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Oh, a reboot! Hey, can I join in the bandwagon?
Noctis Alegretto

Location: Starveil Academy - Nurse's Office
Interactions: Anne (@VitaVitaAR), Serrica (@Pyromania99)

He twitched his eyes as his consciousness finally returned to him. As he opened his eyes, he saw the roof, reminiscent of a nursery. He didn't look at the sides but was slowly regaining his place.

(D-Did I... fall unconscious?) He thought.

As he got up and sat on the bed (still not looking at his sides, mind you.), he looked at his hands and moved them, thinking he might have possibly escaped back to wherever he wanted to be, not the actual academy.

(Wait... if I'm in a nursery right now... could it be that it was a dream after all? Was I falling unconscious the key for me to wake up?) He thought.

Noctis' Theme: Berry Berry Cue! (Counter:Side)

And then he finally looked at his sides. And the ones standing there weren't his mother, his brother, or any doctors. It was a nurse... Anne Marielle, the heroine... and Serrica Francesca Haldblum, one of the important characters in the story. What this all meant? That he never left Starveil Academy, and was now surrounded by three of the game's biggest characters... as if being one himself wasn't enough.

"A-Ah... hahaha! I-I'm so sorry for the blunder back at the entrance, I was... just in so much shock for actually being in the a-academy and... t-to start studying that I fell blank... hehe, you know... it happens..." He said.

This was his best attempt to be... well, himself. Or who he was right now. After such a slip-up like falling unconscious and probably creating an event that never, ever happened in-game, he had to buckle up and try his very best to not commit these sorts of slip-ups again, for as long as he can to actually survive his new life.

"I-In any case, I'm... o-once again, I'm sorry for the trouble. This isn't how I wanted the year to start, I swear." He said.

Location: Sison Auditorium, Lingayen, Phillipínes
Interactions: Regil > Noel @Letter Bee

Happy belated New Years!

Location: Skies above Lingayen, Phillipínes
Interactions: None

Hi, everyone! I hope that you all enjoyed the holidays! I was away for these last few days but now I'm back after resting!


Our first demonic character and I absolutely loved her lots. Having her as a fortune teller will be incredibly funny when she meets other Anima Mundi characters! Definitely accepted, for sure!

@MagusDream Oh? I did both😂. Ah, that's okay. I like my cs.

Eh, it's fine. I was the one who didn't communicate properly, but you can keep it that way!

Putting down my interest now that I have some free time.

Sure thing! Can't wait to see what you can come up with!
In the Devil is a Part-Timer, when Satan arrives in Tokyo, he's drained from passage into this world and discovers that there's no magic here. He uses up a good portion of it to produce sufficient money to get himself and his general a bare subsistence apartment. It's only later when he's able to tap into the fear of the people around him during an attack that he was able to achieve full power - only to have to use it up repairing the damage and removing the incident from people's minds.

There's another reverse isekai, The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!, where a demon gets deported to Tokyo with only a small power crystal. She looks like a small child, but the crystal allows her to temporarily assume an adult form so she can work in a neighborhood restaurant (or is it a bar?).

So I'm wondering if power-ups like crystals or holy vitamin B drinks is going to be a thing possible for some characters? Also, Emi brings a holy sword with her to Tokyo - are artifacts like that allowed?

I'm a little confused by the two character sheets as well. I'm assuming the second sheet is for Earth characters only and we don't have to fill out both?

In a difference to the basis, instead of our characters not having power and being penalized with the loss of magic, they will keep their powers and will have to live on with those powers. How they will live on and how they will decide to use their powers is their decision to make. But of course, you're free to follow the penalty route and go with the power-up crystals, holy vitamin B, or any other limitation you want.

And yes, artifacts are allowed, the Anima Mundi characters can keep it if they have one, because whether or not they will use those artifacts and powers will entirely depend on how each character acts and interacts with society. For example, you have my character, Rial/Ray, who can use his magic but decides to just like like a normal human being and not use them because of how much he hates Anima Mundi, and you have Goram/Goran from @Ordsmed, who actually hates Earth to its tidbits, doesn't like the fact that he's a "human" now, has a limitation of his own but can't wait to return back to Anima Mundi and have his old lifestyle back.

Oh, and the CS are indeed separate. The first one is for Anima Mundi characters that are dropped on Earth, and the second one is for characters that are naturally from Earth.
Noctis Alegretto

Chapter: 1
Location: Starveil Academy: Courtyard

BGM: Who's There? (Persona 4)

(This is not real, this is not real, this is not real, this is not real, this is not real, this is not real, this is not real, this is not real, this is not real...)

That's how much his head was spiraling at the time. After all, how come all of this could be true? It had to be a dream. He didn't want to even think about the possibility of this actually happening. No, it must be some dream. There was just no way that he was somehow standing there, in the middle of an event, from a game he had played before, experiencing it as if it was his life from now on. It had to be a joke... a bad one, at the top of that.

(It's all a dream, it's all a dream, it's all a dream, it's all a dream, it's all a dream, it's all a dream, it's all a dream, it's all a dream, it's all a dream...)

He was sweating bullets. No, that would be an understatement. It was like a waterfall, dropping itself through his head as he kept repeating himself through his mind over and over again. He wasn't even paying attention to the speech. He didn't even need to. He already knew the script and the words given by the principal. And that didn't matter. Nothing mattered. He just wanted all of it to end.

(I'm not in Starveil Academy, I'm not in Starveil Academy, I'm not in Starveil Academy,I'm not in Starveil Academy, I'm not in Starveil Academy, I'm not in Starveil Academy, I'm not in Starveil Academy...)

The speech ended. The students started to disperse around. But he stood there, frozen. He didn't follow them. Like a statue, he just stared at the ground, trying to ignore everything. He closed his eyes and shut himself from the outer world.

(Please... let this end. Let this end, let this end, let this end, let this end, let this end, let this end, let this end, let this end, let this end...!!)

He only saw the darkness. He only heard the silence. He tried to fall back to slumber. Right there, right now. He thought about a chance. A chance that he was in a hospital bed. But where was the closest hospital to his home? Right, it was that famous one. Sírio-Libanês? Was that the one? It didn't matter. All he wanted was to wake up. To see his mother and his brother... not his father. He didn't want to see his father ever again.

"... is... ct... oct...?" A voice rang out, muffled.

He didn't respond. He ignored it as much as he could. It was just the voice of a dream trying to call him so he should let it fade away. But it kept ringing, ringing, and ringing... like a cellphone. But he had to be strong.

"Noctis Alegretto!!" A scream rang out.

*BGM fades*

He opened his eyes as a hand was on his shoulder. It wasn't the name. It was the touch. And when he looked there was someone looking at him. It was a teacher... an NPC unnamed teacher.

"The speech is over. You can head out now." He said.

"Ah... ah..." "Noctis" responded.

His mind went blank. His body gave up. He just fell. Did the drop hurt? Was he bleeding? What did it matter? His hopes were broken. What he didn't want to be, actually was. He was there. He heard everything. He was no longer himself. He was now in Starveil Academy, as a student. And he ended up being THAT certain student. It was like an overload of information for him to process. All that he could mutter, before falling unconscious was...

"This... is real..."
<Snipped quote by MagusDream>

Hmm, I considered his strength. I would like him not to be strong like an Orc all the time. I prefer him to have his inner Orc coming over him. Perhaps an Orc-fog might envelop him, giving the human an faint Orc bulk. It might be tied up with the tattoos on his body, with the shaman blessing which prolongs his life. I like Goram not having control over it.

What do you think?

Oh, that's even better!
@MagusDream Gods, what a job. Still, making nice progress. ;) DONE!

Oh, I read it and I found the prospect of having a "humanified" orc walking around, hating the fact that he doesn't look as he did before and hating on Earth just excellent! I really think he'll work fine!

I'd just like for his abilities to be a little more... explained. I know that he's all muscle and brute strength, but I think there's more to an orc than just that so a little more flash would be cool. It's also important to tell that he didn't lose his strength as an orc when arriving on Earth. He's still hella stronger and can send people away with a flick, even if his lifestyle changed from one world to the other.

Oh, and you can just put the two parts you did together in one single CS, if you'd like. But other than the things above, I've no further complaints, and I'm happy to accept Goram to the RP.
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