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Finally done! Sorry if it took a little bit, got a touch unexpectedly busy the past couple days. If its alright I am going to ad more to the description (mainly information on the Icarian Division, and the reasons the Combine is part of the colonization) but honestly that's just more extra fluff

=== LEADER ===

Theran Masai, 33

"The future is not found by chance, or bought, the future is built. Even if it must be built on the remains of yesteryear."


Standing at around 6'5'', Theran's body is heavily augmented, with both of his arms being full replacements, as well as his left leg. Even his head shows the scars and tiny bolts of having been sliced into, with tiny sub-dermal wires tracing down to his left, cobalt blue, eye. A "consummate professional" Theran is constantly wearing a suit, eschewing combat armor almost entirely.

A charming and charismatic sort, if a bit smug and self-assured, its not hard to see why someone might actually like Theran or at least respect him. But spend enough time with the man and you begin to see, no.. not see... more feel, how every word in a conversation is thought out, a quiet waltz that Theran dances with his words. At times he can also come off a bit cold and very business like, but this break of composure usually takes some prodding to achieve.

However whether you chose to dance his dance or simply wish to pass the time, there will always be the option for a drink and a cigar.

A child of a lower middle class family, Theran learned from a very young age to not expect the universe to drop anything at your feet, to build your own way with your own two hands. As he grew, so to did this ideal as he began to spend much to all of his free time pouring over books in the library and talking with older, more experienced individuals. As he entered into high-school, he finally began to move from general reading, to the more specialized fields, mainly applied mechanics and bio-mechanics. His efforts did not go unnoticed and eventually he was pointed towards The Atmari Combine. Wary at first, Theran eventually accepted the job as an intern after school. At first it was slow going, but after winning over a couple of the scientists in the division he was assigned to his education began to be fast tracked and eventually this high school junior was pointing out the flaws in designs that were made by people decades his senior.

Eventually Theran managed to get into one of the largest tech collages in the world on scholarship, continuing to moonlight as a paid intern of the Combine. In his second year however tragedy struck, as an accident caused a massive explosion to rip through the lab he was working in. The force and heat of the blast almost killed the young man, crippling several of his limbs beyond repair, causing massive internal damage to both his torso and to his head. It was only though the intervention of the Combine that Theran lived, gaining his augment prosthesis in the process. He was able to complete his education, earning a masters, before going to work for the Combine proper. Climbing up the rungs of the corporate ladder, quickly becoming the section head for the Icarian Division of the Combine.

=== FACTION ===

The Atmari Combine


Terissa Mara-Atmari, 45

The current head of the Armari Combine, Terissa from the outside is viewed as an aloof, shrewd and shadowy figure, her presence being felt by way of agents and various third party factions from the Combine long before you meet the woman. But woe to the person who thinks that this quietness is indicative of incompetence, as they will so find that Terissa seemed to have been born for the business she is in. She conducts herself on the job like a spider ensnaring prey, ruthless, efficient, without pity or remorse, the only goal is the continued existence of the predator. This doesn't mean she is completely heartless outside of work however, as she does show some empathy to her employees (at least those who actually meet/talk with her) and is a strong advocate for the humanitarian initiatives started by the Combine.

When dealing with the many divisions of the Combine she likes to give them a sense of self autonomy from the main whole. But, it would be wrong to think that she has completely removed herself from the process, in truth she stays as up to date of the various projects as she can be so she is able to respond to whatever comes her way.


If possible I would bee good with this color ( color=f7941d )
Still here, still interested!
ooooh throwing my interest in
@Rhynn91 Honestly that sounds great! If it makes things too wonky/off plan I can always transition over to another dragon (like the Ice dragon) too!
oooh very much interested
Honestly this looks like a lot of fun! Definitely going to throw my hat in there for the time dragon
**looking for picture**
Full Name: Patient 1B-0002
Nicknames/Aliases: Zeros
Age: N/A (has been awake and working with SCION for the past 6 years)
Gender: Male
Species: Fallen
SCION Team/Rank: Thunder Moon, Medic

Standing a little over six feet even, Zeros is covered head to toe in bandages. He keeps these covering immaculately clean, changing any dirty ones out whenever alone. He will normally wear loose fitting jeans and some form of loose button up shirt over the top. As for face coverings Zeros will often opt for some sort a half mask or full mask that hides his features beneath (though with the half mask he will often wear tinted glasses).

Under all of this Zeros is a ruined mess, his charcoal black skin covering only part of his burned form. Bone pokes out there and there from its home beneath the muscle, which itself is exposed here and there in patches. Zeros eyes seem to be burned and cloudy themselves, which oddly doesn't seem to affect Zeros ability to see at all. The only part of his skin that is visible at nearly all times is the tips of his fingers after the second knuckle, even then the hint that these ruin of fingers give of the man beneath the bandages and masks, is enough to dissuade even the most curious of person.

A gentle soul Zeros is often found humming an old lullaby or hymn to himself as he tends to his business, whatever that may be. He is not much of a talker, often preferring to offer a quiet ear for others to talk to (or talk at, depending on the day). If Zeros has a mean side to him he either keeps it well hidden, or its just too mild to detect. That being said if one needs a friendly cup of tea Zeros door is always open.

Heightened Pain Threshold: Say what you will, but the pain one experiences falling out of the sky like a meteor compares to little else. It is probably because of this that Zeros seems able to shrug off injuries that would incapacitate beings much hardier than himself. The most unsettling example of this is when Zeros will simply pop bones back into place without even a flinch.

Medical Training: After awakening from the coma that afflicts many of his kind, Zeros found work within SCION as a medic, putting his innate talent to use. A quick study, Zeros can now preform advanced medical operations that may arise in the execution of his duties.

Fallen Power: As with all Fallen, Zeros can take the pain of someone with a touch and replace it with a sense of serene calm

Never Fully healed: Zeros body never fully recovered from his injuries and as such even peeling off his bandages can cause him discomfort if not downright pain. Some days are worse than others, but no matter how bad it is Zeros simply grins and bears through it.

The price of so high a Threshold: The downside to being able to ignore even stomach churning injuries, is you never really know how bad it is until you have to confront it. To this end Zeros will often push himself past the operational limits of his body, and as such Zeros has been known to simply collapse from injury or exhaustion that finally caught up with him.

Acute Amnesia: Like all of his kind Zeros cannot remember anything before his fall

Brief History: The fallen that would come to be known as Zeros fell a little over eight years ago, falling admist a large meteor shower in northern Siberia. His comatose body was picked out of the wreckage by the then members of Thunder Moon, and was placed under the watch of Wyrm Moon. He would stay there under the watchful eyes of the team members for two years, before one day ( the eighth of March to be exact) his eyes fluttered open, to the sudden shock of the poor Wyrm team member that was taking notes over him at the time. What ensued after that could only be described as the almost comical attempts of various Wyrm members to stop Zeros as he wandered around confused, in search of a glass of water.

Eventually Zeros was brought back to his bed, where he would remain until he given a map, a good long lecture about wandering around and a guide. Well one thing led to another and soon Zeros was spending the bulk of his free-time with the various teams medics, picking up stories about various fist hand experiences. Still something must have stuck, as no more than a year or two later Zeros was made the medic of Thunder Moon. And there he has remained, stitching wounds, setting bones, and whatever else the medic needs doing in their days.
If you are still looking for people I am definitely interested! I can have a CS up tonight or tomorrow. Love the look of the Fallen
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