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Current Being absolutely done with life.
18 days ago
Wait why??
25 days ago
Hurricane seems to be on it's way to my town, so I might lose power. Just a heads up.
27 days ago
Why can't we just vibe to some Gorillaz...?
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1 mo ago
Warning, due to school coming up again, my activity will probably be stagnant.


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God of Combat.
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God of muscles?
That's not what I heard, I heard that so long as you buy it you'll always have it.

But the fact that there's confusion about this is another reason why it's fucking stupid to have something be a 'limited time release'.

<Snipped quote by Majoras End>

If you buy it you'll always be able to play it even after the six months but sucks for those people who don't buy it in time I guess.

I thought you wont be able to play it after awhile, even if you buy it??
I don't understand who at Nintendo approves things but whoever decided "We'll release Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy on the Switch but only for six months" needs to be fired immediately.

Er, yeah. I didnt get the shade at first but when I heard it's ALL limited time only? Is it even worth the money if it's gonna dissapear??
Aight, since I might not be able to solo Ending E in Nier:Automata or get some help without a ps4 acc, I decided to just watch the credits and hhhhh what is this feeling in my heart,,
In that case Eliza will be breaking one of her silver coins into 4 Bronze, and buying the blade. She's gonna need it.
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goddess of Hazbin Hotel

...Anyways, God of Duth.
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