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Current Its been awhile. ^^
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skidaddle, skidoodle. Fuck you, im a poodle.
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aaaaaaaand, point! *Points to something random*
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Sorry for my lack of posts here recently, ive been more focused on another RP group, so i dont get on here much like before.
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Is chrismun.


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Rarely. I've been more focused on friends to check back here from time to time. :P
50 points to Ravenclaw!

Gryffindor: 50
Ravenclaw: 50
Hufflepuff: 0
Slytherin: 150

As soon as Max had called them over, Alice hurried back to Henry, who had been helping the officer find a way to break the door open. "Maybe we can find a crowbar or something to pry it open? Or a sledgehammer?" Deimo suggested to the others. Yet the recon's attention was turned to something else happening. Braden was trying to talk sense into Denis, then a fight had broke out between the two. Already she could tell it wont end well. Luckily, Daimyon approached the group to help with the door. Then with their combined effort, the group managed to break the door off its hindges. "About time..." Alice said, stepping forward to walk inside Davis' room.

Then her intuition was correct, as an explosion gave way to chaos, and the ventriloquist had ended up as another victim. Henry held back the urge to throw up at Braden's gruesome fate, while Alice didn't really react to it. But a small part of her was glad he was gone. "This is the kind of hell you guys go through here?!" The pianist hid behind his sister, freaking out a bit. "You get used to it eventually." she shrugged.


"Hell no." Alice looked around. "Lets just head inside, okay?"

Henry nodded, and the siblings followed the rest of their group into Davis' room. "That must be it." Alice walked over to the wooden chest on the bed, while Deimo watched the exchange between Thomas and Davis end with the former having his head sliced off. "...Well, im gonna have nightmares for a week." He spoke up, dumbfounded. The recon looked over the poet's shoulder when he opened the chest, taking note of the contents inside...before Daimyon slammed the chest shut. "What the hell are you thinking?" she asked him. "Look, I just want to grab a couple of weapons, that's it. There's no need to go hostile." she tried to reason with the poet, but either way, she wasn't leaving without Parker's K-bar knife.
@Your Move@Ryteb Pymeroce

Looks good, accepted!

Right, ill see about getting the first post up around monday!

Oh yeah, accepted! Go ahead and move them over!
Loving what im seeing so far!

@Your Move Not sure, it depends on the character, but nothing god-moddy. K?
@Athol A contract with a demon would work like a normal contract, but the powers given to them can be taken away swiftly if they turned traitorous.

And its a bit of both when it comes to the powers that be and the ones that were.

also noted. Fixed the formating on the cs.

Yeah, theres a few good demons in the circus! Cant wait to see the cs.
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