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Location: Spring Zone - Hakurei Shrine Entrance

BGM: Sea of Aspiration (Flow) still playing

Marina and Auror agreed with Rayla. Abandoning Lucent was the last thing they should do at this momennt. After running for a while, they finally reached the shrine's entrance.

Auror: Finally, we're here.

Marina: The shrine lies up the stairway. Once we climb it, we will reach the grounds.

Auror: Hmm? Hey, look over there!

They looked at a strange crack in space, similar to some sort of dark portal opened in the middle of space.

Auror: What's that supposed to be? A portal?

Marina: If it is one, it might lead us to the shrine.

Auror: Then let's take the chance and go right in..

Location: Nightmare Unitia - Hakurei Shrine

BGM: Vim and Vigor still playing

Alice and Jin fought hardly, but they were still surrounded. The wave of Nightmares never seemed to end.

Jin: God damn it, there's no end to those things!!

Alice: This is getting ridiculous... are we going to be trapped here forever?

As she spoke it, blasts of fire and light came at their direction. When they saw it, Kiragi, Kaito and the Sprites were coming at their direction.

Alice: You two! I'm so glad you're safe!

Kiragi: Yeah! We can fight too! We can fight too!

Jin: You can?

Kaito: Both me and Kiragi were breaking our way through those monsters. It doesn't seem like there'll be an end, though.

Alice: Seriously...

*BGM fades*

Suddenly, the shrine's front door broke with Reimu and Cooking coming flying towards the team. The other Nightmares all ran towards the shrine's interior.

Alice: Reimu! Cookie! Are you two alright?

Reimu: Yeah... somehow...

Cookie: We managed to survive that beast's attack at least...

Alice: Beast? What beast?

BGM: Dance to the Death

Strange instruments began to float out from the shrine's interior and its conductor also appeared. The Nightmare seemed to be more powerful than the previous ones.

Alice: W-Whoa... it's big!

Reimu: And it's powerful too. If we're not careful, he's going to beat us all alone.

Jin: Heh, the bigger the target, the bigger the fall.

Cookie: Aren't you overconfident as always...

Umbra: Once we beat it, we might be able to bring the shrine back to reality.

Ictio: Then let's send that thing packing with our big blasts!!

Kiragi: Yeah!! Let's go, Big Bro Kaito!!

Kaito: Hell yeah! We're bringing this thing down and we're saving Lucent!!

Reimu: On your toes, everyone!
Location: Fleeting Memories School - Entrance

BGM: Sea of Aspiration (Flow)

Once Rayla descended, they left the school perimeters and ran towards the shrine's direction. Auror decided to question Marina and see what she had found out.

Auror: So what are the bad news you have for us, Marina?

Marina: The theory I had thought at lunchtime proved to be correct at the end. I know what is attacking Mr. Lucent.

Auror: What is it then?

Marina: It is a Phantom. All the doubts and fears taken by the darkness and given form... this is what Mr. Lucent is fighting.

Auror: Then what Theo said at lunch about him distancing from us all...

Marina: He might not be too far off...

Auror: That little bastard... why he keeps doing this?

Auror: Anyway, how do we beat it?

Marina: ... We cannot interfere. Only Mr. Lucent is able to defeat his Phantom.

Auror: Wonderful... *sigh* We might as well focus on saving the shrine. I still don't get why it has disappeared.

Marina: I wish I could have known, but-

Auror: Mia didn't give you space, I know. Well, we'll discover it later then. Right now, we need to save them.

Marina: Agreed. Let us hurry!

From afar, sitting above a streetlamp, Azrel watched them run away.

Azrel: Seems like he isn't here. I didn't want to go to the Hakurei Shrine, but it seems I don't have much choices. Might as well pay a visit to Reimu, even though she's not going to be happy about this.

Location: Kanzakai School - Third Floor

Fuindor: Whoa! Where'd you guys-

Orie: Explanations later, Fuindor. Right now, we need to evacuate the third years.

Fuindor: Oh! Alright then, I'll be fast as a fox!

Nodding at him, they went each to a way, going through the classrooms to warn others about the dangers and ordering their evacuation. As he did it, Fuindor opened a door to a classroom where a single girl stood.

Fuindor: H-Hey, what are you doing here? You gotta run!

???: O-Oh, I just... I thought I felt something coming from here and I wanted to check it...

Fuindor: Well, now's not the time. Follow the other students and get out of here right now!

???: Did something happen?

Fuindor: It did and it's happening. Now hurry up!

???: Y-Yes, I will! Thank you for warning me.

The girl left the room. As she did, however, Fuindor felt a little strange.

Fuindor: That girl... what was that I felt just now? Chakra...? No.... but it definitely sounded like an aura or whatnot...
Location: Fleeting Memories School - Library

Marina: Certainly. I will tell the results of my search in the way.

Auror: Bad or good news for us?

Marina: ... There is nothing good of what I have to tell you.

Auror: Sheesh, then we better go fast. We don't want to waste any more time-

Mia: Wait just a moment!! All that you said about me just now... are you mocking me?!

Auror: Took you long enough to notice.

Mia: Grrr...

Auror: Don't give me that look, Ms. Knight. You know full well how we don't have any sort of positive sentiment towards the Holy Order, the World Crossers Guild and all sorts of security organizations in this town. Besides, like Rayla said in softer words, you have only yourself to blame.

Mia: Why you three-

Marina: ENOUGH!!

BGM: Sea of Aspiration

While trying her best not to reveal herself out, Marina called out to the situation in a way befitting of a princess.

Marina: We have no time for this bickering!! The shrine is in danger and even if Miss Reimu can fight, she will never be able to do anything alone! Violating as it may be, let us depart to the shrine with the utmost urgency!!

Auror: Alright then. Let's move out.

Auror opened the window and jumped off from it. Before landing, he created an ice slide for a safe descent.

Auror: Hurry up, you two!!

Mia: ...

Marina: Miss Mia, I am an outsider so there are many things in this city and about its people that I am unable to comprehend yet. I would like to say one thing based on what my father has told me once.

Marina: "The life of the people are more valuable than something called 'order', which need those lives to function."
Mia: The life of the people...

Marina: Right now, inside that shrine, two people are in great danger. Both of them are doing their hardest, having the risk of not returning to us. That is why we will leave the school perimeters and save them, just as Miss Rayla has instructed.

She had no argument to retort, yet she couldn't hide her expression of anger for having the Holy Order and herself criticized by Rayla and Auror. However, she was in no position to order them... not at this moment.

Mia: ... I will ignore all that has transpired here and that you are leaving school earlier than the obligatory.

Marina: ...

Mia: Mark my words... I'll prove to you that I want to do justice as much as you do. I won't take those statements quietly forever.

Marina: We will be prepared for your resolution. I must warn you, ours will not surrender.

Mia left the library, provoked and angered by the words directed at her.

Auror: Hello?! Lives in danger at the shrine calling for us three!!

Genji: Hurry up, you two. Auror can be pretty annoying when antsy.

Genji: Also, bring those people in danger to safety, like you always do.

Marina: Understood, Sir Genji!

Marina jumped off the window and used her wind magic to descend safely. Once she landed, she waited for Rayla to come.

Location: Kanzakai School

After bringing Sumireko to the nursery, Orie hurried back to the third floor in order to save Fuindor. She reached the second floor, only to find Hyde and the others.

Orie: Hyde, everyone! I'm glad you're safe!

Orie: Long explanations will come in due time, so I shall be quick! A mysterious girl appeared at the third floor corridor and attacked us out of nowhere. I tried to fend her off and the first-year Sumireko Usami has tried to aid me, but we ended up beaten. She's currently at the nursery, unconscious and resting.

Orie: This aura you are feeling belongs to Fuindor Akaikage, a first-year who started today! He is alone with the assailant on the floor above and I am terribly worried about him-

Before she could continue, an explosion could be heard coming from the floor above.

Orie: Oh no, this sounds ill...! Fuindor!!

Orie hurried over to the stairs so she could reach the third floor and rescue Fuindor.

BGM: The Tiger-Patterned Bishamonten still playing

As for him, Fuindor held himself against Melina, who proved to be far more violent than what he initially expected. Her skills were of a long-term assassin and her dark powers made things even worse.

Melina: Fortra Lamina!

Fuindor: Fire Formation: Ghost Lantern!!

She released six of knives, infused them with dark magic and shot them all towards Fuindor. As a response, he generated six floating fireballs and shot at her direction. Both of the attacks collided and nulled each other.

Melina: This is beyond a mere skirmish. How can someone so young as you be so powerful like this?

Fuindor: I can say the same. You're nowhere near as some run-of-the-mill brat you find on the streets.

Melina: Please, I have been trained for this my entire childhood. Do you think I had the leisure to spend it with dolls and such things?

Fuindor: An assassin princess since day 0, huh... well, it doesn't matter! I'm taking you down here, right where you stand!

Melina: Funny for you to say that...

Before he could chase her, the six knives that she sent earlier went at him again. He dodged them and dashed towards Melina. She turned back and ran, towards the destroyed Student Council room.

Melina: I admit this was fun enough, but I must take my leave now.

Fuindor: You stay right where you are, you goddamn killer...!!

He tried to slash her but Melina jumped off from the hole before the sword could hit her. She transformed into butterflies mid-air and left to the skies.

Fuindor: Shit, she ran away! Damnit, I was close to get her...

Location: Summer Area - Ryokan Tsurugiya Inn

BGM: Space Ship: Strut still playing

Lizzy and the ninja-looking boy arrived at the inn, receiving the welcome from Chizuru.

???: Hello there, Miss Kashiwagi. Seems like the inn is full.

Lizzy: This is the place?
???: Yeah, it is. Now you speak with Miss Kashiwagi over here and see what you can do.

Lizzy: Wait, you can't just leave me here-

???: I can and I have to. Be not seeing you around.

Lizzy: Hey, wait-

However, he quickly left the scene, leaving Lizzy behind at the inn.

Lizzy: Oh come on!! I just got here in town, I don't know the place that well!! You can't just leave me here, that's so rude!!

Lizzy: *sigh* Oh well... got any rooms...?

Location: Kanzakai School - Third Floor Corridors

???: Since this is your end, I will engrave my name upon your body. Be honored to die under my blade.

Orie: (N-No, this can't be... I...!)

Sumireko: ...!!

???: I am Melina, Sixth Princess of the Bariura Empire... and the blade that will kill you.

The Sixth Princess who Wears the Mask of Death

But before Melina could attack Sumireko, a fireball came flying at her direction. She blocked it but was sent away from the girl and right behind Orie, who ran towards her hurt friend.

Melina: Oh? I wasn't expecting this.

Orie: That fireball... but who could have...?
Fuindor: That would be me.

Fuindor got out of the wall and looked directly at Melina. She didn't seem very surprised, yet was unable to not show bother.

Melina: I can't say I was surprised out of this possibility. Still, it would be nicer if I just killed her.

Fuindor: ... Orie, take Sumireko out of here.

Orie: W-What? I can't just leave you behind like this!

Fuindor: We don't have time to discuss! Just take her out before something happens with her!

Orie: ... Understood. But please, be careful...

Orie took the injured Sumireko with her downstairs while completely worried about Fuindor. As for him, his gaze went back towards Melina, who seemed unfazed as always.

Melina: My, oh me... the knight in shining armor joins the fray. What will you do alone?

Fuindor: ...
Melina: Going silent? Well then, I'll just end you here and-

BGM: The Tiger-Patterned Bishamonten

Suddenly, flames started to envelop Fuindor. His current form was exchanged with another form... his true human form.

Fuindor: (My unnatural aura will give me away... oh well, I think I can hide the truth with something... all I need to do is to call attention with my power and someone might come...)

Melina: Hmm... your power rose up. Now that is certainly interesting...

Fuindor: You're not leaving this place.

Fuindor extended his arm and the flames around him revealed a sheathed blade. Taking it out of the scabbard, the fire that surrounded the sword burnt almost like lava. Seeing the sword's power actually made Melina step back a little.

Fuindor: Shion-no-honĊ, the Sword of Draconic Blaze... I'll unleash this and lock you into an inferno until you get reduced to cinders!!

Melina: (This power... the sword and his own aura...!)

Fuindor: This is for my friend...

Fuindor slashed the ground, releasing a flame wave towards Melina. She jumped and shot knives, but he took an Iai stance and deflected the blades with three quick draws.

Melina: H-How did you...?!

Fuindor: There's more from where it came. You're going down!!

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Library

BGM: Anima mala still playing

Soon, the door opened once again with Mia, Auror and Rayla coming in. Genji, who was sleeping on another table, woke up quickly and went there. The librarian, decided to quickly leave. Auror looked briefly at Marina, as she gave him an apologetic face before turning back to Mia.

Auror: So... what's the idea of the scandal, Mia?

Mia: I suppose you remember the video I've shown you at lunch, correct?

Auror: I do. What about it?

Mia: You knew this was a serious incident, but you decided to be nonchalant about it and dismiss it as an attack... you even asked me to back off.

Auror: Except the part about me knowing something, I don't deny any of that. So what's the point? I don't know anything about the incident at all-


Genji: Eeeek!!

Marina: M-Miss Mia...

Mia: The victim, Lucent Vermillion... he was taken to the Hakurei Shrine, correct?

Auror: Mia, first of all, you agreed to back off-


Auror sighed hardly, starting to get a little irritated with the situation.

Auror: If he was taken there or not, what are you planning to do?

Mia: Oh, I don't know! Maybe you can also explain to me why has a shrine vanished out of nowhere!!
Auror: Vanished? What do you mean...?

Marina: She is not lying. The Hakurei Shrine vanished. Look over there.

Auror looked at the direction that Marina pointed out and she was right: the shrine was nowhere to be seen. It was as if nothing was there except an abandoned gate.

Auror: Hold the phone... how the hell did that...

Mia: So you knew it all along this was more serious than it would be...!! *grabs Auror's tie*

Auror: Gghk!

Marina: Miss Mia! Please stop!

Mia: I should lock you away for obstructing an investigation! You gave me false information to lead me off the tracks and dismiss this as a normal occurrence!

She tossed him away and looked back at Rayla.

Mia: And what about you, Rayla? Since this involves someone who lives with you, I suppose you know something about this. After all, you were at the scene!

Mia: What are you two trying to cover?! Something that should matter only for Ancestor Mages?!

Auror: That's... beside the point...

Mia: QUIET!! You had your chance to talk!!

Auror: ...

Genji: Uhh, maybe we should get out, Marina...

Marina: ... No, this involves me as well. I shall remain here where I stand.

Location: Summer Area - Streets

BGM: Space Ship: Strut

The girl walked alone in the streets of the Summer Area, the touristic point of the town. For some reason, she just arrived there. She had her bags all accounted and ready

???: So this is Unitia... it does look like a beautiful place. Maybe I'll get some extra fans around here.

???: But honestly, what's with the sudden call?! "Oh, I need you to go to Unitia ASAP and try to check the situation there!" I mean, come on! I was about to call Agni to see if I could make a visit to Lacrima, for hell's sake. That throws a bummer in all of my plans!! Damn that annoying Necrox and his stupid Multiversal Overlord position...

She was somewhat angry, but her sights soon caught a young man walking around. He seemed to be searching for something... and since she was bored, messing up with a human might get her into a better mood. After approaching him, she leaned and whispered in his ear.

???: *whisper* Hey you, pretty boy...

???: W-WAAAH!! T-Too close!!

???: Oho, did I scare you somehow? In any case, you live around here, right?

???: Y-Yes, I do, but I'm very busy at the moment so if you could move along.

???: What the hell?! Hey, for your information, I'm a tourist! TOURIST!! I don't know anything about the place!!

???: Really...?

???: What do I look like, some sort of nobody citizen to you?!

???: Well, you're the one calling yourself a nobody here. Besides, it's very clear that you're not from here.

???: So it's settled then. Take me to the closest hotel.

???: What?

???: I should be asking that. Aren't we going to move along already?

???: Lady, I'm in the middle of an important search... can you please not bother me now?

???: First of all, "lady" is your grandma! Second, I have a name! It's Elizabeth!

Not-so-Noble Demonic Idol
Elizabeth "Lizzy" Bathory

Lizzy: But you can call me Lizzy. And third, a man's the one responsible for helping a woman! That's the rule!

???: Wait, what rule?! I don't know anything about this-

Lizzy: Hurry up! I don't have all day long and this sunset's bad for my skin!

???: Ugh, fine... I'll take you to an inn close to here...

Lizzy: Why thank you very much. Now, lead the way!

???: (Reminder: in the next time, ask Kev to send me somewhere else but the Summer Area!)

They started to walk towards the path, leading to the Ryoukan Tsurugiya Inn.
Location: Kanzakai School - Third Years Corridor

Once arriving in the third floor, Orie could see the debris from afar. Also, while a little distant, she could feel many auras in place, including...

Orie: Hyde! Oh no, he's in danger... I got to help him!

BGM: Theme of Alexia Type 1

Before Orie could step towards the classroom, knives flew into her direction. When she looked, a small girl walked forward and greeted her.

???: Good morning. I'm very sorry, but you can't trespass this point.

Orie: W-Who are you?!

???: It doesn't matter right now. Just don't get in the way of the fight, if you could. This is their account to handle.

Orie: You leave me no choice.

Orie tossed her uniform away and had her dress already equipped. She took out her rapier and pointed it towards the assailant.

Orie: You who obstruct the path of justice, step aside or I will take drastic measures against you.

???: I will take the drastic measures, thank you very much.

The small girl shot more knives in order to stop Orie. She evaded and deflected some with her rapier, while advancing.

Orie: Taste my blade!!

She tried to attack with a thrust, but the girl dissolved in butterflies the moment the blade got close.

Orie: What?! Where did she go?!

???: *reappears above Orie* Amateur.
Orie: !!

She descended at full force, covered by knives. Orie backed off to evade it, but was instantly caught into a quick dashing slash.

Orie: Agh!

???: Did you really think you could escape? Well then-

The girl leaped in the air to attack Orie, but a flying rock came into her direction. She was hit, but dissolved into butterflies again and returned to the ground.

???: My my, more intruders into accounts that doesn't matter...

Orie: Sumireko! Fuindor!

The two first years stood side to side with Orie as they all stared at the little girl.

Orie: What are you two doing here?! The orders-

Sumireko: Look, you can scold us later when we defeat this strange girl.

Orie: Can you fight too?

Sumireko: Hehe, of course I can. Who do you think that threw the rock?

Orie: Very well. Fuindor, stand back while we fight.

Fuindor: F-Fine... be careful, you two.

He stepped back as the two girls kept looking at the girl who didn't seem to move.

???: Well now, this is troublesome. Two against one is not fair.

Sumireko: You don't look that astonished, that's for sure.

???: Hmmhmm. Be prepared. My knives have been lusting for blood.

Orie: Be as it may. As the Fifth Executor of Licht Kreis, I shall take you down where you stand!

Sumireko: Tremble in fear of my power!

Sumireko used ther power to throw more debris at her opponent. Orie followed the attack to get her in between the rocks.

???: This is as far as you go.

The little girl jumped in between the rocks and dashed at Orie, ready to slash her.

Orie: Tanatos!

Suddenly, a spirit appeared and defended against the attack with a giant sword. Orie took the advantage and attacked with some aerial thrusts, finishing with an axe kick.

Sumireko: Did that do it?

However, she got herself back with a handstand and charged her power.

???: Blood Lamina.

Her red knife glimmered as she shot it towards them. However, for once, it wasn't going after Orie.

Orie: Sumireko!

Sumireko: !!

There were few remaining, but she shot more debris at the knife... all to no avail. Nothing seemed to stop the blade. Once it arrived, it began to ricochet around the walls and slash Sumireko from all directions.

Sumireko: Gaaaaah!!

Orie: Oh no! I am coming to aid you-
???: I don't think so.

The little girl reappeared and kicked Orie towards the area she planned to reach. She shot more knives in order to keep Orie away, while the red knife dealt the last slash on Sumireko and returned to her hand.

Orie: Ugh... this can't be.

???: Well well, I thought you could put more of a fight. Alas, it seems I overestimated you.

???: That being the case, I think I shall take my time and end the life of this girl.

Orie: No, wait!

But before Orie could even try to walk, more knives were headed her way. In the meanwhile, the girl looked at the grounded Sumireko.

Sumireko: ...

???: This has been fun while it lasted. Any last words...?

Location: Kanzakai School - 2nd Year Corridors

Sumireko reached the second year corridors and looked around to see if no one was around.

Sumireko: Hehe, everything empty. Well then, next is the third floor.

Then, she somewhat felt her cape being tugged from behind. It could have been stuck on the handrail. She looked back to untug it and then...

BGM: Believe in Possibilities

Fuindor: Got you.

Sumireko: Waaaah!! F-Fuindor?!

Fuindor: There are bathrooms in the first floor, so why are you here on the second?

Sumireko: U-Uhh, I just wanted to see if it's anything different from ours! Yeah, that's mostly it!

Fuindor: Uh-huh, yeah... and after that?

Sumireko: D-Don't invade a girl's personal life! That's rude, you know!

Fuindor: Sure, sure, whatever. So as long as you don't plan on chasing a murderer, I guess.

Sumireko: Why would I even do such a thing?

Fuindor: I don't know. Maybe because you were curious about it back in class.

Sumireko: ...

Fuindor: This doesn't have anything to do with us, so just come back to class with me and let's leave this to them.

Sumireko: Aww, this sucks... and I was so close to the third...

Fuindor: Now now, there's going to be a lot of other things to pursue, so...

BGM: Living in Lazy Parallel World

However, Fuindor started to tell that something was off. Mostly because he heard a loud sound from the floor above.

Fuindor: Did you hear that?

Sumireko: I did. It was really loud.

Fuindor: Something's definitely happening with the investigation. No student would do such a noise for fun.

Sumireko: I think so too. Do you think it could be another murder?

Fuindor: I have no idea. But I can smell something awful in the air...
Sumireko: My occult app is beeping crazily. It's sensing some sort of power and it's indicating the third floor.

Quick steps could be heard from the stairs and they were getting closer. Sumireko looked around and saw a classroom open and empty.

Sumireko: ...!! Fuindor, inside that classroom!

Both went into hiding as quickly as possible. When they spied, the one who was quickly climbing the stairs was Orie. She was rushing to the third floor as fast as she could do.

Fuindor: That... it was Orie.

Sumireko: If Orie's that desperate, then something really happened and the guys up there are still trying to get it under control.

Sumireko: Fuindor, let's go after her! Maybe we can help with something!

Fuindor: Do you want a detention that badly? There are a lot of people there already and the police's already there, right?

Sumireko: Maybe you don't know, but the police and nothing are the same thing in this town. If we don't do something, we're done for.

Fuindor: ...

Sumireko: C'mon, it's going to be a single peek! I promise I won't do anything strange!

Fuindor: *sigh* Alright, alright, you win. This is bothering me, anyway...

Sumireko: Yes! Well then, let's follow Orie!

Fuindor and Sumireko left the empty classroom and followed Orie to the third floor.

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Library

Marina kept searching in her books as Mia got a book of her own to read. Genji was sleeping profoundly in a table far from theirs. The princess suddenly stopped at a page that caught her interest and began to read all of it. Once she finished, she couldn't hide her worry and it was caught by Mia's sight.

BGM: Anima mala

Marina: ... Oh no... oh no...!

Mia: Marina? What's wrong?

Marina: My theory... what I feared to be right... is correct in the end...

Mia: Wait, is it that bad? When you do such a search, isn't it normal for you to wish to be right?

Marina: This is not the case... this is a case where I hoped to be wrong in the end. But if this is not the case, then... at the shrine...!

Marina looked at the window of the library, which faced the direction of the shrine. She gazed at the distance, trying to find the cliff where her current home stood. As she observed a little more, she finally found the direction where it was... only to find it completely empty.

Marina: The shrine... is gone... the Hakurei Shrine is gone!

Mia: What? Gone?

Mia also looked at the direction Marina was gazing at. She confirmed it: the Hakurei Shrine vanished.

Mia: How... how can a shrine just vanish like that?! Marina, explain to me what is happening immediately!

Marina: ... It cannot be... unless there is a relation to the attack that happened earlier...

Mia: Attack? What attack?! Who was attacked?!

Marina: ... Please sit. I shall explain it.

After sitting, Marina told what she heard from the attack that Lucent had suffered from the others. Mia listened to everything, only to get herself enraged.

Mia: I see... I see...!!

Marina: M-Miss Mia...?
Mia: Do not leave the library and wait until I return.

Marina: Y-Yes... (Sorry, everyone... I made a mistake...)

Mia left the library and went back to the second years floor. She passed right through her class, leaving her furious impression on the other students. Lilina couldn't help but comment it with Kaori and Andorina, since they sat rather close to each other.

Lilina: I can't help but have the impression that Mia found something out. What do you think it could be...?

Lilina's impression was confirmed when Mia opened the 2-C class door strongly, leaving the students in shock.

Mia: Rayla Celest Lilly and Auror Dias Intermezzo!! To the library RIGHT NOW!!

Auror: Oh wonderful, she's pissed...

Location: Fleeting Memories School - 2nd Year Classroom C

The teacher was already in class, but he hasn't started the lesson yet. This gave time for the students to chat. That was also sufficient time to Auror get curious and ask about Marina to Veronica.

Auror: I got a message from Vivi and I got good and bad news. The good news is that it seems like Marina is going to stay the second period in the library, studying. This means we're one step ahead of getting some info about the Nightmare incident.

Auror: The bad news is that Mia's supervising her with Coach Genji. I bet he's there to hit on Marina so it's his own bad luck, but I really didn't want the Holy Order involved in this now...

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Library

Just as Auror said, Marina waas in the library, alongside Mia and Genji. She needed both of them to gain the permission of being absent during the second period. However, while she was trying to get the information she needed, she had to be cautious with them. She couldn't let the truth slip out, especially with Mia in the same room.

Marina: ...

Genji: So uh, why do I need to be here again?

Mia: Even if I am a knight and a member of the Student Council, only the President has the authority to be alone with a student when a period starts. The other members need a teacher.

Genji: I see. Well then, what are you studying?

Marina: There is something I need to discover so I can confirm an hypotesis of mine. While I am here, I need to do reports back to my homeland so I must use this time.

Mia: I see. Well, if this will not bother your studies here, then I have no objections.

Marina: I assure you that it shall not. Now, I must continue so I humbly request moments of silence.

Genji: A'ight. I'll just hang around the rest of the library.

Marina returned to her focus while Genji decided to walk around the library, seemingly bored. Mia, on the other hand, was curious about what Marina was studying.

Mia: Marina, if I may ask, what exactly are you pursuing in those books?

Marina: This... I cannot answer until I reached a conclusion.

Mia: But can't you just tell me what is this hypotesis of yours?

Marina: I am very sorry but it will remain confidential until the answer has been breached.

Mia: Understood. This is a particular matter of yours, but I only wanted to know. I shall inquire about it no further until you've achieved it.

Marina: Well then, if you excuse me.

Marina: (I need to discover if this is truly the case. If it confirms to be, then this will become a problem...)

Location: Spring Zone - Streets

Kaito, who had been gone from school ever since lunch, actually left for the Hakurei Shrine. He wasn't able to think on classes, only worrying if Lucent was OK.

Kaito: (I need to confirm if he's OK or not. It's the only way of putting my mind at ease. Even if the others will pull my ear later...)

He followed the directions and arrived at the shrine. However, upon climbing the stairway, he found nothing.

Kaito: Wait, where's the shrine? Wasn't it supposed to be here?
Alice: Hmm? What is this?

As he heard the voice, Alice and Jin were right behind him.

Alice: This is where the Hakurei Shrine is supposed to be, isn't it?

Kaito: Uh... y-yeah.

Alice: But there's nothing here. It's just an empty space.

Kaito: I'm finding it weird too, miss. I came to see if my friend was OK, but now there's nothing here.

Jin: ... Alice, there's something going on.

Alice: What do you mean, Jin?

Jin: Don't you feel like something's really off? Like there's a force right here blocking the shrine?

Kaito: A force?

Alice: Hmm...

Alice walked forward and tried to touch the thin air. Suddenly, she felt something like a wall. It was a barrier. A complex and unnatural one which she wouldn't be able to break.

Alice: A barrier? And this isn't from Reimu at all...

Jin: I felt this high spiritual force... but it's completely dark. It's different from what Reimu's able to do.

Alice: Our contact at the phone was cut short, so I thought something was off. Now with this barrier here, it's certainly abnormal.

Alice: The problem is that I think I can't break the barrier. It's from a power that's very different, compared to ours.

Kaito: Then... the shrine is just beyond this barrier, right?

Alice: It seems that way, but we're currently not able to breach it at all.

Jin: Let me try something out. Maybe there's a way to open a crack on it.

Alice: Sure, go ahead.

Jin stepped forward and began to meditate. His energy began to charge as he tried to figure out the barrier's weak spot.

Location: Glory Star Orphanage - Kiragi Starlight's Room

Kiragi was petting Ictio at his room. Suddenly, Umbra felt something.

BGM: The Secret Whispers -0.2 Ver.-

Umbra: !!

Kiragi: Did something happen, Umbra?

Umbra: It did. I felt a hidden fluctuation in reality not too far from here. This is definitely not good...

Ictio: Uh oh, bad thing is happening! Bad thing!

Kiragi: Oh no, if that's the case then we gotta help!

Umbra: We need to get after the source and stop it. If it's a Nightmare, we might be able to push it away. Lord Kiragi, we'll leave and we'll be back soon-

Kiragi: No way, I'm going with you!

The twins looked at each other and then looked at Kiragi, totally against his decision.

Umbra: I don't want to disrespect your wish, but Amara will definitely scold you if you leave.

Ictio: She'll get really, really angry! It's best if you don't go, Lord Kiragi!

Kiragi: Nuh-uh, I'm going too! I know Lady Amara will be angry with me lots, but now I wanna help too! I can't let my brothers and sisters in danger!

The twins looked at each other once more and while Ictio smiled, Umbra sighed hardly.

Umbra: Just don't blame me if she gets angry with you...

Kiragi: I won't, don't worry!

Ictio: Then what are we waiting for? Let's go, guys!

Kiragi: Let's escape through the back! There's a secret route I know!

Umbra: Why would an orphanage need a secret route...?

Kiragi jumped from his window and led the sprites to the scret route he knows.

Location: Hakurei Shrine?

BGM: The Secret Whispers -0.2 Ver.- plays here too

Reimu had the kids' room sealed somehow. She and Cookie were unable to understand what was happening, since all phone lines were cut.

Reimu: I managed to get their number from the kid's cellphone, but we don't have any signal in here somehow. My conversation with Alice was cut down too...

Cookie: But all electricity was working a while ago. What could have happened?

Reimu: I don't know... and for some reason, we can't get past the front door.

Cookie: This might be an alternative shrine.

Reimu: It could be... after all, I'm feeling spiritual hostiles in the vicinity and I swore I put up a barrier to guard us from those sorts of threats.

Cookie: Yeah, not to mention the big amount of darkness around us... what this could even mean...?

Reimu: What we do know is that it has some relation to the power of the boy... as a dream eater.

Cookie: Can't you make contact with someone? Anyone?

Reimu: I can try, but if we're locked in a parallel dimension, this will take some time.

Cookie: Well then, take your time. I'll guard you if anything happens.

Reimu: Are you sure? You've just returned recently...

Cookie: Don't worry. Just do it.

Reimu: Alright then, brace yourself.

Reimu began to concentrate in hopes of reaching someone else. Cookie stood steady and on guard to attack any opponent that would come in their way.

Location: School - Rooftop

As they finished the discussion somehow, a cellphone started to ring. It was Marina's terminal, which functioned like one.

Marina: There's a message sent by an unknown sender.

Auror: Wait, let me check.

As Auror leaned in, Marina opened the message. It came with a video archive as well, though unnamed.

Auror: Eh? What is this?

Marina: "This is an image I must show you. Because of who I am, I cannot aid you more than this as you know. It has relations to the Nightmare Incident you have been discussing."

Masaru: W-Wait, how does it know we were speaking about that?

But Auror and Marina immediately understood who sent the video.

Auror: ... Open the video.

Masaru: But Auror-

Marina: ... I understand. I will put it in the center so that we all can see.

The flickering got intense and the video was soon finished. No one seemed to understand what happened and they were all surprised by what the reflection said.

Marina: ...

Auror: What... the hell is this...?

Masaru: Was that Lucent? And he was fighting against... himself...?
Marina: That... it cannot be... for such a phenomenon to happen...

Auror: You know something about this?

Marina didn't answer and got up. She walked to the door leading to the stairs, opened it and looked back at the others.

Marina: I am sorry, but I shall depart to the library while I still have time. If my confirmations end up correct, then...

Masaru: Then...?

Marina: ... I cannot say it until I have confirmed my thoughts. Please excuse me.

She was the first to leave the rooftop.

Location: Kanzakai School

The class wouldn't begin until the issue was finished, so Fuindor couldn't help but being bored.

Fuindor: Ugh, they're still not done...? The teachers aren't even here too yet, it's so boring...

Fuindor: Hey Sumireko, what do you think?

BGM: Laughter and Merriment

But when Fuindor looked, she wasn't there at her seat.

Fuindor: What?! Where did she go?!

He looked around the classroom trying to see if she was talking with someone else. However, she wasn't anywhere else. Fuindor sighed hardly, because he knew what she was doing. He decided to confirm what she spoke as an excuse.

Fuindor: Hey you, have you seen the girl who was sitting just right here?
Student: You mean Sumireko? I think she left. Said that she wanted to go to the bathroom.

Fuindor: (Going to the bathroom my behind... she's going after the culprit!)

Fuindor: W-Well, I guess I gotta go to the bathroom too. Maybe we were ordered to wait but still...

He let the room and looked at the corridor. He saw Sumireko's cape flunging off the corner.

Fuindor: Haah... why am I even doing this...?
Location: Fleeting Memories School - Rooftop

BGM: Troubled

With the questioning about Azrel rising, Auror did suspect that he would end up appearing. However, Masaru decided to point out a fact about Lilina.

Auror: Even if Lucent isn't here, I'm sure he'll end up appearing. If he does, we might be able to question him what he wants.

Marina: A mysterious person who wishes to speak with Lucent, allowing him to only take one person with him...

Masaru: That guy... so he's getting himself into another meddling too...

Auror: Another?

Masaru: He showed up yesterday, out of nowhere, and gave something that looked like a wand to Lilina.

Marina: Like a wand...?

Auror: And you haven't taken it from her?

Masaru: Well, she insisted on keeping it with herself so Kail said it should be OK if she doesn't activate it.

Auror: You morons! For God's sake, that could be another Glaive! And what does it matter if Lilina consents or not with giving the thing away?!

Masaru: W-Well, if Kail said it'd be fine, I thought-

Auror: But it wouldn't! Geez, I'm going after Lilina...

Marina: Mr. Auror, please wait. It is best if we do not go.

Auror: Eh?

Marina: If we force Ms. Lilina to give us this wand-like object, we have the risk of her activating it against us. Supposedly, we need to evade chances of her becoming our enemy out of a sudden.

The idea sounded ridiculous, but Marina rose a good point. If Lilina was already defensive with Masaru and the Guild, she would be even more if they were to question her now.

Auror: I hate to admit it... but you're right about this.

Marina: Besides, something has been bothering me with this information. May I share my insight?

Masaru: Sure.

Marina: It might be baseless assumption... but does it not feel like Ms. Lilina knows more than what she leaves apparent? If we assume that the answer is positive...

Auror: Then she's a good liar who's been hiding that she knows about the existence of her powers. It also would definitely explain why she kept the Glaive with her.

Marina: If the answer were to be negative, though, she might have some expectation out of it and is innocently believing that her powers are completely related to whether or not the wand works...

Auror: We need to confirm all those things with this Azrel guy first. He's definitely appearing at school, since I doubt he knows that Lucent fought and was taken away to the shrine.

Auror: On another hand... and while I do agree with the situation you proposed, we need to confront Lilina about the wand. If she's lying about her powers, she's endangering herself and the other Psychic girls that study here.

Marina: Mr. Auror...

Auror: We need to avoid casualties as much as possible. Both with the Mysterious Organization and this new Nightmare incident rising up.

Location: Kanzakai School - 1st Year Classroom A

Fuindor and Sumireko all stood there, looking right at the window as the whole class commented about the murder.

Fuindor: What the hell happened? Why would a murder happen at a time like this?

Sumireko: I don't know, but it's getting me really curious. I guess I should investigate as well.

Fuindor: Hey, don't go outside. You know the rules, don't you?

Sumireko: But what if a ghost murdered the student?

Fuindor: Don't say that even as a joke. Besides, you heard what Orie said.
Sumireko: Alright, alright... geez...
Location: Fleeting Memories School - Rooftop

Auror, Marina and Masaru got their truffles and each of them took a bite of it.

Auror: Wow, this is lemon! And it's actually pretty good!

Marina: I got strawberry! It is truly delicious!

Masaru: Mine's actually traditional and it's actually really good too!

Auror: OK, it's official. Lucent's making my birthday cake.

Masaru: How can you impose this on him when he's not even here to say something?

Auror: I guess you forgot how I'm actually known. You know, forceful.

Masaru: Oh... right. I did forget that...

Marina: I am pretty sure Mister Lucent would be very happy to see everyone smiling like this.

Auror: Which is why we got to tell him once we go to the shrine, like Theo said.

Marina: Of course.

Auror: Hey, what flavors did you guys get?

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Student Archives

With the recent invasion of Lilina, Mia's whole disciplinary method fell apart and she joined the two of them to organize everything. That made Xaizor actually grumpy because he was motivated to fight her and the newcomer seemed to ruin everything.

Xaizor: *grumble*

Lilina: Is something wrong, Xaizor? You've been grumbling a lot for the past minutes.

Xaizor: Just ignore me, Lilina.

Mia: (Wow, he's actually frustrated... did he wanted to fight me that much?)

Lilina: By the way, are we near the M profiles yet?

Xaizor: I'm finishing the K ones...

Mia: I'm currently with the L.

Following the logic, Lilina got the M student profiles and began searching for Masaru's profile.

Lilina: (Let's see... Masaru... Masaru...)

Lilina: (Aha! Found you.)

Upon getting it, Lilina stopped for a moment to analyze it. She saw all the information and got to the relatives in school. For her surprise, it it didn't just show Genji, who's Masaru's father. Someone else appeared.

Lilina: (Wait... what?! He and Lucent are cousins...?!)

Mia: Is something the matter, Lilina?

Lilina: N-No, no! I-I was just surprised by looking at a profile.

Xaizor: Hey, don't go checking the profiles like if we have all time of the world! C'mon, let's end this quick...

Mia: H-He's somewhat right. Lilina, please continue.

Lilina: Right... (This is new... but it's still not enough for me to link everything in place. I might pay the Guild a visit after school.)
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