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I've come to the conclusion that humans are naturally hostile.
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Well good luck with that.
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First day of PT went well, but now I gotta do some at home. Yay.
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I just live rent free in people's heads.


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Well uh...

Thanks, whoever sent me a candy cane. ^^

"Hope we're not too late, Hydra."

Soaring above Galar was a trio of dragons. A Noivern, a Dragonite, and a Hydreigon in the middle. Upon the Hydreigon's back was Moira, rubbing whatever sleep was left in her eyes away as she rode on the three-headed pokemon. "This is what I get for pulling a damn all-nighter, aye?" She huffed, chuckling afterwards. "I better not hear the end of it from the others." She wasn't that much of a morning person, if she was honest to herself. That, or she didn't want to deal with the crowds and the press. Too loud for her taste. But Moira didn't have time to get a quick coffee, so the wind slapping her face had to do. She petted one of Hydra's heads, and looked back out to see they were approaching Motostoke.

"Finally." Moira slightly slapped herself awake, then looked to Vern and Python. "So how should we make our entrance? Normally? Or bombastic??" She asked her Pokemon.

Of course, given their nature, Moira had to humor them. Just this once.

As soon as they were closing in on the stadium, Moira began counting. "1, 2, 3!!" The three dragons in unison began to divebomb towards the gym. But before they reached the ground, they swiftly flew back up with mighty roars. They circled around the area a couple of times, then Moira vaulted off Hydra and landed perfectly in the middle of the crowd. She looked up to see the trio fly back up into the air to pull of a Dragon Dance, then land next to and behind her. "Whew, nailed it." she whispered, taking in the hype of the audience before marching forwards to the rest of the leaders.

"Posture straight, confidence high, Press ignored." Moira thought to herself. Once she approached the group, she bowed in respect. "Greetings, everyone. I wish you all the best this season." she smiled to them.

Meanwhile, Vern approached Draco to say a quick hello, making funny faces at the fellow dragon Pokemon. Python flew up next to Apollo, giving the Charizard a smug grin, while Hydra stayed by Moira.

"Time's running out."
- Eliza

Between keeping everyone updated on what has and will happen, and providing support for the Artillery Line, Eliza was starting to feel overwhelmed. Their efforts to keep Justine's side of the fight away was starting to feel in vain, but the witch shook off the feeling. Using her time magic to enhance her reaction time, she used Feilian's interference to snipe anyone trapped within the tornado.

Then the front door was destroyed.

"Damnit!! Everyone, we've been breached! And the second beacon team's making their way to the foyer!!" Eliza quickly informed her side of the fight. Looking back to the window, her eyes widened when Justine and Sonia appeared right in front of them. But even without her scrying power, she knew what was going to happen next.

"Move, MOVE!!" the witch backed away from the sphere projectile fired at the Artillery Line, combining both light and time magic into a shield to deflect any beams the crystal fired at her. At this point, Eliza was starting to get angry again, but she couldn't let it get the best of her like before. She couldn't waste any time on her meditation stone either, so what was she supposed to do?

Once she saw the greater gorelions that were summoned, the witch's eye twiched. Once. Twice. Eliza quietly walked up behind one of the creatutes, charging her gautlets with dark magic in the intent to bash it's skull open once it turned around.

Eliza managed to refract one of the deadly red beams with a time-accelerated shield of light, just in time for Alex to step forth and defend her from the followup beams. Eliza then used the moment of distraction to her advantage to sneak behind the monster for a flanking attack, ending up between two of the bulky monsters. Her punch caused the monster to release a magical girl it has caught with a howl of pain as it was struck right in the noggin. However, she realized too late that she had made a mistake; the Greater Gorelion behind her also turned, and slammed into her, causing her great bodily damage and knocked right into the first monster's gaping maw. She managed to avoid being completely sucked in, but her arm ended up caught in the monster's abyss-like mouth; she could feel how the monster was rapidly draining blood from it.

Eliza struggled against the monster on a fight or flight instinct, blood starting to seep through her mouth after being slammed into by the other Gorelion. "GET OFF!" she kept punching the Gorelion latched onto her with her free hand, while charging up a blast of light magic with whatever strength she had left in her other hand.

The Gorelion behind Eliza slammed against her again, causing her to flinch, but she possessed enough fortitude to stay on her feet and blast the monster pinning her with an explosive spell of radiant energy, resulting in the monster to let go of her arm. However, she realized her arm was now drained of most of it's blood, and she could barely lift it up for how weakened it was. At that moment, she could feel her destiny pull her towards Alex; at his side, she had a chance to survive this deadly trial.

She tried lifting her arm. Nothing. She tried balling her hand into a fist, lightly shaking her arm. Nothing. Eliza cursed under her breath. She couldn't fight with one arm, could she? The witch spat out the blood in her mouth, and looked around for the only healer that was with them. She didn't know why, but she felt like sticking by him would prove useful. So as Alex was cleaving away at the other Gorelion, Eliza went behind to blast it with another light beam, paying mind to avoid hitting him in the progress.

"Woah!" Alexander was caught of guard by the sudden beam of light. It hadn't actually come close enough to almost hit him, but the surprise of it made it feel like it did. Crossing his weapons in front of him to block the a charging bite from the beast, he took a quick look around for the source of that attack, and soon noticed a blonde haired girl. "Hey uh...this" He paused as the beast let off it's attack to try and tackle him. A quick sidestep got him out of the way, and he began putting on the pressure "I realize this is going to sound kind of weird but; have we met before? You look...kind of familiar."

"Had a feeling some of you wouldn't recognize me. Doesn't the hat ring a bell, Alex??" Eliza huffed, putting the two Gorelions in a temporary stasis, then rapid-firing both light and dark daggers at the monsters. "It's me! Scout!!"

"...Scout..." He repeated, trying the name out on his tongue. A few seconds later, it hit him "Oh wait, I think I remember; The assault on the mansion! You were there for the fight with the crazy doll girl that helped kidnap Lily. And then came along on the rescue mission." He snorted in amusment "Man, that feels so long ago. And yet-" He turned to the Gorelion and raised his voice a little "-It seems like some things never fucking change" He huffed "But seriously, it's nice to see a familier fa-er...person, in all of this madness."

"Tell me about it! And I ditched the nickname a long time ago, just call me Eliza!" The witch dropped the beasts as soon as she felt they were stabbed enough. "From the bigwig patrons striking gold on this goddamn war, to finding out Visceral never changed, Cindy dying, and me trying to cling onto my sanity for dear life?? Nothing makes sense anymore!! I'm glad to see you guys are still alive though, but you and me gotta stick together!" Eliza then turned her attention to her handicapped arm, furrowing her brows. "Got enough energy to fix this up? Those things drain blood quick."

Eliza charged her Time magic and succeeded to stop the Gorelions for long enough for her to stab them with elemental blades before they broke free, though it came at a noticeable cost in her mana. While the dark daggers didn't seem to do much, the light daggers staggered the beasts, buying her a brief respite from the onslaught.

"Yeah, sure." Alexander walked over to Eliza and took a closer look at her arm "Geez, that thing got fucked up." He then started pouring healing magic into it, and the arm fixed itself in a matter of seconds "There, that should do" He nodded "I'm not sure if you already had any plans, but I'm going to go find Lily. I really don't like the idea of her all alone out here"

"Thanks, Lily and Hilaria are probably holding out on the other side of the crystals. Here." With both her hands working, Eliza took off her hat and pulled out a bubble of time magic. Suspended inside it was her magic camera and thornwitch blade. She grabbed the camera from the bubble, and took a quick picture of the Gorelions for some more information on them.

The moment the shutter snapped, capturing the Gorelions in a magical picture, runes appeared on it, forming into English letters. The picture explained that the Gorelions are vampiric beasts of the night that prey on blood and flesh with an eternal hunger for magical beings. Despite their lack of sensory organs, they can magically sense prey in a vast area, and possess tongues capable of shooting out of the creatures' magically darkened maws and impaling prey from a distance. This particular variant has been enchanted with obsidian armor capable of absorbing much damage. However, they still retain a weakness to light magic.

"Everyone on the artillery line, the Gorelions are weak against light magic!!" Eliza informed the group, placing her camera back into her hat, and giving the photo to Alex before he left. "Hope you find this useful."

Alexander took the photo, shrugged, and then waved Eliza goodbye. 'Alright, time to put that new magic GPS to use.' Calling upon the mental compass within him, he directed it find Lily, and within seconds it came back with a result 'Man this is so useful' With a smug grin, he ran off in the direction of Lily.
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God of the skeleton army.
Off topic but if I get Code Vein next month which of my characters should I make in game?? Just in general.

Working on a collab w/ Ari and Capt atm, El might be going to face Justine herself.

Also! Since everyone's tallying up their polls,

By a surprising 4 votes, Valerie seems to be the most popular choice. Meanwhile Amanda and None or Another Suggestion are tied by 1.

I've already got the outline for Val's full CS ready, just gotta wait for the right time to finish and stuff.
A moment of silence. It took them a moment to process what had transpired, until Henry had broke the silence. "Well, now I know how Charlie felt in the glass elevator!" He stumbled up, and dusted himself off. "Everyone in one piece? Alice??" he looked over to his sister(?), who was staring wide-eyed at where the hole in the elevator was.

"She...wanted to protect me..?" She muttered.

"Oh uh, sorry about your robot-friend-thing," Henry started to apologize, when Alice cut him off.

"No- No, don't be. We may have been allies for the most part, but I draw the line on her harming either of you." She sighed, straightening herself up.

Isaiah nodded. ”Ultimately, the hooligan was unable to change. Escape was not even her goal, just vengence.” He closed his eyes. ”I’m not so sure she’s been decommissioned, even after all that. That was one tough nail to hammer!”

They turned their attention to the door, the group took a few hesitant steps forward, and made their way outside.

"Woah!" Henry exclaimed, shielding his eyes from the sun as he looked around. "Outside's kinda cold, hehe." he smiled, seemingly unbothered by the temperature. Alice was silently looking out to the horizon in awe, on the other hand.

”Axis Mundi’s located up around New York, or is it Maine? Regardless, we’re in the northern states so it must be Autumn.” He chuckled. ”My favorite time of year if I’m being honest. Or I suppose I should say Isaiah’s. Especially the end of October when all the kids dress up and go trick-or-treating. Though I think I enjoy it for the same reasons he did.”

"Halloween, hm?" Alice looked over to him with a tired smile, then back out to the view. "...She never really had a favorite holiday. I guess it didn't matter to her in the end, so long as she got time off of whatever. And the food." She chuckled, but her smile then faded into a conflicted look.

”Well, what do you think your favorite holiday is?”

"Oh! Uh..." She thought for a moment. "God, I'm not sure myself. Though I suppose I have a soft spot for Christmas?"

”That's another one where you can get good candy.” Isaiah smiled. ”That seems to be something all the best holidays have in common. It's just not a real holiday if you can't have something sweet.” He looked to Henry. ”How about you?”

"Eh?" Henry looked back towards the two. "No love loss for Thanksgiving, aye? Weeeell, the Day of the Dead seems interesting to me! Why'd you ask?" he tilted his head.

Isaiah laughed. ”I consider christmas and Thanks giving one and the same. I suppose that is a decent holiday for feasting.” He sighed. ”As for why I’m asking, I don’t really know. I just discovered that this entire time, I’ve been someone else without knowing it. Inside a killing game no less. I think it’s about time we began establishing our own identities.” The mobster pretender slid his hands into his pockets. ”I won’t lie, I’m a little upset by all this. I can’t really believe it, but I’m also starting to warm up to it as well.” He placed a hand on his chin. ”I’d like to learn more about who I use to be, but that person didn’t really want to be themselves, or couldn’t be themselves. So I’m going to use it as a chance to start fresh.” He shrugged his shoulders. ”Maybe I’ll take a page from the nanny’s book and do what I can to help children. I know I want to hold onto this connection I have with the two of you.”

"No man left behind, right?" Henry shrugged with a grin. "I still wanna try and find our old names in the database, then with what we already know, we can go from there. Maybe I can go into hacking full time, who knows!"

"I just want to have a normal live at this rate." Alice rubbed one of her eyes tiredly. "A-As long as I can stay with you, of course.

”Normal eh? I’m not so sure ‘normal’ exists for anyone.” Ice looked back at the elevator. ”But we can try for normal if that’s what you guys wanna do. I’m sure there are some perfectly normal hackers out there.”

"Is there though?" Henry joked. "So anyways, you two have a thing goin' on?"

”A thing?” The wanna-be-cool-guy shifted his eyes side to side. ”I mean I genuinely like your sister, and I feel like we've been through a lot together. It's just a connection I want to keep.” He cleared his throat. ”It's one of the few things I have that I didn't inherit from Ice. I just, um, want to see how it goes is all. There's no need to make it weird.” He inhaled. ”But as I have said before, I do like children,”

Henry's face went comically blank, then a smug grin appeared on his face. Maybe his theory was correct, but he'd bother them about it later. He slowly looked to Alice. "So are you gonna tell him now or am I ratting you ou-" He was quickly interupted when she clasped a hand over his mouth. "Shhhh!!"

”Hmm?” Isaiah moved to Alice's side. ”Um, why are you covering his mouth? Did you want to tell me something?”

"E-Erm...y-yeahonemoment-" Alice shot a quick glare to the snickering Henry, gently shoving him aside, then straigtening herself up. "I was actually wanting to tell you for awhile now. But between Lambert's attempts to keep you away from me, that hellhole being the worst place and time to feel something like this, and my own cowardice? I mean, even after the whole revelation that we're nothing more than nobodies of another pained me to almost no end because...well..." She sharply exhaled.

"I you." She avoided looking at him out of nervousness. "But if you don't feel the same, I can respect that. I just want you to be happy."

Ice curled his lips in between his teeth. ”Yes, well…” He placed a hand on the side of his head. ”Well, well…” He grinned. ”I kinda, sorta, love you too.” Isaiah turned to face Alice. ”Though all the same, I think even a flippin’ lunatic pandora could tell we just revealed the worst kept secret in Axis Mundi.”

"No kidding, you dorks!!" Henry yelled over to them.

Alice stared wide-eyed at him, before breaking out into a relieved laughter. "Damnit, you're right, hahahah!" She grinned.

”I suppose we need to decide what to do next.” Ice looked at Henry. ”Beating up your brother would be a good way to pass the time. I feel like he was never disciplined enough.”

"Wait what?!"

Alice looked over to her brother, albeit with a more mischevious grin. "You know what? You're absolutely right!" she snickered.

"And that's my cue to run!!" Henry quickly ran away in fright.

”Unbeflippin’-leavable!” Ice sprinted after him. ”Henry! I wasn’t serious! Get back here!”

"Oh dear. Wait for me, you guys!" Alice ran after the two.
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