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Jett did notice the light that came from Kasuke's hand. He was totally joking about the the blinding quirk, as he had never seen her even use it. Funny how it worked out that way. Must of been fate. He never met anyone who had that quirk, the same as the first one documented. But sadly he couldn't say anything at the moment as they were engaged with the others.

After his comment about the winged man, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that Mina nodded in agreement, turning her back towards that same man "Well, he speaks like he's acting in a Greek Tragedy, he poses and he has six wings which probably means he can fly."

Nodding"I Dare say, a bit over the top with the acting as well. " He with a little smirk.

The teacher came out, debriefed them on the exercise, and showed who would be on what team. He was glad to see Reina and Fumika were on her team, and his heart skipped a beat when he saw that Kasuke was on it too...and not even a moment later he heard her say,

"Huh. Looks like we'll be on the same team, Haven."

He looked over to her with his hands on his hips. "You might want to contain your excitement a little more." He smiled jokingly as he ripped off his jacket and tossed it on a sign post nearby. The teacher had mentioned altering their clothing. Well if he didn't have to wear a stuffy jacket, he wasn't going to. Leaving just his white tee shirt on. "Heaven forbid, people might think we are friends now right?" He added with a wink before walking towards the rest of Alpha team.

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Jett Haven

"Kasuke," she answered curtly. This immediately confirming with her tone and how she answered, she was going to be a tough one... Great! He loved a good challenge.

"And 'not at all' might have been less painful, but then we wouldn't be talking, and god forbid that happened," she said with a slightly sarcastic backhanded tone that he easily picked up on."So, what's your quirk? Was it something to do with shouting? I head you shouting when we were getting to class, but I didn't hear what you said or saw what you did. I was on the other side of the school." She was at least engaging in conversation, either out of proper upbringing...the most likely, or she was intrigued... He was going to go with that.
"True, it would have been less painful and embarrassing. But I have come to know that you can't experience the sweetness of joy with out knowing the bitterness of pain. Also, for a chance to get to know you... I would go through alot more pain." He said with a genuine smile.

suddenly switching gears, he thought back to when they were rushing to class, he did yell but it was out in the yard, and it was saying thank you. But it wasn't THAT loud. She must have been referring to the one who bellowed, which he didn't hear exactly as well what had been said. He straightened up his posture...not that he had bad posture before, but there was THAT posture rich people always had. Back straight, chin slightly up. His wide smile turned to a small smirk, one that would be given if someone said something slightly funny.

"No that was not I... with my quirk, I do not need to yell or speak to use it. I try not to use is as much as I can, so I don't have to rely on my powers alone to fight." He looked back at the group as another blonde came up and asked what they think was going to happen. It was indeed odd that there are so many blondes in one class...let alone the same school. He looked back to Kasuke and continued. "I'm going to keep it at that for now, We may soon be battling each other in this training exercise. If we, by odd chance were paired together I will tell you."

Suddenly another student with blue hair... Kenichi... started to give everyone a monologue on how he was the main star of the show. Then becoming the head cheer captain trying to 'rally the troops' As good as it was for those who needed it...even he must admit, it was kinda weird. But to each their own.

He did hear Fumika Yell out "Let's pass!" He chuckled, as he did notice a slight confused look on her face when everyone looked at her. He simply made eye contact with her and gave her a confident smile and nod.

He then turned away from Kasuke, and looked at Kenichi with his arms folded a crossed his chest. Raising his voice just enough to be heard, he then said. "All well and Good Yoshida Kenichi I agree lets prove L Guardian wrong ... But I don't see the 'main character' standing before me it takes a lot more than just yelling and claiming the position. I would say more like a loud supporting one....or maybe the comic relief." He said with a slight evil grin. He honestly didn't care what the kid said...he wanted to see how he would react.

He suddenly heard the guy with six wings speak up

"Well enough! Let's bring this challenge to a perfect conclusion!"

his six wings spread out in all directions, his two palms facing upwards as if he was holding something.

He blinked a few times. His evil grin gone as blank stare came on his face. He looked back the group while jerking his finger back at the winged man.

"Then you got this guy...." He looked back at him for a moment. "I don't even know where to begin with him..." He said softly,

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Jett Haven

Jett had noticed the hesitation from the blonde girl, as if shaking hands was a foreign concept to her. He had tilted his head to the side slightly as she answered him.

"My name is Motome Fumika. Umm..."

"I like fluffy things, free running, and heroes!" "It's nice to meet you!" He pulled his head back slightly as she suddenly became confident and practically yelled her last part. He just smiled and looked over to the dark haired girl as she took his hand, in which he firmly, yet gently grasped with a big smile. He could tell she wasn't too comfortable and tried to let go quickly, but he felt that odd sensation again where his hand didn't want to leave hers, like it was gravitating towards her.

"Mori... Mori Reina," she said softly.

He did managed to pull it back with a smile. It must be something with her quirk... which would be kinda cool, in his opinion. Before he could say anything else the bell rang and the teacher had walked in, causing everyone to quickly move to their seats.

"I see that everyone is making friends but, please take your seats or get out of my class.
When the bell rings class is in session."

'tch...Mannnn' he thought as he went to his seat and sat down leaning back in his chair.

The man walked over to desk and wrote his name out on the board. Akihito Yoshida, "I am your homeroom and hero studies teacher, Akihito Yoshida. Some may know me as L guardian, the sentinel hero."

Jett, started rocking back and forth in his chair. He had heard of the guy, he was pretty good at the pro hero bit...but for some reason he couldn't remember him too much.

"As for you guys, I don't know what you are all capable of. As far as I know you probably don't even deserve to be in the hero course... But ill strike you a deal. The teacher reached under his desk and pulled out a basic all in one Track Suit with the abbreviation "K.A." on the back of it, it was blue with white stripes going along the sleeve and down the pants legs. "The hero course at Komei academy has their own special locker room at the end of this corridor, in each of the lockers is a jumpsuit just like this as well as a lock for you to place your belongings and keep them safe, these will be your gym lockers for the year." Yoshida sensei put the jumpsuit on his desk and place his hands on the table as he leaned over it giving an intense look. "frankly, I dont believe any of you deserve to be here. The test we do here is what I believe too easy...Luckily I was given free reign over how I teach my class, so dress out and head to Training ground Echo on the far West side of campus

Thats it.. he probably didn't remember too much about him cause quite frankly... he's an ass. Jett thought to himself.

Time for Battle training to see who is skilled, and who isn't. A word of advice, Stick to your strengths"
the brown haired teacher exited the classroom as the others began to get up and follow. He waited and glanced around at everyone before getting up himself and making his way to the locker room himself.


Jett had quickly made his way out of the locker room and into the training area. When he saw it he began to grow excited at seeing the construction zone. If one to look close enough at his eyes, one could say they saw stars in them. It was basically a big playground for him...and played perfectly into par kour.

He started bouncing on his toes as his blood began to pump and he could barely contain his excitement. He noticed not everyone was here yet so he decided to warm up, throwing in one his cordless headphones. (As so the teacher could not see them) He began to bounce back and forth in a loose fighting stance, and stretch a little as his music built up. He began to move around, shadow boxing with punches at first, then turned to some kicks, the momentum of the wide swinging ones carrying him around the area.

This lasted a few minutes be he felt comfortable, and warmed up. He then glanced back at his class and looked at the ones speaking to each other. Motome was speaking with a Ghost? That's interesting. He looked around some more and noticed Reina standing by her self a little back from the group. He was about to go over and speak with her... but with the feeling he got from her as she was shy and a bit uncomfortable from before, he didn't want to overwhelm her... and she seemed to be giving herself a pep talk.

He sighed and noticed a blonde bombshell standing by herself. With her posture and chin up, he could tell. She was from a rich family like him....possibly more so. As the way she was standing apart from the group, he could tell she was going to be an interesting one to crack. He started his way over to her, casually hoping over some materials as easily as walking. He then crawled up a side of small bulldozer and swung himself up onto the arms/ hydrollics and leaped down gracefully just five feet infront of her to get that sudden dramatic appearance effect.

He gave one of his signature crooked smiles, placing his right hand over his chest and gave a formal bow. And going with his most cheesy pickup lines "I must say, your quirk must be blinding, because when I saw you, everything else faded away." He chuckled and looked up at her giving her a moment before saying. "A bit much? I thought so myself. But I figured I must go big or not at all..."

With a mischievous smile he then said, "Let me redo this...My name is Jett Haven, and it's an honor to make your acquaintance."

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Jett Haven

He smiled when the girl holding the door looked back to him he felt an odd pull towards her for just a moment before it going away completely. Strange... but he quickly forgot about it as he slowed to a stop pass the door as she motioned up the stairs. With a large grin he let out a sigh, catching his breath slightly. "Thanks for that." He said looking right at her, though she missed it as she was looking away from him. He walked up the stairs beside the girl with the seven orbs floating above her. He glanced at his watch to make sure they had time. Surprisingly it was drawing close. But a few minutes to spare.

He glanced up to see the blonde girl who had opened the window from before. She was holding the door open for them as well. He still had his big grin as he nodded to her in thanks. She also fell in step with them as they continued to look for their class room. He was wondering what he should say, but now stuck between two cute girls... his voice seemed to get stuck in his throat.

'come on really Jett?' he thought to himself. He usually was the talkative one, but here he was walking silently... and before he could manage to break through his own barrier, the dark haired girl spoke up and asked what class were they in.

"Which classes are you guys in?..."

Jett noticed that she was looking away from them as she spoke. He, already smiling, smiled even more to try and make her more comfortable, but before he could answer the blonde reached out and grabbed the dark haired girls sleeve. He glanced at her and up at the sign which indicated A-1.

"Umm... My class is here - class A-1,"

He stopped as the sudden realization that this was his stop as well. He made his way over to the door and heard the commotion inside, obviously most of the students were in there now. He looked back at the two girls while opening the door them with a big smile. "It appears that we are classmates then..." Which was really just focused to the blonde girl, as the dark haired one didn't even say, but he hoped she was. "I am in A-1 as well. It's a pleasure to meet the both of you." With his charming smile he gave a small bow of his head and continued, "After you..."

He waited for them to enter and followed suit, adjusting the sleeves of his white shirt as he glanced around the room. It was filled with some rowdy students, and some cute ones, and some interesting looking ones. "Well...this is going to be an interesting year..." Looking back to the two girls that arrived with him he offered his hands to them and said, "Oh by the way, My name is Jett Haven. What are your names?"
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