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Time: 9:30AM
Location: Inside Caesonia Castle then outside
Interaction: @PotterPrincess Sadie,@Rodiak Mattias
Attire:’nice clothing’

Verrick’s eyes narrowed slightly at her answer. He simply nodded, implying he was accepting the answer. However, from what he remembered. Baltyria was so far away, it had no connection with any of these kingdoms. No one came out of there, as if it was its own world. No travelers, no traders, no diplomats.


How did she hear Caesonia was Beautiful this time of year?

If she had answered she just wanted to travel and explore the world, and then heard of Casonia while doing so. He might have believed her. However, the way she worded it gave it away. She knew of Casonia before leaving Baltyria, and it was her destination. As it was “far enough” Where she said earlier she was merely passing through. This, along with introducing herself as a ‘major general’ it was clear she was giving him a rehearsed cover story.

”Not quite far enough it appears…’Major General’. I assume it's a few more years of travel before that gets left behind?” He asked with an eyebrow slightly raised.

He glanced over the Princess as she ate the funnel cake hungrily. He blinked a few times before saying ”Forgive me for interrupting.” Bowing his head slightly.

Time: 9:30AM
Location: Inside Caesonia Castle then outside
Interaction: @PotterPrincess Sadie,@Blizz Lyra
Mention:@Lava Alckon Farim, @princess Anastasia
Attire:’nice clothing’

Verrick nodded but he noted the hesitation… he sighed inwardly. Beatrice would have bantered back and said whatever. He had to realize he was not as close to her as he was with Beatrice. He couldn’t be as blunt as he was with her older sister.

He was shocked though when she took his hand and dragged him along. Clearing his throat as he suppressed the urge to pull away his hand. Holding a princess’s hand while guarding her wasn’t a good way to blend in. But he didn’t want to make her feel bad or silly if he pulled away.

Soon enough though she did let his hand go when they got close to the stalls. He watched as she looked around, her eyes wide and full of excitement. He stayed a few paces back, scanning around the stalls before she started moving…then stopping to talk to a woman sitting alone in an odd uniform. It bore casonias colors but looked like an older style… he couldn’t quite place it as he thought back to his historical studies as an apprentice.

Her sword screamed “look at me!” As well. Likely it was more ceremonial rather than being her practical weapon. But nobles were mostly never practical.

He put the thought to the side as he waited close by. Far enough to give them space, but near enough to easily hear their conversation. Leave it to Princess Sadie to zero in on someone who was sitting alone. She was always aware of the odd ones out. It was something he admired about her, and glad she didn’t Inherit her elder brother's traits.

He noted a food stall next to him as he listened, placing a coin down. His eyes didn’t stray far from the two, except when he noticed Princess Anastasia playing a ring tossing game with an Aladashi man, apparently she was luckier in her attempts.

He did raise an eyebrow when Lyra mentioned she was from the Kingdom Baltyria. He heard of it, from reports he read. It was a real place, but it took over a year of travel to get there. One woodsman made it there and back long ago. Barely…it was a dangerous place. There was more info, but he would have to look into it.

He received two funnel cakes, grabbing both. He slowly moved over towards Sadie and Lyra, just as she offered Sadie her snack, he placed one of the funnel cakes directly between them from behind. It would seem it was just a coincidence but he blocked it on purpose. Sure the snack was probably not poisoned. But he felt more comfortable this way. Standing directly behind Sadie he said without looking at Lyra.”Cassonia is a bit far for just passing through if you are from Baltyria.” He said in a gravely tone.

Once Princess Sadie took the plate from his hand he would look at Lyra, his own eyes narrowing as he noticed her unique eye color. ”To my recollection, there never has been a party who’s traveled out of there…for any reason. So why now?” His gaze didn’t falter as he waited for her answer. Though, he did take a bite of his own funnel cake.

Time: 9:30AM
Location: Inside Caesonia Castle then outside
Interaction: @PotterPrincess Sadie,@Rodiak Mattias
Attire:’nice clothing’

At the mention of his good shots from Mathias, he made a small scowl to disagree with him but did not reply back. Always pushing himself anything below the seven pointer was atrocious in the eyes of a Woodsman, even with an injured shoulder. They were always hard on themselves and it was one of the reasons they were known in their country for their uncanny aim. He nodded when he mentioned he was planning on heading over there and simply said ”Good.”

It was then he mentioned to the princess of his willingness to toss Ezra from a window. Once said, Verrick pulled back as she said no need, with a slight look of disappointment in her decision but he nodded. When she then congratulated him on winning he simply said “Thank you your highness.” He shifted his shoulder at the mention of it and shook his head. “I shall be fine. As long as you don't find any trouble during the day.” he said with a slight humor in his tone.

She was then distracted by a flier that flew into her grasp. He turned his attention to Lord Ravenwood. Legends were told of his ability to many social cues, but he immediately noticed Verrick’s lack of interest in the style of his craftsmanship. He was intrigued how his attention was heightened on things that had anything to do with his craft.

He nodded his head and said ”Thank you, for the faith and for the offer. I might take you up on that. “ Most of his tools and armor were basic, however well made for durability rather than looks. It was hard to get a Woodsman to upgrade their weapons because of their reliability and often sentimental properties. His knives were still the original pair he had when he was a teenager. His bow wasn’t as old as his original broke during his rescue of Princess Beatrice. But it was the one he made after that. As for other simple tools it didn’t really require a master to make. But he would think on it.

He had noted that Princess Anastasia and Lady Zarai did not greet him back. Not that it mattered to him. He only found it odd. More so when he noticed her normal bodyguard Wynstan was no longer glued to her while out and about. He wondered why that was. Perhaps of the rumors of the royals getting into a chaotic party he heard of?

His attention was brought back to Princess Sadie when she looked to him excitedly talking about a festival at the park. His mind went back to the barbaric scene of people fighting over waffles at that same park…while he noticed stalls farther away before he worried that might spill over somehow…perhaps over something different.

He let out a low”Hmmm.” as he thought about it. Personally he didn't mind a festival, normally there was good food there and it was an excellent source of overhearing tips and rumors of people chatting. It was also hard to say no though because she did look so excited and full of wonder. Despite her mask she often wore, he could see that this was a bit of her genuine side coming through. “Great would be an over statement.” He said in a grumbling tone. He let out a sigh and looked at her, folding his arms across his chest. “Alright, it's not like saying no will stop you anyways. Just one condition. First signs of trouble we leave, and no puppy dog eyes or begging to stay. Is that Fair?”

Time: 10:50AM
Location: Archery range
Interaction: @PotterPrincess Sadie,@Rodiak Mattias and Zarai,@princess Princess Anastasia,@ReusableSwordRoman
Mention:@TaeThea,@HeartfilliaCrystal, @HeloLeo
Attire:’nice clothing’

Verrick found out he was going against “Lord Damien.” It was a close match, but sadly Thea didn’t win. Which he was fine with…he didn’t want to compete against her anyways, but he knew she could have used a win in her life.

His shoulder was aching a bit more now, taking more time with his shots in the last round and using his right arm more. This “Lord Damien” was a talented shot. He wasn’t sure if he could pull off a win with his shoulder.

He went first, again using his unusual style of pulling four arrows out. But unlike the others, he took his time and planted two in the bullseye. The third barely missed and hit the seven pointer ring, and he winced again on the final shot, hitting the five pointer ring.

His opponent followed up with three bullseyes and a 5 pointer. Verrick blinked a curse in his head. Rotating his arm a few times and pulling out another four arrows. He Pulled back his string and cursed as a sharp pain shot through his arm. He growled under his breath as he saw his arrow hit the three point ring. He took a second more to calm himself, before attempting his final three shots. The next two barely missed the bullseye, just inside the seven point ring. Pushing through his pain he pulled his final shot and… hit directly center of the target.

He watched as his opponent took his final shots. Wincing inwardly as he already had a higher point than him with his five and 7. With how well he did in the last round he was sure he was going to lose…that was until his next shot went wide and hit the one point ring. Even with a bullseye on his next shot Verrick would barely win. He let out a tiny sigh of relief and tossed the bow onto the table. Looking to his last opponent he offered his hand. “Well done. I don’t see archers with an eye like yours in Casonia very often… though I know Count Damien only has two daughters…So who are you really?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Whatever his answer was, he only nodded his head. As he was then offered the bow, coin purse and trophy. What the hell was he supposed to do with a trophy? He felt the weight of it. Well.. he could always melt it down. He nodded to the woman in a silent thanks. As for the bow, it wasn’t as heavy as he expected, he expected it to be unwieldy. He heard of Lord Ravenwoods skills at making ‘pretty’ functional weapons. But he never held one. Still… it was a bit heavier than his bow. Certainly not his style for blending in.

He took his prizes, and headed over to Mathias. Grabbing his personal longbow, he slung it over his shoulders. Looking up to Lukas, who sat on his fathers shoulders. ”Here…I can’t hold onto two bows. Hold this for me.” He still didn’t decide if he was going to let the boy keep it, but who knows… he might forget about it.

”Well that’s enough fun for me. Back to work.” He said looking at Mathias. ”Better go say hello to Lady Crystal… SIR Mathias.” He said with a joking half bow. While it was technically his title. The lady calling out his name before the match was not something he normally saw with Mathias.

He made his way over to the Princess and passed Lord Leo. Making sure he caught his eye, he brushed his nose after wrinkling it, letting out a huff as to get rid of a bad smell. A tiny smirk on his face as he continued on.

Upon reaching the guards for Princess Sadie, he tossed his trophy to one of them. ”Put that in the Princess’s carriage. Ill take over from here.” He looked to see Prince Felix here…but not… He cleared his throat.

He looked at Princess Sadie and those who sat next to her. Bowing deeply as he ”Princess Anastasia…You look enchanting as always.”

“Lady Zara.” He said with a slight respectful bow. He met her once or twice before… but never really spoke to her.

Nodding his Head to Lord Ravenwood, “Thank you for the bow.” He said calmly before Looking to Princess Sadie. Despite Felix standing right there, he bowed down and placed his head next to her to whisper.”Whatever that fool said, It was not true. I can toss him out a window later tonight if you so wish.”

Time: 11AM
Location: Inside Caesonia Castle then outside
Interaction: @PotterEzra,@Rodiak Mattias
Attire:’nice clothing’

Verrick sighed as he walked off, passing Mathias as he did, All he did was grunt appreciation when he patted his good shoulder. He then added in passing. ”Goodluck against Thea.” He knew Thea was a talented shot. Having taught her a few things during his time serving in her family's land.

He walked over to the main table and looked at the other bows, deciding to grab one that didn’t look as warped as his previous one. He looked over to Princess sadie, noticing the first contestant saying something. Despite being able to read lips, he didn’t catch what he said as he walked away. His eyes flicked towards the princess to catch her frowning, though he didn’t see the tears.But he could tell that ezra had said something rude to her.

His eyes narrowed as they turned back to Ezra. His knuckles cracking simply by tightening on the bow he gripped. Too bad there were so many people here…he might have shot the man in the knee right there. He would have to talk to the guards to remind them to not let anyone simply walk up to her, at least be close enough to hear the conversation.

He spent the rest of the time rotating his arm to loosen it up while dulling his senses to the constant pain. Noting but mostly ignoring the flashy archer while he did his bit. When it turned to Mathia’s and Thea’s turn. He could tell Mathias was nervous, was it because of that girl who called out to him? Sadly did not win the match, Lukas would be sad for sure. He simply clapped his hands a few times for the both of them before walking onto the range once more, switching back the bow to his left hand. He would deal with the pain if it meant more consistent shots.

Again he pulled four arrows from his quiver, each end of the shaft between one of his fingers. This time he took a moment or so longer with each shot, his first three in a tight grouping despite two in the bullseye, and one in the 7 point ring they were within still a fist sized area. The fourth shot got away from him and hit the five point ring.

If Ezra attempted to speak to him, he was completely ignored. When it became his second turn, he Quickly fired all his arrows again, his grouping again smaller than a fist, though slightly off centered to get two in the bullseye, and two in the 7 point ring.

Lowering his bow once more he waited for Ezra to finish before saying softly enough that no one would hear them, while still looking at the targets. “If you ever disrespect or even speak to Princess Sadie again…” He looked towards him and away from the crowd, with a glare that showed his murderous intent. Leaning closer to him. “I can make it so even dogs won't be able to find your body.” He said with a stone expression before clapping him on the shoulder with his left hand, as if congratulating him on a fair attempt before walking off the field.

V E R R I C K O ’ H A R E
V E R R I C K O ’ H A R E



collab between @Aerandir & @Rodiak

Nahir watched arrows hit the target with hopeful eyes, and some missed entirely. Her eyes went to Leo, wondering if the events from last night or this morning had affected his concentration for the competition. And she wondered the same thing for herself. The absence of her memories, the blank spaces, the empty lapses in her mind only spread it’s doubt through mind like a plague.

Would she be able to hit her target? Nahir looked down at the unfamiliar bow in her hand. It was a tad too heavy, but she had done just fine before in other competitions. Then why was doubt growing heavy in her chest?

It wasn’t long before the six rounds were over that her name was called shortly after. Ece helped Nahir down from the chair and escorted her to her position. She glanced to Lord Smithwood, offering a small smile before she turned to her opponent, a man of the same stature as him. Despite the heavy cloak he wore she could note his stocky built, and if she could, she would bet he had an affinity for the bow.

”Mr. O’Hare,” She smiled at the man as a greeting, ”May the best one win.”

Verrick had watched very little of the first group. Surprised slightly that leo lost. But didn’t think much of it. Spending his time giving his friend a few woodsman tips. As well as realizing he couldn’t use his own bow. Annoyed but begrudgingly understanding, he retrieved the last bow.

As he picked it up he let out a disgusted sigh. It was significantly lighter than his long bow… probably half the draw weight. He could also see instantly the arms were twisted significantly. He didn’t have a moment to get a feel of the bow, but he felt confident he could learn it in a few rounds.

He placed his own bow with Matthais, only trusting him to not mess with it. He walked over as the announcer finished introducing the two of them. Though he didn’t need the introduction, he recognized her immediately from the night before. He was curious to see an Alidashi style. He could tell instantly by looking at her that she was stronger than she looked, her shoulder muscles were a bit more developed than most women. Archery was not a side hobby for this woman.

He bowed his head to her when she spoke to him in respect. “Verrick will do just fine Shehzadi Nahir.” His low grumble just loud enough between them amongst the noise of the crowd. He shifted his bow to his right hand and used his left to motion to the range. “After you…” he said respectfully.

Nahir had witness the passing of the long bow before the man took his position beside her. From the way he held the bow to the way he stood and carried himself with a sense of familiarity around the range down to the way his left moved she could see then. She smiled again, nodding her head before taking her stand and raising her bow and nocking her arrow.

Four shots hit. Some better than the others. They were quick, her arms and shoulders tensing with every draw and release of the bowstring. The last shot just a hair away from missing completely. Nahir stood still, looking at the arrows sticking out from the target, but it was clear in her eyes that her mind was elsewhere. Her grip on the bow too tight, and her shoulders in an awkward position. She couldn’t blame the bow, no. She knew it was her.

She stayed still for a few more seconds, eyes trained on the arrow that almost did not land. Nahir did not know what to feel, or what to really think. Back home, she would be able to land a bullseye while on horseback, but she wasn’t home. She was across the sea with gaps in her mind. No matter what the feeling crept up deep within her to the surface to her arms and shoulders. She could not shake it away.

Nahir looked at Verrick, nodding again and lowering her bow to allow him his turn.

Verrick stood there rubbing his shoulder as he watched as the princess of Alidasht had an awkward stance, and her grip causing her arrows to go wide, one barely Staying on the target. He assumed it was the jitters of having a crowd. He nodded and took four arrows from his quiver into his draw hand. Holding the them all between his knuckles.

He took a moment to look at the target before knocking one and pulling the bow back. In a normal upward stance. Save for the arrows being on the outside of the bow, rather than the inside as many archers would have. However he winced at a sharp pain in his right shoulder as he did and let the arrow fly by accident. Soaring high and over the target and hitting a tree branch far behind it.

He cleared his throat as he glanced at Nahir and said softly. “There was a squirrel looking at me…” he said with a serious tone. But the tiniest of smirks. Clearly just trying to cover up why he missed.

Nahir tried to smile, seeing the smirk in his features but failing to do so. Her chest starting to feel heavy.

He shifted his bow more at a 45 degree angle, as one would use on a horse. This twist gave his shoulder a bit more stability as he brought up the arrows and placed them on the bottom of the bow and pulled back. His next three shoots were quick. All within 4 seconds. The first two hit the threes on either side of the bullseye, as he was trying to get a feel of the bow. The final shot aiming true and hitting the bulls eye.

Despite gaining the bullseye, it was clear he was not happy with the two 3’s. He rotated his shoulder as he grimaced before lowering his bow to his side and looking to the Princess with a nod. His eyes then glanced towards the audience, scanning the faces as he did.

Nahir tried to breath in, but it caught in her throat until she forced it down. She raised her bow and arrow again aiming for the middle of the target but her eyes could not focus. The dot yards away became blurry, the yellow and red turning into a blob of orange. She drew the bowstring back until the feathers of the arrow tickled her cheeks. The sensation made her vision black and she suddenly felt hands on her wrist, on her back and on her hips. She recoiled sending the arrow past above the target to the canopy of the forest behind.

Behind her, Ece frowned and walked forward until she was waved back by Nahir.

Unlike her competitor, Nahir did not make an excuse for her complete miss. Instead she continued to shoot, nocking and releasing each arrow in a quick progression. Two arrows landed on the blue and one in the black. This time she didn’t look to Verrick but continued to stare at the yellow marker in the middle as if it was taunting her.

Verrick pulled four more arrows out as he did before. Annoyed with himself that he couldn’t even bullseye at this distance. Even in pain. He knocked his first arrow, and pulled back. The pain in his shoulder grew as he did. A brief hesitation from him as he held it as a flash of a memory from eight years ago came to mind. The first time he felt the pain in his shoulder. The sudden memory threw him off as he launched his first one,black. followed up quickly by another black.

He closed his eyes and took a breath. Forcing the memory from his mind with it. Opening his eyes once more he fired off two rapid shots, both embedded next to each other in the center of the bullseye.

Nahir did not wish to be in the range any longer. She did not wait for Verrick’s turn to be over before she nocked her arrow again and began to shoot. The first shot landed in the middle of the yellow, but there was little celebration on her part for the bullseye. The next one landed just above the landing on the red followed by another near miss. Her last shot landed just next to her first, another bullseye, but she was already turning to her competitor.

Verrick was slightly surprised when she had started shooting, he could tell she was having some of her own issues and probably wanted to just end it, even though she could possibly still win. He quickly pulled out four more and within 4 seconds he shot as fast as he could. Gritting his teeth his arrows hit in the blue, black and red twice. Just in time for her to start speaking to him.

”Congratulations, even with the injury you were able to score higher.” Nahir smiled, finally allowing Ece to approach her to take the bow. ”I wish you luck in the other rounds to come, Mr. O’Hare.”

He lowered his bow and looked towards Nahir and met her gaze. “Thank you for the match. I would be honored to have a rematch when we both are not dealing with personal ‘handicaps…. He bowed his head in respect.

With that, she gave the man one last nod before she turned to face the crowd, signaling them to give the man well deserved applause. She flashed a smile to the audience, waving with a shaky hand before retreating to an empty seat besides Lord Smithwood. Above them, cheers and applause continued as she folded the gold and emerald shawl on her lap.

”Such an eventful morning,” Nahir smiled at the man beside her.

V E R R I C K O ’ H A R E
V E R R I C K O ’ H A R E



collab between @Aerandir & @Rodiak

Mathias had spotted Verrick when he arrived with Princess Sadie. He had pointed him out to Lukas, who had wiggled in his arms with excitement. When the man finally approached them, Lukas had practically hopped down from his father's arms and ran to Verrick.

"Ve... Verrick!"

Verrick looked down as Lukas ran to him he raised his right hand slightly to perfectly catch the blonde boy’s head to mess up his hair.

Overtaken by the excitement of seeing the man, Lukas pulled on his sleeve, trying to get Verrick to pick him up. When that didn't work, he began to jump up until he found the perfect angle and wrapped his arms and legs around the right arm.

He wasn’t expecting the kid to jump on his arm. Normally it wouldn’t have been an issue, but by some unfortunate luck, Verrick felt a jolt of pain in his shoulder with an audible ‘pop’. He grunted in pain, but held his composer. Years of training to be silent certainly paid off. ”Hello there Lukas.” He said in a slightly pained smile.

Before Mathias could even greet the man, Mary spoke up. "Caesonians, as barbaric as ever." She had put down the paper and was now looking at them. "Are the people here so deprived that they will act in such a way over waffles?"

"Perhaps they were very good waffles? Like the ones from Puerto Vira, where they fried and rolled in cinnamon and sugar. And Lukas, please get down."

”I think it had to do with Duke Vakenia…being Duke Vakenia. I swear that man is Chaos incarnate.” He said slowly, still hiding the fact he was in pain. Only sounding like he was slightly straining to hold up the boy.

"That man is a menace to society." Mary agreed.

Mathias walked over to Verrick and patted his shoulder. "It is good to see you, my friend." he smiled, "I reckon you and Princess Sadie had a relatively peaceful trip here, aside from the brawl." He glanced at the cape Verrick had covering his back, noting the outline of the bow.

Verrick eyes were the only betrayer of the added pain from Mattias patting the same shoulder Lukas just popped. He nodded to Mathias as he greeted him. ”It’s good to see you as well.” His tone changed slightly to that of a more sarcastic tone. ’ I didn’t even allow her to get out of the carriage. I simply snuck in and got her breakfast.”

"Take it you will be competing as well?"

”Nope. I just wanted to put a little practice in this morning.” He said dryly while looking up at Mathias. He looked down at Lukas. ”I didn’t expect weight training as well, but I guess I have no choice.” He added while lifting the boy again. Despite the pain, hoping that letting him down quickly would jolt his shoulder back into place… It didn’t, and only sent more pain coursing through his arm. ”I am surprised you are here though. I thought you didn’t like competitions.”

"Lukas, if you let go of Verrick, I'll buy you a fruit tart." Mary walked over to the boy and offered her hand. In a heartbeat, the boy grinned and let go of Verrick, taking Mary's hand. She nodded at both men before letting Lukas pull her to the concession stand.

Mathias watched Mary and Lukas go before turning back to Verrick, "I don't, but Mary and Lukas somehow convinced me of it. Mary said it would be a perfect opportunity to meet eligible ladies. He shrugged, "In all honesty, I doubt I will win. My archery is not what it used to be. Now, you, on the other hand..." He grinned. "You'll have no trouble, I'm sure!"

Verrick watched when Lukas hopped off him and took Mary’s hand. Letting a small sigh of relief as the weight was suddenly gone. He nodded to Mary as well as she left.

“You spoil that kid too much. You’re going to have a new Felix to deal with when he gets older.” He said calmly.

"The Prince is not as bad as you think." Mathias rolled his eyes; Verrick wasn't the only one telling him that. But how could he not spoil Lukas, if he could, he would give the whole world to his son.

He looked at him when he explained how he got here. Blinking with a now a look of hard skepticism at the fact they somehow ‘convinced him.’ ”Right…” In a very sarcastic tone. Knowing Mattias, he probably caved to the mere fact his son begged or threw a tantrum wanting to come. But he said nothing about it.

He then mentioned the fact that his archery was not what it used to be. Verrrick tilted his head. It wasn’t very good, to begin with, as he often joked with him about it. Matthias was far more talented with a blade. However, he didn’t make that joke but instead looked back to make sure Lukas and Mary were not looking or close enough.

”About that…” Looking back at Matthias, then passed him. He walked around him without another word to a light post and twisted his waist to his right. Then without hesitation used his body to shift and put all his weight into his right shoulder and slammed it into the post. With a shocked gasp escaping his lips as he felt another pop and then a very relaxed sigh of relief.

"Verrick—" Mathias frowned, watching slam himself against the post. He dismissed the strange looks from the people around them before approaching the man again. "I'll tell Lukas to be more careful and not climb on people." He shook his head, "Are you okay? How’s the arm?"

He lifted his right arm sorely and rotated in a slow circle as he turned back to Matthias. ”I might have to shoot with my left arm today...”

"Verrick, are you sure your arm is okay?" He asked with worried eyes, and was about to ask again when he heard his name being called. Mathias turned around to see the source of the voice was none other than Lady Damien.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He said rubbing the shoulder and feeling the decade old scar on his shoulder as he did. Every once and a while he would teak it wrong and his shoulder will pop out of place. ” Just the old wo-“ before he could finish he could hear someone yelling over everyone.

”Sir Mathias!!! Sir MATHIAS!”

A bright smile crossed his lips as he waved back, matching her enthusiasm.

”Good luck! I Do hope you win!”

He was relieved to hear her wish him luck, especially after last night's dance. Mathias was no stranger to women changing their attitude when he mentioned he had a son, and he had thought she would too, but there was Lady Damien proving him wrong. Mathias was about to yell something back when Lady Damien suddenly went red and turned back. He only grew more confused when she doubled back but said nothing, leaving the knight blinking. "Well," he turned back to look at Verrick, "Looks like I have two people I will disappoint today."

Verrick raised an eyebrow. Confused at the girl's action as well. However he noticed the smile on the taller man’s face. “Well well. SIR Mathias. We can’t have that.” Verrick said, slapping his much taller friends shoulder, “Come on. I’ll give you a few pointers before your match.”

Time: 10:00AM
Location: outside Caesonia Castle, to park then archery range
Interaction: @PotterPrincess Sadie,@Rodiak Mattias
Attire:’nice clothing’

Verrick only gave a slight nod when the princess asked if he was guarding her. He said nothing as the servant girl came back, and shoved a cup into Leo's chest. Simply adding.” How kind, I was thinking of actually shoving leo into a water trough.” under his breath.

Once she was done with wiping the princess' hands Sadie turned back to him, asking if he was ready to go. He watched the princess as she did this… he admired how well she was putting on a strong mask with her smile. But.. he could tell she was having a desperate fight within her mind.He nodded and walked back to the carriage using his left hand to point to it. “Of course.” He opened the door and offered his right hand to help her up into it. ”While it’s not far, it would be safer to travel in the carriage just a little longer.”

Once in, he closed the door and climbed onto the step, hanging off the edge by holding onto one of the metal bars ment for luggage. Her other guards fell in line and followed behind them. As they traveled he remained silent keeping his eyes open for anyone who got too close. The silence didn’t last long as they quickly came upon the chaos that was happening. Instantly he saw Lord Vikena in the center of it. That man certainly knew how to crash parties. ”Please stay inside the carriage Princess…” He said gruffly as he hopped down from the carriage. He could hear people cussing out the duke and Lady Charlotte. It quickly devolved as the duke tossed one man, then another was tossed by Dr. John WIlliamson. Suddenly having his knife to the man's throat. While a redheaded man with a cane had the tip aimed at Duke Vikena. As much as he wanted to shoot the cane from the mans grip, he had a feeling the Duke had things under…somewhat control. It was the second time he casually tossed a man in the same number of days. One of them was actually armed.

While it died down for a he went to the pancake table which was still standing somehow. Casually walking to the table and gathering his items before seeing the man who had taken a waffle from the dr running passed him, as others scavenged the ground for the waffles on the ground.

Shaking his head he lifted the plate and walked away from the group, so casually that no one even noticed how he simply cut the large line. Bringing The princess her plate back he handed it gently to her through her window. She would find on the plate Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Low Carb Pancake with fruit and hazelnut sauce. As well as a tiny bottle of apple juice.
”I don’t know how you can eat something so sweet in the morning, but here you are…” He said in a gruff tone. All someone needed in the morning was a nice cup of coffee in his opinion.

A few minutes later they were at the archery range. Instantly he could see the Casonian Princess Anastasia with Lady Zarai. He was sure Princess Sadie would be safe there… as well as enjoy meeting Anastasia.

He looked to the other guards and informed them to take her and her food up to them, turning and excusing himself after helping from the carriage. ”If you will excuse me, I have to make my way to the entry table.”

Once he was satisfied with her safety he made his way down, seeing his friend Mattias already there with his boy in his arms, Lord leo just showed up as well, and Thea was there of course. He made his way to Mattias His cloak covering him completely, hiding his bow that he held.

”Good thing you decided to come here. There was a brawl at the park over waffles.”

Time: 9:30AM
Location: Inside Caesonia Castle then outside
Interaction: @HeloLord Leo,@Potter Princess Sadie, @JJ DoeRiona
Attire:’nice clothing’

Verrick sighed as he exited the queen and kings chambers. He was surprised but at the same time he wasn’t. It was not the talk he expected, he felt he understood what it really meant though.

Beatrice was to have a full guard now. This was to ‘free him up’ to watch over Princess Sadie, as well as continue with his normal duties as a woodsman. He sighed much longer this time. Rubbing his forehead and turning down the hall, his mottled cloak fluttered behind him. revealing his 'nice' clothing which was to help him blend in a little more. With out the cloak he would look like a very casual lord about to go on a hunt with his long bow in hand and quiver equipped to his leather belt/suspenders. It was a strange sight to see as his footfalls were completely silent on the polished tile floor.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like the youngest princess. He enjoyed teaching her how to throw and fight with knives as well as shooting a bow. She was a natural and picked up on…it quickly. She had just so much energy. It was like trying to herd a cat. He respected how she pushed herself to continue to be like that after what happened on her honeymoon.

He glanced up as he heard some people talking ahead of him, at a far distance he could see Prince Wulfric speaking to Count Hendrix. His eyes narrowed.What are they talking about. He thought to himself. Gliding to the right into the darker part of the entrance hall behind some reoccurring supporting pillars. He glanced around before flipping his cowl up and melting into the shadows with ease. It felt good to do some actual Woodsman work for a tiny bit.

As he inched closer he started hearing more and more of their conversation.

...I didn't realize this was the same party that Prince Callum and Princess Anastasia attended until the morning gathering.” “At the time, I assumed the crown sanctioned the party. Surely a respectable man such as he would’ve sought the royal family’s approval beforehand. How terribly gullible of me.” He finally looked up, his eyebrows knitted together. “Please accept my apology. Had I known, I would’ve reported it immediately.”

An unsanctioned party some of the royals possibly attended...interesting. Sounds like someone got in trouble...

“There is no need for you to apologize, count, as you couldn’t possibly have known.”

“But truly, your resourcefulness does you credit. You clearly have me at a disadvantage, for I do not know whom you are referring to.”

“Marek Delronzo, owner of Black Rose, a merchant company,” “though I should emphasize that the source of this information is hearsay. As I have mentioned, I happened to hear about the party at the public library and only by chance. I didn’t make any line of inquiry to ascertain its validity. I trust Your Highness will keep this in mind should you ever decide this is worth looking into.”

If Marek is willing to host some....'after parties.' something interesting must of happen. I wonder if any other nobles were apart of this party... He glanced back down the hall when he heard a door open. Time to move on. He backtracked towards the direction he came from, when he checked to see if anyone was looking, he wiped his hood back and walked confidently out of the shadows and right. Walking straight towards the two. Quiet still, but now his footfalls could be barely heard.

As he walked near them he bowed his head "Your Highness..." He said in a low respectful tone to excuse himself as he passed.

He made his way to the front of the castle to await for the princess. Arriving a minute or so before the carriage rolled up. He managed to catch the tail end of the argument between Smithwood jr and a servant girl who had quite a sharp tongue and did not take his shit he tried to deal out.

He folded his arms and leaned against the wall and watched as she started “helping” the lord but only making him more filthy. He chuckled with an ever so small hint of a smile. The brat surely deserved it.

He made his way over silently as smithwood was trying to wiggle his way out of conversation.

“I’m surprised you believe a little mud is going to ruin your day.” He said in a low grumbling voice with a hint of amusement. Appearing Just to the side of him looking towards him. “And I thought you were an outdoorsman.”

He then looked to the servant girl and asked, ”Perhaps there is a water trough the Lord can wash up in? I'm sure he would appreciate it.” he asked with a straight face.

He looked towards the princess and bowed slightly. “Welcome to Caesonia Princess, It would seem I am to escort you to wherever you wish to go for your stay here this summer. I heard the pancakes were right next to the shooting range if you wish to attend both at once?”

Beatrice and Verrick

Mention: Thea, Prince Felix
Interact: Thea

Beatrice resisted the urge to yawn. All the people she wanted to strike a conversation with had left her, either to go enjoy the finest wine of Camillia or to talk with the other nobles within the party. She stood by herself while smiling idly, wondering if she should do either of the two. To other people, she would appear as if she was admiring the event and its attendees and she would always smile kindly at them which helped retain the idea that the Varian princess was as kind and courteous as she was confident and regal.

In truth, Beatrice was bored out of her mind. Aside from the fiasco that happened earlier, nothing noteworthy of excitement had happened. It was all the same old exchange of bows and perfect white smiles as the air was rich with the sounds of idle small talk and fake laughter. She honestly preferred to be in the company of children, hanging around in the Varian orphanage, teaching them life lessons, and singing songs of joy with them rather than feel her face getting tired from putting up a smile all night long.

She glanced over at her parents and no matter how much she was poised and elegant, her mom could always see right through her. Queen Rosa and Beatrice exchanged knowing looks and the queen nodded solemnly at her daughter, letting her know that she can relate on what she was going through but as women of and in power, they must continue through the end. King Alixandre saw the look on both their faces and looked at Beatrice worryingly, with the princess giving her father a reassuring smile to let him know everything’s okay.

As such, she continued to do her duties as a princess and mingled with the crowd until the announcement of the dances was made. All the men should draw lots and approach the women whose names appeared on their pieces of paper. Luckily and perhaps very strangely, no one drew Beatrice’s name. It was quite confusing to the other nobles that of all the men who picked a paper, none of them picked out the Varian princess. She also made sure to be the last to pick from the bowl so when it was her turn, there were no papers left to pick out. She acted disappointed but on the inside, she was very relieved.

Beatrice was content with just watching her peers dance with their partners while sitting beside her parents and taking a sip of her glass here and there. Her eyes were mainly on her brother and Verrick’s dances, particularly on the latter when she found out his partner was Thea. Beatrice knew of her and her family. So far, she knew they were one of the most respected families in Varian. She and Thea exchanged a few conversations here and there. Thea was a bit of a wildcard in Beatrice’s eyes but even she could tell Thea was sincere and kind in thought and in action, albeit she did have some tendencies that would make Beatrice raise her brow at once in a while.
For instance, Beatrice watched as Thea gave Verrick a kiss on the cheek. Thea seemed to be laughing while telling him something and her bodyguard acted flustered. Verrick, a man who always voiced his displeasure to the nobles even when he thought his princess could not hear him, was flustered because of a noble? Beatrice took a long sip of her drink, wondering what they were talking about.

As Verrick was half dragged towards the Princess, He noticed she was sitting with her parents while taking a drink. Having just ended their dance, it was clear that the princess didn’t actually dance at all. Was it a plot to embarrass her? A mistake? Did her partner…or she… refuse? He cursed himself for not paying more attention during his dance Yet at the same time, he felt slightly relieved.

The confidence Thea had shoved into him quickly left as they made their way closer. It didn’t help that she had to be next to her parents. Thea could probably feel him trying to slow down her pace even just a little bit. But before they knew it, they were there standing in front of his Queen, King and Princess. Arms linked with Lady Thea, he did not attempt to pull away from her as he stood there. He bowed slightly to the King and Queen. He then asked quite bluntly “Did they not offer her royal highness a paper for the dance?”

Thea looked over at Verrick and blinked, having expected him to ask something else entirely. She wanted to flick him, but she refrained and turned back to look at her King, Queen, and Princess. “Perhaps her Highness wasn’t fond of who she was to dance with or maybe she knew they were a bad dancer? If that’s the case, I think you deserve a dance with someone quite skilled. I know I got lucky with my dance as Verrick is a fabulous dance partner.” She glanced up at Verrick with a grin, but her eyes held a look that said ‘ask her or I will’.

Verrick glanced at Thea as she offered up other theories then around them continued as he normally did. However he for some reason didn’t listen to Lady Thea, for a moment. Not realizing she would literally jump right into it. He stood there for a moment in silence when he realized no one was talking. Looking back to the King, Queen and Beatrice, then quickly to Thea who was looking at him with a ‘look’. He pulled his head back and gave her a look as well ‘What NOW?’ as his brain finally gained some traction on what she was attempting. Looking to the princess, then to Thea, then to the Princess. He cleared his throat and tried to regain some composure.

” I agree, you do deserve a dance with a skilled partner… I would hardly say I am that skilled partner…” he paused again while he looked at Princess Beatrice… finding the words stuck in his throat he looked down and closed his eyes. Which turned into a very formal bow. “Would you honor me with a dance, your Highness?”

”At the very least I won't step on your toes…I think…”

My work here is done. Thea thought to herself happily and then curtsied to the group. ”And on that note I do believe I need to go find Prince Felix. Have a lovely evening.” She turned and left their company, feeling quite pleased with herself.

Beatrice smiled and nodded at them in greeting. ”Lady Thea. Verrick. You both were wonderful dancers.” She praised, then paused for a bit before replying to Thea’s question. ”I am afraid they ran out of papers from the bowl when it was my turn to pick but, no worries. It is much more fun to watch and enjoy the spectacle so I am not complaining.” She said.

She and her parents then listened to Thea and Verrick’s awkward way of explaining something. It was like Thea was trying to nudge Verrick to speak up but he looked too shy to even look at Beatrice. The two of them reminded her of the kids at the orphanage that were too shy to ask for something from her, and the thought alone made her resist laughing.

When Verrick did finally find his voice and asked Beatrice if he could dance with her, she was taken aback. King Alixandre awkwardly looked around and suddenly gained an interest on the ceiling while still listening in on the conversation, whereas Queen Rosa raised her eyebrow and smirked at the two of them. As Thea left with a confident spring in her step, Beatrice kept looking at Verrick the whole time. He had been a part of most of her life. No matter how nagging he might be sometimes, she knew there was never a bad bone in his body. She also knew he would never lie about the important things and with the way he was looking at her now, Beatrice could tell this was the most genuine and sincere she had seen Verrick yet.

It took her a good while to do something but eventually, Beatrice cleared her throat. ”Y-Ye… Yes. Yes, you may.” She stammered, reaching her hand out for him to take and guide her to the dance floor. ”I shall try not to step on your toes either.” Beatrice joked, chuckling and smirking at Verrick.

Verrick sighed inwardly as Thea abruptly left. She made it painfully clear she was here to make sure he actually asked Beatrice for the dance he almost felt like a child again.. Much like when mother dragged him by ear to apologize to Mrs Carrigan for breaking both of her boy’s noses due to them purposefully knocking his desert to the ground.

It felt like it was an eternity after he asked for a dance, so much he started to worry that he was right all along. He noticed out of the corner of his eye the King finding nothing on the ceiling fascinating while the Queen simply had a smirk. It only made the wait all the more awkward and brutal.

The princess cleared her throat and said yes. He felt a sudden wave of relief rush through him. He reached up and took her hand gently into his hesitating for a moment
, with a small hint of a smile when she used his same joke on him. ”I appreciate the thought, your highness... But my feet are already numb from the innumerable amount of times you’ve stomped on them when I was out of line.” He said with a warm tone.He looked to the King and Queen and gave a bow of his head once again before starting to lead the princess towards the dancefloor.

He felt another wave of nervousness come over him, but he pushed it to the side he turned again and placed his hand on the small of her back. He then looked into her eyes…as he has done many times before, but not this close. As they waited for the music to start he was at a loss for words. But he cleared his throat once more, looking around them and asking quite softly and Seriously in his gruff voice. ”This is…supposed to be a Jig right?”

As she was being guided to the dance floor, Beatrice could see eyes on her and Verrick. Most were probably surprised and confused as to what was happening. Out of all the plethora of rich and regal princes and nobles out there, why did the princess of Varian choose her bodyguard as her dance partner? Beatrice was also aware of her somewhat breaking tradition by not dancing with a prince which she knew she was supposed to do as a soon to be queen of her kingdom. However, she knew that her mother knew being a rebel sometimes did not hurt no one.

She felt Verrick's big, warm hand on her back and in turn she put one of her hands on his shoulder. They have never been this physically close together before and Beatrice was now only aware of that fact. She pushed down the nervousness and self-awkwardness she was feeling. As her mother would say, leave all that to the man.

"Jigs are for late-night parties at taverns. I am sure you know that." Beatrice teased and chuckled at him. She grabbed his other hand with her free one and put hers atop of his. Verrick's hand surrounded Beatrice's but there was nothing constricting about it. Rather, it made the princess feel safe and sound in his presence. His palm was rough from his experiences in life yet he was still very gentle with her. She looked up to him and smiled. "Deep breaths and remember to relax." Beatrice said just as the music was about to start.

Verrick nodded, feinting understanding. ”Of course…. You are right again.” He knew of course, he just used the line to throw her off a bit more for what he had prepared. When she looked up at him and smiled he felt more relaxed before she even said to relax. He simply smiled and took a breath like she said and when the slower waltz music started, he began as well.

Taking a large step forward, remembering to sweep his foot below her dress so as to not step on it, he guided her backwards a step and then a step to her left. Using his hands to gently indicate where he was going. Pausing for a moment before guiding her to her right and pivoting clockwise while taking another step to her left, before repeating the steps again. Each step was smooth and natural, as if he had been dancing for years. While he looked to his left mostly to make sure they didn’t run into anyone else, he carefully watched the princess' reaction.

Beatrice was trained in almost every type of dancing that was suitable for classy events like these; it was part of her training to be a prim and proper princess after all. She was familiar with the type of waltz that Verrick decided to do with their very first dance, and her being in awe at her loyal bodyguard would have been evident on her face.

"My, my. I did not know there is this side to you, Sir O'Hare." She said, smirking and sounding very impressed by her dance partner. "Come on then. Let us show these peasants what true dancing looks like." With that said, Beatrice flawlessly followed Verrick and the pair danced like they have been doing so for years. Despite their constant teasings from earlier, none of them stepped on each other's toes. They swayed to the soothing beat of the orchestra's music, dancing gracefully as if they were floating and gliding along the floor. During their dance, Beatrice would glance at Verrick with awe and confidence in her eyes as she was proud of him.

Verrick smiled more genuine than he normally had, after eight years. He could still surprise her. He was surprised at her reaction, she did not normally enjoy balls such as these, preferring to simply watch like she said earlier. But it made him feel more relaxed that she was so ready to show up the rest of the nobles with their dance. “As you wish…” he said with a slight bow of his head. Before beginning to spread out their steps more, as they started to cover more ground, passing other partnerships, he began to spin with her more. The motion caused her dress to billow out and shimmer more in the candlelight. The jewels on her dress sparkled as they caught each flicker of light and what showed more brightly was her violet eyes and smile.

Despite him keeping an eye out of where he was looking, if you were to ask him who else was dancing on the floor, he honestly would think there was no one else. Despite passing Thea and Felix multiple times. His eyes were on her. After the brief speed up of their dance he slowed down once again. He was at a loss for words, He wished to say something but he couldn’t. He was content with just seeing her smile

The pair continued to dance, their movements perfectly in sync with each other. Beatrice felt so at ease with Verrick, she could close her eyes in the middle of the dance and not have any fear about stepping on each other's foot. That was how in tune they were together, and it showed the unshakable trust the princess had with her bodyguard. She loved the feeling of the wind brushing past them as they moved along, the feeling of the music that seemed to soothe her to her core, and the feeling of Verrick's comforting, assuring presence with her.

King Alixandre watched the pair with his jaw dropped, completely in awe at their beautiful dancing. would often be his daughter's partner during her dancing lessons when she was younger, and he would not deny she was the better dancer of the two of them, and he would often watch Beatrice dance elegantly with her partner all the time. However, this was truly the first time he saw her being sincerely at ease, happy even. Queen Rosa, on the other hand, was still watching the pair in approval and amazement, but there was something else in her eyes as well. One could not simply tell what the queen was thinking, although from another's perspective, it might seem like she actually looked concerned.

Verrick soon realized the dance was coming to an end. As much as he didn’t want it to. He raised his leading hand up and guided her into a double spin, before guiding her same hand around his neck. In the same motion he wrapped his left arm behind her back, his hand just between her shoulder plates as they stood against each other and leaned her back into a low dip. While his right hand gripped her waist for added support. Their noses almost touched as he lowered her, and he held her there for three long seconds.

Those three seconds felt like an eternity for him as he looked into her eyes, before slowly bringing her up and to the final resting position. Clearing his throat ”Thank you for the ”Jigg”your highness.” he said with a smirk. He then took her hand and bowed, giving it a gentle kiss. “It shall be a memory I cherish for the rest of my life.”

Beatrice did not realize she was panting until the music has finished and their dancing was done. Everything about their dance felt electric, like it was something she could feel that she could do for hours on end and she would not regret a single moment of it. She enjoyed it just as much as playing with the children of her kingdom, but perhaps it was much more. She had never felt anything like this before with other men and she was confused as she did not know what exactly what this feeling was.

She smirked when Verrick thanked her for the ‘jigg’. While he bowed down to kiss the back of her hand, she picked up the skirt of her dress with her other free hand and bowed before him as well. A princess bowing before her bodyguard would be such a shocker to the other stuck-up nobles, it was something that they would not think an heir to the throne would not do. Beatrice paid them no such mind as her focus was only on the man before her. ”Well, at least you did not step on my toes after all. Good job.” She said, chuckling.
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