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3 mos ago
Current Shopping for baby chickens... :)
2 yrs ago
Traveling from Saturday until Tuesday and will only have my phone. Responses will be slow!
2 yrs ago
Back in the saddle (literally!) :)
2 yrs ago
Down to just my phone for internet until Saturday. Please forgive short/delayed posts!
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2 yrs ago
If I'm a bit slow on responses, it's because the garden is in full swing! I'm probably canning tomatoes...


Long time casual role player who loves tales of adventure! I enjoy tabletop games, play-by-post, and even LARP!

Medieval fantasy games with an 'old-school' D&D feel are my favorite.

In real life, I'm a software engineer and wanna-be farmer. But as far as I've gotten so far is a little garden and some chickens that like to destroy my flower beds. But I like 'em anyway and they all have names. ;) Sometimes they lay me some breakfast.

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In Gnome Gang! 23 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
"Are you kiddin'?! I was born ready for this!" Jip got up from his chair and, while he didn't draw the human sized short sword that he wore across his back like a great sword, he brandished an imaginary sword and lunged at an equally imaginary foe, obviously skewering his opponent.

He carefully placed his invisible weapon down and then lifted his mug of ale in a toast. "We'll kill them gobs dead, Pidge!" Then took a large swig.

In Gnome Gang! 24 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Hopefully Jip passes muster. I'll try to get an intro post for him in later if he looks ok! :)
In Gnome Gang! 24 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay

If you want a second or third "table", I'd be willing to DM 5e. Currently, I'm DMing a weekly group of four for Ghosts of Saltmarsh IRL (their party is only level 2 though). As long as I have whatever module it is on DNDBeyond (I have the DM tier subscription), I can DM it.

As I haven't played a whole lot of 5th edition, (and what I have played was 1st level), I'd feel better about joining a low level campaign like this. If you start something up, let me know! :)
Slightly partial to the 'years later' angle. But I like both ideas. :)

What starting level are you thinking for PCs?
I don't have a discord account and would prefer not to make one. If you guys figure it out there, I'll see how I might fit in. And if not... again, no biggie.

(Maybe I'm getting to be an old fart? ;-p Dang kids... get off my lawn!!! )
Does that include dice and the actual mechanics? how is this done?

There's a 'dice' button on the home page. So we could create a campaign there for the rolls.
I was envisioning a play by post game. If you're thinking discord, would it be a more 'live' game where everyone has to be online at the same time?

If so, I'll bow out now as I much prefer NOT having a set schedule that I have to be online. (No hurt feelings. :) Just wanted to clarify up front.)
I'm on board, Chiro! Anyone else? A group of 3-4 would be nice.

I'm willing to GM, but I've never GMed 5th edition, so would certainly defer to you or anyone else willing to take on the role.

Did you all start already? Is there room for another player? :)

(I could run The Emerald Enchanter as a 5e game. Though I'd prefer to be a player in someone else's game. :) )
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