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Location: Fleeting Memories School - Entrance Gate

BGM: Hora theae

After some walk, Kaito, Tiane and Xaizor reached the school.

Kaito: Finally, we reached school. Can't believe we actually ran up this late.

Xaizor: Well, the battle before was fierce, so I can understand it.

Kaito: Sure, I guess. Man, it really feels weird to be on the front lines, fighting like this.

Xaizor: It kinda surprised me when you appeared and fought, actually. You never looked like you knew how to fight, Kaito.

Kaito: And I didn't. It was only after meeting Jin that I began to fight.

Kaito: He gave me those chakrams and I just used them. When I saw it, flames came out of it and it felt natural... somehow.

Xaizor: Hmm... sure... I bet you were hiding this from us and never talked about it.

Kaito: What?! There's no whay that could ever happen! If I knew how to fight, I would've done it a long time ago!

Xaizor: That kinda reminds me... this town is... sorta messed up, right?

Kaito: "Sorta" is a misunderstanding. But yeah, our home is completely upside down.

Xaizor: Hmm... I wonder what Dad would do if he was in our place...

Kaito: You really look up to your father, Xaizor.

Xaizor: Of course I do! I wanna be an awesome and powerful king just like Dad! That's my dream ever since I was a little kid!

Kaito: I see. That's a rather normal dream for someone as nuts as you are.

Meanwhile, inside the school, Masaru was just walking around the corridors, worried about Lilina.

Masaru: (She hasn't shown up yesterday at all. I tried calling her phone but she didn't pick it up a single time. I hope she's OK...)

Location: World Crossers Guild

Chat goes on and on at the main hall when the door suddenly opens. To Lilina's surprise, Marina and Lucent were the ones who appeared.

Lilina: Marina?! Lucent?!

Marina: Oh, it is Miss Lilina. Good morning!

Lucent: G... good morning...

Heather: Oh, are they your friends from school, Lilina?

Lilina: Sort of...? (I mean, I'm not lying, but I don't talk with them either.)

Jin: So, uh, with who should I speak about these two?

Heather: Wow, what a strong young man. To carry injured people, each on an arm like this.

Marina: Actually, they were assailants. An attack was being executed by them in some streets up from here.

BGM: Tension (Persona 5)

Lilina: What?!

Jin: These two guys were eating people's dreams. We were there, so we decided to intercept them and stop whatever they were doing.

5T: Eating... people's dreams? What does that mean?

Marina: It sounds crazy, but it is true. It is one of the reasons why the population appears so disheartened these days.

Heather: It's one thing after another... will this town never find peace?

Lilina: Wait, I still don't get the whole "dream eating" thing? What does that mean?

Lucent: ... It's... not that... complicated, I-I guess...

5T: ... You seem to know how this works, Mr. Vermillion.

Lucent: Y-You...!!

5T: You were the victim of yesterday's attack so remembering you isn't hard. Still, victim or not, you know something about this.

Lucent: ... I... do.

5T: Then I don't suppose you mind if we ask you questions about it. We need to understand this.

Lucent: ...

Marina: There is one condition. I must be there with Mister Lucent.

Lilina: Marina... are you sure?

Marina: He is not good with pressure, so a friend might be able to calm him down. Besides, I believe I can explain in better terms about the attack.

Location: Fon Ventorian Mansion - Main Hall

BGM: Elegant Summer still playing

Lass: So that is our task. Very well. Roger, head back to the base and gather our best men for this mission.

Roger: Yes sir!

Astra: Oh, but you're not going. I heard that you failed on your endeavors with the Intelligence Squad yesterday. Embarassing the Black Moon to the Resistance takes some guts, Roger.

Roger: Ehehe... well, I, uh...

Astra: Thanks to your uselessness, they couldn't get the info they wanted. And I didn't meet with the squad leader for him to complain directly with me. You're in charge of cleaning the base and the inn today.

Roger: W-What?! All of it?! But you just said I'm one of the least "incompetent" ones!

Lass: ... Sarcasm, Roger. Now leave, before I lose my patience with you and make your punishment even worse.

Roger: Y-Yes, Master Avenger.

Roger awkwardly bowed to Marilee, Barry and Saika before leaving the house back to the Black Moon's base. Astra looked at his new allies.

Astra: Well, thank you for the clarification for the mission. We'll be sure to be careful and not let any enemy get us.

Lass: The Black Moon would do no less. Anyone who gets in our way has two choices: die or die.

Astra: Now now, that's just your M.O., Lass. I'm more merciful, if I say so myself.

Astra: But in any case, now that you mentioned DUST, there's something I'd like to share. Normally I would ignore it because it never had anything to do with us before, but since it does now, it's a good time to say it.

Lass: Alright, Astra, out with it. Don't dilly-dally with the information.

Astra: The part about the Psychic rescue... it might happen. And it might be really good for some morale raising.

Lass: What do you mean?

*BGM fades*

Astra: Chances are high that we're rescuing the victim that DUST captured for us. You know... Willard.
Posted. Also, sorry if the link is in NicoNico. This remix of Satellite Café Terrace isn't in YouTube and I like using it a lot.

World: World War II
Location: England - Lucy's Shop

BGM: Coffee & Milk

Judah ben Issac chuckled as he began cooking kosher chicken, lamb, and vegetables, al the while singing to himself as he cooked. Then he said to Agni, "You can chop the peppers - The Moogles have been importing them for a discount from so-called 'other worlds' to lighten our food shortages in Great Britain. So despite the hopelessness of everything, we at least no longer have to ration our food."

Lucy, meanwhile, had finished repairing the Army Truck and said, "I'm going to shower - Make sure none of the boys you brought in peek!"

The response from Judah was, "I won't, don't worry!"

Following Judah to the kitchen, Agni listened to the instructions and did just as he was told. He wanted to prepare a dish for himself, but considering the conditions they were, he can't waste resources. Not to mention, they weren't his. So, he just did as he was told, cut the peppers and gave them to Judah as he was instructed.

Food was prepared, and over a plate of lamb, Judah asked Agni, "Alright, so, what do you and the Moogles need with Lucy? As in, what is the 'Princess of Heart' nonsense all about?"

Once all preparations were finished, Judah asked Agni about the Princess of Heart situation. However, he felt as if it was better if Lucy herself was here to listen. Besides, he really wanted to leave Victor, Vic and Ignitio out of the conversation. "Mr. Judah, I'd prefer to answer your question with Ms. Lucille here to listen. Considering that not only me, but the Moogles have been talking about this, she might have heard about it herself and she has the right to know about it personally. Besides, I suppose the shop has a place that's less open than this so I'd rather talk to both of you there and only the three of us." Agni spoke. "I apologize in advance if I'm sounding suspicious. It's nowhere near my intention to put you and her into danger, I assure you." And bowed while apologizing.

After that, he looked around at the shop. It was a very simple shop, albeit its function was related directly with war. It reminded of the days where he lived with Claire, Rosangela and Sidney at a cabin, in a forest not too far away from the Lizeria of the past. However, it also brought back memories he never liked to reminisce. "You two must be having it rough here... I can only imagine how dire the situation is and understand it. Being tossed at a war when all you want is a peaceful time... I'd never imagine that other worlds could be in danger like this..." He commented out loud, looking at the roof. He then looked back at Judah. "As much as I dislike somber topics, how... how are the people's situation? You commented about food ration before... has it truly reached such a dire turn?" He asked, worried.

City: ???
Location: Black Cathedral - Entrance

A pause as the Inquisitor waved to the just-arrived Libero and Noel accompanying them, before he continued.
And with that, he ran up to where Noel was, tackle-hugging, the young man and saying "NOEL! I'm so happy to see you!"

Noel was taken aback a little by the tackle-hug. He looked at the person who hugged him, a little confused. But once the voice came out, he finally remembered.

BGM: Beneath the Hollow Moon

"... Rote? Is it really you...?" He looked at his face. It was indeed him. Rote Kaufmann, another noble of Venedig and a childhood friend. The Fragarach and the Kaufmann maintained contact ever since Libero was a kid, so Noel and Rote met each other while being very young. They were inseperable and stood playing at each other's houses for as long as they can remember. That is, until both completed 15 years. At that time, the relations between both families suddenly stopped, without any reason being given to them. And after that, the duo never saw each other. Once all memories flooded back, Noel hugged Rote back. "I... I can't believe this!! Where were you?! Do you know how much I missed you?!" He spoke.

Noel was the sort of smart and quiet kid. The kind who got easily bullied at school. He never talked much with other children and always stood back studying. Rote was someone who never left him at silence, though. He always pulled Noel to play with him and the other kids at Venedig, that being the only way Noel could make any other friends. But they were always together, as if they were brothers from separate families. It's thanks to Rote that Noel decided to muster some strength and become more sociable with people. Time passed and Noel became who he was today.

"We were always together, ever since we were children... played together, chatted together, studied together and... just passed the years by. After your family stopped coming back and you just vanished, I... I felt like something important was missing..." He spoke a little. "I... don't know what happened for you to become a slave. I can't even imagine why something like this would happen, but... I'm just... happy to see you again, Rote! You're like family to me... the brother I never had, so I... I missed you so much!!" Noel spoke, crying in his shoulder.

Libero could only look and smile at the moment. He was really happy that Noel wouldn't be alone with just strangers in his new home. "I'm happy that you two are now together again, Noel. It heartens me to know you're happy." Libero spoke. "*sniff* I... I said I wouldn't cry if I saw you again, but... I'm just too happy, so I'm sorry!" Noel said at Rote.

*BGM fades*

"Heck, the only thing that'd make it better is if I had an excuse to be naked -"

Inquisitor Malamocco rolled his eyes and cleared his throat. "Young men nowadays."

BGM: My Homie

Libero scratched his head and sighed. "This is Rote being Rote. You better get used to it." When Noel heard Rote speaking about being naked and Malamocco clearing his throat, he finally paid attention to what they were saying. He was fully naked, with only some rags. His face began to flush out of embarassment, as he pushed Rote away and broke the hug. "Y-You... you're... only with rags...!" He spoke, nervous. However, he also got a little angry, because this... was common, just like Libero said.

"You... y-you haven't changed at all! A-And what do you mean by "excuse"?! You always ran around naked at your home ever since we were 13! E-Even at home, when I leave my room for one second and when I'm back you're... already without your clothes and looking at me!" Noel spoke. "That's... true. The many times I caught you at Noel's room naked and I had to close the door before someone caught him..." Libero spoke. "Y-You saw him?! And you never told me?! W-Why?!" Noel exclaimed to Libero. "I do enjoy when my little brother gets flustered over this, sometimes. It's rather cute." Libero spoke, with a little yet tender smile. This didn't make Noel less angry, though. On the contrary... "W-Why you... UGH!! Y-You two are the worst!! Teasing me like this is not funny!" Noel complained while looking away.

He never liked this... hobby Rote had of staying stark naked without any problems. For him that was completely indecent. "Hey, you need to understand that he was a slave not a moment ago. It's not Rote's fault this time." Libero tried to cover for Rote. "I-It doesn't matter! Slave or not, he always wants to... to stay like this! T-This is rather normal for him and... and... ugh!!" Noel opened one of his bags and took out one of his spare robes, pushing it onto Rote without looking at him. "W-Wear this, please! It'll cover your body for now!" He spoke, still flushed and not looking at his friend.

Libero could only laugh at the scene. He missed this sort of peaceful and familiar feeling. Then, Malamocco began speaking with him.

He then looked at Libero and said, "Greetings, Fragach scion. Your actions have brought the approval of the good aspects of Existence today." A frown as he continued, "Here is something that might stay your father's anger - We have the identity of the Cult of the Keeper's agent in Kaisersdat. As I said, the Cult of the Keeper is a group trying to bring down civilization as we know it so that the Old Gods can be worshipped due to everyone forgetting they are mere mortals with great magical power."

The Inquisitor smiled, "Her name is Katherine Sophia Gotha, and she is the one who planted the idea for the Iron Decree in our sovereign's brain."

BGM: March

"Greetings, Inquisitor. Believe me, my reasons for doing this are more selfish than what you would believe. All that I want is to safegaurd Noel so that he won't become another slave master. I want him to keep his heart pure and away from that." Libero spoke. Then, he spoke about something that would stay any anger from Grandalt. It was about a woman named Katherine Sophia Gotha, member of the Cult of the Keeper and responsible for making the Emperor believe and create the Iron Decree. However, he thought differently about it. "My father sold his soul and mind to the Decree, only because to maintain connections with the Emperor. Bringing this woman's name on my home will bring nothing to stay his anger once he discovers mine and my mother's actions. You can consider him your enemy and I, a rebel to his will." Libero spoke.
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Also, @Zoey White, I have some plans in mind between Libero and Jehenne. Should we chat about it?
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City: ???
Location: Black Cathedral - Entrance

BGM: Melody of Water

Libero, Noel, and their Butler were in a position to see the Black Cathedral from afar, even before they reached the place itself. An ominous edifice, it was nevertheless a place of unexpected safety, especially with the Inquisition having better things to do than repression...

The carriage soon reached the outskirts of the Black Cathedral, an edifice one could call the Church of Inquisition's "base of operations". Ominous as it was, this was the goal behind Libero and Carmilla's plan. Away from Venedig's corrupt ideals, they would hide Noel from the corruption of the slave market and trade. "We're arriving at the destination." The butler spoke from the outside. Noel opened the curtains, curious as how they had arrived at somewhere supposedly five days away from Venedig in such a short time like three and a half hours of travel. When he opened it, he saw the cathedral and was immediately brought in shock. "T-That's... the Black Cathedral. Big brother, weren't we supposed to be going to the Reich's capital as Father ordered?" He asked. "There is no way I would hand you over to the emperor. This isn't what either me or Mom would want for you, Noel. We don't need another slave trader in our home." Libero explained. "Then... your plan was for you to take me here to the Cathedral? To the enemies of Venedig and the whole Iron Decree?" Noel asked. "Yes. From here, you'll be able to learn the opposite of what Dad has been wishing. You'll be able to pursue the dream you always wanted, Noel. The dream of making an institute for magic research, learning and control for all people." Libero spoke, happy.

It's true... Noel's wish was to create an institute academy where people could research, learn and control magic. An organization not solely for the nobles of the Reich, but for all who wished to learn it. It may be an utopic dream, but it was Noel's dream. "Libero, I... I don't know what to say... but if Father finds out, then you'll be-" Noel spoke, speechless and worried about Libero. "Don't worry about me. I did this knowing of all risks. I'd rather be dead but with a clean conscience that you are safe than alive regretting that you became another of us." Libero said. Still, this worried Noel. However, he had no arguments to tackle his brother back. Soon, the carriage stopped. "My lords, we have arrived at the Black Cathedral!" The butler spoke.

Noel and Libero left the carriage inside and were now at the entrance. The river seemed to flow underneath it, as if it was a secret entrance. In the distance, Noel saw a bot coming their way. "Look, there's a boat with people coming our way!" He pointed it out. "My contact has arrived. Let's wait a little bit before getting inside." Libero spoke.

City: Venedig
Location: Fragarach Manor - Stables

BGM: Smile-less soiree

Libero walked in the stables, only to find Noel petting the horses. Once he arrived, his little brother stopped what the was doing and walked towards him. "So we're departing... I'll get inside the carriage then." Noel said, sounding hopeless. Nina pecked him once more so he could lighten up. "... It's going to be fine, Noel. You don't need to stay so depressed." Libero said, trying to cheer him up. However, nothing could make Noel feel less than miserable at that moment. He sluggishly went inside the carriage as one of the butlers came by. "Are you sure of this, Lord Libero? This will incite fury upon the Duke." He commented. "Any wrath coming from my father is worth it if my brother is safe from this mess. The Fragarach family is composed of nothing but devils. He needs to get out of here." Libero said. "But the Church of Inquisition isn't exactly pure, my Lord! Isn't there any monastery where he can stay in peace?!" The butler questioned, worried about Libero's idea. "I have faith in the Church. Besides, if they're truly so corrupt, perhaps Noel might be a good thing to cleanse them." He said.

The butler still couldn't believe in Libero's idea, but had no more ways of questioning his methods. "... Very well, my Lord. I will take you there, as instructed." He spoke. Libero nodded and went inside the carriage as well. Once the butler sat on the outside seat, he ordered the two horses to move, with a single lash of his whip. And so, Libero and Noel departed from the manor, going to the Church of Inquisition.
Location: Fon Ventorian Mansion - Main Hall

The moment Marilee mentioned the Four Comets, Astra and Lass already had accepted the deal. Of course, the Black Moon's involvement with the town would grow beyond their liking and expectations, but such is the price.

Astra: Hmhm. Line, hook and sinker, eh Resistance?

Lass: The Black Moon accepts your terms.

Roger: Whoa whoa! T-That fast?!

Astra: What do you mean "that fast"? You're the one who hasn't got the idea here.

Lass: Well then, how shall this proceed now? Are we under your command or can we still do our own business as always?

Astra: I'm highly sure we can still move around freely, yet we'll be sharing info with them from now on. Besides, more work means more training, so I'm fine with whatever.

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Entrance

BGM: Warm City still playing

Veronica: Aww, don't worry about it! I'm Veronica, but you can call me Vivi!

Sayaka: And I'm Sayaka. It's a pleasure.

Veronica: Since you're all on a trip, we won't bother you much. But hey, feel free to drop out at home and make a visit!

Veronica: Alright, Sayaka, let's get going! Hinamori, I hope you enjoy the trip. We'll catch each other someday soon!

Sayaka: Nice meeting you again, Hinamori. And have fun with the trip, everyone.

Sayaka and Veronica left together to their classroom. Their eager humming could still be heard as they went inside.

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