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Yo! Couldn't help but notice a MHA Villian RP. I love it! Here's my villain CS to consider, please and thank you.

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Ryota closed his eyes as they weren’t of much use right now, unless you has something that assisted with vision you were as good as blind. So instead he opted to focus on his hearing as well as the sensation he felt in his left arm. As Seijin made his move he could faintly hear his footsteps hitting the ground, they were light and on top of that he had a long stride. The blonde had set off one of the turrets within moments but it left an unsettling feeling as he listened to the distinct sound the turret made, it was unlike anything he’s ever heard.

Soon the turret had fell back to dead silence, you would think it was over but the tingly feeling was still in the boys arm until he heard a light thud come from the building. Looks like his speed is the real deal, but here is where things get interesting. The tingling feeling in his arm was gone which meant that he either stopped moving or was outside of the fog, a smile was on his face as Ryota walked back inside the building. “You’re quick on your feet and have a pretty nice stride, but it takes more than strength to be number one.” From what it seemed, Seijin had about five entrances to pick from, the front door and a window on each of the four surrounding walls. “What will you do next, number one?”

Meanwhile, Hiroaki was unhappily and uncomfortably resting as he awaited rescue. The rough ropes begin to hurt against his skin and he couldn’t even move an inch. Seriously, Ryota didn’t have to tie it up this tightly. Being unable to move for this long a time made him feel anxious for some reason, along with the thick fog that was created from Ryota’s quirk. He also remembered Ryota told him to not say anything to give away his location. Hiroaki couldn’t move a muscle, see anything, and say anything. He has never felt so stressed out in his life since that incident when he was a kid- Oh no, he’s remembering it again. He began to breathe heavily and look around for someone to help him out. He closed his eyes and calmed himself…

This was all ramping up to be even more troublesome and just when he thought things would get easier. Seijin dropped down onto the concrete floor inside the bunker but as the fog of smoke persisted he hardly could make out what laid only a few feet in front of him. Tch. All this smoke’s such a bother… He pressed on slowly through the room as he sought after either Ashtray-breath or Pinkie, and while his posture breathed complete nonchalance, with hands dug into pockets, the blonde was ready to slip into combat at the first sight of trouble. Just wait ‘til I find you, both of yah...

…Hiroaki can’t do this anymore. The more he stayed like this, the more hungrier he got and the urge to use the bathroom grew more. Just how long was this going to last? He tried his best to peer into the fog. Hiroaki doesn’t know if it’s the light making tricks on him because he can see a silhouette or two. Everything’s just so blurry for him that he had to stop because the effort is giving him a headache.

Should he make a noise? Normally the hostages would make them whenever someone was nearby so they can be saved. Hiroaki would surely call out for Seijin to rescue him if it weren’t for what Ryota asked him to do. He decided the best course of action is, ironically, not to do something and wait for things to unravel on their own. And really, if Hiroaki’s mouth wasn’t going to make any noises, his grumbling stomach will do it for him.

The tingle in the boys arm resurfaced as his opponent entered the bunker, he was a blind mice as he tried to navigate his way through the smoke. There was a tinge of a smile on the boys face as things began to ramp up, it was time to give these students a show. From Seijin’s right he would notice the sound of a few footsteps that alarm him, shortly after a right fist would come into vision that was aimed at his left abdomen.

Honed reflexes and innate athleticism had spared Seijin enough to properly react to the incoming strike in no time, with his quirk he’s mistaken for a speedster many times before and it’s easy to understand why seeing his body was already moving for something he hadn’t even properly registered yet. The blonde pivoted on one foot, facing adjacent to the fist’s path before locking onto the offending arm with one hand and gripping Ashtray-breath by where the scruff of his neck should be. That’s awfully nice of him to save me trouble by coming straight to me.

He was never formally trained in any sort of martial arts whatsoever but it’d be harder to not pick things up given his track records of getting into fights and winning most of them with the unfair advantage in close-quarters combat his quirk gives. ”Could yah give up here ‘n show me where Pinkie is?” To ‘coax’ into an easy surrender, Seijin roughly pulls his opponent down to the ground face first and puts him into an armlock, the sort where there’s struggle a dislocated shoulder follows.

The black haired boy took notice of how quickly Seijin reacted to his attack, Ah a seasoned fighter it seems the boy smirked as Seijin pushed him to the ground and put him into a armlock. Perhaps he actually did have some semblance of an idea of what he was doing, the lock that Seijin had put him in was indeed a rather interesting one. Instead of struggling Ryota held his breath and relaxed his body until he slipped out of his grip and dispersed into the smoke which soon filled the bunker. Seijin would soon find the only thing he was gripping onto was the boys clothes. Ryota would reconstitute his form at the west window, he was meticulous about keeping the goods censored with a thick cloud of smoke around his waist as he continued onto his next move.

Ryota took a long right stride closing the gap between the two before planting his left foot firm on the ground and pivoting it before sweeping the area with his right leg, dispersing a bit of smoke as he performed his strike at Seijin, even after the attack was done he didn’t let up as he kept light on his toes as he leaned his body forward with a grin on his face, not shying away from the close quarters combat that was to come.

Taking one look at the clean leg sweep heading his way, Seijin slows it and steals the speed behind the strike for himself to use, the surge of kinetic energy is redirected through the body and enhances his striking power for what is to come next. The blonde crouches down low before he shoots up to his opponent throwing an uppercut right at his exposed chin from below, the added momentum from jumping up combined with the enhanced speed made for a devastating blow if it connects. In any sort of fight, the name of the game was speed and speed was his to take as he pleases.

Hiroaki could hear the sounds of fighting. He didn’t know exactly where but he’s pretty sure it’s somewhere on his front. He cringed at the sound of what seemed like punches and kicks connecting to a body. If this weren’t a quirk demonstration, Seijin and Ryota will definitely beat each other to death.

Ryota noticed his sweep lose speed as well as power as he tried to take Seijin off his feet, So he cumulatively steal speed from the target, not all together. It was then that Seijin tried to put him out for the count with a strike straight for his chin, Ryota held his breath once more seconds before the strike landed, when the blow landed Ryotas head along with the rest of his body would explode into a cloud of smoke as he faded back to relocate himself once more near the front door. Head to head combat was pretty much pointless at this point, Seijin’s reaction time and speed in close combat exceeded his own yet he is unable to lay a hit on Ryota because of his intangibility. “You might as well give up you can’t land a hit on me and you only have about under a minute left to find Pinky”

Seijin doesn’t hesitate to act quickly on that and lets himself fall back to the ground as his uppercut found no purchase, his fist hitting nothing but some smoke and left him still without a solid hit on Ashtray-breath. Tch. If that’s so then how’d yah like this? He covers the distance to the front door in a single bound, landing in front of Ryota before letting loose a continuous series of strikes and kicks, knowing full well he was pressed for the same outcome: his opponent slipping into his intangible smoke form, negating physical attacks. But what the blonde was counting on was that there was some limit to how long he could maintain that form, one good hit landing was all he needed so he redoubles his efforts and doesn’t let up on going on the offensive.

Ryota let out a sigh as the boy rushed him, it was more so he was disappointed at the fact that Seijin decided to engage him instead of looking for Hiroaki. There was a smirk on the boys face as he decided to play his game. Ryota squatted a bit and got into fighting stance, as soon as he took notice of the speed of the first couple punches the boy immediately turned onto the defensive. Some of the punches and kicks were so fast that he had to settle for deflecting them to the side. As Seijin picked up the pace Ryota began smiling as he was having a bit of fun fighting against him.

Hiroaki bit his bottom lip. He’s been trapped there for so long he can barely tell the time he’s spent waiting for Seijin. He’s slowly getting annoyed with each passing second. He doesn’t want to do and say anything because Ryota told him not to, but Aki remembered he’s not the boss of him. Besides, any person with or without a Quirk will definitely do something to help themselves. The question is, what will he do?

Then he thought of something. If Seijin’s vision was limited because of the fog then Hiroaki will help the blonde see him. He activated his Quirk, growing multiple crystals on his body that glowed milky white. They’re not too big to take a toll on his stamina, and not too small to make their light be seen even through the thick fog. ”Seijin, I’m here!”, he shouted.

Seijin lets loose a last flurry of kicks that would hopefully disperse Ryota’s smokey form, long enough to grab the pinkette hostage and make their exit. The last vestiges of kinetic energy coursing through his body provides him ample speed to tear through the fog of smoke, towards the dull glow able to be spotted even with his obscured vision. ”Let’s finish this thing,” he says before grabbing Hiroaki and lifting him up over his shoulder then dashing straight for the window closest to escape the bunker.

Hiroaki’s eyes widened when he saw Seijin barreling straight towards him and lifting the pink boy up over his shoulder like he weighed nothing. Just how strong is this blonde boy?

“Oh?” Was what the boy said, shocked when Hiroaki decided to speak up and even shine off a bit light. It would definitely make things harder but not impossible, that was when Seijin kicked it up a gear and delivered a flurry of attacks which created an opening for him to grab Hiroaki. As Ryota was putting himself back together he clenched his right fist tightly as he prepared for another attack before a thought shot through his head. I can't reveal all my tricks just yet. The boys arm went limp as he decided to let the two escape. As he began putting on his clothes, the smoke began to dissipate marking the end of this bout.

@baraquiel @pkken

To tell the truth, Hiroaki himself didn't know why he chose to sit beside the black-haired guy from earlier. Sure, he was pretty mean back there at the entrance, but Hiroaki decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. All of them were entering a new chapter in their lives, and everyone has their own unique way of coping in things unfamiliar to them. Though, Hiroaki wished that the black-haired guy beside him would truly show his kind self sooner than later, one way or another.

Hiroaki was happily doodling on his sketchpad, then he looked around and noticed that the rest of the students were filling up and sitting on the remaining seats. He placed his sketchpad and pencil back in his bag and patiently waited for everybody to get settled in for the assembly to truly start. He kept glancing down on the sleeping blonde with a worried look. Should Hiroaki wake him up? The blond did seem scary for the pink-haired teen. He thought the blond would just be like the black-haired guy beside him, though the assembly was an important event no new student should ever miss.

He was thinking so deeply he was surprised to hear a click followed by light beaming on the stage. The light seemed to come from... nowhere? It was kind of weird for Hiroaki but he didn't think of it that much when the first teacher walked in and stood under the spotlight. He lightly tapped the sleeping blond's shoulder. "Um hey, please wake up", Hiroaki softly pleaded to the boy.

Oh dear. The teacher was talking about a lot of important things but Hiroaki could hardly focus on what she was saying because he was preoccupied in waking up the sleeping blond. "Hey, someone could see you sleeping here. Please wake up", he softly pleaded again. His actions gradually grew from light tapping to gentle nudging on his shoulder. He was scared of doing something abrupt to make him really wake up, probably because Hiroaki feared to make a commotion during the assembly and also because of the blond possibly punching Hiroaki due to disrupting his sleep.

Now, Seijin isn’t what people would call ‘the sharpest tool in the shed’ but even he was quick to take to the possibility that maybe Jigokuraku wasn’t like any school he ever been to. His naps were interrupted... or rather the sudden bellow let out in the assembly jolted him awake. Whatever the case getting waken up by someone else at school? Today was a day full of firsts for the blonde. He turns around to stare back at the pink-haired teen who’d been trying and failing, to wake him up until now. “Yah need something? Well, I’m–” He abruptly pauses as he couldn’t help but let out a yawn, eyes still blinking after his short nap, “–available now… sorry.”

He let out a tired sigh as he watched the antics of the teachers unfold from his seat, “After askin’ the lot of you to ease up a bit on the first day, the teachers prove ‘emselves just as loud and rough… how troublesome.” The rest of the assembly passed on and he really would’ve tried to pay more attention if he could but the fact of the matter was that simply wasn’t how his brain was wired. And just as he started to drift back into sleep again, Principal Whatsherface’s announcement about the Four Pillars Game caught Seijin in a rare moment of self-engagement. “Four Pillars? That’d mean U.A. and well, that would then mean... ” The urge to groan into his hands was stronger than ever, which he obliged with his sudden awareness of future prospects he’d rather avoid.

The assembly was rather interesting, to say the least, every single one of the teachers had a screw loose somewhere somehow. Especially the hero course director who somehow managed to look like an 8-month old infant and a 73-year-old woman at the same time. Ryota held the bridge of his nose as he could feel the pending headache that he was going to receive from his ‘Sensei’s’. Tanifuji and Itagaki sensei were a couple of loud mouth’s, Guodo was a distraction, Fujino sensei was just your basic teacher, and the principal had to be the most unsettling at all. Sure she was a former top 5 hero but her appearance and demeanor were a bit unsettling.

Despite the faculty of clowns that Jigokoraku had, there were some interesting things said at the assembly. Talk about choosing a class representative caught his attention, not that he wanted to become one, he could care less about attaining said occupation. It was more so about making sure to choose someone that would give him a fucking headache. The next thing that caught his attention was that they’d be attending the four pillars games and compete against U.A. and Shiketsu, Ryota wouldn’t even have to try to show them the difference in skill and talent. They’d see for themselves how inferior they are against the aspiring heroes that attended these schools and the reason why they didn’t get into either ranked school would be clear as day. Ryota could feel the stress emanating off of the blonde that sat next to him.

After the assembly, the students were to meet Guodo in the gym for a quirk assessment test, upon entering he noticed that majority of students that were in the hero course with him were the same people that heavily disagreed with his views and comments before school started. Oh brother was this going to be a stressful time. Ryota took a seat in the second row of the bleachers, for this event he wanted a front row seat.

Usually, he wouldn’t give a damn but this wasn’t your average school, the rules do the jungle were different since the use of quirks were permitted, unlike a regular school. Some of his classmates probably won’t notice but an unintentional pecking order was about to be created divided the weak from the strong. To some, they would think this would be something simple that would break the ice but to Ryota, this would help reveal everything that he needs to know about his peers.

Meanwhile, the unattentive blonde failed to take much note of anything, perhaps save for the sudden blizzard that manifested itself out of nowhere and the monochromic girl standing in the midst of it. Glancing around the room, he was starting to get pent up with some frustration over things that were neither here nor there and did himself another first in his life by actually volunteering himself for an activity. He shuffled over to the open court after that two winged duo finished, but not before he shoulder-checked some curly, black haired teen, without bothering to step around him but rather through him.

Ryota had got up to prepare to go next but while doing so some dumbass had bumped into him. Though usually, he knew that accidents can happen, the vibe he got from the guy was one that he knew all the well. This was on purpose, a display of masculinity is what it was, Ryota turned to the guy and faced him giving off a venomous glare. As the looked the blonde in the eye he noticed it was the same guy that he had sat next to during the assembly, and here Ryota thought this guy wasn’t going to cause him any trouble. “You got a problem jackass?”

Hiroaki watched the other students showcasing their quirks in wonder and awe. He envied them as if they all already mastered their quirks even before going to the academy. Their quirks were even better than his. One can control an element and another has the physiology of an ancient beast, while all Hiroaki can do was just… He sighed, feeling defeated even though the battle has even started yet. Out of all his stronger students with far more superior quirks, what chance did he have?

Then he remembered something. One of their teachers, who introduced himself as Guodo, said that students who have support type quirks have to pair up with someone to showcase their quirks. Hiroaki thought of using it on a dummy, but decided to use it on an actual human would be better. He looked at the two people near him, the sleeping blonde and the grumpy black-haired guy. Hiroaki gulped. He’s too shy to even approach the others so he walked closer to them both.

”Um, hi”, he greeted them both while smiling shyly. ”I guess I’ve never really introduced myself properly. My name is Hiroaki Akiyama. I have a support type quirk so… I’m asking if one of you can be my partner in showcasing my quirk? I can treat you in the cafeteria or somewhere you like as my way of thanks... He beamed at both of them, but his smile gradually disappeared when he noticed them bickering at each other.

Seijin gave a half-lidded glance back at the teen who’d just called him out, “Eh? Watcha mean by that? You ain’t tryin’ stir something with me, are yah?” The return of the pink-haired guy from before who tried to wake him up during the attention, drew his attention as well, What’s with you two approaching me outta nowhere like this? I’m neither here nor there with the effort to put both of y’all in your place right now.”

Either this guy was as clueless as they come or he was just trying to get into Ryota's head. Not only was this guy annoying him but the pinkette came out of nowhere asking to partner up with one of them. Akiyama Hiroaki was his name and he had a support quirk meaning he needed a volunteer to help demonstrate. As Ryota turned to the pinkette he noticed quite a bit of soot coated his jacket, something that definitely wasn’t there a few moments ago. The boy wasn’t worried. Ryota turned to face Seijin but not without noticing they he also had the same stain situated on the shoulder of his jacket. The boy squinted at the blonde’s remark, “Instead of dreaming about putting me in my place, how about washing your filthy fucking clothes you bum.”

Hiroaki’s eyes widened in alarm. If any of the teachers could hear them right now, they will surely be in trouble. ”Um, guys…?” He squeaked as he too was afraid of getting in between these two spiteful boys. He sighed. This time, this time I’m confident I’ll die, he thought to himself as he went in between the two and put his hands on their chest. ”Guys please, save the fighting for later. Nothing good ever comes out of this. Stop this, please”, Hiroaki pleaded to the both of them.

“Ma, ma. Listen already today I had a lot of people test me and yah really wouldn’t want to be the one who gives me that last push, yeah?” Seijin doesn’t pay the pinkette’s words any attention and stares down at the other teen, his expression reflecting just how annoyed at what this bottom feeder was mouthing on about. With one hand, the other hand dug into his back pocket, he roughly shoves him on the chest and drawls on again, this time some temper seeping into his tone, “ Or then maybe I won’t just put yah in your place… maybe I’ll put yah through the ground with my two bare hands.”

Ryota was prepared to retaliate after the guy shoved him, the black haired boy stumbled back a bit before taking a few steps forward clenching his hands as he prepared to deliver a right hook to the bimbo's diaphragm but a thought pierced his brain causing him to stop. “Tch, this is none of your concern,” he said to the small pinkette who was trying to get in the way. Fighting another student the first day at a hero school would have definitely been a one-way ticket out of there immediately… but there may be a way around it. Ryota turned to the danger room with a smirk as he got an idea and faced the bimbo once more.

“Why not duke it out with me in the ring?” he said pointing his thumbs towards the gym floor with a stern face. The boy lowered his voice to the point where it was audible only for the bimbo. “We’d be able to establish who the alpha is with no interruptions out there,” Ryota said hoping the guy would understand exactly what he meant.

Seijin lets out a deep sigh and rubs the back of his neck, “Hah... alright, alright. You brought this on yourself when yah couldn’t tell your place from mine…” The blonde turns on his heel and shuffle towards the court and then paused to crane his head to the pinkette who tried and failed to make them see peace, “Oi Pinky, yah say you’re some kind of support-type quirk user?”

Hiroaki looked at them exasperatedly. Really, the only thing his parents told him to do was to keep out of trouble, but he literally did the one thing he’s not supposed to do. Not to mention, all these happened on the first day. He looked at the two guys taunting each other and Hiroaki flinched by the amount of pride and testosterone these two hotheads were exuding. Hiroaki didn’t even know their names yet…

Then the blonde, as he was on his way to the ring with the black-haired boy, turned his head to look back at Hiroaki and asked him about his support-type quirk. Hiroaki gulped. Y-Yeah! Basically, I can heal people. Why?”, he said to the blonde though Hiroaki already knew what he’s going to say next.

A brow was raised at that and if these two had known Seijin longer, they would’ve been able to tell he was pleasantly surprised to hear that this... Hiroaki? Had an actual, useful quirk that could heal others. “Good. Can heal his ass after I put him through the ground,” pointing his thumb over at Souta as he practically ordered this guy he had just met today.

Ryota discards his coat then steps onto the gymnasium floor, revealing a black thermal that presented his lean build finely. He paid no mind to the boys last comment as he stretched his muscles out a bit. “Sensei, we thought it was best if we competed against each other a bit in order to demonstrate our quirks.” The black haired boy took his place on the left side of the gymnasium and turned to the crowd with his hands in his pockets.

“My name is Kiyoshi Ryota,” the boy smirked while tapping the midsole of his shoe on the ground as he tested the traction of the gym floors. While he did so, Ryota activated his quirk and smoke began to seep through his through the left side of his thermal and go up the length of his arm. “And my quirk is called ‘Trickster Haze’, I am capable of transforming my bone and flesh into smoke.” The boy turned to the bimbo as he waited for him to introduce himself and reveal his quirk.

Seijin sighs deeply as he sauntered into the middle of the gym, next to Ryota’s side and turns around to face the rest of his classmates, “Ohayo. Takahashi Seijin, my quirk’s ‘Speed Theft’ and I can steal whoever’s speed for myself, so thanks in advance for any speed-type quirk users out of y’all.” He then walks across to the other side, getting some distance between him and his opponent, ditching his burnt up jacket which left him in his grey tank top and loose-fitting camo pants. “Oh, and almost forgot. I’m a kinda guy who’s all for the least amount of work possible and I know there’s a lot of y’all who are… outspoken about yourselves and goals ‘n dreams. So consider not objecting to my first ever declaration here: number one spot’s mine. Anyone who’d disagree otherwise will get put in their place and through the ground.”

Done saying his piece Seijin slips into a stance, standing opposite to Ryota, with his arms locked, fists clenched and shoulders relaxed. "Like this one’s about to…” He mutters under his breath only to then speak up louder, "First move’s yours.”

The black haired boy could feel the adrenaline begin to pump a bit as the boy introduced himself. Takahashi Seijin, and his quirk Speed Theft, the name was self-explanatory and it sounded to be something equally as pesky as his own Smoke, what were the conditions of his quirk was the first thing Ryota wondered as the boy rolled up his sleeves. Smoke was still frothing from his body and falling to the floor as he began to setup his demonstration. When Seijin made his comment about being number one Ryota scoffed.

“I’m curious to see the limits of your speed theft so how about we simulate a hostage situation where one of us plays the hero and the other the villain? We’ll flip a coin, winner gets first pick.” Ryota pulled out a coin from his pocket, “Heads or tails?” The boy asked as he played with the coin, tossing it up into the air and catching it.

“Eh, heads.” Seijin replies back dully, as he shoves his hands into his pockets and waits. If it were up to him, he would’ve just called for a spar between the both of them but it was too troublesome to say something now.

”So their names are Takahashi Seijin and Kiyoshi Ryota. It would’ve been nice if they introduced themselves to me like normal people instead of founding out their names before they’re gonna fight in a battle of fragile manhood”, Hiroaki exasperatedly thought to himself as he watched the blonde and the black-haired boy preparing for their sparring match.

He looked around, nervous that he’s going to be acquainted with these two hotheads. Then he shook his head. It’s wrong for Hiroaki to think of them that way. It’s just first day jitters. They’re all going to unfamiliar territory, away from their homes to stay with peers of their age for months. If this was the way for them to ease their agitated selves, so be it. But still, Hiroaki hoped they would have settled this better than… that.

”Just… take it easy guys! It’s just a friendly sparring match to showcase your quirks! No need to be violent…”, Hiroaki called out to the both of them, his voice getting lower than lower as he realized too late that no words can stop these two hard-headed boys from fighting each other. Once again, Hiroaki sighed exasperatedly.

Ryota paid no mind to the pinkette who was still putting his two cents in on the side lines. It was obvious that he didn’t know the thrill of battle and was clearly lacking in the testosterone department. Ryota threw the coin up in the air and watch it fall to the ground landing on heads. “You get to pick, hero or villain.”

I’ll be hero… and oi Hiroaki, front ‘n center. You’ll be our hostage for the demo. Seijin had ‘volunteered’ the pinkette into the role, not leaving room for discussion on the decision.

Hiroaki looked at him in horror. If there’s anything the pink-haired boy hates, it’s definitely acting. Still, he supposed he doesn’t have a choice in the matter, especially now. ”O-Okay, coming”, he nervously said as he walked towards Ryota and Seijin while fumbling nervously with his hands. ”What will I do exactly?”

Ryota rolled his eyes at the boy’s comment, “It’s exactly like he said, you’re the hostage.” He then turned towards Goudo sensei, “Sensei, can you create a base of operations with turrets surrounding it along with a bit of rope?”

The teacher nodded in agreement to their request and after a push of the button the class would see the ground open up and the bunker that was asked for. The base that was created was nothing fancy, it was a simple 8x12 room with concrete walls accompanied by empty window frames. A bundle of rope would also be tossed to them by Guodo sensei which Ryota would use to tie up the pinkett.

A smirk came to the boys face, Hero school isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Ryota grabbed the bundle of rope and beckoned for Hiroaki to get into the bunker that was created for them. “Allow me a few minutes to set up.”

For like the millionth time that day, Hiroaki sighed exasperatedly as he resigned to his fate and went into the bunker. He’s been more nervous now than he was before on his way here at the academy. He can even feel the wasps from earlier return to his tummy as he was waiting for Ryota to tie him up. For Hiroaki, this day has been a wild ride from the very start, and they haven’t even reached the end yet.

Ryota followed inside and immediately got to work tying up the boys wrists and legs together. The rope was a bit on the tight side and would eventually begin to chafe the pinkett skin a bit after a while. Outside the base, three turrets with laser pointers extended from the ground and surrounded the bunker in the form of a triangle. Once it seemed like everything was check, Ryota flooded the bunker with smoke using his left hand. Within about 15 second the base of operations was shrouded in a thick fog inside and it, the smoke was so heavy that it even gave Hiroaki a bit of a problem seeing where Ryota was located.

“If you try giving off your location by making noises, I’ll be forced to quiet you down, I would like to avoid that.”

These were the last words Ryota said before walking outside the base. His left arm was pretty much gone after hot boxing the entire area. Ryota cuffed his right hand around his mouth in order to project his voice, “Listen up, you have three minutes to prove to me why exactly you’re deserving of the number one spot, come at me whenever.”

Seijin couldn't be bothered at all to respond, instead he just silently took in what was said and tensed up readying himself for this run. This Ashtray-breath wouldn't stand between him and making due on his declaration from minutes ago, at least not before he was knocked down and put in his place. The blonde starts off and dashes away at the concrete bunker, he was already fast but nothing really impressive... for now.

It's not long before he enters in range of the turrets which immediately lock onto their target and fire away and luckily these bullets weren't anything like the real deal so Seijin easily steals their speed for himself; leaving whole clips of rubber bullets suspended in the air. Charged with the kinetic energy, the blonde redirects some of that into his legs and speeds off even faster before springing into the air like an Olympic high jumper and safely over more of the turret-fire, his back arched around the barrage mid-air.

Showing his athleticism, he lands on the wall with a thud and his right hand finds purchase on the building's roof, before swiftly scaling up to the top of the building. The dense fog is all he sees as he stares down the empty skylight frame on the concrete ceiling, without wasting a moment Seijin into the barrier of smoke.

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Seijin shuffled through the school gates along with the rest of the students, lazily rolling his eyes in exasperation at the scene put on by the more vocally inclined members of the group. "Ma ma. Why couldn't you all be less rowdy and provoking in general? And it's on the first day of school, can't we all ease down a bit? A waste of effort when you can be going along with the flow. Besides, try as you might you'll just end up being put in your place eventually." His straight off-the-top-of-head statement was accentuated by a loud, drawn-out yawn before suddenly blinking as a moment of realization fell upon him, his air-headed nature having been brought out to play.

"Oh did I say that all out loud? Well, I– ow." Seijin grumbled out in mild surprise as he was cut off by a sudden burning sensation on his back, he turned around to look at whoever just decided to burn him for no particular reason. Only to found an innocuous-looking, short girl, wearing a blouse of all things in this weather, with flames for hair bowing her head down while apologizing and offering to recompense him for his jacket. "Ayy settle down Torchhead-san, it's only my favourite jacket that yah burned," he chuckled while dismissively waving her off, already taking said jacket off before trying to dust it off. "I really can't be bothered to put someone through the ground on the first day, and the same for holding grudges. So let's laugh on this lil' incident and forget about it. Okay? Okay."

The blonde teen blew the mishap off on the spot, patting Elina on the head without thinking to further emphasize the whole levity of the situation, only to have his hand slightly singed for his troubles. One hand in pocket and the other holding his burnt jacket over his shoulder, he made back off with the rest who were now slowly filling the assembly hall. Not bothering to think too hard about where he chose to sit, he ended up grabbing a seat in the middle of the room before folding up his jacket into a makeshift-pillow to use for when he'd nap during whatever thing they had prepared for the new class of students. Seijin decides then that it'd be the perfect time to have that nap.

For one Takahashi Seijin slowly making the trek up the steps leading to Jigokuraku, 'getting on time' seemed more like a suggestion if anything. He woke up late this morning, as usual, took his sweet time getting dressed, kissing Ma goodbye and getting wished good luck for the day, before leaving the house and making way to the Academy without any sense of urgency. The fur-collared heavy parka he wore felt particularly soft and warm for the winter cold setting upon Kirisama, the many metal zippers adorning the jacket made clinking noises with each step taken up. His tall, lean body took a deep breathe in of the chilly wind whilst walking up.

The young teen had an aloof expression on his face, the last dozen or so steps till the mountain summit, he shifts his gaze back down and grimaces inwardly as he came to realize how high up he was. It's a reaaaal bother that they had to have the school all the way up here. Build a ski lift up the mountain why don't cha. For convenience's sake. With that, if anyone was present to noticed how Seijin hurried the rest of the way up, well they wouldn't have been wrong to assume a fear of heights. But that wouldn't do at all, he might be apathetic about most things but it wouldn't do for people to get the wrong idea about him with first impressions.

Seijin reached the summit and walked in onto the sight of a crowd of students and a lone teacher and so far, most of which who were mingling outside the open gates leading into Jigokuraku Academy. His half-lidded eyes, that betrayed his lack of any real motivation, scanned through the group of people who he guessed he had to get to know following the next couple of years. A blue windbag, chunky with antennas, pretty boy teacher, and what could only be someone's pet plant that sprouted arms and legs, only to name the few who caught his attention, also can't forget the black humanoid dragon in pants.

He shuffled over amongst those who began to head through the gates, trying not to draw any attention to himself as he did. The blonde had no qualms about throwing his weight around and putting people in their places to establish top position over the students but it was only the first day and he really didn't feel up for it on the get go. Seems like a lot of work to do in the future...

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