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Welcome to my little den of creations! In this place, you'll find out about all of the characters I create, whether original or fanmade! I plan to update this as soon as I can, so keep on the watch for updates!

Tsukihime/Melty Blood

Hey, is this still accepting applications? I wanted to join a crossover for quite some time now.

Location: Lingayen Beach, Municipality of Lingayen, Lingayen Gulf
Interactions: None

"The enemy Arms Master we know for sure is after us is Ren Huo - Or was it Huo Ren?" Noel responded to Regina punctually. "His Noble Arm is a Spear which allows him several Sun-themed powers - That means he's most likely the one projecting that Artificial Sun above us. Thankfully, Princess Fukuyo here is strengthened by fire and heat in general, meaning that she can counter him long enough for us to stab him in the back. As for the other Arms Masters... I don't have anything yet."

Hearing Noel's rather "unprepared" response left a bad taste in Regina's mouth. She wasn't fond of working without a good basis for her enemy, even if surprises were supposed to happen during war. With the enemy's Arm Master approaching fast, everyone was starting to go on edge. Regina's squad, who had been just looking from afar were reunited with Regil at the helicopter, thinking about the next move they would make.

"Well, with this basic information, there's little we can actually work with. All that we know is that he's projecting the artificial Sun. And even if Princess Fuyuko can benefit from this situation, that doesn't mean we have his weak point identified." Regina spoke.

"Fireteams one and two - All of you but Nemo can reach him with your powers!" Noel shouted, clearly remembering Regil, Lucy, and Fukuyo's abilities in particular. "Prepare to attack; fire at will when we get the enemy's position through the comms!"

(So... the enemy's getting closer and closer...) Regil thought, looking at the sea in front of him.

"You're not thinking of attacking him directly, are you? We're gonna get bombarded without a chance to retaliate!" One of the soldiers questioned him.

"Of course not. That's suicidal. And we don't have all the time in the world, either. As Lieutenant Alonso said, the enemy's Arms Master isn't some joke. Once he gets to the comms' range of detection, this battle will get even more fierce than usual." Regil explained.

"If that's the case, shouldn't we just surrender and let them do whatever to us?! We're going to get killed anyway!" Another one questioned.

BGM: Friction by Mili

"No. I think I have an idea of how we can surround him with projectiles and keep him occupied. Even if his rank is right as an Arms Master, we can still overwhelm him with numbers." Regil said.

"How?! This Huo Ren guy just blasted everything! How do you plan on making it so that he's busy?" A third one asked.

Regil looked behind them. Despite the beach being a mess, the city was behind them. And empty. The buildings near the beach were all unoccupied since all the civilians in the vicinity had been dispatched to rescue shelters far away from Lingayen Beach. It was a good place for the soldiers to hide and attack.

"Here's the plan: we'll leave the front line to any Arm Master still capable to fight. We can't risk you all going on full commando against someone who's literally capable of burning you to cinders. Grab the sniper rifles and station yourselves inside the buildings. Once you are in position, you're going to shoot as many rounds as we have at our disposal." Regil explained his strategy.

"But young lord Regil, what about you? Are you planning to really go up front?" The pilot asked.

"I may not have my strongest long-range Piece at my disposal now, but I still have a backup that can remedy the situation. And if I call his attention as one of the distant assailants, he won't think about noticing you all hidden in the buildings." He answered.

"This is a strategy we're not used to. Normally we'd go full throttle on the enemy. That's how it works with Specialist Meitner." A fourth soldier told him.

"This is all so you can escape in case the plan goes wrong. I'm not going to jeopardize your lives when I know that you can't defeat him on your own. If it goes south to us, I want you to abandon this battle and run. Go wherever it takes for you to reach safety and warn the main army about the enemy's potential." Regil answered.

The soldiers were surprised. They were so used to Regina's almost suicidal stunts that seeing the exact opposite strategy was nothing short of news to them. They were, to Regil, a chance on getting a better view of what the enemy can do, so that other Arms Masters who haven't joined the operation can know what they're dealing with.

"... Alright, we'll follow your plan. Let's get armed and hiding, boys!" The pilot spoke. The soldiers nodded and went to grab the rifles inside the helicopter.

"Remember, in the first sign of loss, run away and don't look back. I don't want you to think about the consequences of abandoning us. Prioritize your survival before the victory." Regil warned them.

"We do hope it doesn't come to this, young lord Regil. And whatever you do, don't you die either." The pilot said, grabbing his rifle and running.

From the distance, Regina could see her soldiers running away to the buildings. She grabbed her radio and called Regil directly.

"What did you just order my soldiers to do, Regil?" Regina questioned him over the radio.

"It's a strategy I just came up with." He answered.

"And can you please explain why they are running away to empty buildings? They should be stationed here and ready for the enemy." Regina complained.

"It's certain death if they go right ahead at the Arm Master, Regina. I'm at least ensuring that they have a chance to escape." Regil spoke.

"... Regil, order them to return to the front this instant. That's an order." Regina ordered.

"No, I won't. This is imperative for a chance of us winning, or for raising the percentages of us getting a second chance in the future. Just trust me this once." Regil said.
Lambda Lazuli / Kurogane Ookami

Location: The Grand Library
Interactions: Lambda > Maverick @Aqutanama and Kurogane > Alrune @Dezuel

"Y-y-you s-should leave t-the lady al-alone p-pervert. Please g-g-go away..." Alrune reached out and pointed with his right hand towards Maverick. Somehow his tongue and mouth had lagged behind this time, perhaps it was because of he not having a sheet with what he should sing, or the backup by the bandmembers. Or the ever watchful stare of his manager.

BGM: Laughter and Merriment (Kingdom Hearts II)

Laughter. Even though the library was supposed to be a place of silence, echoing laughs could be heard inside it. Alrune's rather... nervous approach drew attention. Not the exact one he wanted, everyone was pretty sure. Even the people on the other floors started laughing at his attempt to defend Darla.

"Pfffft... bahahaha!! Wow, good going, hero!! I'm sure she's feelin' hella safe with ya around!!" Kurogane screamed at Alrune, from the second floor, while laughing wildly.

"Hey, he was just trying to help her. Don't laugh at him like that." Lambda scolded him.

"Yeah, suuuuure!! Big... pfft... big fuckin' help, hahahaha!!" Kurogane kept laughing with everyone.

“AH! The hero arrives at last!” He bellowed in as deep a voice as he could. It was only made comical by the inflections of his voice.

“However, what kind of hero comes only after a reward of 2 million gold bars is pleaded with? Shouldn’t the hero be selfless?” He questioned and his voice was once again cracking showing his age. However, he didn’t let it slow him down.

“I digress. I’m here for the princess and no hero will get in my way!” He yelled as he toggled his gravity on in such a way that it would allow him to float in the air. Just like a big bad from any anime. He also made his cloak bellow with the same ability. After that he did as menacing of a laugh as he could and then landed. This would have caused extreme nausea to anyone normal. Thankfully he was more robust than normal.

Even more laughter came out from the crowd. Everyone knew Mav was mocking Alrune. The librarians and the rest of the staff were trying to contain the scene, but it was impossible to keep a multitude of people quiet when the atmosphere is hysterical as it was. This was no longer a library, it felt like an enormous circus.

"Oh, this is rich, my stomach hurts! Never woulda thought a library could be this fun!" Kurogane tried to catch some breaths while laughing.

"This isn't funny. You're all bullying him and he was just trying to help." Lambda kept scolding.

"Ah, grow a spine Lamb! Don't tell me ya ain't findin' this just a tad bit funny?" Kurogane asked him.

"No, I'm really not. This whole scene needs to stop, the librarians and the staff are getting angry." Lambda answered.

"Eh, stop it. C'mon, just enjoy the view! Here, they're still going!" Kurogane pointed it out while returning to look at the scene.

Lambda took that window of opportunity to pass through the crowd to head downstairs as quickly as he could. He didn't find this funny, and he thought it wasn't interesting to let this happen any longer. Alrune was now put in a spot of being taken as a joke.

(I'm really sorry Kuro... but I can't watch this any longer.) He thought with himself, going downstairs.

“I’m telling you that I was hired as a cameraman, not some main villain! I’m too young and my voice cracks with every syllable!” He yelled so that the others would hopefully think it was a play rehearsal.

“Furthermore, the lines are crap. Who wrote these lines? I mean the hero comes in and calls him a pervert! Shouldn’t he have some kind of tie to the Villain or something?” He asked her as he moved to Alrune.

“And you! Why did you stutter? I thought we went over the lines time and time again?!” He scolded Alrune in the act while pointing at him. However, lightly as the wind in his sails abated after he noticed the security and staff around them. As he noticed he pulled away from Alrune and bowed towards the staff.

“Apologies! I hope that you got my father’s memo about the play we are creating in honor of this library. Well, we had to change a few things to spice it up. Add a little romance, some comical lines, and get a new lead villain. This was supposed to help invigorate interest in the library in order for more youth to become interested in knowledge. Well, seeking it on their own that is.” Mav lied through his teeth but when he pulled out a business card the staff only nodded and went on their way. They seemed put off by the entire thing but didn’t want to have to deal with the Majere family. He handed a card to a few people here and there. Afterward he moved towards Alrune and Darla handing each a card as well. He hoped that the others would follow along and noted that everyone was dispersing.

Applause. The laughter suddenly changed to a round of applause as Mav lied his way around to make it look like a theatrical play being somewhat staged at the library. Many of the students were actually appalled and no one seemed to raise an objection, so they just went ahead and congratulated them for the play. But not all of them were actually convinced, though.

(A play, eh. Guy's smart, I'll give 'im that. He managed to change it around so that it seemed like a total joke. At least he got it out clean.) Kurogane thought.

That's when he looked around to talk with Lambda, realizing he wasn't there. And if he wasn't there, that could only mean one thing...

"Oh, for cryin' out loud...!!" Kurogane muttered while hastily going to the stairs.

Mav placed his right hand over his left breast in a stiff spear handed bow to Darla first and then Alrune.

“So, did I do well enough?” He asked as he came out of the bow. He made sure to look Darla in the eyes and then pointedly look in the direction Reverio headed but not at the door. This was a precaution just in case someone was watching. He pulled out his device and placed it back on his face as he awaited a response.

"Humiliating him isn't funny, he was just trying to help her." Lambda spoke.

*BGM fades*

And then there was silence. The time that all the scenes happened was time enough for Lambda to go down through the staircase and reach the bottom floor. He went towards the group and spoke to Mav.

"You're really bothering her. She's really busy with other affairs and you just rudely interrupted her. Please, leave Miss Darla alone, she doesn't want to talk with you." Lambda said to him.
Lambda Lazuli / Kurogane Ookami

Location: The Grand Library
Interactions: None

BGM: 3:03 PM by しゃろう

Lambda and Kurogane were reading some books to pass the time. While Lambda had a stack of gardening technique books and was making annotations, Kurogane had to settle with an action storybook since the second floor wasn't housing the comic section.

"Oi, whatcha takin' notes for?" Kurogane asked him.

"These are some gardening techniques that I'm collecting. I want to put them to good use when I go back to school." Lambda answered.

"Flowers, eh? Figures. This hobby fits a Laurel pauper like ya." Kurogane said.

"I've always liked gardening since I was a little kid. I took care of the orphanage's garden and then at my home too." Lambda explained.

"Orphanage? Wait, ya adopted?" Kurogane asked.

"Yes, I'm not blood-related to my father or to my family. He took me in some years ago as his son." Lambda answered.

"Huh... who woulda thought?" Kurogane commented.

"Hehe. I guess it's pretty surprising once I speak it out loud like this." Lambda laughed a little.

"It's just that I kinda get it. I'm not my Master's son, either." Kurogane said.

"By 'Master', do you mean your father? Are you adopted too?" Lambda asked.

"It's a... long story. Way too long. But no, I ain't that bastard's son, just his disciple." Kurogane answered while avoiding details.

"I see. Well, he seems like a kindhearted person." Lambda said, smiling.

"There aren't many things I'm proud of in my life, but meeting him certainly was." Kurogane spoke, proud.

"I'm happy for you Kuro. I don't know what you went through but I'm glad things are working out for you as well." Lambda smiled even more.

"O-O-Oh, uh... thanks. I-I'm happy for ya too, Lamb..." Kurogane thanked him, while looking away.

Kurogane felt his temperature rise and his face get hot. To avoid being seen fully red, he turned his face away, avoiding eye contact with Lambda.

(Fuck, this kid's just too cute for his own good! And bein' happy for me while not knowing me that much doesn't help!) Kurogane thought, being caught by his weakness.

(Did I say something out of turn? Perhaps I shouldn't have been too happy about him, especially since I barely know him. Maybe I should just apologize...) Lambda thought.

*BGM fades away*

But just when Lambda was about to apologize, something happened...

She yelled at the top of her lungs, catching attention on all the library staff and students alight.

The sudden scream reached even the second floor, getting the attention of all who were there. Lambda, Kurogane and the other students ran to the balcony to catch a glimpse of what exactly was happening, each of them with their own intentions.

"Yikes, there's an unlucky bastard. Seems like he's messing with a girl from Laurel's." Kurogane snickered.

"That's... I don't know her personally, but I think that's one of my seniors. I've heard about her." Lambda said.

"Oh, so she's famous around yer grounds?" Kurogane asked him.

"If I'm not wrong, that is Darla Drake. She's a 3rd-year at Laurel's, known to be a genius with machines and technology. Some classmates said she can create, fix, modify and enhance whatever she wants without too much trouble." Lambda answered.

"Yeah, gotta say... she fixes more than just machines..." Kurogane commented.

"What do you mean?" Lambda asked.

"Jus' look at her face." Kurogane pointed it out.

"Somebody! Help! I will give two Million to the person who rescues me!" She added, sweetening the pot and stirring the nest as she pointed at Mav, her hands trembling with fake fear.

"That's the biggest bluff I've heard today." Kurogane said, nonchalant.

"Maybe we should go and help her." Lambda said, ready to go down. However, Kurogane held him back.

"Dude, she's jus' doin' a show. She doesn't need help, it's written on her forehead." Kurogane explained.

"How can you be so sure about that?" Lambda asked.

"Hand's shaking too much, she's snickerin' left an' right, and ain't no one just gonna offer two million grand just to stop a perv. That's bait to see if some sucker comes up and beats the guy's ass." Kurogane answered.

"E-Even if that were to be the case, I still believe we should go and help her." Lambda said once again, trying to leave. However, Kurogane still held him back.

"Before ya play martyr, why don't ya pay attention to the scene and take yer conclusions afterward?" Kurogane asked.

"Kurogane, please..." Lambda pleaded.

"Trust me just this once, Lamb." Kurogane spoke.
Regina Meitner / Lucy Dolores

Collab post between @Senhara and @MagusDream

Interactions: Regina > Noel (@Letter Bee)

Regina changed her directions and ran to Lucy and her unit. She wasn’t fond of having to join a stranger, but as she said to herself before, she couldn’t just disobey Noel’s orders when he was ranked above her. Once she arrived, she presented herself.

"Specialist Regina Meitner, reporting in. I suppose that you must be Lucy Dolores." Regina said, looking directly at the woman with the metallic arm. "What is the current status of your unit?"

Lucy takes a moment to respond, checking her spare mags. At that time, Regina noticed that her shoulder is bleeding. Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to be bothering her much, though the sting of the air would occasionally break through with a grimace on her face. “Lucy Dolores, we’re one injured… Five combat capable, including me.” Her hand travels to her rifle, hesitantly glancing to the side. “They probably are watching our formations, stay out of sightlines.”

One of the other soldiers scoffs, “You don’t have to tell me twice, I ain’t getting my head blown off by a magic boy. You the new commanding officer?”

"For the moment, according to Lieutenant Alonso’s orders, I am to lead your squad and aid you here on the frontlines. My squad is fighting inside the shield, currently attacking with RPGs and rifles to cover the ground and air, though that barrier will not last for long." Regina said, looking back at her soldiers.

"I can presume that metallic arm of yours is a Noble Arm. What exactly can it do? And are you able to operate it normally or do you have some sort of restrictions due to your injuries?" Regina asked.

“At least I get a few minutes to chow down on something.” One soldier mutters under his breath. Lucy looks toward Regina at the question of what it can do, but first, she should probably address the injury. “Don’t worry about it, Daedalus is missing a bit of power, but I’ll be fine. As for what Daedalus can do…” She looks to the Arm, clenching the metallic fist with a satisfying click and hiss from within it, looking back to the new commanding officer. “I can blow out eardrums, make you go blind, crush bones, rupture lungs, tear through someone with ease, pick them up and throw them into a tree, pull vehicles apart.” She says, mildly staring at Regina, watching her reactions. “Can also stop bullets, outright kill people at a range… Things like that. This is a weapon of war.” The other chatterbox soldier chuckles, “I was kinda scared when you just made that whole chunk of those fucks drop dead. That one tank also stopped movin too, I think you killed the crew. Let’s hope they don’t have a mind screwy guy. Last thing I want is you after me.”

“Dumbass, you could’ve also been incinerated by whoever did that fire beam if it weren’t for that barrier.” Another comments, to be retorted with “At least it would’ve been fast. Lucy there, she could take her sweet time if she wanted to, eugh.” He ended with a shiver, as the Arms Master huffs and sits, leaning with Daedalus against a wall.

The idle banter between her and the soldiers was something that Regina did ignore. She never believed in the benefit of such a thing, so it wasn’t something she appreciated herself. Though she didn’t show emotions of disgust, keeping her usual coldhearted facade, One could catch a glimpse that she wasn’t in the mood for the laughs and jokes, especially in a situation like this.

"Understood. So your Noble Arm is purely a destructive type gauntlet with enough power to blow up those tanks in half and tear through the enemy with ease if we follow what your soldiers just told me about your power." Regina commented.

She looked back at the battlefield. With the A-Ranks of the enemy approaching fast and already “presenting” themselves and their power, making a safe strategy to avoid casualties was close to impossible right now, without accounting for the other Noble Arms Masters. She grabbed her radio and communicated with her soldiers.

"This is Specialist Meitner. I want an assessment of the situation, stat. Over." Regina ordered

"We are damaging the enemy, but we don’t know if the shield protecting us will last another one of these attacks! Over!" One of her soldiers responded.

"How many ammunition do we still have left?!." Regina asked.

"We might still have enough for another wave, but we need to fall back to the helicopter and fetch said ammo, Specialist! Over!" Her soldier responded.

"Then fall back and recharge! I also want all of you to focus on the ground! Leave the air to the remaining aerial units!" Regina ordered.

"Understood, Specialist Meitner! Over!" Her soldier gave a final response and she plucked the radio back into her belt.

"Alright. Time is running against us. If your Noble Arm can cause that much havoc, we’re going on the offensive. I’ll have to use my Noble Arm as well and follow you. As for your soldiers, I need them shooting at the enemy, at least at the troopers. My squad is already attacking with RPGs, so I suppose we need another type of bullet to kill these bastards while Lieutenant Alonso can handle the enemy’s higher-ups." Regina spoke to Lucy.

She nods, looking back up at Regina. “Your turn. What can your Arm do?”

"My Noble Arm generates this dark cape around me. It also generates… these…" Regina answered Lucy, as the Witch revealed its arms from the cape. "I’m in control of a creature that exists through this dark cape around me. As for what it can do it attacks our foes, although only in close combat."

Lucy lets out a sigh, “Only in close combat… How powerful is the… Thing?” gesturing towards the arms at the end.

"Powerful enough to break a human like a twig and toss a tank away." Regina answered Lucy, remembering her own experience with the Witch on the field.

“So we both fit into a similar combat style.” She speaks, closing her eyes for a moment. “Combined effort not much would survive… Whoever started those fires must be close.” Eyes open. “We’d be most effective hunting the enemy Arm user down and slaughtering them.”

"That we can certainly agree. As it stands though, they’re still attacking us from the distance and not present on the battlefield" Regina agreed.

“The question now is, how do we get them close? I don’t know the enemy well.” Lucy then glances away, quickly looking back at her.

"Hmm… I hate to depend on him… but I digress. Let’s see if we can contact Lieutenant Alonso and see his input. I’d rather not rush ahead without a good view on the field." Regina answered Lucy, displeased with the idea herself.

She nods once more. “Fighting without the right knowledge leads to defeat. Get Alonso.”

Regina grabbed her radio and called upon Noel. "Lieutenant Alonso, respond immediately. We need information on the enemy’s Arms Masters and their current distance before either me or Lucy can move. Over." She spoke on the radio.
Lambda Lazuli / Kurogane Ookami

Location: The Grand Library
Interactions: None

Zephyr Regrard

Location: Sir Clausewitz's School for the Militarily Minded, Faculty Office
Interactions: None

Lambda Lazuli / Kurogane Ookami

Location: The Grand Library
Interactions: None

BGM: Voile, the Magic Library still playing

Before he could go upstairs to the floor where he would find the gardening books, Lambda distracted himself with the library's huge structure, so he stood there dazing and lost in thought. There were so many people, from various schools gathered there, so he thought about the possibility of finding any of his classmates or other students from St. Laurel's. He was still relatively new to the student body, so he didn't know anyone that deeply yet.

(Whoa... I know that I said this at least three times, but this place is huge! Maybe a tour around won't be too much a problem, before going to the gardening section.) He thought with himself.

Changing his route a little bit, he decided to take a look around the other sections before going where he should. That's when a loud noise echoed in the halls.

*BGM stops*

"AAAAAARGH!!" Kurogane growled loudly.

"Huh?! What was that?" Lambda spoke, looking around.

When he finally caught up where the voice came, he found Kurogane, kneeling at the ground, blocking his wolf ears in pain. The whistle that Darla (@AtomicNut) crafted played an absurdly loud screech that could easily make any caninae feel a hurting world. The rest of the people in the area just looked at him, not understanding what exactly was happening. Not Lambda, who went there to help him.

"H-Hey, are you OK?" Lambda asked him.

"Urgh... this fuckin' noise...! Make it stop, make it stop!!" Kurogane kept growling.

"What is going on here?! Can you please not disturb the other readers?!" One of the librarians came to them.

"I-I'm sorry, my friend here is sensitive to noises. I think he caught up a noise that's hurting his ears." Lambda explained to the librarian.

"Then please tell him to keep himself silent! He already caused a ruckus moments ago! One more and I'll expel him out!" The librarian warned them.

"Y-Yes. My apologies, he'll tone it down from now on." Lambda assured the librarian, who just huffed and left back to the central table.

Kurogane was still kneeling when Lambda opened his bag, trying to find something to help him. Whether this was luck or not, he had a pair of ear muffs in his bag. He took them out and placed them at Kurogane's wolf ears.

"Khhhh...!! H-Huh...? The noise..." Kurogane said, as the noise started to muffle out in the distance.

"Is it better now?" Lambda asked him, quietly.

"Y-Yeah, it's better. Thanks." Kurogane answered him.

"Good. Now please, come with me." Lambda said, whispering.

"Huh? To where? And why should I go with you?" Kurogane asked him.

"I'll explain it once we sit down. For now, just stick with me for a while and talk really quietly, okay?" Lambda told him.

"... Sure. Lead the way." Kurogane answered.

They both got off the ground. Lambda took Kurogane to the upper floors, as to leave the scene as soon as possible. Meanwhile, other people started to find weird that a student from St. Laurel's was helping someone from Kiburi's. And most of all, calling it a friend. The schools were so different, like night and day, and so was the pair who just left. However, no one stopped them at any given point, as they went right ahead to the first floor.
Lambda Lazuli / Kurogane Ookami

Location: The Grand Library
Interactions: Lambda > Reverio (@Dezuel)

BGM: Lotus Love -Remastered- still playing

"Excelsior! You are not bothering me at all, young sir. You are also correct, I am Reverio Galand. I hope these classmates have not been speaking too ill of me? To whom do I owe the pleasure of speaking with? Are you here to... lend a few books aswell, or is it the architechture that peeks your interest?" Reverio assumed his usual pose for greeting people, which involved a formal but polite bowing motion, with one hand over his heart.

"Oh no, they haven't, I assure you! They said of you as a courteous and elegant gentleman. And now that I met you, I can assure you they were right!" Lambda spoke, smiling. "I'm Lambda Lazuli, a first-year at St. Laurels. Sorry for the sudden appearance again, I just thought it'd be nice to talk a little with a fellow student from school." He introduced himself. Not as elegantly as Reverio, but polite enough to someone of his caliber.

"I decided to take the day to study some gardening, so I came here to gather books on advanced and different techniques. As I'm the responsible one for our school's garden, as the council nominated me, there's much for me to learn." He explained his reasons.

"Was that cat man with you?" Reverio asked. He had to ask.

"Cat man...? Oh, you mean the guy I bumped into earlier? No, he's a stranger I never met! Though I'm pretty sure he's more like a wolf, not a cat...?" Lambda answered.

He then stopped to think that, maybe, he was out of turn to actually call out Reverio like this, in the middle of nowhere and without reason. Lambda has the problem of being overfriendly and overbearing. Though not many people call him out for it (at least, not in front of him), he gets this sense of consciousness... every now and then, when he's not distracted by the fact he has been talking with someone for too much.

"Anyway, I think I should get going for now. I'd love to chat more, but I'm sure you have your own reasons to be here, and I don't want to hold you out at the entrance for too long. It was nice to meet you! We'll see each other back at school!" Lambda spoke, taking his leave and running inside the library.

BGM: Voile, the Magic Library (Touhou Azure Reflections)

Once he went inside the library, the grandeur of the interior matched the exterior's beautiful design. The library had an enormous collection of bookshelves, all of them filled to the brim with books on the most varied subjects. And just as expected, the library was also filled with many types of students. Chatter was mostly whispery, but he could still see that people were engaged in fervent discussion and conversation, with debate and laughter mixed in-between the talking.

(Wow... this place is gigantic! It's even bigger than the library back at home, or even at school! This is getting me a little excited!) Lambda thought with himself.

"Welcome, young sir. Do you need any help today?" A soft voice spoke to him.

When he looked at the voice's owner, it was the library's receptionist. Lambda went to the counter and inquired about the gardening books... but not before pulling some trivialities and formalities first.

"Hello. Today's a good day, isn't it? Are you doing well?" Lambda asked.

"Ah... yes. And I'm doing fine, young sir. Anyway, how can I help you?" The receptionist answered, being caught by surprise.

"That's good to know. Oh, I actually wanted to know where I can find books about gardening. This library's so big I might get lost, haha." He laughed gently.

"I can imagine. Well, the gardening section is located further northeast, right on the library's second floor." The receptionist instructed him.

"Wonderful! Thank you very much for your help." Lambda thanked her.

"It was nothing. Oh, and if you wish to rent books, please consult the librarians on the first floor, right in the library's very center. You can't miss it, it's a huge and round table." The receptionist informed him.

"Right at the center, first floor... got it! Have a nice day and a wonderful shift!" Lambda thanked her once again, taking his leave.

As for Kurogane, he did the exact opposite from Lambda. Once he had entered the building, he didn't ask the receptionist for help (because he didn't want to tell her that he was just killing time and looking for some comics). And now, he was utterly lost in the gigantic library without any knowledge of where to go, where he could sit, and where exactly the comic section was. The worse part is that he was getting loads of stares from other people. Not only because of his looks but because of his canine ears and his tail, which were somewhat uncommon. That combination of situations was making him angry by the second.

(Yeesh, I don't know where to go, everything looks the same in this place! And these damn nerdy pieces of shit giving me the stares... I'm holding myself back but I wanna punch the next person that looks at me funny!) He thought, angry.

With no other option, he decided to head back to the entrance and try asking the receptionist he had once ignored. Once again, there were loads of stares for him to (try to) ignore. What he couldn't ignore though were the voices. Having a set of four ears, two human and two animal, was good enough to make his sense of hearing more enhanced than usual, but that also meant that some whispers didn't exactly escape him.

"Is that guy seriously wearing dog ears and tail? Like, seriously, go cosplay somewhere else." A girl whispered to her friends.

"What a dork. Who would wear those things in the library? Fool." A guy whispered to his group.

"Are those real? They look so real! I wonder where he bought that..." Another boy whispered to himself.

"You guys havin' fun, talkin' trash 'bout me? Why don't ya stop whispering and say that to my face, huh?" Kurogane spoke out loud, glaring at them.

They stopped looking and returned to read. The librarians looked right at Kurogane and stared at him, with him glaring back at them.
He just walked towards the entrance as he planned.
Lambda Lazuli / Kurogane Ookami

Location: The Grand Library
Interactions: Lambda > Reverio (@Dezuel)

After walking some more, Kurogane ended up reaching the Grand Library, a place favored by the youths of Rhea who pursued knowledge. This was far from being his favorite place, though. He couldn't exactly "have fun" in the middle of a library like he wished to. Rule of silence, after all. However, he did remember hearing someone at his school talking about some comics that were kept in the library. Perhaps he could waste some more time. He wasn't actually interested in going back to school anyway. And hey, the library could be a really good excuse to use if he'd be actually questioned over why he skipped class.

He approached the huge building. It was prestigious and luxurious, offsetting for someone like him. This wasn't exactly a place for people like him to be going in. Everything felt so grand, it was almost blinding. To a punk and ex-convict, books aren't what one could call "fun".

(Yeesh, this ain't the place for me... maybe I shoulda step back and not go in.) He thought, regretting his decision.

That's when he saw a guy being kicked out like trash by... something. He didn't exactly know what that something was but it was strong enough to toss a jock of that size back to a dumpster. And it looked like a girl... maybe? He couldn't exactly tell. He did get surprised, but excited about that fact.

"Heh, so these kinda stuff happen at a place like this? That sounds like my type of place. I'm definitely going in after this." He spoke to himself, going inside the library and avoiding the two people standing outside, but not without giving the guy at the entrance a glance.

He seemed like a noble. And by the looks of his uniform, he belonged to St. Laurel's. From what Kurogane had heard of that school, it was perhaps the most peaceful of all four grand schools. At least, it was nothing like Kiburi's. They had a better set of rules and whatnot, something his school didn't have and never needed, apparently. They also wear their school's crested uniform more than the regular, while he didn't have that much of a problem in his school.

(So he's one of them Laurel's paupers, eh? Yeah, that high and mighty, oh so noble attire of his is sure to hit the mark on that school's fame.) He thought.

That's when someone bumped into Kurogane from behind. Luckily he managed to hold his ground, otherwise he and this other person would've fallen on the spot.

"OWW!! Oi, what the hell?! Look where you're walking!" Kurogane complained while turning to see the person who bumped into him.

BGM: Lotus Love -Remastered- (Touhou Gensokyou: Lotus Land Story)

When he looked, it was a white-haired boy. He was shorter than Kurogane, and also belonged to St. Laurel's. He was wearing a rather beautiful scarf and comfortable clothing. He had his black bag with him on his shoulder, and his eyes were shining red.

"Oh, pardon me. I didn't mean to actually bump into you, I was distracted." The boy spoke.

This would be the moment in which Kurogane would actually do a snappy comeback, but he wasn't able to. The boy standing right in front of him was the kind that he was weak against: the cute ones. As a guy who's weak to cute objects, animals, and even people, Kurogane lost all his anger and couldn't respond with the same attitude you would expect from a punk.

"N-Nah, it's fine. Just pay more attention the next time." He spoke, rather mildly.

"Of course! And once again, I'm sorry." The boy apologized.

"No big deal." Kurogane spoke, as he went inside, scratching his head.

Lambda Lazuli. One of the most recent students at St. Laurel's, starting his first year of school. The sole heir of the Lazuli family, though not by blood. A young and chirpy boy with a brilliant smile and happy demeanor, fighting against the cursed fame of his new family, which stains him even if unwarranted. Although he faces such a fate, he's not exactly hated by the people. That's all thanks to his power and, well, his natural personality.

(What a blunder... I hope he's really not hurt. I wasn't even able to speak with him properly.) Lambda thought.

Considering today was a day off in St. Laurel's, he decided to go to the library and study something regarding flowers and plant cultivation to pass the time. He has gardening as a hobby and is responsible for maintaining the school's garden even though he's just a first year. What he wanted was to learn advanced and different techniques to make a happier garden. Once he recovered himself, Lambda tidied himself up and checked his surroundings. That's when he saw a fellow school student standing at the entrance with a gynoid apparently welcoming him. He was relatively new to the school, but that student looked somewhat familiar to him. As if he had actually heard about this student somewhere in the school. Either way, he decided to greet him.

"Hello! Sorry to be bothering you, but you're from St. Laurel's too, right? If I'm not wrong, I think you're Reverio Galand. I heard some classmates talk about you." Lambda asked him.
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