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Current I want to die.
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Like I said, I don't do that sheit.
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@Crystal) Dunno how to help you there, dood, and I dunno the lifespan of 1x1 since i don't do that sheit.
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@Crystal) If you mean RPs that center around just romance, then no, you're not the only one.
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So take Chucky, make him a kid, throw some pajamas on him, and boom, that's Mason.
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...So these ppl are pretty cool.

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One day, I visted the bank to see it being robbed by what I believe was the weirdest sight I ever saw. Looking into the window, I saw a group of unicorns, armed with guns, threatening to shoot the bank teller. At first, I thought it was just a buncha guys in ridiculous costumes, but there were no signs of their bodies being fake. Just, what the hell? Then I thought I was high or drunk, which was probably stupid concidering I don't drink or smoke weed. Then I realized,

Holy shit. These are real unicorns from the ghetto.

So I hid in the bushed and called the police. I didn't mention unicorns to them though, they wouldn't believe it either! So I just suggested they brought animal control with them, then I hung up and booked it out of there. From there, to his day I'm concidering going to a therapist. It was an interesting weekend, but it made me question my life, man...
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Eventually, the sun will explode. The universe will be caught in it's fire, and life as we know it will cease to exist.

So really, death is still eminent. No escape, binch.

Looks good to me!
We're off to see the Blizzard, the wonderful Blizzard of Oz.
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I've always wondered what happened to any characters I had in dead rps. This here is an idea I had about it.

Banned for your username.
With the combined efforts of Lily, her, and Sue. They've managed to defeat Justine. Yet Eliza still felt a pang of guilt in her chest, the same guilt she felt when Minnie was killed, as the vampire fell into the ocean. The witch couldn't help but wonder if there was a different way to win the fight, without having to resort to bloodshed.

She hated it, and her new form was a forever reminder of it.

Eliza glanced over to Lily, who had dove into the water after Justine. She rose a brow, thinking that there was no way the vampire was still alive. As it turned out, she was. A grin a relief grew on the witch's face, as she flew down to lift Justine out of the water. "So, how are we supposed to get back to the others?" She asked.
<Snipped quote by FernStone>

Oh, so you haven't seen nothing yet.

Oh gawd...
The Condemned series is underrated.
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