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Current Just found an old Portal RP I tried to GM. Hah...
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Why not both?
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*Chuckles* I'm useless to my family.
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The virus reached my town. Send help.
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If you're feeling suicidal, then you've come to the right place
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Aight, but since Amanda's out of the game, would the phone she got from Justine go to Eliza?

You literally sent me a link through Discord so yes.
@Fabricant451 Which one?

Agh, I dunno. I might have to bow out of this if I cant get the motivation to finish Charlie's CS...

Celia didnt care that Hilaria barely even budged in the empath's attempts to tackle her, nor did she really care that she was smaller compared to the behemoth girl. As long as the darker girl was trapped within her monstrous rage, the draconid would fend her off as best as she could. She was the biggest threat now. So it was a blessing that Raven had summoned a war spirit to assist her.

She took the oppertunity to wrap her arms around Hilaria's waist, and used the beast aspect of her rage magic to push her away from Faith. Celia hissed in pain when her side was clawed; her blood having turned into an iridecent black, like oil. But once her awareness allowed her to notice the incomming attack from the wolf druid, the draconid grinned, her regeneration kicking in to keep herself stable for a while longer. If it managed to hit her soul jar, so be it.

But then it cleaved through both girls' legs. Well shit.

The war spirit disppated, leaving Celia stuck in Hilaria's "death hug". She realized neither of her regeneration or her healing artefact were working to fix her legs (the other half of them were probably out of reach anyways.), so that left one other option. She tried to use whatever rage magic was left to both hold Hilaria down, and free herself, her wings flapping in a panic.

"Aw, come on, I wanted to bust some heads!!"
"We'll be taking our smol one, and leaving."

- Eliza and Maura

And another dissapointment. The horror's were already gone by the time they arrived. The guy that killed Cindy seemed to nope out of there too. "You've gotta be kidding..." Eliza groaned, her and Maura stepping out of the vehicle. All that was left was a very angry knight and- Oh dear god why is Dorothy a legless dragon right now? Agh, that's not important right now! Veronica told the two of them to grab Ronin and go, both nodding in response.

Maura turned to the rest of her girls. "It's best that you go ahead and evacuate while you can, okay? We'll handle things here. Inform the others as well." She told them. Despite their hesitance, they understood.

"Right, let's get the kid outta here before she gets hurt!" Eliza boosted herself up into the air; her Mystic Dress allowing her to fly without wings, and hurried over to Ronin with Maura following behind. "Heads up, Ronin!!" The witch, given either she was fast enough or there wasn't anything in her path to slow down with time magic, picked Ronin up to carry her on her back."Boss said we gotta split! I know you wanna stay and help, but we can't stick around forever, so tell me what we gotta do!" She explained.

"I'm not dead either."
- Anaya

Anaya was forced to wait. After her performance took a good bit of her mana, she was forced to hide behind a tree till either the fight ended or her energy was back. It sucked, the best she could do there was provide cover fire. When the horror left, she stumbled back to HQ by herself.
I'd kinda think corrupted darkness, kingdom hearts references aside, could be like Valerie Herzstien's Effluvium specialization, if anything. Maybe somewhat tamer.

and I honestly dont want to outright copy it so, yeeh.
So since corrupted specializations seem to be a thing now, how do you think corrupted darkness work??
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