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To quote the old vine, "NO ONE CARES-"
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When in doubt, binge Bo Burnham's songs.
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Every Egg Is Fish.
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Assault-Type Thomas.


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Why do I feel called out with this post?

I dunno, feels more like kindred minds than a call out.
Most of my current ships have reasons, even if it is just "It's literally the only reasonable one."
<Snipped quote by Majoras End>

Aww so cute. If you need other creators I can easily send more.

Up to you, dawg.

@Winter Star12

I tried the thing you used to make your avatar (or something like it). Tried to make my sona, but she ended up a pastel child.

“Do you think love can bloom on the battlefield?”

“I don't know, let me consult the cards.”

— Eliza & Tetrad

Tetrad was one of the first people to the party. The dance floor was empty when she arrived, so she had decided to crash on a bar stool instead. Tetrad was far from an alcoholic, but it was hard to get drinks when you looked like you were below the legal limit.

She’d been sipping her drink while waiting for the dance floor to fill up. Her glass rested on a coaster, right beside a half-eaten club sandwich. She was dividing her attention between her food and Eliza.

”So that’s still you, huh Eliza?” She picked up her sandwich. ”Guess I can’t make angel puns anymore. I’ll get over it, heh.” She took a bite out of her sandwich, a big one. ”So *chew* what are ya *munch* gunna do now?”

"Other than keeping everyone here safe? Beats me." Eliza shrugged, taking a sip of her drink. "Maybe try and figure out my new powers. Maura's been thinking of going after the rest of the Red Nest after the last fiasco of a mission, so I guess I can take on Katelyn then? I dunno."

”Got revenge on the mind, huh?” Tetrad shrugged her shoulders. ”We all need hobbies I guess. I’m about due for some down time. Beating up people is great, but I gotta live a little too, ya know?” She finished her sandwich before reaching into her pockets. ”You wouldn’t happen to be into fortune telling would you?”

Eliza's eyes lit up, her nodding in response. "Are you kidding? I love astrology stuff!" she grinned.

”Good kid, real good.” Tetrad wasn’t sure how old Eliza really was, but it only made sense to treat newer members of cradle like younger siblings. She reached under her arm and pulled out a deck of cards. ”Alright now these-”

…Were not actually Tarot cards. Tetrad had drawn a pack of magic the gathering cards.

”Woops!” She laughed. She had used her disguise artifact to give herself a fitting outfit for the rave while remaining in costume, and she must have reached into the wrong pouch. ”Yea these, I won a long time ago. I’ve never played magic the gathering, they were just collateral on a bet. Don’t want you to think I’m a nerd or anything.” She slid the cards away and reached for a different pouch. ”Okay, now these cards will determine your fate.” She placed the deck in front of Eliza. ”To do this properly, you need to ask a question and then shuffle the cards. Once you’re done, I’ll take it from there.”

"No worries. I never played that either." The witch chuckled, then turned her attention to the cards in front of her. She thought for a moment, and spoke up again. "Soooo, how will my love life turn out?" Eliza asked shuffling the cards. As much as she wanted to ask about if things will end well or not, she decided to just figure it out herself with her scrying ability.

”Love life?” Tetrad chuckled. ”That’s always a fun one.” She drew three cards off the top. ”Alright, what I’ve got here is your past, present, and future. So let’s just turn these babies over.” She flipped over the first one.

”Temperance! Reversed no less. This is a card that typically deals with inward reflections. It’s upside down means that you were stuck in the past, or were too introspective. Perhapse you thought about love too much in the past, or your own feelings? But that was then, and this is now.” Tetrad flipped over the second card.

”Page of wands, a card that represents learning and traveling. Someone who’s well on their way to becoming a leader of men. You’ve certainly been on something of a journey, with all of your transforming and joining in new alliances. Now what’s the last card? This is the big one, it’s your future.” Tetrad, ever so slowly, turned over the last card.

”That’s weird, was this deck shuffled right?” She turned over the deck and flipped through the cards. ”Looks like it, this must be your real future Eliza.” The third card on the table was the king of wands. ”The king of wands is a leader of men. This can only mean one of two things.” She held her chin. ”Well, it could mean that your future husband is going to be a powerful, influential individual, or if the card represents you, you might just end up surrounded with a harem of suitors!” She placed her hands on Eliza’s shoulders and looked deep into her eyes. ”You’ve done it Eliza! No matter how you slice it you’re going to have one hell of a romance in your future!”

"Woah." Eliza looked down at the cards, then back up to Tetrad. "I might be a harem protagonist... Pfft-" She joked, failing to supress her laughter.

Tetrad looked out towards the dance floor. It was still a little light at the moment, but that just made it easier to spot the boy talking to Cindy ford. ”And speaking of powerful men.” Tetrad shuffled all of the cards together and put them away. ”Eliza, hold my beer.” She walked away from the bar table.

"Good luck!" Eliza called out to her as she left. Jokes aside, the witch was surprised with her outcome, her possibly of getting together with someone of a higher power leaving her intrigued. Though as she looked around, she couldn't shake off the urge to see ahead what could go down durning the rave. It could've been just anxiety, but still. She searched through her pockets for her mystic artefact; her pocketwatch, and opened it up to see what will happen in the future.
<Snipped quote by Inkarnate>

Everybody gangsta till the dead start groovin'.
Oh shi-
I didn't get banned from life.

This game is rigged.
The Silent Delinquent

Oh. Oh god what. The delinquent's eyes widened when she noticed the other bluenette (semi-bluenette??) in the room. Isn't that awkward? Atleast she seemed like a cool person. "More like a twin than a fan. I hardly even know ya'." she wrote, jokingly rolling her eyes in response. Apparently the blonde chick, Penny, and the other girl knew each other. Though it wasn't in a good way, as far as she could tell. The only boy in the group seemed haunted by something, the delinquent didn't feel like bothering him with questions would lift his spirits, atleast at the moment.

The other strange one in the group seemed like an observer type of person, but the girl's empty expression gave the delinquent chills. A curious one, even then. Still, everyone seemed to be tense. They knew something wasn't as it seemed, but no one was willing to speak up about it. Atleast the tattooed girl, Odessa, dropped a hint. Then she turned to address the delinquent. Well, she might as well explain.

"Guess I should introduce myself first. Name's Lilith. Lilith Kingsley. Yes, I'm mute, and I have no clue why or how the hell I got here, same as you lot. But I do know one thing. You're all aware of the Extra-Normal, right?" Lilith paused for a second.

"To put it simply, I know you're all Extra-Normal beings, like I am." she shrugged.
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