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Fenros grew too irritated with the woman across from him. She was freaking out that she just put her family in danger, but she did not hesitate to think. Her lies have put El, and his family in danger. She had no problem destroying others lives and that made him hate her all the more. He turned away from her and allowed himself to slide down the bars of his cage with his back. Till he was sitting on the ground, his swollen broken hand was open, the cool metal from the ring and necklace brought little comfort to the heat and pain inside it.

He rested the back of his head in between two of the rusty bars and closed his eyes. His thoughts once again turned to the princess. From when they first met when he was 18 and she 14. How she was just the worst because he wouldn’t call her by her name. To riding through the forest with her almost everyday, the days spent alone together inside the castles grove of trees. The assassination attempts a few years before. But the time that stuck in his mind was after a nasty experience with a noble, when they went to his home for her to get away from things...

After Eleanor was lead to the outdoor dining area in the upper courtyard, she wandered over to look out at the sea, enjoying the breeze as she waited for Fenros and his family to make the changes to dinner plans. She wouldn’t lie. This was a nice change in pace compared to the last month and she had been wanting to meet Fenros’ family, although she wished the circumstances were different. For a moment, Eleanor just closed her eyes inhaling the smell of the sea and the fresh air, listening to the waves crash on the shore. Just allowing herself a bit of peace for the first time since the incident.

Fenros had walked up behind El as she stood near the edge of the upper courtyard that overhung the sea below. He stopped a few feet back from herm, allowing her to take all the personal time she needed. But he was content on watching as the breeze gently caused her hair to dance to the side, revealing the back of her neck and shoulder. The warm light of the afternoon sun that made her soft pure skin glow. While the sea was a beautiful sight, just her standing with that soft smile made everything else pale in comparison. Seeing this calmed him..but also deep down, a sharp pain of large but annoying fact came to mind He felt selfish for a moment and pushed the thought from his mind. The most important thing here was her and her happiness.

As he could see the change in her demeanor. He didn’t want to interrupt her moment of relaxation and just stood there. Watching silently.

Hearing footsteps approach from behind, Eleanor took one last moment to enjoy the breeze and sounds of the ocean. Opening her eyes and turning to look over her shoulder she saw Fenros. “Well don’t just stand there. You are missing out on the view. I’m sure you have missed it.” Eleanor’s face was calm, not holding much emotion besides just the calm feeling she had as she turned back to look out.

He raised his eyebrows when she looked at him, Telling him he’s missing out on the view. His head tilting to the side. He very much doubted that. The view was better back here. But nonetheless he walked forward and stood next to her. After a moment he glanced at her. Nope she was right. He was missing the better part of the view. He cleared his throat as he felt warmth on his cheeks and looked out to the sea.

The view was pleasing as well, reminding him of his childhood. Taking a breath, “I have. Not so much the view, but I do miss the smell of the salt water…” He thought for a moment. “You know… I thought I wanted to be a sailor when I was younger...I used to sneak onto the docks all the time to try to get on a ship. Get caught every time and thrown off...quite literally. Into the water.” He said with a smile, glancing at El. Hoping it would brighten her spirits more.

A small smile graced Eleanor’s face, “Seems water has been a useful way to snap you to your senses.” She joked as she thought back to their first week together when she shoved him into the lake.

Raising his eyebrow he smiled. “It would seem so...a cold shock of water does wonders…” He said very slowly as if leading her to something. As he too remembered what happened right after that. He glanced over the small wall that served as railing, at the water.

Eleanor looked at the water staring into it as he spoke before glancing to him, “Don’t even think about it.” She warned as she read his face. Although she couldn’t help the smile on her face, one that just touched her eyes, as the memory from that day played in her head.

He grinned back at her, his heart seemingly flopping a few times. He hadn't seen that smile in a long time...far too long. He chuckled as he shrugged. “Too late.” He then looked to her with a soft smile. “There is my princess. I haven’t seen that smile in a long time..” His eyes looked to hers calm and genuine. Inside he was freaking out, wondering why he just said that.

Her cheeks warming up at what he said caused her to quickly face away from him as she brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. Clearing her throat she looked down at her hands as she clasped them in front of her, “It does feel good to genuinely smile again.” Eleanor spoke softly, barely louder than a whisper before looking back out to the water. Her cheeks burning as she did so…

That month they spent together at his residence was one of the happiest he had been in forever. She didn’t have to hide her true self as much, and they didn’t have to worry that the king or her brother would appear. He pushed the fond memory from his mind as he looked down at the ring. He just wished… and kicked himself mentally for never telling her how he felt about her. For twelve years he protected her with his life, and not because he was ordered to...because he genuinely wanted to protect her from all harm he swore to her he would, no matter what.

His hand tightened around the ring, groaning inwardly at the pain it caused moving his broken hand. But he didn’t care, the fire of resolve burned within his heart. Anger bubbled inside of him as he realized how pathetic he was, sitting here in a cell allowing this to happen. He had to get out of here.

Suddenly he stood up, a surge of energy running through him as he looked around the cell. He couldn’t allow the princess to suffer at the hand of her father or any longer, nor at Eva’s. He needed a plan. There was nothing in his cell that could help him. No rock was big enough to use as a weapon. He just needed the door opened.

“GUARDS!” He yelled out weakly. Mostly on purpose. He rested heavily against the bars as he then once again called for them. To which they yelled “SHUT IT!”

“I NEED TO SPEAK TO EVA OF THE INQUISITORS NOW! I HAVE IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON THE ASSASSIN!” He said glancing to Annabell who was sure to give him a look. He heard grunting from one of the guards as he got up and made his way to them.

As the heavier set man reached him he didn’t look to happy. “Oh now you want to talk?? Couldn’t you do that before I sat down for dinner?” He asked harshly.

“Please…”He said sounding defeated and weak. “I need to speak with her now. The kings life is in danger…” He started to plead.

“Why do you care about the King Traitor! How about you tell me wha-”

Fenros began to grow irritated but the guards attention was suddenly pulled back towards the guards room. Leaning in a little too close to Fenros without realizing it. Fenros lashed out with his left hand and gripped the top of the guards breastplate. Giving him a hard yank against the cell and slamming his head against the iron bars. He didn’t let go as he quickly reached his other arm to the mans belt and yanked the keyring with his fingers. Letting out a small painful yell of anger and determination as he did and felt as if every inch of his hand was on fire.

But he pushed through it. He managed to get the keys. Breathing heavily for a moment he realized the necklace was still in his hand. He quickly slipped it over his head, wincing as he hit himself with the keys by accident. He quickly tried to wiggle the keys as he heard fighting down in the guards room grow silent. It was awkward doing so with just his left hand. But he managed.

Pushing the door open only to have it stop suddenly as if blocked by something. He looked down as he tried it twice more, opening and closing only to see it hitting the knocked out guards head. He had forgotten that the man had dropped like a sack of potatoes in front of the cell door, his mind too busy trying to focus on the door ”Right…” He said with a smirk and only pushed harder to move the man's head enough so he could slip through. Once out he reached down and quickly pulled out the guards sword ready for a fight. In case, for some reason. They were going to come kill him.

A black cloaked figure walked through the doorway of the guards room and stopped right in front of it. “Your savior has arrived lovely damsels!” Walking over to Fenros, she placed a gloved finger on the end of the sword and pushed it down.

“Beefcake there is no need to try and skewer me. I am here to free you from your cell, though you seemed to do that yourself.” The woman grabbed the keys from the door and walked over to the door to Annabelle’s cell.

Fenros was taken back as a woman in a black cloak suddenly appeared. Saying she came to save them. Allowing his blade to be pushed down. His eyes grew wide as she took the keys and moved over to the cell that Annabelle was in. “No! Don’t let her out. She deserves to be in here.” he said angrily. Giving annabelle a death glare.

“Oi! Did I ask you who gets to be freed or not? No.” She unlocked the door and threw it open. “You certainly looked a lot better yesterday. I hope you had fun learning first hand the insanity of the king and his underlings. Though I do suggest you stay quiet during this escape else beefcake will rough you up more and i’d hate to see your pretty face anymore messed up. Also being quiet is important to stealth. So lips sealed.” Turning away from the woman she faced Fenros once more and looked over his injuries, nothing life threatening so thankfully she didn’t have to provide first aid to the man. “Have you any other objections? I can lock you back up in the cell if you do? I may get in a lot of trouble but it’d be worth it if you are going to fight with me.” The woman sassed him, obviously she would not lock him back up but she would consider it.

He glared at her as she snapped back at him. He gripped his sword tightly. If this girl didn’t open her lying mouth, they wouldn’t be here in the first place. He contemplated accepting her challenge just to spite her. He knew he could take her, but the time and effort it would take to do so seemed to outweigh each other. He lifted his sword to annabelle just to point. Giving her a look that just said, give me a reason..’ Before he let it drop.

”Fine, Thanks for the ‘help’ but this is where we go our separate ways. I need to make sure Princess Eleanor is safe.” He turned around and started walking towards the guards room, not waiting for an answer.

A sigh escaped her lips as she grabbed Fenros’ broken hand and squeezed, was she going to hurt him, yes, but was it going to get his attention and get him to stop long enough for her to speak? Yes it would also do that. “You listen here and you listen good. I’m not just some random person here to release you two to do whatever the fuck you want. I’m here under the order of the rebellion to get you two out of here safely. We already have plans to get the princess out safely and if you go and try something on your own you will ruin the plans that we are trying to follow very carefully. Don’t make me tie you up and drag you if I have to. Got it?” The woman asked codly.

Fenros winced and yanked his hand away, despite it hurting even more. He growled as he looked at the girl who continued to speak. He hesitated a moment as he actually listened… she sounded familiar, with how she acted and that cloak. He narrowed his eyes and leaned in closer, he was about to say her name. But a quick look at annabelle made him stop himself. It all clicked, despite her wearing a different cloak he finally recognized her as one of the woodsman, an apprentice to Verrick. He trusted Verrick, and despite the sudden revelation that she said she was working with the rebellion. “Wai-wha….how?” He was confused for a moment, but pushed the thoughts away realizing that’s not important at the moment.

He knew if Verrick was behind a plan like this, he better listen to it.“What is the plan?”He said quickly.

He recognized her, good. The threat of Verrick looming over could make most people listen, especially if the plan was Verrick’s. When he asked what the plan was she remembered the bag that only contained two items that was slung uncomfortably over her shoulder. She slipped it off, the bag dropping to the ground and she knelt down opening it. “Simple. Wear these. Stay close. Stay low. Stay silent. And Stay out of sight.” The woman pulled out two cloaks not much different from hers, she tossed them to the two before turning and heading further into the dungeon. It may seem like it was odd to go deeper into a place that had no way out but, the woodsmen knew the secret tunnels that others didn’t know about. That is exactly where she lead the two.

She opened the entrance and made sure the two got through it before entering and closing it behind her. Swiftly she moved so she was in front of them and leading the way again. Taking them through a few turns in the tunnels, they finally came out not far from the small field that was between the castle and the wall that had a forest on the other side. Crouching in the shadows, she glanced around making sure they were in the clear before taking off running, sticking to the shadows. Once they got the wall, she released a low whistle and a rope fell down from the top of the wall. Sierra helped Annabelle first since she had an injured arm, she then turned to look at Fenros when the rope returned to them, meaning Annabelle was safely on the other side. “Your turn beefcake.”


In her chambers, Eleanor sat as one maid cleaned the glass from her hand and patched up her wounds. Meanwhile two other maids were doing her hair and makeup, she wasn’t sure why the king saw it necessary for her to look nice for an execution but he was not of a fully sane mind.

Once her hand was clean and a bandage wrapped around it and her makeup and hair done. The maids helped her into a fancy robe over her dressing gown. Confused at the outfit choice, Eleanor began to grow concerned at what else the king had planned. She had no time to think as soon, she was being escorted from her room by two guards she didn’t know to who knows where.


The king made his way towards the vanguard barrack’s, a demented smirk on his face as he was satisfied with the punishment he had decided upon for his step daughter. Killing her would not be enough. Though he will kill Fenros in front of her. Just to see that face of realization he was alive, and he didn’t come and save her before he died. Oh it felt good to FINALLY deal with the whore’s child. Though he did admit, keeping her as his own did help with a few treaties and deals he had her take control of. He was tempted to sell her away to that barbarian of a king down south as one of his wenches. But that wouldn’t be humiliating enough.

He had a messenger run on ahead and gathered the Vanguard in the barracks, to gather the officers, as all of the guard could not fit into the main hall of the barracks. Which was fine, once they were done they can rotate the message to everyone else.

He entered the barracks and stood on the platform on which he always stood on while giving them an announcement. He smiled. “My Vanguard! I am extremely pleased with how you all have been performing in the last few days, saving my life from a would be assassin and regaining control of the capital and squashing theories as well. As well as all the hard work you do to protect the kingdom from rebellion and traitors to the crown. I thank you for your service and wish to present you with a gift fitting of a King and prince!”

The men cheered, getting excited, most surprised at the king's generosity. He never did anything like this before. while some were skeptical, they couldn’t wait to see what it was. The king laughed and waited for the anticipation to build while he enjoyed the fanfare. He then motioned them to grow silent.

After a few more moments he then said “I give you… The Beautiful princess Eleanor! Do with her what you please! I recently found out she was the one behind the attempt to kill me and my son Aaron. Wanting the throne for herself despite the loving life I have given her. She was willing to kill anyone who got in her way. Threatening YOUR lives! Well I think she deserves to pay you men back for your service!”

Back with Fenros and the Cloaked Woman…

A celestial voice echoed within Fenros’ mind, speaking a warning to him. An urgent warning in regards to the Princess. Fenros, the Mad King wishes to gift the men of the Vanguard Princess Eleanor’s body for whatever they desire before he ends her life. The rebellion’s plan to save the Princess will no longer work. She needs you.”

Fenros was about to protest when suddenly he heard a voice in his head. He whipped his head around to see who was speaking. But, no one was there. It took a moment for him to realize what was said. His eyes grew wide with horror at that revelation. The voice spoke more, telling him where he needed to go. He never heard this voice before, and honestly was afraid as it happened. But that didn't matter at this moment. Whatever it was, he wasn’t going to take a chance that it might be right.

He looked towards the castle, all the pain in his body washed away with the sudden rush of Adrenaline. He gripped his sword tightly and sprinted along the walls shadows. Completely ignoring Sierra and any attempt she tried to stop him. He prayed that he would make it to her in time,

“Hold on El...I’m coming…”

No longer with us - lauder aka Noz
Bobby Flint

Flint slowly pushed himself up. He was glad Saph was here, but with the danger of wendigos being so close, he didn’t have time to mess with her. He was glad she just accepted not to go. He looked around as the healer decided to join, along with a few others. He sat there silently trying to recoup as fast as he could. He needed to get out there too, he had to show them where he saw them.

Bobby looked to everyone who agreed to come, and nodded, most of them he knew could handle themselves. Though he didn’t know Andvari enough. But with the amount of people going he should be fine. ”Fine, we can use it. You need silver tip bolts though. You better be a great shot” While the youngest ‘hunter’ decided to head out to do research.

He looked to Sanjin who asked what he needed, despite being an odd one, he was smart enough to ask. ”I got the stuff here if you need it. Windigos are weak to fire and to kill it with a silver weapon to the heart. “

There was an explosion outside suddenly, and he could hear yelling. He quickly hobbled to the tavern door and pushed it open. Suddenly he heard more yelling and screaming, citizens were running around being chased and attacked by a horde of goblins. “Mother of God.” He looked back into tavern and yelled. ”EVERYONE OUT! SEREN’S FOLLEY IS BEING ATTACKED BY GOBLINS! QUICKLY NOW!” He said as he bent down and grabbed one trying to run into his Tavern by the neck and slammed it’s head into the hardwood door frame, crushing it’s skull instantly.

Flint heard the screaming and pushed himself off the ground. Both of the drinks he had seemed to be helping as he was no longer dizzy, that and thanks to his curse. While he was still weak, he felt strength back in his limbs. He stumbled quickly over to the counter. Reaching over and grabbing a bunch of arrows. Normal ones as Goblins were easy to kill. He quickly stocked 24 arrows by slipping them into his quiver, and grabbing five more. He held them in his left hand, along with his bow, tips down.

He also grabbed Betsy. Bobby’s axe. Making his way over to him, as others were rushing out and handed it off. Bobby nodding in thanks. He knew saying Flint should stay behind was foolish. Both walked out, Flint nocking one of the arrows in his hand. He pulled the string back and aimed, wincing at the strain on his left arm. He aimed for the batch of Goblins raping a poor woman, as a few hunters rushed to her. He fired off a shot, then quickly pulled another from his hand and fired another. Both arrows flying by the hunters that were running towards her and into two different goblins. The other five around the woman stopped and looked up. Noticing the hunters running towards them and forgot about the woman.

Bobby didn’t move far, because of his leg, but he bellowed challenges, and profanitys. Trying to draw as many as he could towards him with his racket. Using his axe like a club and crushing the heads of the little fuckers and sending them flying into others.

Flint scanned for a clear shot, and noticed the woman who healed him getting rushed by a group of Goblins. In about ten seconds he fired off three shots, picking off the ones closest to Rowyn. Suddenly he had one that jumped on his back, it’s claws digging into his shoulders. Yelling in surprise, he slammed his back into the wall behind him. Crushing the goblin against him, and the building….but he put too much strength into it and crushed the Goblin while imbedding him into the wood.

When the blood oath was done, she sighed and watched as the others walked away. She allowed one of the wolves to like her wound. For a moment. She truly wished she could have just killed them all.those witches have always been a problem for her and her plans. Especially Rayleth. She tried to be open minded about all the witches needs, despite not liking what they do or how they achieve it. But they were getting restless for sure.

She truly wished Alice was had been some time since she appeared last. Or even Taran and Pahor...both of which she found to be almost like her own. But she never wanted Taran to see this, and Pahor was busy with things.

She noticed Hellena straggling behind, she moved towards her and said softly “I would like a potion that will rot the insides out. If that bitch who killed a child survives her patience mission, I would like a plan B.” She reached up and stroked Lucy once again. “Something that looks natural if you can.”

She looked Hellena in the eyes. “I also wanted to ask you if you made any headway on that recipy i was asking for?” She asked, glancing to Rebecca. She wanted to do something nice for her old friend...who was literally falling apart. She was going to need her more than ever in the upcoming plan.

She glanced down to talk to Tod, but remembered she sent him with Taran. She would have to do it later. She wanted to speak to her inner council about how they were to handle this, or at least her plan on making it so the Hunters wont come looking for blood.

A little bird landed on her shoulder that pulled her attention away. It informed her that an evil fog was rolling into the forest… She grew worried. Taran was out there, and that thing decided to come back to her woods. But if anything happened, she would be able to get there quickly… Tod would tell her…

Placing a hand on Hellena’s arm. “Don't go into the woods tonight gathering any more’s too dangerous out there.”She said with a bit of worry in her voice, she looked down at her hand which was still bloody. She looked slightly sheepish to her, “Do you...have anything to help with this?” She asked softly.

collab with @Raylah

Fenros sat on the cold ground of the cell. Trying to figure out why this was happening to him. He had multiple theories, the most prominent being the king was tired of Fenros being so close to Eleanor. Finally finding a way to get Fenros out of the picture.

While he openly supported the king, and did nothing that would say otherwise. It was well known he and his family had a different mindset about nobles and royalty and how they should act but whenever the king ordered them to do something they would do it.

The only thing that would have been ‘treason’ towards the king, was his loyalty to El. If it was between the kings life and El’s, there would be no hesitation. He would save El every time.

Was this recent attempt the reason why? How he just left the king behind? He ordered the princess’s extra guards to stay behind though, there would have been. No reason for her to stay in the danger. He didn’t know if there were other assassins vying for a shot.

But that still didn’t make sense. He wondered what it could have been. Perhaps he was framed for some reason, by who though was the question. No one explained where they got their ‘intell’ from.

He mind was starting to hurt and grow more confused trying to figure this out without being told anything. He rested his head back against the wall he sat with his back to and sighed irritably. Deciding to not think on it.

His mind did turn to El though. His eyes closed as he imagined her smile… her crystal blue eyes that sparkled as she did, to even that glint of mischievousness that sometimes flickered behind her eyes when she had an idea that only made his day more complicated.

He wondered what she was doing…. was she still resting? She did love her sleep. Did she even hear what happened yet? Was she already trying to figure out a way for him to get out? Knowing her she probably was. But He hoped also she would not risk her father's wrath for him.

He realized In this moment, that if the king indeed was bent on seeing him as a traitor… he might not see her again, even on the day of his...execution. Not that he would want her to see that anyways.

It was a grim outlook, but it was a realistic one. Very rarely did those who were accused of treason lived. It was unheard of really. He did have regrets, and wished that he could see her once more. To see her smile. But more importantly, that she will be safe from harm after he was gone.

He was pulled from his thoughts when two guards opened the door. Two more guards with crossbows were clever enough to stand far back enough in case he tried anything. They all knew how dangerous he was even without a sword.

Forced to chain his arms and legs, he was then shuffled to the royal inquisition’s torturing chambers. Instantly he could smell the remains of burnt skin and the thick smell of blood.

He looked around quickly before he was shoved into a chair and arms were shackled to the heavy oak chair so he could not even move them an inch. Despite him knowing this, he still tested it. Trying to see how much he could move or somehow ‘magically’ break them with his strength.

He also looked at his chair to see if he could somehow use something on it. But there wasn’t much to use, and the chair was designed to be heavy anyways.

Eva couldn’t help but being bit nervous. As if the yesterday’s assassination attempt hasn’t been enough, the investigation suddenly took a spin into places she would have never thought to find herself in. She had just accused the princess of being a traitor and now she was headed to question her bodyguard, an esteemed knight, a son to the Duke Allaway, ruler of Khunrith. A man who most likely created an entire underground rebel organization, plotting to overthrow the rightful ruler of Tricaelia. ‘The Undaunted’. Eva smirked. Only an overly confident and egoistic person would name a secret group after himself. Then again, that is exactly the type of person Fenros seemed to be. Always throwing smiles around, joking and flirting with every woman in the five-mile radius, acting as if the world belonged to him. Eva remembered very well of how he mocked her when they met in the castle on some occasion, mention casually how beautiful she looked that day. Oh, how badly she wanted to take a knife back then and shove it inside his body, just to erase that smug smile from his face. She never thought she would actually get a chance to do that.

However, there was something else she was worried about. She knew from experience that people who were this dedicated to their treasonous acts didn’t give up easily. Some were extremely hard to break, and Eva knew Fenros would be one of them. Everyone would break eventually if they were locked up for weeks and the inquisitor came in every day, causing pain and taking parts of their bodies until there was barely something left to send to the gallows. But she didn’t have that luxury, this matter needed to be solved as soon as possible. She could start cutting him to pieces, but the problem was that king wanted his execution to be very public. And while the crowd tolerated bruises and occasional broken bones as a sign that the prisoner suffered some pain even before being executed, more obvious signs of torture might raise questions whether the person really was guilty and whether the confession wasn’t forced. She had to use some more subtle methods. ‘But if he doesn’t talk,’ she thought to herself, gritting her teeth, ‘I’m gonna take a saw and cut his fucking hand off myself.’

She entered the room with Garret right behind her and sat down as he started to unpack the tools. There was no need to make it a show this time, this man would not be intimidated by such simple act. The air in the room was thick and hot and it got even worse when the fire was started in a small fire pit. The smell of burnt skin was still quite strong, the prisoner could probably recognize it, but she couldn’t tell if it had any effect on him. After all, he must have known a lot about the inquisition practices, and yet he was looking relatively calm.

“Sir Fenros Allaway,”she said, sneering over the word ‘sir’. “I don’t know if you remember me, but I am inquisitor Eva Gallard. I believe you know why we are meeting here under these… circumstances.” She waved her hand at the table with all the torture instruments. “Let’s be honest with each other. I am quite impressed of how you managed to keep your actions a secret for so long, so I’m going to give you a chance that not many people get. If you tell me everything right now, you can go back to your cell and your execution will be painless. Well, mostly,” she added. For anyone else this would be an irresistible offer, but she knew he was not going to take it. “You have to know,” she leaned towards him, “that there is no rescue coming. The king had already made it clear that he doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore, aside from watching you die. No one can help you, not even the princess.” She stressed the last word, trying to see how he will react.

Fenros looked forward when Eva and the massive man named Garrett walked In. The latter began to unpack the instruments of Eva’s craft while she started talking to him. Clearly she did not like him already. She introduced herself, and he said nothing for the moment. Of course he knew of her. Being in the inner courts all the time and seeing her about the castle. There were a few times he complimented her on her beauty, though it seemed that she took it as an insult at that time.

He didn’t say a word as he focused on what she would say, hoping that he would figure out exactly what it was. He only grew more confused. What was she talking about him keeping his actions a secret for so long? He racked his brain but could not even get what she was talking about.

Was it about the assassination attempt? Did they think he was behind this? He looked genuinely confused at what she was saying. But when she mentioned the king wanted nothing to do with him anymore. If it really was about yesterday. He wished the king did get shot. Hell he would do it himself now.

He sat up as straight as he could, his eyes never leaving Eva’s. She was trying to get him to just confess to something like she knew about it. He already knew the princess would not be able to do much. Though his fears were confirmed. He was going to die.

He leaned foward as well, his look serious as he got close to Eva. “I have no clue what you are even talking about….” he has a smirk come on his face. "Unless this is about me hitting on you. I mean I got the hint after the second attempt. Don’t need to go all crazy on me, even though I don’t understand why you don’t believe me when I said you looked beautiful.” He said trying to throw her off balance. His last chance on getting out of here was to get this woman to like him enough to believe him. Cause clearly she didn’t care about facts or truth.

“If it’s about the stolen pastries I admit, I took them because the princess asked. The cook gets way to bent out of shape when the princess spoils her appetite.“ he continued, sitting back in his chair. Shrugging. “ Of course he is only concerned about her health, so I understand if he is mad at me for allowing it but honestly this is overkill. “

He raised an eyebrow,”....Unless …it’s neither of those, then that never happened.” He coughed as he said it quickly.

“So instead of trying to intimidate me, tell me what I did and we can clear this all up.” He said in an irritated voice.

Eva kept a smile on her face as he talked, not showing how enraged she was. She didn’t expect him to confess, but this was truly outrageous. Even now he wanted to make fun of her? It took all her strength to just keep herself from grabbing a knife and cutting that stupid smile off from his face.

She raised one eyebrow. “Believe me, I haven’t even began trying to intimidate you. It seems to me that you don’t fully understand the gravity of the situation yet. But that will change, don’t worry.” Her smile was almost sincere. “I only wanted to make the situation easier for both of us, but if this is how you prefer it, well,” she shrugged, “your choice.”

She got up and grabbed a paper from the table. “You are accused of conspiring against the throne and orchestrating a plot to assassinate the king. I believe you are familiar with the king’s signature and personal seal?” She held the paper in front of his eyes and let him read the few lines. “So, until you have something relevant to say…” She nodded at Garret. “He is all yours.” The big man smiled and cracked his fingers before burrowing his fist into Fenros’ stomach.

Fenros narrowed his eyes at the woman as she tried to explain that things would get worse for him. Like he thought, no matter what he said, she wouldn’t believe him. He took a few low deep breaths as he prepared himself. Glancing at the paper she showed him. But before he could say anything she allowed the giant to punch him in the gut. He involuntarily bent forward as the air was literally knocked from his lungs.

He waited but nothing happened, he was given time to catch his breath again. “ The king can sign or seal any papers he wants, it doesn’t make it any more true if the accusation is false.” He said. Looking to Eva. “I, as well as my family has served the king and his kingdom always.”

He glared. “Who accused me? What proof do you have?” He demanded of her.

Eva just laughed, shaking her head. “You are not the one who will be asking questions here.“ She watched as Garret punched Fenros over and over, focusing mainly on his stomach, but also adding a few hits into his face for good measure. She looked as uninterested as possible, picking some dirt from beneath her fingernail, reminding herself she need to trim them again. Too many things got stuck behind long nails in this line of work, it wasn’t worth the effort to keep them long and nicely polished as it was usual amongst the highborn ladies.

After few minutes she lifted her hand, halting Garret’s next move. “No more smart comments?” she looked over Fenros who was trying to catch his breath. “Good. It’s a small progress, but it’s something. You see, it’s a good thing that you mentioned your family – I am not sure how long will the Duke be able to keep his title and position when his son will be executed as a traitor to the crown.”

A small knife in her hand cut his shirt, revealing his muscular chest. “I want to know who else is behind this, who else in the Vanguard or near the king is a part of your little conspiracy?” The branding iron was glowing red, ready to be used and Eva used her weight to press is against his skin as hard as she could. The smell of burnt flesh once again filled the room, but this time it wasn’t followed by any screams of pain. Eva angrily watched as Fenros clenched his fists and bit his lip, causing more blood to run down his chin, but he didn’t make a sound.

She gave it a few more tries, all with the same results. Even though part of his chest was now covered in ugly looking burnt spots, he didn’t give up, and when she asked him her questions again, he just repeated what he said before about being innocent. She didn’t even manage to erase that stupid smirk off his face completely, which nearly drove her mad.

“It’s obvious,” she said, wiping the sweat off her forehead, “that we need to take a bit more personalized approach. You are so proud to be an excellent swordsman, aren’t you. I do believe you need all your fingers intact to hold a sword properly, is that right? Garret,” she turned to her assistant, “he is right handed.” Some parts of the process still required brute force, and she was happy that someone was here to provide it. He took a small hammer off the table and tried to pull one finger out of Fenros’ clenched fist. When he was unable to do so, he just shrugged and swung the hammer, hitting the top of the fist.

The short scream that finally came out of his mouth was music to her ears. “Did you know there are twenty seven bones just in your hand?” She leaned towards Fenros to take a closer look at his hand, that had already begun to swell. “My assistant here broke maybe three or four now, so we still have plenty more to go. And that’s just your right hand.”

“You are wasting your time,” Fenros mumbled through clenched teeth. “I already told you I don’t know anything.”

Fenros wasn’t a stranger to pain, despite having a somewhat peaceful duty of protecting the princess, it didn’t mean he still didn’t get hurt. He nearly died once while being her bodyguard. Many of the scars still showed on his body.

He focused himself to ignore the urge to cry out. Only made her more mad, but he didn’t want to give her the pleasure she sought out from it.

But by the time she had her ogre break his sword hand. His mouth was bloody. Not just from the punches he received, but from biting down so hard. He looked up at Eva clearly tired but Defiance still danced in his eyes strongly.

Eva snorted. Was there really nothing she could do to make him talk? “You are not in charge of this, are you? It’s her. She has you wrapped around her pretty little finger and you would do anything to protect her. Did she promise to take you to her bed if you kill her father and brother?” Eva whispered into Fenros’ ear. “I don’t blame you, she is beautiful and rich and she would became the most powerful woman in Tricaelia.”

Eva straightened up, carefully stretching her leg. “I’m curious if she will be as resistant to the pain as you are. Maybe I will even let you watch,” she added with a wide grin.

The air about Fenros changed. The hint of a smirk was gone. She had just insulted and threatened to harm the princess. He felt his blood begin to boil. His hands gripped the arm of the chair, despite the pain that shot from his broken hand. He ignored the pain, the woman ears were deaf to his story, there was no way they were ever going to listen to reason. She enjoyed causing pain and not finding the truth. He couldn’t just sit here anymore.

He hung his head. Seemingly defeated. “The princess had nothing to do with this! She did offer herself to me, and if I wasn’t chained I would slap you for insulting her. She is NOTHING like other nobles. Who are greedy, backstabbing, power hungry lazy pieces of shits. She has no desire to harm her brother or the king. Unlike… “ he stopped for a moment only for her to take a step, as he sounded like he was about to reveal who really was behind the assassination. ”...Her brother who constantly looks to further his own gain. Even against the kings wishes…” as she was close enough he lashed out, delivering a hard kick with the sole of his foot to her thigh just above her knee on her bad leg.

Eva leaned towards Fenros, unable to hide the excited look in her eyes. Finally, she seemed to have hit the right string, despite all his strength and resilience, she had found his weak spot. Who would have thought all it took was to mention the princess? She took a step closer in order to hear him better, her eyes hypnotizing his bleeding lips. His movement was so fast she only saw a blur in the corner of her field of vision. She didn’t even have time to realize what was happening before a huge explosion of pain erupted from her knee. The only reason she didn’t scream in pain was because the muscles between her ribs refused to cooperate and let her breath. Her back arched, fingers desperately scraping the stones on the floor.

Her vision was blurred but she still recognized Garret rushing to help her, turning his back to Fenros, who used this moment to attack, using the heavy chair as a weapon.

After all the years of beating someone on the chair, the arms and legs were slightly loose, and helped with breaking the chair over the back of Garrett. Free, suddenly he stumbled and fell on his side, but he scrambled up as Garrett got up faster than he.

Despite his pain, Fenros was able to duck away from Garrett who tried to restrain him and deliver a sharp uppercut to his jaw with his right palm. Groaning in pain as the jolt traveled up his arm and caused him to pull it back while Garrett was knocked backwards. This gave him enough time to grab the red hot iron poke used on him and aim it at Eva. The tip just an inch or so from her neck, the heat starting to burn her skin despite the iron not touching her.

He pushed her over with his foot. So she was looking up at him. His eyes were full of hate and anger towards the woman. He looked to Garrett as he was getting up, indicating his poker and not to move. “Enough. I am tired of your sick and demented pleasure. You threatened the Princess, I cannot allow that to go unpunished.” He said coldly.

“I’ve told you I’m innocent-” He started to say when the doors bursted open. Guards poured into the room, he saw one of them raise his crossbow and ducked behind a table that was knocked over in the brief fight, the bolt embedding into the wood. This gave the guards an opportunity to surround him and disarm him, shoving him to the ground face first. Fenros tried to fight, but he couldn’t at the moment.

Eva couldn’t turn her head to see what exactly happened, she only heard the noise of struggle, but the fight was short. Fenros, while desperate, was tired and outnumbered. He didn’t really stand any chance at the sudden rush of guards. Eva swallowed the blood that filled her mouth, she must have bit her tongue. Garret knelt down next to her and gently massaged her back. She could scream now but swore to herself that she would not give him that satisfaction. The worst cramps in the most of her body passed in few minutes, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to get up on her own for hours, not even talking about being able to walk.

She rolled over to look at Fenros. His face pressed against the cold stone floor with a knee of one of the guards as he watched her with hatred in his eyes. “Stop it,” she growled at Garret, panting heavily. “Give me the fucking hammer.” Crawling sent more waves of pain into her body as she dragged her useless leg behind her, but she barely even noticed it. Their faces were on the same level now as she stopped just outside of his reach. “Everything. I’ve done to you. I will. Do to her. Hundred times. Over,” she hissed at him through clenched teeth. The hammer was surprisingly heavy, but she managed to lift it and swing it against his already broken hand. The vibrations from the hit ran through her entire body, nearly making her lose consciousness. She felt a strong pair of hands lifting her off the ground and carrying her away.

Fenros let out a clenched yell as he felt more bones breaking in his hand. “IF YOU LAY A FINGER ON HER I SWEAR-.” He screamed as he was roughly pulled up and dragged out of the room.
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Interacting with Sheffield @Cryptek12@Dark Light

Suddenly she felt arms around her. Her eyes focused for a moment as she was lifted up by a man she didn't know...he was asking her a question of where her family was... they not that way... Despite the clear smell of food that was heavily focused in the area. She struggled as he started moving towards the tavern. No not there.... She didn't feel safe...she needed dads arms... "Nnnu" She said as she started to fight more and more..."D-don't leave dad...Daddy..." She arched her back, despite the pain in her ribs as she reached back to where she came from Almost wiggling out of this man's arms. as he was trying to fish out his bandages. But she resisted, her cloak covering most of her, as he held her in her arms. The blade sticking out still.

She didn't feel safe here. Not without her dad and mom. Adrenaline kicked into her system as realization of what happened now in her eyes. She started to struggle more and more...No She couldn't be here she needed Mom and daddy!

As he asked where her family was she grew more desperate. Starting to get angry that this man didn't understand her mental plight! he couldn't understand her. She didn't want to go to town she needed to get back. "B-back --that way!" She said as she struggled to put the words into her mouth. She nearly fell out of the the mans arms once again as she started trying to escape his grasp. “ stop...not that way. MOM DAD!” She started to yell. Tears overflowing her eyes. Wincing with every sharp movement and struggle as the knife was still embedded in moved. She reached out as if doing so would pull them back to where they came from, her crying growing louder.
“Help them! NO HELP THEM” She started to lose it. She wanted to be back there. She wanted to be in daddy's arms. But that mean montster….It might have been too late… She started to weep more and fight more untill the man would listen to her plight and take her back, Starting to yell more and more and perhaps draw more unwanted attention if he didnt listen… She saw a man in the distance stumbling in the distance. Towards them, If this man didn’t help her she would get his help. Trying to break free till the man would turn around towards the direction she pleaded to go. “I NEED MOM AND DAD.” She said hystarically.
Bobby Flint Sophie

Flint groan stopped halfway when his eyes went wide as he realized where he was laying on. His face turning red as a tomato. But before he could say something he was pulled off by some man and laid down on the cold hard floor of the tavern. He looked to the woman who’s lap he was just on and with a wide eyed and hands up as he quickly said “I’m soooo sorry.”

He looked up to Draco who said he shouldn’t attempt that without offering a drink or dinner before doing that. It was clear he was joking about it but he still shook his head as he swore he didn’t mean to do that….as much as he did enjoy the few brief moments on her lap.

He was pulled abruptly from that thought when another guy in a mask crouched down next to him, pulling to the side away from the guy as he suddenly appeared at his side. He gave a confused look, almost forgetting he said Windigo’s a few moments before.

He nodded slowly, as it clicked again. He pushed himself into a sitting position slowly. A wave of nausea swept over him but he simply rested his hand on his face and crouched over with his head down slightly. Probably would have been better to stay laying down.

A moment went by before he collected himself to speak, but the man who pulled him off started to speak once again. Answering a question to someone close by. He took the moment to allow his head to stop spinning.

Bobby decided to pipe in with a growl.Alright ya idjits shut up and let Flint speak. He wanted to hear the answer to Draco’s question. Was there more than one? It was unheard of. Even if there were two, they would kill each other to secure its foodsource. The fact Flint got caught off guard and caused him to run was enough to make him worry.

He glanced over to the kitchen as he noticed Sophie, his wife pop out with a drink in her hand. Making her way over to them. He smiled at her as she was already one step ahead of him. Like always.

Flint looked up to Bobby as he started to speak. “Yeah, i said more than one windigo’s.” Trying to answer both draco and Sanjin at the same time. ”Three of them.”

Bobby shook his head, “You must be confused son, there never is more than one. “

I’m not confused, It's why I barely made it out of there….” He sighed as Sophie, Bobby’s wife, knelt down next to him offering him a drink. ”Here you go dearie...drink this, you will feel better.”

Flint took it without hesitation, Sophie was one who always seemed to have a concoction to make any ailment feel better. Flint knew this and trusted her completely. He drank the entire cup in a few gulps. Coughing afterwards as he wasn’t expecting the nasty after taste of herbs and spices that did not go together. He looked to Sophie who just took the cup with a sly smile. I didn't say it would taste good. before going back to her kitchen.

Alright alright... looking around the room Bobby then said, "Who's ready to go huntin for some windigos?'
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