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Dead memes! Get ya dead memes 'ere! Every fith buyer gets a dead animation meme free!
1 day ago
Okay, Im pretty sure my seasonal alergies are turning into a cold..*Cue the sneeze*
2 days ago
I cant wait to see Boo2:A Madea Halloween. :D
2 days ago
Im thinking of rebooting an old Homestuck RP I used to be in, any thoughts?
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Updated my ava/sig.
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Ah, I forgot about this.

I re-asure my interest.
OOC:I meant as in a different thread, but okey.
>>meanwhile, Da Author secretly throws a wad of paper at the rando, silently calling him a dingus.

>>Ya dingus.
>Cuphead proceeds to shoot the beam at his head, knocking him head.

>His ghost then starts to float away...away...away

>Cuphead lowers his hand.

"Why must you remind me...? It was enough that my edgy self, "Quest!Cuphead" or whatever has the fangirl syndrome two others suffered through.."

"Sigh, now I dont know whether to shoot you or myself.."
OOC: Should I revive this game?
"Ah, okay mists, have ya seen a Sally Stageplay around here?"


"Does that fish guy wanna DECAPITATE ME?!"

>>Cuphead aims a blue beam at the rando, aka deadly hand gun, in fright.
Luciel Castle

"It's exhilarating to dodge axes, but do I really have to roll the ball back and forth myself?" Luciel said, pushing her giant prop back to her tent after-show. Things were tense between the carnies, after a sudden loss in one of their hunts. One of the acrobats, bit in half.

The inside of Luciel's tent gave off a calming atmosphere, with lanterns lit with a blue flame, darkly colored luggage, and a small water trough with lily pads, lotuses, and a small waterfall. Someone could hear one or two frogs insit the trough. The things that were different from the room were a vanity complete with makeup and jewelry boxes on the sides, and a small cot, where the jester slept.

Luciel walked inside her tent after pushing her ball prop to the left outside. She sat down at her vanity and washed her makeup off. Not that she wore much anyways, her simple appearance looked like face paint anyways. She looked into her vanity mirror and smiled, before it faded away. "Ugh.." She emitted, before faceplanting onto the surface.

It was normal for other carnies to pass away, but everytime it was by a daemon, it always made herself sick. The daemon side of the jester's bloodline always made her feel disgusted about herself.

Before she could go to bed however, a small pidgeon flew inside and landed on her head. Luciel giggled, and let it perch on her arm instead. "Pretty bird..guess Mr. Magnus needs us, huh?" She asked, the bird nodding in reply. "Well, lead the way." The jester petted the bird, before it flew back to the ringleader, her following behind.

"Honestly, I would've expected ravens."

Apparently, Luciel wasnt the first to arrive. Jessica, Octus, Aurelia, and Gara had gathered up outside Parael's tent. "Erm," She cleared her throat. "Hi everyone.." she said, lightly waving.
"Uh..I'm not sure if i'd want that. It would feel weird, ya know? But thanks anyways."
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