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Jett stood there as Haruka freaked out. Any other day he would have laughed. As scaring Haruka was one of the few ways he could see her blush. She was so cute when she blushed… and that squeak. It was adorable. She tried to get away, only to tople forward onto the ground. This caused him to have a ghost of a smile. Remembering those old days, mixed with his emotions of these past few, it tore away his enjoyment of it. That and the fact that he just caused a one legged girl to fall over. He felt bad about that.

As much as he did though he reached out to help her but hesitated. Haruka was an extremely independant and proud girl, she even got mad at him for hugging her the other day. He didn’t want to cause anymore trouble honestly. He did however step over the bench as she called him a jerk and reminding him how he wasn’t supposed to scare her. He didn’t know what to say really. He hesitated again as he looked at her. She then added ‘I’m sorry…’ trying to hide her face.

Her just saying that really meant she meant it. There were only a handful of times she actually broke down and apologize or admitted she was wrong. It was a big step, and yet he felt bad as well. It was his fault for getting so mad in front of everyone.

He was silent for a bit, trying to find the right words to say, or what to do with himself. He finally sighed, knowing she would probably still get mad at him, but ignoring it away, he knelt down in front of her on one knee, He tried to give her privacy by not looking her directly in the eyes, but reached out and grabbed her crutch. Pulling it behind him he then reached forward with his other hand. “Here…” He said, waiting for a moment for her to either take his hand or not, if she didn’t he would wrap his arm around her waist and lift her up.

Once he had lifted her up he loosened his hold on her for a moment so she could stand on her own foot, bringing her crutch to her reach, if she chose to sit or stand, it didn’t matter. He then looked at her and said, “Thank you... I am also sorry Haruka. I embarrassed you in front of everyone. “

He sighed. “I still don't get why you wouldn’t tell me… “
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Manda sighed with relief as the girl answered her, simply nodding as she leaned back and caught herself with her hands. The whole world growing dizzy around her. It had been a while since she managed to close up a severed arm, even still the boy will need doctors to properly reroute his arteries. “L...ance…” She said over the comms softly. Trying to reach back into one of her pouches but couldn’t get the clip undone. Her eyes narrowing as a pained look came upon her face as she tried again and again.

Shortcut heard Manda on the coms and launched himself onto the roof, making his way up to where Manda was and saw her collapsed on her hip in front of another girl. She looked super tired and he knew she had used her quirk, seeing the dark haired boy being carried away by sky defender, she must have stopped the bleeding in his arm. As well as the girl in front of her, it was clear that she was done, and needed help.

Crouching down, “You need your fluid?” he asked simply and recieved a tiny yes from her, with a nod as well. He went for the pouch that she was attempting to open and popped it open with ease, pulling out a bag filled with liquid. Poking a hole in it, he handed it to Manda, while at the same time lifting her easily with one arm, similar to how a father would hold a child sitting in the crook of his arm. Manda took the bag and pushed it to her mouth. Squeezing the sugary drink filled full with electrolytes and other vitamins and minerals that she loses with healing.

He looked over to Reina when she said Haven-san. She could see his eyes and notice him raising an eyebrow. How did she know his last name? He shook his head and realized, it was his costume… this girl must have been in his son’s class.

He then spoke up, “That is correct young lady, however…” He reached up with his right arm and unhooked his mask, revealing an older version of Jett, along with a five oclock shadow of a beard. “I am Jett’s father, Lance. It’s a pleasure to meet you miss…” He said as he offered his hand to her, while still holding Manda like a child easily.

The girl glanced from the tired Manda back to the man as he addressed her. She blinked as he revealed his face. Jett’s father. That made sense.

She nodded politely, gazing at his hand for a moment before giving a tiny, sheepish smile.

“Um… my arm is kind of broken, I think…” she said with a subtle motion of her head towards her right side. “It was a lot worse before she used her quirk on me, but…” The girl double-checked, raising her arm up several inches. Her brow furrowed slightly. “Yeah, it still hurts a bit. Not really responding how it should.”

Her arm was still broken in a dozen places, but it had been set straight. Evidently, the woman’s quirk was draining on her and she hadn’t been able to do more than what she managed. That was fine--her arm was no longer the completely mangled mess it had been a minute before. The rest of her body was in similar shape--heavy bleeding had been stopped, but everything still hurt. Relative to what she had been experiencing during the ordeal, though, it was nothing.

She glanced between Lance and the woman. “Reina Mori,” she said, returning the introduction. Her gaze settled for a moment on the woman. “Thank you,” the girl said, smiling lightly for another moment before worry returned to her reserved expression. “Will you be okay?”

He lowered his hand in understandment when she mentioned her arm still hurt. So helping her up would only make it worse. Before he could say anything Manda lowered the half drunk bag and allowed it to drop to her chest, she smiled weakly her head resting on Lances shoulder. She was really tired. “Yes, I should be fine…I just need to replenish my fluids, I had forgotten how much caping a severed arm could do.” She weakly waved her free hand at Reina. “Don’t worry though.” She glanced up to Lance and said, she still is danger. We need to take her to the hospital without moving her arm too much. Her bones could cut her arteries once again, leave me here, I’ll be fine.”

He shook his head,” I can take you both. Your gonna need a lot more fluids than what you have on you. I’ve never seen you this drained before.” Lance moved to the side of Reina and crouched down next to her. “I know it might not be ideal, but I can get you to the hospital quickly, we are going to have to secure your arm first. And that's going to hurt a bit, are you ok if I make a splint for it?”

Reina’s expression lightened as the woman reassured her. “... sorry for getting hurt so bad it took that much out of you to keep us from dying,” the girl said, a subtle wry smile on her lips making it clear she wasn’t totally serious--though she did feel bad about it. The woman was a hero though, so helping out a couple of kids was probably something she was happy to do.

The dark-haired girl turned her attention to Lance, shrugging lightly. “It’s not going to be pain any worse than what I’ve already dealt with today.” She pushed herself up to her feet with her better, only fractured arm, hiding much of the struggle behind a stony expression. Holding out her right arm slightly, as though to say ‘go for it,’ she glanced up the man. “... and thank you, as well.” Reina paused, frowning slightly. “Would… would you happen to know how Kaida-san and Kusayanagi-san are?” she asked, glancing in the direction the alleyway where the Cerberus had been.

Manda looked at the girl as she smiled, she could see she didn’t regret her decision, with the way she fought and held onto the boy, it was clear. At least to her. She had a slight smirk of her own as Lance lowered her to sit on the ground once again. She pointed to another pouch, at which Lance pulled out a wrap from.

While she went to work finishing the last of her liquid, he turned to Reina and broke his spear In two, though upon a closer look, it seemed that it was meant to do that. He took the butt end of it and placed it to the arm she gave him, wrapping the cloth around her arm, tightly to her arm so it wouldn’t shift any more. As he worked he then answered her question. “Miss Beaumont and mr. Kusayanagi are already at the hospital by now I believe.”

Once done, he made sure his spear tip was secured to his back. Reaching down and helping Manda open another fluid pack before lifting her and saying to Reina, “alright, time to take you to the hospital as well.” He said with a smile. Just as he did Manda with his left hand, he picked up Reina with his right arm. “Hold on.” He said quickly before he launched himself from his standing position a crossed a few rooftops, landing amazingly softly for such speed and height, and repeated the process for a few minutes before coming to an end at the hospital. Walking through the front door they were met by a few nurses with wheelchairs. Manda explained reinas condition and her own, both were lead off to other rooms. Manda a private room, Reina to the same room as Michiko, and Kaida. A doctor was coming to meet her there. Once she would be wheeled in, she would notice a tall man with dark hair, white shirt and tie walk out, and her grand uncle sitting there waiting.

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Jett sighed in relief...if his mother caught whiff of any girl who was a potential girlfriend she would interrogate them and tell embarrassing stories of him instantly. When she did bring up his Grandfather he nodded his head while shaking it, as a ‘somewhat’ response. “ He does that with many of his students, mostly to those he has a connection to. He sees all his students as his children. He does it to show that he cares for you, that you’re not alone here at school and that he sees potential in you. I don't think he did it because of your mother.” He said trying to explain that it was supposed to be a good thing, that he had an eye on her. Clearly he saw potential in Kasuke.

He looked to Dulga as she stomped her foot, mentioning it was fine. He started to wonder how crazy this fight got. She then turned to him and explained in very vague detail what was talked about. He didn’t push the issue, it really wasn’t his place. Also doing it to show he respected her privacy...perhaps that would gain some points with her...after seeing her dance it seemed she was irritated with him all the time...except for now, he wondered what changed.

She then commented what she also asked, and how she responded. His eyes went wide for a moment as he pulled his head back. She got him for a moment, but he shook his head. If that were true… he would have had a slap to the back of the head instantaneously. His mother didn’t need a clear line of site to teleport like he did.

He didn’t say anything, about this though, just chuckled slightly while scratching his chin as if he was worried now. He was slightly, just that he didn’t know what angle Dulga was playing.

He heard a small voice behind him and he looked over his shoulder. His eyebrows raised in curiosity. When he saw the hair, he thought it was Fumika...then he noticed how short it was, and as she started speaking excitedly to Kasuke, he knew for sure it wasn’t her. His thoughts turned back to the end of the first day of school… that's where he recognized her.

He instantly stood a little straighter, turning around to face Asuke and glanced around when it clicked...she came with Haruka last time to visit Fumika. Sadly his quick scan of the area did not catch Haruka. Did she not come?

He sighed and looked back as she was explaining she was here to see her sister, surprising still that fumika’s sister seemed so normal compared. He smiled as she asked where the dorms were and was about to jerk his thumb over his shoulder when she looked at him, seemingly just noticing him. Her demeanor becoming more soft and sheepish.

She then started talking about the other day, that part of her reason of coming was to apologize for Haruka. This he believed sort of. Haruka was not one to apologize easily, she always had to be right and was hardheaded. She has done it a few times, but this was something he could see her doing.

It took him off guard that she would send someone else, instead of saying it over the phone. It kinda hurt that she did really. He was silent, clearly having a conflict in his own mind. Really turning this onto himself, he should be the one to apologize. He made a huge thing out of it. Well it was huge. She lost a leg and she didn't tell him? He thought they were best friends. But still it should have been a private matter, not in front of his dorm .

He opened his mouth a few times, hesitating as if changing his mind a few times. He pulled his phone out to see if she even texted him. Which she didn’t. Dulga then made a blunt comment, which to be honest he agreed with her. Haruka and him needed to talk, not have a mediator.

He didn’t however like how she suddenly attacked Asuka, he didn’t know their relationship, but he thought Dulga was being a bit harsh, ”Sorry about her, she can be quite blunt at times. He said to Asuka. She is partially right though, I would rather talk to Haruka myself about it. She’s not to blame totally, I’m at fault equally. Do you know where I can find her? She doesn’t answer my texts...

Once again he vanished in a puff of smoke, just before the boy without an arm walked over to their group. When he realized what happened he gritted his teeth. But stopped in surprise when he realized...he teleported right behind Haruka who was sitting on a bench. Which was only right around the corner from where he was standing basically.

He only had one thing to say at the moment. ”Really?!” He asked in a calm are you serious kinda tone.

Rakasha was gaining the upper hand with Takeshi, knocking him onto his back, When suddenly he felt massive pain in his leg, and gravity pushing him away. He caught himself with his tentacles so he didn’t fall over, but as he fell back he noticed Sky defender coming at him, He pulled his tentacles back, wincing as he placed pressure on his foot and blocked her attack meant for his back.

It glanced though, and cut through his arm, cutting off the tendon and rendering his left arm useless. He grunted in pain and fell to his knees, his ankle giving out as well. He looked over to Takeshi who was getting back up slowly, He looked over to Reina who was also on the ground from slide tackling him. He grunted and lifted his right knee to try and get up, but his left ankle was too painful still.

This was the only reason he let Aurelia so close with her sword pointed at his chin. Acting all high and mighty like she defeated him...just came in on the coat tails and took Takeshi’s moment.

She told him to give up, that he was defeated. His eyes burned with defiance and hate as he left his sword on the ground and lifted his hand to the wraps on his face, yanking it down. He spat blood from his mouth on her shoes.

He then ripped his wraps off with ease, with all the cuts they received in battle they were practically falling off. “Don't get cocky...I was already dead, Before Reaper sealed the deal…” He said as he touched his wound Takeshi gave him. Aurelia, Reina and Takeshi could see sores that covered his body, along with an insane amount of scars. Takeshi knew what the sores were...cancer. He was dying for the past two years.

“Don’t think you stand a chance because you defeated me… I was fighting you with only a quarter of my original strength…” He coughed up some more blood. He looekd to Takeshi and grinned. “It was good to see the Reaper again. You’ve gotten stronger...thats for sure. But, You can never escape being a killer Takeshi…My death proves it….” As he spoke two of his tentacles, looking like they were simply falling back to the earth, slowly pulled back into his body, one around his leg, and the other sliding down the back of his worthless arm, hidden from their view.

Takeshi only narrowed his eyes, it was true...he reverted to his training and aimed to kill Takumi. He was a killer...but he did it to protect Reina. However, he did see the tentacles moving to his leg. Takeshi pushed himself to lunge at Aurelia.

Looking to Aurelia once again, he smiled wickedly. “I’M RAKASHA!” Two more tentacles exploded from his back, making the count six now, while the two that wrapped around his arm and leg snapped tightly to them Another knocked Auriela’s sword to the side as He gripped his sword. Another one of his tentacles shot out from behind his back aimed for her chest.

How ever, it didn’t connect with her chest, as Takeshi managed to push her away at the last moment but feeling a sharp pain in his own chest. Rakasha continued his rallying cry. “ONE OF THE FOUR FANGS OF THE SHADOW CLAN!” He ripped out the tentacle from Takeshi’s chest and went for his neck with his own sword, while another tentacle reached out and grabbed Riena’s leg, dragging her back towards him. “WE ARE THE NIGHT, WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!”

Takeshi managed to block the sword strike with sheer luck with the pommel of his sword. He saw Rakasha pulling out a cylinder from his waistband. Takeshi yelled, “AURELLIA GET DOWN!” He kicked Rakasha away and dove for Riena, dropping his sword and reaching out to Rakasha’s tentacle that held her and focused, causing it to suddenly sprout spikes just a few feet from her foot, catching the ground and stopping, while he grunted to gather his shadow around his back.

He landed in front/on top of Reina without actually landing on her, wrapping his right arm around her, and his left stump... as suddenly there was a big explosion behind them. Rakasha blew himself up, while not destructive like a pipe bomb, it was more of a napalm, quickly engulfing Rakasha in liquid flame. Last thing any of them could hear was laughing before silence..

Shortcut stopped for a moment after the dog was sliced in two. He understood the purpose of teamwork and how the military worked, yet these hero's were never in the military, and it seemed odd to watch them. Once the wolf was lifted into the air, Marge punched Shortcut in the forearm. "Hey! throw me up there!" She said while pointing with her head towards the wolf. While the plan seemed great and all, Shortcut realized the same thing that Marge did. The wolf was about to shrink, and those chains will not hold it for long.

He gripped Marge by the back of her vest Gladly... He said with a chuckle. At which Marge looked at him and realized, "wai..." With the effort one would put in tossing a trash bag underhanded into a dumpster, he sent Marge launching towards the wolf.

A sight to see...a midget with a machine gun flying through the air yelling in excitement. She landed on the wolf and rolled, like this move she just pulled was something she did every day. She instantly started running up to the head of the wolf, her gun pointed down as she unloaded her magazine as she ran. Once out she flung it over her shoulders onto her back and gripped the wolfs head. And stood there as it tried to nash at her, but just barely out of its reach. After a moment she Jumped off the wolf yelling once again. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" A few moments later, the entire beast exploded like a real bomb, despite being just shadows. Leaving the chains dangling in the air.

She rolled to her feet and stood up as tall as she could. Proud of her work. Looking back to Shorcut as he said, Good job! You didn't blow up half of a block!" He laughed, as he walked over to the middle of the ally. Looking up to the skyknights. Hearing suddenly another explosion close by, he looked back at Marge who raised her hands. "Not one of mine!"

Mina looked up in shock when Jett teleported mid-sentence. That seemed unexpected, erratic and annoying to deal with."There's a silver lining, though," she replied. "I was scared your quirk might be gone forever. This proves that's not the case, and that getting back to normal is possible. As for the black eye, I got it from sparring today with Dulga. out of hand, and I think I really need to work on steeling my will, stopping anybody from getting under my skin, and stop letting my emotions get the better in me in the heat of battle. It's why I lost to Dulga. It's why I went after Amane after being saved, against all logic. Against everything but ego, in fact. I've never lost before, and honestly, it's messed me up a little."

Jett shrugged… She was right, it was progress, even though it didnt feel like it at the moment. He raised an eyebrow when he caught she said she was scared. Why was she scared about his quirk not coming back?

When she mentioned fighting with Dulga he just sighed. Honestly this girl is a glutton for punishment. But she explained why she lost and he nodded, and he could see why she kinda broke down. He was silent for a bit before he then said, Well… now that you know what you need to do...stop beating yourself up. He looked at her with a small smile. ”We really should get some Ice on that...

But before they could, he saw Dulga walking up towards them. He honestly didn’t know what was gonna happen...Dulga never seemed to like him, throwing him out of windows, and Glaring at him...all for just catching her dancing.

She asked how they were holding up. He shrugged. “F-”

Disappearing once more in a puff of smoke and reappearing ten feet away. -ine He finished with Irritation. He walked back over and rubbed the back of his head, slightly embarrassed. Just stuck to where I was six years ago with my quirk. Wincing at the headache that followed.

”How was speaking with my mother? She can be blunt...and scary at times...but she means well…”

Surely this would be surprising for Dulga for him to know who she just spoke too. Or creepy...hopefully it was the former. My mother spoke to me a bit before looking for you guys...

As if realizing Mina was there with his mom. He looked to her… She...didn’t say anything...weird right?!” Sometimes he wished his mom could be like most mothers and tell their sons to stay away from girls and don't get into trouble with them...she encouraged it.

Shortcut stopped following Oni when a shadow appeared in front of him, He moved his spear in to intercept when the shadow copied his movement exactly, he hesitated for a moment before moving it to the right, which was copied yet again.

He suddenly heard a boy yell out. “They are a copy of you! Only way to defeat it is not fighting it like you normally would, but rather what you wouldn’t do!”

He looked over to see a bloody dark haired samurai looking over to him, before he turned away and chased after the two that ran away and the girl that followed them.

He turned and thought, what wouldn’t he do? After a second he stood up straight, un-holstered his pistol and shot it in the head in a fluid motion and without hesitation. He would never go for a headshot in a real fight…

Once the thing crumbled to the ground and vanished he hurried over to Kadia. Kneeling down, he holstered his pistol and running a hand over her forehead and asking, “Are you alright Kadia Beaumont?”

Kaida glanced up at him her eyes barely opening as she moaned. “Je...t?” She asked as he picked her up, She blushed as he did. He came for her? How did he even know she was in danger? But he was strong enough to scare that man away…

She clearly wasn’t thinking clearly as her head was throbbing now from multiple concussions. She slipped back out of consciousness as her head fell against his chest.

Right after that the tiny girl, literally a midget ran up to Shortcut and said with a wicked smile on her face. “Better not let Sarge see ya like that. You know how crazy she gets!”

She looked passed him to see the cerberus and smiled more. “Come on! We better get in there before the sky knights take all the fun! Let's show them how real soldiers fight compared to their ‘fake army’.”

Without waiting for a response She ran as fast as she could towards the three headed dog “COME HERE CLIFFORD! COME HERE PUPPY! WHO WANTS A STICK!? I GOT A STICK FOR YOU!!!” She roared in her tiny voice as she pulled a stick of dynamite out of her pack.

“Marge...please dont destroy another city block.” A calm and collected voice came in over the coms.

“Come on Manda! You know that wasn’t ENTIRELY My fault! AND IT’S ONE STICK! “

With that she lit it and threw it high and impressively far for such a little person. Two loud rifle shots could be heard as the bullets aimed for the right heads right eye, trying to distract it from the dynomite.

“FIRE IN THE HOLE!” Marge screamed loud enough for everyone to hear.

After Takeshi warned the others about the shadow clones he turned to his clone and rushed forward, his shadow attacked with a fast diagonal attack, which Takeshi reached out with his left arm and stopped with his makeshift hand. Quickly cutting through the shadow and rushing after Reina. “REINA STOP!” He called out, he was honestly shocked that Reina was chasing after them, she looked really hurt with every movement.

But she was already blowing past cerberus after brutally blowing one of her orbs through its head. He sprinted after her, stumbling a bit at the beginning as he got dizzy but pushed through it and after her.

He jumped up the rubble to the second floor and again to the roof, scrambling on all three limbs near the top to finally get there. He saw her running straight for hades and Raksha, Who inturned stopped, after speaking to each other for a second. Hades lowered Rakasha to the ground and hesitantly continued to run after Raksha pushed him away and unsheathed his sword.

Reina was about to deal with a cornered dying tiger… She wouldn't expect what he was gunna plan to do. Groaning in pain as he pushed himself even faster, running awkwardly with his new ‘arm’ now, he raced to cut her off.

Back in the alley

Shortcut had noticed the two leaving and looked to Aurelia, “Sky defender! They are chasing the two villains they will need your help! Let us help your team in your stead!

He handed off Kadia to one of her men and kicked his spear up from the ground into his hand.

Rakasha growled as his brother left…If he was going to die, he was going to die with a sword in his hand and regain his honor. The girl was getting closer as he bent over into a low stance ready to kill her. As she got close enough, all four tentacles shot out at her, while it was only two that was aimed for her, while two were launched into the ground in front of her, As she would deal with the two tentacles, he would pull himself at her with all his might, his sword at the ready, However this didn’t work because suddenly a rod shot up out of the ground and hit him right in the gut.

He coughed up some blood with the force of the hit as he looked to the side to see Takeshi running towards them. A low rising yell came from Takeshi as he followed up with a slash of his own, Rakasha parried and the two delivered more blows between each other. While the two tentacles that were aimed for Reina were now flaying around her trying to keep her busy while he was focused on Takeshi.

“Takeshi the Reaper…” Rakasha grunted as he continued to slash and perry, “Never thought I see you fight like this again little brother…”

Jett stood there silent as Mina brought her tears under control and told him not try to comfort her. He felt like it was a harsh but blunt Jab, but rightly deserved. He felt awkward during this entire thing as Mina went on. She went on to apologize and thank him but it felt weird to him. She did just burst into tears a moment ago at his words. She was even thanking him for saying that.

Honestly he never had a girl react to him like this before and it was off putting. Haruka would have just stormed off calling him an idiot. But she then moved onto asking about his quirk, he hesitated for a moment before scratching the back of his head. ”I still can’t control it, through the past day or so I’ve been randomly teleport- He vanished in a puff of black smoke. Reappearing, dangling in a branch above Mina. -ing.

Realizing he just did it again he growled angrily. This hasn’t happened since he was ten. Its something he didn’t want to spend another five years dealing with. He let go of the branch and fell. Landing on his feet he straightened his shirt which was bunched up now from holding on over his head. Running a hand through his hair to get rid off all the leaves that managed to get stuck in his hair, except one.

He looked to Mina, Its been an annoying few days to say the least. He noticed a black eye starting to form. ”Are you ok? Did you get that from training as well?” He ask as motioned to her eye.

Oni looked on with genuine surprise when a man forced his way out of Hade’s shadows. Even more when he recognized it was Reaper...He wasn’t expecting that. He looked at Michiko, knowing that was only a quirk she and Sensei had, but neither were able to pull others into shadows before.

He watched the ruthlessness Takeshi had and quickly dispatched Rakasha, giving him a fatal blow at the side. It was good to see the reaper once again. It gave him hope of a challenge. Even more, He managed to pull of a quirk manipulation. Something he never was able to do before. Perhaps this school was good for him? Or was it that the girl he clearly liked was in danger?

He looked back to Aurelia and the dragon girl as they charged him. With a sweep of his hand, two normal sized tigers suddenly materialized and lept to intercept them. Shifting his body to grab his sword.Ill put you dogs down then!

He suddenly recoiled back the way he turned from with a grunt, just before everyone could hear a shot of rifle.

Then suddenly a tiny girl with a shotgun started shooting into the air at Hades, while another man jumped down, from the broken building above and slammed his spear into the ground, Oni having taken a step back to just miss it. Seeing the man as the other students would see as Shortcut?! Create a crater with his strike.

Kaida’s eyes grew wide, after the initial scare of of hearing a gunshot she looked down to see...Jett?! He came to save her?! Her heart leaped for a moment but quickly turned to fear, she didn’t want him to get hurt like Roy! But before she could say anything she was tossed to the side hard, grunting as she hit the ground. The multiple hits to the head starting to take its toll as she slowly closed her eyes.

Shortcut didn’t let up as he quickly aimed a few jabs with his spear at Oni, who by now tossed Kadia to the side and pulled his odatchi and katana from his back, the chains that tied them together. With great force and seemingly low effort he gripped his odatchi with both hands and swung his katana out and around, forcing shortcut to jump back to avoid being hit. The katana continued to swing around giving oni a wide berth as he looked around.

As much as he wanted to squash these fools...he knew there were just too many at the moment. Not that he doubted his skills in killing each and every one...but sure enough more are coming as proof of the newcomers.

Fetch! Time for use to leave. Hades! Pull back.”

A few seconds later, black shadows started forming in front of everyone, quickly taking shape into….themselves! Black silhouettes of every hero here, including Reina and Takeshi.

Oni pulled his katana back into his hand and leapt up to the second story of the building behind him. Looking at Rakasha who was now laying on his back, having been kicked by the girl that he was about to kill. He wasn’t dead yet. But his wound he recieved from takeshi was a sure death. ”Rakasha! Redeem yourself!” He yelled before vanishing into the shadows of the room behind him.

Acion Nakamiji
Albert Saratogi
Forte Dragunov

Aurelia Nakamiji


The three high-ranked Sky Knights were in shock. The one more complete was the one in question. How the hell did they?!

Her two friends were now looking at her, trying to confirm if he was bluffing or no. And it seemed to be the latter case. They knew everything, even Aurelia’s breakfast routine. And her they thought that Sky Knights were one of the group with one of the most well-informed, most well intelligence.

If the threats were merely a wind pass the ears, the revelation were the real warning rocking to their core.

While they were still recovering, the boy in blonde was in complete rage mode, intending to lash out at the opponent a thousand, no a million, times stronger than him.

None of the Sky Knights were quick enough to intervene with this kid. He was crazy. And the result was as expected. He was now flat on the ground, with a crater built especially for him. Aurelia and Albert could only look as he got utterly smashed.

The sheer explosion of the attack and impact of Roy’s body was enough to stop the fighting in the air and cause everyone, including Hades to look down. Kadia continued to struggle to make sure Roy was ok.

But the dragon-girl was different.

She was looking at Kaida. That silver-hair. That tied bun. Those violet eyes. And Beaumont? No way…

”My apologies to you, but you can’t take her with you either.”

The man turned back towards the dragon girl, “There's no room for discussion, Kaida is coming back with us, along with Michiko. Or shall I crush you here and now?”

Suddenly in their coms they could hear a new male voice. “Sky Defender...I am almost into position, keep him talking, but I need you to get him to face the street...If you can hear me rub your right wrist like it hurts.”

And of course they heard it. Perfectly clear.

”If you are informative enough to know Aurelia’s morning routine, then you better know who I am.”

The Chinese-originated girl was continuing the speech when Aurelia moved her left hand on her right, grabbing her right wrist, clutching it before rubbing it a bit. She did not know what the hell is going on, but it looked like he was somewhat a hero. Why else would he be able to go through the intercom?

”That girl is our arch-enemy. Or rather the daughter of our arch-enemy. I need not know about you. I need not know about that wretched soul rotting in prison. I, no we, need to know about this girl. Whether or not she will pose another threat to us again, just like decades ago.”

Kadia widened her eyes at the woman who said she was her arch enemy, then went on to clarify that it was her father. She recognized her? Who she was? But more importantly she was being kidnaped! And that was her reason for wanting her to stay behind? To see if she was dangerous? Despite how crazy it seemed, she hoped it worked...

The man looked at her, then to kaida, then back to the woman and scoffed. “This little girl is the least of your concerns… She is under the protection of my clan from now on...she won't be leaving anytime soon either.”

[color=007236]“I need a clear shot Aurelia, and the girl he’s holding is in the way. Figure something out quickly…”[color] The voice came through once again, even though it was a few seconds before he spoke, every moment counted.“Get ready when you do, I need two of you to go after the tentacle guy and save those girls while Aurelia will take the the main guy. Once you hear the gunshot bolt.”

The instruction came in repeatedly. The three knights were getting more and more desperate. Yet their face was as calm as ice. Should they trust this guy? He was giving orders. But they had to. It was their only shot at this moment.

Albert suddenly winked with the dragon-girl, a quick wink that she barely noticed but she did.

”Discussion with you is futile.”

The man before them looked to Rakasha and said, “Show them what happens when they don't obey…” Rakasha simply nodded and raised his sword, looking to Reina who was still struggling.

“Say Hello to Takeshi for me…”

That moment, the man with the saber suddenly lifted his two hands up, forming an X letter. It was a clear indication that he was attempting a Psychokinetic Scream, an ability that can render every ears unprotected in a certain radius completely useless, for at least a while. Something the Shadow Clan should know...

Suddenly, from above, a crow just above hades started cawing loudly, but not a normal caw. This was a strange and pained demented sound as if it was being strangled. Causing Everyone to look up.The shadow bird was flapping in place frantically as it started to grow larger and larger. Till it was the size of a human, before it suddenly started to fall like a brick, and a wordless yell came from it as the shadow suddenly shrunk once more, revealing a man, bloody, falling with his sword raised over his head, aiming for Rakasha.

Rakasha looked up confused and barely had enough time to raise his own blade, dropping Reina and blocking the powerful overhand attack that knocked him back, Gaining his footing again, just in time to block three more blows from the man in front of him with demonic rage in his eyes. He tried to use his tentacles to knock the man back, but for some reason he felt all four of them suddenly get restrained… He tried to glance to see what happened and saw his tentacles having shadows coming up from the ground and melting into them… this man had taken over his own quirk and forced it to take a different shape... felt a blade slice open his side. He fell, to his knees and looked at the man before him, The only two people who could do that was Oni and Sensei… as he looked at this man, he could see a shirt torn to pieces, covered in nasty bitemarks. Eyes filled with hate and killer instinct. His left forearm was also completely black.

He couldn’t believe it, it was Reaper...It was Takeshi…

Acion Nakamiji
Albert Saratogi
Forte Dragunov

Aurelia Nakamiji

Roy Kusayanagi

“They’re gonna kill us...aren't they?"

Roy lookeded her in the eyes, almost wishing he hadn't. It hurt to look at her and all he could see was despair, he honestly didn't know what was going to happen next. They came and destroyed them without any effort, killing off their best fighter within minutes. It was discouraging for sure but he could let Kaida know about what was on his mind. He kneeled down and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"No...we're not..we wont die here. I've been close to death many times in my life, and the odd thing about it is you never know when it will come for you. I refuse to go right here and just like Reina i'll put everything on the line if it means we get to see another sunrise."

Suddenly, a single clap could be heard in the destroyed ally, after a moment another, then another in a mocking sound. A tall man in more traditional clothing seemingly materialized out of the shadows that remained in the ally. He too wore a mask, more detailed than the previous two men, and more evil looking. Having on his back a Odachi, a chain connected to the pommel, wrapped around his shoulder and waist a few times before connecting again to another katana on his back. He stopped just next to the cylinder of light Roy made. His head turning to the side to look at the boy who was trying to comfort that girl. His hands dropping to the side. Seemingly totally uninterested and unafraid in the three pro heros standing in front of him.

“Brave words Roy Kusayanagi. But that is all they are. It would seem Kadia Beaumont is right today. You will all die…” He said in a deep distorted voice.

Roy felt a chill go down his spine as he turned turned the commanding voice behind him. Upon getting a look on who it was he couldn't help but sense the unreal amount of bloodlust that resonated from the unknown man.

“Ho-how do you know our names?”

All he could do was talk and grasp dearly onto any amount of time .

“Who the hell are you guys?”

He was asking pointless questions, things that had nothing to do with the situation at hand. It was as if his mind had shutdown and his body was acting on its own. Roy stood up to look face to face at the man though deep down he was terrified, for once he felt like he was truly going to die.

Kaida didn't seem to really hear Roy’s answer to her if she didn’t believe it. Like Roy as well, she also received a chill down her spine when she heard the clapping. She looked behind her to see a tall man and her blood froze when she heard him speak. She's met this man before...recognizing his mask, and that cold disconnected voice. She pulled back unconsciously to the other side of the cylinder. He was just as scary…. The only other man she met that was as scary as her father…. She didn’t dare breath a word, even though commented on her question, fear building again inside her…

The two relieving professional heroes arrived just in time. Not to fight the two subordinates, but rather to witness this new entity appearing in front of them.

”Must be their boss…” The leader mumbled under her breathe, whispering to her two dear friends.

The black haired man merely unsheathed his blade. But to demonstrate he was no mere normal nameless heroes, he stabbed his saber onto the ground. Instantly, debris around him began to lift up by itself. Big, small, he effortlessly lifted it.

The other girl with black hair and a pair of dragon-horns also demonstrated not a glimpse of fear. Her eyes had turned from white to blood red. Her irises appeared a slit, and the edge seemed to glow with intensity.

”How about you show that to our face then rather than tALK SMACK.”

One simple statement. Near the last words been said, the voice was heavily distorted. It wasn’t her voice. It wasn’t even the tough and brave head of the Chinese Shogeki clan. It was her inner dragon. Her indomitable spirit that had never bent to anyone.

All of a sudden, an illusion of a towering Shenlong dragon seemed to fade into existence. Even for just a few seconds, the seemingly transparent dragon could strike fear to the weak-hearted. She knew it would not work, but it was a demonstration of their message. Not through empty words. Just actions.

The man didn’t budge, his hands simply folding behind his back as he looked over to the three heros. Clearly bored with their ‘demonstration.’ Without moving, the air seemed to grow instantly colder, and more menacing. Shadows swirled around the group, pulling from every nook and cranny around them and forming into one large blob between the heros and himself. After a moment as the blob began to take shape, debri began to lift around him as well, a little more fluidly than the dark haired sky knight. The blob finally took form of a tiger, just about the same size of the dragon before him.

He turned back to Roy and causally said, “We’ve been watching the two of you since you were born…” He didn’t answer the other question. As he looked back to the three heroes. “First and final warning, continue investigating will all Die.”

All the debris around Albert were dropped to the ground as he lifted his saber. Hmph. Again with the threats. Even if the lion’s display was impressive, the fact that he did not fight did not impress them at all. But was it worth the risk at all. The three heroes were perhaps the most prideful, being among the top graduates, and at least once being in one of the top most powerful heroes of all, but they were not blinded with recklessness. By the looks of him, he was no easy picking. But should they fight at all? They had not accomplish their missions at all. Those two attackers were still there, and if they let them go, that would just be a mission fail. Completely.

Looking back at the sky, the blue squadron’s leader could see the sniper group in combat. They were dealing it well, but from the very looks of it, they were not equally matched here, even with eight combatants in tow

There was no choice but to swallow their pride.

”Then leave.”

The three heroes all agreed, without uttering a single words to each other. They could leave, for now. But if those cocky people dare to hit at their back...

The man stood there, he was actually quite surprised the Sky knights, “defenders of the heavens and justice and all that blah and boring meaningless shit, would actually back down. Perhaps they were smarter than he expected. He looked over to Rakasha, as he did, his tiger construct suddenly wisped away and collected all seemingly into the man. The rocks simply falling where they were as well.

Seeing that his younger brother had Michiko, holding the yarls grandniece by the throat, but it was clear he stopped trying to kill her now that he was here, now using her as a hostage. ”Good dogs...” he said as he turned his back to his opponents. Oh and Aurelia?” He turned his head to look over his shoulder. ”When you go to the clockwork cafe tomorrow morning... try some earl grey tea with Lemon and some sugar… not too much, just a smidge...I find it so much more flavorful.” he said in a casually amused tone.

Suddenly reaching out towards Kaida, a shadow snaked up from behind her and wrapped around her neck, burning her instantly at the cold touch, She then was yanked from her spot and crashed through the light construct and into his hand, which he held her by the throat.

Kadia let out a scream as the shadow wrapped around her neck, she could hear the skin sizzling as she reached up and tried to grab what was doing it...only to burn her hands even more. She wasn’t prepared for being pulled through roys construct as her head smashed against it hard, bloodying her nose. She still tried to struggle, even after his hand was around her throat. Despite her efforts to use her draconic strength, it seemed she couldn’t even muster if it was being suppressed somehow… Her claws digging into the man's arm, but he only squeezed harder with each scratch,

”Ms. Beaumont is far too dangerous to be allowed to roam free… we could have another incident like with her father…”

Roy watched silently as the man spoke, how did he know them since birth? This man was frightening and mysterious yet he caused so much curiosity in the boy. He wanted to ask the guy more questions but that would be ridiculous in this moment. The man simply warned them before turning around in which Roy released all the tension in his muscles. It wasn’t like he even planned on chasing after these guys anytime soon.

He spoke too quickly.

From behind him he heard a scream and right from under his nose Kaida was whisked away, the blonde reached out for her but was too slow. Out of his care and into the enemies grasp, the man held kaida by the throat, he could see she was being tortured simply by his grasp. Just the sight was enough to snap him out of his trance. The only thing now was getting her back, it was time to put into practice what he had been preaching. Roy clenched his hands, releasing a dazzling light off his body as he prepared to take off.

“You don’t have the right to take away her freedom, you and your pals are the ones who are dangerous.”

The blonde slid his feet back as he prepared for take off, the amount of energy he had gathered was enough to create a current as his immense heat mixed with the mans frosty air.

Kadia looked over to roy with tears in her eyes, she knew he wasn’t going to sit by idly, but she couldn't see him get killed either…”Roy...dont…please.” she managed to squeak out

He didn’t care anymore, if he didn’t react now it would be too late, he would never see her again. Death would have possibly been better than living with that feeling for the rest of his life, living with regret.

He burned brightly like the sun, his pupils gone. All that could be seen from his eye sockets was a blinding yellow glow, it was all or nothing right here right now. Roys body temperature had risen so high that his skin was beginning to sear, surely causing 2nd degree burns.

“What more do you bastards want to take from us?!” he said gritting his teeth before placing both hands on the ground as if he preparing to run a sprint before pushing off with his left leg. The amount of energy he released from his leg was enough to decimate the ground beneath him creating a medium sized crater. As he flew through the air he added onto the destruction caused by Reina earlier, any debris that was in his path was violently thrown to the side as he flew through the air in a fireball of intense energy.

The man stood there watching Roy powering up. Seeing his father's quirk starting to show really, but still nothing in comparison to that man. When Roy launched himself towards him, the shadows started coming from behind him and swirling around his arm and latching onto it, causing his entire arm to become black as night. At the last possible moment he stepped to the side and with all his force reached up, catching roy by the throat. The force pushing the three back a good ten feet before coming to a stop. Without waiting, the man smashed roy down into the ground with all his strength, causing a crater to appear under him.

Standing up, half the clothes on the man were now burnt off, third degree burns on his chest, and as the shadows released from his arm, they could see only first degree burns on his palm. He looked down at the boy and tilted his head to the side. ”Out of respect for your spirit, courage, or sheer stupidity, whatever you want to call it, I won't kill you today… Partially out of respect for your father as well.”

With that attack Roy was paralysed from one blow, the fiery ball of rage was put out in an instant and all that was left was a shirtless boy lying in the crater, his eyes were open but his body was limp as he laid on the floor on the brink of passing out.. Smoke rose from his limbs and the craters as you could visibly see the burns along his upper torso and arms.

Of all the losses he suffered this one had to hurt the most, the fight that counted the most was the quickest he had ever lost in anything.

Rage, Death, Sorrow, resent, bitterness were the five things that was on his mind as he laid still in the ground.

“You...father…” he tried to get back up but his body refused to budge an inch. He knew his father...something Roy wanted to know about. It was even someone this super villain respected, who was is father?

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