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<Snipped quote by Balance>


So, yeah, it's at the bottom. We'll get to the top bit soon!
<Snipped quote by Balance>

Isn't nuclear energy really explosive? If a bunch of explosions hit at a low level couldn't it make the whole thing fall over?

*Stops our flying, places one hand on my hip, and extends the other* Well yes, but actually no. First, it’s a mountain, so it’d be kind of hard for the whole thing to just fall over, and second, for our nuclear energy, we redirect all the energy from both the atoms and the explosion to safe places and adjust based on need.
<Snipped quote by Balance>

Hmm. IT's not the stuff at the bottom is it? It'd probably be higher up, right?

*There is also a concentration of unidentified substance at a higher elevation* What makes you think that?
<Snipped quote by Darlit Glitch>

*This is highly effective, and the Scribes are generally at a loss. There is only minor retaliation*

Darlit, just in case you're looking.
<Snipped quote by Balance>


*As we get closer, there are many places where you can sense new things that you haven't identified; there is a large concentration of one of these unidentified things at the lowest elevation*
<Snipped quote by Realmatic>

Ooh, nuclear!

Nuclear it is! I'm going to fly us around the mountain because it's on the opposite side, but see if you can use your Realmatic Capabilities to guess at what elevation nuclear energy might be in the most use.
<Snipped quote by Realmatic>



*We fall down at half of gravitational acceleration and slow down at the building; I allow you a few moments to study the Transformation harvesting electric potential energy from light* Okay, that's it for gravity and electromagnetism. What particles or forces do you want to study next?
<Snipped quote by Balance>

Bret: *We manage to make it back to the edge of the forest before taking a break.*

<Snipped quote by Host>

Madelin: I-it is, though some of the guard say it's "boring." I don't really think this town could use any excitement though. Y-you should probably grab a plate or something to put food on.
*Says this as I put some soup in my bowl and grab some bread.*

*Sips moderately from a canteen*
<Snipped quote by Host>

Madelin: *Makes my way over to a counter and grabs a wooden bowl and some utensils after shaking my head no.*
We're within a mountain range and on the northern part of the continent, which is why we can only grow things in the summer. Not many travel through and notice us, which is useful.

<Snipped quote by Balance>

Bret: *Hoists the other side of it onto my sholders and takes the lead, easily navigating through the forest.*

*Follows you carefully, looking around and listening for any unusual sounds*
<Snipped quote by Balance>

Bret: Thanks. Most animals are fully awake by now, so it'll be harder to hunt them. *Finds a decent branch or two and ties the deer's legs to it.* We'll avoid taking the route we came to lower our chances of running into that wolf.

<Snipped quote by Host>

Madelin: Th-thanks. It's nice living here.
*We enter the building and it's easy to notice the smell of food in the air.

Got it. *Hoists one side of the branch up onto my shoulders*
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