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@Blackstripe How dare you respond when I was typing up a response. En garde.

@role model Hullo RM, welcome to the thread. Most of us chat on Discord, so if you'd like a link I'd be glad to provide one! In the meantime, even if you don't want to join the chat we'd be glad to answer any specific questions you have in thread or via PM.
January 18th, 10:43 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Outside Chicago, Illinois

In the calm of the surrounding landscape as the Atuum landed, a serene quiet, it almost seemed as though it were natural for the spaceship to be there, invisible though it was. The rustle of trees from the landing once more stilled, and in the late evening only a faint drone of the nearby city permeated the air.


A series of crashes rang from the inside of the Atuum, muffled from the interior. At one point a particularly thunderous noise seemed to actually move the ship an inch or two, if the small grooves on the ground were any indication. Then the door let off a low hiss as it opened to the Earth's atmosphere, beginning to lower.

Immediately, a pair of dark blue claws stuck through the top.

A whining chittering sound came from the inside, and the door was forced down a few inches faster. Then there was a vivid, glowing yellow gem, and a blue carapace pushing to make it go faster - and before the door was even fully down Kailani was scrambling out, landing with a shaking thump.

"Where are the bipeds?!" The voice that came out of the creature would've been complete gibberish at best to over nintey-nine percent of Earth's 'humans', and a perceived threat at worse. The Devourer spoke in a series of chirps and chitters that echoed out of its broad chest, carrying easily in that once peaceful air. Speaking of, Kailani let in a deep breath through her mouth, and abruptly her stomach gurgled and a series of what seemed to be 'pops' vibrated through her body as it adjusted.

"Lots of monoxide - delicious, does something here eat it? - but there's lots of oxygen too! You're right Ky, these people are like yours! See, breathe!" Rather than let her companion take a breath of the air literally all around them, the large creature abruptly hopped around and came back to the ship, shoving her face directly into the Andorran's and exhaling on her. From the alien's face came a gust of warm, but completely purified oxygen. Of course, Kailani didn't even wait for a response before she was darting off again, hyperactive Devourer that she was.

Rather than easily climb over the metal gate blocking her way, with a crunch it was ripped up in the beast's maw. Throwing her head back, Kailani chomped down on it before venturing further into the strange place, once more back on path. Bipeds, that's what they were after! And according to her nose, and Kyrona's research, they were buried here.

What curious creatures humans were!

It took mere seconds for the large alien to use her equally large claws to dig into the ground, tearing through it easily. She also may have eaten a mouthful or two of the dirt - the decomposition made it spicy! Kailani was soon pulling out a casket with a single paw, curiously tilting it this way and that curiously. Then she just bit the whole top off.

"Their bodies are in little packages!" It took only a few seconds more for the casket and its entire contents to disappear into the gullet of the Devourer, ending with her licking her maw. "That one had a couple worms, too! But..." The chittering trailed off as Kailani concentrated, her bulk seeming to puff up for a moment.

"... Nope! Wasn't enough, I'm going to need a lot of morsels!"

It took frighteningly little time for almost half the cemetary's once well-maintained lawn to become a pock-marked ravaging of holes in the ground. Every couple of them the Devourer stopped again, the plates covering her body seeming to puff out before she moved on. Sometimes she rolled her shoulders during this, othertimes she shook herself out, and once or twice a low echoing growl echoed from the beast's maw, until finally something different happened.

This time the popping sounded out once more, the large body shifting. Abruptly letting out a shriek, Kailani curled in on herself as her body began to shift. The yellow gem on her forehead shone brightly, covering her body with the glow as it shrunk down, and after a minute began to fade.

"... Look how compact I am!" Indeed, in place of the very large, very voracious alien now stood a small human girl. The Devourer ended up with a tawny complexion and bronze eyes, over a foot shorter than her companion. She was slender, almost delicate looking, and-

"Ack, too much hair! Too much hair!" Kailani spit out some of the dark brown strands that had gotten in her mouth, her strange accent thick on her tongue. Already she was padding back to Kyrona on bare feet, flexing fingers and stretching strange limbs. How odd to only have two feet, and her teeth were so flat! She had these things in other forms, but not quite this combination. But it was the best combination, because humans looked like Andorrans, and now so did she!

"Look Ky! I'm your people now! ... I'm still hungry though."
@Indra Yep! If you have any questions or just want to throw some character ideas around to see what fits, you're also free to join the Discord (but it's not necessary!)
Just waiting for the big drop on my end.
I don't even remember who won. All I remember is the fist fight.
@Unknown100 I had a dream last night that I fist fought you. It was actually your avatar, but in the dream I knew it was you. I apologize.
Sorry for the long wait bois, just got my internet up yesterday after the move. I'll be better about it now!
January 1st, 11:00 AM
Abandoned Building, Gotham City

Interactions: @Korkoa@Mr Nim

Once more the comms nestled in Commissioner Jaina’s ear lit up, providing the voice of the vigilante currently ‘fleeing the scene’, according to Wesfield’s information. Such dramatics, especially after Overcharge dragged the injured worker out ahead of the rescue crews.

Though to be fair, vigilantes did threaten some of their retirements.

For now, she couldn’t respond to him. Instead Jaina lifted a hand to her radio and pulled it close as though checking something before nodding to the prisoner, commenting in her usual impassive voice - and allowing her words to also broadcast to Overcharge.

”It looks as though our friend has been retrieved, Miss Jynx. Survival is likely, though he’s been banged up pretty hard. That’s good for you.” She offered a small smile, barely there as she gazed upon the young woman. ”For now you’re under arrest for destruction of property and trespassing, and will be taken to the station by our Meta Squad for questioning while we sort everything out.” Beside her, Wesfield bristled at such measly charged.

”You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, and if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you. Raul,” She inclined her head, and the Captain of the Squad gave a small nod.

“Move out men, let’s have a clean transport!” The squad moved, two members getting into the front of the Tank while the other five loaded into the truck that had brought them to the scene. As they left Jaina stepped forward, leaning in close to the door.

”If I may make a suggestion?” The short woman commented, voice low. ”Request a lawyer from Vanguard. They’ll have you out of here before the day is through.” She stepped back, giving a disarming smile.

”It’s been a pleasure, Miss Jynx.”

January 2nd, 9:03 AM
Outlaws Supernatural Consultative Services, Hub City

Interactions: @Tim@Simple Unicycle

In truth, it was a bit like looking at a comedic morning show duo.

Akasha’s eyes slid from Leo to David, pursing her painted lips as she did so. The former was polite and respectful, the latter … the latter called her babe. Not for the first time the young woman considered just getting up and leaving, accepting what happened - but she couldn’t. Not when there was a chance. And unfortunately, these two were her chance.


“Allow me to get right into the reason I am here. I have a … unique proposal,” The dark skinned woman finally provided. She had lowered herself to one of the lounge chairs in front of Leo’s desk, legs crossed and fingers intertwining on her lap. “I’ve already introduced myself to Mr. Cash, but I am Akasha Rajan.” She inclined her head to David.

“Before the Two-Month War, my family was quite wealthy - we owned a swathe of real estate agencies across the midwest.” Her tight smile became bitter, not quite reaching her eyes. “You can understand how the appearance of the Shattered Scar put a dent in that.”

Akasha sighed, one hand raising to press against her eyes. “But that is why I am here. My family … did not make it. Not one of them. I was only spared due to being out of state. Our family home was so close to being spared. It’s only five miles from the border of the Scar…”

Her hand lowered.

“And that is why I need you two. I lost everything in the War. My family, my inheritance, the very person who I was. I do not have much to my name now, but what I do have is information. My family had countless hidden secrets in our estate - my father didn’t trust banks, ironically enough. If you go there, retrieve not only my father’s stash but a few family heirlooms - if they survived - I will reward you handsomely.”

January 1st, 7:45 PM
Dog House, Kasimir Castle, Gotham City

It had been a long, long, long day.

First, the Justice Station had its first unannounced visitor in quite some time. Even more surprising, they weren't there to start a fight as their visitors usually tended to do. Zoey could state confidently that she was so unused to the scenario, her hostess skills were a little rusty. The fact the son of her dead comrade showed up shortly after with his pet … shark … dog … was even more unusual.

Then again, for this fucked up planet was anything unexpected anymore?

Especially since the shark dog Saraka seemed more informed of Earth than the half-Terran. Made Zoey wonder if Morgan was too busy being a workaholic to sit down and talk with his son. A shame, honestly, he was a good man. That same affection for her former teammate is what had Grim showing Preston and Saraka around the Justice Station that day, showing them Earth and what they did. Good kid. Kind of oblivious.

Just the prospect of having to babysit him on Earth was already giving her a headache, though.

Yet finally, Zoey had her reprieve. After leaving the two Lanterns with communicators and a collection of Duncan’s Die Hard DVDs to ‘catch up on Earth’ she returned to Gotham. It took a little bit to check up on everything that had happened today - some sort of meta thing in the morning with Jaina and Jason, there was some asshole that was trying to poison the water supply and had to be stopped - but finally she could settle down, have a glass of wine before passing out for a couple hours and resuming patrol at night.

”Operative Grim, may I suggest turning on the television?”

Zoey sighed as her communicator lit up with Alfred’s robotic voice, and she couldn’t help but respond dryly.

”That stuff will rot your brain, Alfred. I’d hate to see what it’d do to circuitry.” Nonetheless the billionaire spun on her plush chair to face the broad computer screen taking up nearly the entirety of the rock-based wall, making a small gesture. In an instant the screen brought up the last news network she was watching rather than the computer UI it usually did. On it, was Wonder Woman. Zoey paused, wine glass to her lips.

“-I call upon my friends in the Justice League. If you can come, please do so. But I also call upon others: I implore every strong arm and sharp sword to stand with me. Those who can fight do so. Those who cannot … run. If you live in midtown Metropolis, do not hesitate. You take your love ones and go. Do not look back. Run for your life.”

Zoey spit out her drink.


”Calling Operatives Champion, Masquerade, Velocity, Kraken, Guests Green Lantern, Blue Lantern, and Zeka: Operative Wonder Woman requests assistance in Metropolis. Current Status: Deadly on a city-wide scale.”

January 1st, 7:50 PM
Midtown Metropolis

In a true display of not only how fast a harassed woman can sprint to a jet, but more importantly just how incredibly advanced said jet was, it had taken only a handful of minutes for Grim to be in Metropolis from Gotham City. Thank god for the autopilot, otherwise Zoey was sure she’d arrive half-dressed. Not to mention Alfred’s voice helpfully reciting the weakness of hydras - as the apparent enemy seemed to be - from any shred of myth was extremely useful.

As such, Grim came prepared.

As the Grim Jet rolled onto scene with as little as a purr, it was … quite a sight. Three people facing off against this giant beast of legend, people still scrambling to evacuate, and what appeared to be a series of runes circling the creature like a demented tantrum cage. Perfect.

A press of a button had the underside of the jet opening, a dozen black drones dropping out. One by one they pittered off, spreading over the area and locating survivors to guide out that hadn’t already been assisted. Then the jet turned on the hydra. As the undercarriage shifted, what appeared to be a long box was lowered - the tip glowing a bright, fiery purple as energy was gathered in the magitech laser.

And of course, Grim’s masculine voice echoed from the jet towards the fighters.

”Wonder Woman, I have to wonder just what happened to your communicator this time!”

January 2nd, 12:08 AM
Dog House, Kasimir Castle, Gotham City

"Operative Grim, distress signal picked up in Sector 34. Would you like to listen?"



"Operative Grim, distress signal picked up in Sector 34. Would you like to listen?"


"Playing distress signal."

"-we are in dire need of assistance. Our food supply has run out, and despite my best efforts, many systems teeter on the brink of failing. Oxygen and water are running out. If anyone can hear me, please, send relief, I don't know how much longer I-"

"Fuck- just, just send Masquerade. Or - no, send Champion. He's not doing anything fucking important. If he gives you sass tell him I still have that pink kryptonite."

"Of course, Operative Grim. Goodnight."

"Stupid ... fucking planet..."

January 2nd, 12:11 AM
Nova Scotia, Canada

"Operative Champion, distress signal in Sector 34. I have been informed I may threaten you with the pink kryptonite from Operative Grim. Please prepare your rebuttal while suiting up."

January 2nd, 9:50 AM
Dog House, Kasimir Castle, Gotham City

”Operative Grim, alert perimeters activated: Central City survivor found. Location: Hub City.”

”For fuck’s sake Alfred, can I sleep for one hour?!”
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