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I want to check in about a concept. Would a ur-priest type character work? I have any idea for someone who uses the excess psychic energy emitted by humanity.
I've got my concept mostly ironed out. Though I'm having difficulty deciding the particular source of their abilities. I've got either a blade wizard/psionic type or a user of Akasha binding raw magic into crude magic items.
Putting down my interest now that I have some free time.
I have my character sheet reasonably close to finished. Life has just been conspiring against me.
Dark matter is a good analogy but I was thinking more along the line of a primordial plasma or Ylem I think it's called. Or we could reflavor it as entropy/decay magic.

I've got some ideas for the cave elves.
I did mean alien in the sense that it is strange.
As for the cave elves, that works perfectly. I expected that the cave elves would be among the more primitive or brutal type. I can work with magical tech a bit better.
I do have two questions. How advanced are the elven villages in comparison to the human nations?

Secondly, would this fit in with the magic.
"All things fall into shadow, even light. Shadows do not represent the absence of light, they show the presence of darkness. Thus, shadow and darkness are not death or diminishment; they are the fundamental state of the universe, the constant that existed before, that exists now, and that will exist when all other things are snuffed out. Just as magic has an opposite. An ancient formless substance that fills the space between matter.
The shadowcaster understands the true, primal power of darkness, attunes herself to the Plane of Shadow, and learns great shadow mysteries the equal of any mundane spell. These dark casters are workers of alien magic, possessing an occult understanding of the world and magic that even other spellcasters find disturbing."
As long as you haven't partnered with someone, you can post whenever. Well, after I set the scene in your starting location of course. Which I can do once I'm home in a couple hours.

So far, seems like everyone is lone wolfing it.

I'm willing to partner with someone. My character isnt conspicuous about being a crystal bearer.
I need a slight extension on the time for making a character sheet. Don't know if I'll get one posted before having to go sell my crafts.
Does anyone have a good character sheet template I can use? I have little clue how bbcode works.
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