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Oh heck yes. I'll post tomorrow!

EDIT: Ok I'm bad at time management but it'll be done soon!
*thumbs up* You know my no-life ass is here.
Did I write too much? Yes. Am I apologizing? No.
A city as bustling and urban as Bell Reach was never quiet. There was always something going on, from the hustle of everyday life present in every town across the globe, to the catastrophes that seemed uniquely Bell Reach. Of course the latter was inevitable when your city was advertised as the superpower hotspot,bodies changing with no idea what's going on or the destruction it could wreak - like humanity's worst case of pubery yet, really. If there wasn't criminals using their extraordinary abilities for their own benefit, there was always at least someone showing off to their peers what they could do. So, yes, it was almost impossible to get real quiet in Bell Reach.

Unless your family happened to own a literal mansion with sprawling lawns and gated fences, that is. With the Kasimir property having the same style buildings for neighbors - that is to say, too much land for one family and no commercial buildings in sight - it created its own little bubble of calm. So it was no surprise that the only Kasimir child was used to flaunting her powers inside the walls of her home, confident in its security to the point where using them was as easy as breathing. Which wasn't a surprise, since Zoey has been using her abilities as an extension of herself all her life.

"Wait, what?" Inside the spacious gym on the ground floor Zoey paused her exercise, chin resting on the bar she had been pulling herself up with repeatedly. Her sweat-speckled brows furrowed, steel-blue gaze darting along the book in front of her. She remained like that for a moment, before finally huffing. "Yeah, I have no idea."

With her words one of the two 'limbs' rising up from beneath her, made of pure darkness, twisted to highlight that particular passage that its twin held, like her own hands would had she been holding her textbook. It wasn't like Zoey was worried about selling it back at the end of the year after all. With a frustrated huff the redhead resumed her chin ups, the book bobbing up and down with her motions as the limb followed along for her to read. She'd have to ask Jessie about that one later.

Speaking of which...

"Miss Kasimir, it's nearly time for your appointment." Perfect timing. Zoey dropped easily from the bar, rolling her shoulders before turning to the new voice. Despite the irritation that was bubbling inside her at her own confusion, she still gave a lopsided grin to the shorter woman standing at the door to her personal gym.

"Thanks, Jasper. I'll start getting ready." The blonde woman hummed in response, holding out a towel. Instantly another shadow claw appeared to grab it, disappearing into the floor and reappearing from Zoey's shadow to wipe at her brow before draping the fluffy white material around her shoulders. The other two folded her textbook and capped her highlighter, reaching out with unnatural length to store in the bag on a nearby bench.

"Of course, Miss Kasimir. Shall I prepare a car?"

"Nah, I'll drive myself today." The lines around Jasper's eyes tightening were the only indication of her disapproval of that, but Zoey didn't mind - she knew it wasn't her that Jasper was displeased by. For some reason her personal assistant slash bodyguard had never taken a liking to her tutor, and eventual friend from Uni. "It's fine! It's by the beach, I don't want to show up in something too flashy."

That seemed to dispell Jasper's displeasure, judging by the slight twitch at the corner of her lips. "Of course, Miss Kasimir."

It didn't take long for Zoey to shower and change into something more appropriate for an outing than gym clothes, and soon enough she was rolling through the city streets in her snakeskin green dodge viper, humming along to a song on the radio. It was one of her favorite cars after all, even if it wasn't as flashy as some of her others. Perfectly appropriate for a lunch date with her friend, and Jessie highly recommended this restaurant.

When her phone buzzed Zoey's gaze flicked to it, another shadowy claw holding it aloft in the privacy of her car. Above the map showing the directions to 'Little China' a text had come in, from the very person she was going to meet.

'Hey, I'm at Little China. You're meeting me here right? We both know I work better on a full stomach, don't leave me hanging Zo'!'

'Zo' waited until she was at a red light before pulling the cellphone close, firing off a text back.

"Nearly there."

True to her word, it didn't take much longer to reach the restaurnt. Though, 'restaurant' may have been pushing it. Now she double checked that the address was correct, since this ... well, it wasn't exactly what she was expecting. Small, tacky, touristy almost? Maybe that was just its proximity to the beach.

Still, Jessie was waiting for her inside.

Making sure her car was parked within view of the large windows of Little China, Zoey was soon entering the restaurant. Behind her sunglasses she slid her gaze along the interior - tacky, like her first impression - and it didn't take long to find her companion.

More importantly, it didn't take long to find the very interesting presence here, either.

"Jessie!" Zoey slid into the seat opposite her friend, any discomfort from the place no longer present as she tilted her head to look across the open space. "Did you see him? Professor Devil is here!" The excitement in her tone was palpable, and before Jessie could respond Zoey was already launching into an eager ramble.

"He supplies most of the cutting edge gear for the Bastion! There's rumors on the latest Metawatch website that his power isn't only pyromancy actually, that he must have an intelligence enhancing ability with some of the things he comes up with - but others say his civilian persona was always intelligent before he manifested, you know, the skin and the hair-" Zoey finally paused, a bit of a red flush appearing across the bridge of her nose before she cleared her throat and reigned in her excitement.

Just like a Kasimir should.

"... And good afternoon, Jessie. Thanks for inviting me to lunch, did you already place an order with the waiter for me as well?"
Busy weekend for me, I'll have a post up before the night is through! Which is kind of funny since I was the one poking Pyro in Discord about posting. :P
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She can try, but there's a high chance it'll go over his head. xD

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@Kidd I agree! It'll be fun!

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