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Current I just noticed its been two years since ive arrived, happy aniv i guess?
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Welp. Updated my bio.
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The next one to post here is a dingus. ∠( ᐛ |
20 days ago
Re-watching one of the old Saw movies made me think of how clever of an antagonist Jigsaw was.
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This profile theme is now pure.
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I'm not one to do these kind of things, so this should be fun. I usually go by various nicknames from my user handle. Majora, Majjie, Major, or even my old username, but at this rate it's rare to see. I usually lurk around the casual section when it comes to the roleplays im in, with few acceptions of free and advanced. My favorite genres besides fandom (obviously) are horror, fantasy, and apoccalyptic, and im not exactly the GMing type to be honest, hahah...

Im not exactly one to tolerate any kind of repeating annoyances, and with my crippling depression i might have a tendancy to have mental breakdowns. Music might be one of the only reasons im still living, my favorite band so far being Set if Off. Im a sucker for video games too, if you cant tell the secnd obvious, but my favorite has to be an underrated game series called Fable.

Theres not much else to say about me, other than i tend to procrastinate. So im gonna shout some people out,


Okay, that list was abit shorter than expected... Im gonna go now.

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Ive been fine. And I can try and get a post up, tomorrow maybe if the activity is low.

It was a new day. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming,

Oh, if only they weren't trapped in Hell Hospital.

After the second trial was over, Mercy had been wandering the floors in thought. If Isaiah and "Shaun" had feuding secrets, then who knows what the other infinites had? Soon enough, the others slowly woke up, making the hospital more lively than yesterday. Yet the plague doctor saw that someone was missing.

"Seriously Alice...?" Mercy sighed, making her way to the second floor patient's quarters, and to the recon's room. "Yoohoo, wake up Ally!" she said, knocking on the door.

Silence was the only reply.

"Come on Alice! You dont want to miss breakfast, do you?"

More silence. The plague doctor groaned in annoyance. "I'm getting tired of this... Mercy mumbled, before banging on Alice's door. "Get the hell out here, Edgeface, i'm not draging you to the dining room at this hour!!" She yelled. Once the recon seemed the give up, she opened the door to face her old coleague.

"What do you want, Ms. Evergreen?"

'Oh god, she went back to Ice Queen mode..' Mercy internally facepalmed, before changing back to her perky self. "Aren't you gonna.. ya know, get breakfast and go make friends or something?" the plague doctor asked, with another moment of silence.


Her eye twitching, as Alice was about to close her room door, Mercy grabed the recon by her shirt collar, and dragged her to the resort. "Hey!!
Let go of me!!"
Alice demanded, only to be pulled back up and meet with Mercy's dead expression. "If you dont go make more allies then enemies, then I wont be able to have time to myself, and if you dont leave me alone once in a while, the next stitches will be for your eye. Got that?!"

"Okay, okay, geez."

"Good. Well, i'm gonna head to the zen garden! Cya later Ally!" Just like that, Mercy seemed to flip back again, and entered the smallest room in the resort. Alice instead went to the dining room, and got herself some breakfast.

Already both of them could tell it's gonna be a long day.

Is this dead?

I can answer this one.

Katrina was the old GM, Midnight Howl's character. With Akaya inheriting this RP, she had to do something with the garden owner without a player, so she made it to where Kat dissapeared.
Banned cause only one season was good, other than that, its trash.

Oh? You can still take the hatter! Id like to see your version, tbh.

I can still take the hatter role-

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