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5 hrs ago
Current Assasin's Creed-esque Persona RP? Maybe?
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1 day ago
I wanna do something Persona themed but I dunno how. Halp.
1 day ago
Am- Am I a joke to you?
2 days ago
Lucid dreams, which is real? A mundane reality, or an illusion surreal?
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3 days ago
Anyways, fantasy futuristic-ish gang warfare, or something Beyond: Two Souls themed?


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Oh sweet, thanks!
Hhhhh- Its probably too late for me to have Eliza or Celia jump in right now, so is it okay if they or the former stayed behind to keep an eye on the town?

He'd be ecstatic to find someone else that is trying to uncover the town's secrets, so of course he'll help Ludwig out.
[@Polairs North]
Jack: Uh, I take offense to that-
Hah! Love it!!

Of course! He'd be curious about her appearance after all.

I meant with Gar about that but okey. But I agree with the Yancy part. '3'
Ngl, I imagine Jack trying to prove that he doesnt need to be looked after like a little kid. But nearly (or does) gets hurt often in the process.

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