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Current Well... after years of being away, I'm... sort of back. Kinda wonder where should I start, though.


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Sorry for being gone! Work consumed me, but I found some time today!


Wanted to let you know I decided to pass on this, some other stuff I'm more interested in, but I hope you guys have fun!

That's alright Viv. Hope you can have fun on your end as well!

I am interested in joining this RP, I had an idea for either an orc mercenary or a human necromancer that is killed somehow and sent to our world.

Either of them sounds fine enough to me! Though none of the characters are killed, they're more of wormhole'd to Earth instead of dead.

I just wonder if Brook is accepted

Good to see you again


I loved Calanthe / Brook so far, her story is pretty cool. Though I'd like a little more explanation of her powers. Especially the part of domains "light and life", it sounds... vague, just as that and it starts to sound a little uber.

I want to check in about a concept. Would a ur-priest type character work? I have any idea for someone who uses the excess psychic energy emitted by humanity.

Hmm... That sounds OK for me, though I'll need to see what his powers actually are to evaluate them.

Location: 666 Mystic Lane, North Reading, MA
Interactions: Alora (@MagratheanWhale)

BGM: The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls (Touhou Koumakyou: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil)

Much like Alora, the rest of the group would also find that their powers were much more intense in this area. Cassandra may find it harder to push out the voices in her mind and control her illusions, Leon would find it harder to control the destination of his teleportation and may teleport much further than he could, and Elio's control over his chaos flame would diminish as the flame grew in intensity. As well, a presence inside the house beckons each one to head inside. This presence is unlike anything the group had experienced. It felt like something incredibly ancient was looking at each one and commanding them to obey its instruction.

As Leon approached the house, an overwhelming pressure caused a chill to run down his spine. It's as if an immense power was running through the area. In a more nerdy comparison, it was like facing a level 99 boss but you're level 1 using the basic equipment at least. Any false move could lead to his downfall, and not even his power would be able to save him. Whatever this presence was, there was absolutely no way to defeat it. The only way Leon could get through it was to await whatever it had to do. And that wasn't the only thing eating away at Leon's heart.

(As if this oppressing presence wasn't problem enough, it feels like my powers are spiraling out of control. If I teleport right now, I could end up in another country. I don't think I'm supposed to actually feel this way, but I do. Whoever's emitting this aura is messing up with mine and this isn't good.) He thought.

"Can you all get off the grass, it hurts." Alora pointed towards the grass, before motioning towards the gravel driveway nearby. "I am Alora, I take it you all got the same letter from a benefactor?"

But before he could continue thinking, a woman's voice ran through his ear. He decided to turn at her. Upon first glance, she did look rebellious. The type of woman who would definitely play punk rock (or even heavy metal) in showbiz. Intimidating, cold, fierce... aggressive. With the intonation of voice that perfectly suits the role of a villainess, the berserker types. Though before any sort of reaction, he just followed her instructions and stepped into the gravel driveway. It was smarter for him to just listen to her than to confront her.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to actually damage nature. In any case, I did receive the same letter as you described. And my name's Leon. It's a pleasure." He responded, introducing himself to Alora.

It seems like Alora didn't recognize Leon's identity as Alear, which was quite beneficial for him. Not only he didn't need to act like his idol self, but he could also chat with her, a stranger that never knew his other side and seemed uninterested in it. After all, not everyone was a fan of Alear Alstroemeria.
Work in process, but here's a bartender for y'all!

Ooooh, smegsy elf. I can't wait to see her complete.
Accepted Characters

Anima Mundi Characters

Earth Characters

For now, there are only crickets.
Hi hi looks neat, need a priestess?

Hey hey, feel free to join in!
Guess I'll start thinking then! I'll probably make a normal human to contrast the fantasy characters who isekai'd since it seems there's a lot of those kind of sheets coming our way.

Great! Can't wait to see it!

Also, @Expendable and @Ordsmed, if you guys are still interested, you can move your characters to the CS Tab, since I already approved them both.
Will we be coordinating OOC here or in some kind of discord? My preference would be OOC. That's really my last question before I decide if I should work on something or not.

I'd prefer over here, too. Not that I don't like Discord but I'm already at so many servers that I reached a limit, even to create one.
<Snipped quote by MagusDream>
And how strict would you be with people who aren't posting?

I'll ask if everything is fine and if they need additional time because of IRL issues or whatnot.

If nothing's done by the limit or if I don't get an answer, I'll be a tad bit direct and ask them if they can post or if they can be skipped.
How loose are you going to be with posting frequency/expectations?

Considering that my IRL life isn't exactly easy, I'm going to be pretty flexible. I'm not going to say a month, but a post within a week with extra 2 days sounds nice enough to me.
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