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Current I love being entirely capable of making new dynamic characters but choosing to reuse the same five old characters.
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Obligatory "I'm so bored" status.
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You hear that? That's the sweet sound of me being horrible at writing history sections.
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I'm back again for more of my particular brand of mediocrity.
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My secret talent is adding more characters than I need to any given roleplay.


Just call me Prose.

I'm twenty five.
No Face accurately describes my appearance, I think.
I've been roleplaying for a long time.
Feel free to correct me on things.
I edit character sheets a lot.
My male characters will highly outweigh my female characters.
I reuse characters that I like.
I was in advanced writing classes at one point, it didn't make an impression on me.
I do best in high casual settings but I could probably do advanced if I put effort into it.
I hate writing personality and appearance sections, I'm bad at it.
It takes me at least four replies before my responses stop looking like garbage.
I refuse to write a first status until I can think of something good to say.
I wrote a status finally.

At every given moment, I'm worried that I'm annoying everyone in the thread.
I'm not as pretentious as my name might suggest.

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It was almost immediately clear that this reunion was destined for disaster in many forms. He couldn't help but sort of watch as various people stormed off in various states of aggravation. He couldn't blame them, as none of the conversations were currently seeming very pleasant. So, he watched in quiet contemplation as most of the reunion wound up in the pool. He couldn't help but sort of pity Grayson, he was his best friend after all. A small grimace followed the splash of Grayson's body hitting the pool, he hoped he was alright. He'd probably text him later to check in, assuming his phone hadn't taken a dip with him.

He noted Jace's comment but held his tongue on something snarky. The bad blood between him and Grayson may have run deep but Caden hadn't really ever had a problem with Jace. They weren't close by any means but he hadn't ever had a reason to quarrel with him. It was good to see him again either way and despite how angry he seemed, he was looking good these days.

"Apologizing is usually a tried and true solution," he mused, though he didn't press it. It wasn't his place to deal out advice to Jace with such a limited understanding of the situation. It would, however, be his place to talk to Grayson later about it, Caden didn't like filling in the blanks and there were a lot of blanks to fill into that little showdown. He knew it likely stemmed from Amanda and that was enough of a problem on its own. She had her hooks quite firmly in the both of these boys from what he could see. "Hey, Jace. It's been awhile. How've you been?"

He couldn't help but laugh at his inquiry, a little anyway. He didn't drink as much as he had in college but with all of the rising drama and... his diminishing hope of catching up with Reina tonight, getting wasted sounded pretty good. He would just have to be careful, his balance issues always made things a touch more complicated. "I'm down. I'm not doing anything better over here."

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You have been cordially invited...
Perhaps you had been excited when the invitation had wound up at your doorstep, perhaps you'd been angry or scared. Perhaps you'd been an opportunist who intended to take a chance this night or perhaps you had a score to settle while every Iris member was right where you could see them. Chances are that whatever brought you here tonight had been fueled by emotion and now that you were here, you were underwhelmed by the outside. It looked dilapidated and worn, an old hotel that had been abandoned to time. Stained windows, crumbling structure, a death trap.

The night was crisp and the air bit at your skin. As discouraging as the building might have been from the outside, you can't help but know that your king would be terribly offended if you didn't attend per his invitation. As you enter the building, you are surrounded in a pale ethereal light. It gleams off polished white marble floors. Candles cast flickering shadows and the room hums with music, drifting from the stage placed against the far wall of the room. Other guests talk quietly amongst themselves, swaying to the gentle melody or dining on the various finger-foods laid out for the guests. There was something almost surreal about the gathering, seeing so many of your kind or so many of their kind in one place.

The tables that had been set with food were swathed in gauzy white. There were crystal vases of white roses, their velvet petals complementing the haze of blue light. There was the soft and enticing swish of dresses and the click of heels, a quiet and social beauty. It was all quite contrived in some ways, this gathering was a mess of mixed classes and it was only a matter of time before that went terribly wrong.

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Standing there waiting, quiet, contemplating. He didn't really have a plan for this, he didn't really have a clue where he was going once he left this room. His confidence had soared out the window because he'd given himself too much time to think. A yawning chasm stretched before him, quietly beckoning him to the edge and he was afraid of what slept within. It had been years since he had last felt this cowardly. It was frightening to imagine facing it all again, to imagine wandering back among those familiar faces. He didn't have beef with any of them, not that he could remember, and still he was scared.

He faced his reflection warily, not entirely impressed or convinced by it. He looked fine, he cleaned up nice enough but he was terribly uncomfortable. He had never been one for suits, not in his goth days and certainly not now. He adjusted his blazer, he turned this way and then he turned that way. It was a fitted black suit with deep red accents, it emphasized the lean muscle of his arms and chest. He adjusted his hair, mused it to look just careless enough that it didn't look like he had fussed over it but just neat enough that he didn't look like he'd rolled out of bed.

It was a display of very careful pretention but not one he could bother to feel bad about. He was idling and he knew it, trying to waste time staring at his reflection instead of moving forward. Caden had always had a habit of avoiding the things that scared him and he had always been good at it. A part of him was excited because it was a party, a party full of old friends. A part of him was ready to show them that he had changed over the years and to rekindle old friendships. A part of him was scared that he wasn't really ready for this. A part of him was terribly apprehensive, alight with nerves over the idea of seeing Reina again.

It was with a quiet sigh that he finally shook himself out of it. He put on his brave face and he walked.

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The plan had been simple enough but it had immediately backfired but perhaps that's what he deserved for being so meticulous. He had planned to find the King's Men and reacquaint himself with the guys but they were looking a little scattered by the time he arrived. Conflict of interests, he mused, watching Jace stroll to join Amanda and Grayson. I'm certainly not going anywhere near that. He took a deep breath and scanned the room, caught sight of where the remainders of the King's Men seemed to have gathered and he made his way towards them.

He hadn't spoke with Brent, Alex or Dre in forever and for a moment he was back to being kind of excited. He wasn't sure who they might have become over the years or if he'd even get along with them now but the idea of reconnecting with them was a nice one. Not only was it a nice idea, it was an idea that was bound to keep him from loitering around the bar all night. He got maybe two steps in that direction before he saw her and he froze in place. He was a deer in the headlights of a fast-approaching vehicle, staring as the world turned very slowly around him.

It wasn't a bad feeling, no, but it took his breath away. She took his breath away. He hadn't expected he'd recognize her so quickly but there she was and after all this time, she was still Reina. Nostalgia washed over him in waves, it tore into his skin and drug him through the sand. His tongue was heavy with things left unsaid and his feet were suddenly leaden. She was extending her hand to Brent, distracted by whatever she was asking.

It gave him the moment he needed to blink out of his daze and come crashing back to the earth. The car struck the deer but kept rolling, the wave of emotions hit him hard but he kept walking. She was Reina, yeah, but they hadn't been together in years, he knew that pining and avoiding was unhealthy. He would talk to her, he was sure of that, but he'd let her and Brent have their dance first. No sense in interrupting friends.

He drew in another breath and he made his way to the table, offering a grin to the remaining guys. "Hey, it's been too fucking long."
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