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Valeria Silaov

“I would be happy to help!” Val beamed at Caleb’s words, a grin lighting up her features as she nodded. It was a relief that she wasn’t the only one lagging behind - the phrase was misery loves company, wasn’t it? “I will even bring more bribery for you. Speaking of,” Her eyes turned to Elysia as the other woman approached, and she lifted a hand to wave, accompanied by a shrug after taking in her note. Of course, it seemed everyone was trickling in a little late, as Kyle soon joined them followed shortly by their TA.

“Good afternoon Miss Ward,” The athlete greeted politely, waiting patiently as the door was opened. She allowed the others inside first before following, picking a seat a bit far. Val couldn’t help but assume the others would do most of the talking. Instead she plucked a coffee from the drinks Elysia had brought, giving her a quick thanks before setting her own treats down - closer to the TA. Collective bribery was always effective!

Her paper came out next, a mere page and a half. She felt rather bad seeing Caleb’s paper, resolving to definitely help.

Now, Valeria was self-aware enough to know that the others would be more effective at this. Between Kyle’s apparent power, Caleb’s smooth talk, and Rowan’s leadership they should have this in hand. She was here as … back up, mostly she supposed. As such, she waited patiently, giving Bela her signature wide grin and a little wave. Of course, she couldn’t help but add on one friendly little quip.

“I hope it is powerful, I always welcome the extra push in my workouts.”
Valeria Silaov

“My friends!” Val’s voice boomed as she approached Room 204 of the Library Annex, dressed in a form fitting black half top that showed off her arms and a strip of her stomach paired with a set of loose flowing white pants, not seeming to notice some of the looks thrown her way. Thankfully her voice dropped to a normal level, and soon any wandering gazes returned to their own work. “I brought gifts!”

After her morning run, workout, and subsequent shower it had been a trip to the bakery. A little out of the way of campus, but not too bad considering how much time she had. Plus, it was in theme! Proudly, Val presented the box she had with her bag - a simple white thing with a clear plastic lid. Inside were a dozen chocolate and vanilla mini cupcakes, each topped with a little music note.

“I was going to get traditional donuts for our meeting, but I saw they could decorate the tiny cakes! I do not know what Elysia’s drawing meant, but I figure buttering our TA wouldn’t hurt, right?” The Russian beamed, a grin full of teeth and obviously not feeling the press the others had. At least, not visually - sleepless eyes hidden behind a careful application of makeup. “Oh, and I brought my essay. Eh, what I have for it anyway…” She shuffled her feet awkwardly for a moment, smile dimming before returning in full force. Her voice pitched low as she leaned in towards the three before her.

“I am getting quite good with my ability. It does not work on phones very well, though.”
Valeria Silaov

It seemed to be a mutual understanding when their little group broke up, though Kyle’s departure was rather sudden. Val tilted her head as she watched him leave, akin to a puppy, before turning to her own things to begin packing up as the others did. A thoughtful hum bubbled up in her throat as the others expressed their own little oddities, but…

”I do not have one, I think,” The athlete stated, unsure, as she threw her bag over her shoulder. ”I will have to think on it!” She flashed the others a grin, raising a hand to give a wave before departing.

A minute after everyone had already left however, Val returned. She forgot to pay the bill. Oops.

It was only later that night that the thoughts churned in her mind. Her workout routine was almost automatic, an easy to remember pattern that she didn’t even have to think about and was engraved in her mind. What was Val particularly good at? The only thing that really crossed her mind was she was a little more athletic than her peers. Something she was very proud of, but that was only her own hard work.

It had to be.

A deep sigh escaped Val’s nose as her phone went off nearby, and she set the dumbbell in one hand down to reach out for it. The weight clanked loudly, but her ground floor apartment was only shared with her cats for this particular reason. In truth, she was very lucky with everything that life has granted to her - and her very supportive parents, of course.

Actually, her phone’s buzz reminded her of something. Val quickly opened the group chat that Caleb had sent Kyle’s notes to, typing out a quick ’This is Val, please feel free to add my phone number’ followed by a few heart emojis, and a turtle since it was cute. Satisfied, she thumbed the notification for a new text, and promptly laughed out loud at the message from Caleb. It was nice that he was so accepting, even if he did call her a sea creature. She typed out a quick thumbs up emoji, only to quickly erase it as inspiration struck. Instead, she sent eight thumbs up with an octopus emoji in the middle. Brilliant.

Quite pleased with herself, Valeria set her phone down and reached for the dumbbell once more, only to pause.

”Oh no, the essay!”

Another pause.

”Wait, did anyone else get a heart in their drink?”

A sharp gasp escaped Val’s lips as she half sat up in bed with a startled jerk, a yowl sounding from her chest. She caught herself for only a moment, before her stricken gaze quickly found the displeased, fluffy forest cat that had tumbled into her lap into an equally unimpressed white and orange bastard.

”Oh, Rybka, I’m sorry boy! Here, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Her hands soothed over his fur, the russian words slipping out easily. As the other cat squirmed away, another hand found his ears to scratch behind them - this one a glowing orange. Soothing the two cats and asking their forgiveness chased away the shadows of the dream that still clung to Valeria’s mind, wisping away with countless others and leaving only an impression of darkness, and glowing eyes peering at her from high above.

Valeria’s morning routine was amazingly efficient when she had access to a helping hand - or four. As she stretched her actual arms high above her head, loosening up for her morning run, a glowing hand ran her brush through her hair. Another two were readying her cats’ food, and a fourth was struggling to open her phone. Apparently whatever these light-based appendages were made of, the screen of a modern smart phone couldn’t recognize it. Finally Val gave up and grabbed the phone with her actual hand to open it.

’I am aware of a couple boys that are quite tired of me waking them with these dreams’ She sent quickly in response to Caleb. Setting the food bowls down, she snapped a pic of Rybka and Creamsicle gathering and attached it after her message.

”You two be good, I’ll be back soon!”
Valeria Silaov

For all of her pumped up energy, when Val’s sleeve was tugged she slowly sank down into her seat once more, and definitely did not pout. “Everyone always needs extra arms,” she muttered under her breath in defiance. However, her eyes lifted at Caleb’s last words, focusing on Kalama. The athlete frowned as she examined the other woman, tilting her head slowly, before finally leaning towards Caleb and nudging him with her arm - gently, as he had taken on her own bruised biceps.

“Do not push her, she might not be comfortable yet.” Val gave him a meaningful glance, sympathy evident in her eyes. For however useful her friend’s ability was, she still recalled how saddened he was at the mention of the fire. Considering what she knew of the incident that happened mere days ago, she couldn’t blame him. It was possible Kalama had the same problem, and if so there was no need to scare her away from their little group so soon. They had all barely met!

Val blew out a deep breath, crossing her arms on the table to lean against and finally nodding. “Caleb and Kyle taking point seem like a good team, if Kyle feels up to it. How is your head feeling? If you are not well, it can wait until tomorrow - another day will not harm us.” She didn’t know if the swell of concern she felt was the leftovers from Kyle’s … Suggestiveness, but the Russian supposed it didn’t matter. Concern wasn’t that terrible of a thing to be pressed upon, comparatively. She did feel bad for how obviously Rowan and Caleb did not enjoy the revelation, though hopefully they realized it was beyond his control.

And she was still confused why Elysia blew her a weird kiss.
Valeria Silaov

“Ken?” A thoughtful hum emerged from Val, her brows furrowing. She leaned back in her chair, balancing on the back legs far enough that if it wasn’t for her fine control she’d probably have a repeat introduction to the floor. “The rat was very strange. And he was very defensive. Maybe it is because he was as freaked out as we are? Oh!” She pushed forward once more, landing back on all four legs.

“One of us should tell him. He is probably as disturbed by this as well.” The athlete nodded decisively, before promptly forgetting her own words as she turned concerned eyes to Kyle and Elysia. Turning her gaze away, Val grabbed her bag and began digging in it. “I think outside drink is not allowed, but we will blind ourselves for this, yes?” She gave a little wink to Kalama, as the only one at the table who actually worked in Poor Yorick’s. From the Russian’s pack came a bottle of water that she slid towards Elysia, despite the girl having a coffee present.

“Caffeine will make you more anxious. Have water for now, it will keep you hydrated.” After that came another bottle, this one of over-the-counter pain relief, which she shook two out of before grasping Kyle’s wrist - the same that Caleb had grabbed - and pressing them into his palm. “Here. I do not know if they will help with … all this, but it cannot hurt. Worse. It cannot hurt worse.”

They were thrown back into her pack. Always useful things in there, being physically inclined. Nothing worse than tripping on a run and limping back home miserable since you didn’t come prepared for a tumble. Which is why she was a little cross at Caleb earlier - she didn’t even get anything for that little scrape off, he didn’t have to hurt himself to prove his remorse!

“I think you are correct, Rowan. I began having the strange dreams after class two weeks ago. Then around all of you today, a strange pull - but not to anyone else, which is strange too. Why only us?” Valeria shrugged, giving a wide, but sheepish grin that showed her teeth. “I thought at first it was just pull to pretty girls, but, no offense, Rowan and Kyle are not pretty girls. Caleb might be.

“But for now we must calm down. We cannot break down Mr. Mouse’s door - well, between us all we could, but it is very rude. I do not recommend breaking people’s doors. Maybe during office hours?”
There was a pause, before Val stood up abruptly, taking one last long drink of the frankly fantastic latte from Kalama before setting the cup down roughly and grabbing her bag to throw over a shoulder. “No! This is not time for office hours! We will talk to him now and find out what the words meant! But with no door breaking, because that is rude!”
Valeria Silaov

”Uh,” Was the first thing out of Val’s mouth after Kyle’s outburst, the tall woman just blinking at the man sitting to her right. One moment she was relaxed from the stupendous drink in hand combined with the friendly atmosphere and laughing at Caleb’s hamming while getting ready to ‘back him up’, then this. Slowly she set her drink and phone down on the surface of the table and pressed her palms down as well, as though to show she was harmless. In this moment, Val couldn’t help the surge of concern that swelled in her breast, infusing her limbs with sympathy for the other man. He seemed stressed, and worried, and perhaps even not used to a friendly atmosphere? She couldn’t be sure, she was never that great at reading people.

After all, that almost physical tug behind her ribs couldn’t have been anything more than a desire for company today, right? Yet…

It was Rowan that finally blew Val’s mental excuses out of the water. And to be honest, it made a wash of relief go over her. Staring at the particularly fuzzy large moth that clung to Rowan’s middle finger, it was like something was clicking into place. The knowledge that she truly wasn’t the only one going through this.

Then the moth was out of her view, and the Russian was on her ass on the ground, right hand gripping the table where she tried to catch herself, and left leg still hooked over the seat. For a shocked moment she could only stare up at Caleb, eyes wide and mouth parted as she sought something to say. Yet when her friend offered his hand, she didn’t hesitate to take it and allow him to help pull herself up. It wasn’t as if she was angry at him, just confused, that earlier concern still settled over her like a heavy rain soaked into her clothes. She shifted in her seat, flexing her fingers experimentally around the scrape now torn across her palm.

“Caleb?” Valeria finally questioned, voice soft and worried as said man covered his face. She reached out to touch his shoulder with her fingertips, but it didn’t seem as if he even heard her in this moment. Instead he focused on Rowarn’s hands, and finally to her. Trusting, she allowed Caleb access to her own scraped hand, watching curiously. She sucked in a sharp breath as before her dark eyes the wound just seemed to … fade. The pain receded, and the skin knitted back together, replacing the scrape as though it never happened. Mimicking just a moment before, she flexed her fingers experimentally. It was much easier. Even the low ache in her arms faded.

Her gaze jerked up abruptly, catching the reddening of skin in his biceps. Immediately Val seemed to bristle.

“Do not hurt yourself for me! It was an accident!” Her words were growled, but she couldn’t muster up any true fire in them seeing how upset Caleb was. After all, she had heard of the car fire that had happened. Had seen how remorseful he was in the rare times it came up. She couldn’t have him feeling guilt for this, too. “And you do not have to apologize. There are… strange things happening. To everyone here?”

The athlete took a deep breath, and the muscles along her own bare arms seemed to ripple as she visibly released a tension held deep in her chest.

“Even to me. Did you hear about that man who had a heart attack driving a week ago, at that sharp bend by the water? I was running in the morning, and saw his car go in. There was no one around, so I called 911 but he was sinking. I tried the door but it was already too deep and the … pressure? Would not let me open it. So I, er, grabbed it. The car. And pulled it out.” Here Val paused, and finally gave a sheepish grin to the table. “Even I am not strong enough to lift an entire car like that. Not in the mud and water. But these … glowy arms appeared, four! And it worked! … I sort of, ran, when I heard the sirens coming. I was a little freaked out.”

Val lifted a hand to rub at the back of her neck, still grinning. “If I was clever, I could have just broken the glass on the window. I was not thinking clearly.” Suddenly her hand dropped, and she nudged her chair forward as she leaned over the table eagerly. “But you are all experiencing these things too! Maybe not the same, but we all are, yes? I can keep summoning these arms, and I have been using them when I am alone! They’re, er, a little noticeable so I cannot show you - but you believe me, because these strange things are happening to all of us, right?”
Valeria Silaov

The tenseness of their previous encounter seemed far away as things settled down, despite it being less than half an hour before. It was nice, this easy camaraderie, the low murmur of voices. The cozy atmosphere even seemed to draw in another, though she seemed a little odd. Val cocked her head to the side looking upon Elysia, as she called herself, but cast the girl a warm grin nonetheless. There it was again, that strange pull, almost a physical tug in her chest. She’d almost chalk it up to just a new reaction to pretty girls between Elysia and Kalama, but it happened to the others here as well. Still, this was not the time to mull over it.

”What chance! We were actually about to have a study session. Come, join us. I am Valeria. It is good to meet you,” Valeria gestured to the last open chair not occupied by others, or their things. She nearly beamed at how Kyle spoke a little, though his words seemed awkward. Good for him.

”Oh, you as well, Rowan? Sleep is hard to come by lately. Maybe there is something in the air?” She shrugged, the muscles along her bare arms flexing with the motion. Then, Kalama was putting a drink in front of her, Val giving a polite thanks before glancing down.


”That is so cute!” Once more the athlete retrieved her phone, flipping open the camera and snapping a quick pic of the fancy heart painted in her latte. ”You make me almost feel bad for drinking it.” Her phone was set on the table, vibrating as Caleb sent a copy of Kyle’s notes out to everyone. Probably for the best, considering her own half-translated ones. For the moment however Val ignored it, blowing on her drink. She had a brief moment of regret for ruining the adorable little heart, but soon was taking a sip.

Immediately, Valeria perked up, feeling some of the exhaustion that clung to the corners of her daily life lifting. She took another mouthful of the latte, a content sigh slipping from her lips and tongue darting out to lick the foam that clung.

”So… do you work mornings, Kal? I do not know what you did, but I will have to drop in for another if this is the quality.”
It was nice to RP with you, Kenshi! Blaze a glorious path onward to your next RP!
Valeria Silaov

With the addition of another person, as well as the trickle of laughter from her own slip up, Valeria felt her own grin returning as the oppressive atmosphere eased. She raised a hand to give a little wave to the new addition, nodding eagerly.

"You overheard my offer to buy drinks and now you want to join? For shame." The brunette laughed, showing she was teasing and gesturing for Kyle to follow them with a broad wave. There was that same odd, almost physical tug behind her ribs as the man approached and introduced himself, same as it had done when she herself approached the group earlier. This campus was strange.

At the more secluded table Val set her bag down on a chair and promptly left it with all the confidence of a person who's never had it stolen before. She hummed thoughtfully as Kalama listed off drinks with a stunning accuracy, though it jostled something in her brain. Valeria placed a hand against her chin, staring at the other woman thoughtfully. "... Kalama! Yes! I have heard others talk about you before, I remember now! Good things, of course. They were very impressed with your drink skills."

The Russian gave another broad grin, blinding and friendly. "I will take whatever you prefer then, I leave myself in your capable hands." She still felt a little bad about getting her name wrong, as Rowan indirectly corrected her earlier with introductions. For now though, with her drink handled, Val maneuvered to the display case of prebaked goods closer to the front of the cafe. A quick exchange with another, less busy employee gave her a slice of banana bread on a small plate, and she returned to the table with her new prize.

"I wrote notes, but..." Valeria dropped into her seat, small plate set to one side as she retrieved the page she had just previously shoved haphazardly in her pack. The ink was streaked across the last few sentences. Guess it was Present-Val's problem now. "... I will rewrite them in English."

And with less smudging.
Naw but he is a war veteran with multiple confirmed kills with his own mental issues so ya know he might not win but he’ll give a good fight

Valeria: "Are ya'll okay should I call a therapist??"
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