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Current 14 days till Chrimas.
2 days ago
The Spongebob Musical is adorable and I love it.
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3 days ago
Oh hi, Mark.
4 days ago
Got my list of ideas for an Assassin's Creed style Persona 5 RP (that's a mouthful), just need to fine tune the details and write a premise of sorts!
4 days ago
So...anyone up for anarchy?


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Right, from writing a short thing from scratch, I apparently write like Stephen King.
<Snipped quote by Majoras End>

Honestly? I don't think so. RE4, for better or worse (in the fandom, anyway, I've heard many a fan who dislike RE4), was a monumentally influential game both for the RE series and games at the time, and its legacy is such that it is constantly ported to the point where RE4 is pretty much on any system out there and for relatively cheap. Unlike the PS1 games which were products of their time, RE4 is still fairly modern so what's there to remake in it, really? If anything I'd assume next on the list for remake is Code Veronica.

Dude. Imagine Alexia's Lullaby being remastered.

That's gonna give me chills.
(Dont mind this, fam.)
Would it be possible for Eliza to stumble upon the shelter? I already have an idea for Celia and Anaya, just wanted to have her covered. And I doubt having her help fight the Endsinger would be ideal with her weakness.

Yes im low-key procrastinating with Amanda and Val. Mainly cause I dont know if I wanna make the latter an Elec Spec, or if Shifter is okay with an Aigis/Metis sorta thing, Metal AND Electric (Or Steam if I decide on a Steampunk theme).

Poking ye just in case, but Natalie's finished.
Okay but, anyone thinking we might get a RE4 Remake?
Got done. And unless someone wants Nat as a roommate, ima take plot 10.
*Tempted to make a The Wolf Among Us reference*
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