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Location: Spring Zone - Hakurei Shrine

BGM: Disquiet still playing

Azrel: That's confidential.

Reimu: Maybe my amulets have something to say about that.

Azrel: I wouldn't attack me if I were you. I'm not here to fight you, anyway.

Alice: You're certainly forcing us to. And you know we have no intention to back out.

Jin: Make things easier for us and just tell us who's bossing you around this time.

Azrel put the hand on his pocket and tookout a phone. By dialing a number, he called to Fortuno.

Azrel: ... It's me. What do you want me to do now?
Fortuno: Geez, did you pass over a black cat today? You're usually full of four-leaf clovers.

Azrel: Just do what you need to do already.
Fortuno: Righto ditto! Here we go~

Azrel turned off the call as a beacon of light fell over him. His body started to float.

Marina: What is that light?

Cookie: That light... a divine pillar?!

Jin: He's going to escape!!

Azrel: You'll pay for interfering, Reimu. You three as well... Alice, Jin and Cookie.

Xaizor: Hold it up, you son of a bitch!!

Xaizor impusively ran towards Azrel but the divine pillar took him away before he could ever reach him.

*BGM fades*

Xaizor: Damnit, he ran away!

Reimu: A divine pillar, huh... seems like we have something to discuss. Cookie, Jin, Alice, with me.

Marina: W-Where are you going?

Reimu: In the forbidden room. Don't enter at any costs.

Alice: Dinner is already in the table. Feel free to serve yourselves.

The four of them went back inside the shrine. In the meanwhile, Auror decided to speak about all that happened right now, as if the need to organize things rose.

Auror: Alright then. First the shrine gets engulfed into a barrier and taken to the Nightmare Realm. Then somehow we get the information that Lucent might be the key to resolving this particular incident and lastly, we get a message that people are after Lucent...

Marina: Not to mention that he pointed Mister Masaru as a suspect involved with one of those parties but we do not know who it is.

Auror: This is seriously tiring me. How I'd long for a solution to fall out of the sky and save us this once...

Xaizor: ... Hey, about Masaru...

Xaizor sheathed his blade and went back to the others. While Azrel kept being suspicious to them, it didn't help that he theorized with Kaito that Masaru's actions were suspicious somehow.

Xaizor: I don't know you guys, but something has been bothering me. Hey, do you guys remember the number of times he and Lucent talked before? Not counting the ones we had in these last days.

Auror: Before that...? From my part, I didn't see that happening much.

Location: Kanzakai School - Entrance Gate

BGM: Discord (Octopath Traveler)

Orie: I arrived at the third floor, worried about your situation and the explosions. Before I could get to see what was going on, she suddenly appeared and attacked me. I tried to fend her off, but I couldn't use my powers on time.

Orie: That is when Sumireko and Fuindor came. She helped me a little but the assailant was faster than what we predicted. When I saw it, she was already aiming at Sumireko and had her pinned on the ground.

Fuindor: That's when I jumped in. I told Orie to take Sumireko somewhere safe and managed to hold her off. My plan wasn't to fully use my powers but to call you guys with my chakra and get her on the act.

Fuindor: The brat was smarter and faster than I thought. She turned into butterflies and just flew away. Then you all came and told us to evacuate all the students. And that's all.

Orie thought a little about Melina. Even though it was unusual, she decided to share it.

Orie: She called herself... the sixth princess of the Bariura Empire.

Fuindor: Never heard of the place. Where is that?

Orie: I do not know. I never heard of it too.

Fuindor: Hrrrmm... not having a clue of the place kinda ticks me off.

Orie: In any case, I take full responsibility for what has happened with Sumireko and Fuindor today. I apologize for not being able to contain the confusion.

Fuindor: Hey, I didn't help much either! Don't go taking it all under yourself for this!
Location: Spring Zone - Hakurei Shrine

Azrel: Any currency is fine. We'll have to establish how much I'm going to tell based on what I receive after I get the money.
Reimu: You're telling us for free, Mr. Bounty Hunter.

BGM: Disquiet

A pair of amulets grazed Azrel from both sides of his head. They hit the gate of the entrance and generated a barrier that blocked the way out. As the group looked, Reimu, Alice, Jin and Cookie came out. However, none of them were bearing a happy face.

Azrel: *sigh* The reunion I wasn't expecting to make happens...

Reimu: You're back. Now, what are you up to?

Azrel: I'm just doing my job. Can you please get out of my way for once?

Reimu: Considering you were about to make them pay for whatever you're about to speak, I felt as if you needed to learn the meaning of charity and give it for free.

Azrel: ... Pain in the ass.

It looked obvious that Reimu and Azrel weren't on good terms. That extended to Alice, Jin and Cookie, who didn't seem happy at all of seeing him.

Marina: Miss Reimu, you know him?

Reimu: Our past run in more than one way and I can tell you it didn't run as we all expected for some of those times.

Alice: What are you doing here? What do you want with those children?

Azrel: I'm just chatting. What's so bad about talking with them about something that matters to them?

Jin: The bad is that it's coming from your mouth, that's what. Let me guess, someone paid you to come here.

Azrel: I have a contract, idiot. If you're not happy with me doing my job then you should leave.

Cookie: So you got a new job. Tell me, which side are you on right now?

Azrel: My side. As always. Not with you, nor against you. Only for me.

Reimu: I see. Go ahead then. Keep talking, don't mind us.

Azrel: ...

Azrel hated Reimu to her guys. The dislike was mutual and it was enough to raise suspicion in the others.

Auror: Seems like you're more suspicious than I initially thought. You have a story with them and they're clearly not happy of seeing your face around.

Xaizor: I knew it. This asshole came to play with our minds!

Marina: No, we cannot jump to conclusions yet. While the suspicion around him certainly rose, we cannot distinguish his words as a lie because of what they share as personal history.

Azrel: Well, I don't mind being suspicious but there's someone else you should be really careful about.

Auror: And who would that be?

Azrel: That guy with a beanie that always walks around you guys.

Xaizor: Guy with a beanie... Masaru?!

Azrel: Here's the hint I'm giving you all for free since I don't have a choice. This Masaru person hides more than what he lets through his mouth. While not being one of the two I told earlier, he's involved with one of them.

Xaizor: (Then... the suspicion me and Kaito rose around him is...)

Azrel: That's all I have to say, can I leave now?

Location: World Crossers Guild - Main Lobby

BGM: Main Lobby still playing

5T: This is starting to become an annoying routine with these two...

5T: Let's go to the Underground Lab, Lilina.

Lilina: Y-Yes. Which way is it?

5T: Follow us. We'll take you there.

Lilina: A-Alright.

5T was the first one to leave to the lab. Lilina was a little nervous, so she waited a little before going.
Location: Spring Zone - Hakurei Shrine

Azrel: Well, this is a much bigger crowd than I expected. There goes my one witness plan out of the window.

Xaizor: Alright pal, cough it up! What do you want with Lucent?!

Marina: (I am feeling very uncomfortable with this...)

Lucent stepped forward and looked directly at Azrel.

Lucent: S-Say it already...

Azrel: Oh, you're sounding a lot different than when we met! Managed to muster some bravery?

Lucent: Shut up and just say what you want with me.

Azrel: Alright then. As you wish.

BGM: Tension

Azrel: Two people will come to your life soon. One of them wants to kill you and the other one wishes to save you. It's up to you to make the correct choice.

Lucent: ...!

Marina: Two people...?

Azrel: No, it doesn't have anything to do with your little floating friends right there, miss.

Kiragi: Of course it doesn't!

Kaito: That's it? That's what you wanted to say?

Auror: Well, I think I'm curious about hearing the next part. C'mon, spill it.

Azrel: Well... how much are your willing to pay for the rest of the info?

Xaizor: *draws blade* The rest of your life, that's what.

Azrel: Again with that? C'mon, do some actual threatening.

Xaizor: You piece of shit...!!

Kaito: *draws chakrams* I think I heard enough to burn you.

Marina: Wait! Do not act rashly!

Kaito: But look at what this guy is saying! Do you seriously think we can just buy his words?!

Auror: No, I don't. But let's not jump into a fight while we can still negotiate terms here.

Kaito: Auror!

Auror: You two back off with the weapons. Kaito, take Lucent, the kid and the spirits with you inside.

Lucent: B-But I-

Marina: You are considerably hurt, so we cannot strain you right now. Please, leave this to us and keep resting inside the shrine.

While being against it, Marina was right. He wouldn't be able to fight at all if it came down to it. Lucent agreed with her and, accompanied by Kaito, Kiragi and the twin Sprites, he went back inside to rest.

Auror: Now that he's away... I think we can now keep discussing.

Azrel: Am I going to get paid for the extras I speak or no?

Xaizor: I swear, this bastard...!!

Location: World Crossers Guild - Lobby

The door opened and Lilina went inside. 5T was already behind her.

Lilina: U-Umm...

5T: I brought her as ordered.

Location: Kanzakai School - Entrance Gate

Fuindor stood at the gates, thinking about everything up until now. The thought dominating him was about his identity.

Fuindor: (I need to think what I'm going to do right now. I can't tell them what I am or else I'm going to be killed.)
Orie: Fuindor? Is something wrong?

Fuindor: Oh! No, nothing. Don't worry about it. It was just about everything happened today.

Orie: It might have been very different than what you imagined.

Fuindor: Well, I don't mind it much. Things like this might be happening everywhere.

Fuindor: Sad they were unable to find the guy. I hope he's alright.

Orie: Yes, I do too. Not to mention Sumireko and Jane at the hospital. They're still pretty hurt.

Fuindor: ...

Orie: If only I was more competent in the fight, this wouldn't have happened...

Fuindor: Don't blame yourself too much. I didn't do much either too.

Orie: I see. In any case, do you plan to say and join the rest?

Fuindor: Well, I can't go home right now since they wanna talk to us about that purple girl we fought.

Orie: Oh... right. We cannot leave yet until this is clarified.

Fuindor: I don't mind it... much. I'm kinda hungry, though.

Orie: Well, shall we eat with them?

Fuindor: Well, if they let us eat too.
Location: Spring Zone - Hakurei Shrine

BGM: Song of the Ancients -Popola/Instrumental- still playing

Auror: Oh, I know that look, Rayla. It's the pessimistic look.

Marina: W-What do you mean, pessimistic?

Umbra: It means she believes that we might be leading you all in a trap.

Auror: I do agree with her, though. You two do sound trustworthy, but the fact that you forced a pact on a kid and now are so desperate to bring Lucent with you sounds awfully suspicious.

Kiragi: T-They didn't force me! I wanted this!

Kaito: Kiragi...?

Kiragi: I'm sure Umbra and Ictio are not lying! They gave me a chance to help everyone! And like I said, Mr. Icy Messy Hair, I wanted this!

Auror: Icy... Messy Hair?

Marina: Lucent, what is your opinion on this. Are you willing to believe in them?

It did seem like it could be a trap. However, Lucent wanted to give a chance to the idea. If he's able to help people, he will take it.

Lucent: I... I am.

Kiragi: Yay!!

Auror: That fast?

Lucent: There are so many things that I don't know either. But if this is the chance for me to do it, then I'll take it. Even if I might... fall into a trap.

Auror: Well, if you say so, guess I just need to keep my eyes open then.

Marina: We might not need to keep our guard up. At least, not too much. We still need to understand how this exactly works, but I am sure they are on our side.

Kaito: Well, I don't have anything to say on this. If Lucent decided to trust them, so will I.


Umbra: *sigh* Please forgive my idiot twin who gets overexcited about a lot of things...

*BGM stops*

Steps could be heard from the stairs. As they looked, Xaizor, Tiane, Theo, Kaori and Azrel came.

Marina: Xaizor! Everyone!

Auror: And a stranger arrives on the field, folks. Who's the guy?

Lucent: Y-You're... from the morning...!

Kaito: You know this guy?

Xaizor: This Azrel dude here says he has something to speak with Lucent. So, we've brought him up here.

Location: Spring Zone - Streets

After a long fight, Lilina and 5T dispatched all the soldiers. She tried to take her breath, as her hands trembled a little.

Lilina: So... this is the meaning of fighting...

5T: It scares when you first do it, huh? I can't understand that.

Lilina: W-What do you mean?

5T: I was... well, raised for fighting. That's what I mean.

Lilina: Quill...

An answer to 5T's signal reached him. It was a direct order to bring Lilina to the Guild. At the same time, Lilina reverted back to her normal form.

5T: Alright, we're heading back to the Guild now. I got orders to bring you there right now.

Lilina: W-What do you think it'll happen?
5T: I don't know. We'll know when we get there.
OK, I finished them. Here they are.

Alright then. I'll be doing my CS soon enough. Glad to be able to join you all!
Is this still open? I read everything and I wanted to join.
Location: Spring Zone - Hakurei Shrine

BGM: Ranch at Night still playing

Lucent: I... didn't do it... alone.

Auror: What do you mean? We didn't have the time to even get near to you-

Lucent: I... remembered what you said back at that day, Rayla. And then I remembered Reeta and Kaito... and then everyone else. Your words... reached me and gave me strength to win.

Lucent: So... you all helped me. Thank you.

Marina: Oh, Lucent...

Auror: We're all here for you, man. No need to be that lonely anymore.

Kaito: He's right, Lucent. You have people to count on, so don't go back to those gloomy days.

Lucent: I know... I just... I'm stubborn... I keep thinking about the past and about how I... don't want that to repeat.

Kaito: That won't repeat. I won't let it happen.

Kiragi: Yeah, I won't let it too... whatever that is!

*BGM fades*

Lucent smiled. As Kiragi finished talking, Lucent looked at the side and saw Umbra and Ictio floating and looking directly at him.

Lucent: Sprites...? What are they doing here in reality?

Kiragi: Oh, those are Ictio and Umbra! I met them at the orphanage and made a promise-

Kiragi: I-I mean... pact thingy with them! Oh, they were actually looking for you, Big Bro Lucent!

BGM: Song of the Ancients -Popola/Instrumental-

Ictio flew fast at Lucent and grabbed his index finger, pleading for his help.

Ictio: Please, you have the help us restore the Dream Realm! Please, please, please!

Lucent: Huh? W-Wait, me?

Umbra: We were told by a voice to look for and after you, as you are the only one who can restore the balance between Dreams and Nightmares.

Auror: That's a huge task you're putting on him.

Ictio: We know that, but the voice said it! "Search for Lucent Vermillion, the one who carries the power to restore balance between the Realms."

Marina: But whose voice was it?

Umbra: There lies the problem. The memories we have about this voice are sealed shut.

Kaito: So you don't remember who it was? And what do you guys mean by "sealed"?
Marina: It means someone used a spell to block those memories. Specifically, ones that regard the owner of the voice that spoke with Ictio and Umbra.

Kaito: Oh, I get it. But damn, that doesn't help at all...

Umbra: There was more, though. "Bring him to the Realm. There, he will learn of an important truth."

Auror: Important truth?

Ictio: That's all we know... this stupid seal blocking our memories... and we can't even break it.

Umbra: That is indeed frustrating. I wanted to come with all the information necessary, but it seems like there's nothing I can do about it.

A new information came to light: Lucent is supposedly the key to solving the Nightmare Incident. However, it was still nothing but a short bit. It wouldn't be a really helpful information.

Marina: The more we progress, the more inconclusive our route gets. If we follow Umbra and Ictio's words...

Lucent: I... can save the Dream Realm? But I'm half Nightmare Demon. I eat dreams. How can I possibly...

Auror: If we want to discover that, we'll have to find a way to break the seal on their memories. And for doing that, we need to understand more about the Realms in general. The information we have is really short.

Kaito: Lucent, you know about how this works, right?

Lucent: N-Not as much as you think I do...

Marina: But the few you know will be already helpful. We agreed that I shall do a research on this incident so that they can focus on the other ones.

Umbra: We'll be sure to help too, for as long as our memories permit it.

Ictio: We're on this together! We won't let you down!

Kiragi: Ooooh, this sounds like a big adventure! I'm getting excited!

Location: Spring Zone - Streets Near the Hakurei Shrine

BGM: DISTRUST still playing

Xaizor was at the same position as Tiane. He didn't want Azrel to get near his friends, but his gut kept poking him. He decided to concede.

Xaizor: Alright, alright, I concede. We'll take you to Lucent if that's so damn important.

Xaizor: But if you decide to play any sort of trick, you're in for hell! You got that right?!

Azrel: I can guarantee you, I'm not here to pick any sort of fight. After all, this info can change things around.

Xaizor: Still playing secrecy, huh?

Azrel: Chill out, chill out. Once we're there, I'm telling everything.

Xaizor: Alright. But I'm going first and Tiane will come with me. Ted and Kaori, you guys walk behind and keep and eye on him.

Location: Spring Zone Streets

Lilina ran the fast that she could without looking back. The soldiers chased her, none of them shooting since they were instructed to take her alive and without any injuries. As she ran, Lilina tripped on the sidewalk and fell.

Lilina: Ah...!!
Soldier: There she is! We got her!!

By the time she got up, Lilina was already surrounded by the soldiers. With her back on the wall, she got desperate.

Lilina: No, this can't be the end! This cannot be...!
Soldier: Just stay quiet and come with us, girl.

She saw herself at the end of the line. Before he could grab her, Lilina took out the wand Azrel gave her. This would allow her to awaken to her aura and accept a fate she wouldn't be able to erase.

Lilina: (I have no choice... I promised I wouldn't do it, but I need to...!!)

She put her finger at the digital reader of the wand. The object began to emit sounds and soon a bright light covered all of them.

BGM: Thorn

The light faded away. The soldiers looked at the point where Lilina was as she reappeared. However, things were different. New garments replaced her clothing and a scabbard appeared at her waist. For her, it was more than just that. Her mind has changed immensely. Information ran as if her brain became a CPU, processing data as fast as it could. She awakened as a Psychic.

Lilina: ...
Soldier #1: Wait, that thing was a Glaive?
Soldier #2: It looked so different from the ones they have back at the base!

Lilina: I truly suggest you step back at this instant.
Soldier #1: Heh, you're getting too cocky. Do you think that alone you're going to-

But before he could finish speaking, a laser sent him away. When they looked, 5T stood there.

5T: So you did use it.

Lilina: I had no choice. I don't want to be captured.

5T: And you're willing to take the consequences? Your life will never be the same again, Lilina.

Lilina: If I'm getting alive out of it, so be it. I'm going to do whatever I can.

5T: Then the conversation is over. Engaging battle protocol.

The soldiers shot at 5T the moment he said that. With fast movements, he evaded the bullets and got up close to them. However, they have totally ignored Lilina, who began to attack with her sword as well. Not only that, but her movements were swift, as if she moved like an illusion.

5T: Suddenly, you're fighting as if you had an experience before. These Glaives are surely something.

Lilina: We can talk later! Right now, these soldiers are our priority.

5T: Right. Pod, send a signal back to the Guild and warn them of the situation.
Pod: Affirmative.

Under 5T's orders and as he fought together with Lilina, the Pod sent a signal, with the information about the situation and that Lilina has awakened.
Location: Spring Zone - Hakurei Shrine

Kiragi: Really? Yay!

Auror: Just don't rush into a fight, little guy. And you two are in charge of seeing he won't get in danger.

Ictio: YES SIR!!
Umbra: I already knew that, thank you.

Soon, the sky broke. The dark red that covered the shrine vanished and the sunsetting sky was visible again. They left the Nightmare Realm and finally returned back to reality.

Jin: Did we get back to reality or is this a trick?

Cookie: We managed to get back safely. That's good to know.

Marina: Nighttime is already coming. Perhaps we should prepare dinner for everyone.

Reimu: I wasn't accounting for a lot of people to come here actually.

Alice: Well, yes, I suppose you didn't. Do you want help, Reimu?

Reimu: Guess I can't say no, can I? Jin, Cookie, you two will help as well.

Jin: I'm on it!

Cookie: Sure. Let's make a good feast.

Cookie and Jin followed them inside. As soon as their bodies disappeared from sight, a sound of a door opening and footsteps were heard. When they looked, someone was slowly making his way down.

BGM: Ranch at Night

Kaito: Lucent!

Kaito ran over towards his friend and began to check if he was OK, while helping him walk. Once they were are the grounds, Marina, Auror and Kiragi soon went towards him as well.

Auror: Hey, you big bastard! Took you long enough to come!

Lucent: Uh... I'm sorry...?

Auror: Hey, I'm just teasing you! I'm really glad to see you safe, Lucent.

Marina: Mr. Lucent, I am far more relieved now to know that you're OK. You have no idea of how we were worried.

Kiragi: Big Bro Lucent!!
Lucent: K-Kiragi...? W-Why are you here?

Kiragi: I came here to save you! I'm gonna be your hero!

Auror: Hey, we all know to who belongs the hero part here.

Marina, Auror and Kiragi looked at Kaito while smiling as Lucent looked a little puzzled.

Kaito: W-Why are you all looking at me like that?

Auror: Nothing much, Mr. Knight!

Kaito: H-Hey, knock it off, Auror!

Lucent: ... Hehe...

Auror: Did you just laugh?

Lucent: N-No, that was nothing of the sort... hehe...

Marina: He did laugh! Hehe!

Kiragi: Hahahaha!

Kaito: Man, seriously... oh well, at least he's happy!

From afar, Umbra and Ictio watched at the scene. Their eyes were amining at Lucent, the one they have been searching for.

Ictio: Hey, that's the guy were supposed to find, right? Right?

Umbra: Yes, it is... I can't believe we've found him this early...

Location: Spring Zone - Streets to the Hakurei Shrine


Azrel: So you're going to interrogate me now. As I need to hurry with this.

Xaizor: Yeah, we are. Now spill it.

Azrel: I'd love to, but I'd prefer to do that with the actual person listening to it. This has some concern to his life, after all.

It didn't seem like a joke. His information... had something to do with Lucent's life?

Xaizor: What do you mean?

Azrel: I was informed that death's scythe floats around his head. He has chance to escape it unscathed, of course.

Xaizor: Who's the bastard who gave you this idea?

Azrel: How much are you willing to pay me for speaking this up?

Xaizor: My will to not cut your head off. Now say it already, damnit!

Azrel sighed. He didn't want to disappoint his client, but it seemed hard to go after his target with those three blocking him. He decided to try another way.

Azrel: I'll spill it if you take me to Lucent then.

Xaizor: Are you out of your mind?! Like hell we will!

Azrel: Well then, I'll be taking my leave. Just don't blame me if he dies.

Xaizor: Hey, hold the phone!

Azrel: Oh?

Xaizor was nervous. He didn't want to believe in a word Azrel was saying, but it didn't seem like a joke for a second. It didn't look like a lie.

Xaizor: I don't want to believe that guy, but something in my gut tells me that he's not lying about this. What should we do?

Location: Spring Zone Streets

She tried and failed. Lilina wasn't able to get more of Masaru's information as she had hoped to. It wouldn't be that easy.

Lilina: (To think this wouldn't actually work... now I need to think of another way...)
Voice: Hey you, blond girl!

When Lilina looked behind her, she saw soldiers aiming at her. Her confidence on safety soon dwindled as she saw herself greatly outnumbered.

Lilina: N-No... a trap?!
Soldier: She's alone. Get her before she can escape!

Lilina: I... I have to run!!

She turned around and ran away. The soldiers gave chase. Lilina was in a predicament she hoped to avoid, but she ended up victim of an attack again. All she had to do now is run and try to escape.
Location: Nightmare Unitia - Hakurei Shrine

Umbra: Hmm... as far as I know, no. There's the possibility of survivors, I won't deny that.

Kiragi: Really? That makes me really glad!

Auror: I sure hope there's someone left. It'd be a big help for us in this case.

Marina: I agree. It makes me wonder about what it will happen from now on, too...

Auror looked at Kaito holding the chakrams and couldn't hide his surprise.

Auror: I didn't know you could fight, Kaito. You never were the type to show promise.

Kaito: Hey, you hold your tongue! Besides, with this, I can efficiently help you guys!

Cookie: I do have a question, though. What about the boy? The spirits seem to haunt him.

Reimu: Maybe I can exorcise him and then-

Kiragi: No, no, please no! I don't want that!

Reimu: You don't?

Kiragi: You see, I made a promise-

Umbra: Pact.

Kiragi: Y-Yeah, that... with Ictio and Umbra. With them, I can help you all too!

Marina: That is very sweet of you, but dragging you into these fights is not a good idea.

Auror: Well, we don't have to drag him.

Marina: M-Mister Auror?

Auror: Listen, I'm not saying I'm OK with this. Putting a small kid like him into this is too much. Right now, though, it's best to leave him "haunted", so to speak.

Ictio: We will protect Lord Kiragi with our lifes, sir yes sir!!

Auror: I'm pretty sure you will. Though I don't exactly have the final say in this.

Location: Spring Zone - Streets Near the Hakurei Shrine

The fervent attacks from the group finally dwindled the numbers and the monsters soon vanished.

Xaizor: That takes care of them. Now, back at the matter of-
Azrel: Well, the monsters seems to have dwindled. Good.

When he looked, Azrel stood there, seemingly happy with the results.

Xaizor: Huh? Who the hell are you?

Azrel: Oh, just a passerby going to the shrine. I can't fight so I'm happy you guys managed to finish them all. It's no big deal, so I'll just be cruising.

Xaizor: You don't have the looks of some religious guy. And for some reason, I don't like your face.

Azrel: That's too bad. Can I go now?

Xaizor: Wait the hell where you're standing. You're not leaving just because you want to.

Azrel: Are you serious? Listen, it's important and I can't waste time speaking with kids like you three.

Xaizor: Kid?! You're not that much older than me!

Azrel: You wouldn't want to know my age, so can I go now?
Xaizor: No!

Azrel: *sigh* Seriously, luck? That's how you're playing me today?
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