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Location: Fleeting Memories School - Student Archives

Outside of the room, Lilina kept thinking about how she could get in. Soon, a voice called her in the corridor.

???: Hey, if it isn't Lilina! How've you been?

Lilina: Teacher Genji!

Tease-loving Teacher
Genji Tadano Nakahara

Genji: It's Coach Genji. You ready for P.E. after lunch break?

Lilina: Y-Yes, but I need your help on something else. I need to see if anything's fine with some profiles, but Mia and Xaizor are in. Can you give me permission to access the archives so that Mia won't push me out of the room?

Genji: Oho, need to check some profiles... curious on comparing measurements between you and other girls?

Lilina: C-Coach!!

Genji: Haha! It was just a joke, girl. I'm only teasing you.

Genji: But why do you need to go into the archives, anyway? If Mia's already inside with someone, there's no need for you to go in. And you know I can't just give you permission that freely.

Although Genji could be rather compromising, Lilina knew the archives were banned to all but staff members and Mia, who holds an authority position and has special permission. She needed his avail to go in, but a simple reason like "checking profiles" isn't going to be sufficient. So, she thought on a different way.

Lilina: I... I actually want to help them! I mean, the archive is so full and messy, I thought a third hand might help.
Genji: Really now?
Lilina: Yes really! So please tell Mia to let me in and help her!

Genji: I see, I see. Well, i'll try speaking with Mia.

Genji knocked on the door and Mia soon opened it. From inside, Xaizor was silently organizing the profiles.

Mia: Oh, teacher Genji and Lilina.

Genji: It's Coach! COACH Genji!!

Mia: Teacher or no, do not raise your voice to create a scandal!

Genji: Eep! Y-Yes, sire- I mean, madam!

Lilina: Mia, I heard you were organizing the archive so I thought I could help too. I went to Coach Genji so I could ask permission.

Mia: Lilina, I'd appreciate your help, but I'm on the middle of a disciplinary method appliance. I really can't let you in.

Lilina: Please Mia, I really want to help!

Genji: C'mon Mia, don't be evil with your classmate. Four hands are better than two, right?

Mia: I guess so, but still...

Genji: Great! Well then, my work here is done! Good luck, Lilina!

Mia: Wait, I haven't agreed on-

Lilina: Well, if you excuse me then.

Mia: Hold on a moment! Lilina!

Lilina forced herslef in as Genji smiled and went on his way. What Mia sought to use as a disciplinary method got busted, since now someone not involved was inside with them, with the permission of a staff member.

Mia: Ugh, this isn't going as I planned...

Location: Kanzakai School - Corridors

Fuindor decided to use his lunch break to explore the school for a while. After the first class, he was surely curious about the school.

BGM: Last Occultism ~ Esotericist of the Present World

???: Hello to you, green pea!

Fuindor: Eh?

???: Though I suppose you're more of a red pea, by the looks of it.

Fuindor: Uh... you are...?

???: Oh my, where are my manners?

???: I'm Sumireko Usami, psychic extraordinaire!!

President of the Modern-Time Sealing Club
Sumireko Usami

Sumireko: She who dwells on the ancient! On the occult! Revealing all of them as the one who uncovers all secrets of the world!

Fuindor: ...

Sumireko: And your classmate, of course! Glad to see a new face around. I'd introduce you to school, but Orie did that before me.

Fuindor: Oh yeah, you were at class earlier. You and that... weird outfit of yours.

Sumireko: What?! I'll have you know that, among psychics like me, this is nothing sort of fantastic! It's the latest trend!

Fuindor: Oh... it is? I didn't know that.

Sumireko: Hmph, how irritating. I'm not that weird. I'm just different!

Fuindor: (Uh, you are a complete freak.)

Sumireko: Why are you quiet like that?

Fuindor: A-Ah, nothing! Nothing at all!

Sumireko: Hmm... very suspicious. But this isn't the sort of mystery that intrigues me. Time to find me some mysteries to uncover!

Sumireko: Farewell for now, Fuindor! May we meet again the occult!

Sumireko left, proud as if she was some sort of bishoujo manga heroine. Fuindor looked at her, admiring how she could be so positive amidst all the embarassment of being weird like she is.

Fuindor: She's... really freakish... I'd better go and chat a little with Miss Orie.
Location: Fleeting Memories School - Rooftop

Auror was there alone, enjoying the passing breeze as the time passed on. The door opened, but only Marina and Masaru came.

Marina: Excuse us.

Auror: Oh, only the two of you?

Marina: I suppose so. I actually thought everyone would be here already.

Auror: Veronica and Sayaka are actually doing preparations for the cheerleader club, so they won't be joining us. Did Mia get Xaizor already?

Masaru: That's the first thing she did before getting to lunch. She came by our class and took him with her.

Auror: I see. And what about Kaito?

Marina: He went off somewhere we do not know. Where is Miss Rayla and the others, Auror?

Auror: I think Rayla went to talk with Mia. Ted is still with Kaori since they arrived at the second period and I'm positive that Andorina is with them. As for Lilina, Reeta and Tiane, I also don't have a clue about where they went as well.

Marina: I see... by the by, what was that explosion at the morning? Did something happen?

Auror: Well, it did. You see...

Auror explained to Marina and Masaru what had happened and that Lucent was fighting someone, being one of the responsibles for the explosion.

Marina: Mister Lucent...

Auror: I don't know the rest of the details. I guess Rayla could tell us more, but I don't know where she is exactly.

Marina: Do you think the Guild has taken Mister Lucent with them so he could recover?
Auror: Hard to say. Like I said, Rayla was there, so she's the one who could tell us more.

Masaru: I know where Lucent is.

Auror and Marina: Really?!

Masaru: According to Kaito, he was taken to a shrine here at the Spring Zone by a woman named Reimu and her partner.

Marina: Miss Reimu? So he must be at my house then!

Auror: Oh yeah, you and Xaizor live at a shrine, huh? It lives you, him, her and this partner of hers, right?

Marina: About that "partner", I have no clue who he is. When we came here, it was only the three of us.

Auror: Well, whoever he is, it doesn't matter. What I know is that I'm visiting the shrine.

Masaru: I said the same thing. It won't be a problem if we went, right Marina?

Marina: I do not see why there would be a problem. Besides, someone needs to take Lucent home, I suppose.

Seeing how Marina had no objections, Auror took his cellphone and began doing some sort of list.

Auror: Alright then, let's make a list. Me, Veronica, Masaru and Kaito. I'll inform the others, but I heavily doubt they'd all want to come.

Marina: I will be pleased to guide you there. I do hope Mister Lucent is safe.

Masaru: I hope so too...

Auror: I'm sure he's fine. For him to fight like that means he's a tough cookie to crumble. Anyway, let's have lunch for now.

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Student Archives

BGM: Battle Canyon

Inside the archives, Mia ordered Xaizor to sit in the chair, which he reluctantly did. She looked at him, quite serious.

Mia: Welcome to your specialized dispciplinary regimen, Xaizor Arcadia! Your task is to organize all the archives, from A to Z until the end of school!

Xaizor: What is this, some sort of joke?

Mia: Does it look like I am joking here?!

Xaizor: *sigh* Alright, alright, fine. I bet there's not even too much students in this school.

Mia gave him a defiant smile and opened the drawer containing the archives, showing a lot of messy documents inside it. She also opened the cabinet, showing yet another cliff of documents, waiting to be organized.

Xaizor: Holy shit, that's a lot of things!

Mia: Now, I suppose we can begin.

Xaizor: No way in hell I'm organizing all that stuff. I'm not here for this.

Mia: Do you dare to disobey my orders? Did you forget that I am an authority in the end?

Xaizor: Outside, maybe. Here, we're fellow students, so you don't order me around.

Mia: Why you little...

Xaizor: But hey, you're a knight, right?

Mia: Huh? Yes, I am.

Xaizor: Would you duel me later?

She was baffled at the proposition. Just what Xaizor tought knights were? Barbaric fighters who would spend days dueling each other?

Mia: What kind of proposition is that?

Xaizor: C'mon, it's just a duel. I don't see a problem with it.

Mia: I do not know what sort of vision do you have when it comes to knights, but I am not as barbaric as you think. With that said, I refuse.

Xaizor: Really now? You're chickening out?

Mia: No, but I don't enjoy battle as you seem to think. I won't just battle you over nothing.

Xaizor: Hmph, if that's the case then let's have a bet, right here.

Mia: A... bet?

Xaizor: I'll do this organizing stuff, since we're already here. If I manage to do it, you'll duel me. If I don't manage to do it, then you decide what you want to do. How does that sound?

Once again, she was left surprised at how simple-minded Xaizor was. Mia had already seen how she wouldn't be able to restrain him. The bet still seemed ridiculous for her, but she wanted to make him do it.

Mia: ... Fine, I accept it.

Xaizor: Alright! Just watch, I'm gonna finish this and you'll duel with me!

Mia: Hmph! Do not get cocky!

*BGM fades*

Outside of the room, Lilina soon arrived at the archives, standing outside the door. She was close to unravel what she wanted, but the only impasse right there was Mia. She knew the student council member wouldn't just let her check the profiels so easily.

Lilina: (Both Mia and Xaizor are there, in the student archives. If I go inside, I might find some sort of clue between the relationship between Masaru and Lucent Vermillion. It might guide me to a clue of why his mission concerns someone whom he met not so long ago...)

Lilina: (For that to happen, I need to find a way in... but how am I supposed to convince Mia to let me in without raising suspicion about my goals?)

Location: Spring Zone - Streets

Alice was walking calmly around the streets, doing her grocery shopping. Distracted, she ended up bumping into someone.

Alice: Oh pardon me, I was distracted and I couldn't look-

BGM: The Traditional Old Man and the Stylish Girl

Alice: Wait... Jin?!

Blazing Guardian of the Otherworldly King
Jin Kaien Kamishirasawa

Jin: Alice?! Is that you, for reals?!
Alice: B-But you have... he said that you... how are you alive?!

Jin: Good question. Bummed that I don't have the answer, though.

Alice: I mean, what am I supposed to do now, at a situation like this?!

Jin: Panicking too much is certainly not one of them, right?

Alice: Yeah, you're right. I need to calm down and think rationally about this. As for you, it's best if you came with me, after all.

Jin: Sure, I'm fine with that. Do you have a house here or something?

Alice: Yes, I do, but let's not discuss it that much. Now that you appeared, I have more things to take care of.

Jin: OK then...?

Alice kept walking towards her house with Jin following her. She immediately thought of Reimu at that point.

Alice: (I better warn Reimu of this. She might have a better idea of what to do.)

Jin: (How weird... who did ressurect me and why? Was there some sort of reason behind it?)

Jin: (Argh, Cookie was better at this thinking thing than me... if he was around, I'm sure he'd have a genius and level-headed idea, like usual...)
Location: Fleeting Memories School - Third Year Classroom B

While the pause between periods happened, both Xaizor and Masaru could notice that Kaito was too silent, something completely different from his usual self. They went towards him, to see if everything was OK.

Masaru: Hey Kaito, is everything alright? You're really quiet today.

Xaizor: Usually, you'd be talking a lot. Kinda weird to see you acting like some sort of loner.

Kaito: I'm... just worried.

Masaru: About the explosion?
Kaito: Yeah. Lucent was involved in it, so I can't help it.

Masaru: Wait, was Lucent caught in the explosion?!

Kaito: He was fighting someone in the air. He was injured, so he couldn't come today.

Xaizor: Fighting?! I'd imagine anyone fighting but Lucent, of all people...

Masaru: N-Never mind that! And the injury? Was it too serious?

Kaito: I don't know and that's the part that bothers me. He's woken up but you know me. I've been sticking to that guy like glue, ever since we were younger.

Xaizor: That's true. Sounds like an unhealthy obsession sometimes, but I can feel some sort of brotherly love between you two.

Masaru: The Guild took him to rest?

Kaito: No, it was a shrine maiden. Her name was... Reimu. She and her partner took Lucent to their shrine.

Xaizor: Oh, it's where I live! We can go there later if you guys want!

Xaizor: This whole partner thing is completely new for me, though. It was only me, her and Marina at the house so I don't have a clue about who this "partner" is.

Masaru: Alright then, I'm going with you two to the shrine after school. We'll go there immediately.
Kaito: Masaru?

Xaizor: Why are you desperate? That's rather normal for someone like Kaito.

Kaito: Hey, what do you mean with that?!

Masaru: It doesn't matter. I'll go with you and that's final. Now I have to go to the faculty office for a while.

Masaru quickly left the classroom, seemingly in a hurry. Xaizor and Kaito began to wonder if he had a specific reason to go after Lucent.

Xaizor: Huh... sounds like someone's hiding some sort of secrets.

Kaito: You think that Masaru's after Lucent for some reason?

Xaizor: Who knows. That was just a wild guess.

Kaito: Anyway, we better keep an eye on him. I'm not that confident in him anymore.
Xaizor: If you say so. Well, guess another period's starting soon.

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Second Year Classroom C

The classroom's door opened as Mia went in. She went towards Auror.

Mia: Auror, where's Rayla?

Auror: Good question. I don't know that either.

Mia: Then I suppose you can explain this for me.

Mia grabbed her cellphone and showed a video to Auror. It was the battle between Lucent and Doremy, exactly in the part where Lucent was taken away and Reimu fought Doremy with the others.

Auror: Oh, it's a battle.

Mia: Don't speak so nonchalant about this! I need to know what happened there!

Auror: OK, first of all, where did you get that?

Mia: One fellow soldier of the Order was around and filmed it for me. He was unnequipped at the time, hence the reason he did not jump in.

Auror: Well then, second question. Knowing there's a member of the Guild there, why don't you ask him?

Mia: That's because I can't just abuse my position and abandon school to investigate like this! And since Rayla was there, she should be able to give me a rundown of the situation.

Auror: Alright. Third and final question. Why do you need to know?

Mia: I'm a member of the Holy Order. To protect and defend those who cannot defend themselves is my responsibility to the people.

Auror: *sigh* Look, even if you ask her, I doubt Rayla would just spring in details like this. You two are good friends, but she won't just give things away like this, especially involving a friend.

Auror: Not to mention the slight fickle she still has with the organizations. Even if the Guild or the Holy Order didn't do a specific thing to her, she'd rather not involve you because of bureaucracy.

Mia: W-Well, I can't argue with that. Even so, I-

Auror: Mia, stop poking your nose in this. It's for your own good.

Mia: ... Alright, I will back off. I don't wish to become Rayla's enemy all of a sudden.

Auror: Hey, she's not going to be inimical with you just because of this-

Mia: However, this doesn't mean I'll just give up. If she does not wish to tell me, I will simply ask to the victim himself.

Auror: ... Really?

Mia: Yes. Well, I'll be going back to my classroom. I will see you some other time.

Mia bowed to Auror and left the classroom. He sighed once again, knowing how Mia is. She's one of the last people he wasnted near Lucent and that's because of his whole past.

Auror: (Guess you're going to have your chat with Rayla at the end of the day, Mia. I better warn her of this.)

To not call her again, Auror sent a text message to Rayla, warning her that Mia knows that Lucent was involved and she was going to question him sooner or later. Since she had a better way with words around authorities, he felt like she could be the only person that could stop Mia in this situation.
Location: Spring Zone - Streets

Reimu: I sure will. Be seeing you some other time.

Reimu flew off back to the shrine so they could take care of Lucent's wounds. Kaito quietly followed Reeta and Rayla back to the school.

Location: Fleeting Memories School - First Year Classroom A

The class was talking all at once. The reason? Melanie seemed to have quit school.

Marina: So she has left the school after all...

Veronica: I think she won't be bothering us anymore. Her ego suffered a big strike.

Sayaka: Do you guys think that she'll calm down for good?

Veronica: Knowing her as I do, it won't last long...

BGM: Brain Revolution Girl

The class they belonged was rather famous for gossip material outside of Miolina herself. Soon, the gossips started again.

Gossip Girl: Hey, did you hear? A third year took a beating from Sorano.
Atlethic Boy: For reals? Man, the Queen's gone but the Devil still lurks around...

Veronica: And Sorano attacks again... I forgot that she exists.

Sayaka: Melanie was already awful and we still need to deal with this monster...

Marina: Umm... I was wondering. Why does she act like she does?

Sayaka: No one knows. All that we know is that Sorano is the literal demon... she steps on us as if we're just paper.

Veronica: Only Miss Rayla gets out of it, thanks for her being an Ancestor Mage. The rest escapes because we avoid direct contact with her.

Marina: And what about Miss Mia?

Veronica: Because Miss Mia is technically an authority, Sorano doesn't mess with her that much. It doesn't mean that she still doesn't pick fights with her.

Marina: ... I see...

Sayaka: Worried about her? Just don't talk, look and breathe near her and you'll be fine.

Marina: I am bothered not because of her attitude, but because Xaizor is ready to hunt her in the window of opportunity she gives.

Sayaka: He would be doing a favor to us all.

Veronica: I'm sure Marina has a pretty valid reason to be worried about this...

Marina: He does not know the meaning of "holding back"...

Sayaka: But I'm positive Xaizor wouldn't lose that easily. I mean, he's super strong.
Marina: That is my main concern...
Location: Spring Zone - Streets

BGM: Unexpected Visitor

Kaito: Sorry, but I was worried. Seeing him falling like that...

Reimu: I understand your concern for your friend, but normal humans like you can't just jump in like this.

Kaito nodded, still worried about how he couldn't aid much. Reimu turned back to Rayla and Jerry.

Reimu: Well, since he spoke my name, I better do it properly. I'm Reimu Hakurei. Shrine maiden and guardian of two of your friends.

Reimu: That girl is named Doremy Sweet. She's a baku or as she said, dream-eater. She hails from my world, Gensokyo.

Kaito: So you're from another world as well? Wow.

Reimu: Yeah, but my world is rather known by now. In any case, you came here because my partner took your friend away, right?

Kaito: Y-Yeah! But by the looks of it, he's in good hands...

Reimu: We'll treat him well. I suppose his wounds hasn't healed proprely so I can't just dismiss him, even though we know by now that he can fly.

Just as she told that, her terminal began to ring. She picked up the call immediately.

Reimu: Reimu speaking.
Cookie: Reimu, it's me. I'm calling because he woke up.

Reimu: Oh, he did? Those are good news indeed.
Cookie: He's in pain though, so I didn't let him out until his wounds recover.

Reimu: You did the right thing. We can't leave him wounded in the open.
Cookie: He also said that he left his bag behind. Is it there?

Reimu looked around and found his bag and his grimoire laying right there at the ground.

Reimu: Bag and grimoire accounted.
Cookie: OK then. Last, there's something you're supposed to give to his friends. He insisted for you to do it.

Reimu: OK, let's see... there's a paper bag inside his bag.
Cookie: Is there any sort of candy inside?

Reimu: Uh... truffles?
Cookie: That's what he wanted you to give. Can you do that?

Reimu: OK. I'll give it to them, and then I'll be heading back soon.

She turned the call off and looked at everyone to inform the news.

Reimu: Good news, your friend just woke up. Not counting the wound, he is safe but we'll let him leave once his wounds are treated well.

Kaito: I see... Miss Reimu, I'm counting on you to take care of him.

Reimu: Don't worry. I'll make sure your friend is safe and sound.

Reimu: I'll be taking his things back with me to the shrine. As for this paper bag, I'll handle it to you. It was something your friend insisted for me to give it to you.

Reimu hands the candy bag to Rayla.

Reimu: If you excuse me, I'll be taking my leave now. I suppose you want to come along and speak with him, Mr. Jerry?
Location: Spring Zone - Streets

All the attacks hit Doremy on sight, without any chance to escape. She was defeated.

Doremy: I can't believe this...

Reimu: Then you should believe.

As they finished the fight, Kaito appeared, trying to catch his breath. The fight wasn't exactly that far from the school but his anxiousness tired him.

Kaito: Haaah... haaah...

Reimu: Oh, more people are coming.
Kaito: I ran here as fast as I could... I need to know where you took my friend.

Reimu: Oh, the kid? Well...

Reimu's explanation was interrupted with Doremy getting back on her feet. The seal Reimu used earlier had lost its strength so she was able to fly again.

Reimu: Are you still up for more?

Doremy: Ugh, no, my plans were all ruined. I thought I'd savor a lot of dreams today but that child got in the way and then you appeared. And here I thought this town was free and unknown territory.

BGM: Mary, the Magician

Doremy: But I wouldn't imagine this town would be dominated by such a powerful dream-eater...

Reimu: Dream-eater? You mean... that boy?

Doremy: Of course. That boy is a half-human, half-demon. His powers include the control and manipulation of nightmares, though we do classify as Familiar-types and Aura-types. He falls on the first category, just like me.

Doremy: But I'm still impressed... he managed to summon one of the Forbidden Nightmares. Which is why I wonder... with that much power, how can he go against his own kin?

Reimu: Forbidden Nightmare?

Kaito: Don't lump Lucent with the likes of you! He would never do such horrible things!

Doremy: That's not how I felt when I fought him.

Kaito: ...

Reimu: Whether he would or not, he did his best to stop you. So as this kid said, don't lump him with you.

Doremy: I know that now. But I must inform you that I'm not the only one who wants to devour the dreams of humans.

Doremy: All Nightmares want to come and savor all sorts of hopes from humans. Sooner or later, the concept of dreaming will cease to exist and only terror will pass by through human minds.

Kaito: What?!

Doremy: I'm rather tired, so I'll go off now. Please send my regards to that child.

Kaito: Hey, hold it right there!!

But Doremy opened a portal and disappeared, leaving them with that warning.

Reimu: And off she goes...

Reimu: I wonder what she meant with that... the concept of dreaming will cease to exist...?

Location: Hakurei Shrine - Xaizor and Marina's Room

BGM: Coffee & Milk

Lucent managed to open his eyes at last, seeing that he was somewhere else.

Lucent: (Huh...? Where is this place?)

Cookie: *enters* Oh, you're awake.

Lucent: You... helped me?

Cookie: Yes, I brought you here to rest. I thought you'd stay off for a long while, but you recovered faster than I'd expect.

Lucent: I see... w-well, thank you, s-sir.

Cookie: No need for thanks. I was just doing what it had to be done.

While carrying a tray, he gave Lucent a cup of coffee.

Cookie: Here, drink some coffee.

Lucent: O-Oh, t-thanks. *drinks a sip*

Cookie: It isn't too sweet, is it? I don't like bitter coffee, so...

Lucent: It's... bitter for me.

Cookie: Do you want more sugar then?

Lucent: N-No, it's fine. I-I really need to go...

While getting up, Lucent felt a sharp pain which made him unable to get up.

Lucent: Oww...

Cookie: You're in no condition to go anywhere now. Settle down and rest so your wounds can heal.
Lucent: B-But I need to go to school... and I left my bag behind...

Cookie: I'll see that my friend gets your bag.

Lucent: W-Wait. There's something inside that it... it needs to be given to my friends.

Cookie: And what is that?
Lucent: C-C-Chocolate t-truffles... t-that I m-made...

Cookie: I'll warn her then. Just rest, OK?

Lucent nods as Cookie leaves the room in order to call Reimu and inform her that Lucent got up but still needs to rest because of his wounds. Leaving the tray behind, he picked some sugar cubes to put in his coffee so it wouldn't be bitter.

Lucent: I guess five cubes would be enough... should I put a sixth?
Location: Spring Zone - Streets

Doremy: What?!

Because of their unnatural speed, Doremy wasn't able to keep her visions on sight and ended up being attacked, taking hits from the three fighters and sent in the air.

Reimu: There's my opening!

To accompany them and to not lose momentum, she vanished and reappeared in the air, bringing Doremy back into the ground with a divekick. Reimu quickly used her gohei-whip to pull Doremy back and throw her away.

Reimu: If I were you, I'd give up now. You have no way of winning.

Doremy: Ugh... I'm not done yet...

Reimu: Let's see you say that after this. Charm "Fantastic High-Speed Prayer Talismans"!

Reimu threw three seals in the air and they vanished. When Doremy got up, she was immediately pelted by talismans. Without being able to move, she was rendered open to attacks. Reimu looked back at them while taking another seal out.

Reimu: She won't be able to move. If you want to beat her up, now's the time!

Location: Spring Zone - Hakurei Shrine

Arriving at the shrine, Cookie took Lucent inside and put him to rest at one of the beds.

Cookie: There... now I just need to wait for Reimu to come back. Surely she won't come back alone.

Cookie: Still, he fought very well. Managing to hold himself like that until the last...

Location: Kanzakai School - Front Gate

He went in at the front gate as some students were still getting in. Completely nervous, which was reasonable since this was his first day, he ended up bumping into someone.

???: Oops, my bad! I wasn't looking where I was going!

???: P-Please think nothing of it. It happens.

???: Hmm? I don't seem to remember you. Are you a new student?

???: Y-Yes! Today's my first day, actually, so I'm kinda on edge.

???: I see. Tell me, what is your name?

???: I'm Fuindor Akaikage! Pleased to meet you, miss!

Spirit of Scorching Blazes
Fuindor Akaikage

???: Fuindor... what a different name.

???: Well, I am Orie Harada. Pleased to meet you, Fuindor.

The Fifth Seeker of Justice
Orie (Harada) Ballardiae

Fuindor: Nice to meet you too, Orie.

Orie: I suppose you need to know where you will be studying. Well then, please follow me.

Fuindor: Eh? Where to?

Orie: To the faculty office. You might find your teacher there and she will take you to the classroom.

Fuindor: I see. OK, lead the way.

Fuindor followed Orie as they went to the faculty office. From afar, another girl, weirdly dressed with a cape, wondered where the new kid would study.

???: Oho, we got a green pea among us. I wonder what class is he in...

???: I think I'm going to quietly follow them. This might be interesting.
Location: Spring Zone - Streets

BGM: Antique Terror still playing

The battle raged on, without signs of stopping at one split second. The two of them used their powers at will, in hopes of hitting their opponent and gain advantage. However, Lucent was getting tired.

Lucent: Haaaah... haaah...

???: Oh my, are you weakening now?

Lucent: I... can still fight...!

???: That's not what your body tells me. It seems ready to give up.

???: Which is astonishingly perfect for me!!

Lucent: !!

She once again called the beds to attack him. Lucent tried to shield himself, but the barrier he created broke and he was finally hit. He soon saw himself crashing into the ground.

*Antique Terror stops playing*

Lucent: N-No... this can't... be...

???: Dear me, but you're just a child in the end. It was a good fight you put back there, even summoning one of the Forbidden Nightmares.

???: Too bad this is your end, though. Farewell, halfling.
Lucent: (M-My body... why now... I need to get up...!!)

BGM: Mystic Oriental Love Consulting

But before she could even attack, a seal hit her and she saw herself falling down to the ground. Reimu landed in front of the fallen Lucent as Cookie helped him.

Cookie: Are you alright?

Lucent: H-Huh...?

Cookie: You fought well. Rest now, help has come.

Lucent: Ah... help... *faints*

Cookie: He fainted. What should we do now?

Reimu: Take him back to the shrine. We'll treat his wounds there.

Cookie: Are you sure this is a good idea?

Reimu: He's in no condition to go elsewhere, I don't know where exactly he lives and you have no idea to where else you should take him. If someone appears looking for him, I'll inform them.

Cookie: Right. Be careful.

Cookie carried Lucent and flew back to the Hakurei Shrine. For now, only Reimu stood to fight the demon.

???: An old face appears. I've never expected to encounter you here, Hakurei shrine maiden.

Reimu: Neither did I... Doremy Sweet.

Ruler of Dreams at the Fantasy Land
Doremy Sweet

Doremy: And I was just about to finish him off. Oh well, I'll get another chance later.

Reimu: I hope you know how to fight at the ground then. The seal I used blocks flight.

Doremy: Sky, ground, it doesn't matter to me. All that matters is that I'll defeat you.

Reimu: Oh really? Can you say that after being surrounded?

Doremy: Surrounded? What do you mean?

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Front Gate

Seeing from afar, Kaito and Reeta saw that Lucent fell down from the sky after being attacked. Moments later, two people appeared there. And not soon after, a flying man was carrying Lucent and taking him away somewhere.

Kaito: Where they're taking Lucent?! Damn it, I knew I shouldn't have left him behind!

Ignoring all danger present there, Kaito ran towards the fight. He wanted to know where that man was taking Lucent.
Location: Spring Zone - Streets

BGM: Antique Terror still playing

Lucent and the other dream-eater fought like two rabid dogs defending a territory. He kept calling his beasts to aid him, but the other demon also had tricks of her own.

Lucent: (S-She's good... I'm not managing to hit her once.)

???: I have to admit, you're powerful... I wasn't expecting this.

???: However, I'm not done yet! Dream Sign "Dream Catcher"!!

Lucent saw himself locked in a cage of lasers as they all began to disperse and rebound. He ran around, trying to evade them as another cage came up.

Lucent: (Taking her on the ground won't work. I need to fly, now!)

???: Wait, you can fly?!

Lucent: I wasn't planning to, but I had no choice. It's the easier way to evade those lasers.

???: Impressive. But this ends here.

She created four pink orbs and transformed them into beds that went flying violently at Lucent, who managed to evade them. He extended his arm and summoned crows to attack the demon.

???: *evades* You don't give in easily, do you?

Lucent: You won't touch those humans. Not as I live.

Lucent: I'll summon the Forbidden Nightmares if I have to...

Lucent's grimoire started to flash red and its pages began to flip on their own. The demon backed off as the whole scenery changed.

Lucent: Railroad Death Express: Promethean Fire!

As it looked as if they were near railroads, a train seemed to come from the distance. It came in such high speeds, enveloped in flames. As the front car opened its "mouth", a large fireball came out towards the demon.

???: Big blasts? I can do that too. Dream Sign "Blue Navy Runaway Dream"!

The demon created a sphere of darkness and shot in the direction of the fireball. As the two spheres collided, the explosion was loud enough for people to hear and strong enough to blast away all the black fog that hid them.

???: You're pretty good for a halfling... that power of yours to summon Nightmares is something else, indeed.

Lucent: And this is my first time fighting. I don't know where I got the courage...

???: It'll end soon, so don't worry. I'll make sure this will be the last blow...

Lucent: I have somewhere to be, so no.

Lucent summoned more wolves to attack as she countered with cursed woolies. The battle between the dream-eaters seemed to last until another person would jump in.

Location: Fleeting Memories School

Auror: Oh good morning and where the hell are you? Seriously, it's normal for Ted to be late, but you of all people?

Auror: Actually, don't explain, I'm pretty sure you have a personal and delicate issue. I'm calling only to see if you're alright. You, Ted, Lucent, Tiane, Kaito, Reeta and Kaori are the ones missing from our group.

Soon, the sound of an explosion was heard by the students. Since he sat close to the window, Auror took the phone out of his ear, opened the window and leaned his head to see the streets. A surprising sight caught his attention.

Auror: Hold up a split second... is that Lucent flying in the skies?! And he's fighting someone else?!

Auror was worried about two things: one, the probability of them destroying part of the town and second, Lucent's power and his sanity. He remembered the trauma his friend has suffered and didn't want another incident like that repeating itself over. He put the phone back on his ear and warned Rayla.

Auror: Rayla, we have a fight near school. There's this strange woman flying and Lucent's fighting her, also in the sky.

Auror: The classes will start soon, so I can't actually leave to help. I know you're late, but just make sure he doesn't do something that's more problematic than using his powers right now.

Auror: I'll call Ted and see if something happened with him. Andorina might be in the way of calling Kaori.

At the gate, Kaito arrived with Reeta when an explosion was heard in the direction they came from. He looked behind, only to see Lucent in the sky with a woman.

Kaito: T-That woman... is she the one Lucent felt back then?! And wait... they're flying?!

Location: Spring Zone - Hakurei Shrine

From atop the shrine, Reimu and Cookie saw the explosion and immediately looked at the scene.

Cookie: There are two people flying over there!

Reimu: One is a boy who I don't know... and the other one is someone I know.

Reimu: I'm heading there, Cookie. You're coming?

Cookie: On it. Let's hurry.

Both left the shrine and began to fly in quick speeds towards the scene.
Location: Spring Zone - Streets

As Kaito and Reeta left, Lucent looked at the empty street.

Lucent: I know someone's there. Get out now.

As he said that, a strange young woman got out from a hole on the ground and looked at him. He was startled by her sudden appearance.

???: Oh my, I was found. That was unexpected.

Lucent: !! W-Who are you?!

???: That really doesn't matter since time is really short and I'm in a hurry. So let me just eat your dream quietly.

Lucent: (A dream-eater?!)

She tried to absorb whatever dream Lucent had through her strange pink matter. However, nothing came out of him.

???: How weird. You don't have a single dream.

Lucent: There's... nothing for you to eat here.

???: Hmm... perchance you are a dream-eater as well?

Lucent: Y-Yeah, I am.

???: So I'm walking into unknown territory, I guess. Not that I care, of course.

???: Say, why don't we share the dreams then? You eat a portion and I eat another portion.

Lucent: I'm not hungry nor interested. Besides, let them dream quietly. Reality is already a nightmare for the people of this town.

???: Oh, I see now. How nice, I thought this was your territory but it seems that no one is possessing it right now.

???: Well then, if you excuse me, I need to chase those humans who just left.

Lucent: N-No! Leave them be, they don't have dreams as well!

???: On the contrary, I smelled delectable dreams coming from those two. It rose my appetite.

???: And since they were going to a school, I suppose more humans are there, so a feast is waiting for me.

Lucent: (She's aiming to eat the dreams of everyone at school. She can easily go unnoticed and devour all of them... if she does that, then...!!)

???: OK, we're done chatting I guess, so I'll go ahead. Good day to you.

BGM: Antique Terror

Just as she finished speaking, she grazed a wolf right in front of her. When she looked back at Lucent, a black fog began to leak as red eyes looked directly at her.

Lucent: You're not touching those humans. I won't let you.

???: So, not only you're also a dream-eating demon... but you still wish to defend those humans...

???: Well then, defector. Once I'm done with you, I'm after those two and the rest of the humans near them.
Lucent: (I never thought I'd do this... but if this is what I must to...)

He summoned a grimoire. As he opened it, an unknown form with wings rose and instantly vanished. His coat closed by itself as he prepared his heart for the first battle of his entire life. He had to protect Kaito and the others from whoever this is.

Lucent: Kill her on sight and leave no remains...

???: Hahaha! I'd love to see you try, but I'm putting you down here, you miserable halfling!

Location: Glory Star Orphanage - Backyard

While all children were playing together, Kiragi isolated himself in the backyard. He was still sad about Rayla and Tiane's departure, having no mood for playing with the others right now.

Kiragi: ... Nothing is fun today. Everyone called me to play but I don't want to...

He laid down on the grass and looked at the sky. Kiragi closed his eyes for a bit and was almost resting. When he opened them, two little creatures were looking at him.

BGM: Silence

Kiragi: AAAAAAAAAAH!! G-G-Ghosts!!

???: GHOSTS?! Where?! WHERE?!

???: He meant us, empty-head.

???: Ooooh!! We do look like ghosts to humans, alright.

???: Oh bother...

Kiragi: W-What do you want with me?! I-I'm not tasty!!

???: Will you pipe down already? We're not here to eat you.

???: Yeah yeah! We're here to ask something to you!

Kiragi: A-Ask something to me...?

???: So, hey, do you know where's this takoyaki I heard of?

Kiragi: Takoyaki? That's food. And I don't know where to-

???: Don't go off topic now... ugh, I'll handle this.

The black floating spirit advanced towards Kiragi and took a photo out of nowhere.

???: Tell me everything you know about this person.

Kiragi: That's... Big Bro Lucent! I know him, he lives here with me!

???: I see... so we did come to the right place.

???: Really?! YOSH!! Mission complete!!

???: But not. Don't go overboard yet.

???: Okay...

???: You. What's your name?

Kiragi: I-I'm Kiragi Starlight!

???: Oh, that's such a cool name! Kiragi Starlight! I like it!

???: Hey, Kiragi! Let's make a promise!

Kiragi: Promise...?
???: It's not much of a promise and more so like a pact. We'll lend you powers and you'll help us.

Kiragi: Powers...? You mean, like magic and those sorts of things I read on books?!

???: Yes!! Like, we'll give you super cool powers!

Kiragi thought about it, but didn't think twice. He wanted to be powerful too, like his big brothers and sisters.

Kiragi: I-I'll do the promise... pact... thingy!!


???: Stop screaming already and take this seriously!!

???: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! Scary face!!

???: Honestly, you stupid twin brother...

Kiragi: By the way, who are you two?

???: I'm Ictio! I'm a Dream Sprite!

???: ... Umbra. Nightmare Sprite.

Twin Sprites of Dreams and Nightmares
Ictio and Umbra

Umbra: Now then...

Ictio and Umbra: Power of dreams and nightmares, heed us! With your strength, bestow upon this children power to defy reality as a whole!

With their lights, Umbra and Ictio bathed Kiragi with their powers. He felt something strang running inside of him.

Kiragi: This is...!

Ictio: YAAAY!! Promise complete!!

Umbra: Pact complete.

Umbra: Now, we'll be counting on your assistance, Lord Kiragi.

Kiragi: L-Lord?

Ictio: Yeah, 'cuz like your our Lord now, so Lord Kiragi it is!

Kiragi: I... I see...

Kiragi: (Now I can protect everyone, even the Big Bros! With their help, I'm gonna save everyone, I'm sure!)

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Second-Year Class C

Since they all went to their classrooms, Auror sat to wait for Rayla and the others, who were taking too long to appear. Bothered, he took out his cellphone.

Auror: OK, they're officially taking too damn long to come. I better call Rayla first. *dials Rayla's number*
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