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As they traveled, out of all in the group the one who seemed most comfortable with his surroundings was Lachdonon. He walked casually and seemed like he was not even paying attention to his surroundings. But he was listening. From all his time outside the walls alone. He found out quickly that it usually became very quiet when something dangerous was around. It had become second nature for him to pick up on the absence of sound now. But still, with how far they traveled, It was unlikely they could run into something yet. When they did run into something though, he let the others handle it. They needed the practice.

Lach sighed as they came to a stop for lunch. Looking around at the group, none of whom were in the mood to talk. He couldn't blame them, most of them had lost their mentor's only two months before. Where he lost that and his father. Even though he admitted he was feeling so tired and weak...the time was surely any day for him...but he didn't deserve to die like that.

To make it even worse...he had lost two people he loved within Six months. He glanced over at Ka’ora. Eurika’s mother. Even though they were not genetically mother and daughter, he could see a lot of Eurika in Ka’ora. It made sense...she did raise her.

He was jolted out of his thoughts as Ka’ora whistled… and at the same time Mia hopped up and leaned on his thigh with her front paws. Hey, I’m going to get some food! He nodded as then Mia bolted into the woods.

Ka’ora then spoke up, trying to lighten the mood and get everyone to make introductions. When she finished he noticed Jonah just ignored her to go back to his sheet music. Rolling his eyes he walked over to him while Ethan made an attempt to lighten the mood as well...mostly because he had to it seemed.

Lachdonon gave a quick light slap to the back of Jonah’s head to get his attention. Once he would look up he would see Lachdonon giving him a serious look that clearly said, ‘you should listen to the woman.’

After no one else jumped in he turned and hopped onto a rock and gave one of his contagious smiles. Despite not being in the mood himself honestly. While mostly looking to the girls of the group he said. “ My name is Lachdonon O’brien, Earth chosen. I like relaxing, taking walks in the woods and cooking, and giving Ka’ora a hard time.

He turned to Ka’ora and gave a smug smile. As he thought back to all the times he purposely tried to irritate her, pull pranks or just joke around with her. Most of it was before six months ago though.

In Chosen 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Animussorry it was just taken 7 hours ago. Post above ya. @Kittyforgot to check it off before moving to the ooc.
In Chosen 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay


sees the spider

@Sailorsadie*cough cough*
@Kitty@LunarisDaFox@Heckno12@CAWs For Alarm

I did change his spear two the twin spears in his picture. Explaining why he now has two and what he will usually fight with.

@Viranii mean... can’t get more extravagant with a bow... tends to get in the way
I might change my weapon to the ones in his picture... double being his father’s....
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