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20 hrs ago
Current It feels weird having to sleep at work. Like I feel dirty sitting here getting paid for sleeping and taking breaks while still on-site
3 days ago
Welp, just found out my little sister wrote herself a suicide note and is currently in emergency care. She's usually such an outgoing individual, too. Sorry if I become a depressed recluse for awhile.
4 days ago
I forgot to respond to a collab; time for me to die, I guess
6 days ago
Going out for the weekend to a friend's place for a party. If I haven't said anything come Monday, my players can all assume I've died and take over the RP.
12 days ago
And so, after a week of less than 20 hours sleep, working overtime every single day, I have awoken from my weekend coma to try and actually get something productive done. O o f


◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈

T H E N E R D / T H E L E G E N D
You are the wind at my back and the sword at my side;
D E L T A 4 4
together, my love, we shall build a peaceful world.
Just you...
and me.

Welcome to my little personal den of Hell! Sorry, sorry, I meant my personal profile. Same thing, right?

I'm a roleplayer, same as any around here. I've been doing it for about five years now, coming up to six in September. Its been quite the time, thinking back. I started out fresh as can be, understanding the basics of writing but never quite knowing how to become better, or become as great as those around me. In the end, I did the only thing I really knew at the time:

Write as much garbage as possible and hope for the best!

As you can see, that particular tactic fucking failed.
Jokes aside, I like to think I've developed a lot over the years, both as a writer and as a person. However, absolutely nothing can dissuade my weeaboo ways and supporting my OTP with all that I can freaking muster! If you haven't already guessed, said OTP is Chrom x Robin (Chrobin) from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Highly recommend the game, there's a reason (other than nintendo's cheapskate attitude) that it hasn't dropped in price, it's honestly the best place to start off in the series. And hey, maybe you'll end up addicted like me and want to buy every game on the 3DS like a fucking loony?

Speaking of loonies, the Fire Emblem Chrobin Comic Dub Project has recently finished, so for those of you who also appreciate the best ship in existence, I highly recommend it. Hell, even if you're not interested in that, I do highly recommend watching it for those into fantasy love stories. The quality improves drastically with each episode, so trust me when I say by the end of it you should be thoroughly impressed. It has helped motivate me in ways I can hardly describe with words, and so I thought the least I could do was put this out there. Maybe it's not for everyone, but I know it was the perfect thing for me.

"Do you think you can tip any of the scales in here?"
"Chrom, for the love of Naga, I'm thinking..."

"So I heard."

"There are better places
to take a nap than
on the ground, you know."

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Dynamo Frokane 1 mo ago
Craving some Rackham × Noa Shizz :)
Mistiel 1 mo ago
I would only buy - or play - a Fire Emblem game if it was on PC. I would also only do it for Lucina.
KingOfTheSkies 2 mos ago
As a professional Australian, I have the qualifications to say that wild "Drop Bears" can and will fuck your shit up if you get too close to their kids; the warnings aren't all for gits and shiggles.

This just made my night. Especially since I read it in a specific character voice.
KingOfTheSkies 2 mos ago
Tried finding the mod proper, but all I could find was this.

Dynamo Frokane 7 mos ago
Where you at Delta-Chan?
Jerkchicken 12 mos ago
Depends on the system
Dynamo Frokane 12 mos ago
*poke* stand by for deltafall

Also we need your responses! :3
Jurassic Weeb 1 yr ago
She's training you, my dude. Happens to every man.
MikkishtheLeprechaun 1 yr ago
If you're still interested, you will want to post a character soon before we get to the island and I cut off new characters for a while.
Mara 1 yr ago
Dude, I just got a PS4 recently, too, I fucking love it. My PSN is Grxmhxldr if you ever wanna hit me up. Shit's fun.
MissCapnCrunch 1 yr ago
Thank you very much! I appreciate it greatly. <3
I hope you have a wonderful day in exchange for making mine.
Cao the Exiled 1 yr ago
Darquesse 1 yr ago
I'm so glad to hear Kylo's okay! I wish him a speedy recovery, and get yourself some sleep.
NecroKnight 3 yrs ago
Giant mutant chicken-sandwich.
Dynamo Frokane 3 yrs ago
hey delta, are you on Kik by any chance?
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