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Send me a PM and let's get cracking.

Pray to the Emprah and slash until your arms fall off.

That also. Since Order had a 'somewhat' dislike of the Empire of Man. In the likely fifty years, they'd have stormed a EoM ship with their mag-boots.

The Order has prepared for everything, even getting attacked by zombies.

Dunno about that, you have to have some force push you back. Dunno about, fck science.

The Emperor commands it, it will happen.

Engrish not second language.

How can one explain - they don't have to worry about Newton' Third Law? In a military fashion?

Unknown Regions
Shadow' Gleam, CIC
15:00 - Standard Imperial Time

Grandmaster Alexius stood calmly on the bridge - watching the various techinicians do their work and keep the ship going through the void. The bracelet on his arm, felt...strange, but as long as those Imperial servants didn't over-bother with their fancy gizmos needed to be attached to his body, then he was fine with this...sacrifice.

It was kind of ironic - as Alexius namely towered over everybody in the CIC. Even inside a Empire of Man warship, he refused to remove his armor - one might never know, what kind of xeno filth might come to attack the Emperor' resources. His reading would show...very well beyond the average human norm - his body chemistry was that of a human, or rather close to it. As was his bodily structure underneath, the bracelet would however read a different sort of coloration of his epidermis - one namely meant to resist radiation better. The Order' soldiers meanwhile - had taken occupation in the main cargo hold - set up a few pictures of the Emperor and had remained their in vigil and prayer. All heads turned towards the Emperor' picture and chanting the Oath of Servitude to his Glory and Majesty.

It was as such, the calmness was broken - when suddenly the entire sensor grid lit up with red dots. "ENEMIES ON THE RADAR?!" yelled the com-tech.

"What do we have!?" asked the Captain of the Shadow' Gleam - as many OpsTech personnel quickly identified the targets.

"Small...very small targets...fuck these are barely the size of a skycar...shit, there is over ten thousand of them..." yelled on the OpsTech, as she scanned the readings. "Their Bringing up on visual!"

"Fuck! They are swarming the hull....fuckers....!" yelled the XO, as soon readings were being channeled from the Engineer' Deck to his datapad. "Those bright-red buggers are drilling into the hull....those long-peaks are...trying to crawl inside...they are heading for the engines. And those bright yellow fucks are buzzing around the cannons - they can't get a clear shot without hitting our own hull..."

"Options?! What the fuck are these freaks!" yelled the XO, trying to get the OpsTeam in formation and giving the Captain results.

"Scramble fighters? They are so small, yet deadly we might be blasting our own ship. We could try get Marines in vaccum and get those xeno fuckers off us!" replied one female OpsTech. Meanwhile, as the human team started to argue and exchange ideas - Grandmaster Alexius had gotten on the move, once he had heard the offer of getting people in vaccum-proof suits and to drive those xeno drones off the ship.

"This is Grandmaster Alexius...Sphere of War knights. Prepare for void combat..." he stated, as several hundred of Order knights from the Sphere of War rose up in the cargo hold and made way for the nearest airlocks. They soon reached the airlock just as Grandmaster Alexius had as well.

Leading them was Grandmaster of War, Lucius. As they soon cut the power to the air-lock compartment and went weightless, activating their mag-boots and starting to head out into the vaccum of space. As their suits soon self-sealed themselves and they slowly started to make their way towards the xeno space-drones.

Soon enough the first drone spotted the defenders and made a beeline for them - wanting to pick up one and shove them into the vaccum of space. Instead it made the blade of an Order soldier - the Order didn't use guns in space, therefore - it didn't need to worry about physics. Plus, the dozen of them were all linked together also by a spiked chain - teams of ten total; about one-hundred twenty Order soldiers, walking on the hull of the ship. Slowly starting to clear the drones away - namely the ones drilling into the hull.

Any drone that tried to shove them into space, found it difficult, as their linked chain - prevented one from being eliminated that way. Since eleven others kept him grounded - plus the Order soldiers also seemed skilled in zero-g combat. Using the spiked chains to also trap the drones and crush them into pieces.

It was a sign that the Order' soldiers were much skilled - and that they had in a sense, trained in zero-g and void combat. For preventing such acts or maybe in preparation of assaulting a void ship in the first place - who knew.


Are EoM sensors able to detect drone swarms? Or have Void Marines?(Soldiers able to fight out in vaccum?)

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