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So, first thing's first. Who am I? The goddess of death, weapons and entertainment? Nah. A haunted mask that can end the world in three days? Probably not. The resident edgy and lazy doofus? Yeah, sounds about right. I'm always in a constant battle with writers block, as I try to get posts out asap. And i used to have a love/hate relationship with the most developed character I got. Despite that, I try to mix up the types of characters I write, and find the right time to develop them. Even then, I gotta connect everything about the character to the new info. I love writing character interactions, thus me playing more than one character when I can. I'm a sucker for horror and fantasy, and I really hate writing short posts on here.

Here's some people I find cool while I try to figure out what to add here,

@Crystal Amalgam - Fellow artist and chill dood. Looking forward to start writing with.

@EchoicChamber - Doodle.

@AimeChambers - Somehow our characters got into a ship?? I didn't even plan for that but still??? Fun to write with!

@Vocab - Gay asshat, but a good gay.

@Ariamis - Cool GM.

@BrokenPromise - Boss man. Gotta thank him for tolerating my bullshiet. Another cool GM.

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(and Henry I guess.)

Alice was surprised to see her friend taking her secret quite well, but at the same time, she was relieved. Yet she couldn't help but want to apologize for her earlier actions. "I really wanted to check up on you, I did. But knowing that I was able to get away with being a gun-for-hire cause of people like Max, it just made me so angry, I couldn't help but yell at him..." She told Ice. "Anyway, if there's anything you want to know about me, don't be afraid to ask, okay?"

"I'm not one for prodding, but I gotcha." They'd been in the same hugging position for a while now and Ice had unconsciously rested his chin atop the recon's head. He wasn't putting any weight on it and it felt nice to have her glossy hair against his neck. He let out at sigh, his hands locking together and squeezing, "What I imagine you went through ain't like the people who make my skin crawl at night. Those are the overlords, the crime bosses, the masterminds. The scum that I let lead me around by the nose weren't a pocket full of posies, they didn't even seem human." He stayed silent for a few more moments before stiffening slightly, "Well... There is one question I have. What crawled out of hell and dragged you in?"

"Long story." Alice chuckled. "Turns out having a nanny who worked part time as an assassin drags you into all kinds of perilous adventures. Kinda bullshit, I know, but that turned out to be life for me."

"They have to make a civil living somehow, I guess..." The Blood Donor had run out of things to say exactly, so he just kind of stood there. "...Is there anything you want to know about me?"

"Not really. Can't think of anything I'm curious about, other than why you care about me." The recon shrugged, pulling away from the hug a bit. "I mean- I don't mean to be a downer, I'm just wondering, that's all. Haven't really done anything to deserve you, ya know?"

The man frowned, "...I just do. There's a bit of an empathy feeling in there, but I can tell that you aren't just saying caw caw with no backing. It's... I can't imagine surviving this without you by my side-" His face grew a very bright red and he pushed her face back into his chest so she couldn't see it, "...That's all the mushy stuff you're getting out of me whiz anorak."

The recon giggled at his response. "Hahahah, Dork." she said, before the monitors came back to life for Killgood to give everyone the motive to participate in the night of carnage. Actually, it was both Monokuma and Willow giving the motive. If they defeated Geina's Carnage Class Chassis, the bear would let a lucky sod or two go free, but if they faced the newest Carnage sister, Kyra, Willow would reward one of them with freedom. Sounded a bit suspicious to Alice.

At the sound of the announcement, Ice stiffened and his face drained of color. Then again, that's how any normal person's body would react to something so traumatic. He gently pushed Alice until he only held her shoulders and turned his head up to the screen. "That kind of baloney is gonna split our little circus up even more." Memories flashed back of Allie's death and Zach's eye. It took a few moments for the Blood Donor to bring himself back to reality, "...What do you wanna do?"

"I-I don't know." Alice admitted. "How are we supposed to trust either of them will keep to their word? Not to mention facing either Geina's chassis or Kyra is a death-wish nontheless. I just think it's too good to be true!"

"Erm, sorry to intrude." Henry appeared by the fountain, appearing confused. "But if the knockoff Pooh Bear really is gonna let some of us free, maybe we should take the risk? We could be one of the lucky ones chosen, after all." he asked, walking over to the other two.

Ice glanced over at the pianist, letting his hands drift down to his sides and taking a quick step back, "Whatever we decide on, this would be an opportunity to go after those weapons. While I do want one of us to get out of here, Alice is right. I think we should feign interest and do some damage while they're distracted." Who knew what Monokuma meant be 'go free'? He could just send their dead body out of Axis Mundi for all they knew.

The recon smiled when Ice agreed with her, but gave Henry a stern look once she turned to face him. "Don't think you'll be sneaking off to help fight who-cares-who. Unless you want to help us out, you'll have to wait out the night in your room." she told him. "Alright, but how bad are the carnage whatzits anyways?" Deimo asked. "On a scale of harmless to serial muderer... they're leaning towards remorseless war machine." Alice explained. "Oh damn... Wouldn't you need help then?"

The recon shook her head in reply. "I'll- no, we'll be fine. I just don't want you or Ice getting hurt. Or worse..." she appeared scared as she thought to herself. Noticing this, Henry looked over to Ice and asked, "Has Alice been alright?"

A thought slipped passed his mind as he watched the siblings. There was similarity to their relationship and Alice with Mercy, but their roles had been switched. It was nice to see her taking on the parental role for a change, and it was even funnier considering how short the both of them were, with Alice scolding her taller companion. Ice only let the smile graze his face but a moment, but it was there all the same. It may have been a childish thought, but it was probably the happiest thought to come up in a while.

Once they got talking about the more serious topics, his smile looked as though it was only a memory. "I'll-" His words were cut off by the smaller girl's and thoughts of interrupting her quickly escaped his mind. Ice could only stare at her with a small feeling of happiness, even though he had already heard the same words before. It took him a second to remember Henry's question. "She's been a great asset in this hell hole and has acted as anyone would in this situation. I can see her making it out of this alive, so I'd say that's a win."

"That's my sister alright." Henry chuckled, patting Alice on the back. "Hey, don't worry about keeping an eye on us- or him really, okay? I'm sure you two will get through this carnage night thing. Even if you're just getting weapons or whatnot." he told the recon. "I just...don't want to be a failure..." Alice mumbled. "Heyheyhey- don't talk like that! You're just out of your element, that's all!"

"My what?"

"You're proabably just not used to this, that's all...I dunno, I'm just trying to keep your spirits up here."

Ice crossed his arms and stared her down, "You don't get to be a failure, you here me? Because failing means death, and I'm not letting that happen. Average marks I'll let slide, but you at least need all your limbs."

"...Okay, if she losses a limb it better be an arm." Deimo spoke up, earning a punch to the arm from his sibling. "What? I'm just saying! Bah!..."
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"Oh, sure!" When Marcus had asked her if she wanted a drink, Reya nodded in reply before sitting down beside him. "...Hey, I can tell that you're nervous. But you'll do great out there, I just know it!" She reassured Marcus. "So don't worry about it. Hell, atleast your not as awkward as I am, hahah..." Rei scratch the back of her head.

She silently listened to the conversation when Ethan walked up to the bar. 'Glad I didn't drag Ryan out here with me. He would've slapped Goldilocks here across the face for not defusing the bar fight...' she thought. Yes, her brother wasn't over it. It was when Ethan had referred to her as Marcus' date that she spoke up. "U-Uh, actually, w-we're not dating..." she told him, albeit a bit flustered. Marinalia didn't help much either. "I said w-we're not dating!" Reya told her, before sighing in resignment.
Level: Two
Day/Time: Day Three, Morning
Location: Boo's Castle
Akira @Tenma Tendo, Heavy @ONL, Slayer @Lugubrious
Word Count: 304
EXP: ////////// (2/20)

'I-I did it! Haha!' A grin appeared on Six's face, seeing the boo she was attacking dissapear in a puff of smoke. The child felt hopeful that if she was able to defeat one of the purple boos, she could help with King Boo himself. She stood up and dusted herself off, watching Slayer fight the lead boo with ease. Yet her atention was turned away when Akira got hit by one of the lead boo's attacks. Six wanted to cover for him, but the thief was able to fight through the pain and managed to finish off the boo. But what about Heavy's boo?

When the russian had aimed his imaginary gun at the boo, it seemed to have frighten the spirit away, over to the entrance, and to the boss door, where King Boo awaited the group. With a small bit of advice, warning them that the ghostly monarch was charging up a powerful attack, the remaining purple boo had unlocked the door for them. This was it, the final boss.

Making her way behind the other three, Six was focusing her dark magic as much as she could. Darion's words rang through her head, that she was the group's best bet against King Boo. The child couldn't afford to let them down, and she won't. Nodding when Slayer suggested a strategy, one that relied on offense, the doors infront of them finally swung open to reveal their target, blue flames circling him as King Boo taunted the group. The flames seemed to grow bigger, grow brighter, which meant that they needed to hurry.

There was no time to waste!

Once Akira and Slayer started attacking, Six quickly ran to the side, and sent a large wave of dark matter, one the size of King Boo himself. 'Let's hope this works!!'

"...What just happened?"

Maura stood silent for a moment, trying to process the fact that she was played by a walking magnet and her clone. "That's it. I'm killing her." she gritted her teeth, before dissapearing through a shadow. With a bit of navigation, the maiden had appeared back ouside, and a few feet away from Shion. "Let's try something else." she thought to herself, conjuring up a volley of blue flames, and firing them at the Shions. Better get down here soon! I'm in pursuit of the real Shion and one of her clones!"

All the while, Theresa had flown down and tried to knock one of the Shions' phones out of their hands. At that point, the familiar had no other ideas.

Wait, really?! Why didn't you tell me sooner?!

She's as stuborn as a mule, what did you expect?

Eliza groaned. Just try to drag her to me, weaken her if you need to- the witch was interupted when a beacon of light shot out. "The hell?" She turned to look where the beacon came from. Suddenly, she was tackled through and hurled across an office building at an alarming speed. The impact shot an agonizing pain through Eliza, making it to where it hurt to move. Coughing, she looked up at the girl who attacked her with a scowl. "Dare I ask, why'd you decided to attack me all of a sudden?"
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