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Just call me Prose.

I'm twenty three.
No Face accurately describes my appearance, I think.
I've been roleplaying for a long time.
Feel free to correct me on things.
I edit character sheets a lot.
My male characters will highly outweigh my female characters.
I reuse characters that I like.
I was in advanced writing classes at one point, it didn't make an impression on me.
I do best in high casual settings but I could probably do advanced if I put effort into it.
I hate writing personality and appearance sections, I'm bad at it.
It takes me at least four replies before my responses stop looking like garbage.
I refuse to write a first status until I can think of something good to say.
At every given moment, I'm worried that I'm annoying everyone in the thread.
I'm not as pretentious as my name might suggest.
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@Shard Silas doesn't even realize the amount of power that he has at times, he could make a very formidable enemy if he wasn't so nice.

He sees Miles as being someone who's very efficient and effective, he admires that he faces things so readily. I think that's why it would be so flattering for him because he sees Miles as an actual hero. He kind of just views his position as a support man and he's fine with that but Miles is in on the action and he thinks that's awesome.
It's the quiet ones you need to look out for, the polite ones you need to fear. There's a reason Miles sees Silas as the most powerful of heroes.

Honestly, if he knew that Miles thought so highly of him then he'd be extremely flattered. He sometimes sees his power as boring.
And suddenly Silent Sleeper gets really creepy... Oh god if people knew what he could do.

He lives to impress with just how terrible he can make the dreamscape.

Silas and mister Zoo man are technically both passed out in the thick of it now. Try not let him get trampled while he commits mental warfare on this poor villain.



When his teammate heaved him over his shoulder, he didn't have much space left to complain. It wasn't that he didn't appreciate that the Dawn was so exuberant and that he loved to act as a personal transportation service but he couldn't help but feel like there had to be a better way. The Dawn was fast and he was efficient, there was never a doubt that they'd get there on time. The Dawn was fast, faster than a car by a long shot but not saner than a car.

Normal people took cars, the Sleeper took the Dawn transportation service. He squeezed his eyes shut the whole way and tried not to succumb to motion sickness. There was something incredibly unsettling about being along for a ride that leaped at incredible strength and dexterity to get around. It made him a little sick. It reminded him of middle school and how the bus would go over potholes and the kids would cheer, he wasn't one of the kids that cheered.

When they finally hit their destination and the sound of wind wasn't roaring in his ears, he opened his eyes. The battle had already began. Victory had beaten their team to the field and that was fine by him, they could hold their own pretty well. Wraith had left before any of them and already seemed to be handling the damage control. That was good, everyone had their eggs in a basket and he had nothing to worry about. He just had to focus on what he did best. He had to dream.

When the Dawn gave him his orders, he saluted him like a nice little defensive partner. "I already have a strategy at the ready."

The Dawn was off on his heroic mission before Silas had even finished his sentence. He watched him go, always a little in awe of how well the man worked. Honestly, the teams in their entirety was a bit awesome. They all knew what they needed to do and they accepted responsibility with arms wide open. He only liked working for New Horizons because he was helping people, it was what he'd wanted to do from the moment that he'd discovered his powers.

He had to stay on the sidelines to use his power, it involved a lot of being still and if something came at him while he was in a trance then he was as good as dead. He carefully moved to a quiet place behind a car, hoping that a hundred and so pounds of steel could conceal him from any of the metallic animals that were terrorizing the city. He settled onto the ground, folding his knees underneath him and reaching out to the conscious mind of the Zookeeper.

It was harder to work into the mind of a person who was awake though, it was like trying to thread a needle. He could do it if he tried, it was just a complicated task. He had to find that one weak spot that he could infiltrate, a tiny part of the person that was tired or bored. Maybe the Zookeeper hadn't slept so well last night in excitement and anticipation of his crime, maybe he just needed a little push to take a nap and join Silas in his realm. When he found the weak spot, he chipped away at it.

It wasn't easy. The Zookeeper was focused on his task and that was keeping him awake. It took some time and it took all of willpower but Silas finally got the thread through the needle. The Zookeeper would immediately start to get groggy, the way someone might if they had been about to take a light nap on a couch. It was comfortably warm and the dreams would be immediate and vibrant, a picture of perfection. Dreams always grew more vibrant when Silas was around. The colors in the dreamscape would become very saturated, it was a way of warning the sleeper that something was afoot. Fortunately for him, not many people were good at lucid dreaming.

He chose a dream that made the Zookeeper happy, Silas always went for happy dreams first. It was easier to keep someone in REM if they weren't stressed out immediately. The Zookeeper wanted the usual things that villains did, his fifteen minutes of infamy. He wanted to be on top the food chain, he didn't care what he trampled on his way there. He was very proud of his robotic animals, he had made them himself after all. He was too busy basking in his dream victory to notice the skinny boy that was standing off to the side.

He didn't have the time to sit here and pinpoint every hair that was out of place on the Zookeeper's head. "I guess it's time."

That was the first time that the Zookeeper noticed him, he looked startled at the appearance of a strange young man in his dream.

"You either call off your mechanical monstrosities or this place is going to get really unpleasant."

Of course, this was just a dream to the villain and in a dream, he was always the winner. If some scrawny, twenty something year old kid wanted to threaten his new emperor then he would pay the price. The animals descended towards him, the metal creaking and groaning loudly. He would have been scared, if he wasn't in a dream. Dreams were his realm, they were the only thing that he could control. The raucous cry of the bird overhead was what caught him off guard, he'd forgotten the bird. He dove down as metal talons scraped into his back, his arm defensively covered his head.

It was hard to balance between two dreams, it was like splitting himself into two but Phoenix Dawn was projecting for him.
Big, fire breathing tigers.
Sometimes he loved Phoenix Dawn.

He heard the roar before he saw the beast, evidently the bird had heard it too because it wasn't lifting him up and dropping him through a dream building. He peeked over his shoulder and he could see the animal. It was beautiful, oversized and exotic with glistening amber eyes. It's coat was glossy and it looked nearly golden in the ruddy lighting of the dream, others were materializing to join it. They were quite an impressive army.

He rolled to his feet gracefully, ignoring the searing pain in his back and directed them forward. Soon, the area was filled with the sound of claws scraping through metal and metallic screeching. The sound of flame roaring out from the jaws of the lions and metal warping from the intensity of the heat. The bird was circling overhead in a panic, unsure of which of the lions to target.

It gave him time to focus on twisting the world around him. Now that the Zookeeper was trapped in REM, he could pretty much do anything that he wanted. He was basically God here. He started with changing the scenery a bit, something more disturbing. The place aged around them, the buildings crumbling into nothingness and the trash building up around them. It began to reek immediately, the smell of rotting trash was burning into his nose.

Maggots that were the size of small dogs were writhing free from the trash piles. They had gaping maws that were full of tiny needle teeth and they were squirming and wriggling to get closer to the man. They were developing as they moved, stretching and evolving tiny little legs until they resembled white, disgusting, oversized centipedes.

They were pouring over the Zookeeper instantly, tiny legs scraping at his flesh and insect mouths biting into his skin. They wouldn't kill him, Silas liked to avoid causing damage that was too permanent but it certainly wouldn't be pleasant. All the Zookeeper would be feeling was teeth cutting into his flesh and scraping, squirming bodies. Smaller insects were emerging around him, busting out of the ground and burrowing beneath his clothing. These insects mostly consisted of cockroaches and spiders.

The smaller insects would start to descend towards his nostrils and his mouth and ears. It was a little bit cruel but Silas did what he had to do to get people to give in.

Grand Ridge - Outside.

@Prosaic@Atrophy@Surtr Inc@Zombiedude101

Lynette dropped the marker out of sheer shock.

Aliana had started to become a bit overwhelmed, the amount of things that were happening were pressing down on her a bit. Of course, she had completely understood why Penny would be a bit wary of this, she'd been wary of it from the start. It was just odd, a bunch of college students suddenly developing super powers was something out of a bad movie. It didn't happen in real life. 

She was about to respond when a bit of a commotion shook her into turning around. She recognized the boy immediately, it was the very same boy who had greeted her and Lynette at the docks. The only issue was that his arm had been completely swallowed in the earth. This was irrational, it was crazy, it was weird.

She couldn't help it though, his comment was funny. "At least take it out to dinner first."

"Do you think the kind of ground that wants to be wined and dined would take a fisting?" Nate retorted, slowly tugging at his arm. It still had him halfway past the wrist but he at least had elbow room for now. Somehow, part of him felt a certain disdain for the near-death experience that Lynn's graffiti had caused him, "Just let me pull this out before you take another shot at me again."

Penny was still too riled up to find the boy amusing, but his appearance did save Lynette from a verbal onslaught. With a huff she lit another cigarette and glared at the boy, recognizing him as none other than ol' bumblebutt. Maybe Aliana and Lynette were happy to see him, but Penny was more suspicious than anything. "While you're down there, why don't you tell us why you're creeping on a buncha girls? Then maybe we can decide when we take another shot at you."

There was so much guilt coursing through her body as she stood there, and realized what she done. "I'm-I'm sorry!" She stammered out with both hands on the side of her head. She recognized him as Nathan, the guy she met at the docks the night of the... incident. Though, like Penny, she found it weird that he was creeping up on them like that - but that was sematics for a later date - his arm was stuck in the ground and Lynnettecould see his... aura. "Let me help you!" She said as she ran over to Nathan and grabbed him by his other arm. ."Okay, one, two..." Lynette counted down mostly to pump herself up, "... three!" She said as she triumphantly yanked Nathan as hard as she could.

To the surprise of perhaps no-one, it didn't work, outside of pulling his jacket upwards. "Yeah, that's not working."

Aliana was more than a little confused on how a guy could end up arm-deep in the earth, but then again, nothing was making perfect sense anymore. "I can't help but agree with Penny, that's pretty damn weird but it's no reason to let you keep getting fresh with the ground."

She sighed, heading over to Lynette and Nathan to observe the scene from up close. "We might have to be careful about trying to yank him up like a weed, you could accidentally break his wrist if it's buried well enough. How well do you think you're in there, kid?"

"So much for letting any conflict play its course," said Penny under her breath. As much as she was put off by Nathan spying on them, she didn't feel right about leaving him stuck in the ground. However, she didn't rush over to his side either, feeling as if crowding the boy would only make things more difficult. She racked her brain. He had only ended up in the ground in the first place because he was avoiding Lynette's accidental catapult; maybe they could get him out if they tried something along the same vein. 

"I gotta idea. Y'all might wanna move unless you wanna end up like that wall over there," she said, and then reached into her pocket and pretended to grab something. Pulling the imaginary item out, she reeled back and then motioned to pitch the nothingness at Nate, hoping he'd think she was actually blasting something at him, as she shouted, "Think fast!" Lynette immediately took a step back, as she even had anticipated her launching something.

"What-" Nate recoiled instinctively, assuming she was about to toss another chunk of brickwork at him - but the hand he pulled out ultimately found nothing. Once he realised it was just a ploy, he flexed his released fingers, then gave her a bird of his own, "Eat a dick." It was meant in good humour, though - anamused snort from himgave that way - then he stood up and gestured at Penny, "And you can eat a bag of dicks too, for trying to pin the blame on me." That line was still good humoured, but not entiely without malice - if only just a little. "I followed you because I figured it was worth finding out what you blamed 'bumblebutt' for."

Penny had been shocked that her little trick worked—it hardly worked on her family's dog anymore, and here it was working on a grown-ass human. She had spat out her cigarette with a bark of laughter, and was still doubled over as Nate gave the girls a one-finger salute. She felt her anger subside, if only for a moment. She straightened herself up and gave an exaggerated shrug, as if to feign ignorance and brush off the accusation.

Lynette had raised a finger as she sighed.

"... It was my fault to begin with," Lynette said. "For all of this." She put a hand on her chest as she said, "I was the one who caused the big stir in the first place... all because I wanted to get to the bottom of these damn symbols...."

"Well, we certainly figured them out." Aliana responded, "I think it's good that you wanted to look into it because I was trying to ignore it, and it seems that Penny has been practicing it. Nathan was bound to accidentally experience it and maybe it's best that we were there for that because Penny kind of did him a solid by scaring him out of the ground."

Lynette's intrigue in the markings was understandable, it was some kind of phenomenon that had occurred. A weird blip in the universe that had left them with powers. Lynette had some kind of elemental control, Penny had some kind of telekinesis, Nathan was phasing through things like a ghost and she was going invisible. It was weird but it did have its interesting factor. "I mean, I'm gonna be honest here, this shit kind of scares me but I think it's good that you blew up the mirror, in a way."

"Oh yeah, that's, like, totally awesome," said Penny, flipping her hair.  Already the smile on her face was slipping once again. "I'm definitely not going to get hunted down by Norris and nailed to a fucking cross for it or anything, so, yay, way to go, Lynette."

"At least you can uh, y'know - shoot your pens and used tampons at him if he chases you." Nate offered, with a shrug.

"Reassuring as always, Penny," Lynette said sarcastically, finding it hard to fight back that smile of hers. "... I think we're more than capable of handling him."

Though, that was when she got a text message on her phone (from the ). Lynette reached into her purse and looked inside at her phone.

From: Britney

Hey... I've just got the go-ahead from the school counsellors and we're going to form a support group for the survivors of that massacre. We're meeting tomorrow at four. Spread the word.

Lynette looked up from her phone at her group - she wondered if it was more than just a concidence that this happened to them... the survivors of the massacare. Maybe she was being a bit overimaginative, but she knew it had to be more than just a concidence. She needed to find more people that were like them - just out of curiousity. Her grandmother's notes mentioned something about this town, and, well, this seemed to be it. She ought to keep this group close, though. Penny had a point - there were a lot of people out there that would kill to have this kind of power, and would gleefully abuse it. If they stick together, maybe they can weather it.

"... Hey, guys," Lynette said, "One of the counsellors, Ms. Faust-" Lynette knew that Penny had a bad opinion of Ms. Williams. While she was fine with her, she had enough tact to know that now would be a great time not to mention her, "-just sent me a text saying that there's going to be a meeting for survivors of the incident... a support group. I'm not sure, but something feels a bit concidental about what happened that night?"

"I can't help but agree," Aliana responded grimly, "We were all there, and some of the craziness of that night was just. . . too odd. I don't like to believe in paranormal stuff too readily but it was kind of too abstract to be simplified into something normal."

She almost wished that she could simplify it somehow, that she could take it and crush it down into scientific terms or maybe psychological terms. It wasn't that easy.

"I'll go if you and Penny go. Maybe we can keep an eye out for markings or try to talk to some of the other survivors."

"Riiight. Or, maybe, this is just a convenient way to round up the Farmer Hill freaks, stamp a bar code on them, and ship them off to an internment camp for their own safety," said Penny with a grumble, pinching the bridge of her nose. Perhaps she was in need of a support group. "But, if it helps us figure out what the hell is going on here, I guess I'm in. I'll just make sure I bring plenty of used tampons as ammo because us women totally just carry those around, like, are you serious man?" She snapped at Nate. "Do you really want to bring up the subject of periods, because I will tell you shit that you will never be able to forget. I swear, you will fucking lose sleep."

"... Let's not go into that," Lynette shrugged her shoulders as she awkwardly looked off to the side. Even though Penny was skeptical (Lynette knew that well, it was just in Penny's nature), she knew that they wouldn't get anywhere by being paranoid. There was something off about all of this, but Lynette knew she could trust Britney... even if Penny didn't. 

"I'll let them know we're coming."
@ShwiggityShwah If you listen really closely, you can hear the sound of Sleeper having a heart attack as Dawn heaves him over his shoulder like a sack of potatos.

I'll have my response up in a little bit!
@Shard You've inspired me to do a relationship chart of my own, I loved reading Shrike's.
@Jeyma @ThriceDefied @Ardent Debater @snake153 @IAmKnight @Days @Shellshock

Just want to check if you all are still interested in joining, let us know.


Nearly everyone had them, nearly all of the time.
Silas was no stranger to dreams. Silas was no stranger to vertigo, or of the sensation of falling. It was strange how many people dreamt that they were falling, it was strange how it always caught him off guard. He'd acquired more than his fair share of bruises by forgetting to change the scene before he ended up chin-first on the pavement. He was not very reactive to falling dreams, he was still learning to become a little more reactive to falling dreams.

That was the thing about this power. You got what you got, you didn't get to pick and choose what people dreamt. If he accidentally slipped into one of his fellow heroes dreams and they happened to be having a nightmare then that was just his dream for the night. He tried not to change too much when he was in their dreams, it just seemed rude somehow. He was being invasive enough as it was, he didn't need to shift the natural course of their dreams.

The thing about dreams was that they went exactly how they should go, every time. It was abnormal to change them, it ruined the point of them. Falling dreams were something that he didn't feel bad about changing, if he could ever remember to change them in time. Today was one of those days where he just reacted too slowly. His body hit the ground before he could think to soften the blow or change the distance. Luckily, whoever he was scoping on, whether they be inside or outside the building, hadn't been dreaming about falling off a building.

He woke from his trance almost as soon as he hit the ground, it hadn't been too deep a trance but it had been deep enough that he hadn't heard the signal going off. He was still a little disoriented, white noise was hissing in his ears and that goddamn alert was beckoning him. He stumbled to his feet, his head was spinning and his vision was still a little unsteady. He stepped once, lurched forward, stepped twice and nearly careened to the side. Sometimes leaving the dreamstate could leave him feeling like he was drunk.

When he completely regained his balance, he took off at a brisk jog to get to the conference room on time. He dodged just about anything or anyone in his way. At one point, he was sure he'd accidentally elbowed something, he didn't have time to stop and check on it. He wasn't extremely fast like some of his more eager partners but he was fast enough. When people saw Sleeper, they didn't expect fast, they expected dreams. He didn't really have anyone to impress with his speed.

As soon as he crossed into the conference room, he was sweating through his shirt. He didn't exactly manage to break his last record either, in fact, he had shown up a with only a few moments to spare. He was out of breath and there was a fresh bruise blossoming on his arm. His hair was a rumpled mess, as were his clothes, and he was looking as tired as he always did.

He wheezed once, but it allowed him to gasp out a quick, "Sorry!" before he fell into his accustomed silence, listening closely as the target was described to them.

Robots. Robots didn't have an unconscious mind, artificially intelligent or not, they were still well programmed computers at best. It made him wish that they had a technopath on their team, someone who could really dismantle a computer at a touch. He'd have to focus on the person that was leading them, that was something that he could handle.
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