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Traveling from Saturday until Tuesday and will only have my phone. Responses will be slow!
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Back in the saddle (literally!) :)
1 yr ago
Down to just my phone for internet until Saturday. Please forgive short/delayed posts!
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If I'm a bit slow on responses, it's because the garden is in full swing! I'm probably canning tomatoes...


Long time casual role player who loves tales of adventure! I enjoy tabletop games, play-by-post, and even LARP!

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Olivia - Farmer

Strength 12
Agility 13 (+1)
Stamina 6 (-1)
Personality 11
Intelligence 16 (+2)
Luck 14 (+1)

Birth Augur: Resisted temptation. (Apply luck modifier to: Willpower saving throws)

HP: 2

Fortitude Save (-1)
Reflex Save (+1)
Will Save (+1)

Equipment: 37 copper pieces, Lamb, Waterskin
Pitchfork (as spear, damage: 1d8)

-100 xp
Giles - Lvl 0 - Wizard's apprentice

Strength 15 (+1)
Agility 14 (+1)
Stamina 14 (+1)
Personality 17 (+2)
Intelligence 8 (-1)
Luck 11

Birth Augur: Path of the bear. (Apply luck modifier to: Melee damage rolls)

Fortitude Save (+1)
Reflex Save (+1)
Will Save (+2)

HP: 5
AC: 11

Equipment: 33 copper pieces, black grimoire, empty chest
Dagger (damage: 1d4)

-100 xp
Good to know! Thanks HoF!
Anyone willing to try a 1x1 Dungeon Crawl Classics 'Funnel'?

Each player generates 3-4 random 0-Level characters by rolling on a few tables in the rule book. Then we send them on an adventure and the survivors become 1st level PCs. (At which point, if we're still enjoying the RP, we can send them on more adventures!)

Beta Rulebook available for free here:…

Ideally, I'd like to RP with someone who'd like to take turns GMing, though I'm certainly willing to go first. I have a few general plot ideas, but our mix of characters might just suggest an interesting adventure!
Ah... I found the Dice feature. Silly me. :)
For running games with dice, where/how do you do the actual die rolling? Something like roll20? Or is there a built-in die roller here somewhere that I've never noticed?

Sure! Jump in! :)

(I was just giving Witcher time to reply... but if not soon, I'll get in a response!)
Abarat paused his stride, but kept hold of the chest while he considered the man. "Think he can carry a chest and shoot a pistol at the same time, Renna?"

Renna's mouth gaped open. Had he really just told Lorenzo De Valencio her name?! Idiot. "I don't know... Abarat," she said, emphasizing the other elf's name. "I think I'd rather not find out..."

His eyes narrowed and he hesitated, then set the trunk down, slowly. Meanwhile, the 3rd of their little group was also setting down his loot... a large keg of rum. His hand headed toward the hilt of his sword.

"Lorenzo De Valencio...?" Doubt flickered across Renna's features at the well renowned name and she eyed the pistol pointed at her uneasily. If this was really the famous swordsman, was she willing to risk gaining him as an enemy? He was obviously drunk though... would he even remember what she looked like come morning?

"Loren De Crap? Never heard of him..." said Abarat, the elf carrying the large chest. Of course, the pistol wasn't pointed at his chest.

The dwarf suddenly got out of the prisoner line. This was getting out of hand on her... fast.

I apologize for that delay, it wont happen again.

Glad you're back! :) He's got the pistol pointed at Renna, right? Not 100% sure if I'm reading that right...
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