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Current And i misspelled motivation. Great.
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Ever have almost every ounce of inspiration, motivatuon, and ideas drained from your mind? The only ones being for characters you sometimes wish you could kill off, or ones simply out of place?
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Im now officially trash.
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I come back on to see that discord's down...huh.
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Just Monika.


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I'm still in, m'dude.

"10:00, tend to the garden, 11:00, assist the maids, 11:30, check on Ross, 12:00, combat practice..."

Mirana was going over her schedule, in a bit of a rush, really. After more alices started to arrive, she had to make sure to focus more on keeping them safe, and to focus more on her combat training in case she had to fight any one of her stepbrother's soldiers, or really, him in general. Yet with one of said alices staying at her castle, Mira wanted to make sure he was alright during his stay, even if he wished to do more around the castle, it didn't seem right.

With a sigh, Mirana stepped into the garden. Whenever she was stressed, she'd always go there to calm down. Walking over to a bush of white roses, she cupped one of the flowers into her hands, a light smile on her face. The rose then appeared to be stained in blood, turning the petals red. Mira quickly shook the thought out of her head, as the rose appeared normal once more. "I really hope I can get some rest soon..." she said, bringing a hand up to cover her eyes, before looking down and crushing the rose in her hand.

"What are you planing, Rex...?"

Ten years in the asylum.

Ten years Morgan had to endure through various means to cure her of scitzophrenia, ten years she had retreated to her own "Wonderland", and fifteen years since she had witnessed her family's death with her own eyes. Morgan never fully recovered from that event, the fire, the blood, the cleaver in her hands, it was just like yesterday she had killed whoever had taken her family from her. But Morgan knew she had to move on, so on the day she was deemed cured, she was planning on what to do with her life.

Yet that didn't last long.

After she left, Morgan ended up falling into a well chasing a stupid rabbit, but she didn't hit the bottom. Instead, darkness was the only thing she saw, as she fell for what felt like forever, until one by one, there was light. Lanterns of different colors and shapes illuminated the hole, revealing a wooden interior, with different furniture and instruments(?) either sat on tree branches, or floated beside her. Fireflies and other glowing insects flew past Morgan, when a myriad of blue butterflies started to fly around her, changing her outfit to a more vibrant and familiar dress, the apron stained with blood.

Then everything around her caught on fire, burning away as she finally hit the ground, a bit of a rough landing. "Ow..." Morgan groaned, sitting up as she checked the back of her head for any bleeding. Somehow, she was fine.

"Okay, I seriously doubt that a well of all things has another world inside it." She muttered under her breath, standing herself up. Looking around for a moment, she decided to start walking, hoping where she wanders to may have some answers as to where she is. "Maybe this is all in my head. Yeah! Maybe I'm just having some sort of a coma and I'm still in the well, slowly bleeding out of my fractured skull cause of a damn rabbit. Yeah, sooner or later, I'll wake up in a hospital." Morgan talked to herself while she walked, cursing the animal that soon might have gotten her killed, until she noticed a structure in the distance. A red castle.

"Oh, finally, some sign of life!" She sighed in relief, yet something seemed off about the castle. It could've been her instincts telling her not to trust the place, but she wasn't taking any chances. So Morgan checked her apron's pockets, and pulled out a combat knife. "Nice, still got my knifes." She said, before walking to the red castle, a tight grip on her weapon.
Ello yes I am said someone,

Can I reserve a spot for a SHSL Singer?

Aleecia, Bliss, Calvin, Emily, Mercy

Once Ellie saw the condition Aleecia was in, she wanted to give the blind girl a warm hug, but someone else beat her to it, they were already hugging Aleecia, but it didn't stop Ellie from still going over to the two, she gently put a hand onto Aleecia's shoulder so she wouldn't startle the blind girl." Aleecia, we should get you cleaned up." She told her." Wouldn't want you to look like a mess when everyone returns right?"

Faith didn't say anything, just kept hugging her, not knowing the relationship between the two. Aleecia wasn't aware of much that was going around her, her sobs started to crack from her strained throat. She felt Ellie's hand on her shoulder and started to bat it away, before stopping as she heard Ellie's voice. "I-I... I don't care!" She slipped her hand over Ellie's and gently pulled it away, gripping it in her hand. "I won't let them think I'm okay, because I'm not, a-and... I want them to feel guilty, because what they are doing isn't right!"

Calvin did not look up for several moments after his debate with Noel. For half a moment, a deep pressure settled on his chest that made it hard to breathe, but the shame subsisted after a few moments. When he looked up, she had already turned away. He scanned the room, the vacant look not quite leaving his eyes.

He saw Ellie walk over to Aleecia, and gingerly place a hand on her shoulder. With a bit of a start, Calvin remembered his conversation with Ice. He walked over slowly and listened quietly, a few steps away. “The're gonna be okay, Aleecia.” There was a metallic taste in Calvin’s mouth, and his voice carried the same sort of tinny quality that projected only the slightest degree of confidence. “We'll hold up and help them if they need it." He was glad she couldn't see his face, though he felt Ellie's eyes appraising him briefly. He made eye contact with her. "Can you come with us? I..." He knew he wouldn't be able to take care of her on his own, not as he was.

The caretaker bit her lip before looking back to Aleecia and telling her." It's not about them." She told her." You can't let them get to you, breaking down like that only shows to the Neoslayer that he's getting to you and not just you but all of us." She let out a sigh before telling Aleecia." After Mason's death I wanted break down and cry as well, but I stood as strong as I could, you have to hold out hope Aleecia, but if you don't want to listen to me it's okay, I can understand that you are upset right now."

Faith took a step back, Aleecia seeming to accept them and started to head towards the door. If the blind girl had been in her right senses, she would have thanked the girl, but... "I-I... I..." Aleecia let go of Ellie's hand and covered her eyes with them, sobs escaping from her throat again. Half of her wanted to sleep into the void that she normally stayed in due to her blindness, while the other wanted to rip through the fabric of reality to save her friend. She couldn't seem to get out what she wanted to. This was all so messed up and she didn't care what the Neoslayer thought. "We need to h-help-" Sobs cut off her words again, tears and other fluids leaking from her face, which dripped down over her sweatshirt. "I-I need to g-g-go to Nariko... I won't leave now!" A fit of coughing slipped over her.

While everyone had made good points in the scrum debate, Mercy couldn't help but pay more attention to Aleecia in worry. It was the first time the plague doctor had seen someone break down in a while, so afterwards, she quickly walked up to the dice master to try and calm her down. "Excuse me," she muttered to Ellie, moving past the caretaker, before pulling Aleecia into another hug. "Shhhhh, it's okay, it's okay..." Mercy whispered, rubbing the other girl's back in an attempt to comfort her.

Again Ellie had the chance to hug Aleecia and comfort her, but instead Mercy arrived from the corner of Ellie's eye and pushed past her to give Aleecia a hug, it was almost starting to irritate her, but she didn't let it get to her too much. Ellie let the doctor do her best to comfort her while she went into the kitchen, when she reappeared, she had a soft cloth in her hands, she approached the two and spoke before she acted." Aleecia, I'm going to clean you up a little if you don't mind." The caretaker then moved the cloth to the blind woman's face.

She didn't want to be 'cleaned up' but didn't want to upset her friends anymore. It wasn't like they had signed Nariko's death warrant, they were just the clean up crew. Aleecia dropped her hands down to her lap, leaning into Mercy while balling up her hands into fists. It was a good thing she got them cut regularly or she might have drawl blood with her nails. Ice had been so kind and thoughtful when he did it but... "Where's Ice? I-Is he...?"

"He's talking with Alice, I think." Calvin said, turning back towards the door. Ice had been away for a while, but Calvin hadn't bothered to ask for more details before he had left. "They're... They can handle this." He felt inept, standing watching the women all comfort Aleecia. He wanted to reach out, but also understood that the others were far more capable than he was in his current state.

Ellie gently pressed the cloth gently across Aleecia's face, wiping her eyes and cleaning her cheeks thoroughly, even though Aleecia was a grown woman, She reminded Ellie of the children that she would care for usually, the thoughts of her countless visits to the hospital came to the front of her memory as she finished up and stuck the cloth into her pocket, she wanted to join the hug with both Mercy and Aleecia, but held off doing it remembering what happened last time when she hugged Aleecia."I know you feel angry and upset, but you should look presentable Aleecia, for when you get better." Ellie looked the Blind woman in her eye, well her closed eye as she spoke to her.

"Wait really?" Mercy asked, looking over to Calvin. "I'll be suprised if he convinces her to join this Night of Carnage. Girl's been having doubts..." she explained, moving aside so Ellie could clean Aleecia's face, but still giving the dice master a side hug.

"Pretty sure." He listened to Mercy speak further about Alice, and nodded gently. "She seemed pretty pissed when I said I wasn't helping." He watched intently as Ellie gently washed Aleecia's face, admiring the careful nature of the Infinite Caretaker's ministrations.

"Ah, well, it must've been her depression talking for her, atleast when I went to see Alice. So give a few minutes for her to cooldown, and she'll come back to apologize to ya or something." Mercy reasured the metalworker.

"He's... he-" Aleecia couldn't help remember that morning when Ice had abruptly tried to get her to leave. She had known that Ice didn't care much for her robotic friend, and... As much as the blind girl hate to think of it, she knew Ice would jump at the chance to help everyone murder Nariko. Aleecia gently pushed Ellie away for a second as another coughing fit came over her, her breaths still stuck in her throat turning to sobs. Everyone... No one would protect Nariko. The one who had helped the brunette the most. "Why should we have hope? What's the point?" She squinted open her eyes, wishing she could peer defiantly in Ellie's face. But even without her blindness, she wouldn't have been able to see through her tears.

"I wonder....what if she's lying to you?" Mercy asked, turning back to Aleecia as her expression changed to a more serious one. "What if Nariko's only using you and your kindness, only to stab you in the back once you're vulnerable? I mean, I get why you want to protect her, but machines tend to have artificial hearts, their emotions only being a mock-up. But... Sure, once things seem to go out of hand, you can go talk to her, try to reason with Nariko. However, if she doesnt let up, or tries to hurt you afterwards, tough choices must be made. Ya get what I'm saying?"

"It's my burden!" She started to shake again, this time with the fire she had held when debating with Faith, "Whether I trust my friends is up to me. I don't want to treat Nariko any different then I would all of you. Should I just assume everyone I meet wants to stab me in the back? No, I couldn't live like that!" Somehow, Aleecia had stopped the sobs swelling up inside her, so if anything else, this was helping in a small way. "This isn't only about Nariko, but also about my morality. I'm just letting one of my closest friends get slaughtered, if you were me or if Nariko was Alice, how could you be okay with that?"

"But how would you know if she's your real friend?!" Mercy exclaimed, a hint of anger in her voice. "Anyone can betray, hurt, and guilt you till you're nothing, how would that robotic bimbo be different, huh?!"

"I'd rather trust and fall, then distrust and never know love. I'll at least gain the satisfaction that I tried and put my all into my side, even if the other person didn't put hers in. Nariko is... misdirected. Without a helping hand, wouldn't we all be damned in this place?" The girl shuffled uncomfortably in Mercy's arms. They were rather close to each other and Aleecia felt so defenseless, especially after having lost the debate with Faith.

Calvin had thought the debate scrum was over, but clearly there hadn't been much of a resolution. "That thing isn't your friend, Allie." The name slipped without a great deal of intention, but there was a bit of force behind his words. "These things are tools that are keeping us here, and they're killing us in the process!" He threw his arms up for half a second, before taking a deep breath. "Nariko isn't going anywhere. Just like with Alexandria. You can't get rid of them."

Angry tears started falling down her face silently, "There's no way the mastermind has complete control of them, that's obvious based off of Nariko and Alexandria's actions. With their own AI's, it's the same as being a person! How will she feel knowing that I've abandoned her? It... It wouldn't be strange if she just killed herself off. She's too fragile for this..." Aleecia pounded her fists against her legs, "Why would she do this? I can't even make sense of it..."

"You need to understand that those things can't be trusted. Even with their own AI's, they arent human." Mercy told Aleecia, as her expression softened. She didn't want to argue with her, but the dice master was making it hard to stay calm. If anything, she was making it easier for the plague doctor to turn her in, but that wasn't right."Just...keep your guard up, okay?"

"It's not that my guard is down... it's just..." In an angry huff, she brought her knees to her chest and screeched into her lap, "Ugh!"

Bliss walked into the dining room with a few cups that had strings attached to them. “Alright. Denis and I set up the communication system. It works surprisingly well.” The nanny smiled at her handywork before looking at everyone else. “And not a moment too soon it would appear. I hope he's going to be okay. Denis might have an unhealthy addition to woman, but I don't wish any harm on him.”

All of the monitors switched on and displayed the elevators on the first floor's patient quarters. “Behold, reinforcements. Champion carnage sisters that wish to participate in the candidate’s killing game.” When the elevators opened up, there were several carnage sisters, all dressed up like nurses that just wandered out of the emergency room. And they must have been operating, because they were stained with blood.

The first sister to step out looked a bit lust driven. She had a hungry look in her eyes, and appeared to be drooling non-stop. ”Ohohoh Yes!” She held a guillotine's blade in one hand, and it was tied to a length of rope coiled around her other arm. ”Napoleon's here to test your stamina. I left my fuzzy cuffs in another killing game, but I brought plenty of rope <3.”

Once Napoleon charged off, another carnage sister stepped forward. This one's head didn't sit right. It was always bobbing side to side, its tongue freely swinging from its mouth. ”Yoo hoo, Julia here!” This one appeared to be armed with a sword like to the one Davis used in the first trial, and she held a massive tower shield to boot. ”I'm gunna have lots of fun using your blood to paint pretty, pretty rainbows all over. WOOOOOO!” Julia skipped away, her head bobbling around as she did so.

”Hey, why is I on that thar screen?” The carnage sister was pointing at a monitor next to her elevator. She had buck teeth and big goofy eyes. ”I ain't a fan of city slickers and their tricks.” She grabbed the starter cord on her chainsaw and, with a single tug, got the chainsaw to start. But the carnage sister was able to hold onto the gas guzzler with just one hand. She held a shotgun in the other. ”The name's Adar y'all. And I'm gunna make some country fixin's outa yer rear ends!”

After Adar ran off screen, there were no more carnage sisters present in view. The screen quickly filled with static, but didn't turn off. White noise filled the hallways for several seconds before displaying the elevator again. This time there was but a single carnage sister, and she didn't appear to have any weapons.

”So, this all seems pretty strange, right?” The carnage sister seemed to have much greater control over her face than the other sisters. She wasn't moving like a puppet at all, and was actually moving her lips to speak. ”It doesn't even seem real does it? Well, maybe it's not real, maybe none of you are real. It has to be a possibility, right? The carnage sister giggled like an innocent child. ”I mean if I was going through my normal life and I woke up in a death game, I'd assume it wasn't real. The whole idea of a death game is just absurd. Something like that could only happen in a video game.” The girl's head perked up. ”But the killing school trip was a video game right? I doubt anyone would do that more than once. Twists like that can get pretty boring when repeated. You need to switch it up a bit!” She smiled. ”Anyway, my name is Monika. Can you guess which conqueror I'm named after?” Monika stopped speaking for a moment. Possibly to let her audience think. “I look forward to meeting all the infinites, and maybe taking some of the players out of this killing game.” The monitor displayed more static, then turned off.

Nono, it's okay! I get it! I lost interest in one of my own rps, like a year ago.

But if it's not much trouble, maybe one of us can reboot this for you?

Question: What is the worst trait about yourself?


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