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Location: Spring Zone - Kaori's House

BGM: A Life Without Worry

Auror: Hey, Kaito. How many time has passed since we fell down?

Kaito: Uh... I guess... 10 minutes?

Auror: I expected one hour, but 10 minutes sound ridiculously short...

Lucent: A-At least we're... back, I... guess.

Kaito: No kidding. I seriously got desperate...

Auror: I can imagine that. I do wonder about the others since we don't have an idea where they are...

Lucent: (Hmm...)

Lucent closed his eyes for a brief moment and focused on hearing Azura. Soon, a faint sound of her voice reached his ears.

Lucent: (I can still hear Lady Azura. Faintly, but with the enough focus I might be able to...)

Kaito: Something wrong, Lucent?

Lucent: N-No, I was just... thinking.

Auror: *sigh* Well, now that we're back, should we begin with that topic or not?

Location: Spring Zone - Margatroid Residence

The royal brothers finally got up. A quick inspection led them to see that this wasn't the Hakurei Shrine.

Marina: W-Where are we? Were we kidnapped?!

Xaizor: How come the first thing you can say is if we were kidnapped or not?

Marina: Xaizor, we must call Miss Reimu immediately and ask her to rescue us!
Alice: There will be no need for that.

BGM: Elegant Summer

Alice got into the room and observed that both of them were awake. With a tray holding two cups, her appearance made them lower their guard a little.

Alice: Oh good, you two are awake.

Marina: Umm... excuse me, but who are you?

Alice: My name is Alice Margatroid. Friend of your father's.

Xaizor: Father's... friend?

Alice: Yes. I came from Reimu's world.

Xaizor: I see... so uh...

Alice: Here, I brewed hot chocolate for the both of you.

Alice hands out the cups to Marina and Xaizor. She also gives them blankets to wrap around themselves.

Alice: I've spoken with Reimu and she said that it's best that you two rest here for today. The rain doesn't seem to be ceasing for the day.

Marina: I appreciate it, Miss Alice, but I think we are prepared to head back to the shrine.

Alice: Reimu also told me that you shouldn't go back since you fainted. She also said that she's... busy right now.

Xaizor: Busy? With what?

Alice: That I don't know. She hasn't told me, either.

Marina: I suppose we have no choice but to accept it, Xaizor. Sorry for bothering you, Miss Alice.

Xaizor: I just hope Sayaka got safe home. She was accompained, but still...
Location: Spring Zone - Kaori's House

Lucent opened his eyes. He was laying down at the ground and when he looked, Kaito was staring directly at his face.

Lucent: Ah!!

Kaito: Whoa, you finally woke up! What the hell happened?

Lucent: H-Huh... where am I...?

Kaito: At Kaori's house? You and the others suddenly fell down without a response. Your eyes were wide open and it was kinda creeping me out...

Auror got up as fast as he could, taking breaths as if he had a nightmare and woke up in fear. He looked around to see that they were back at Kaori's house

Auror: (What the hell? We're back. Was that a dream?)

Once he looked at Lucent, he confirmed it wasn't a dream: his Brand was visible.

Auror: (Wait, I can see that mark at Lucent's hand... so it did happen...)
Agni and Celica

Celica smiled as they have introduced each other, though Samson's earlier remark to Agni did hit her ears. Her senses were far more precise, now that she is somehow a cat woman. As for him, he just took it and didn't give a single reaction to it. He'd rather not start a discussion over something so futile as his emotional state. In the meanwhile, she carefully placed her things on her bed and did looked at the bathroom. Then, she heard Samson asking about special accomodations to either her or him."Oh no, there is no need for the special accomodations just to myself. Believe me, different treatment is something I clearly despise. And please, there is no need for you to leave as well, Sir Samson." She said, answering his question.

Agni had catched that she was unsure about that last part of her answer. This time, he indulged into asking her. "There's a reason why you answered so nervously, right?" He questioned. "Yes, there... is. It is because of my Alteration." Celica spoke, worried. "If it's because you're a cat, then don't worry about it. There are people with side effects far worse than yours." Agni spoke. "Sir Agni, I appreciate the concern, but please refrain from diminishing yourself because of your lack of emotions. As you have noticed I was nervous, I noticed you badmouth yourself oftenly." Celica's tone got a little more serious. "Hey, don't you dare to order Master around like that!!" Cerberus stood up for Agni, who just gave him a third bonk with the book.

Interacting with: @Eklispe @FSM
Agni Blackheart and Celica

One blink was enough for the plant girl to vanish. Did she get carried by the wind? That wouldn't be possible, the windows aren't open. "Wait, what? Where's the plant girl that was right there?!" Cerberus asked. "It could possibly be some illusion, playing a trick on us. You do know how the Nightmares sometimes like to play tricks on us like these." Agni spoke a possibility. As Cerberus was about to respond, three knocks were heard on the door. "Um, excuse me. May I come in?" A gentle voice spoke from the outside. "*sniff* *sniff*... I smell something bad coming from the door." Cerberus spoke. "The door isn't locked yet, so you can come in." Agni spoke.

BGM: Stray Cat (Melty Blood Actress Again)

As one illusion went out, something real came in. They had thought this room wouldn't have a girl, yet wrong they were. A pink haired one appeared, though she was just as strange as the plant girl illusion that was here a moment ago. She was not a literal tree, but she had cat ears and a tail. There were hearts inside of her deep green eyes. Other than that, she looked like your average day girl. But this was wrong too. "Oh goodness, I had no idea the other residents were all... well, male students." She spoke in a calm tone and refined demeanor. "If that plant... illusion isn't the fourth member of this room, then she is." Agni affirmed. "*growl* She's a cat...!" Cerberus looked at her angrily. Of course, even if he was a Nightmare, he was still a dog. Instincts like this are bound to happen. However, before he could ever leap at her, Agni gave him another bonk in the head with his book. "Oww!! Masteeeeeer!!" He cried a little. "Quiet, please. Anyway, I'm guessing that you are the true last resident of this room, right?"

"Y-Yes, I am. My name is Celica Crystallia Estelise. It is my pleasure to meowth you-" She bowed and introduced herself, when a different word came out from her mouth. How could the word meet turn into meowth? Celica herself sounded frustrated. "Dear me, I still cannot even control the way I speak. My apologies." She bowed once again. This girl, while looking completely normal, was definitely someone above their level in society. From her tone and way to talk, she's most likely to be a noble. I'm not going to ask, anyway. Agni thought by himself. "This might sound rude of me and I apologize if this is the case, but could you tell me your names, please? I do wish to know you three since we will live together during the school semesters." Celica asked politely. "My name is Agni Blackheart. This here is my servant, Cerberus." Agni spoke.

Interactions: @FSM, @Eklispe
Location: ???

Lilina: I... I can't answer it yet...I don't know what I wish...

Auror: So we can take that Ted, Lilina and Kaori are the ones who doesn't have an answer yet. Lady Azura, what will happen to them?

Azura: Their choice must be taken on the right time. Their Brands will keep resting, awaiting for the moment a stance is taken.

Auror: I see... so nothing will change until they say "yes" or "no", eh...

Azura walks away from them, standing at a distance. However, she looked at them with a smile.

Azura: I am delighted to have finally met you. I shall send you back to your space and time.

Marina: Wait, is there any chance for us to meet you out of own accord? Should we call upon your name or...

Azura: I will be always singing. Whether you wish to come and speak once again with me, ignore everything, hear my song, my words and sing in unison with me.

Xaizor: Singing? Uh, I'm not good at that...

Azura: Even the most cacophonus cadre can become a beautiful melody if the ears and mind allow it.

Azura: Now, I bid you all farewell.

Azura returned to dance and sing, as if they were not there at all. Water began to flow under their feet, as the ground vanished amidst the flows of the sparkling lake.

Xaizor: Wait a moment- Hey!! *sinks into the water*

Marina: Xaizor?! M-My feet... aaah!! *sinks into the water*

Auror: What the hell?! Whoa!! *sinks into the water*

Lucent: W-Wait! I-Is this...?! *sinks into the water*

Lilina: Huh?! W-Where is the ground?! Ah!! *sinks into the water*
Location: ???

BGM: Blood Drain (Melty Blood Actress Again)

Xaizor: Alright! This means our expedition officially begins now!

Lilina: Expedition...?

Azura: Prince Xaizor and Princess Marina of the distant Kingdom of Lacrima, lying in another world. It also saddens me that fate has placed this burden upon you...

Lilina: Another world?!

Xaizor: Stop with the moping, Azura! If destiny chose me or what not, I don't care! I swear upon my sword that I shall bring peace to this world!

Auror: ...

Marina: I have already promised to Miss Rayla and to the rest that I will face my fears and that I shall aid them. I... I shall not back down!

Azura: Your answer has been heard. Now...

Xaizor: Urgh...!!

Marina: Aaaah!! It... burns...!!

Lucent: Xaizor! Marina!

Suddenly, a dark red flame and a light green flame appeared on Xaizor's forehead and Marina's neck, respectively. As they have accepted their fate, like Rayla and Tiane did, they received marks on their bodies. A dragon's head appeared on his forehead and pegasi wings appeared on Marina's neck.

Lilina: A-A dragon... and wings...

Azura: Xaizor and Marina... as you have accepted the call, your Brand is bestowed upon you. It is not just a symbol that defines you as the chosen, but it is also the mark that will awaken once you have truly accepted your own fate.

Auror: Our own fate?

Azura: Hidden in your hearts lies uncertainty, doubts, desires... you are not bound solely to stop the Disaster from happening, but your own story is there to be written. Once the Brand fully awakens, you will have reached a new height.

Lilina: T-This is too much... is this a dream...?

Lucent: It... it isn't...

Lilina: Lucent...?

Lucent: I want to do something... I want to change my fate... if this is my chance to redeem myself for my sins without needing to...

Azura: This path will be difficult. Do you wish to truly want to walk this path, filled with thorns? Has your darkness being no longer able to comfort you?

Lucent: I know pain well enough... but I don't... I want to move forward... I want to live like and with everyone!

Azura: ... May the future bring you hope at last.

The same sharp pain they felt ran through his body as well. A black flame appeared on Lucent's right hand. On it lies his Brand: an eye, shattered.

Lilina: ...

Auror: So, those are our paths and we can still walk on our own, eh?

Azura: ... Do you still wish to thread your fate as it is, Auror?

Auror: If I'm chosen, that's not for me to decide, anyways. But if I can still control my own story, it's perfect. And if I can find my own happy ending on the end of it...

Auror: ... Alright, I changed my mind. I'm in to stop some randomic destruction crossing our way.

He managed to hide the pain he felt. A blue flame triggered on Auror's left arm. While it wasn't seen because of his clothes, therein lies his Brand: a knife, with blood dripping from its tip.

Azura: As for the rest, I shall ask once more. What is the answer you grasp for now? Will you accept your Brand and thread the webs of fate?
Location: ???

Azura: I do not know. All that comes to my visions is that you ten were the ones chosen to stop the Disaster.

Lucent: I... I don't know...

Auror: I don't want to be mean, but you should have picked people more suited for this.

Azura: ...

Auror: I, for one, want to help this town, that's for sure. But doing the impossible knowing I could certainly die?

Lilina: There's no way someone like me could actually do something for Unitia in the way you wish. I don't have the power you need.

Lucent: This came from the Lady of the Lake, but I... I can't do it.
Location: ???

Auror: Ain't this a weird group you'd definitely find in a circus.

Lucent: ...

Lilina: Look! Over there in the fog!

In the direction Lilina pointed, there was the shadow, dancing alone. Her voice was clearer and now the lyrics could be heard.

You are an ocean of waves...

Lucent: What a... beautiful voice...

Auror: I guess the detective was right about it. It's truly mesmerizing...

Marina: Oh... it's stopping...?

BGM: The Water Maiden -Reprise- (Fire Emblem Warriors)

As the shadow finally stopped on a pose, water began to flow in the air, dissipating the fog and revealing the majestic lake. She stood still in the water, as if it was normal ground to her. They looked at her, while she stood in silence.

???: ...

Auror: So am I to guess that you're that shadow, lady?

???: You are correct. I welcome you ten... Rayla, Xaizor, Tatianna, Marina, Hiagor, Auror, Ted, Lilina, Kaori and Lucent.

Lilina: S-She knows our names?!

Lucent: ... It would be weird if she didn't knew it.

Lilina: W-What?! Lucent, what are you...

Lucent: Miss... are you possibly... the Lady of the Lake?

Auror: Whoa, whoa, hold your horses! The Lady of the Lake? Her?

Marina: Forgive me, but who is the Lady of the Lake you speak of, Lucent?

Lucent: A myth that surrounds our world. The Lady of the Lake is a supposed seer who watches over all of Unitia. She has a special power, which she is able to create miracles through her song. However, as she holds the position of a seer, nothing she can do to interfere in the lives of the people.

Xaizor: But isn't that just a myth?

???: What Lucent said is correct. I am the seer who watches the destiny of Unitia and leads the chosen ones to a path where tragedy is avoided. The Lady of the Lake... Azura.

Lady of the Lake

Azura: You ten are the ones chosen by destiny. It hurts me as well, but it falls upon you to save Unitia from ruin, like the generations behind you.

Marina: To... us ten?

Auror: Chosen? And wait... what are we supposed to do?

Azura: ... The Disaster will befall our world once again.

Auror: !!!

The moment she mentioned it, an undeniable shiver ran through Lilina, Auror and Lucent.

Lilina: The... Disaster... from 25 years ago... will happen again?!

Xaizor: Hold on, what's this Disaster? What happened back then?! Why are you all making those faces?!

Azura: It is the apocalypse. The day all of Unitia has to be erased, only to be rewritten again. An event that happens over centuries with its reason being unknown.

Lucent: B-But a century has not...!

Azura: Yes, indeed. A cycle has not finished for a disaster to occur. However, it will occur.

Azura: The signs of abnormality in the flow has already been shown with the mysterious attack you have suffered, Rayla. Those monsters who attacked you belong to the previous cycle.

Marina: So the incident that happened with Miss Rayla in the past...

Azura: Yes... leftovers of Unitia's once ruinous stance...
Seeing how they talked about their own spirit made Eltrino a little happier. "I see... well then, I guess I should apologize myself and actually explain where I intended to go with all this." He said, while looking away. "The last thing I want is for my classmates and eventual friends to give up. Hearing you deny my help with that reason makes me a little hopeful. We all came here to fulfill the same dream, I guess." Eltrino explained, while looking at his quirk. Memories of the last generation came by, as the wielder of Aetherlight before him given up on the dream of becoming a hero and ended up succumbing to despair, becoming a villain. Not only the responsibility of the Atlas family name fell upon him, but he has the dream of becoming a hero like All Might or Izuku like all of the others. I need to settle things right... for the sake of my family and of my own dream... I will pursue this past and eliminate it... erase it and everything will be fine. Eltrino thought about it.
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