ground and deflected the oncoming blade. She wrapped her left arm around the dummies sword arm, and cinched it to her side. Pushing her body against the dummy and her right leg behind it's right leg. She simply twisted, pulling the dummy into her with it's arm and causing it to become unbalanced and trip over her right leg.

With her blade already pointed towards the ground she quickly stabbed downward into the neck. Letting a huff out she pulled it back out and readied herself for another, while rubbed her stomach once again.

Ryker reached into his pocket with his free hand and pulled out a stick of gum, expertly unwraping it with one hand and sticking in his mouth, calming the slight anxiety that popped up from the memory. He looked away towards the girl who screamed out when he was shocked. Now that his mind was catching up with him. She was up now, moving towards them. And She was looking towards him with a tear rolling down her cheek. Suddenly a voice popped into his head, asking what happened to him. It sounded like someone was whispering directly into his ear, but no one around him asked it. The voice was different from the two next to him now. His head cocked as he thought. I was...shocked? clearly confused by who said it, and clearly connecting it with what just happened. But I'm ok. He quickly added...not knowing if he would even be answered.

The scent of Lavender overpowering the lemon and even peppermint that was always escaping his lips. He had to admit it was an extremely useful power. He didn't mind one bit that it left a scar. Just another among the many on his arm. He smiled, "Thank you. I hope I didn't cause you too much discomfort." He said, while indicating his fingers.

"This here is Sascha..." He paused for a second before realizing he was asking for his name, not if Sascha was hers. "I'm Ryker Burke... it's a pleasure to meet you all."

He looked to blond girl and smiled confidently. "No harm done, Well some harm....My favorite jacket now has a charred hole in it. Though I barely felt it. We are all learning so I don't blame you one bit... Excuse me..." He said with a chuckle.

He then looked to the girl and moved over to her and her mother. Sascha moving out from his legs and standing right by his side looking up at him. "Excuse me, are you ok?" He asked with genuine concern. Then looked the mother,"What happened? Is there anything I can do to help?"

Ryker muscles suddenly stiffened for a few seconds when he felt the electrical surge hit his arms. He didn't cry out in pain as one would expect. But he groaned through his teeth as he closed his eyes and lowered his head for a moment.

His memories flashed before him. The smell of burn flesh... the soreness from the beatings...the searing pain of that jumper cable connected to a 12 volt Battery. The screams of his brothers being tortured. He could even hear himself saying his Rank, Name and ID over and over. "Sergeant Ryker Burke, 1013758492!" Each time being asked an incomprehensible question, and shock for not answering to the torturers liking. His left hand began to shake slightly.

He shook his head a moment later to physically rid the thought from his head, and tightened his left hand into a fist. He looked over at the shorter blond, who had her hands over her mouth. A look of terror in her eyes as she looked at his arm. He looked down to see a hole in his jacket, a fresh black burn mark on his arm. Honestly he felt it only slightly. It wasn't as bad as he remembered. It was only then he seemed to warp back into the present, hearing almost everyone at once.

"Oh god I'm sorry, are you ok?"

“I mean he looks fine to me... Well, besides that gnarly scar on his arm... They must have doctors here. They wouldn’t gather a bunch of peeps with superpowers and not be ready.”

”I can help with that, give me your arm?”

Sascha suddenly pushed herself between her legs, Sensing his confusion. Ready to protect him with his order. He quickly reached down and placed a hand on her head to calm her. He hesitated for a moment before offering his arm to the guy with a nod of accepting his help, Looking to the blonde who shocked him he then said, to both her and the one who offered to help. "Its fine, It doesn't hurt that much...I'm used to it." He said realizing afterwards that would be a very awkward thing to be used to.

"It my fault. He added quickly with a smile... "I didn't mean to scare you with the Whistle..."

He was pulled away as the odd girl in a bikini and shirt suddenly appeared.

Heyo, what's happening, sorry to peep in. I just wanted to check something." She offers the sparking girl her hand. "Can you give me a zap? Just enough to make my hair stand on end. Fifty bucks says you can't do it."

What the hell, who asks for that kinda thing? He wondered, as he felt Sascha move her head closer to the new person sniffing. But she didn't move from between his legs.

Ryker sighed as he drove his old restored 70’s CJ7 Jeep up the winding road to the campsite. The wind whipping all around him, causing his brown jacket to puff in and out crazily. As he drove with the top and doors off. music blaring as he shifted through the gears on the manual transmission. He would look to his right and down and quickly rub Sascha’s head roughly. Who was sitting on the ground between the two front seats. Being a good girl and not moving from that spot.

He looked back to the road as he held one gloved hand on the shifter and the other gloved hand on the wheel. He hoped this summit wouldn’t be a waste of his time. He hoped that they could at least help him figure out how to control his new abilities. Because wearing gloves all the time didn’t work too well for him one bit. He just wanted to get back to normal as soon as he could… Everly deserved a somewhat normal home. Not one where a piece of furniture suddenly could turn into a solid piece of ice. Though...admittedly, the one upside of this, he didn’t sweat nearly as much in this humidity.... If at all really.... He thought as he tilted his head to the side.

He rounded the corner and slowed his Jeep slightly with the clutch smoothly. Looking for a spot to park, putting it into neutral and coasting into a free spot easily. He turned off his vehicle and the now super loud music cut off suddenly. He ran a hand through his hair lazily as he slid out of his Jeep. Double checking his concealed was secure on his front right hip without lifting his shirt. Before taking his shades off and slipping them on the sun visor.

He looked around and then found a good spot. Pointing while looking at Sascha, who was still in her spot but clearly ready to move in a second. ”Sascha Nocnik! A blur of fur hurled herself out of the vehicle and ran to a spot out of the way while Ryker started walking towards the cabins without watching her. Leaving his small duffle bag in the back seat. He blinked at the site of the cabins. Shaking his head. ‘Camping’...this wasn’t camping… It was a motel with multiple small buildings and a large lawn. comparison to some of the places he slept before...this was a five star hotel.

He looked around, noticing a few different people...most of them young, or his age. While he noticed an older couple here and there. As well as some strange ones, one of them including a hippy...or hipster? He couldn’t keep up with their styles… was sitting on the picnic table cross legged….Probably a hippy. She was speaking to a smaller guy with glasses. While another girl in all black was walking and scratching at herself...did someone already find the poison ivy?

He noticed three people between him and the Conference hall. A pretty blonde haired shorter woman, between two taller guys. One tall and lanky, looked like a kid really. The other one, was the definition of a surfer. The former boy was pointing to the conference hall, but he didn’t hear what he was saying.

As he came up to the three, with a girl facing away from him, while the two guys were facing towards him, He nodded to both of them before he turned around and with an incredibly sharp high pitch whistle, he called Sascha back to him. She should have had enough time to relieve herself by now.

@Heartfillia For direct contact in the same area of skin, about fifteen seconds would reach severe frostbite with potential for permanent damage. Numbness and less severe frostbite would happen much sooner. Severe frostbite from being within Ryker's power range but not direct contact would take about a minute. All of these times could decrease as Ryker grows stronger. Sound ok?

Yep! that works for me!
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