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Location: Spring Zone - Kaori's House

BGM: Lakeside (BlazBlue)

Auror: Nice to meet you, Kaori. I'm Auror Dias Intermezzo. If you ever heard of my name before at school, it's probably because of my sister Veronica.

Auror: She wanted to come too, but she had some... issues. Not so serious ones, but still issues. (Like a empty-brained, casanova failure of a cousin.)

Kaito: I'm Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars! I'm not that known, but I hope we'll be good friends as well.

Auror: By the way, he's a lunatic, so don't mind if he starts blabbering nonsense out of nowhere.

Kaito: Would it hurt for you to stop calling me a lunatic already, Auror?!

Auror: What? I'm just warning Kaori beforehand, as a friend would do.

Kaito: I'm not a lunatic, though!

Auror: Says you.

As Auror and Kaito finished their intros, one person lasted. However, he was too focused on the book to pay attention to anything. Kaito lowered the book a bit and Lucent's sight saw they were at their destination already with Kaori standing there.

Lucent: Eh? Ah...!

Kaito: And this here is Lucent Vermillion. He's really shy, so don't worry if he's too silent.

Auror: I was going to say "adverse to social relationships" but you already put it mild.

Lucent: ...

Kaito: C'mon, Lucent. You know what we say to people once we meet them.

Lucent: S-Stop... treating me like a kid for once...

Lucent closed the book, yet grasping it firmly. He was nervous, but still tried his best, with the greeting coming in an audible, soft spoken voice.

Lucent: I-It's... uh, a p-pleasure to... m-meet you...

Kaito: Nice, you did it! In the next time, we'll see if you can speak it a little louder.

Lucent: ...

Auror: There's no need for you to get all red. Kaori won't bite you.

Lucent: That's... not the... issue here.

Auror: (Worried about your powers again, huh? I'm sure nothing will happen, you dork. You're keeping yourself under control, duh.)
Location: Spring Zone Streets

As Lucent kept reading the book, he remembered about the fact that Tiane wasn't alongside them in the lunch yesterday. Since she was one of them, he decided to raise the topic.

Auror: Now that I remember, you weren't with us at lunch yesterday, were you Tiane?

Kaito: She wasn't... oh!

Auror: This might sound repetitive, but I guess it's necessary. After all, she needs to know as well about those two. Our explanation might not be the same thing as the real deal coming from Xaizor and Marina, but let's try to pick it up and end this topic.

Kaito: True. Lucent, help us out with the book, got it?

Lucent: I'll try...

Auror: Alright then. I'll begin.

The topic of the conversation became the origins of the Arcadia brothers once again. Auror explained the best of what he could so that Tiane could understand, with Lucent giving him back up from the book. They did a quick explanation, as it seems that she didn't like long ones.

Auror: ... And to sum it up, other worlds outside of ours exist, with Xaizor and Marina being proof of it.

Lucent: We... did the best to tell you everything.

Auror: This might put Lacrima as a finished topic just so we won't drag ourselves too much on it... yet. You got it all?

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Entrance Gate

Sayaka: Oh, Miss Rosa. I hope I haven't left you waiting too long for it.

Xaizor: And who are they?

Sayaka: Those officers have been watching over me ever since the incident happened.

Marina: I see. Well, shall we go then? We are heading the same way, so I suppose we can still go with you until our ways part.

Sayaka nodded and started to walk, with Marina following her. Xaizor, however, was thinking about something.

Xaizor: ...

Marina: Is something wrong, Xaizor?

Xaizor: It's those things that have been happening... the singing, the shadow... and the fact that they heard it as well...

Xaizor: I can get about them, but why us? We're just outsiders in this.

Marina: This wondering has been on my head too... it is actually leaving me nervous about this...

Xaizor: Yeah. Can't believe this, but I'm nervous as well... not in a good sense.

Marina: I wonder if our fate will truly connect with this world...

Both brothers wondered if this situation was normal or not. However, their train of thought was suddenly interrupted by Sayaka's voice.

Sayaka: Aren't you two coming?

Xaizor: Ah, our bad! We're going!
Location: Spring Zone Streets

As soon as Auror, Kaito and Lucent got inside the car, its engines started and it began to run. They haven't heard the talk between, Rayla, Ted and Tiane about Miolina.

Kaito: Hey Auror, what's with the glass lid between us and the front row?

Auror: That's a soundproof glass. It's so the driver and the front passenger can't hear us unless I turn the mic on.

Kaito: I see...

Auror: It's good for a reunion, actually. We can talk about things we wouldn't be able to with specific persons around.


While they were chatting, Lucent was already immersing himself inside the book about the Kingdom of Lacrima, homeland to Marina and Xaizor.

Kaito: Well, someone seems really focused on a book.

Lucent: Pegasi... wyverns...!

Auror: Wait, what? Let me check it.

When Auror checked the book for himself, he saw more than just pegasi and wyverns. Lacrima had even airships. It was a land that seemed out of a fairy tale.

Auror: OK, what sort of crazy- even airships?!

Lucent: Y-Yes...!

Auror: The more I know about their home, the less I want to be there...

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Entrance Gate

After some small talk, Sayaka and Xaizor finally reached the school gate, where Marina was waiting.

Xaizor: Are you actually calm now?

Marina: Yes, yes, I am calm. I did slapped a boy before he left.

Sayaka: Were you angry at Bloo's sudden appearance?

Xaizor: Angry is an understatement.

Marina: Yet this is something I do not regret.

Sayaka: Marina, you're a pretty cool girl. You'll soon become very popular at this rate.

Marina: O-Oh no, that is far from what I desire!

Xaizor: Dugging your own grave, eh?
Location: Fleeting Memories School - Corridor

Auror: Let's go with the limo. And talking bout it...

Auror looked outside and the car was already there.

Auror: It arrived! Well, off we go. Andorina, you can go in the front with the driver and give him the directions.

Meanwhile, as he walked through the corridor, Xaizor found Sayaka.

Xaizor: Oi, Sayaka!

Sayaka: Oh, Mister Xaizor. Were you looking for me?

Xaizor: Yeah, I was. Now c'mon, we'll drop you back home with safety.

Sayaka: Won't it bother you? I can ask another friend to drop me...

Xaizor: Don't sweat it. It'll be fine.

Sayaka: OK, I'll come with you then. Where's Marina?

Xaizor: Catching a breath outside. She finished a guy just now.

Sayaka: A guy?

Xaizor: Yeah. He had blue hair and talked all corteous and stuff...

Sayaka: Oh... it's Bloo. Well, if he was beaten up, we should actually thank Marina for doing us this favor.

Xaizor: You girls hate him that much, huh?

Sayaka: Totally! You see, in the last year...

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Entrance Gate

As Lilina and Masaru came by, they went towards Kail.

Masaru: Good afternoon, officer Kail. We're ready to go.

Lilina: Did you stood out here without an umbrella? You'll catch a cold! Here, come under mine.
As Eltrino left Adam and Noru alone to think, he felt as if everything he said resulted into nothing. Of course, instigating someone into doing what they never wished to was wrong, but he didn't want people who would easily give up and be negative at the first obstacle thrown at them. As much as I have tried with those two, I'm dealing with an absent-minded and with a lone wolf. It seems like it'll be hard to convince them into trying alternatives, so I might as well check the other duo. I don't want them giving up before the real Hero life begins. He thought.

Soon, the hero duo of this round reached his sight and Eltrino got immediately disappointed. Koharu looked as if she wanted to give up and Charles wasn't giving the least of importance to this. He sighed from the distance. An absent-minded and a lone wolf against two people who doesn't seemed willed enough to win...? What is this...? He thought once again. If those people aimed to be like All Might or Deku, his successor, they need to show a spirit to actually fight. Eltrino decided to try and instigate them into taking this seriously. It could convince Adam and Noru to do the same thing.

"Sorry to bother the two of you, but I noticed you're somewhat thoughtful about the situation. I'm willing to listen and aid you whenever I can. My name is Eltrino Atlas. I'm your classmate this year."

To: @olcharlieboi and @LemonZest1337
Location: Fleeting Memories School - Corridor

Kaito, Masaru and Lucent were the last ones to arrive.

Kaito: Wait, where are Auror and Vivi?

Lucent: At the gate... waiting for us.

Kaito: Well, then we're ready to go.
Lilina: Oh my.

Lilina appeared, showing interest on what they had planned.

Kaito: Oh, it's Lilina.

Lilina: What a surprise to find you all here together. To be honest, this sort of reunion is unusual.

Lucent: ... (Possible...? Change that for definitive. This girl has a different aura around her.)

Lilina: Are you perhaps going already? If so, can I accompany you?

Kaito: Well, you see...

Masaru: They're going somewhere important today. I was actually waiting for you to come so we can go home.

Kaito: Wait, but aren't you going with-

Masaru: Sadly, I won't be able to help you all today. Maybe in the next time.

Lucent: (Nice one, Masaru.)

Lilina: Oh, that is sincerely bad to hear. I would definitely like to accompany you all.

Masaru: I'd like too, but we should be going in our way. See you all tomorrow.

Masaru and Lilina left as Auror and Veronica, who saw them in the gate, came inside.

Kaito: Whew, Masaru saved us with Lilina.

Auror: Well then, let's go.

While they were still preparing to go, Xaizor and Marina were coming towards them. They actually stopped by and decided to wish them luck.

Marina: Hello everyone. I suppose you are all departing soon, correct?

Kaito: Pretty much, since everyone's here.

Xaizor: Wait, where's Masaru? Isn't he supposed to come along?

Veronica: He just went home with Lilina, so he won't be able to come with us.

Marina: That is a shame. In any case, we should be on our way.

Auror: Wait a moment, I have a favor to ask of you two. Can you two walk Sayaka home?

Xaizor: I don't find any problems, but maybe we should consult my prickly sister here.

Marina: Who are you calling "prickly"?! *pulls Xaizor's ear*

Xaizor: OWOW!! Let go of my ear!!

Marina: Embarassing me in front of our friends... *releases grasp*

Xaizor: J-Just answer the question already!

Marina: I was going to, before you could ever be rude and speak fallacies about my person!

Auror: And you complain about your sister, Ted.

Marina: Ahem. I apologize for this poor behavior. We have no issues about escorting Sayaka.

Veronica: That's wonderful! I owe you guys one-
Bloo: Oh, a beautiful flower is spotted.

Auror: No... not twice in a day...

Veronica: Goodness gracious...

As Veronica and Auror complained, their cousin appeared, ready to "charm" Marina and invite her out.

Bloo: So you're the newcomer, eh? Marina, was it?

Marina: Umm... yes?

Auror: Bloo, back off, she's not interested.

Bloo: Auror, shush. This is a moment for me to shine in the brilliance of love.

Xaizor: Love? I see... good luck, tough guy. *backs off*

Kaito: Aren't you going to stop him? You're her brother, you know.

Xaizor: Nah, there's no need.

Seeing that Xaizor backed off, Bloo leaned towards her and looked directly at her eyes, their faces close enough for a kiss.

Bloo: Did someone ever told you that you're the most beautiful of butterflies in this vast world?

Marina: Huh...? W-Whatever do you mean...? Y-You are rather close...

Bloo: I suppose not. But I tell you, your eyes have captivated me. Why don't you and I go for a round of tea, while we enjoy the sound of the rain together, my lovely Marina?

Marina: Ah... AAAAAAH!!

Her answer was a kick... in the spot. Bloo fell and groaned in a pain only felt by men as Marina screamed at him, entirely red.


Bloo: Agh... you... didn't need to...

Auror: I... can't say I never saw this coming... but less so from someone like Marina.

Lucent: That... must have hurt...

Kaito: Damn, I feel a little of pain for him...

Veronica: ... Have you finally learned your lesson, Bloo?
Bloo: But... such a savage and beautiful... lady might need...

But before Bloo could even finish, Marina kicked him... in the spot for the second time. With it, Bloo finally fainted.

Marina: Y-You shameless, crude and insensible... ARGH!! I HATE YOU!!

Lucent: Marina's... short-fused too...?

Xaizor: This happens only with perverts. Those types are the ones that really piss Marina.

Marina: I-I am going to wait outside... I need some air...

Marina left the scene furiously. She was ready to snap at someone who would even dare to say "hi" at her.

Xaizor: I'm going after Sayaka. You guys should get going and it's best if you leave her alone catching breath, else she'll be pissed at you for no reason.

Auror: Sure we will... (Note to self: watch your words around Marina.)

Veronica: Well, you can go without me as well. I'll take care of this... dumb idiot. Send my regards to Miss Kaori for me, OK?
Agni, after listening to all of the explanation, went directly to his room. Room 301. I suppose this is it., he thought. The door was inscribed with the number, but it could be a prank. It wouldn't bother him, but he went inside anyway, seeing that no one was inside it yet. "So, I'll be sharing rooms. I wonder who it is. No one generally shares a room with me because of my state, but whatever. It's not as if this place was normal in the first place.", he spoke. Agni picked one of the beds, it being the most far to the door and began to organize his things.
Location: Fleeting Memories School - Third Year Classroom

Auror: Alright, let's head back to class then.

Lucent: (Reading about another world's story... I can't wait to read this book!)

Kaito: I'll make Reeta's words my words, so I'm counting on you guys to look after Lucent!

Auror: Don't worry, we'll do the job well.

Kaito and Masaru went to their clasroom as Auror and Lucent went downstairs after Rayla, Ted and Reeta.

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Infirmary

Veronica: Hehe, I'll tell you later, Miss Andorina.

Veronica: Doctor, I think she only needs medicine for the headache right now. I'll be going on ahead back to class, so please excuse me.

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Entrance Gate

BGM: Time (Persona 3 Portable)

Soon another school day ended, but the sunset was not visible today as the rain clouds stood still at the sky, seemingly without a chance to leave. Auror met with Veronica at the corridor and they waited for the others at the gate.

Auror: So it worked on the end, huh...

Veronica: Yes, it did. Andorina woke up with a headache but she was good as new!

Auror: And how are you feeling?

Veronica: I'm fine, don't worry. I used a weak healing magic since if I went for the more powerful, you'd definitely be mad with me.

Auror: Good that you haven't forgotten about that. Your power, while incredible, is troublesome for yourself so you can't abuse of it and you need to train it.

Veronica: I know, I know...

As they chatted, Maki came towards them to quickly talk with Auror, though she decided not to enter into topic since Veronica was there.

Maki: Good afternoon.

Veronica: Good and pretty afternoon, Miss Maki!

Auror: Haven't heard of you since the morning. You left early today.

Maki: How do you know that?

Auror: We fetched everyone of the orphanage except for you and Rayla.

Maki: I don't like walking with them, so I guess it was good for me to have left earlier.

Veronica: But isn't it too lonely to go to school or home without friends, Miss Maki?

Maki: If they were my friends, I'd say yes. But since I don't like them as much as they don't like me, I don't feel bothered at all.

Maki: Anyway, see you tomorrow.

She left the two brothers alone and went back to the orphanage.

Veronica: Miss Maki is really cold, isn't she?

Auror: Cold is an understatement

Veronica: Oh well, let's wait for the others. Who's going with us?

Auror: Let's see... me, you, Andorina, Rayla, Ted, Tiane, Kaito, Masaru and Lucent.

Veronica: Huh? Marina and Xaizor aren't coming along?

Auror: They decided not to. Kaito was the one who asked them to come along, but they said this isn't an affair for people like them.

Veronica: I don't think Andorina would mind that they are from-

Auror: Andorina doesn't know that they're from another world and we're also not planning to tell her, I guess. Marina and Xaizor trusted us with this secret.

Veronica: But didn't she give the book from yesterday to Lucent?

Auror: This is a different scenario. Look, just sum it up as this: people from another world doesn't have anything to do with this.

Veronica: It... kinda sounds like we're doing some prejudice against them. I know they're the ones who said it, but it tastes horribly when it comes from your mouth.

Auror: Can't say you're wrong, Vivi...
Location: Fleeting Memories School - Third Year Classroom

BGM: Swimmer in the Book of Darkness still playing

Marina: Very well. Here you go.

Marina handed the books to Lucent and Ted.

Marina: I suppose you would still like to talk about this issue of the organization attack, so we will take our leave. I do hope this help you find some answer of the sort.

Xaizor: See you guys later.

After a bow from her, Marina and Xaizor left to not bother them with their discussion.

Auror: They're really considerate of the situation. I was expecting them to be curious or anything of the sort.

Masaru: I guess Marina and even Xaizor know that some issues don't belong to them. I do feel as if they really wanted to help us more in this, though.

Auror: Marina gave us the books, so it'll help a lot. Knowing details about the background they live, aside from her explanation, will give us a better idea of Lacrima's lifestyle and how it'll impact on us through those two.

Kaito: That book of power will give us info about psychic powers, so we might even discover about how they're obtained and how someone can control them.

Auror: We're starting to get somewhere in this. We should take the book with us to the visit and do the check-up.

Auror and Kaito seemed confident that they were getting somewhere. Lucent, interested on reading Lacrima's history book, mentioned Lilina again.

Lucent: Um... about Lilina...

Auror: Oh right, we should talk with her and say that she can't come too.

Masaru: She's going to be really sad.

Auror: It's just like Rayla said, though. If the victims are all related to psychic powers and are the targets, we're just making this organization's job easier to them. They should be a little separated for a while.

Auror: Also, not to be even meanier or anything, but we might talk to the Guild about the fact that Sayaka and Lilina returned without... ahem, a legal and "efficient" defense.

Kaito: I don't think they'll agree to keep themselves at home, Auror.

Lucent: I... don't believe that agreement will... matter.

Auror: Their safety comes first and the dust hasn't truly dissipated yet. Living a normal life isn't a good recommendation now. Those two should stay back at their houses for them while.

Lucent: I... kinda agree.

Auror: What do you think about this, Rayla? Am I being to extreme or do you think that it's better for those possible psychic users to stay hidden a little longer?

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Infirmary

She knew the examination was very important but Veronica was certain she could help. Even if she was going against the regulations, she wanted to help.

Veronica: (Flowing water, aid my friend with thy serenity...)

Veronica: Bubbly Mending.

She opened her hands and blew bubbles, out of thin air, towards Andorina. As they reached her, the bubbles began to pop and Veronica's healing water sprinkled all over the injured body of Andorina.

Veronica: (I can only heal the pain and external injuries, but this should be able to wake her up. If only I could use stronger magic without worrying Big Bro...)
Location: Fleeting Memories School - Third Year Classroom

Soon, the singing stopped.

Auror: And it stopped. Weird...

Lucent: (I wonder... if this entity could be...)

Kaito: Aside from you guys hearing this song or not, I actually wanted to ask something.

Auror: And what it would be?

BGM: Swimmer in the Book of Darkness (Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland)

Kaito: If we can extend Andorina's invitation to Xaizor and Marina.

Marina: Invitation?

Masaru: Andorina has invited us to visit her friend, Kaori. That reminds me, she wanted to invite you as well, Rayla.

Marina: I... am unsure if it is a good idea for us to go. We are outsiders in your affairs, so I wonder if it would be a little disrespectful if we accompanied you.

Xaizor: I kinda agree. Andorina invited you guys, who are her friends, so...

Kaito: I know, I know, but listen. What if we can find a reason to why Kaori was targeted by this strangers?

Auror: Oh, I get it. You're raising the possibility that she might have been attacked because of some sort of power and you want Marina's help to examine it while Xaizor's a bonus just to not be left over, right?

Xaizor: Hey, I'm not a bonus!

Kaito: Well, except for the bonus part, that's mostly about it. What do you think?

They looked at each other and at the rest, but still signaled a negative response.

Marina: While I can understand the reason of why you wish us to go, I still believe that we should not go. Andorina would definitely prefer people from this world alongside her, not us.

Xaizor: Don't take us in the wrong. We just don't want to jump in problems you guys might not want us around.

Lucent: I had a feeling she wouldn't agree...

Kaito: Well, that's OK. It was the way I found to help but I guess it didn't work.

Auror: Of course it wouldn't, idiot. Doing this without Andorina's consent is already bad enough.

Masaru: I told you it wouldn't work.

Kaito: You don't have to remind me.

Marina: But this does not mean that I cannot extend some aid. Let me check something.

Marina opened her bag and took two books out, extending them to the rest.

Marina: As a token of appreciation for you accepting me and Xaizor into your world, everyone, I offer you these two books. One is the book I have shown earlier about the history of Lacrima. This second one is a basic book about power studying. I hope it does help with your situation.

Auror: Nice! Ted, you should keep these.

Lucent: I... I'd like to read them as well.

Auror: I'm sure he'll let you borrow them once he finished reading them.

Masaru: Marina, are you sure about this? You're not keeping your world that much of a secret... isn't it dangerous?

Marina: I trust that I am placing these books in good hands, Mister Masaru.

Xaizor: I might have something on my own, but I need to check my bag later.

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Infirmary

After a quick rush, Veronica finally reached the infirmary. She went inside and began to catch breath.

Veronica: Haah... haah... Doctor... where's Miss Andorina...?

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Second Year Corridor

Lilina, who also heard a strange song, was walking around trying to follow it, without success. She ended up barging into Bloo.

BGM: Love is Survival (Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair)

Bloo: Oh, a pretty flower comes to me! Lilina, seeing you back makes me happy.

Lilina: I was going to apologize, but since it's you...

Bloo: Hey, that's mean! I was genuniely worried about you!

Lilina: Bloo, you used this line for so many girls that it's hard to believe in you.

Bloo: ... Well, jokes aside, are you OK? Should you really be here after everything?

Lilina: I can't remain at home all the time. One day or another, I would have to leave and face the world again.

Bloo: That's nice to hear but why you were targeted in the first place?

Lilina: ... I don't know.

Bloo looked directly at Lilina's eyes as she seemed worried, showing a calm smile to her.

Bloo: If you need something, Lilina, count on me. I may be flirtatious, but that doesn't mean I wasn't worried.

Lilina: Bloo...

Bloo: Now, how about a cup of tea with me? It'll be nice to sit together and relax...

Lilina: No.

Bloo: What?! Oh, come on...
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