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@ZAVAZggg@Shapesplitter@Nightwing95 shameless bump. We got some interesting Characters in here if you guys are still interested.

Also still open for those who see this for the first time.…

Personally I like the first one better. But yeah the other one looks more like a bug clearly
Life, it’s been super rough for us at the moment @Dusty
@PandaBradyindeed it does, I might look into it

You mean this? ThTs sick actually

@Lotrix Molick keeps checking the cs every few hours in anticipation

Edit: I’ll be editing the history a little and adding more here and there delving more into why he shouldn’t kill and why he’s a prodigy. Just wanted to get this up as it’s basically finished.

Also will add what he’s doing the past few months
@Aerandir the red comet returns... lol.


Funny I was deciding to use that mobile suit XD
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