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Current All work and no play, makes these old bones dry.


Work, work, work. Rain, work, work.

Giant mutant chicken-sandwich.

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Still looking for Undertale?

I'd love to do a fire embblem plot with you. Some of my fav charactrts are the laguz from the Wii game and would love to role play as the heron Rafiel.

noticed it wasn't in your list but Earthbound was there so you might be intrested in Undertale as well? I would love to do an Undertale. I'm a huuuuuge Undertale fan and is always looking for a partner in this.

Still an Undertale fan?

Anything goes. I have my own plot in mind. Though I had seen the movies (1 to 3) and most of the video games. If you want more info PM me.

DC and Marvel interested me.

Which one are you into more?
I could try.
Perhaps we can get together and restart things? Just with another GM?
Okay. Anyone still around for this here?
Searching again.

I am interested in playing. Likes:

Student x Teacher
Best Friends
Mother x Son
Aunt x Nephew

Wanna play?
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