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HELLO! My name is Sausage Pat.
I am a female ginger with immense creative talent.

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Location:: The Horse Race
Mentions:: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo

As Ruby waltzed into the area of the horse race, she scanned the area with utmost curiosity. She was still in her lavish dress, but now had on a huge hat she had custom made herself days prior of hearing about the horse race with materials she had collected over time or found in people's garbage. Ruby had come to win.

She had never been to such an event before. Ruby usually had stayed in, but had felt inclined to attend due to the hat contest. Unsure what to expect, she decided to first buy a hotdog from a stand. Soon, she found herself looking upon the horses as she gnawed on her new snack. That was when suddenly a loud voice caught her attention and she jumped, stubbing her toe on a rock and letting out a yelp that startled those around her.

What in the Gods of Eromora?

Her eyes shot up to the speaker, who, fervently yelling on about the upcoming race, which reminded her peculiarly of the tang of a tasty waffle. The man from the waffle stand line! She thought. She started to chew faster as he shouted. Ruby made haste as she climbed up the stands. Once she had a good seat, she awaited for the race to begin with anticipation

Location:: Ballroom
Interaction:: @Helo Callum

As Ruby was on her way out, she felt upset that she did not meet her goal of finding a money-bag prince to fulfill her needs. The twist of events led her to question everything and she began to ponder whether this could work. In a scurry, Ruby tried to get out of sight, yet wanted to take a second look back to see if she could rectify her foolishness.
To Ruby’s confoundment, she turned back and saw several others staring at her, as well as Cal eyeing an onion on the floor.

She froze with fear. Is that… my onion? Ruby did not realize that she had dropped it, but she knew that it was hers. She glared at Cal, who had now picked up the onion from the floor and was taking a bite into it. Before she could contemplate what to do now, she heard a loud voice across the ballroom.

"GUARDS! Get that onion woman away from my sons! NOW!"

As the guards came toward her, Ruby’s head was distracted by her lost prince eating her onion. When the guards grabbed ahold of her, she jolted out of surprise.
“Wait! What is my crime? I simply provided a young prince with the pleasure of a raw onion!” she said, gesturing toward Callum. The guards were silent but did not back down. No prince will ever want me now.. she thought, aware that this scene was not easily ignored.
Ruby’s final words before she was officially escorted were aimed at the onion eater. “I will never forget you, onion man!!!” she shouted.

Location:: Ballroom
Interaction:: @Helo Callum

Although Ruby was nervous about presenting her measly pot to this prince, she felt pleased when he looked at it with interest. She leaned on the table to watch with wide eyes his every move, completely enthused. No one had been so interested in her creations. She knew it wasn’t much, but it was one of the few things she could do.

“Oh I can’t wait to return to the worms.” Ruby said, going along with his sentiment. Ruby had not truly thought about it this way.. her worm theme simply came from a game her and Jack played in which they included the first thing they saw to their pots.
After hearing Cal talk about the theme with curiosity and meaning, she saw that he was a relatively thoughtful one, Not like I will ever be... Ruby responded with subtle excitement that escaped through her eyes, “Precisely! Most people want to look at the bigger picture of life, but they don’t think about the little guys at work.” She smiled, giggling humbly at his appreciation. “ You are very welcome. You can keep it if you like it that much

As Ruby’s head grew bigger, she felt flustered and her nerves began to look for an out. She thought Cal was kind and interesting, but something did not feel right. As she looked away in fear, she replied, “ Oh, I strongly disagree. You can make anything you’d like! As thoughtful of a man as you are… I trust you will whip something up special." Ruby’s plan to seduce a man and take all his assets was too successful (he was totally falling for her) and now she had second thoughts. He seemed to be a nice person. Could she really do this to a nice person? A worm appreciator?

Ruby began to sweat and her ruse could not be held up any longer. She had to find a different prince, a less thoughtful, blander, and ruder prince that would not challenge her in this way.

“Oh no! I have to go! The onions-I mean-Um-”She panicked for a moment before chaotically trying to scramble up from her chair, only to trip loudly over the leg of her chair with a loud thud that echoed through the ballroom. She was horrified and attempted to play it off, unknowing that others had begun to stare. She slowly drug herself up off the floor in a slithering fashion, dropping an onion out of her bag by mistake. It started to awkwardly roll across the floor , but she was on her way elsewhere.
Whew, that was almost bad.

Location:: Ballroom
Interaction:: @Helo Callum

Ruby gave Callum a huge smile. She took his hand and shook it vigorously, snorting a bit as she did this. She kept shaking his hand. Ruby knew she had to pounce as soon as Callum admitted his opinion of pottery. “I’ll make you like ten pots. Or more. I can make you more than that. How many pots do you want? What color pots do you want?”

Then Ruby decided to regard his final statement about that goofball father of his. “Oh let us not be concerned with the king’s babbles, my dear.”Ruby blurted, attempting to redirect his attention to her. She put her hand out, half-expecting him to kiss it like she imagined prince’s did for elegant women. Ruby gave it a little wiggle as she held her down-faced palm toward him. Then she batted her eyelashes. “Let’s talk about pots.”

She could not believe she was really talking to a prince right now. If he liked her, this could finally be the key. Jack and she had never been lucky before. She was tired of constantly losing and today she was going to win. It wasn’t like these noblemen had any hearts. She had been well warned that rich people were cold, evil people who greedily hoard money while everyone else struggled and starved. All she needed to do was stay on his good side and she could wiggle her way into the royal world. Ruby thought, I just have to keep my stupid feelings out of this and forget about Kazumin for now. He wouldn’t like a girl like me anyway.

As she faded out of her thoughts and back to the prince, she remembered that she had pots to impress him with. She took her hand back and reached into her bag excitedly. Ruby pulled out a miniature teacup pot and showed it to Callum, holding it with her pinky in the air. “This was one of my first creations! Do you see the intricate design on the side, it looks like a little worm? Well that was the theme—worm pot.” She inspected it with uncertainty. Ruby had no idea what the design was. She had truthfully forgotten. Reluctantly, she offered him the pot with an open hand. It had a bit of dust on it, but she loved this pot because she made it with Jack several years back. She smiled and wondered if Jack still had his.

Location:: Ballroom
Interaction:: @Helo Callum


Ruby wasted no time moving in front of the other girl and taking a seat in front of the handsome prince with luscious dark hair. She had thought she was going to have to wait in line all day to finally have a chance to talk to these pretty money-bag boys. Ruby decided to delude herself into thinking that Prince Callum had invited her personally to sit down and also to completely ignore his indifference. ” Thank you for choosing me to speak with yew.” She neatly pressed down her skirt like she thought all the rich noble women did when they sat down.

” I sincerely hope that yew did not take yewr pick until now. Those other girls are wonderful, but do they know about making grand pots? I, personally, have created many exquisite dishes for one to eat out of…. Woooould yew like me to make ya one?” Ruby blushed as the words quickly rushed out of her head and she sat there silently for a moment. There was an awkward pause as she digested that her words could be taken as strange by some. She could still save this though. ” My name is Ruby. I come from a family of culture and social status. I am refined, dignified, rich, and exquisite.“ She lifted her chin up and gave him a charming smile, at least in her mind. She was utterly pleased.

Time: 9:30am → 11am
Location:: The Park of Sorian → The Tough Tavern → The Castle

Although Ruby had been enjoying herself with the waffle fiasco, she suddenly realized the severity of the situation when she saw John brandishing a knife. This was no longer a simple debate about who could eat the most waffles. She ran back home to the tavern, pushing through the patrons at the tavern to go back up to the attic. There she returned into fetal position and rocked back and forth for a few moments. After she calmed down, she decided to try to shake off that awful nightmare of a pancake party.

It took some deep breathing exercises and meditation, but she was ready to refocus her day. She didn’t want to stay here in the attic alone with the ravenous thoughts of her mind, so she pulled over the newspaper once again. After reading through it, she pointed aggressively at the line detailing the Prince’s Court. Yes. This is where I can refocus myself on my true goal. I need a beautiful wealthy man. Ruby nodded firmly to herself, satisfied with her decision. She had one nice dress that she saved for occasions like these. She had been waiting for this moment.

As for how she got the lavish dress, that was a story for another time. She brushed her hair and actually put on shoes. Once she felt ready, she made her way down the stairs. This was her time to SHINE.

Olga was more than confused, however, she kept her composure as always as she wiped down the bar, glancing over, as she coolly asked, “Ruby.. Vat are you doing? Second time you bolt through my tavern like a crazed bull and now you come down the stairs in gown? Should I be worried?”

“Olga, Olga, settle down! This is no time to worry. I am doing what I have meant to do for so long now.” She paused and saw the lingering concern on Olga’s face. “I will ensnare a man that can take care of me like he should–I mean… Take care of us.” Ruby smirked and performed a curtsy.

“What?” She was not making any sense. Olga wondered if the girl had accidentally taken a drug or perhaps had drank something she shouldn’t have. However, this was Ruby after all. She had not been all there even as a child. Her brother, who was sitting on a stool at the bar, was also confused, but more so amused. “Explain more. You know I have no idea vat you mean!”

Jack looked ready to laugh as he smugly commented, “Ruby, don’t tell me you’re going to the Prince’s Court. You know they aren’t going to marry a poor girl who lives in a tavern across from a whor-”

“Shut ya mouth and get back to work!”Olga snapped, interrupting him.

”Yea, get back to work Jack. That is precisely what I will be doing as well, because I am going to the Prince’s Court to work some magic. You’ll see!” Ruby attempted to scurt off before Olga could stop her. Won’t marry a poor girl who lives in a tavern… pshh, like you thought I was going to tell them.

Olga did a double take. ”Ruby you’ve lost mind! The only thing you’ll be working is the broom across floor. Gah!” She put her hands on her hips as Ruby left.

“Ruby steal some of their stuff!” Jack called after with a chuckle.

Now that was an idea that Ruby could get behind. She continued to walk off with a newfound sense of confidence. As she walked toward the road, she felt that she was stunning enough to get someone to escort her to the castle. Ruby attempted to wave down a horse and carriage, to no avail. They must not see me through all of this fog! There was no fog.

She walked the rest of the way and even though it took some time to get there, she did end up getting there before the line got long. As the first ten girls were invited in, she found herself next in line, waiting in the entrance hall. Ruby silently judged some of the other girls’ attire. Although she envied the high-class dress that she saw, she convinced herself that they did not wear them as well as she could. She was prepared and eager to finally find her Mr. Coinbag.

Time: 9:30am
Location:: The Park of Sorian
Interaction(s):: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo @princess Charlotte @Conscripts John

“Hey, can you imbeciles get a move on! You fools are not the only ones in line!” Someone was yelling at them from the line. Ruby looked over to see the speaker. “Yeah, you! And your bitch there! Hurry it up so I can eat some waffles, damn it!”

Ruby’s brow raised as she wondered if she heard this patron correctly. She held up one of her waffles and pointed it at the man, saying, “Look, mister! I am nobody’s bitch. I simply required some waffles. Why don’t you go back to the pancake line, you ol’ buzzard?” Lorenzo clearly had a lot to say about it too. She was surprised to see the agreeable man start yelling and raising the plate in the air.

Ruby’s jaw was dropped and it took her a few seconds to come back to the present moment. She was in awe at the Duke’s blowback toward the Patron, but a sense of pride filled her. “YEAH! ” she yelled in response and clapped, although nobody had asked her. “He’s fucked more counts than anyone I’ve ever met!” She was trying to help establish his dominance.

A new voice joined in the chaotic conversation. Ruby smiled a teethy smile at Charlotte and gave her a tight hug, while keeping hold of her waffles. She felt a fluffy presence in between them and she quickly released herself. There was a cat in Charlotte’s arms. Ruby scrunched up her face and began to offer the kitten some waffles, but it did not seem interested. “Hello Charlotte. Oh, dear. You must get yourself a plate.” She paused and remembered that they were looking for her dad the night prior, “Did you ever find your papa?”

That was when yet another person came over. They now had a full blockade in front of the waffle table, and people were starting to grumble and get very angry. He seemed to know Charlotte and the mustache guy. Ruby looked at the newcomer in agreement with his sentiment on food. Ruby took the chance to greet the dashing, well-dressed hunk back and said eagerly, “It is wonderful to see you, too.” She was not sure who this man was in the slightest, but she liked what she saw. Ruby fanned herself with one of the waffles discreetly.

Time: 9:30am
Location:: The Park of Sorian
Interaction(s):: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo
Mention:: @samreaper Kazumin

Ruby looked at the scar-faced man in complete shock. Judging by his outfit and demeanor, he seemed to her like the kind of brute that would be eager to get his hands on some waffles. Yet, Ruby was also starving and ready to feast upon the delicacies ahead of her. She had slowly stepped in front of the man, almost having felt ashamed of herself for thinking he was a greedy loser.

“Do not think that you are some hero for this! It is only proper manners to let a lady get waffles first.” Ruby gave a smug look toward the man and then turned forward to look to find no line ahead of her. Her excitement rose, and she started doing what appeared to be a solo square dance. She inched toward the waffle table while doing this odd dance and then momentarily peered behind her to Lorenzo. She gave a wink and then started piling every waffle flavor onto her plate.

The ginger man with the cane who was running the waffle table’s eyes widened in surprise. No one had shown this kind of devotion to waffles yet. He held a hand over his heart, utterly moved. A tear was shed. He smacked the table with his cane to alert his trumpet man, who started playing a song dedicated to her.

Ruby had already begun shoveling the waffles into her face when she heard the music. She looked up inquisitively and smiled with waffle bits in her teeth. Ruby cheered the trumpet man on with an abrupt scream, which seemed to alarm those around her. She looked back toward Lorenzo and shouted. “THESE ARE GOOD! PILE THEM UP!”

Ruby had no care in the world. But as she bit into her chocolate chip waffle, she thought of her beloved Kazumin and how happy they could be, eating waffles together and frolicking through the flowers. If only he were here right now. she thought, We could be feeding one another a glob of waffle. She could not help but get immersed in her daydream as she envisioned Kazumin before her. Not noticing she was actually doing this, she started moving a glob of waffle on her fork toward Lorenzo’s face, a goofy smile on her face. There she was, causing a line hold up, waffle on her face, and dressed in pajamas.

Time: 9:30am
Location:: The Park of Sorian
Interaction(s):: @FunnyGuy Lorenzo

Ruby had woken up with a blazing headache to the sounds of chattering people downstairs. She angrily had gone downstairs to see what the commotion was about. At first, she was in a fit of rage and had been about to start yelling at everyone, but then she was distracted by the news of free pancakes at the park. Without question, she bolted out of the door and made her way to the park as though she had been starving for months. Ruby had not even noticed she was still in her nightclothes and barefoot.

She was not phased by the crowded environment at the park, instead, she bumped into many people on her mission to get to the tables ahead of everyone else. One man, in particular, did not see her in order to move out of her way and she rammed into him as he had been getting in line for waffles. He had a mustache and scars on his face. She made a sound of disgust as if it had been his fault and stumbled. Then she glared at him and mumbled something under her breath. “Darn bootlicker.” Ruby had not noticed this was the line for waffles and remained behind him, grumbling about him audibly and secretly admiring his very nice coat. He seemed too rich for free handouts and she thought he was probably a greedy loser. She kept peering over everybody’s head as if to speed up the line with her eagerness.

Time: Evening
Location:: The Tough Tavern
Interaction(s):: @princess @Potter

Ruby’s body jolted at the sound of a slamming door. Half asleep, she slowly turned her body and looked around the room for the sound that woke her. In an effort to stay quiet, Ruby crawled out of her makeshift bed and cautiously moved toward the door. Then, she saw something out of the corner of her eye. There is a figure in all black leaning against the wall on the other side of the room.

Wow, I really haven’t had much sleep. Ruby thought to herself.

Though confused, her anxiety grew as she remembered a time when someone in all black snuck into her tent and stole her only belongings back when her and Jack lived on the streets. At the same moment that Ruby was preparing to get up to fight this person, a girl in a purple dress and a bow in her hair came in and sat beside them. It appeared as though she was distraught and trying to comfort the other person. Ruby let out a quiet sigh of relief and then continued to lean over from behind the stack of crates that she was hiding behind to see what the commotion was about. As she was listening, her focus on hearing the conversation eventually caused her to lose her balance. Her crouching position quickly turned into her diving face-first into the stack of crates, now startling the girls across the room.

Ruby even startled herself as well, letting out a small yelp. Stumbling to her feet, she said, “O-Oh my God. Stupid crates.. Wait, It’s okay! I am not going to get you in any trouble.” She raised her hands defensively. ” But could you tell me what is going on?” Ruby could tell that the one in black might have been crying before. “Look, I live up here. This is my room and that is my bed. I was sound asleep until I heard you weirdos charging in here. The least you can do is fill me in.”
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