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Jett Haven

Jett looked at Roy when he was laughing at him for being thrown out a window, then trying to offer him help when it was clear he could do it on his own. He shook his head when he said she held him like a fish. [color=007236][/color]“Kinda inevitable that she did, she does have two or three times the strength I have. Makes sense to be thrown around. Kasuke on the other hand. Just wrecked you and she tiny. I'd rather go down fighting someone stronger than me.[/color]

He had the temptation to throw him out the window himself, but instead he just used roys help to the fullest extent, all of his weight pulling on the cane which was pretty warm but he ignored it as he pulled and hopped through the window. Dulga somehow made it to the front of the class now and was reading a situation from one of the students outloud, while drinking Ms. Makos Coffee. Yukari managed to get ahold of Mamoru and fling her at the teacher. While a few students stood back.

It's a madhouse in here. He said half to Roy and Half to himself. He thought about going after Dulga again, but he decided to wait for a moment and see what happened.

Yashiro, Takeshi

Takeshi watched as Dulga continued to try and get Ms. Mako to come after her, by drinking her coffee and reading students responses. Which he didn’t get, unless it was Kaida’s. Suddenly Yukari flung Mamoru at the teacher, and he couldn’t help but smile. But he couldn’t wait either, he suddenly placed his foot on the nearest desk and kicked, sliding it towards the teacher as she was just dealing with Mamoru. He then pulled shadows from everyone around him and molded it into his hands to make a Bokken practice sword. He sped forward as this was created in his hands and when he was close enough, He would Plan on slashing five times from five different directions, right after another. that is if she managed to dodge them all. His movements were fast, yet highly controlled and precise.

Dulga Tarata
Jett Haven

Jett sighed as Mako gave him her two cents on his answers. His quirk, while amazing in the fact that it really didn't hinder his choices, still was hard to accept as now he couldn't teleport. And even before he didn't want to rely on it too much. But that is what his answers moved to. He honestly wish he had better answers. He glanced at Yashiro as she mentioned that he had a good analytical mind because of the first question. Did he miss something in the question? It was just pretty straightforward. Everyone else's answers were different. He was surprised that Dulga wasn't the one who didn't get mentioned about killing someone, but someone else. Ezra was pretty close to what he thought. Same with Roy. Kaida surprised him actually when Mako said she couldn't go into details because she asked. Why didn't she want to share with the group? Was her quirk embarrassing?

His mind was brought back when Ms. Mako asked who thought they could hit her. He was taken back; not many teachers would ask this in class. In training it was different. But he couldn't bring himself to try really. It's freaking Ms. Mako! Why would he want to try and hit her?! She for sure could handle herself as his grandfather couldn't capture her. But the thought of actually hitting her did not sit well with him.

He glanced over as he heard Dulga getting up and walking to the back of the class. Suddenly she broke a window open and looked to Mamoru and grabbed her, throwing her out the window while staring at Ms Mako. What the hell?! She then made her way to her next victim, Tomoe, who was asleep. He would not let that happen.

Dulga approached Tomoe after defenestrating Mamoru. Dulga was certain that Mamoru could survive the fall, and if she does she can save the other students that Dulga might throw out of the window. She wanted to make Mako come to her, instead of having everyone chase after Mako around the class. By making herself seem like a threat, Dulga hopes that Mako would try to subdue Dulga, where she could ten take Mako down without the teacher being so defensive. Dulga approached Tomoe’s sleeping, defenseless body, already annoyed that such a lazy girl somehow managed to get into this school. Dulga was going to give her a rude awakening when someone else stopped her.

Jett had sprung from his chair, placing a foot on Kaidas desk and launching himself over her landing on another desk and another before landing in front of Dulga. “I don't know what you're problem is, but you touch her I'll throw you out the window myself.” He said while looking up at her. Craning his head up to do so.

Sighing, Dulga did expect something like this to happen. Of course in a class full of heroes someone is going to take offense to what Dulga was doing. However to maintain the illusion she’d have to follow through with it, even if she has to hurt a few more people. Though in this instance she was fine throwing Jett out of the window. She even debated if she should throw him out of the closed one instead. But she couldn’t waste time fighting off the other students when her real target is Mako.

So Dulga reached out to grab Jett by the shoulders with her middle arms. She looked at him angrily and spoke quietly so only they could hear. ”Play along.” Then the lower pair of arms reached out to grab Jett by the belt and leg as Dulga shoot low towards him, almost getting to his head level. Her top hands were ready to block any of Jett’s attempts to strike or grab at her.

Jett narrowed his eyes when he thought he heard her say something. But she suddenly l reached out with her lower arms trying to make a grab for him. She got pretty low for a tall girl He knew trying to jump over her was not the smartest move because she had two more pairs at the ready. So he did the unexpected, he went low as well. Moving fast, he crouched down so low it looked like he was kneeling on his right knee. Throwing his hands up with enough force to catch the forearms of Dulga and pop them up even more out of his way, just redirecting them, not trying to actually stop them as he knew she was far more powerful than he. He then, with great force pushed forward. His elbow resting against her stomach as his head slipped through under her arms and rested against her hip. His hands then shot for her legs. Grabbing her thighs right above her knees at first, but with the explosive strength he pushed upwards, lifting her up as he did.

His hands slipped up her thigh by accident as he misjudged her weight. Almost to the point of groping her. But he tried to focus on his plan and move her away from tomoe, and he did, running her back to the wall. As soon as they hit the wall he let go of her thighs and pushed off the wall away from her.

Dulga was annoyed at Jett struggling against her and she had no time to waste with him. When her back hit the wall and Jett tried to push off he’d find Dulga right there with him. She had pushed herself off the wall using her back arms too. As she was launched forward a hand immediately reached out to grab Jett by the throat and lift him into the air, ready to snap his neck like a rabbit. However Dulga had to control herself. She tried not to crush his neck, but firmly grasp it enough to hold onto him. As she did so Dulga looked directly back at Mako. ”Enough distractions.” Dulga threw Jett out the same window she tossed Mamoru, but with more force. Dulga figured that Jett could survive the fall using his quirk, if he didn’t simply use it to get back into the class.

Jett let out an Erk, as she gripped his throat tightly. His own hands reaching up and gripping hers, trying to break her hold with no avail. He wished he had his quirk right about now. Fff...Was all he could strain before being thrown out the window like a ragdoll. He tried to reach out and grab the edge of the window to stop himself but it wasn’t a smart idea as it only slammed into his forearm as an explosion of pain. He ignored it as he twisted his body in mid air, his eyes searching for the ground so he could maneuver properly. He barely had enough time to straighten himself so he hit the ground feet first.

He didn’t land on his feet, but used them to guide his body into a front roll, back to his feet once more. Gripping his arm as he rubbed it, finding it was only bruised and not broken he raced back to the building and ran up one of the pillars. Launching himself up to grab the first ledge and pulled himself up. To the second floor almost like a monkey. However he was at the front of the classroom and had to make his way back the the open window.

Once Dulga dealt with Jett she turned back to face Mako. She craned her neck for the coming trouble, rolling back her shoulders to loosen them up. Taking all six of her hands Dulga cracked her knuckles in unison, even loosening the joints in her thumbs. She just kept staring at Mako as she did this before walking back up towards the front of the classroom. In a soft, calm, but loud enough voice Dulga spoke. ”Your turn sensei.” (Done)

Yashiro, Takeshi

Takeshi only nodded at Ms. Mako comment on his first answers. But he was hoping for more. He already knew he had an analytical mind he was raised into a family that had to be. But he understood, the teacher was trying to cover the entire class in a short time. He did find the others interesting though. Dulga, the woman who he saw shooting in the range. It was clear she relied heavily on her weapons. Momoru seemed like she was always expecting to work with a team. Kaida was strange, why would she not want hers to be explained more? Did she not like her quirk? Roy apparently gave the generic answers. While Jett Relied heavily on his quirk. Teleportation, that would certainly be a hard one to beat. And it was a Jackpot for a Hero quirk. Ezra apparently didn’t care that Civilians got hurt, Kenichi showed that he didn’t really try to think what the opponent was thinking about.

There were others, But His attention was now on Ms Mako again as she challenged them to hit her. He knew of her quirk, and knew she was a slippery one to make it away from all those heros. A simple attack wouldn’t work on her, she seemed too observant. He could try and hit her in the back with his quirk, but before he could think of it Dulga, suddenly threw Mamoru out the window. While he didn’t really Dislike this action, it was a bit sudden and uncalled for. He stood up and was about to confront her until he realized that she was staring at Mako. It was a clear attempt to goad her into protecting her students or going after her.

Jett was quick to confront her, not realizing why she did that...or more likely protecting the sleeping girl from being thrown out the window. He managed to pick up the girl almost two feet taller than him and slam her against the wall, but she was quick enough to recover and throw him out the window. He was just impressed the kid managed to even get past her arms in the first place. But surprised he didn’t use his quirk, especially since the teacher just said that he used it in all the ones he could basically.

He moved slowly towards Dulga, with everyone's adrenaline high now, it would look like he was also making a move to her as well. But what he was really doing was waiting for Ms. Mako to make her move, seeing that Takeshi wasn’t a threat before using this distraction to land a hit on her.

Jett to... but taskeshi would be more interesting
@ZerothIT would be interesting if Kenichi brought up to Takeshi about his feelings on Mako being a villain.

Yashiro, Takeshi

Takeshi understood what she was getting at when she explained how two hero’s did something unheroic like, but still pulled it off and got the villain. This resonated well with him. Being raised as he did, He wasn’t one for flashy Heroics.

Scenario 1: You arrive at the scene of a bank robbery. The robber holds an elderly lady at gunpoint and demands that you let them escape or he'll shoot. The robber seems terrified, and his gun hand is shaking.

He was about to write his response when he noticed the wording. Them Narrowing his eyes and looking towards Mako for a moment. This word changed the situation entirely. Could be a spelling error, or most likely with the lesson plan... intentional. He wrote both ideas that popped in his mind just in case it was an Error.

If the wording is correct. Scenario 1- 2 The fact he said let them escape could mean the old lady is with him. A clear use of the frail old woman, couldn’t possibly be a Villain ploy. Which could mean two things. The man with the gun is innocent, or is working with the old lady. The first is forced to be holding the gun because of some threat over him or family members. Check to see how the old lady is reacting to the situation. If still unclear I would use my quirk to manifest a cylinder from one of their shadows to knock the gun from his hand, giving me enough time to move in and subdue the one with the gun. Make sure the woman stays till police arrive, and properly investigate.

Scenario 2-2 If it is a spelling error . He’s untrained, not thinking clearly. Likely has never shot a gun before and even more so killed anyone. This will give me enough time to move in, disarm him, or use the same move as above.

Scenario 2: A sword wielding killer in armour had massacred several people in the middle of the day in a downtown market. As you confront him, he bows, and appears to be following old-fashioned combat etiquette.

The man has no honor and is clearly insane. Rule one, never take your eyes off your opponent. This is clearly an attempt to lower my guard so he can rush forward. I will do it instead, Engage him head on, show no mercy as he clearly showed the none for those he killed.

Scenario 3: You've managed to get tied up against a chair, and your quirk has somehow been nullified. The villain has a gun to your head, and says "I've waited a log time for this. This is one plan of mine that you won't foil!"

Stall for time, asking questions and playing to his pride. While slowly working my way out of the material I’m tied with. There is not enough info to properly respond. However If my legs were not tied I would distract him just enough to jump up and smash the chair into the man, perhaps breaking the chair in doing that or jumping on top of him with it. This all depends on the stuff he tied me up in and how.

Scenario 4: A villain has brainwashed several civilians, and armed them. They stand between you and the villain, and they are advancing towards you with intent to attack. Your quirk has been nullified. The villain claimed earlier that if you killed him, the civilians would die.

A man who has this quirk is generally weak, and relies on using people to put distance between them. Expects the hero to not push forward through the innocents. They are not trained, disarming would be easy and moving past them. Easy to knock him him out, as he has most likely no combat training.

Scenario 5: The classic; a villain has kidnapped a member of your family or a loved one very close to you, and has strapped them to a bed with a laser cutting the table their on, inching closer to their body with every passing second. They have also taken a schoolbus full of children and rigged it with a timed bomb. They claim that you don't have time to save them both.

Not enough info again. If they gave more info about where the bus was it would possibly change the answer. However, since it's only stated as a claim, I would save my loved one. And make sure the villain regrets for the rest of his day,

Once he was done he simply walked up and placed it on the desk.

Jett Haven

Jett listened to every word of Ms. Mako, if anyone was better suited to teach him how to truly understand what goes on in a villain's head. Though her explanations it reminded him greatly of his mother and how she operated. He heard her well as the stories from the news. When getting the paper he immediately started.

Scenario 1: You arrive at the scene of a bank robbery. The robber holds an elderly lady at gunpoint and demands that you let them escape or he'll shoot. The robber seems terrified, and his gun hand is shaking.

Simply teleport behind him, grab him and teleport him out of the way before he has a chance to pull the trigger.

Scenario 2: A sword wielding killer in armour had massacred several people in the middle of the day in a downtown market. As you confront him, he bows, and appears to be following old-fashioned combat etiquette.

This one made him a little mad… he knew things like this happened a lot. Anyone who is a murderer deserved restraint from him.

Teleport to him, uppercut while he was bowed, teleport him again and drop him off a high point near by, preferably in an empty dumpster.

Scenario 3: You've managed to get tied up against a chair, and your quirk has somehow been nullified. The villain has a gun to your head, and says "I've waited a long time for this. This is one plan of mine that you won't foil!"

Try to talk to him, work for time while trying to break free or waiting for a rescue. Perhaps use my body as a weapon.

Scenario 4: A villain has brainwashed several civilians, and armed them. They stand between you and the villain, and they are advancing towards you with intent to attack. Your quirk has been nullified. The villain claimed earlier that if you killed him, the civilians would die.

Somehow make it around the civilians, try not to hurt them unless absolutely necessary.

Scenario 5: The classic; a villain has kidnapped a member of your family or a loved one very close to you, and has strapped them to a bed with a laser cutting the table their on, inching closer to their body with every passing second. They have also taken a schoolbus full of children and rigged it with a timed bomb. They claim that you don't have time to save them both.

teleport family member or loved out out of the restraints, and when getting to the kids teleport them out of the bus.

He sighed as he looked at his answers. Most of them required his quirk. But they were tough situations. And when lives were on the line, pride was not the thing to have.Once he was done he walked up, a slight blush on his face as he placed the paper on Makos desk. His answers were very basic...and it made him hope she didn’t take that a wrong way.

Ezra,Jett, Roy, Takeshi

Ezra had spent the rest of the class messing around with his tools after the spar. He had no interest in continuing to watch spars, and quite frankly, he hadn’t the energy. He wanted to go shoot a basketball or something, anything to take his mind off the embarrassment that he had felt for perhaps the first time in his life with Yukari. He didn’t quite mind at this stage even though it was still on his mind, but it still jarred on him as that had been his first intimate contact with a girl, even if it was extremely awkward and unintentional, and he couldn’t say he didn’t like it. In fact, that was what he was more embarrassed about, the fact that he had somewhat enjoyed the encounter despite the awkwardness of the situation.

He shook his head as the bell rang and he headed immediately for his next lesson, Villain Psychology. He had no idea who was taking this class, but as far as he was concerned, it was more interesting than quirk application. He had no doubt that he could use his quirk in order to help save people, but that was not where his interest lied. His prime interest as a hero was to fight strong villains and gain recognition, not to save people's lives. It was selfish, but it was what he wanted in life and he didn’t have noble goals like a lot of the others. Perhaps it was just his teen years, but he never felt a connection to being ‘heroic’ by any sense of the word, whilst he could truly revel in a good fight, even getting excited at the prospect of one coming his way. He had a profound interest in the minds of villains however, and if he was one himself. He certainly filled some of the criterias and was not heroic by any sense of the word, so it made him ponder if he was a villain, even if he didn’t aspire to be. It was an existential question that couldn’t necessarily be answered, rather one that was determined socially and by emotions, not just by characteristics, at least as far as he was concerned.

Perhaps this was why he was not surprised to see that this class looked incredibly interesting. Immediately upon walking in, he had seen that the cast of this class was a lot more interesting than the one prior. Whilst the first was missing key pieces to the puzzle, this one had them all. A new recruit who was trying to look cool(and admittedly did to some extent) but looked a lot more emo than Ezra thought he intended to be, the girl he ran down at lunch, the cool secretary who calmed him down, Kenichi(he still really wanted to spar him, kid had heart.), Dulga(same height as him, had shown quite a bit of knowledge when it came to the firearms in the previous class), Jett(his newly found rival he supposed. He wanted a rematch. The rest of the class was interesting to him too, just not noteworthy enough for him to him to take a note as he took his seat next to Jett. He wanted to have a chat with him about the rematch and about what had happened at lunch.

“Yo, mind if I sit here?” he spoke in a much more calm mannerism than before, the words flowing smoothly into a sentence.

He looked confused when tomoe didn't recognize him and slightly hurt. He thought they were good friends, but apparently not.

Jett looked up when he saw Ezra walk over to him. Asking if he could sit next to him. He raised an eyebrow. Yeah sure if you want. he was surprised that he did, but he didn't care really. It was clear he just wanted a seat. If he wanted to start something he could have kicked his desk.

He looked around the room to see more people trailing in. Some dark haired guy he didn't know, Roy and Kaida, as well as Kenichi. Safe to say an interesting group. He then said to Ezra,”Just don't kick my desk. he said with a smirk.

Roy smirked as he walked in the class and the first person he saw was Ezra. “I was wondering what the hell happened to you, when I got back to the cafe you were gone and there was a table in the wall.” The boy said as he walked towards the two, taking his cloak off and placing it on a desk behind Jett's desk. Roy looked back at Kaida signaling that she can sit next to them if she wanted. .

Ezra shrugged his shoulders and laughed a little at the banter the two had for him. It was interesting to say the least, They hadn’t taken it as seriously as he thought, so he figured that people weren’t taking his actions that seriously, nothing more than an emotional teen outburst, a flash of rage that was nothing more than a mistake and were willing to forgive him for it. Back at home, his mother would rag on him for breaking a plate by accident, let alone on purpose so he wondered why people were so forgiving of mistakes. Perhaps it was in their nature when they had the same done to them. It made him ponder.

“I guess I’ll try to chill from now on. Don’t worry about any desks flying your way, unless it’s when I kick your ass on our rematch, ‘Jetty’” he spoke before chuckling a little at his own humour. He spoke in a happy tone, given as if his voice held any negativity, the words coming out would have sounded quite malicious.

Jett glanced at Roy as he added his two cents. He didn't pursue it further because he knew the matter was dealt with when he was called to the principal office. But it's when he called him Jetty he narrowed his eyes. “Don't call me that, Andre , or I'll drive your ugly mug of yours into the ground once again.” his tone was a little more serious than Ezra's. He hated being called that by anyone beside his family….and ms. mako… she was fine.

Roy just laughed to himself as the two bantered at each other, “and while you two bicker with each other I will put both of you on your ass” he said with a smirk. He noticed how Ezra caught one of Jett's nerves, Roy took note of that. It could prove useful maybe in the future.

Big talk from the guy who got knocked out by a girl half his size. Jett looked over his shoulder at him chuckling.

”What’s happening over here? Mako suddenly asked from her desk, steaming coffee cup still in hand, but staring at the three boys, ginning as normal. ”A bit of banter, or are you practising for the class? Brains are the only body part I want to be involved in boisterous measuring contests, am I clear?”

Jett looked to Ms. Mako. Very clear ma’am.

She went on to start class and did the object lesson. With the rubber ball. While Takeshi knew the trick she was going to do he went along with it almost bored with the task of raising his finger to point at her hands even though she never had it in them. He did it for the sake of the other students who have not learned this fundamental lesson.

When she mentioned being the the most wanted supervillain… he blinked. He doubted that as she was just a thief unlike some murderous ones whose knew of. But he said nothing. As he did hear of her through the news a long time ago.

Jett Haven

Jett felt someone small walk into him from behind, knocking him into his desk just slightly. He turned around and looked behind him to see a tiny pink haired girl. He recognized that monotone sleepy speech anywhere. Tomoe? What are you doing here?! he didn't believe it. One of his old friends from a few years before was actually at this same Academy also that she made it in, He knew she had an interesting quirk, but with school and summer vacation they had lost touch. He looked up to see Dulga as well. All he hoped was she didn’t bust another window.

It’s me, Jett. Don't you recognize me? He said, looking back to Tomoe, and taking off his shades that he must have put back on while walking back to a class. An odd habit he had. Slipping them in his blazer inside chest pocket, He smiled at Tomoe. He almost didn’t recognize her with the pink hair.

It was then he heard Mamoru speak up saying hi to everyone. Not to be rude he just waved his hand while glancing at her direction.

Yashiro, Takeshi

Takeshi looked at Reina as she asked if she could when he was going to teach Kenichi. He smiled warmly at her, glad she accepted his offer. Of course Mori-Chan. Though your training will be quite different from Kenechi in some regards. He heard the sudden explosion in the training room and by the time he moved to a position to see what had happened, others had already moved into help.

With class basically over they were told to put everything away. He quietly placed his staff away reverently in the armory and looked to Kenichi as he thanked him and said they would spar later. He simply bowed his head and said, “Of course. I imagined as so. We have an entire year to do so. I am not worried a bit.” He mentioned as well that he was heading to Villain psychology. Which was also his class. But he did not mention it as he moved on. Now that Mamoru and Kenchi were gone he looked back to Reina and said, I am going to Villain psychology myself. Perhaps I can see you After school today? I mean...if you would like to talk a bit more... He said scratching his cheek.

After they would conclude their conversation, Takeshi would move onto Villain studies, finding more people besides Mamoru and Kenichi he did not recognize. Besides the tall woman who was unloading all the ammo in the armory at the gun range. No he did not know her name, but it's hard to miss such a tall woman.

He glanced at the teacher, who was Ms. Mako. He knew of her from before, as all his family knew all the details and workings of heros and Villains. He glanced at the chalkboard and caught what she wrote. He instantly knew what she was going to teach... he had been taught it many times by his father...

He actually had a chance to speak with her briefly as well, when he was speaking with the Yarl about his conditions with his sister while attending the school. She knew where he truly came from, she was there when he revealed why he left his family.

He bowed his head to the teacher in passing. "Good morning Mako Sensei." Before taking a front row seat next to the window. Seemingly as far away from the other students as he could.

@Silver Carrot@Lucius Cypher@pkken@Riegal@heartfillia
Adriane Haven,
Mako Akane Jett Haven, Yasunari Hisakawa, Akihito Yoshida

Adriane folded her arms and leaned slightly on the right leg with a brow raised in an not amused look. Akane was unnaturally calm as she got ahold of the principle and Yoshida. Then calling Jetty. She glanced at the brute to her left and back at Akane. Who then had turned to her and leaned forward, acting like old friends.

She rolled her eyes. “Don’t act pleasant with me. You obviously remember the very day and place. It was when I dragged your pretty little ass to jail.” She said coldly. She was still mad about that day herself. Mako, was the only villain she ever caught that didn’t put up a fight. It bugged her to this day. And Mako knew it.

She smiled more. ”Yes, you did,” Mako replied. ”But we both know who won that day. I know you were itching to try your hand at catching the famous Madame Obsidian. The thief who even gave your father-in-law the slip! I also knew that you and your team could beat me. There was no way I could escape you, and no way I could beat you all in a fight. So I gave up!” Not once did Mako’s eyes open, her smile lessen, or her voice lose it’s sickly sweet tone.

”Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a class to teach now. Try not to hold Jetty up too long. He’s taking it and I don’t want to mark him tardy.” Mako chimed, before getting up from her seat, notes in hand, and leaving the front desk. She winked at Sarge as she left, just to let him know she hadn’t given up on him.

Sarge didn’t budge as she winked at him, though he did squint his eyes a bit under his shades. Ms.Mako surely was as beautiful as she was dangerous. The amount of discipline Sarge has is enormous

Adriane glared at Mako as she Went on to explain the very reason why she surrendered. Normally heros would be glad about this, winning a fight without raising a finger. But not her. She wanted to fight, and Despite what she said, she was right. However when she mentioned her son, calling him Jetty. Her eyes flared with anger. She slammed her fist on the the desk, causing a bunch of items to jump and fall over. His name is JETT to you! If you do mark him for being late I'll personally come back and wipe that smirk off your face.

L Guardian and the principal had been in the teachers room conversing when they got the call to from Ms.Mako. The principal already knew who it was, giving a sigh, “We should get going down stairs before a scene is caused shall we.” Mr.Yoshida had been sipping some tea before giving a sigh, “Alright sir.” The two got up and made their way down to the main lobby where they met Adriane, Ms.Mako, and Sarge. The principal had his usual happy face on as he walked towards the irritated mother, “Hello there Adriane, it seems like father time has been doing you well! You look exactly like I remembered when you made your debut.” the old man said. Yoshida sensei greeted the lady as well, “Good evening Mrs.Haven, I am Jett’s homeroom teacher. A pleasure to meet you” He said nodding his head. The principal folded his arms with a smile, he knew exactly why she had came but asked her a question. “What can I do for you today!”

Adrianes glare shot to the principle and Yoshia. He tried to soften her up by complimenting her looks at she wouldn't have it. Her arms folded and a brow raised as Yoshida introduced himself.

” You know damn well Hisakawa,I give you my only son to watch over and to teach him how to become a hero. I understand fighting is apart of this and injuries happen while apart of this course. she glared at Yoshida But when you allow it to get out of hand, and MY SON gets almost killed because someone didn't get off their ass and stop the fight, in the first exercise as well and on the first day! THAT IS NOT OK. she yelled as she shoved her hands down to her sides.

To those walking by, it was almost comical on how a tiny woman surrounded by three large men that dwarfed her, was yelling at them.

Mr.Hisakawa just smiled back as Adriane shouted at the 3 waiting for her to finish. Mr.Yoshida sighed before giving his response. “Surely if it reached that dire would have stopped but Jett's life was not in danger. I simply conducted an exercise to see evaluate what the students were made of because the entrance exam does not cover everything. I'm not here to hold your son’s hand, I prepare the next generation of heroes. If Jett was in such bad shape he wouldn't have been able to attend all his classes” the man said with an aloof.

Not Dire enough? He cracked his skull open on a rock and was bleeding profusely . If you didn't have Kiwi here and her expertise,he could have died before making it to the hospital! her knuckles went white as anger coursed through her. She wanted to deck the little pissant, her brain said not to, but I was slowly losing control.

“Your statement is correct, but because Kiwi was here I could push the kids to the limit and teach them a lesson. Jett has the same ‘get it done’ attitude as you Mrs.Haven. You know as much as me that in the life of hero your life is at risk.”

“If you keep babying him when he gets hurt you will only hinder his improvement” Yoshida said.

This was when Mr.Hisakawa stepped in, “Jett is similar to you in which he is a natural born leader who likes to take charge and he showcased it today when he took leadership and coordinated 9 other students. He had some bumps is the road of course but without him the other students would have had a much tougher time at making split second decisions that would have decided the match. Though you might know he is a bit hot blooded and loves to battle strong opponents when he is on his last breath, he went down kicking and took the foe with him.” The principal folded his arms.

“It was a good learning experience in a controlled environment, it's better for him to know the consequences here than anywhere else.”

She glared at yoshida she was about to deck him in the nose for that comment. She even twisted in her position to send a sharp jab. But when the principle started speaking of her boy. She felt a sense of pride when he said he was a natural born leader even with the pricks comment about get it done attitude. Jett sounded awfully like her. Which scared her. She knew exactly that Jett himself was at fault as well for going too far, she didn't want to admit it though. Why couldn't he be more like his father who got good grades and was laid back In school.

Her fist lessened as her features softened. If only slightly. She pulled her anger in check and took a breath. ”Mr. Yoshida…do you have kids?

Mr.Yoshida shook his head no when she asked this question, though he sighed when she loosened up.

I figured as much.Only when you have kids you will understand my anger.

“I agree with you in that sense, though that is a path I may realize when I decide to have children of my own.” Yoshida sensei said with a smirk.

Jett yet again was dodging, weaving and ducking between students as they moved to their next and final class. He slid round a corner, his hand reaching out and gripping the corner of the wall. Only to find himself suddenly right in front of Ms. Mako, mere inches away from her face. She’d stopped well within time, as she’d sensed his presence before she’d turned the corner.

”Oh, hi, Jett. Your mom’s pretty pissed, so good luck with that. See you in class~!”

With that brief sentence, she carried on walking past him, towards the direction of Villain Psychology, though not before Jett would have the chance to see the top half of the first page of her notes, and read ‘How to beat a villain at their own game’.

Jett sighed as she confirmed his worries. “Sorry about that..”[/color]
he said as she walked by him. He glanced down and saw the heading of her lesson. But didn't think of it as he then pushed himself into a run. Sure enough as he came to the main lobby he could see his mother yelling at his teacher, the principal and the security. Her stance, though clearly not a fighting stance was a clear sign she was about to throw punches. Not something anyone could pick up on. He only knew because he was her son.

“Mother! What are you doing here!?”
Jett called out trying to quickly distract her. He came up and stopped just next to her. He looked up at the three men. Despite their size and their quirks… he was sure his mom wouldn't hesitate to break all their noses.

Adriane heard her son's voice and perked up. Seeing him come over she quickly took his face into her hands and looked at him. Her hand brushing against his forehead where he was injured. As if completely forgetting about the prick and the principle her voice suddenly toned down to a concerned mother's soft voice Are you alright Jetty? How's your head feeling. Can you still use everything?

Jett flushed at his mom and how she was embarrassing him by being so worried about him. “Y-yes mom I feel fine…”

She interrupted “You can't teleport anymore can't you?”

Surprised, he raised his eyebrows “how did you know that?”
He asked.

Because it's our quirk. You get enough brain trauma it screws
up our quirk.A fractured skull would do that.

She looked back to Yoshida with narrowed eyes. Her hands slid down from Jett's face to his shoulders. She took a calm breath and said, with a soft voice. “I've already lost one child. I can't bare to lose another one.”

Jett sighed when she brought up his little sister, he didn't say anything as it was a hard subject as well for him. He only placed his hand on her shoulder.

Mr.Yoshida sighed as she lost the tough person act and got sentimental, “Jett learned a vital lesson today in learning how to become a leader. I believe he is smart enough to not make the same mistake twice. If I stopped the match as soon as blood was drawn the students wouldn't feel the consequences of their errors...but if you still aren't sure about my methods then surely you can come and watch the class in their training tomorrow Mrs.Haven” Mr.Yoshida said.

Jett was taken back at Yoshida actually complimenting him. Two actually. But what really took him back was that he offered her to watch tomorrow's training. “Um… I'm sure she's busy…” he tried to say. Last thing he needed was knowing his mother was watching his every move. If she even saw him act around Kasuke he wouldn't live it down.

Adriane was surprised at the offer. But she would like to see how he handled the trainings. It would put her mind at easy more. She quickly and lightly slapped Jett in the stomach with the back of her hand. “I would actually appreciate that. Thank you for the offer.” Her attitude had completely changed now.

Mr.Yoshida folded his arms, “Though I have two requests for when you watch, One don’t disrupt Jett and let him do what he has too. Despite him not being able to teleport, he knows enough not to rely on it. And two, let me do my job as their teacher. Do you accept these terms Mrs.Haven?” He asked the woman.

She scrunched up her lips to the side… it was reasonable she wasn't planning on disrupting Jett while he fought. She narrowed her eyes as if being annoyed by the requests. Then simply said“Fine.”

She looked at Jett and “Be sure to wear your helmet tomorrow I'll be dropping your things off that you forgot after school ok?”

Jett nodded, “Yes mother.” He said. As she pulled his head down so she could kiss his forehead. She looked to the others. Before speaking to Sarge in English. “Alright muscles you can escort me back out.” She said as she started walking back to the gate leaving Jett standing there with the two teachers.

He looked at them and bowed his head. Sorry about that she's always just been a little over protective ever since my sister died... I'll head back to class now.

He sighed and jogged back to class his mother just need to see he was fine, she probably would have scolded him for being too reckless, most likely in private and not giving Yoshida any indication he may be right, if the teacher had not offered for her to come Back tomorrow.

He soon made it to class thankfully it was close by. He looked to Ms. Mako and bowed his head before walking hover to the front desk he noticed only the pink haired girl was here for the moment. Greeeat

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Jett Haven

Yeah of course. Though he would probably act like his way made passed her next class. He could most likely make it even without his quirk. As he helped with the clean up he did smile on how quick she did say yes. Despite her ‘reasoning’.

As she did her hair, he rolled his sleeves back down, putting away their aprons. He noticed she walked towards the door, not waiting for him. He shook his head with a slight smile. Probably her just trying to stay ‘in control’ of the situation. However when he turned back around and grabbed his food, he started into a slight jog to catch up to her. Only to slide to a stop when he realized. She waited for him at the door! A pleasantly surprised look came onto his face.

As they started to walk, he was about to ask her a question when he heard Ms. Mako on the intercom again. He sighed when he found out his Mother was here. He knew exactly why as well. He looked slightly worried as he could only imagine what she was doing now. Now he would have to calm her down quickly before things got out of hand. He looked to Kasuke with a slight blush on his cheeks. Embarrassed slightly that this was the Second time he was called to the front desk in the same day. He shrugged with an apologetic look on his face. She simply said she would see him after class. AFTER. He smirked. He liked the sound of that. It meant she would possibly want to spend time with him. Maybe she meant the french lessons he promised her.

”I'm sorry I couldn't walk you to class. I'll see you at the the dorms then?”He said with a wink, before pushing himself into a fast jog.

Adriane Haven

A black town car pulled up to the visitors entrance, Before the car could even stop fully, the back passenger side door shot open. A relatively short blonde woman got out the of the vehicle as it still was rocking from the driver shifting the vehicle to park. She quickly looked back at the open door and said, Stay in the car you two. With a tone that sounded like a cracking whip. Twin sisters both looked out of the back seat towards their mother, Both nodding with a Clear understanding. She wearing a very form fitting pantsuit and short heels, they clacked against the stone floor of the gate. She would have looked like a member of a board, late a meeting.

She quickly went to the visitors entrance through Security. She came to a stop at the head of security of the school, hough despite her short height, she had a menacing look on her face that would scare even the most hardened soldiers. It was clear she was mad, from a vein bulging in her temple, the narrow eyes that seemed to give the clear message of 'Get the fuck outta my way'.

Sarge had been relaxing in his regular pose, stiff upright with arms folding when a much smaller lady with a mean mug came along to him, he rolled his eyes behind his shades knowing this lady meant business. She approached him aggressively, “Good evening ma’am, how can I help you” Sarge said with a respectful tone hoping he wouldn't have to get rough.

Her eyes narrowed even more when he didn’t get out of the way. But he was being respectful, it did little to curb her anger. “I need to Speak to the dipshit in charge of my son, Jett Haven’s class. He didn’t step in when he was supposed to and my son nearly got killed because of it. I also need to see my boy and make sure hes ok. “ She said with a sharp tongue. She folded her own arms, almost mimicking the much bigger man. She noted his American accent. Then switched to English. “Don’t call me ma’am. I’m not that old.”

Sarge let go of his tenseness a little bit when she seemed to relax, the woman didn't seem like she would leave without giving an answer. “I believe the teacher of that class is Akihito Yoshida. I can escort you to the Secretary's desk and she can help you from there.” Sarge said holding his arm out for her to walk ahead of him. “I am sorry about that miss” Sarge said switching to English as well, it felt good to speak in his native tongue.

Adriane walked forward, instantaneously going back to the speed she had before stopping in front of Sarge, If not a little faster as they walked through the grounds to the main building. She was slightly miffed at the Security guard. She was hoping she would run in with a powerhungry dipshit who would try to stop her or something. She reallllllly wanted to punch someone out at the moment. It might just have to wait for Yashida.

She stopped at the front desk and slammed her hands on the edge of the desk. She looked at the secretary, who was currently was gathering some things. “Hey! I need to see my Son, Jett Haven right away. As well as the dumbass teacher in charge of his class and the principle.” Normally she would have been a little nicer to the secretary. But she knew very well who she was, Mako Akane. Formerly Madame Obsidian. She may have turned her life around, but most people have the same personality, despite life changing choices.

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