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¡And another one bites the dust!

For your consideration
Dunno if you're still accepting any more RPers but interested.

With the wind blowing through his red mane in the late autumn breeze, Leon and his two feline partners all yawned, both lions baring their sets of four-inch-long canines. He was dressed in his uniform, foregoing the jacket as he found it too stuffy for his liking, and the tie had to go too. So it really just came down to a school shirt haphazardly buttoned up with the sleeves rolled up his unusually thick arms. Ignoring the uniform code aside, he'd now found himself in the middle of a clearing that was surrounded by the treeline, along with some other students who he couldn't possibly put a name to any of them.

"Nigh waat do yer tink they 'ad us cum 'ere for? Oi don't see any teachers or nathin' raun 'ere, boys." One of the lions, this one being Aslan, sniffed the air and turned up and around but couldn't smell out anything of note in the area. "Though oi don't nu waat any av de teachers 'ere smell loike so... Oi, yer dare!"

He called up to the student who was hovering up in the air over the field, though really it was more like the roar of a king of the jungle announcing his claim than a casual call. Sometimes he just had to give in to his wild animal instincts. Looking more closely, he saw that the airborne student was another Mutant Quirk user like himself, his physical appearance resembling that of a fly's. Now that was a face he wouldn't have forgotten from the entrance exams, not at all!

"De guy who looks loike a fly! Yer see anythin' up dare? At dis point oi-" Leon was cut off by the sudden, fierce roars let on by his two lions, as they both snapped their heads around at the loud and unreasonably blue kid whose shouts had set them off. Startling a whole flock of birds that would escape into the air from the treeline as the lions more than surely met and matched the blue one's volume, the sheer sound echoing throughout the area. "'ey naw. Down, boys, down."


"Ahaha yes! I'm liking your spirit already, Mr. Kazinsky! Rob your mind of the thought that all you have to gain from this exercise is just learning." Steven was quick to face his new teammate, arms crossed over his bare chest, rearing up to a triumphant posture with a wide grin splitting his face. "I can promise you this, win or lose, this exercise shall be a fine spectacle of our combined strength, skill, and wit!" He would begrudgingly admit that he hadn't the pleasure of knowing either of the two yet. But from what he was to tell that this Thomas fellow seems agreeable thus far and the other...

Further thoughts paused as the gray-haired teen now leveled his fixed grin onto the girl in question,"And I would be remiss not to mention you, Miss Gibbs, who certainly owns the lion's share of wit in our formidable trio as shown as with the cutting remarks you had unleashed upon me not a minute ago. If I was confident before now I am sure. Hah!" Just suppose he has to overcome the unfamiliarity shared between them three through sheer force of his own personality.

I could see that working but you should remember that Evelyn was adopted soon after sO
@Majoras End

"Though I hope my spirited opening re-introduction didn't alarm any of you, you need not be! Truthfully, I haven't been acting myself as of these past few weeks but that is change." Nonplussed at the admittedly sparse reaction he received from his fellow classmates, Steven was further emboldened in his endeavors to warm the crowd up to him. Though he could do without some of the more distasteful looks he received, honestly he'd almost think that some are just incapable of recognizing a showman for his craft.

"And no, I don't think I will dial it down. I'll do as I as please, as I am with nothing more or less and certainly not as a stripper nor a pervert... though albeit that was a good jest on your part, Miss Gibbs." Never leave a deserving compliment unsaid or at least that's how he was taught in his upbringing, one kind word being able to change someone else's entire day or whatever works like that. "I'm sure that some of you may think that I'm acting out of character but I assure you, I'll never be any more in character than what I don my costume. From now on, I'm sure we'll all get along famously and well... for those who don't. Your loss."

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