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Yi Sighed as the teacher came in, taking control of a situation that wasn't honestly out of control. Now this was an 'official spar.' He raised his eyebrow and look at the possible teams. one of them would have to be by themselves.

He looked to the others, feeling this would be a good exercise for him to test his physical ability against multiple people . Once everyone was done he simply said, I will be on my own team, so everyone else will have a teammate. He looked over to the wall and saw a bowstaff on one of the racks. Making his way over too it he picked it up and spun it effortlessly in his right hand for a second before turning back to everyone else.

Yi smiled as three of his fellow students decided to join in. Though he did frown slightly at the fact Kerianne said she needed a moment. A flash of respect and concern passed through his head. He believed one should always strive to push themselves to the point they drop, because without doing so, you can never know how far you can push yourself. However, this didn’t mean someone couldn’t over do it. He had heard of Keriannes accident. He was glad to see she was fine, but the fact she was pushing herself so soon, gave him a hint of worry.

It wasn’t his place to stop her...yet. But he was pleased to see that she was willing. As for Gabby he was excited as well...always wanting a chance to confirm his theories and figure out how to get around her repelling quirk without his own.

As for Breeze he looked to her as she agreed and pulled her rubber knife out. He had always thought her quirk was interesting, and would have loved to have had it from time to time. Just imagining how many kung fu weapons he could store on his body. But he had to be sure never, ever use his quirk on her. Who knows what would happen if he accidentally activated it with those weapons or items inside her.

As the others prepared, he didn’t move from his spot, his arms tucked behind him as his left hand gripped his right arm’s wrist. While Breeze yelped at the sound of the newcomers he simply glanced over towards them. His face blank of any emotion.

He was admittedly annoyed with the girl called Erika. But it didn’t show. He was thankful that Kerianne decided to introduce him so he didn’t have to though it was slightly odd she only introduced him. That was a different subject to dwell on later. While the others spoke up, offering them to stay and train with them he remained silent and still.

At the end of it though he gave a simple smile as he made sure to look directly into Erika’s eyes and said softly.It is easy to criticize and break down the spirit others. But to know yourself takes a Lifetime. A quote from a master he admired and based his training philosophy on. He allowed it to sink in for a moment before adding. Hearing bits and pieces of what happened, from other sources. Is hardly an acceptable form of knowing what actually happened there. How do you honestly know of what they did? How can you know how they felt? How could you know if you could do better? If you were not there? Unless you somehow managed to fight and survive an attack from six villains as well.

He kept his tone soft and inquisitive. As if expecting her to answer them. His head tilted to the side as he didn’t look away from her eyes. He then added, ”Train if you like, make friends, but let us not try and pick fights with each other. That is unbecoming of a hero.”

Yi sat on an Iron beam looking down at his fellow classmates. One leg tucked up while the other dangled and swung lazily. He was actually the first one in the gym, though no one noticed. Why? Well because he was sitting in the rafters of course. Who looks for a 5 foot China man in the rafters? No one. Unless you were looking for a ninja...but that’s a Japanese man so totally different subject altogether.

He had heard what had happened to his fellow students, and he felt angry he was weak enough to catch the flu of all things a day he missed everything. From what he heard, it was a nightmare. He didn’t know if there was much he could have helped with. While he was very confident in his fighting ability. There was never a time he was fighting for his life as of yet. He was surprised to hear that Sofia wasn’t coming back… he knew instantly it wasn’t because she didn’t want to. She always tried so hard to prove herself here. But most likely her family. It’s happened many times before with other students in generations before.

For the most part, everyone seemed ok. Low in spirits maybe. But it seemed Renard was in the worst state right now. Renard not even a shadow of his former self at the moment. Everyone was on edge till Gabby hit herself with the punching bag. Starting to laugh. He tilted his head to the side. She was always an odd one. However that look on her face, it was clear she was punching...someone. A look he was all too familiar with a few years ago.

As Kerianne and Freya were worrying over her. He wrapped his foot around a rope and between his leg, the same rope he climbed up on when he got there. Pulling it up with him before Kerianne got there. Tipping over casually he caught himself with his legs, and slowly lowered himself down squeezing his legs and feet together to control his decent.

He came to a sudden stop just behind Kerianne, so his upside down head was level with hers. Just a foot away in an attempt to scare the serious girl and lighten the mood a little more. He suddenly said very calmly. “I Would say the correct question is… WHO was she punching?” He said in with an eyebrow raised, his eyes squinting and aimed at Gabby as if deep in thought. His left arm folded under his right. While his right hand thumb gripped his chin and his knuckles touching his nose. As if this was completely normal of him.
@Tenma Tendohiya,

Makes perfect sense thank ya!

And yes, the second idea sounds legit the more ya talk about it. Can’t wait to see the cs!
@Tenma TendoI personally like the second better, seems more useful for a hero.

What are the weaknesses of both?

Plus question. The first is it like.... tail for legs? How do they get around?
@SimpleWriter@LuckyBlackCat awesome thanks!
Alright, I believe I am finished. Forgive me for the wait.

Mia almost instantaneously noticed the looks between Kaida and Mina. Oh boy. She thought with a smile. She stayed silent as she listened to Yukari who was asking Mina what her type of boy was. It was kinda surprising she liked stubborn guys, with what she gathered she was pretty stubborn herself. But she almost described Jett to a T. She looekd at Kaida and could see she knew who she was talking about too...her eyes narrowed. OOOk they both have a thing for Jett and hate each other. Lovely.

Yukari could sense the tension easily as well even with out her eyes, trying to change the subject. She fround slightly, she just thought it was going to to get good. However she heard laughter from the doorway and looked up to see her little sisters walk in, with a boy. She perked up and her eyes met roys. His deadpan face brought up a giddy smile on her face.

“So you try and feel me up and now you’re moving onto my little sisters!? You little player!” She said with a straight face, sounding angry.

Emma and Eva ignored their older sister as they moved from Roy “Yukari! How are you doing!?” They said in unison. Emma making her way and hugging yukari where she sat. Eva looked at the other three girls and smiled. “Hello, I’m Eva, and this is Emma, we are Jett and Mia’s little sisters. Its nice to meet you.”

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