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Limited tiem only! See a piece of my crappy art as my avatar till saturday!
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[@Otaku95] Yandere Simulator is overrated. Especially for a 5% 'completed' joke game.
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Good news, turns out I have a head cold..yaaaaay... (Off topic: Anyone watch youjo senki?)
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Im not going to sleep anytime soon.


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>* You walk out of your set tent, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

>* Seeing that theres a coffee milkshake, you decided to make one for yourself, adding in chocolate of course.
Post's up, left the mentions out if anyone wanted to interact with the three or something.

'Flight or fight indicates a permanent choice, but flight often means putting off the fight to another day. Choose your battles wisely.' Was an old saying a young Scout was taught while she was in training, but was interpreted as when she encountered a bear of sorts. But now she knew it really meant..

To nope out of there when possible.

Scout's smile faded into a frightened expression as her tentacles were sliced off of the monster, and she herself was thrown to the side of the battlefield. Oddly, she landed sitting down, eyes wide in shock, before falling on her back. "Das done...I give up.." she said, waving an arm around in defeat. Theresa landed on top of the girl's stomach and stared into her soul turned to face her unamused face. "So soon? I'm sure you can take some more hits before calli-""Now listen ya stoopid birb..." Scout interupted her familiar, like how a drunk would stop their friend's explanation, but it's just her australian accent kicking in."Ya see that big demon chimpansee? THAT is boss level monstah roight there.." She told the owl, waving the same arm at Elroy. "Im not gonna lose a reencarnation to a sTOOPID MONKEY..k?"

Theresa jumped off of Scout's stomach to let her roll off her back, then moved back onto the girl. "Well, might be that your still recent. You don't have that much experience in fighting as the other girls do." she told the magical girl as Julia and Jillan arrived to fight aswell. "How about we just wait out the storm till the aftermath, sound good?" she asked Scout. The child thought it out, then agreed to the suggestion. Theresa flew up to one of the buildings rooftops, one high enough to get the whole view, then Scout grabbed the cat backpack from her motorcycle and used a tentacle to grapple the same rooftop and meet up with the owl. Both of them then sat at the ledge and watched the madness like a movie.

As Theresa shifted into her human form, Scout grabbed two meals in brown bags and her laptop from the backpack and set up 'camp'. "So, the battle wasn't sucessful for you, Eliza?" Both girls turned to the right to find that Maura joined the two. "Sadly yes, but it might be for the best." "hah, accidental rhyme." Theresa told the leser force as the magical girl shared some of her food with them. "I don't expect you two to always fight every battle. Even other's battles. But this isn't Penny's...or..the robot girl's battle their fighting." Maura explained as the other two said 'What?' at the same time. "That 'monster' is not only a twin soul, but a magical boy like them." She pointed at the battlefield, ending her explination. Suddenly, Scout realized finally that Elroy wasn't fighting the other magical girls just cause, he was fighting them out of anger. But what could have cause his anger?

"Mistress, are you alright?" Theresa brought the girl out of her thought, an expression of guilt on her face. "Hm? Oh..I'm okay." she reasured her familiar as the trio continued to watch the battle, sometimes shooting a random bird.
>* Wanna go hunting sometime?
Currently deciding on whether scout should be stuborn and continue fighting, or nope out and wait on a rooftop.

Whatever turns out comedic I guess..
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>* You ask the dragon man if he wanted to watch some soap operas.

>* Cause yes.
And now I forgot to add the mentions to my post..

@Shifter_Master, y u give dis burden to meee

"Ugh, what am I even saying?" Scout facepalmed at her recent action, emitting an annoyed grunt. "I mean, I'm talking to a GORILLA HELLSPAWN FOR F-""Mistress, watch out!" before she could finish her sentence, Theresa, who was flying above the battlefield gave her a heads up for Regina's attack. She quickly leaped out of the way just before she could be trapped the cursed zone. "Whew! Thanks Theresa!" she told the owl familiar, taking a breath of relief. Looked like lady luck was on her side this fight.

Scout looked at the zone and thought, How would the monkey attack while he's fighting? Unless...there could be a puppeter behind the strings.. She noted the theory for after the fight as she watched Elroy from afar, tracking his attacks, movements, and reactions. Suddenly her eyes wandered to the monster boy's back, where the chains were appearing from, and especially a weak point. Scout slowly grinned at her discovery, a cheshire esque, killer grin that would have made others around her step back in fright and confusion. With other magical girls joining the fight, she knew that fighting close range is the necessary strategy.

And thus, she made a running start at Elroy as she readied her weapon. Three tree like tentacle grew out of her back as they latched onto the monster one by one. Mimicking water skiing, she quickly waved at Penny passing by, and focused her rifle at the boy's back. Her eyes turning a slight tint of orange, a sign that her ability is active, she started firing at the chains on his back to break them off, and for his back to be vulnerable. Scout still made sure to dodge said chains and hazards as much as possible though.
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