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<Snipped quote by Efficacy>

*Points into the audience*
Your daughter, twelve, is home at death's door. She is healed now.
*Points to someone else*
Your father is battling cancer. He's in the last stage of treatment. His body has repaired itself.
*Points to a third person*
You lost your job this week. You've received a message that your application was accepted today. We've all seen the miracles I've gifted to you. A display of light is meaningless.

*The people who already distrust Vector, although they are partly swayed, have difficulty believing him fully*
*People of great old age all across the crowd are transformed to appear and to feel young* Illuminate these people, Grace.
*With a voice that carries* Let this be no clash of miracles, Vector, you who claim to protect your people but fail to use this great power to bless them all! Yet I and my fellow messenger have returned the youth to every elderly man and woman in this audience. Listen, do they not feel the youth in their bones? What power have you, if you can do all this, but you hoard it? In whom do you trust, O people? If we are weak, then strike us down and show that your word has power, but if you are the servant of darkness, then you would never strike, for you know we would destroy you! Is this whom you believe in, O people?
<Snipped quote by Zeal>

This isn't going all that well, Gajeel.

It's fine. It's going well. I just need a little more to work on the people with.
<Snipped quote by Efficacy>

<Snipped quote by Meta>

*Thumbs up as I slowly move through the crowd to Vector*

*Misdirects the light so that Gajeel's movement cannot be noticed from above*

<Snipped quote by Efficacy>

<Snipped quote by Meta>

*Shakes my head and turns the microphone on*
Would a messenger of heaven incite confusion and panic? We all know the dark prophets can produce miracles that pale in comparison to the light. So again, I ask, why would they arrive to turn brother against sister?
*Looks up*
I ask you, oh prophets of darkness! Please repent and turn toward the light! It is by no means too late, even for the most repugnant disciples of darkness.

*Vector's words before he looks up tend to go in one ear of the people and out the other, until his final statements, about the prophets of darkness*
*Telepathically, while Vectori s talking* Reassert our authority by greater signs and specific invective.
<Snipped quote by Efficacy>

*Glances at you*
Do not trust him!

*The people who reverence Crier and Grace waver much more and become unsure about what to believe in, while those advocating for Vector to strike the angels down also begin to mutter about his inaction*
<Snipped quote by Zeal>

I'll try. I don't know what you're looking for though.

<Snipped quote by Efficacy>

I am a messenger from heaven, a guardian angel that exists to protect the weak. Today, I am here to protect all of you. Vector is an enemy of heaven, a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing. He is a deceiver that is using each and every one of you to control this world. We—
*A series of intricate rings of light speckle the sky*
Are here to set you free.

*Begins to rise in the air as Grace first says we, I too looking angelic*
*A portion of the audience looks in awe at the spectacle and are swayed by the message, and begin to waver, while another portion of the audience cries out louder* "Strike the deceivers down!"
*I rise to Grace's level, the two of us above Vector*
<Snipped quote by Meta>

You are better at the metaphorical jam, you do it on me and got me to not kill ‘em, use that!

Gajeel, if you'll go up with me, then go, if not, stay down, but the image works better if the three of us surround him. We should take ground several feet above him. I'll cue you when we should rise.
<Snipped quote by Efficacy>

I am the weapon. Yall get him to a weak point and I will finish him.

<Snipped quote by Efficacy>

It's really not working that well right now. We better hurry this up.

Grace, you're going to need to make a speech advertising the three of us as heavenly messengers—and make a sign in the sky above us to accompany your speech. I'll instil awe and reverence in the crowds using your speech, but with others I'll foment hatred for us as usurpers and demons.
<Snipped quote by Efficacy>

I don't think that me floating up here is going to win us any support.

If we join together we can create the angle that we are a group trying to reveal Vector's oppression and save the people.
<Snipped quote by Efficacy>

Is faking unrest enough?

They have nothing to be in unrest about. This situation is stagnant. We must prove him weak, but if we attack his previous words give him the high ground.
<Snipped quote by Efficacy>

What did you have in mind?

I'm using the crowds to incite him to attack us. Any statements he makes I will use either to his detriment or to the crowd's incitement.
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