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HELLO! My name is Sausage Pat.
I am a female ginger with immense creative talent.

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Time: Late morning
Location: Sorian Beach
Interactions: @PapaOso Cassius @Potter Olivia @ReusableSword Roman
Mentions: @Potter Layla @FunnyGuy Lorenzo

Eyes heavy. Weighted down over her eyeballs like sheets tucked tightly under their bed corner. Limbs weak; a few jolts shot through them in an attempt to regain control, but alas nothing of significance came about. Ruby was paralyzed by her fear, or maybe this was one of those sleeps that you couldn’t wake from. Ruby had had those many times before– the sort where you know that you’re sleeping, only the mind and body disagree entirely. She didn’t remember exactly what happened last, yet she could hear some mumbles coming from those around her.

“Yououer maj ..estey- BYYYY THE GOODS! NNUOOO!” someone was shouting, yet the words came to her quite distorted.

"Excuse me... Lord Cassius…Could you please assist ..” Cassius! Is that his name? Oh dear. I am so sorry, Cassero–ius! I meant you no offense!

Hello?? Why is nobody answering me!? Ruby heard further mumbling, although anymore was indecipherable to her sleeping mind. The next thing that she felt was a sensation of her hair being plucked out of her head. This irritated her ever-so intensely that she might just be able to snap out of it. Time for her was moving at an unreliable pace. One more irritated jolt pulsated through her body, and then she soared upright and out of her sleep.

“WaaOWW!.. LET GO OF MY HAIR, SCOUNDREL.” Ruby shouted in frustration and pain. Shocked, she gazed around at the group that joined her on a blanket in the sand. A new face was present, and several familiar ones appeared in front of her. She vigorously rubbed her eyes to make sure she was awake this time. “Livvy! Oh, it is so good to see you. I– I didn’t meant that.” she blurted out, recalling now that her words were unwarranted.

“What is going on? Did we all get entirely too slap-happy on this beach earlier?” Ruby chuckled in amusement as she strove to remember earlier events. “Hey, I remember!” Ruby pointed at Cassius, who was sitting on the blanket in front of her, and shook her finger across the circle at Olivia and the other fellow as well. “That devil girl, Layla? Is that her name? Ohh, she must have brought some bad juju to this-here beach! I am very sensitive to that kind of stuff!” she said in a high-pitched, concerned-kind of voice. “What about you all? Are you quite alright?” Ruby projected her concern onto her friends, and with complete sincerity, she gripped Liv’s hand and gave it a nice squeeze.

“Thank you.” she muttered. She was not entirely sure as to what she was thanking Olivia for, nonetheless she knew that she had assisted in some way in bringing her to the safety of this environment after that evil witch nearly took them all down. Her eyes were wide with gratitude at this moment. In the next moment to come, Ruby had something else on her mind.

“Did you guys bring any snacks? Any nibblers? This is just the perfect spot for a picnic."

Time: Late morning
Location: Sorian Beach
Interactions: @samreaper Kazumin @princess Charlotte @PapaOso Cassius @Potter Olivia

“CHARLOTTE! HI!!!!” Ruby exclaimed as she reciprocated her hug. When Charlotte let go, Ruby clung to her awkwardly for a moment before releasing her from grip. It was when she began hearing an introduction of sorts that she surrendered. Ruby looked at Olivia and wondered who the hell she was for a moment, staring at her with wide, blinking eyes before she shifted her gaze to Cassius and drank him straight up with her eyes. “Well... Hello there, Lord Cassius. Count Damien’s son...Count Damien’s bastard!”

She slapped her knee loudly as if he had said something hilarious. “You’re a bastard!? That’s great news! You’ll fit right in, ye ‘ol bastard!” Then Cassius turned his attention on Charlotte and he seemed to like her as far as Ruby could tell. She wiggled her brows and folded her arms with intrigue. Her suspicion was proven correct when she heard some girl yell that he had said Charlotte’s name last night. She firmly reminded him, “Listen here, Casserole.. if you’re going to put the moves on Charlotte, you have to commit to Charlotte. Nobody wants a fickle fizzbucket.. Get it together, ya hunk! “ Ruby demanded, in her mind, on behalf of her friend.

Before Cassius could quite answer, some pretty lady angrily came over and started yapping at the other girl, then the redhead Olivia started yapping and Cassius started yapping. Ruby felt that it was a yap-fest, but a most unfortunate one in which she couldn’t get a word of her own in. Quite quickly, it was getting overwhelming as the tensions rose and Ruby clutched her head and suddenly screamed bloody murder, followed by locked knees and a dramatic drop to the ground. It was time for a nap.

Time: Late morning
Location: Sorian Beach
Interactions: @samreaper Kazumin @princess Charlotte @PapaOso Cassius @Potter Olivia

Kazumin recalled his past few days and Ruby listened with such intent that it felt like she was being read a wild bedtime story. It was either the way in which he sketched his experiences, adding in a little juice with each detail, or it may have just been that he lived a truly exhilarating life. Knowing Kazu, she’d believe the latter just as well.

After hearing about his week, she could understand his hesitance when she had mentioned the Duke. Although we all know how the dear, sweet farm boy can be about his food.. Ruby was just glad to know that they seemed to have a mutual friend in town.
“May every waffle, and every pancake or other breakfast food that was annihilated at that stand, rest in peace.” she proclaimed after seeing Kazu shed a tear on their account.

[moments after a daydreaming scene filled with waffles, pancakes, and Kazumin abruptly left Ruby’s brain]

Ruby paced back and forth in her designated area on the beach, as to confine her inner dilemma into a smaller vicinity, one that may be less noticeable to those around. Kazu continued to worry himself with his catch of the day, or maybe– his new best friend, Otto. A rush of jealousy surely passed through Ruby’s veins after watching him wrestle the squirmy creature from his face several times. Is that what it takes? Should I be more clingy in relationships? After all, people just want to feel loved…

Many questions ran through her mind as she subconsciously proposed the varying explanations for her inadequacies when it came to relationships. She simply never found it easy to get close to most people. But Kazumin was different, Ruby thought. He never seemed to judge her for declarations of joy, or of fear, or even… anger. Like right now. Charlotte!

Kazu’s hand touched her shoulder and Ruby, in almost any other circumstance, would have melted right then and there. This was different. Her newest friend was being humiliated right in front of her! What could she possibly have done to deserve this? She was so kind to Ruby upon their encounters. Clearly, there was a lot going on in such a short time. “Kazu, if that were you, I’d push that smoothie right back into her smug face then and there!!” she said, her voice drowning in excited rage. Kazu made an effort to calm her down, an attempt that would likely be appreciated by everyone. She listened to his words, but reason did little more than distract her from the target— though this was something of value.

”Whew. Talk about a hectic scene. Looks like things have settled down. So you know Charlotte too, huh? Guess we got a lot more to share than we thought.”

“Yes, I know Charlotte too! Isn’t she just the sweetest and loveliest girl you’ve ever met? Wow, she is just gorgeous. Her clothes are absolutely stunning. Do not tell, but I’ve borrowed from her closet before!” Ruby diverted the subject as usual, but rage still filled her. “And look what she’s done to her beach attire now! THAT’S IT.” she cried. As Ruby began marching forward, she noticed the crowd of guards surrounding her. A flashback to the ballroom filled her mind. Ohhh noo.. These guards are already not fond of me. I don’t feel like being drug away by them from another public place.

Ruby nervously picked at her fingernails. I will approach cautiously.

“Go on ahead, Ruby. I'm sure seeing friendly faces will cheer her up. I'll be along shortly.” Kazu shouted, adding something about a fish dinner as she trotted off through the sand.

Others were already coming to Charlotte’s rescue as she approached, but this didn’t stop Ruby from coming up to say a friendly hello. As she approached, she noticed a red-haired girl sitting at Charlotte’s side silently and a brown-haired man in leather pants. Not wanting to interrupt, she awkwardly came to stand right behind them, the tips of her feet practically touching their backs, her eyes darting between them as they spoke. Inevitably, they’d most likely glance up and see her looming over them. Once she was noticed, she smiled down at them. “Hello! Don’t mind me… Please continue.”

Time: late morning
Location: Sorian Beach
Interactions:@samreaper Kazumin @princess Charlotte

Standing with both feet in water, the small blonde took notice as the countless granules brushed against her legs with each wave. She glared at Kazumin in anticipation of his response regarding the fish party he had acquired. There was still a big smile implanted on her face as she recalled Kazu’s compliment, whether or not it involved comparing her to an octopus.

He really thinks that I’M pretty? she blushed in her stance.

If hearts could have appeared in Ruby’s eyes, they would have. She cupped her cheeks as her mind ran wild with possibilities. For a moment, she imagined her and Kazu each holding a tentacle as they skipped through a field together, just the three of them. She laughed loudly for no apparent reason, only returning her attention to the present when she heard Kazumin speak of the fish.

As Kazumin began to crawl, she echoed him and got down in the sand, crawling behind him. As he laughed, she scooted closer to gaze upon the net with feral interest. “Ohohoh…”

“Oh Kazumin, I am so glad you asked. So the other day I went to the park to eat waffles at the pancake event. I took all of the flavors. I love the chew and I gnawed on my waffles with vigor, Kazumin. I really did. But then Duke Lorenzo started fighting with the people in the line and I ran away. What a man he is! I keep running into him.. Later that day, I got slapped by a doctor at a play… Then I went home and slept a lot. I spent most of yesterday asleep because the other day was too CRAZY!” She shouted the last word. Then she smiled and softly asked, “And what about you Kazumin? How was your day?”

It was then she noticed just a bit down the beach a woman with long curly hair dumping the contents of a cup on… Charlotte?! Ruby screamed as if a murder had occurred before her. “Kazumin! My friend is being assaulted. “ she pointed toward the group as she sat up in the water. ”Quick! Grab Otto, we may need his tentacles if things go south.” Ruby warned Kazu, preparing to assist her friend in action. She couldn’t just up and leave her long lost best friend after all this time, so she was hoping that he’d soon follow her.

Time: Late morning
Location: Sorian Beach
Interaction: Kazu @samreaper

Ruby was staring wide-eyed at Kazu in awe at his tale. She knew that he was the adventurous type, and was he up to something already on this fine day! Ruby listened intently as he described his experience, nodding and smiling at his descriptions, like the rock that resembled a worm in a pot.

“Kazumin! ” she yelled as he began shouting outward to the shark. “Why are you out defeating sea creatures by yourself!?! I know you’re strong and all… but those SHARK BASTARDS!!” Ruby screamed, assisting Kazu in his directed rage. “ONE-EYED WILLIES! They have no mercy!”

Screaming ceased and Ruby looked around to gather an idea of what was going on. She quickly rummaged through the water to pick up a sturdy rock as her weapon, in case of war. Kazu looked ready to charge, so Ruby also prepared herself. Then, the strangest thing happened. Her dear farm boy’s net was right in front of them, filled to the brim with varying sea creatures. Wow! Low and behold, the boy skilled in managing land was also cultivating a skill within the sea.

“You did it! You’ve gathered the fish party!” she screeched excitedly, performing a little dance in front of them. Kazu then pointed out the ‘Otto’ he kept talking about. As it made its way onto his head, Ruby smiled bright as she reached out to pet it. How does one show admiration for a sea creature besides touching it?

“Well, my dear Otto. You’re the reason for all this commotion, huh! I guess you may just be worth it.” she spoke joyfully to the adorable, tentacled creature. “And Kazu here, who strictly fought for his life to obtain you, is also the bestest. ” Ruby gave a side-eyed smirk toward Kazu, unable to contain her exhilaration. “Can you just imagine if I were an octopus? Propelling myself through the water, feeding on crabs and such, if that’s what they eat? And one day, in my peaceful journey through the seafloor, a wild Kazu appears to give me a bro fist! Ah, that would be a day alright.” she giggled, amused at the thought.

“Now, just what are we going to do with all these fish?”

Time: Mid -> late morning
Location: Sorian Beach
Interactions: @samreaper

Commotion ensued shortly after Ruby’s cry strewed along the beach. She felt an uncanny sense of comfort as the beachgoers panicked with her. It is hard to say whether this was because she felt that her worries were heard, or because deep down she thrived on chaos, the one constant she knew in her life. Either way, she invoked a rather interesting scene just before her.

At this point, Ruby was able to catch a glimpse at the water and to her surprise, there was no wild creature looming behind her, only several visitors pummeling by as they took her concern seriously.

One such visitor was covered in a layer of … seaweed? What did they do, fight the ocean’s creatures barehanded? the thought passed Ruby’s mind as she coined this young man her new hero. It was then that the face of this victor was visible. The beautiful man from across the beach earlier. Her long distance vision has been known to fail her, but how could she have not recognized her old friend? A bit of embarrassment filled her mind, both for not sooner discerning her dear friend, as well as admitting to herself just how charmed she was by him.

"RUBY!" a loud cry came from his mouth.

She was prepared to embrace him, seaweed covered arms and all. But just as he came to approach her, a large wave washed over his back and he was soon implanted into the sand before her.

“KAZU!” she squealed, hurrying over to help him. There were still a few stragglers running along the shore, thanks to Ruby’s own announcement. “Get off him! There is a man under there!!” she shouted at them.

Kazu said something under his breath and relief perfused Ruby’s mind as she at least knew that he was conscious. “I guess the beach decided that you needed a wash, seaweed boy.” she remarked to her friend.

Time: Mid -> late morning
Location: Sorian Beach
Interactions: @samreaper

Ruby’s body remained hidden under the water for a great deal of seconds. She was not counting the time that she sank into the quiet surges beneath the surface, but it would have been enough to worry any onlooker if they were paying attention. She continued to sink until her breath ran out, and then dramatically flailed back up to the confines of societal obligation, or back to the shore of Sorian beach. This was how Ruby felt as she returned her focus to the varying faces of those scattering the area.

It wasn’t all bad, though. In the grand scheme of things, she was just as ‘normal’ as they were now. She attended the same events, dressed the part for each one, and continued to make acquaintances along the way. She may have been truly divided from the working class for most of her life, but now she was just another among the crowd. Nobody even notices, right?

Feeling a new sense of belonging, Ruby thought that she ought to explore the parts of this beach more thoroughly. That is until she noticed a blonde, shaggy-headed boy with a beautifully freckled face whose eyes were lingering her way. ”What a dream!” she whispered to herself, sure this time that he was the one. The way his golden hair glistened in the sun and how his bony prominences stuck out perfectly right did not get overlooked by Ruby.

Eager to approach him, she noticed the worried look on his face. It was not her that he was looking at, but something behind her. Of course this was the case, she thought. But what was he looking at? She was too terrified to look behind her in fear of what she might see. Ruby loved the water, but she also knew what creatures wander within it. If she was about to die right now, she was to be fixated on the eye-candy staggering across the beach.

People along the beach began to focus their attention near and this did not soothe Ruby’s worry of some imminent danger. Her strength had been pushed to its limit. Without even looking behind her to ensure the thing in which she feared was there, she let out a cry for help.


Time: Mid morning
Location: Sorian Beach

It had been a tough few days for the scrawny blonde-headed Sorian girl as she tried desperately to work her way into the upper class of society. Her plan was still in the works, but today she decided that a relaxing day by the water was just the cure to wash away her worries. It wasn’t too far of a stroll to the Sorian beach from her humble abode, so Ruby took off early in the morning, gathering what swim clothes she had made up from pieces in her closet. Her yellow suit was two pieces and had a frayed look to it, with various strings dangling down if you looked close enough.

Halfway there Ruby heard the banging of some drums and she began to sway her body to the beat as she walked down the path toward the orange and yellow sunrise. The hot sand suddenly touched her bare feet and she soon regretted not wearing any footwear for once. “EEEEEEEEEP!” She screeched as she tiptoed furiously toward the water. There were more people along the shoreside than she anticipated.

She was not going to get involved in socialization right now; that was not the plan for today! This was her moment to relax, soak up the sun, and gain back her sanity to continue the ruse she was holding by a thread. The cool water splashed repeatedly past her feet and she slowly sunk into the sand. For a good moment, she felt truly happy. The sea breeze and the sound of the enchanting band shot a jolt through her body and she couldn’t contain her excitement. Ruby dove nearly head first into the water, although standing in a shallow part of the sea.

Time: 3pm
Location:: Edin Theater
Interaction:: @Conscripts @FunnyGuy

Clouds in the sky… here an eye, there an eye.. The cloud looks like a fry! A fry with great big eyes! Ruby was looking up at a partly cloudy sky, focused in on a particular one. She used to do this for hours at a time when she was a child– just lying down on the ground with her brother Jack, looking up as the clouds drifted off to their new place in the world. She had quite the imagination when it came to simple pleasures, mostly out of necessity. As she was enjoying her cloud-watching session, her body felt a sudden jolt move through it. Whoa! What in the heavens above? She looked down at her sprawled out figure and observed her hands as she turned them side to side. She seemed to be okay. Back up toward the clouds she brought her eyes, but suddenly they started to fade and so did everything else.

A rough tapping on her cheeks struck her awake. Her dream felt so real that she had to take a moment to come about. After that, she fixed her wide eyes on the man kneeling in front of her. Good afternoon to you.. she gazed with admiration at the young man. What was he doing there? Should she ask? Or shall she accept the opportunity that has been presented to her? Ruby sat up in her seat, abruptly noticing that the play had begun. Did I fall asleep? Oh! The hat contest.. Waffle-man… I think I just won an argument? she thought, attempting to put the pieces back together. She looked over her shoulder to Lorenzo next to her, whose face looked rather vexed, and then turned back distractedly to the man. Ruby assumed that he was a high-class man judging from his tidied appearance, and great head of hair.

“Hello! Did you come to join a gal in viewing the inner workings of people’s minds?” the words came out of Ruby and she was not sure that what she said made complete sense, but it was an effort at mimicking a classy woman. She brought her hand over to the empty seat to her right, patting it. “Don’t worry, there’s a seat for you.” she smiled, nodding her head at the man. He looked a bit familiar, and for a second, the thought of a sharp knife came into her mind. But Ruby’s mind was in a bit of a fog still. The fact that he was handsome and presented without a foul smell was enough for her to welcome a stranger to join her.

Location:: Edin Theater
Interaction:: @FunnyGuy

As soon as Ruby heard the first words come out of the waffle-man's mouth, she knew she was in over her head. Pride always seemed to be an underlying motivator in Ruby’s actions, leading her to confrontations that she had no business getting involved with. But at the end of the day, it got her where she was now and that had to count for something.

It was not necessarily the words spewing from Lorenzo’s mouth that struck her, but the tone in which he said them that made her want to wail like a child being disciplined. Tears quickly filled her eyes. The theater was still dim and she was not going to back down from her argument, even with piercing eyes staring back at her. She held back her waterworks until the man mentioned his precious Crystal’s tragedy this morning. This hit home for Ruby, and she almost felt ashamed. That is until these words emitted from him,

“I’m afraid you’ll never know what it means for a perfectly bloomed flower to stand out amongst the others in its bed.”

The drool that was coming from her mouth had stopped completely, and instead she now felt like her mouth was made of sandpaper. She gritted her teeth and let out a deep growl, vibrating passed her closed lips. With the stomp of her foot she chose to retaliate.“Oh, I know full well what it means to be a perfectly bloomed flower standing in a bed!”she announced, knowing that she had no connection to the metaphor he was making.“And I am truly sorry about your almost-daughter, but this is not about bias, sir. This is about hard work and dedication– c-c-creativity! Sure, I could have easily thought of a horse hat to enter a contest right after a horse race. Instead, I used my imagination and brought vibrant colors to life through the nest of my head. That is art. If I simply had the means to create something of more quality, then I bet you would have considered me more readily. To the nether-regions with your… lack of bias!”

She stared down at Lorenzo, shaking in her shoes. Deep down, she knew that the horse hat was far better than hers. She was entirely jealous of it and unwilling to admit that she didn’t think of such an idea for her hat. Ruby saw a glimpse of sadness in this man’s eyes. He looks awfully rough.. like he’s been through several lives of loss and back. Ruby was rethinking her aggressive approach.

“But you did say that my hat could have secured second place?” she laughed nervously and with that took a seat next to him before she passed out.
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