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Anyone feel up to sketching a My Hero Academia OC for me? I would really appreciate that! PM for info
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I'm really excited. We are eating garlic bread with pasta today. GARLIC. BREAD. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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Ya'll just wish finals would disappear out of existence? I'm stuck with RPing and studying. Flip, flop, flip flop...
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Y'all ever just watch Peppa Pig just because you can? That ish, is funnier than a majority of television shows we have today, TBH.
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Hello! I am Kierro, AKA Ghost, depending on how you know me.
I enjoy high free RPs to medium casual.
I love fantasy Roleplays, and am usually the odd one out with an abstract character concept.
I do not do ERP, but am fine with PG13 romance.
I love to play the wise and inexperienced characters, who always have room for improvement.

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"Sebastian" Dawn Earnest

- Working Together -

Sebby would look beyond his team, seeing the area that lay ahead. This was going to be a long journey, how many people will be lost to death himself? He shook his head, forgetting the negativity. The area was beautiful, far more natural than the manmade world he used to live in, but this was all temptation. He heard the rumors and theories about the badlands. His father used to be a hated member of the army who has seen this land up close, and lost a leg because of it. He would shudder slightly, and look at his dangling compatriot, worry filling his brain. "I'm fine. Just sleepy is all. My powers don't last long if I don't sleep constantly..." Hold the Line's voice would begin to slur and drift into sleep. Dawn would smile at his spirit. He may have signed a contract that literally cost him his life, but he was happy to get a friend out of it. He would look at his new group and listen to Artemis's discussion with his spirit and Dawn. "Surprisingly enough, that's not the first time I heard that my spirit was 'kinky'. The people at registration joked about it too." He would chuckle lightly. "Also, your spirit sounds very powerful. Sometimes I marvel at the abilities others possess, but Hold the Line is my ace in the hole. She's really a blessing." He seems to enjoy a light boast. She smiles a brilliant white wide smile that shows a sense of pride that he has for himself.

For being a scrawny shortcake, he was managing to keep up well with the towering giants of a team. He would adjust his bag over his shoulders and pull out a canteen, which he would take a tiny sip of. He was sweating off almost every ounce of water in his system. He would continue spinning a dagger on his fingertips, as he looked at his group. "It's uh- it's funny how we're one of the first groups sent out like this. Wouldn't they usually send a group of trained spirit users who are veterans" His eyes would shift to the two oldest individuals who looked war hardened, Eden and Zyirick. "Just a thought, but I haven't been in the service for very long. I'm just barely 21."

- Sebastian and Hold the Line -

It was cold, wet, and gloomy. A boy would open his eyes and appear hanging on a rope. His skin was bare, minus his pants. He had no clue what was happening. It smelled of mold, and old books. A young woman in a hood would come from the corner of the room. She would observe his thin frame, looking for something. "Boss, are you sure he's the prophesied one? The child of sin? He doesn't even remember his own name!"

"More than positive, Mari. He bears the mark of falsehood in his eyes. He does not remember who he is, because he forced himself to forget in order to prevent the leaking of where Satan himself hides. I know they have conversed. I know it!"

They have not noted that he were awake yet. He would look at them, and then the room, and begin to panic. "W-where am I?! Where?"

"Oh goodie! You're awake, child. You've been asleep for quiet a while. Four nights in counting." He would wear a fake smile before clearing his throat. "Bring it Mari." The assistant would exit the room in a nod, and return baring a piece of old parchment and a quill. "Now, small one. You are 19 years of age. In your 'past life', you slaughtered multiple people. We realize that -ahem- you were 'controlled' by Lucifer himself, but you know that sinners belong in the badlands. Everyone. Everyone belongs there, but you, child, can fight your curse."

The boy would continue to pant and struggle against the ropes. His wrists were burning, and his stomach was aching. Tears would roll down his face, from confusion, and fear. "Seal the contract Mari, quickly. Forge his name. His... new one." The servant would jab a syringe into his leg and extract enough blood to feed a swarm of mosquitoes. The boy would shriek in pain and cry out for someone to help him. No one came. "It shall not hurt much longer... just let the contract do its business" Mari would write the boy's name in his own blood, copying his handwriting from his old schoolbag. The contract would fade out of existence. Nothing would happen

"What the hell, Mari!? You told me it would work!"

"It does maybe it jus-"

A sharpened edge of a blade would pierce through her chest, causing blood to spill on the ground. "Die, die, die! You shall all perish for your sins!!" A female voice would resonate within the boy's head. There was a shriek from the servant, as she was stabbed repeatedly from the sharp blade. Another chain would wrap around the man's neck, and snap it like it were nothing.

After the death of the two, the hanging boy was approached by a pile of chains. "Please don't hurt me!" He would whimper in fear. The "monster" would slash the rope halfway and the boy would fall on his feet, and look around. He would stare at the chains in fear, wondering what they would do to him "S-stop!"

"Shh... I won't hurt you." The chains would seemingly look at the boy. Trying to comfort him, she would try to caress his face. He felt nothing. "I am here, only to protect you, Sebastian..."
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"Sebastian" Dawn Earnest

- "Hello fellow warriors!" -

Sebby was an extremely quiet soul who is not very accustomed to talking to new individuals on the spot. He would look up at the tall woman standing next to him, who had just recently spoke to him. He would take his gun off of his back and present a firearm with a well worn trigger, lever and cheekpad. He would hold it up to Aden to see, and turn it around. "Does that answer your question?" He would smile cheekily before clipping it to his back. "Been using this bad boy before I even got my spirit contract." He would stretch, putting his tiny hands into the air, and revealing a certain key factor about Dawn, he hadn't had his spirit very long. He would tail behind the group with a tint of non-visual nervousness, a fear that he hasn't been on the field long enough for a mission like this one. He would pop his knuckles and kick a bit of dirt every now and then. He looked at the soil, untainted and natural, unreached by mankind. He would cringe at the idea of how it was fertilized so well. It is demon territory after all. A certain fear would reside in the air around him. He hadn't realized the extent of how dangerous this could really be.

He would stop in his tracks, look behind him, and ponder at the open gate with a certain loss of words. He would sigh, and catch back up with the group. "Miss home already, ey?" "A little..." He would look at the group of misfits and soldiers and realized one thing: all five of them were putting their life on the line for their country. Sebby wasn't very patriotic when it came to someone living in Honorfire. He liked the place, and had no intent on leaving. He would carry his belongings and gun on his back, as he would say "I'm Dawn, by the way. Nice to meet you lot." He would produce an honest and caring smile that showed he was happy to be along side them. "I'm not usually the one to start small talk, but... I'm curious actually. What do your spirits... do, exactly? Mine uses chains, and allows me to use them too. That's the simple definition." He would take his dagger out and spin the blade quickly on the tip of his index finger. Hold the Line would continue to reside on the shoulders of Dawn as he trudged behind.

- Taking the Path -

As Sebby followed the group, he would have his dagger holstered at his waist, prepared for anything. He was struggling to keep up due to him being so tiny. He would look up at the young boy who had black hair. "I assume your spirit talks to you as well. I thought I saw you talking to someone earlier." He was curious, he knew the basic rules of being a user, but had never met another one in his life until today. He was somewhat scared to make contact with Ridley and Zyirck, due to the fact that they seem on a higher level of maturity than he is. He would pick a tiny flower off of the ground, and put it in his whispy and gentle white hair. Hold the Line would be examining their surroundings, taking in all of the brand new information that was around.
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