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Current Shining Justice mebae te
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@JunkMail - Just swim bro. Humans are naturally buoyant.
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Industrial EDM is dope af. Trust me. Look up "Justice - Cross" if you want to check it out.
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Pain: The feeling of hurt or wrongness. This feeling, regardless of whether it is physical or mental is stray and could be found inside everyone. It is foreign... and it always hurts.
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"I'll eat trash, as long as it's the good kind" - My friend, 2019
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Hello! I am Kiero, AKA Ghost, depending on how you know me.

I enjoy medium to high casual Roleplays.

I love fantasy Roleplays, and am usually the odd one out with an abstract character concept.

I do not do ERP, but I am perfectly fine with an occasional PG13 romance.

I love to play the wise and inexperienced characters, who always have room for improvement.

I am a JoBro with a specialty in hardcore meme dealing.


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@Lugubrious It was a sudden absence. I couldn't have given a warning and I apologize for that.
@LugubriousSorry, been busy. Will get a post up eventually
11 is the root of all evil
Placing my interest. Will write up a CS!
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