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World: World War II
Location: England - London Streets

BGM: Satellite Café Terrace

"My name is Judah ben Isaac," said the trenchcoated young man. "And if any of you sterotype me as a greedy miser because of my race and because I do need the Munny from Heartless to take care of myself and other poor people in the city, you will all suffer. As for 'helping' me against the Heartless, I will only allow that if you give me all Munny you earn from fighting with them or other foes."

"I see. Well, it's a plesure. I'm Agni Blackheart and these are my brothers, Victor and Ignitio." Agni shortly presented themselves. "The last thing we want is to cause you trouble, so don't worry. As for the... munny, I don't think we'll need it. For now, at least. If we need to use it, it'll be out of necessity." He said. "H-He's not going to kill us... right?" Victor asked. "Warn me if he hurts you. He will see what is pain." Ignitio commented. "We're trying to make an alliance here, don't go making this worse for us, idiot!" Agni whispered.

But almost immediately, the team was set up and threatened by a stranger with a Keyblade. Another person who could summon one without the help of any friends? Now Vic was sure there was something he was missing in terms of how all of this worked, but he'd have to figure that out later. For now, the mission needed to be the primary. concern. Ignitio was quick to fire back with a threat of his own, but Agni and Victor seemed able enough to reel him in. As for Vic, he still didn't say anything. He did, however, glance nervously between the team and the stranger. He really hoped not to fight anyone, which was of course the fourth reason he chose this group over the other two. Their mission sounded like it had the least amount of fighting of the three.

"...Um..." Vic started, but shut himself up quickly. Never in his life did he ever feel so out of place than right now.

He draws back his Keyblade but does not dispel it until he notices Vic's presence, after which he makes it vanish. Then, without a care in the world, he goes to the fourteen-year old and pats him on the head.

"Hey, kid, you these guy's apprentice?" His mood was shifting now, Vic can feel it.

Agni giggled a little. "Hehe... as much as I would like to take him under my wing somehow, he's not my apprentice. He's Vic, a friend of mine." Agni said. "Wait, his name is Vic? *gasp* We share the same name! Or at least part of it!" Victor said, happy. "I think you two are quite similar. The only difference is that he's younger than you." Agni spoke. "I hardly find them to be equal. Victor is a prince and he is just... a human boy." Ignitio spoke. "Hey, human discrimination is wrong! I'm human too, you know. Stupid Ignitio..." Victor pouted. "W-What did I do now?!" He questioned.

Ignoring his older brother, Victor went towards Vic and leaned down a little to look directly at him. "Hi! My name's Victor, kinda like you! Can we be friends?"

A few more moments and Judah's mood became friendlier as he looked at Agni and said, "All right, I trust you four now - Provisionally." Gesturing to a mechanic's shop a few feet behind him, he says, "That place is where I live - I provide security services to Lucille 'Lucy' Bolt, a person whom the Moogles Keep calling her a 'Princess of Heart' but I don't know why. I mean, she's kind even to Jews like me but she's not exactly high-class if you know what I mean..."

They immediately found out the Princess of Heart they were looking for. However, Agni felt as if they needed to gain their trust before they could even (try to) explain the situation to Judah and Lucy. Still, he had to be honest with him about their duty. "I see. I don't understand much of the concept, but from what I gathered so far... I believe the term 'Princess of Heart' doesn't exactly mean royalty of wealth but royalty of spirit. Her nobility towards all might classify her as a Princess of Heart." He tried his best to explain. "Mr. Judah, I believe we should speak with you about what we came here for. If I'm to be honest, our mission has a slight concern to Ms. Lucille, so I believe we should talk in particular. As her guardian, you have the utmost right to know and honesty is fundamental in a conversation." Agni said.

Judah leads them into the shop, where a young blonde woman, barely eighteen, was just repairing an Army truck. He then called out unless interrupted, "Hey, Lucy! We've got visitors!"

As they were led to the shop, Judah called Lucy. As she came outside, Ignitio began to question again. "She... is the Princess of Heart?" Ignitio asked. "If we follow what Mr. Judah said, then yes." Agni said. "H-Hello, miss!" Victor greeted her.

City: Venedig
Location: Central Plaza - Florist's Shop

An old lady was carrying vases filled with magnolias to the exterior of the shop. They were brand new and quite popular among the nobles somehow. She put them in the display table and looked at her flowers for a while. "Oh, how beautiful you all are. I do hope you all will sell well, my dearies." She spoke. Soon, footsteps could be heard from her right side. As she turned around, she saw a boy standing closely to the display. She opened a smile, since it was a regular that visited her every day. "Ah, young Noel. Seeing your face around these parts certainly refreshes this old lady's spirits." She spoke, happy.

BGM: Conquest ~ Ablaze (Arrange)

The young and cheerful Noel Fragarach. The youngest of three sons from the Fragarach family, one of the most powerful and influent noble families in Venedig. A pure-hearted young boy that despises slavery and wishes for the so-called Iron Decree to end already. Helping all citizens, even the most poor ones. Noel is rather loved and hated at Venedig. While people do enjoy seeing the charismatic young man, his actions aren't always taken as true caring but as a rather show-off attitude of his part, as if he doesn't want to help people yet helps them to maintain a different status from the rest of his family. He looked at the flowers and looked happy. "Those are really pretty, miss. How much is it costing one magnolia?" He asked. "Oh, it's costing 3.000 Marks. But if you want one for free, I can secretly give you one, little Noel." The old florist kindly offered him a vase with a magnolia planted on it. However, Noel refused to take it without paying. "No, I musn't take it for free. It was fruit of your hard work so payment is needed to you." Noel said, taking out 3.000 Marks from his pocket and giving it to the florist. "Aww, little one... well, if you insist, I'll accept it." She said, giving him the vase. Noel smiled back at her, but noises could be heard from a direction.

At the plaza, an auction was happening on broad day. The items they were seeling? Human lives. Slaves. People being exchanged by money once more. Noel hated it. "I can't believe another auction is happpening. How can they sell human lives as if there were no problems? Why are they so irrational as to tranform a person in an object?" He asked, while looking at the scene. "Well, that's how the economy goes, kid." Another voice spoke. A noble man was passing around and saw the boy looking right at the scene with him. "Those slaves are nothing more than items right now. Their lives are paid with moneym used to ensure the growth of Venedig as a town. Who knows, maybe this could become an empire." The man said. "An empire who uses captive people as objects, treating them in the worst manner possible, is nothing but tyrannical. This isn't the sort of thing that should happen. Those people deserve their lives back to them, not to be sold and used to be disposed like trash." He said. "That's just how life goes. The strong win the weak. That's always the rule." The noble man said and left.

He looked once again at the scene. If only I wasn't politically powerless, then maybe... He thought. Then, he smiled at the florist lady and went on his way.
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Location: Fon Ventorian Mansion - Main Hall

BGM: Elegant Summer still playing

The joining of Marilee, Barry and Saika was proof that the Resistance was serious about a deal with the Black Moon. Even though they were dealing with the leader of the other group, Astra just sounded as friendly as ever.

Astra: So the host appears at last. It's our pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Lass: Still, to think that we were found... are we lacking somewhere?

Astra: Underground finds underground pretty easily. I'm not surprised at all.

Lass: So? What's this alliance you wish to form-

Astra: Whoa, whoa, chill, chill. There's no need to be so direct about something that we already know, Lass.

Roger: I don't get it. We know about the terms?

Lass: Astra, what do you mean? The invitation didn't speak anything about the terms.

Astra: Think about it. Why would the Resistance, of all things, would decide to form an alliance with the Black Moon?

*BGM stops*

Lass: ...! You don't mean...?

Astra: Stories run around like leaves on the wind. Don't be so surprised like that, it's unfitting.

Astra: Both sides don't have a lot of time in our hands with idle banter, but perhaps a reminder is in due set. Care to tell us the terms of our deal, miss?

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Front Gate

BGM: Warm City still playing

Veronica: Ooooh, sounds mystic! I wanna see it!

Auror: ...
Maki: Auror.

Maki soon appeared and joined them. She seemed in a hurry.

Veronica: Good and pretty morning, Miss Maki! I hope this day is being spectacular-

Maki: Not right now, Veronica. Auror, I need to talk with you right now.

Auror: ... Sure. I guess there was something I wanted to talk with you too.

Maki: Then let's go. You can finish your chat with them later.

Maki left and went inside the school.

Sayaka: She... she's kinda scary, isn't she? She's never smiling and is mostly cold.

Veronica: Y-Yeah... but I still think she's really cool too.

Auror: Well, I'm taking my leave before Maki ends up on her bad side against me. Have fun with your trip, guys.

Veronica: Big Bro, where's my good day kiss?

Auror: Yeah, you'll have to go without it today. Sorry.

Auror left as well, going after Maki.

Sayaka: Vivi, did something happen with Auror? He's usually so cheerful... seeing him like this is strange.

Veronica: He had a nightmare, but he didn't tell me what was it. He's keeping secrets today and I don't like it.

Location: Summer Area - Streets

Fuindor joined them and dragged Doremy with him. He put her right next Rasel.

Mia: I shall be taking them with me to the Holy Order's base. They will stay there under arrest.

Fuindor: Uh, I don't wanna butt in, but what do you think they really meant with the whole "dream eating" stuff?

Mia: We will be discovering that once the interrogation begins.

Fuindor: Alright. Wait, "we"?

Mia: Yes, "we". You two shall be accompanying me to the Holy Order for civilian safety procedure.

Fuindor saw that Mia was referring to him and Fear Mace.

Fuindor: Eh?! But I'm in a hurry!

Mia: Whatever you have to do right know will wait for a while. Even though you two are able to fight, you are still civilians and were involved in a dangerous incident.

Mia: Besides, that'll have to happen so our communications with the Guild about the incident and your safety won't be dissonant. Any objections, officer Lindis?
Location: Fon Ventorian Mansion - Main Hall

BGM: Elegant Summer

With Hinata getting downstairs and greeting the team, Astra recognized her while Roger and Lass didn't.

Lass: Is she the one who called us here?

Astra: Hardly, but nice seeing someone that I met here. I thought we'd have a waltz filled with strangers today.

Lass: Jokes aside, how many people do you know, Astra?

Astra: When you live a civilian life like mine and get out of the suburbs for once, you get to meet some nice people outside. People that aren't like us, if you get my point.

Roger: But how did you meet her, Master? We don't ususally team up with anyone, so I wonder-

Astra: Just walking around, gathering intel and we bumped on each other in the way. More than once, actually.

Lass: You don't fear the danger of getting discovered by people?

Astra: The thrill is enjoyable to me. Besides, if she's here, she's in the Resistance. I doubt that our names didn't run through at all.

Astra then turned to Hinata. He smiled without any problems.

Astra: But answering your question, Miss Hinata, we were called here by your boss. She requested our services for a rather interesting deal between our groups, to say so the least.

Astra: So let me present these two. Let's start with Roger. He's one of our disciples, being one of the least incompetent ones. He was hanging around with Kev yesterday, though I feel he wasn't too much of an aid, more so like a bother. Oh, and don't worry if he didn't remember you, he was probably drooling over some random guy in the street.

Roger: Yes, yes, I got it already, Master...

Astra: Next up, we have Lass, who goes by the codename of Avenger. He's quite a looker, but he's frigid as an iceberg sometimes. I don't know any other skilled swordsman. Also, he's my trustworthy partner.

Lass: Hmph.

Astra: And there's me, the little old Astra you bumped sometimes. I go by the codename of Vampire. With Lass, I'm one of the founders of the Black Moon. Heard about it, perhaps?

Location: Spring Zone - Streets

Kaito: Alright. C'mon Xaizor, let's go.

Xaizor: Whatever, I can have SOME fun at school...

Xaizor, Kaito and Tiane left for the school. Jin grabbed the unconscious and sealed Veigas and Agito, carrying them in one arm each.

Jin: So, where are we headed?

Lucent: I-I think it's... this way...?

Jin: I don't like when people sound unsure about directions. We can't afford to get lost or they'll wake up.

Lucent: ... I... I-I never... went there, actually.

Marina: Let us just ask for directions then. We will end up there soon enough.

Marina looked around, searching for someone that could answer her question. Once she saw someone, she asked them about the Guild.

Marina: Excuse me, mister. We are a bit lost. Can you tell us where the Guild is?

???: The Guild? It's that way. Just go along with this street.

Marina: Why, thank you. I do hope you have a good day.

Marina: Lucent, Sir Jin, it is this way, alongside this street.

Jin and Lucent followed Marina as she went along. However, the young man just looked as they left curiously.

???: (Wait. Did she just say...?)

Location: Fleeting Memories School - Front Gate

BGM: Beautiful Days

As Theo, Kaori, Himika and Hina were at the front gate, the Intermezzo limousine arrived. Only Veronica, Sayaka and Auror were inside of it though, as the three of them got out.

Veronica: Good and pretty morning! I hope this day started spectacular to you!

Sayaka: Good morning, everyone.

Auror: ...

Veronica: Big Bro, you have to greet people when you see them! C'mon!

Auror: Morning... I guess...

Veronica: Geez, stop being such a downer! C'mon, smile!

Veronica went ahead and tried to force a smile out of Auror with her hands. Once she was done, she backed off.

Veronica: There! Now that's more like you!

Auror: *breaks smile off* I don't feel like smiling right now, Vivi...

Veronica: Aw, come on! Just smile already!

Sayaka: Hmm?

Sayaka looked at Himika and Hinamori, not recognizing them.

Sayaka: I don't seem to recognize you two. Are you two new students?

Veronica: Oh hi, Himika! How have you been doing? It's been months since we last saw each other!

Location: Summer Area - Streets

Mana's attack was right on target. Rasel took the hit and fell down as well.

Rasel: Defeated... by humans... this is... such a joke...

With her fall, the wall dividing both sides broke apart and soon they were all reunited.
Location: Spring Zone - Streets

BGM: Bad Omen

Xaizor: God freaking damnit, Rayla and her stupid secrets... can't she trust people enough to tell them what she's going to do?!

Marina: I am pretty sure she would have told Miss Tiane if this was a matter comfortable to her. Let us understand that Miss Rayla has her privacies as well.

Xaizor: Sheesh, fine... still, she'd better have a good explanation for this. I don't like her keeping us out of it all the times.

Marina: I would rather not question her too much.

Kaito and Lucent helped Jin to put Veigas and Agito at one single place. With his power, he created a sealing field with magatamas in order to block all escapes from those two.

Jin: There. I've sealed both with some magatamas. They can't leave even through portals.

Kaito: Great. Now they won't escape this time.

Marina: Well, that is good to know, but we still need to go to school. How are we handling these two?

Jin: There's some sorta... uh, Guild around here, right? They're like the police, right?

Kaito: Even better than the police, I can tell you that much. You're taking them there?

Jin: I think so. It's better than wait until someone calls for help. Besides, I need to get a better feeling of the neighborhood too, since I've arrived just recently.

Lucent: I-I'll go with you then.

Kaito: Wait, you can't just skip school! You've done that far too much!

Lucent: Kaito, someone needs to explain how this works to the people of the Guild. I'm the only one of us who can right now.

Xaizor: Oh yeah, you're like them, right? A Nightmare Demon.

Lucent: H-Half-blood...

Jin: In that case, we should get moving. I'll take you to school and explain it to the teachers.

Marina: In that case, allow me to accompany you.

Xaizor: Hold up, YOU'RE going to skip school?!

Marina: It is for a good reason. We need to understand more about these Nightmares and if Mister Lucent can clarify somethings, I wish to be present at the moment.

Kaito: I guess it wouldn't be bad. I mean, out of all of us here, Marina's the smartest.

Xaizor: You telling me I'm dumb, Kaito?! Well, only a dumb calls other a dumb!

Kaito: That's not the issue and I included myself, dumbass!

Jin: *sigh* If I let you skip, your father and Reimu will grind me at the ground. I'm sorry, Marina, but you can't go along.

Marina: Even so, I insist. I will explain myself to Reimu and to my father, eventually. Please Sir Jin, you must let me go along you!

Lucent: ... I... I want Marina to come too.

After the insistence, Jin sighed and decided to let Marina come along him and Lucent.

Jin: OK, fine, you can come too...

Marina: Thank you very much, Sir Jin!

Kaito: Then we'll head back to school and leave this to you guys. Sounds good to you?

Xaizor: Sure, I guess... I kinda want to skip too, though...

Jin: Don't you dare! I'm beating you up if you do!

Xaizor: O-OK, dude... sheesh...

Kaito: We should be heading to school then. Tiane, you coming?

Location: Summer Area - Streets

BGM: Person who Conceives Frenzy still playing

Rasel: How pathetic... really, humans are so easy to trick...

Mia: You will take that back!

Mia charged forward at Rasel. She defended with her parasol and began clashing blows against Mia and her shield.

Rasel: Well, your persistence will take you only somewhere. If you stop now, I shall give you another chance.

Mia: I will die before giving up at the hands of my foe, whoever it is!

Rasel: Then feel free to enjoy death, worm!

Rasel went with a thrust attack once more. However, Mia evaded it and activated the Pulsar function of Aegis, releasing a wave that threw the demon off-balance.

Rasel: H-Huh?!

Mia: Rising Valkyrie!

Mia attacked with an uppercut using the Aegis, sending Rasel to the sky. She then looked at Yomi.

Mia: If you wish to finish her off, there is your opening!

Location: Fon Ventorian Mansion - Front Gate to Main Hall

Astra: Well, thank you. We'll do just that.

Astra, Lass and Roger went past the front gate and inside the mansion. There, they stood at the main hall, just as instructed.

Astra: Hmhm, I'm feeling rather curious about this alliance they wish to form.

Lass: Of all things, they decided to call upon an assassin organization. This must be pretty important or else they wouldn't call.

Astra: We're not some rogues, so maybe that's why they called us. Like you said, our group's "connection" with one of this city's big threats is not some joke.

Roger: By the by, who do you think that called us here? I mean, there's a boss to this Resistance thing, right?

Lass: Roger, weren't you doing some missions with the Intelligence force yesterday? You should be able to know that.

Roger: Yeah, but that doesn't mean they gave me the juice.

Lass: *sigh* You lack discipline. A LOT of discipline.

Astra: Enough, you two. This party's host will be greeting us soon.

Location: Spring Zone - Streets

BGM: The Lost Emotion still playing

Agito took the hit and fell down on the ground. It was really strong and he couldn't handle it.

Xaizor: Alright! He's down!

Marina: Now we just need to wait for Mister Lucent and Mister Kaito.

Kaito and Lucent were also close to finishing Veigas. He tried to shoot dark orbs, but Kaito always managed to close the distance.

Veigas: Tch... this can't be...!! I'm losing to them...?!

Kaito: Hehe! Now for the final blow!

Lucent: Kaito, step back. I'll do this.

Kaito: Wait, what?!

Lucent: Just do as I tell you!

Lucent opened his spellbook and its pages began to flip on its own. His aura rose, making Kaito finally step back.

Veigas: This aura... no, it can't be...!!

Lucent: Forbidden Nightmare! Deus Ex: Corrupted Discharge!

The land changed once again and it felt as if they weren't in Unitia anymore. Behind Lucent, a spider-like machine stood, with a lot of screens. Its gears began to spin as thunder charged in the beast. Once fully charged, he released a powerful thunder beam on Veigas, who couldn't resist and was taken down.

*BGM ends*

Veigas: No... way...

Veigas falls down and finally gives in.

Lucent: ...

Kaito: Dude... THAT WAS SO COOL!!

Lucent: H-Huh?!

Kaito: I didn't know you were this powerful! Man, how did you summon that?!

Lucent: It's... a Forbidden Nightmare...

Location: Summer Area - Streets

Rasel: Eh?!

She couldn't predict Yomi appearing right at her and took the attack.

Rasel: Urgh! Insolent pest! Die!

Rasel summoned a dark fire pillar right under Yomi.

Fuindor: Heh! Time to burn the sheep!

Following Fear Mace, Fuindor also did a diagonal slash. With their X slash, Doremy was hit.

Doremy: Ugh, I still haven't fully recovered from the attack yesterday...!

Location: Fon Ventorian Mansion - Front Gate

BGM: Advent Beast III/L still playing

After leaving the suburbs, Astra, Lass and Roger took a pathway that was the shortest to the mansion. They knew the town quite well, enough to trace routes that would take the least time possible.

Astra: And there it is. Fon Ventorian Mansion.

Roger: It's really huge... someone pretty rich must live in there.

Lass: Stop daydreaming the obvious and let's go.

The three of them approached the mansion, as the guards were standing by. Astra took the letter off and showed to them.

Astra: We were invited by the Resistance. Can you let us in, please?

World: World War II
Location: Renovation's Might - Hangar

Only to find that it was going to be a while. The Nazi extermination party was going last. She shook her head. "Hurry up and wait." She said ruefully as she followed after the bothers. "No need to rush there, edgemaster, we're all headed to the same place." She called out after Ignito. That dude reminded her of her own brother, and she couldn't help but grin. "Seriously though, good luck boys. Watch out for those black coats." She said to the other two.

"... What leaves me glad is that we are not going to the same mission. If I had to hear you call me 'edgemaster' again..." Ignitio spoke, as they reach the Gummi Shuttle. "Can you please be a good sport and say 'good luck' to the rest?" Agni questioned. "As if I cared about their lives at all." Ignitio answered, going inside the shuttle. "Just... ignore him. Don't let his attitute go over to your head, it's not worth it." Agni said to Georgia, extending it a little to the rest. Cooperation with Ignitio would be next to impossible.

When Tocsax said that one of the groups would be going to Britain, Hirutila burst out laughing uncontrollably.

"Britain!?" he said between his fits of laughter. "Oh, I don't envy you.".

Britain was the worst of places in the already savage continent of Europe. The people ran around hairy and naked, living in mud and straw houses and herding sheep and cattle. The men all had 7 or 8 wives, and they sacrificed children and prisoners of war to their gods in giant wicker men by setting the structure on fire. Or so he had been told, he had never actually once set foot on Britain. Though he imagined that even if the British here were different, they still had to be savages, same with the Germans they were about to meet. In his head, he imagined Europe as being just as backward and primitive as his own homeland. The people must be living out of metal shacks in villages. He would have to see. And with that, he boarded after the others, waiting for the arrival in Berlin.

Victor found that weird. First, wasn't it England? Or rather, United Kingdom? Also, he had visited there with Agni before. It wasn't a bad place, it was common like everywhere else... expect for the part that England was separated from the Catholic Church. They've adopted another dogma nowhere near to the catholics, so they were a separated power. "But England is so nice! I like the atmosphere of England! They have some of the best harps on sale back in my world." Victor innocently commented to Hirutila. He forgot they came for different worlds so maybe his England wasn't the same as the one he knew.

The Next Day

Asher awoke bright and early that morning, feeling more refreshed than ever. He supposed he would have to thank Usagi the next time they met. After taking a mental note of that, the rogue began to go through his daily routine of making sure every piece of equipment he had on his person was in working order. Considering he used next to nothing in the past day, this check went by as fast as he anticipated it would. After taking care of that, he departed from his quarters, and made his way to the Operations Room, where Tocsax decided to give another debrief as to what his plan was for each initial party. It seems the Nobody planned on prioritizing a secure connection with their contact rather than fend off the forces led by Stalin and Hitler. It was a fair plan, Asher would give him that, but if this line of play was what he was aiming for, then time is of the essence. Asher quickly followed after the brotherly triad, wanting to board the Gummi Ship and get a move on already.

They finally boarded the shuttle. Seeing as Asher was following them, Victor assumed he would come with them. "Hey, uh, Mister! Wait, I think you're younger than me... or are you older than me? Eh... uh... oh, I forgot what I was going to say...!" Victor started getting desperate. "Hehe. You mean to say that you're going to do your best, right? That applies to me as well." Agni spoke. "Y-Yeah! I-I'll try not to be useless!" Victor spoke, eager.

"Since we're all on this team together, a better introduction should be done on our part before we leave. My name is Agni Blackheart. In my world, I'm the Crown Prince of the Royal Sky Capital of Lizeria. It's a pleasure to work alongside all of you." Agni introduced himself. He felt as if it would be better to say their names before departing. "I-I'm Victor Blackheart! Um, I'm the Fourth Prince of Lizeria and Agni's brother! I can't do much, b-but I'll do my best!" He said. Then, they turned to Ignitio. "... Ignitio Blackheart. Third Prince." Ignitio spoke. "And...?" Agni fished for something else. "Get in my nerves or mess with my brothers and I'll kill you." He said, looking away. Victor looked at him scared and Agni couldn't hide his disappointment.

World: World War II
Location: England - London Streets

London, England, Extended World War II

London, England, had seen better days. The Blitz had ended, then was replaced with V2 Rockets, which in turn were replaced by Heartless randomly appearing in London's lower-class districts and consuming people there until various Independent Keybladers came in and destroyed them permanently. In one of those places was a lone mechanics' shop that repaired bicycles, army vehicles, and ambulances - The latter were a common sight nowadays. The general mood was one of despair, as Vic can detect - A decade-long war did that.

Either way, Judah Ben Issac, a young man in a Trenchcoat, greeted the new arrivals with suspicion. Getting up but not yet revealing his Keyblade, the Jewish Exorcist spoke to Agni and his crew, "If you're here to get Munny from fighting Heartless, this is my turf. And if you're here because you are after Lucy..."

The Keyblade now appeared in his hand, blue and white like a Jewish Prayer Shawl. "Then you'd be spoiling for a fight."

After being dropped out of the shuttle, they took a moment to look around before being interrupted by a young man. He seemed really suspicious, but the same thing could be said to them. He then summoned a Keyblade and pointed at them. "Gah!! H-H-He's going to attack us! He's going to attack us!" Victor said, trembling behind Agni. "Put that weapon away or else!!" Ignitio took his gunblade out and pointed at the young man. "You're not helping! Put that blade away at this instant!" Agni ordered him and Ignitio obeyed with a "tch".

"I'm sorry for my brother. We didn't come here to fight you, we came here to aid you and your people against the Heartless. Would you mind telling me your name, sir?" Agni asked.

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Location: Spring Zone - Streets

BGM: The Lost Emotion still playing

Kalina's Thunder Rain eliminated all the smaller Nightmares, but the bigger ones were still up, resisting the attack.

Xaizor: How come they're still up?! The attack was point blank on them!

Jin: Let me at them too! You three get to Agito and beat him!

Jin: Fist Sign "Unrelenting Rush"!!

Jin vanished and reappeared right next to one of the Nightmares, punching it to another one. With vanishing attacks, he managed to gather all of them in one place as he punched them from all directions. Soon, he left the area and his afterimages kept attacking.

Jin: Now!!

At his sign, Marina and Xaizor rushed to Agito. He was the first one to attack with his sword, but Agito was able to evade him.

Agito: Haha, you missed!

Xaizor: Don't make fun of me, you prick!

Marina: Blizzaga!

Marina attacked Agito with an ice spell and he got hit. That gave Xaizor the advantage to slash him some times and then grab him by the neck.

Agito: Guh...!!

Xaizor: All yours, Tiane!!

Xaizor kicked him and blasted him with Dark Firaga. Marina intercepted with her Blizzard talismans, freezing Agito on the spot.

Meanwhile, Veigas clashed his dark crystal with Kaito's chakrams. Lucent called crows to pierce Veigas but he used a shield to fend them off.

Veigas: You two surely are persistent...!!

Lucent: If you give up now, we might hurt you less than what we initially planned to.

Veigas: As if I'm backing down a fight!

Kaito: Then down you go!

Location: Summer Area - Streets

BGM: Person who Conceives Frenzy still playing

Rasel: Very well then. Word of Pain!

Rasel whispered and a trail of dark runes appeared from her mouth. She conducted it once and shot the trail at Mia and Yomi.

Mia: I deny your advance! Reflector!

Mia activated a special function of the Aegis and reflected the trail back to Rasel. However, she spun her parasol at the trail, swirling it around the top.

Mia: What?!

Rasel: Pitiful human, know your place!

After a spin, she closed her parasol and dashed towards Mia and Yomi. The Word of Pain charged herself up, as a dark aura emanated around her as she dived towards her enemies. Mia blocked it, but Rasel was pushing her now.

Mia: Gggh...!! This is stronger than what I thought!!

Rasel: Ahaha!! I will break your shield apart!!

Meanwhile, Fear Mace's attack worked and Doremy was pushed back by the attack.

Doremy: Ugh...! Impudent woman...!

Fuindor: There's my opening!

Fuindor rushed at Doremy, following with a series of slashes at her. He backed off and used a skill.

Fuindor: Fire Formation: Hell Cage!

Fuindor breathed fire on Doremy. The flames surrounded her and soon formed a cage, entrapping her. He was ready to finish her off, but he had another idea. Using Shion-no-hono's flames, he infused fire on Fear Mace's katana and entered into drawing stance.

Fuindor: A flaming cross slash to finish her off. You in?

Location: World Crossers Guild - Main Hall

As Kail was doing the call, 5T came down and greeted Lilina and Heather.

Heather: Good morning, Mr. Rune.

5T: Well, this makes the first morning as a member of the Guild, Lilina. You still have time to back off.

Lilina: My answer is no. I'll keep myself as a member, thank you.

Heather: Lilina, please behave yourself! This isn't what I taught you! You can't answer people so rudely!

Lilina: Mom!

Heather: No "Mom"! Also, Sir Kail asked you a question, answer it!

Lilina: I was going to before I was interrupted!

Lilina looked at Kail.

Lilina: About your question... I am. I'll fight too. I can't just run anymore, Kail. Even if we don't know who made this Glaive, I will use it.

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