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Time: Evening
Location:: The Tough Tavern
Interaction(s):: @princess @Potter

Ruby’s body jolted at the sound of a slamming door. Half asleep, she slowly turned her body and looked around the room for the sound that woke her. In an effort to stay quiet, Ruby crawled out of her makeshift bed and cautiously moved toward the door. Then, she saw something out of the corner of her eye. There is a figure in all black leaning against the wall on the other side of the room.

Wow, I really haven’t had much sleep. Ruby thought to herself.

Though confused, her anxiety grew as she remembered a time when someone in all black snuck into her tent and stole her only belongings back when her and Jack lived on the streets. At the same moment that Ruby was preparing to get up to fight this person, a girl in a purple dress and a bow in her hair came in and sat beside them. It appeared as though she was distraught and trying to comfort the other person. Ruby let out a quiet sigh of relief and then continued to lean over from behind the stack of crates that she was hiding behind to see what the commotion was about. As she was listening, her focus on hearing the conversation eventually caused her to lose her balance. Her crouching position quickly turned into her diving face-first into the stack of crates, now startling the girls across the room.

Ruby even startled herself as well, letting out a small yelp. Stumbling to her feet, she said, “O-Oh my God. Stupid crates.. Wait, It’s okay! I am not going to get you in any trouble.” She raised her hands defensively. ” But could you tell me what is going on?” Ruby could tell that the one in black might have been crying before. “Look, I live up here. This is my room and that is my bed. I was sound asleep until I heard you weirdos charging in here. The least you can do is fill me in.”

Hello, Barbara Flickingher here. Families drop from Latin America each and every day, but the heights do not add up to the faculty meetings required to manage emotional conflict within. The tragedy of space and time results in something called Manoonoonoo-applicaba fact checker plant growth. This is when I realized, in order to expand, we must water our inner demon globs--- immediately WHOOPLARV! WHOOPLARV! THE AMAZING CHANT OF OUR PEOPLE! Say it aint so, Barbara is here to fight--until next time, folks. Barby will be prepared for battle with the Southeast.

Teenagers from ages 13-19 start gaining super abilities out of the blue. The government seems to have known about it before anyone else, sending out people to find these kids and capture them. They will then be used to find others while the ones who are too dangerous will be killed. You have to now deal with a world where you're regarded as a terrorist while you have a power that you don't even know how to control.

This is the basic summary of the plot I have in mind.
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