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Seijin shuffled through the school gates along with the rest of the students, lazily rolling his eyes in exasperation at the scene put on by the more vocally inclined members of the group. "Ma ma. Why couldn't you all be less rowdy and provoking in general? And it's on the first day of school, can't we all ease down a bit? A waste of effort when you can be going along with the flow. Besides, try as you might you'll just end up being put in your place eventually." His straight off-the-top-of-head statement was accentuated by a loud, drawn-out yawn before suddenly blinking as a moment of realization fell upon him, his air-headed nature having been brought out to play.

"Oh did I say that all out loud? Well, I– ow." Seijin grumbled out in mild surprise as he was cut off by a sudden burning sensation on his back, he turned around to look at whoever just decided to burn him for no particular reason. Only to found an innocuous-looking, short girl, wearing a blouse of all things in this weather, with flames for hair bowing her head down while apologizing and offering to recompense him for his jacket. "Ayy settle down Torchhead-san, it's only my favourite jacket that yah burned," he chuckled while dismissively waving her off, already taking said jacket off before trying to dust it off. "I really can't be bothered to put someone through the ground on the first day, and the same for holding grudges. So let's laugh on this lil' incident and forget about it. Okay? Okay."

The blonde teen blew the mishap off on the spot, patting Elina on the head without thinking to further emphasize the whole levity of the situation, only to have his hand slightly singed for his troubles. One hand in pocket and the other holding his burnt jacket over his shoulder, he made back off with the rest who were now slowly filling the assembly hall. Not bothering to think too hard about where he chose to sit, he ended up grabbing a seat in the middle of the room before folding up his jacket into a makeshift-pillow to use for when he'd nap during whatever thing they had prepared for the new class of students. Seijin decides then that it'd be the perfect time to have that nap.

For one Takahashi Seijin slowly making the trek up the steps leading to Jigokuraku, 'getting on time' seemed more like a suggestion if anything. He woke up late this morning, as usual, took his sweet time getting dressed, kissing Ma goodbye and getting wished good luck for the day, before leaving the house and making way to the Academy without any sense of urgency. The fur-collared heavy parka he wore felt particularly soft and warm for the winter cold setting upon Kirisama, the many metal zippers adorning the jacket made clinking noises with each step taken up. His tall, lean body took a deep breathe in of the chilly wind whilst walking up.

The young teen had an aloof expression on his face, the last dozen or so steps till the mountain summit, he shifts his gaze back down and grimaces inwardly as he came to realize how high up he was. It's a reaaaal bother that they had to have the school all the way up here. Build a ski lift up the mountain why don't cha. For convenience's sake. With that, if anyone was present to noticed how Seijin hurried the rest of the way up, well they wouldn't have been wrong to assume a fear of heights. But that wouldn't do at all, he might be apathetic about most things but it wouldn't do for people to get the wrong idea about him with first impressions.

Seijin reached the summit and walked in onto the sight of a crowd of students and a lone teacher and so far, most of which who were mingling outside the open gates leading into Jigokuraku Academy. His half-lidded eyes, that betrayed his lack of any real motivation, scanned through the group of people who he guessed he had to get to know following the next couple of years. A blue windbag, chunky with antennas, pretty boy teacher, and what could only be someone's pet plant that sprouted arms and legs, only to name the few who caught his attention, also can't forget the black humanoid dragon in pants.

He shuffled over amongst those who began to head through the gates, trying not to draw any attention to himself as he did. The blonde had no qualms about throwing his weight around and putting people in their places to establish top position over the students but it was only the first day and he really didn't feel up for it on the get go. Seems like a lot of work to do in the future...

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