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"Sometimes, I do not have witty thought quotes."
Current Location: The Aspiria Refuge, Corridor

Searching through the physical files almost had nothing of value. While there was just more buisness mumbo-jumbo he didn't have time to sort through, there was something that caught his eye. Blueprints. Not really detailed but good enough to use as a map. When Leroux regrouped with Fable, he simply passed it over to her to hold, which then was passed to Breacher. Either the map was that barebones, or the elevator they found was a recent renovation.

At the suggestion of Breacher scouting ahead again, the boy slightly frowned. "Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, if the bastard currently watching us can stop the elevator too..." He softly voiced his concern, just in case whoever was watching them through the camera could hear them. Atleast Jacqueline agreed this might go sideways. "Well I can always try and get some temporary power running just in case. But I haven't tried doing something like that yet, so I dunno if it'll work." The Timekeeper suggested.

"We're not gonna have to fight through samurai, are we??"
Current Location: The Aspiria Refuge, Front Desk

"Nothing, nothing, she looks clear to me!" He called out. At a quick glance, he'd guess she was doing some last minute bookkeeping as the last one to leave. And judging by how overwhelmed the receptionist was reacting, she probably was innocent. That or the doc didn't keep her in the know about things. Poor lady. Fable looked back at the computer, there had to be more that he could find. "I'll see if there's anything el-"

Before he could search any further, the power cut off. The younger agent tensed up, his hands left hovering over the keyboard. Three seconds. Three seconds that felt too long for the emergency power to activate. Leroux didn't relax yet, and neither did he. All of them turned their heads towards a camera they failed to notice before.

They were being watched.

With Breacher scouting on ahead, Leroux went to escort the receptionist out. That left the Timekeeper to search through the rest of the desk. Physical files that could hopefully be of use to them. He was tempted to try and reactivate the computer with a melody, or knock out that stupid camera, but he didn't want to waste energy before they faced anything worse. That, and there was a chance he could also break the computer in his attempt. Eh, whatever. If he did find anything of importance, he can tell Jacqueline as they regrouped with Breacher.

The robotic esper walked close behind her, ever on his guard.

Level: 2
Experience: 13/20
Currently In: Frozen Highlands, Snowy Forest
Word Count: 613 (+1 Exp)
Albedo @Lugubrious, Linkle @Gentlemanvaultboy, ??? @XoXKieroBombXoX

In the end, there wasn't much to go off of if Frisk wanted to better their magical prowess. They did keep some things mentioned in mind, but all they could do is trust Tatiana's advice and have faith. Linkle grabbed her sled, and once the youth took their seat again, the trio set of once more. Their trek returned to the silence of the woods. Though it was natural for Frisk to be a bit quiet. They were simply taking in their surrounding in a steady train of thought. Though such silence was broken when the Skullgirl expressed her concerns.

"Hm?" Frisk head lifted up to look at her as Linkle asked. It took them a moment to realize what she was refering to. Or rather, something cross their mind. Their face contorted in dread. "I forgot you're technically undead!" They exclamed, shaking their head. "Whatever, even if he was suspecting something, we left before he can act on it. I'm not sure if I could convince him to spare you..." Or anyone else in that group, in fact. Frisk frowned. They really needed to get stronger.

But something else was bothering the older girl. She started to appear anxious, as if she expected someone, something was following them. The child's frown turned concerned. "Is everything alright...?" They softly asked her. But Linkle shrugged the feeling off, asking if either they or Albedo could talk about something. Anything. Well, if it makes her feel less scared.

"Back home, my home, humans and monsters used to live together above ground. So you weren't completely wrong with that. But at one point, a war broke out between the two races. Humans won, and monsters were banished underground. Only the power of seven human souls could break the barrier that separated them from the outside world." They told a story. "But that was a long time ago. Back before I was born. But I wasn't the first to fall underground. Just the first to survive through abnormal means." Frisk shrugged. They continued on, telling tales about their time there. What they've seen and experienced. What they learned, and about the rest of their friends. However long it took for Linkle to calm down.

Though it might take a bit to explain how Mettaton worked.

Eventually the forest dissapeared behind them, revealing a river squeezed in between a gulch. Weird snow piles began to pop up too. Weird enough that Albedo started taking some down. To scare away attackers? Whatever it was, tensions rose until something finally showed it's face. And it was-!

A snowman.

Cubeman? Squareman?

Frisk tilted their head in confusion. They knew a snowman, but never saw one shaped like this. Oh, there was more of 'em. Albedo didn't buy into the underwhelming surprise. And once he cut down the decoy, THEN the real enemies charged forward. Once the kid's soul answered the call to battle, they quickly took to the evasive. Dodge roll here, slide there, any of the smaller snowmen that tried to approach them they'd kick away with some remorse, though that's only if they're lucky to slip by the other two.

"Got it!" Once Linkle called out that they could borrow something from the sled, Frisk made their way back over and quickly looked for anything of use. A snowball whizzed over their head, reminding them to duck. And once something caught their eye, they immediately grabbed it. A gun...sword? Gunsword. Well, they couldn't say they weren't experience in weapons. This'll have to do! They knocked a few snowballs out of the way with the face of the blade, and fired a few test shots at their adversaries as coverfire.
...Y'know what. I'ma put my hat into this ring. I ain't good with speaking but I'll try anyways. Not sure if you only take one type of reference but here we go!

I got a boi, a good lad who will probably get forsaken by God later on, but a good one nonetheless. Finn, aka Fable, known as the esper, the Timekeeper.

I won't get my hopes up if I don't get picked but eh, can't hurt to try. Up to you if you wanna draw him transformed or not!
"Right. Glad that problem was settled."

After Valerie and the Visceral sisters left the Bank, the former reported back to Maura about what happened. However, Sann apparently shifting Justine away and back unharmed drew her suspicions as well. When she tried to look back at the vampire girl's memories, she saw that the connection was blocked somehow. And with what Justine told her about what the vaklyrie said at the christmas party...

Whatever. She didn't have much to work off of, so she decided to just focus on something else for now.

"Hey. You sure you wanna try and convice the unstable one to join us??" Lauren spoke up. The two of them have been watching the monitors of Valerie's supercomputer for a while now.

"Caroline? That'd depend on if Justine trusts me enough to take them both in. Why the question?"

The emerald haired witch frowned. "There's something off about what happened at the Bank. I'm sure you know."

Maura nodded. "Sanngridr."

"Other than her creeping on that poor masked kid, why did she feel the need to shift the Viscerals away just to heal the younger one?" Lauren asked. "If it was just to heal the younger sister, she wouldn't have set up a barrier against Williams, would she? She was only hostile to the winged runt until that happened, and yet..." She groaned, sitting back in her chair. "We might have a fucking rat."

The reaper felt concerned. "You really think Justine would...?"

“Would what? an amused voice asked. “Decide to abandon you for another, stronger Patron? One who wasn’t as spineless and indecisive as you? I mean, it’s a distinct possibility,” the voice continued, although its source remained unseen. At least, until a tear was rent in the fabric of whatever constituted The Cradle’s reality, beyond which a diminutive girl wearing goggles and an oversized lab coat was siting in a hover chair, grinning maniacally as she gently stroked a small eldritch creature. “Wanna find out?”

The two witches tensed up at the sudden appearance of Dr. Nykannis, both with different reactions.

"Wh-What?!" The truthful jabs at Maura turned her concern to dread. She had to be lying, right?? RIGHT???

While Lauren unfurled one of her bladed fans, eyeing the mad doc in case she tried to attack. For someone who managed to tear through reality into somewhere as secure as the Cradle, she had to be dangerous. "Here I was thinking the little shit just made a bargain. How do we know you're telling the truth??" Though before the Witch of Order got an answer, someone else decided to pop up.

"Because, my dear friends!!" From the background of Nykannis's location, the deranged "Witch" of Time called out. Popping into view as soon as she donned a different visage. Something about her presence, even without the other intruder being here. "She's not the only one who saw what happened!" Jennifer vouched for the scientist. Then she looked towards Maura with an amused grin, much to her dismay. "Gotta say, I almost feel bad for you. But it'll be goddamn hilarious to see your reaction to the real deal." She stiffled a cackle.

Lauren shuddered. "Okay. Definetly don't trust you. ...In fact, don't I know- Oi!" Her attention quickly turned back to Maura, who was walking over to the other two. "The hell are you thinking?!"

"I'll be fine." Maura looked over her shoulder to the green haired girl with a frown. "Something tells me I have to do this. Just wait 'till Val gets back, okay?"

Once Maura had entered Nykannis’s lab, the hole in the dimensional fabric closed once more. “Glad to see you still have at least some backbone,” the mad scientist told her guest. “As for what actually happened during Sann and Justine’s little ‘secret chat’, well… See for yourself.”

With a snap of her fingers, the ultratech lab around them would be replaced by the shore of a lake in the Overcity, beside which sat Sann, Caroline, and Justine.

”Well, now you got your minute,” Justine was saying. “Make it count.”

After watching the scene play out, Nykannis turned to Maura. “So? Whatdya think?”

As Maura began to watch what happened, Jennifer walked up next to her. As the former slowly felt mortified, seeing the consequences of her action come full circle, the latter's amused grin turned sinister in nature. And once it was done with, once Nykannis addressed the Witch of Death again, there was only one thought she had in her mind:

"What have I done...?" She said outloud, eyes dreadfully afixed to where the scene once was.

“You gained possession of the possibly Penny-tier champion of an eldritch horror and then forgot to put her on a tight enough leash,” Nykannis replied. “Or on any leash at all, actually. Y’know, if memory serves, one of your little minions told you that something like this was probably gonna happen, but you obviously didn’t consider it all that likely, huh? How about now? Oh, and, I gotta say, if someone who fatally stabbed herself to win an ass shoving contest is the genre savvy one, you know you’ve got problems. Thankfully, I’m here to fix things for you,” she added with a twisted grin.

Letting Nykannis say her piece, Jennifer spoke up next. "So how does it feel, hm?" She spoke in almost a low whisper, taunting Maura. "To lose one agent, and risk your reputation with the rest, just cause you wanted to play nice to a stupid girl who'd rather be the girlfriend to a psychotic angel than to stay with you?" She circled Maura as if she was prey. And she might as well be. "To be one-uped by an Empress class Magical Girl that doesn't deserve to put up with someone as spineless as you?"

"Go to hell..." Maura tried to block out their words, ignore her stare, her only response to the lunatic witch being a low growl. Though that was short-lived when Jennifer shortened the distance between them, looking her dead in the eye with a deranged grin. She flinched in response.

"How does it feel knowing you're the most pathetic, weak-willed agent of Death I've ever had the displeasure of associating with?!" Her grin twisted into a genuine scowl. "Like, man alive, Morri-

"It's Maura!" The Witch of Death tried to snap back.

"WHATEVER! Do you really think playing nice with these fickle fucks would always end with sunshine and rainbows?!" Jennifer backed up, spreading her arms out in emphasis. "People are selfish, Maura! No matter what you do, they'll be looking out for themselves, one way or another!" She put a hand on her hip. "Like I know Sann's goddamn desperate to get some fuck, but you should've been more aware of this. You don't need kindness, ou need respect! fear! For once, her cheshire grin became somewhat normal.

"People need to fear death, Maura. They need to fear you.

The Witch of Death went silent in thought. A short moment passed, and she turned to look at Nykannis. "...What do you have in mind?" Her brows furrowed.

“I’m glad you asked,” Nykannis replied. “To start with, I’ve heard that one of the hand holders you brought in, ‘I must restore my honor’, not Casper the friendly ghost, seriously wants to fight the Brave Little Toaster herself, so I thought I’d give him a not-so-little power boost. I mean, he’s almost guaranteed to fail, but I thought it might be fun to see just how strong I could make him. Besides,” the mad scientist added. “I’ve been needing a good test subject to try my new types of Cosmic Omniversal Infusion Numiouspheric Synthesizers on, and who better than someone who’s crazy enough to take on the Grand Magistrate’s favorite Patron Champion?”

Maura's eyes widened, despite the extra jabs. "You mean Finn??"

“That’s right,” Nykannis confirmed. “I had the dubious pleasure of running into him at the Christmas Party, and he seemed to be having a not-so-low-key panic attack over all the shit going on in Penrose.”

"Still prefer calling him Ifrit or Inferno, but yep. Still don't know where the honor part came from." Jen looked back to Nykannis. "And if he does fail, that'd mean I have to step in. Since I wanna try and avoid that outcome, we'll have to test the waters first before taking the dive. I'll explain further when we get our dear vessel here." She then turned her attention to tinkering with her disguise tech.

“Yeah, a test run would certainly be preferable,” Nykannis agreed. “And keeping yourself out of the spotlight is definitely for the best. You’re fun to chat with, and I wouldn’t want the Grand Magistrate to get annoyed and have you accidentally erase yourself from existence. Still, who, or what, were you thinking of testing him out on?”

"There's plenty of options back in Penrose! But I'm mostly talking about the Wonderland court." The time witch spun back around to face Nykannis. "Could also sick 'em on someone like Rachel, but apparently these fellas are not to be taken lightly. It's perfect timing, I tell ya!"

"Hmmm. I'll see about dragging him here." Even though Maura didn't know how he or Oliver would react to just Finn being subjected to this, she went ahead and called the latter through Magicoms.

“Think you can manage that?” Nykannis asked, not even trying to hide her derision. “Otherwise, I could just open a portal to wherever he currently happens to be brooding.”

Maura simply rolled her eyes, continuing to explain to the boy what the deal is through their coms. She walked over to the nearest shadow and formed a portal to the Cradle there, and reached in to gently tug him through. Looks like he was untransformed at the moment.

Soon as he stepped out into the Lab, Finn's eyes lit up, looking around the new sights before following Maura back to the other two. "This place is fucking amazing." He said to no one in particular.

“You better believe it is!” Nykannis declared. “Welcome to my Lab! Now, how would you like to have an upgrade?

"Well, I've been long overdue for one, yeah. Maura already let me know what's up." He shrugged, then appearing uncertain. "...This isn't gonna hurt, is it?" He asked, arms crossed.

“Only if you want it to,” the mad scientist replied with a maniacal grin.

"No thanks on that end." Finn quickly shook his head.

“All right,” Nykannis said with an amused chuckle. “Then let’s get started!”

With that, five palm-sized coins flashed into being. An emerald coin was positioned before the magical boy, while an amethyst coin floated behind him. To either side hovered a diamond coin, while above him shimmered a multi-colored prism coin. Suspended around these was a shell of twelve Topaz coins, which along with the others, glowed with ever-increasing intensity.

“By focusing my ultratechnomystic power through the lens of these new COINS I’ve developed, I can multiply my enhancement abilities a hundred fold! Nyahahaha!” the Monarch of Mad Science declared with a deranged cackle as tentacular mechadendrites emerged from her back and her hands morphed into bizarre manipulator arrays. “So, got any particular improvements in mind?” she asked as her various appendages positioned themselves in front of each suspended coin. “Or should I just go all out?”

With widened eyes Finn looked at the coins that floated around him, coins that not even he knew were possible. He was starting to feel a bit nervous, but...

"No preference. Just do what you have to." He took the moment to transform, just in case. His eye remained it's original color. Maura and Jennifer stepped back, even if the former appeared worried.

“Nyahahaha! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear!” the mad scientist cackled, before setting to work, swirling clouds of transphasic metaphysical nanites assisting her various manipulator appendages to enhance Finn’s various physical and magical attributes to previously unimagined levels, while simultaneously imbuing him with truly staggering levels of power. There was a blur of motion, followed by a loud *Zeeshoom!*, and a mighty flash of prismatic light, after which the various manipulators and nano swarms dispersed and retracted, leaving Finn standing visibly unchanged, aside from a swiftly fading glow. Internally, however, much had changed. In particular, the magical boy would find all of his stats had been quadrupled…

“Nyahahaha! So, whatdaya think?!” Nykannis asked eagerly. “You now have the abilities of an Emperor-class magical boy, with your various perks and powers being enhanced accordingly. Plus, you’ve now got activateable invulnerability, access to the omnispec state, and the option to use a Killing Blow attack, although the chances of it actually hitting its intended target are entirely out of my hands. And to ensure you have enough Metaphysical Aetheric Numinousphere Accelerator to fuel all those additional powers, I’m letting you tap into my own personal power accumulator pocket dimension, which you can basically think of as a mana font on steroids. Oh, and I gave you an extra special treat as well,” she added with a crazed gleam in her eyes. “See, even if you were a billion times stronger than Penny, she’d still wipe the floor with you in a straight up fight, simply because the Grand Magistrate won’t let her lose. HOWEVER, only a total idiot would ever engage her in a straight up fight in the first place. An intelligent person would exploit one of her MASSIVE weaknesses, in particular, her paranoia, and her generally brittle as all fucking hell mental state. Like I was telling Jen here a while back, when it comes to overpowered Mary Sues, you need to mess with their minds… And so, to facilitate that, and to really synergize with the whole chunni ‘my demon eye holds an awesome power’ look you’ve got going on, I implanted a nightmare ray into your eye socket. The one that’s covered up. It’s a little less powerful than the nightmare cannon I recently created, but it should serve you just fine, so long as you only use it on Penny. That’s another thing,” the mad scientist added, raising a finger for emphasis. “These upgrades are only intended for use against her Mechanical Majesty. I mean, you could use them all the time, but something tells me the Grand Magistrate would take objection to that, so while I REALLY hate to say it, this is one of those rare situations where less is more.” She paused for a moment to stare intently at the empowered magical boy. “You get all that?”

The boy quickly nodded. So this was like some weird Cinderella type beat, huh? One chance to be able to do something he wanted before things went back to normal. As much as he atleast wanted to keep the boost in strength, he understood what the mad scientist ment.

Then there's the deal with his bandaged eye's little upgrade that made his brows rose. "I only cover that eye up cause a failed experiment left me partially blind." He explained, unamused at how she described his appearance. "But...thanks." Regardless, he gave her a crooked smile.

"There's a bit of a problem though." Jennifer spoke up, one of her eyes having changed back to it's original gold. A screen-like window through reality appeared in front of her face, looking back into Penrose. "Since Beacon's caught wind of the Wonderland court, Penny's gonna be out visiting some higher ups to get more information about them. Unfortunate that Valerie got walled off from hacking further into their database. Anyways, unless you want to catch her before she leaves or some shit? Yeah..." She slightly frowned.

“Oh, my pleasure,” Nykannis replied with a grin. “And I wouldn’t be too bothered about that, she added once Jen had voiced her concern. “Penny won’t be gone for long, and something tells me ‘tall, dark, and brooding’ here is gonna need a LOT more help if he’s serious about overthrowing her Mechanical Majesty. I mean, I could just give him all that extra stuff now, but where’s the fun in that? This’ll kinda be like a quest, a journey of self improvement,” the mad scientist explained. “Y’know, your very own training montage. The Grand Magistrate loves that shit. It makes for a better narrative. I mean, who wants to see someone get everything they want without putting in any work for it? That’s no fun to watch or read about. So, yeah, I’m sure Jen here knows a few people who might be interested in helping you out,” she told Finn with a smirk. “Though I’m not so sure you’ll actually enjoy working with them.”

The false witch turned her attention back to Finn, who gave Nykannis a quick unamused look. "That's where the test run comes into play. If things look fine and dandy into next downtime, I can introduce you to another friend of mine. You might have seen her at the Christmas event." She explained to him. "She's kind of a weirdo, yeah, but her old goals and yours currently align. I know she'll be willing to help." Jen smirked.

"Okay but...who are you exactly? Why are you wanting to help??" Finn rose a brow.

"All you need to know is that I'm a friend that's rooting for ya." She shrugged.

“And I am Doctor Nykannis, Queen of the Mad Scientists! Nyahahaha!” Nykannis added. “As for why I’ve chosen to bestow the gifts of my super-scientific brilliance upon your angsty, edgelord self, well… To quote my cryptic friend here, let’s just say because I was bored.

Finn gave the duo a comical look, before pointing at Nykannis. "Understandable." He turned to Maura. "Guess we should head back by now?"

"Yeah. I have a lot to think about." The reaper nodded, feeling disgusted both at herself and Justine, but also determined to set things right.

"Snoopity snoop."
Current Location: The Aspiria Refuge, Front Desk

As he went to try and open the door, Breacher went over their strategy before anything further happened. Which was basically stick together and don't kill the doctor. Specifically she told the Timekeeper to not run ahead. After the last time he tried that? ...He shuddered at the dreadfilled memory. Yeah, maybe she had a point. Seeing as the door wasn't opening any time soon, Fable stepped aside to let Jacqueline pick the lock with her weapon. The door unlocked and swung open, revealing-

The sudden whiff of incense caught his attention before the interior did. It wasn't too strong to where he had to cover his nose, but wasn't that subtle either. Still a bit of a surprise. Especially, since the inside of the building looked pretty nice compared to outside! The atmosphere gave off more of a spa vibe than a clinic, and the lack of windows was subsituted for fake electronic ones. Then again, this could only be a facade for the rest of the building. They just had to head down the lone corridor to find out.

Oh. And the receptionist was still there too.

There could be many theories as to why she was still here when the clinic was supposed to be closed, but that'd be a waste of time to sit through. Fable tensed up once he realized the receptionist was reaching for something, but as much as he wanted to, he held back from acting first. It was probably better that the more experienced two handled this than him. Breacher restrained the lady with a melody, and Leroux cuffed her, explaining why they were there and such. Whether or not the receptionist was a threat, she seemed too skittish to be a thrall. At least from what he could tell.

The Timekeeper's brows rose when Leroux asked him to search the front desk. "Oh, yeah, gimme a sec!" He nodded, walking over. He'd start searching through the computer, then work his way around the other corners.

Level: 2
Experience: 12/20
Currently In: Frozen Highlands, Snowy Ruins
Word Count: 209 (+1 Exp)
Albedo @Lugubrious, Linkle @Gentlemanvaultboy

Ah, it wasn't magic?

Frisk tilted their head in curiosity as D and Tatiana explained the source of their power. They slightly frowned as the gilded warrior expressed his distain for some mentioned scholars. They didn't mean to open past wounds for the guy. Tatiana then took her turn to explain. Faith. That was what gave them power. And lots off it it seems! The child's eyebrows rose as she listed off the cool stuff they could do, cause of this higher being they followed.

Frisk faintly smiled as the cleric patted them on the head, assuring them that even they could have that kind of power as long as they believed. ...In who or what, they had no idea. Perhaps a higher being could humor them at some point. For now, they kept Tatiana's words in mind, nodding in response with a more pronounced grin.

Though D seemed more pesimistic about it, talking about an Erdtree and gold. Guess he likened faith to gold? Would make sense. The head cleric's optimism countered his pesimistic outlook, to which he simply shrugged off. As Albedo diverted the warrior's attention for the moment, Frisk spoke up to Linkle again:

"Wanna get going?" They asked, not seeing any further reason to stay.
Finn finally arrived at the Overcity College of Magic, the most prestigious and acclaimed school of learning the art of magic and the numerous ways it has been applied in the arcane community. He headed out to Entrance-level Exorcism, and arrived at the classroom just as the teacher, Magus Ilmatar, called out a certain name: "Finnegan Vanhorn! You're late! What do you have to say for yourself?"

Finn visibly tensed up as his name was called. "M-My apologies! Had to stop a vicious monster attack! Wendigoes. Way too many wendigoes..." He explained, shaking his head at the end, then hurrying to his seat in definetly-not embarassment.

Ilmatar looked surprised. "A monster attack? Well, I suppose that is a justifiable explanation. Anyway, let us begin..."
As Ilmatar began by opening a PowerPoint presentation on exorcism, Finn heard a little giggle from next to him; it came from a girl with long, black hair that covered one of her eyes. Upon being noticed, however, she made a little "eep".
"Oh, I'm sorry! I, uh, didn't mean to laugh...You just had a very funny expression..." The girl then lifted her textbook to hide her reddened cheeks.

"Hm?" Finn glanced over to his raven-haired desk neighbor the moment he heard her giggle. Even if his attention was divided, he tried his best to listen to the presentation as well. "Ah, it's okay! I probably looked ridiculous coming to class late huh?" He whispered back with a soft smile.

The girl peeked out from the top of the book. "Y-Yeah...Sorry, I'm a bit nervous." She noticed how the teacher glanced in their direction, and lowered to a whispering voice. "But we need to be quiet. In the last class I was in, some loud girls were punished by being put in a glass jar. I hope I'm not punished like that..."

"Hah, sounds fun." Finn couldn't help but sound a bit sarcastic. If that was how her last class got punished, what would this one cook up? He took a moment to jot down some notes. "Just make sure you pay attention, K?" He'd whisper without looking away.

The girl nodded, and followed Finn's example of taking down notes as the class continued. By the end of the lesson, Magus Ilmatar announced: "The final evaluation of the course consists of performing a successful exorcism before the class. For this, you will pair up with another student. The spirit you are to exorcise...Will be this." She opened a suitcase on her desk, and showed tiny colored vials. Each held a tiny creature within them.

"These are sprites. Cute little creatures, but capable of mischief nonetheless. They are trained to seek out totemic objects and possess them. The responsibility for keeping the sprite will be shared between the students of each pair. Make sure to take a vial on your way out for practice. Class dismissed."
The black-haired girl blinked, and then looked around; it seemes nobody wanted to pair up with her as the class of students went to grab the vials. She sat on her desk with her head leaning on her arms, looking slightly depressed. "I guess it's just you and me, Damien...Like always..."

Except when Finn prepared to leave, gathering his things and going over to grab a vial, he looked around to notice his desk neighbor hadn't got up to grab one yet. He glanced back to her, then the vial in his hand, then walked back to the girl. He held the sprite vial out for her to take instead. An offer.

"I'm Finn." He introduced himself properly with a smile.

The girl looked up with a blink of her visible eye, looking surprised. "I...I'm Ebony," she shyly introduced herself. She then looked at the vial...And she fidgeted, averting her eye. "I-I'm still missing a partner, so...Maybe we could...You know..."

Finn snorted. "Why'd you think I'm handing you the vial? Of course I wanna partner up with ya!"

Ebony blinked. "Y-You do? Okay then, we can" She blushed a bit, before snatching the vial from him. "L-Let's do our best, then," she blurted out, and took off of the classroom, waving as she did so. "Bye!"

"Ah, careful with that!" Finn called out as she left in a rush, waving back regardless. After a moment, he left the classroom as well.

Meanwhile, Oliver went to the workshop classrooms located in the basement level of the school for Magical Engineering Mechanics: he noticed how the room had all kinds of glowing and shimmering contraptions and devices in addition to workbenches and more traditional tools. The teacher of that class was a skinny and nerdy-looking magical girl with oversized magitech goggles that extended and retracted like a pair of eyestalks on a snail. She was working on some kind of glowing cube even as the classroom filled up, and the time of the class had already passed by a minute.

A basement? How oddly befitting for him. Oliver curiously glanced around as he made his way downstairs. It was kind of charming, seeing that they mixed in the traditional tools with the more advanced stuff. His teacher also looked interesting at first glance, but he wouldn't dwell on that further. The spirit went ahead and took his seat.

More time passed as the teacher continued tinkering with the cube, until one of the students cried out: "Miss Marjatta, shouldn't you already start the lesson? We are five minutes over the appointed time." Oliver noticed how the girl was sitting at the front, and had curly brown hair and tapped jubilantly on her desk.
The teacher was seemingly woken from a trance of sorts.
"Oh! I was supposed to be teaching now, wasn't I? I'll solve your mysteries later, little buddy."
She tucked the cube away, and addressed the class, her robotic eyestalks twisting around. "I am Miss Marjatta, and I will be teaching Magical Engineering Mechanics this semester. During the course, you'll learn the basics of magical engineering, or magitech, as the cool kids would say. By the end you will build a magical device for your final evaluation. Any questions?"

"Well I'm not sure if this is relevant to anything but, what were you tinkering with exactly??" Oliver asked in genuine curiosity.

"Oh, isn't that the question!" Marjatta took out the cube and lifted it up for everyone to see.
"This is a marvellous artifact recently discovered in an ancient tomb! Having analyzed it, I have come to the conclusion that it is a power source of some kind, but how does it work? How was it made? How much energy does it contain? Maybe if I-"
"Miss Marjatta, the lesson please!" The girl again called out.
Once again the absentminded teacher was brought back to reality. "Ah yes, the lesson! Now, open your books to chapter 1031..." She mumbled, as she kept looking at the cube.

The spirit quietly giggled. Perhaps one of them could make a device that helps analyze that artifact further. For now he did what he was told, and flipped his book to the right chapter.

The class continued despite Marjatta's lapses in attention, and eventually Marjatta gave the class their first homweork. "Read up on those chapters and deliver a two-page essay. Also prepare for the assignment next week. Oh, and while the final evaluation is done independently, the weekly assignments are to be done in pairs."
The curly-haired girl raised her hand.
"But why? Shouldn't we complete these assignments on our own? What if somebody leaves all the work to their partner?"
Marjatta initially didn't respond, having returned back to examining the cube, until she snapped to attention.
"Oh, I'm sure nobody will try to cheat during this course. Also, I have come to the conclusion that pairing up leaves me with 50% less homework to grade."
She nodded to herself.
"It is very efficient, don't you agree? Anyway, class dismissed."
The girl groaned as everyone packed up. "Fine. I'll just have to pick someone...Hey there!" She waved to Oliver. "My name's Rennala. Wanna pair up with me for this course?"

"Hm? Oh." Oliver looked over to Rennala when waved at. "Oh, sure! Why not? I'm Oliver!" He told her, walking up next to the girl once he was done packing up for the day.

"Alright! But don't think you can just loaf around while I do all the work! We're doing this together!" She announced with a determined smile, and attempted slapping Oliver in the back...Only to whiff completely. "Whoah! Nice dodge!"

Oh, he turned intangible for a moment. Must've been a reflex.

"Thaaat wasn't on purpose." Oliver puffed a cheek out. "Ghost thing. If it wasn't obvious."

Rennala smirked, and attempted to poke Oliver's shoulder. "Oh, how interesting. Well, that's fine. Even if your body's empty we can do this as long as your head isn't. So, should we exchange contact information or decide on meetups? I'm fine with either."

"Exchanging contact info sounds good. We can discuss where to meet from there." Oliver said, pulling out his phone.

"Alright! Here's my number," Rennala said as she showed her phone: it had a little owl sticker and a feather keychain hanging from it. Afterwards she punched Oliver's number in, and sent a text through Glimmr. "Yep, this works. I look forward to working with you! Gotta go to Potions Basics bye!" She then left, turning the corner.


"New job, day one."
Current Location: Outside the Aspiria Refuge
|Objective: Investigate the clinic.|

For all his avoiding Shimr, Fable didn't know he was getting popular until he noticed it whilst lurking. It genuinely shocked him, and really, it was sort of nerve wracking. People were counting on him, rooting for him to bring Justin down. He had fans! Fans that he really didn't think he deserved, but he couldn't worry about that right now, could he? Then there was the whole assumption that he and Betty were a thing.

...Yeah, even the thought of that makes him flustered. Circumstances aside, why would she ever feel that way over a wimp like him? He'd have to clarify once he got the chance. And maybe quietly hope things will end on a better note next time!

This time was his first assignment as a GEMINI agent. A curious one at that, and hopefully, a lead. A private clinic housing thralls as patients. Whatever the case is, Fable and two others were sent to investigate. He and Leroux already met, but he didn't know what to think of Dragon Breacher yet. As the three stood facing the clinic in question, the boy looked over the exterior. Damn. No windows.

"Think they expect us to go through the front door?" He'd ask his teammates, staring at the closed sign. He checked to see if the door happened to be unlocked. If not, well, there's always breaking it down.

Level: 2
Experience: 11/20
Currently In: Frozen Highlands, Snowy Ruins
Word Count: 604 (+1 Exp)
Albedo @Lugubrious, Linkle @Gentlemanvaultboy

There was still one glaring issue they had to address. Before they continued setting off, Frisk talked with Papyrus for a moment, thinking he should stay in Snowdin and watch over the town for them. As much as they wanted him to join, the whole being forced to fight to the possible death thing worried them. But they promised him that they'd make sure the rest of their friends would be safe. Even his brother. So, waving the sentry goodbye, Frisk hurried back over and took a seat in Linkle's sled when offered.

For the most part, they quietly took in their surroundings. The bustling activity of Snowdin, and the dreadful path towards the Beneviento Estate were traded out for a silence only snowy forests could give. Linkle filled the silence as she caught Frisk up to speed on what's happened so far, and how the world actually worked. The youth listened intently. They grimaced when they were told what happened to Kirby, then breathed a quiet sigh of relief when she said the little guy was healed in time.

Their brows rose when it was mentioned Albedo almost cured himself. There were other means to free people? Guess the Alchemist was just that smart. There was a Master of Masters guy who first taught them how the world worked, and thirteen bad guys they had to fight to reach Galeem. The giant hand sounded annoying too. Dice-headed guildmasters, zombies, and skull hearts, all leading up to Linkle meeting Albedo.

"Atleast you're not alone anymore." Frisk told her with a faint smile. They passed by a ravine, which Linkle went over to check if the guy she fought was still there.

And he wasn't. That's not good.

The skullgirl tried to reassure them and Albedo that the time-freezing guy would only want to fight her, yet Frisk still worried. They couldn't do anything about his freedom at the moment, so they continued on. The sound of crows started to fill the silence after a while, something that caught the Alchemist's attention. They took another detour to find....


Frisk's face contorted in disgust. What they found was something that was probably an animal before it's unfortunate harvesting. Apparently it was supposed to turn into ashes upon it's death. Such was another aspect of the world they were in. Albedo decided to shrug it off for now and continue on. Now all of them were on high alert. But the child remained quiet, as to keep an ear out for anything approaching or nearby. The sound of strife for example.

The small party picked up the pace to find a group of hunters; of warriors, mages, and clerics, fighting something that looked like an elephant. Linkle wanted to help, but Albedo didn't want to intervene. Frisk simply watched from their spot on the sled. The killing blow was dealt, and the monster was defeated. Turns out the hunters were the reason for the previous corpse, and were prepped to harvest the contents of this one.

The child decided to wait back on top of the ledge for a moment, and watched the other two make their way down to say hello. Once they knew the hunters wouldn't attack, they followed behind, giving a slight wave to the other team. The knight in gold and silver, D, explained why they hunted game and about "Those that Live in Death". Sounds like zombies.

"Think we'll run into those Life-Death things??" Frisk asked Linkle in a whisper. Oh, they almost forgot. They glanced over to the magic users among the hunters. "Where'd you learn your magic??" They asked.
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