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@Claw2k11the lack of warning was part of the thing, But clearly I must apologize to a few certain people
Aight aight I'm sorry, like I said, I thought it was being thrown around in your discord just recently so I thought the context was there. along with a bunch of people popping into each of these rps.

CLEARLY I'm in the wrong, so I apologize, I thought it would be a funny thing.
@Zelosse was doing a fun little *break between alternate timelines* between two MHA rps, and an idea that has been(or I thought Has been) tossed around in your discord)


twas having a bit of fun with an idea for the future........... of these rps....
@Jojowhat what?
*peeks head in. Sees no more applications.*

*Clicks discord Link*


Oh Hai @pkken
@Jojo PFFFFFT you wouldn't stand a chance XD

Edit: We've already seen some serious shit. People have died, lost arms. buildings fallen on top of us. people flying through car windshields
Tag btw didn’t know if you saw it

Alexina nodded β€œWe shall see, for now you can stay... she said to Celousa as she motioned towards the path next to the seemingly bottomless moat. β€œThere is a cavern just down that path you can feel free to make your home there.” She suddenly felt a pain in her heart, that made her wince slightly but it was hardly noticeable.

Rebecca came up suddenly and asked if there ways any way she could help out with the issues caused by the witches. Introducing Andre once again, who was apparently dead. She did not know this. She felt a sudden dread in her heart and she closed her eyes.

”excuse me I must...retire... she suddenly said, not allowing anyone to react to her as she left for her room.

Once she entered her room, she closed her door behind her…. Feeling even more pain course through her than before. She knew she had to go, she had to leave. She went to her desk quickly and started writing on a blank sheet of paper. It was only a few sentences.

She sighed once she placed the quill down...her body trembling with pain she felt. She quickly folded the letter and and addressed it to Taran, then placed it standing up on her desk. She wish she had more time to explain...but she couldn’t wait any longer. She went to her window and she leapt from the balcony without a hesitation. Quickly turning into a hawk and flying towards the woods.


I’m sorry for not saying goodbye, or explaining my reasonings but I had to go… For now Hellina is in charge, help her as much as you have done for me my dear Taran. I shall be back soon...I hope.


A shadow in the corner of the room waited as Alexina wrote her letter and left out the window. A small smile formed and the shadow stepped into the dim light, revealing the witch who had been waiting. Alexina was at last out of the picture, and at last Fevra could enter.

This witch hid her face underneath the mask of a plague doctor, wishing to cover the effects the plague had had on her over the years.

A rat escaped from underneath the witch’s dress, scampering over to Alexina’s letter and retrieving it for the witch. Fevra held up the letter, reading the short note the leader gave before she could depart. β€œJust leaving a note and escaping Alexina? Quite foolish of you,” Fevra remarked, handing the letter back to the rat who scampered back into the dark with it.

Alexina’s wishes of her temporary replacement would unfortunately not be seen by any others, Fevra would ensure that. No, it was time she finally stepped in to reveal herself to the coven, to no longer be sent on little β€˜quests’ from the leader to hide Fevra from the others.



The next morning Fevra stood in the courtyard as Alexina had done when sentencing the three witches. There a small group of bony rats gathered in front of her, ready to serve their master’s wishes. She gave each a small note to carry and each went off to the room of every witch. The rat would wait at the front of each room, and ensure the note would be delivered before scampering off. The note would read:

The coven is at risk. Alexina is no more and has left the coven for me to watch over. Come to the courtyard, we must no longer be divided as we once were.


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