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@Dustyi would imagine he would know Fenros as well perhaps we could work out something
@OneStoryToManyupdated the cs
@spencerishere Same with saying like 'Durloscus' Over and over again. XD
<Snipped quote by Aerandir>

WOOT WOOT. Well, it's a bit of a middle zone of accepted. Just need the two paragraphs at min. One of interaction, one of combat or other specialization. But definitely has my thumbs up for now! Reads like the kind of guy who COULD lead a rebellion. However, I need to point out that he WILL NOT like a good portion of his rebellion people. The Ouroboros for instance are not so....nice. And he probably won't last long without their support. SO is he capable of sucking it up for that?

Yeah I realized I forgot those paragraphs and am currently working on it.

Hmmm, he could to a point. He would probably try to negotiate terms for his personal reasons as well. Maybe call them out. I'm sure it's going to be a VERY rocky relationship. Also I forgot to ask about Magic, is it only specialized to one class, or can a Knight have some Basic magic as well? Like some fire magic. if not that's cool,just wondering

I just had an Idea for Kitty with her potential character and The Vanguard. Fenros would most likely try to gain their support as well later on.

Here is my rough draft for now please feel free to ask me to add anything

Would I be able to possibly have a character that was a princess(or nobility if princess is too much) who doesn't agree with the way that kingdom is being run and runs away to get away from her corrupt family and join the rebellion

<Snipped quote by OneStoryToMany>

You could upload it to a site that lets you upload pictures then copy the url and such

I am currently making an Ex General for the Kingdom, It's very possible he could have known this princess. He was a nobleman himself. We could possibly work out a back history for that.
@OneStoryToManyawesome, I may actually have two ideas if the first one doesn't work. Ill get started on a CS

Not the one I used but that can make a random map for you
@OneStoryToMany you can do map generator in google and there are a couple nice ones and tutorials to do it. But I don’t care if you rip from another
I would be interestested in a high ranking General in the Kingdom In turning into a traitor to lead the rebellion to save the people.
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