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7 days ago
Current We are missing out on horror games where the main protag is an exorcist.
7 days ago
Yet you can do alot with 5 dollars.
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7 days ago
Thing is when people expected SwSh/Breath of the Wild esque graphics, of course they'd throw a fit.
11 days ago
My insatiable rage grows every second I'm still living.
20 days ago
Happy Singles Awareness Day. I have no idea what to do for it.


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The realistic faceclaim's still uncanny to me.

Well, unless you want Maribel to meet Connie, MDP and Amanda could team up!

Honestly idk, depends on if Connie, Mia, and MDP want to help.
Hoo hoo. his faceclaim got sniped so I gotta use the alt for now.


Uh, I'm not Akaya buuut,

This will take place long after the events of the show so please don’t ask about cannon characters because there will not be any.
First post

And I'm already planning on resubmitting my character so, maybe you can pick a different symbol?

:eyes: ???
Why do I hear waltz music?

You remember what Amanda said, that they havent found the Witch of Nightmares yet?

Yeah....that's her.
Took a bit, but I wanted to introduce Maura's "Rival Force" into the mix.

If anyone wants to bother the other witches, let me know!
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