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Hoping to get replies out after Halloween! So sorry for holding you guys back!
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Think about it. If Shrek and Fiona were able to kiss before midnight and stay human in the second movie, the series could've ended there, right?
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Protip: Yeet.
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Does anyone else notice that it's getting harder to do proper horror without it being edgy?


So, first thing's first. Who am I? The goddess of death, weapons and entertainment? Nah. A haunted mask that can end the world in three days? Probably not. The resident edgy and lazy doofus? Yeah, sounds about right. I'm always in a constant battle with writers block, as I try to get posts out asap. And i used to have a love/hate relationship with the most developed character I got. Despite that, I try to mix up the types of characters I write, and find the right time to develop them. Even then, I gotta connect everything about the character to the new info. I love writing character interactions, thus me playing more than one character when I can. I'm a sucker for horror and fantasy, and I really hate writing short posts on here. If you're wondering, I go by all pronouns (They/She/He), cause I don't care about correcting people at this rate. And I only have one husbando, I think? the rest are mah bois.

I still don't know how my main ships on here became a thing, but it's pretty interesting I guess. I also have an addiction to cola. Send help.

Here's some people I find cool while I try to figure out what to add here,

@Crystal Amalgam - Fellow artist and chill dood. Looking forward to start writing with.

@EchoicChamber - Doodle.

@AimeChambers - Somehow our characters got into a ship?? I didn't even plan for that but still??? Fun to write with!

@Vocab - Gay asshat, but a good gay.

@Ariamis - Cool GM.

@BrokenPromise - Boss man. Gotta thank him for tolerating my bullshiet. Another cool GM.

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Hopefully, ive just been busy and stuck with writers block to finish Allison.

Any thoughts?
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>Luciel thinks for a moment, before a toothy grin revealed itself onto her face. "Sure, I could take care of a horse! My family owns a farm, so I got experience!" In exchange she trades a crisp rose and 300 gold.

For the goose's items, Lucy will have the cross, Disintegrator, and hat. Dahlia will have the shotgun, belt, and dynamite.
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Uh, yeah, let them split the goose's stuff.
@Captain Swan

I need a bit of help looking for Alison's CS image.
@Captain Swan

Hello yes I should be starting on the cs when i find the right CS image just bear with me please-

As if things couldn't get any worse.

Once Thomas' announcement- no, comand, came on the intercom, Henry quickly grabbed his sister's cutlass and ran out of his room after her. "Hey, Sis! Wait!!" the pianist called out to her, yet she was already standing at the makeshift barricade.

Alice was resisting the urge to tear the barricade down. Thomas was holding everyone hostage on the other side, but more importantly to her, Max and Ice. "Damnit, that idiot doesn't know what he's doing!!" The recon punched the nearest wall to her in anger. She didn't want anything to do with the Night of Carnage, she just wanted stronger weapons, and now the biomechanic was seemingly trying to speed up their extinction. "Ice? Max? Can you hear me?" Alice called out to them. "Look, I'll find a way to get you guys out of there! Go on ahead and try to break into Davis' room, just be patient and DON'T move!!" the recon then turned to her brother. "Oh God, Henry...I didn't want to drag you into this but-"

"Say no more, here." The pianist gave her back her weapon. "You need it more than I do."

"Thanks but, don't you need a weapon?" Alice asked him. Deimo thought for a moment, before running back to the music plaza and comming back with an electric guitar. "If we're gonna fight a human, blunt force trauma should help, right?" The recon wasn't sure about her brother's last minute weapon choice, but hopefully they could talk Thomas out of letting her friend and Max free, without fighting. "There should be another entrance to the patient's quarters, I'm starting to get the overwhelming urge to shoot someone so let's hurry."

They made their way through the hospital wing, and slowed down to a sneak when they noticed Denis had what appeared to be bombs strapped to himself. "Holy shit, he's in cahoots with Smurf-hair..." Henry whispered. "We just need to try and convince him to set some of them free, follow my lead, good cop." Alice explained in a low whisper, the grip on her weapon tightening as she snuck up to the rogue spy from behind. She stood straight up, and pointed her cutlass at Denis' back. "Look, I wanna die as much as the next fella, but threatening to blow everyone and yourself up? Some spy you are. Now, before we say some things that we're going to regret, I can't afford to give a shit about most of the sods here anymore, but there's one among them I care deeply for. So, if you let him and a few others free, we won't have any troubles, understood?" she explained with a low growl.

"Please, why are you doing this...? You don't have to work with that sociopath, just get rid of the explosives and let us go fight the nurses." Henry gently tried to convince the spy to give up. The bad cop, good cop routine might seem a bit stupid, but what else could they do?
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