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Jett only grew more confused when Kaida continued with her story saying he saved her...calling him really strong. A slight clarity came from that but it didn’t really click for him right away as he was still taken back really that she thought he saved them from this group of villains. He glanced behind him to see Roy and Ruby standing there, roy glaring at him per usual today...was that why he was pissed at him? Cause he thought he did something he couldn’t?

It took a few seconds to realize the guy who saved her was his dad, wearing a version of his hero suit. He tended to use his companies prototypes and test them himself in the field. That and the fact she said he was super strong….which was his dads quirk, super strength. Gaining that ability from Jetts grandmothers side.

He scratched the back of his head looking back to Kaida and forcing a smile. Looking at her face and how it lit up, he would feel horrible if he ruined it for her. Especially when she’s in such pain. But at the same time it’s just as bad if he led her on.

”I- uh… He was at a loss for words.

Lance sighed as he walked up the stairs. Having just finished with the debriefing with police for the moment, and making sure Manda was settled and checking in with his wife and Yukari. He decided to check on the students he helped with. Really wanting to get more info on the boy who lost his arm. Having seen him fight, he was interested in helping him out. It would be a damn shame if his potential was wasted so early in his life.

That, and he also wanted to get the scoop on those villians on the side. He raised an eyebrow when hearing a commotion, something about Perv and the like, But he was tired and didn’t hurry his step. By the time he got to the top he noticed a blonde boy in a wheelchair and a dark haired girl making their way into a room. With Aurellia standing in the hallway. Hard not to miss her with her wings and platinum hair.

”Ah Ms. Nakamiji, good to see you are not harmed. He said with a smile. He was still in his gear, but his hood and mask was off. His face grew a little more serious.” What about the rest of your team? I noticed a few got hurt. Non serious I hope?” He stopped infront of the door to where his son was in. Glancing he noticed him right away, but didn’t make a move to enter. His attention coming back to the woman in front of him.

Fumika, Haruka, Takeshi

Takeshi raised an eyebrow as Roy said he would take her. Immediately telling her not to be slamming doors because of a barbarian “bully” confused by what he meant. Clearly slamming private room doors open in a hospital is not advisable, but he was sure she was just worried. He grunted softly to himself as he reached for a robe and pulled into onto him, after doing so he laid back for a moment as another wave of dizziness flowed over him. He heard some commotion outside the door of his room, groaning and some worried voices.

But when opened his eyes he looked over to see Fumika standing in the doorway. Her eyes filled with horror and disbelief. At what though? His lack of arm was hidden at his side opposite of the door. Her face was white as well, before he could ask if she was ok, she finally spoke

"Takeshi... Your arm..."

He winced, not out of any physical pain, but to see Fumika this mentally distressed over the fact he lost his arm. He hesitated for a moment, looking away to his feet at the end of the bed. Then slowly swinging them over the edge. As he grunted.

Looking to Fumika again he had a soft smile on his lips. “Fumika… thank you for visiting…” He said softly but politely. Using his right hand to gripp his elbow and nub as if that simple gesture would hide it completely from her. While it was a horrible incident for himself, he was already steeled to push on. But Fumika seemed so worried and he didn’t want that of her. She was so innocent and pure. ”Its not that bad…” he said trying to brush off the severity of it. Though it was clear he understood it as well.

He pushed himself out of bed and finished pulling the robe over his shoulders. Shakily at first, but he managed to regain his balance. Whats going on out there? I heard some groaning...did Roy hit someone with the door? He added, trying to deflect the bigger issue.

Fumika stared blankly at him. Her mouth opened as if to say something, then shut again. She blinked once, very slowly and deliberately, as if only just then realizing she’d forgotten and resolving to do it properly if she was going to do it at all. She nodded slightly, but still didn’t speak. Her lower lip seemed to twitch slightly - the faintest sort of quivering motion that suggested that with some herculean effort, she was trying to speak - or perhaps trying to keep herself from speaking. Her hands reached up to fidget with the curtains of her hair, but she couldn’t quite seem to put them in the right place, and grasped once, then twice at thin air before she finally found the warmth she was looking for. It didn’t seem to bring her much comfort, regardless.

“Fumi. Oi, Fumi. Snap out of it.” The rough voice to the right of her seemed to do the trick, and she jumped slightly releasing her hair and looking down to find two worried amber eyes gazing back up at her. Harukaze Haruka waved a hand slightly in front of her friend’s face, then placed it on her shoulder. “He says he’s fine, so relax a bit, alright?” She seemed to consider saying more, but the message was clear enough to the distraught blonde as it was. Fumika gave another slight nod, and her hands slumped down to her sides.

“...Sorry.” She murmured apologetically, although what she was apologizing for was unclear. She looked up to Takeshi, and although she seemed tense, she managed to address him without shaking. “We heard about what happened,” she said quietly, trying hard to keep her eyes focused on his face, to keep them focused on the room in front of her rather than the room she’d seen a year prior. “We… we came as fast as we could.”

Takeshi nodded and said quickly, No need to be sorry Fumika... He said raising his stump of an arm. As to scratch the back of his head...clearly forgetting about what happened… He looked at it for a split second. “Its a lot to take in, I get it… He lowered his arm and added, ”As I said before, thanks for coming… it means alot to me that you came so quickly...but...

He looked to Haruka, noting her prosthetic leg. ...If this is too hard for you to be here...or need some time to process it… thats ok.” he added at the end...the image of her pale face and horror look in her eyes becoming more and more clear as he made the connection with Haruka. He didn’t want her going through some unnecessary pain seeing him like this right now.

That seemed to get a reaction, at least, but he wasn’t sure if that was an improvement. She raised her head, her eyes momentarily widening with something approximating shock, before snapping back to that same blank, slight frown as always. It was almost uncanny how quickly her face always seemed to revert to that look - as if she’d forgotten how to wear any other expression save that. And yet, she clearly hadn’t forgotten, but-

Her lip twitched slightly, but once again, if she was trying to say something, she failed miserably. Or, perhaps she had just decided that it would be best not to speak. After another moment, the last strand of her hair that was stubbornly standing upright drooped lifelessly down across the bridge of her nose, and her head followed suit.

“I... Nn…” The words were difficult, but she got them out at last. “...Right. I’m… sorry.”

She gave a curt nod, turned, and shuffled quickly toward the door, seeming somehow smaller than when she had first entered it.

Takeshi reached out with his stub as she turned around, getting the impression he made things even worse after seeing her hole body basically droop down. ”W-wait… i didn’t mean…’ he started to say, the sudden movement causing his dizziness spell to kick in again. Falling against the end of the bed and knocking off the clipboard that was on Roy’s bed in the process. He reached out for the footboard of the bed, but misjudged the distance and couldn’t quite reach-

Suddenly, something - no, someone - broke his fall, interposing herself between him and the ground and catching him gently. Or perhaps it was a “something” after all? The copy of Fumika standing between him and the bed gently helped him back upright, supporting him at least until he could sit back down on the side of his bed. Looking up, he could see Fumika stopped halfway through the doorway, one hand upon the frame, clutching it tightly. Her knuckles were white against the black of the doorframe, and her gleaming emerald eyes were staring at him behind the frames of her glasses with a strange expression, somewhere between worry and… fear? Or perhaps apology?

Haruka nodded to her, and the copy disappeared. “Whew. Nice save, Fumi,” She said, giving her friend a thumbs-up. “Why don’t ya make sure that Yoshida kid’s alright? He took a pretty nasty hit to the gut back there.”

“Oh… Okay.” She nodded slightly, more firmly than she had before.

”W-wait Fumika’ he said as he put a hand firmly on the bed, not sitting down. He had closed his eyes once more to stop the spinning of the room for a moment, but he wanted to make sure she just didn’t leave after Haruka told her to go check on Yoshida. He then looked directly at the blonde haired girl who stood in the doorway, with a genuine smile he said, “Thank you Fumika,I really appreciate you being here.”

“Eh?” Her eyes shot up in evident surprise, then slowly dropped down to the floor as the faintest shift came over her face. Perhaps she was embarrassed, or perhaps it was the slightest sort of smile. Her hands fidgeted a bit with the sleeves of her cardigan, and she wobbled her head slightly up and down, seeming taken aback, but glad that he’d seen fit to thank her. The life crept back into her hair, which crackled a bit with nervous energy as the strands fretted back and forth on their own. At last, she found the right words to answer. They were simple words - so simple that even she could be sure to get them right. “Oh… You’re… welcome.”

She glanced to Haruka. Haruka nodded once again, giving a reassuring smile. Fumika smiled faintly in return, then glanced back to the boy on the bed. “Umm… Please be careful, Takeshi. You probably shouldn’t be walking around. I’ll… um… come back in a bit. Is… that alright?”

Haruka grinned, evidently glad to see her friend’s mood so improved. It was a comparatively slight change, but for someone like her, even that much spoke wonders. “Sure thing, Fumi. Don’t you worry. I’ll make sure he doesn’t do anythin’ dumb. I happen to be an expert on that subject, so he’s in good hands!”

Takeshi nodded to Fumika, “Please do… I'll rest here for a moment then.” He said, as he lowered himself on the edge of the bed. He really needed to go see his sister… perhaps he needed the help to make it down the hall if he couldn’t make it five feet without falling over.

He looked to Haruka, who shrugged as Fumika retreated once more out the door. “She’s almost scarily good at that, isn’t she? The whole catchin’ you when ya slip thing, I mean.” She rapped her knuckles against the plastic kneeplate of her prosthetic. “It got to the point where I couldn’t even bump into somethin’ without at least three of her grabbin’ onto me like I was gonna fall off a cliff or somethin’. And without hardly even lookin’, either. She’s somethin’ else, really.” The pride in her voice as she spoke was obvious, but she dismissed it with another shrug and a sigh. “Sorry about her. I know you probably don’t want to be fussed over, but she really is just trying to help.”

He nodded as she spoke, even before this, in the exercise how she saved him a few times in just a short period of time. ” She certainly is…. looking at her directly, “I’m just not used to being fussed over really, but it's nothing you should apologize for. Actually, I appreciate it immensely… I never had anyone come check up on me when i’ve been injured before. Other than my little sister that is...

He looked back to the door, ”She just looked so distraught, like she took it so personally. I didn’t want her feeling that way because of me. But I guess i need to be more clear when speaking with her eh? he added while scratching the back of his head with his right hand.

“She takes everything personally. Really, it’s not your fault. Fumi’s just like that. She means well, but… Let’s just say she bites off more than she can chew.” She scratched the back of her head with a slight grimace. “How should I put this…? If you complained that there wasn’t air in outer space, she’d probably say something dumb like, ‘Sorry! I’m not strong enough to fix that.’” She exhaled quietly. “Everyone’s got things they can’t do. Fumi just needs to…”

She trailed off, then shook her head and shot him another cheeky grin, her momentarily serious mood dissipating completely. Unlike her friend, Haruka herself was something of an open book. It was obvious that she was trying to change the subject and lighten the mood, but even if it was obvious, it wasn’t painfully so. Somehow, her irreverent and casual tone was like a breath of fresh air compared to the heavy atmosphere that had come before it. “Well, whatever. I don’t think we ended up talkin’ last time I saw you. It’s a pretty lousy time for introductions, but I’d be a pretty big jerk if I didn’t even give ya’ my name. I’m Harukaze Haruka. Whatever you wanna call me is fine. Any friend of Fumi’s is a friend of mine.

Takeshi listened intently, nodding as she spoke. Honestly it was good to hear this from someone who really understood her. He being horrible at expressing his own feelings, let alone understanding an odd interesting girl like fumika. He didn’t get a chance to really add anything to the first more serious part, as she segwayed into a more light hearted introduction. He smiled, appreciating someone who was being...real with him.

It’s a pleasure to meet you Haruka, My name is Yashiro Takeshi. Please just call me Takeshi.

The dark-haired girl gave a slight grin, tapping a fist against her open palm and giving the universal sign of a delayed realization. “Ah, yeah, that makes sense. I was wondering why Fumi was already acting so familiar around ya’. Good. I was almost worried for a sec that she was just bein’ rude. Guess I should have more faith in her.” She gave a slight chuckle and raised two fingers to her forehead, flicking them in a haphazard salute. “Well, whatever. Nice to meetcha, Takeshi.”

When Mina said to Visit everyone clearly weirded out that he asked, he shrugged his shoulders, not thinking that it was, and EVERYone in the same room could get a little crowded. Thankfully Kenichi caught on to what he originally meant...though its true he was horrible at conveying it himself the first time. He simply pointed to Kenichi with wide eyes as if to say, ‘that's what I meant’.

Though no one really spoke up they just decided to just head up. Which he was fine with for now. Personally he wanted to See the girls first...cause well...the guys are fine. Their GUYS they’re supposed to be tough. Also he knew Kaida more than the dudes...But he was smart enough to NOT say that out loud. While he knew the girls were strong and could defend themselves and what not, he was always taught by his father to protect his sisters, as that was his role as the oldest brother. Which often bled out to any girl…

As they walked he was glad Haruka had come, and had used him as support while wasn’t much at all, but even this little gesture that he was able to help meant alot to him that he was able to do something for her,

After Mina ran off to confront Donny a lot of stuff happened, from kenichi yelping when a girl passed him, to roy slamming a door open with that said girl and knocking kenichi down for good. To Roy even glaring at HIM! What the hell did he do? But more importantly...who was that girl and why was she with Roy?

Haruka decided to follow Fumika into the room, was going to go follow them but he decided to just go over to Kenichi, who Asuka was now tending to. He crouched down so he was at eye level with Kenichi and Auska You ok there? Maybe we should check you in while we are here. Though… you got to admit… that was pretty funny, who honestly gets doors slammed into their sides now a days?

Takeshi had noticed the sudden multitude of expressions. From surprise to fear, confusion, sadness even. He nodded his thanks when he said she was in Kaidas room resting, room he reached for his robe about to leave. He glanced at roy to see him trying to get up. Despite himself getting up once again, having lost much of his own blood, arm, and stabbed in the chest he was used to pushing himself, that and he was healed by that woman... But he was more impressed with Roy having gone up against Oni and still getting up. He saw his attempt within the shadows, that kind of blow he suffered once before from his eldest brother. He was out for a month.

Takeshi looked back to Roy when started to ask him some more questions. He hesitated for a moment, not sure if it was his place...or how Roy would react to this information. He decided to answer first about Kaida, They want Kaida… because she has a insanely powerful quirk, and they want to integrate it with their shadow quirk. Oni… the man with the aura… is my eldest brother. As such, he is to become the next head of the clan and meet my father's associates,

He thought long and hard if he should tell Roy who his father was..he never met him, but he knew his father and he were…’friends’ of sorts. More like mutually respected.

But as he was about to open his mouth, the door whipped open, slamming against the wall and a girl with brown hair holding a white bundle in her arms quickly shouted. Kadia?!?! Her eyes were wide when she realized there were two boys in the room, She blushed but it was quickly hidden as she raised the white bundle to her nose, so only her eyes could be seen. Clearing her throat, Um… sorry.. Do either of you know a white haired girl named Kaida?” She looked at the dark haired boy...noticing he was missing an arm. He didn’t look that old...nor did the blonde haired boy… yet they looked like they just came from a war zone…

Kinda shocked at this sudden interruption, yet grateful at the same time He nodded his head and said, Yes… but I dont know what room she’s in... He looked to Roy, knowing he knew, and waited for him to answer.

Jett looked to Haruka as she stared back at him, putting her foot down that she was coming with them no matter what with just her eyes… commenting on his lack of quirk and that he shouldn’t go alone. While he appreciated the sentiment it also felt like a dis to his lack of ability to protect himself as well. He shook the thought from his head. He knew she would never mean it like that.

Kenichi also mentioned coming along, despite being injured himself as well. He sighed and nodded his head as Fumika ran off to get her sister. He wondered who she was partially worried for...or was it just that their classmates were in the hospital.

He waited by Haruka while Fumi was gone, Texting his father for more information, which he did, explaining only vaguely that Takeshi seemed to be in the worst shape, but stable. Reina and Roy were next in bad shape but will make a full recovery, Kaida received burns of some kind all over her hands...and Michiko was just mentally exhausted. That they barely survived an attack from a group of men who were chased off by the pros that showed up. He also found out their room numbers and that his mother was also there visiting Yukari who was also hurt somehow as well by a different villain.

Once Fumika came back, he noticed her sister walking behind her, he could instantly see her litte sister, as she looked too familiar to Fumika. But he was surprised to see Mina and Ruby in tow as well. He had not spoke to Ruby at all really, he was still slightly embarrassed by what happened in the last exercise. He did of course apologize afterwards when he had a chance, in the classroom but he decided to not talk to her for a bit till it wasn’t so fresh in his mind. He nodded to the new group and updated them on what little info he did received then he turned towards the main gate, walking next to Haruka incase she needed to grab onto him. But he didn’t offer his arm obviously, he didn’t want her to think he was making it obvious that he was offering to help, knowing how independant she was.

Luckily, there was a bus that was stopping as they were leaving, which would take them to the hospital, there wasn’t much chatting… as the news of so many of their friends hurt kinda ruined the mood...along with other reasons to be sure, soon they were at the hospital, in the lobby. Checking his phone again, he told the others where Takeshi’s and roy’s room where and the girls room as well, his last info was that Reina, Michiko and Kaida were there resting.
”So..who do you guys wanna see first?” He asked, looking to everyone. Perhaps they would split up or want to stick together. He was fine with either. He glanced at Mina again, once again surprised she actually came. He didn’t think she was close friends with anyone there. Same with Ruby...perhaps reina is one of their roomates? He didn't’ know obviously

Once Reina left the room, relieved as well that she was being forced into treatment. For a timid girl she had quite stubborn streak. Which made him smile for the briefest of moments.

As for Aurelia, when she mentioned that what a pro like he should say he raised an eyebrow with a quizzical look upon his face. She really thought he was a pro? Acion quickly moved over to her and whispered something in her ear which seemed to shock her. Probably the fact that he was not a pro, but merely a classmate of his. After a quick exchange between the two siblings, and a few confused mixed with aw glances at himself, Acion and Aurelia left, leaving him and Roy alone. Frankly he was honored that someone thought he was a pro hero, but at the same time the knowledge of his brothers strength and his failure quickly snuffed out that little flame.

He looked down at his stump of an arm, really studying it now. That woman who healed him did a fascinating job, as it looked almost completely healed. The fact remained, even if he can get out of this bed, he would have to work again twice as hard to come up with a new style that did not rely on the use of it, not to mention the fact that he had to use his free hand to make constructs…

He glanced over at Roy as he spoke in a low tone. He was of course asking about his connection to the men. He knew this would come, and knew that now he had no choice but to tell him. He sat for a few moments breathing slowly, his eyes never leaving Roys. Yes. He said simply and matter of factly. For a moment, it would seem that would be all he would say, blinking and then looking to the door.

He has to see Michiko. He remembered before he passed out that she was fine, just unconscious. Which made sense because of how much effort it took to pull him into that shadow wolf. He still felt weak, but he slipped his feet over the edge of his bed slowly, grunting softly under his breath.

He looked once again at roy who was still looking at him, expecting more to the answer to which he added, Those masked men were our older brothers... He let it sink in before continuing, Michiko and I were born into a clan of Assassins, raised to follow in our ancestors footsteps and rule this country from the shadows. When everyone our age was going to school and having a childhood, Michiko and I were fighting quite literally to survive within our own home. All up till about a year or so ago, when I saved Michiko from being married off to abusive man twice her age… and we ran away from it...or tried to at least.

Once he gained enough inner strength he slowly stood up, keeping a firm hand on his bed, Since I brought dishonor to the family, Only my head will suffice to restore it. looking to Roy he changed the subject. Do you know where my sister is?”

To be honest, Takeshi was not ready for Roy to stand up and Yell at him for saying what he did. He was confused for a moment and glanced over at Reina when he mentioned her. So he was getting angry for him saying the same thing they all would have thought? To protect each other? Sure they were training still and Roy saw him as another student. That was understandable, which is why he bit his tongue. He was trained how to fight… not like them. Any of them. He was taught to kill from a very young age. He didn’t have a childhood like the others. He lived with the knowledge his mistakes would leave a permanent reminder. All the scars on his body were testament to that training.

One of his brothers was missing two fingers since he was nine. A hard lesson their father taught him, the idea of losing pieces of one’s body was a given in his life. He looked down at his arm when Roy screamed in his face, mentioning his severed arm.

It didn’t hurt as bad as before to be honest… though he could have been in shock...or it was the medicine or what ever that womans quirk did. He swore he could still feel his hand resting on his leg...only to see for himself that it wasn’t there.

Takeshi looked over to Reina for a moment and noticed a look of determination in her eyes, which had changed from her somewhat sad smile. He wanted to speak to her more privately… while its true she held her own, and showed how truly powerful her quirk was...he did remember the look in her eyes near the end of the fight.

He looked her in the eye as she looked at him, mentioning that she wanted him to come to her if he needed help. He was lost for words for a bit before only nodding...despite thinking he would never try to burden her or anyone with his handicap now. That was not his way. That was not how he was raised.

He looked at Acion and listened to what he said...but again said nothing… Both of them saw only a normal student. He wasn’t them though… he wasn’t try to act like someone he wasn’t. He failed, he had more training...he KNEW his families tactics… he saw Rakasha in that bus but instead of telling them to run he assumed it was a trick of the heat.

He knew he should have pushed the group into the street, not let them fight in the ally to Hade’s strength. He left them to defend themselves knowing they could easily be killed.

He then looked up as the principle came in...taking Reina away to be treated. While he was glad she was being taken away he still kinda hoped...that she would have been treated there. Idiotic he knew but he shook his head.

Finally speaking after Aurellia asked what he planned to do. He looked at her with a slightly confused look. He was going to still fight of course. But the idea of ever giving up never crossed his mind. He would have to change his style for sure...but he was still aiming to destroy his family's legacy.

I’m still going to fight... He looked to Roy, ” Despite losing my arm... I grew up expecting there might be a day I might lose a limb. It is just apart of life… for how I was raised. He looked to Acion. Im not trying to pretend to be somene I’m not. I am not the same as you guys. I am not saying I’m better than any of you, but I should have be able to do more. Because of how I was trained.

His eyes rested upon Aurellia, “I’m not giving up if that is what you meant.

Takeshi was ready to feel the hit of the hard cold ground of the hospital, but he was surprised when he was slowed and fell upon a warm body. It took him a second to pull his thoughts together, but he looked down and after a moment he realized it was Reina holding him up. Unconsciously his face began to feel warm, though he didn’t understand that feeling at the moment, he too looked away at the same moment Reina did. He didn’t see the redness on her cheeks. But when she spoke he glanced back at her, catching her eye as she told him to stay in bed, else he would hurt himself.

He was about to protest to say he was fine, but that would have been a lie. The protest died quickly in his throat as Roy mentioned how they must have survived, He honestly expected it was because they were told not to kill is why they all survived. But he was probably just refurring to Reina’s willpower, so he didn’t say anything, he continued on and added he should probably listen to Reina, having a smile on his face as he did mentioning her impressive fighting from earlier. He nodded, perhaps Roy was right in this...looking to Reina once again.

He knew it when they first met outside the lunchroom, there was alot more to her than she let on. She clearly had the most powerful quirk in class. Yet her confidence was lacking...except for today when she held off Rakasha...he didn’t get to see much of it..but the fact she gave him trouble still was more than one needed to make a judgement on her abilities. He then said ”I probably should. But not till you are taken care of…” He glanced down and noticed how she was holding them her arms. ”You should have just let me fall down. I don’t want to cause you more pain.”

Before he could get an answer Acion and Aurellia stepped in. Acion trying to help him lie down, but he only allowed it to go as far as getting him to sit down on his bed. He raised his right hand and nodded to Acion, motioning that this was good enough for him. He saw how Riena looked, he wasn’t going to lay down till she was taken care of.

He watched as Aurellia moved Reina to another bed, That girl didn’t even look like anyone was taking care of her wounds, yet she had the strength to keep him from falling over… He felt embarrassed actually at the thought, and Aurellia somewhat echoed his thoughts. Before turning to him.

She explained that he was ok, that no one will come to hurt him...she clearly didn’t know his family. But he nodded in acknowledgement that he was ‘calm’ now. She hesitated before thanking him for before. He was silent as he tried to remember what he did for her… confused. Till he received a flash of him pushing her to the side and getting stabbed instead by Raksha.

He nodded, “You don’t need to owe me anything. ” He said softly. Looking at her directly in the eyes. “I didn’t do it to have you indebted to me. I would do it again if needs be.I’m just sorry I couldn’t protect you all from them. ”

Takeshi had been out most of his treatment. Which was surgeons just making sure his arteries were properly routed, and checking for any other injuries. But Manda’s quirk did a magnificent job already, so there wasn’t much for the surgeons to do except give him pain medication and properly dress his other wounds that were not healed.

After a bit, he slowly woke up in an empty room, When his thoughts turned to what happened before hand, and forgetting where he was, he jerked upward in his bed, Grimacing in pain as he reached up with his right hand to touch his chest, the blade from his brother was only an inch above his heart, barely missing his aorta .

A passing nurse came into the room to check on him, first thing he asked was about his sister, making sure she was at least taken care of. After hearing that all of his friends were ok, and in another room he finally allowed himself to lay back, finally looking to his left arm...or what was left of it.

All there was now was a nub of his forearm, three inches from his elbow. He stared at it for a long time, when he lost his arm in the battle...he knew he did, he used his shadow constructs to seal the wound and make the temporary arm. The rest of the fight was a blur really… like he was possessed. It didn’t settle in that he...just lost his arm till now.

He wondered how he was ever going to be strong enough now to protect his sister. He could still fight, but his skill with the blade was almost literally halved now.

He closed his eyes as he laid back in a relaxed sitting position, He decided to meditate and calm his mind...there wasn’t much more he could do at the moment. The time passed by quickly as he realized he was actually dozing with the medication, it causing his mind to cloud too much. he heard the door open and someone wheeling in a wheelchair, He didn't think much of it till he noticed how soft the sound was, as if someone was trying to sneak up to him.

A surge of adrenaline pumped through him, and on instinct focused on creating a knife that was hidden under his hand and wrist, going up along his forearm. Honesty it took alot more energy than it should have, which it normally did, but it nearly exhausted him this time. He assumed it was the medication that was affecting him. He heard more people trying to enter his room quietly and used this moment to strike.

Forcing through his pain he kicked his legs over the side of the bed, causing the blanket to fling into Roys face. Gripping the knife he created in a reverse grip he went to slash Roy’s face, honestly thinking the would be assassin was pushing the wheelchair. So he was trying to stab the imaginary assailant in the gut. His knife stopped however a few inches from roys head when he realized what was happening.

He stood there, breathing heavily and in shock now. Looking up from Roy to the others and noticed it was Acion and that woman from before. A cold sweat ran down his temple as he realized he almost killed his classmate.

The construct melted away, going back to his own shadow as he felt the room darken, “Kusayanagi… I-Im sorry.” The loss of blood catching up to him , He gripped the iv stand but it wasn’t enough to keep him from falling over as he blacked out slightly.

Jett stood there silently, pulling her close to him with one arm across her shoulder blades with that hand holding her right shoulder. While the other was around her waist He held her like that as she started to explain what happened when she was discharged from the hospital. He felt a twinge of pain knowing he wasn’t there for her during this...not that it was his fault he didn’t know, he still felt responsible for not being there.

When she explained she wanted to try to walk, He gave a sad smile that she couldn’t see. Of course she would have wanted to walk. Even knowing she would fail. That sounded just like her. Strong and defiant despite her physical ability. He rested the front of his chin on lightly on top of her head as if he was going to kiss it, but he didn’t. He just held it there till she raised her head, pulling his back as well. He looked at her with now that same hopeful smile and blush on her face.

He had a soft smile on his face as he remembered that day, but it grew even more when she asked how did he always know what to say. Adding the signature idiot at the end of the sentence. He shrugged, his head tilting to the side with his smile turning into his crooked grin. As if to say he didn’t know, its just natural.

This is why… She started to say, at which he raised his eyebrow, curious on what she was going to say, but she stopped abruptly and pulled away from him. She loooked down bashfully, which only caused him to narrow his eyes and cock his head to the side again as he wondered what she was trying to say.

He waited, for what seemed like hours as she tried to collect her thoughts, he was about to ask what was it was when she looked up again at him. Her confident smile once again gracing her face. The smile he always loved. She then asked if he would listen to what she had to say, when she was ready.

He took a deep breath, while never looking away from her and sighed. With a Serious expression he shook his head. “Nope.” He said matter of factly. He waited a few moments to see her get angry before smirking as if he just said a horrible joke. “I don’t listen remember?” He added while raising his hands, palms up in a shrug. His smile even growing bigger by the moment. It was clear to her that he was kidding but he then laughed before she blew a fuse. “You never ask that again. Cause I'll always be willing to listen to you if you need to talk.” He said with a warm smile. After a moment he then jerked his head over his shoulder, ”Lets catch up with the others...I’m sure Fumika wants to see you as well.”

He took her right hand in his and placed it on his left bicep. Using this moment with her arm raised and her confused to be sure, to reach with his other hand and take the crutch away as he moved so he was now standing next to her on her right, with her crutch in his right hand. And his body in the way from her to attempt to grab it.

Acion Nakamiji
Albert Saratogi
Forte Dragunov

Aurelia Nakamiji

Sparks nodded as Aurellia explained that it was another group that that helped save the young former shadowclan member. That he was still undertreatment. Personally he wanted to meet this lad who was brave enough...or foolish… to go against his families way of life. He could be a major asset later on.

He glanced at the others who mentioned the mental scars. They were pups..of course there were going to be scars...honestly anyone could have been scared from seeing that. Having seen the brutality the shadowclan could dish out before. They were not a group to be dealt lightly with. ”Of course, all of them including you lad should talk about it with someone soon. That is not something you keep bottled up inside. He said looking right at Acion. He knew first hand on bottling things up.

Sparks weren’t the only one looking at Acion, but all three of the pro heroes present there. A pro hero must always be ready for the mental impact of having to constantly face danger. Unspoken rule. The only one who might not have grasp it was him.

Having all the adults present looking at him, and the gaze, even though not judging, could really appeared to be judging, could be a little daunting. He looked away slightly, but then gathered all possible strength and courage he had and took to reply to him.

”I’ll keep that in mind, sir.” He turned looking at his older sister, wordlessly conveying the hidden message.

He nodded in approval to Acion’s response, then looked to Aurellia and bowed his head. “Excuse me, how terribly rude of me, My name is Jean-Luc Sparks. It is a honor to meet a real Angel, the rumors of your beauty do you no justice.” He took her hand gently into his and bent down and kissed it, when he did she could feel a slight tingling of what seemed to be electricity from her lips. Nothing to leave a mark or hurt at all, but pleasurable.

”Oh…” She was really wasn’t expecting such a greetings. And that gentle feeling on her lips. What?

Everybody around her could see a slight hue of pink on her face, one was trying to hide his slight irritation, but she quickly regathered her composure. ”Thank you very much for your compliment Mr Jean-Luc Sparks.”

He then glanced to the black hair. Allowing Aurellia to have her hand back “As well as the woman with a fighting spirit of a Dragon…” He said with a mischievous smile. Such strong and beautiful eyes as well. Kissing her hand with the same effect.

For the dragon-girl, she was more prepared, and somewhat less of a romanticist type. But still she replied to his politeness. ”Thank you sir.”

He glanced at the two men and while he knew of Albert, he knew nothing of the boy. “It's a pleasure to meet you both as well.” He said with a smile and slight nod.

They both returned the nod with respect, despite his earlier attempt. Was just politeness, that’s all, they dismissed.

He looked to Mako when she explained what she needed to do and wanting to meet up afterward. He smiled hearing the flirtation in her voice loud and clear, nodding to her as he agreed to meet her in the lobby. He watched her leave and cocked his head to the side as she hurried to help the blob student. Though his eyes wasn’t on the student… He snapped out of it when he noticed Retha walking right towards him. He straightened himself and looked back to Aurelia and the others when she explained she needed to ask him some medical things.

A slightly confused look on his face. Wait, she thought he was a doctor? Well he ‘played’ doctor before, but never really went to school for it. He bowed his head in respect to the two women in front of him, Aurellia and Dragonov. “If you ladies will please excuse me. I will be right back. “ He said with a wink. Before being half dragged away.

”Wait, so he’s a doctor?” Dragunov asked confusedly, as if she couldn’t believe a man dressing like that being a doctor. Just look at the other doctors. He doesn’t look the same.

”I don’t know but our ‘mother’ doesn’t sound like she is treating him so.” Aurelia replied, noticing the differing tone from Retha just as she approached Sparks. ”But anyway. The students must have awakened. Would you like to come in there, young brother?”

”Of course.” He replied as they all moved apart to let him and his giant wings through. ”Wait, you aren’t coming?”

”Unless necessary.” She shrugged her shoulder. Professional heroes are like the representative of the justice system, aside from the police. And cases of re-victimization due to them aren’t that rare, so she should keep her distance for now, unless they want to meet her. Hopefully later when they are better, she, or maybe her team could address them better.

Acion shrugged as he came to the door, only to be met by Dulga as she left in a hurry, her coat hugging her body. He quickly stepped to the side not to get in her way. Damn that girl is always in a hurry.

After Dulga left, the door was still creaking open as Acion held onto it. But before entering, it took him a few seconds to get himself calmed. He was not sure how his friends would see him as he ran away in the middle of combat like that. Although his intent was not at all cowardice, not all people see things his way.

”Everyone. Please tell me you’re alright.”

When they came to a stop and far enough to have a private conversation. She instantly dropped the act. He stood there as she accused him of different things, and all he could think was…really?’ his eyebrow raised as Retha tried to threaten him. His arms folded across his chest as she casually listened to her. Looking right back into her fiery emotion filled eyes. The woman clearly never played poker in her life. Throwing all her cards out on the table like she had an unbeatable hand.

He cleared his throat and said calmly, as his brilliant Gold eyes studied her suit with great detail. I never said i was a doctor ma’am. You just assumed that I was, and honestly i didn’t even think you thought that till you accused me. He noted the best location for a body cam and pointed his finger casually so his palm was up, as if using his hand to prove a point. Suddenly a little Zap and the smell of Ozone filled the air, as a tiny arc was directed at her camera and mic frying the circuits of that system and its core. But leaving everything else intact. Wouldn’t do to have her go volcanic in the hospital.

His bored expression turned into an amused grin. “Thanks for telling me.” His whole body seemed to relax in front of her as he leaned his back against the wall. “Next time you try to follow someone, don’t use such a powerful perfume. Some people have a nose for it. He said while tapping his nose with his right forefinger. ” I do appreciate the fine choice though. I always liked the smell of Sunflowers.”

He then raised that same finger up to start with bullet point one. ”First off, I doubt your microphone was strong enough to hear my conversation from that distance, let alone on top of a windy roof. Your camera is useless after the loss of that. Obvious Villain?’ The guy literally walked right by you and you did nothing. So I wouldn’t call him Obvious… and clearly if you couldn’t hear our conversation again your mic wouldn’t have picked it up. There is no collaboration between me and him. Threatening isn’t a crime. “ he said, his eyes never leaving hers.” I also haven’t had a chance to even talk with the authorities as Kaida was my priority, never had I said I refuse to reveal it. Though I’m sure that pretty girl with the wings could piece it together having fought them. So my input isn’t urgant.

He paused, looking at her puffed up expression which only made him smile more. “But a Pro hero resorting to very disappointing. Though I guess this is the reason why they leave the police work to police and ’Heros’ to capture them. “

Now... He said pushing himself off the wall using his back. Allowing his hands to fall and slapp against his thighs. Why would I tell you more about Kaida again? When you clearly are not in control of your emotions. You could do more harm to her emotionally.”

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