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For the Motherland

Russia, outskirts Moscow

It had been eight months - as what remains of the Russian Army was making their last stand in Moscow. The once feared Russian Armed Forces had been reduced to only a handful of brigades engaging in heavy fighting across the streets of the city. Even then, when there was no promise of support, ammunition or even information.

Whichever lines remained were land-lines and those were mostly severed due to heavy fighting, bombing from their own people or simply run out of power. The last pieces of communication that they could get was from the Central Military District - an army the size of a million and half were marching upon the heart of the Russian Motherland. What was horrifying was the fact that a quarter of those were namely 'ghouls' or namely the corpses of the dead.

What remained of the Russian state was hold up in the Kremlin - what propaganda they had used in the early days didn't matter much, as anybody could see what was going on. The green beasts were a nightmare to fight, as it took an entire clip for two men to bring down those beasts. They were the numerous, and it didn't take into account the other 'freaks' - the annoying harpies, mermaids in the sea that had demolished the proud Russian Navy and then the tiny humanoids. All in all - the Russian Army was caught with its pants down and had been reeling every since the nuclear detonation in Siberia. The fallout had been blown along with the wind to the main settlements - making life even harder for what civilians and soldiers remained.

The vanguard of the Invaders had been repelled but many men had none but a canteen of vodka and a single clip in their AKs left to fight against the freaks of nature. What remained of the Officer Corps was doing all it could to revive the dying morale of their shattered army - as they sat inside their dug-in trenches and behind overturned cars.

As the half-starved prepared their weapons once more and likely the last time - they heard something...unususal. In the sky a single biplane flew - which was...odd, as much of the Russian Aerospace Force had been completely decimated and grounded. This one had something more unusual - it flew with two red stars on its wings.

As it happened the orcs and their allies also saw the lone...wooden thing flying high the skies. It released a red orb high into the sky, before it turned around in the air and flew off. A few of their winged companies wanted to follow it, but were stopped - as it wasn't worth risking them and get hit by the iron bows of the World Eaters.

So far their attempt at defeating the World Eaters seemed to be going well.

The orcs watched as the red orb descend signaling to the harpies to signal to the others to prepare. “Scrying spell.” He gestured to one of the harpies, flying to the others as the army march on.

“They are few let them see their doom.” He whispers to himself as he takes out his axe. “DOUBLE TIME!” He furiously yells out, making his men run.

The orcs worked themselves into a frenzy as they charge into what remains of Moscow, raising their weapons up high for their enemies to see. Siege beast feet dig into the snow as they unleashed a horrific cry that can sow terror and fear to their foes alike. “FEAR US YOU WEAKLINGS!” The warchief yells out ontop of his beast as his horde make its way to victory.

The city remained silent as always - expect when one harpy pointed up towards the skies. In that moment, all of them realized just how 'weak' the World Eaters. As the very sky itself was soon filled with thousands of 'Iron Birds'. Namely those whom seemed impossibly fast to catch - yet always needed to land after a few minutes of being in the air.

They only seemed to be active in a handful of pairs - this time, there were thousands of them in the air. These ones used wheels infront of their noses - instead of being lifted by ' fire magic'. They were also slower, yet that didn't make them any more dangerous - one could hide from the fast Iron Birds. But these could likely easily see them - and judging by the amount, they had come to reply to the orcs' righteous march across their lands

With that notion - the thousands of them dived down at the orcish army. The harpies took to the sky to attempt to fight against such beasts. The great harpies, whose claws and wings could outmatch anybody in the sky in their own world...but out here? They were soon torn down by the fury of the World Eaters.

The iron birds spewed metal from infront of them and from behind them - not allowing any harpy to catch them or get near them. Tearing the harpies from the skies - as several others flew over the orc army. Dropping their metal magic bombs onto them - or firing sky arrows of fire, that exploded and killed hundreds with a single shot.

The explosions were loud and close enough to rip apart several important people - that even the orcs didn't realize they had. However, after one bombing strafe - the World Eaters regained one thing that would allow them to bring down the Fury of Humanity upon them.

“Ready the new weapons!” The warchief gestured to the harpies making them dive to where the supply wagons were. Unraveling crates of copper where crude blunderbusses from the wagons rested. Taking one for themselves, as they ascend into the skies, then aiming to a group of planes, firing shrapnel at their direction, dealing a lot of damage up close but, did little to no from afar. Incidentally they barely managed to reach the planes before the Iron Birds returned fire with more precise and deadlier accuracy.

“DO NOT FALTER ATTACK!” The warchief yelled out with all his might rallying his confused brothers back to the fire as they help their brethren by climbing on top of the siege beast firing and reloading the guns for the avians. “TRAMPLE THEM!” He continues to give out orders as they near the city.

“RELEASE THE GHOULS.” He ordered as five siege beast began throwing ten huge wooden balls filled with ghouls at the city. Though this killed most of the ghouls, they still were able to get inside the city attacking all that they can meet.

Amongst the human defenders, they'd soon find their radios regaining their former lives. As they watched into the skies and saw the once feared planes of the Soviet Air Force in the skies once more.

On their radios they heard people yelling in Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian and mostly in Russian.

"Ten kills, cyka!"

"Death to the freaks!"

"Ivan you stole five from me!"

"We got radio!" yelled another, before contact was 'achieved' as a dozen pilots in their propeller planes started trying out their radios. "Anybody alive down in Moscow?" asked one Polish female in a heavily accent in Russian.

“Took you long enough.” One happily answered followed by a roared of victory from next to him. “Now, lets show them the might of the Motherland, comrade.” He said as the Russian Army started to regain its lost morale. As soldiers on the buildings stood up as they raised their arms into the sky, cheering at the passing planes as they watched their old era Air Force back in action. Carrying the feared Red Star on their wings and sides.

“Gimme that vodka.” One of the officer' said as he poured its content into a bottle with a small piece of cloth and lighting it up as he threw it to one of the nearby rolling wooden balls - that the orcs were throwing their way. Burning the ghouls where they stood.

Hundreds of Russian soldiers and civilians rallied with the arrival of the air support, with high spirits they raised their white-blue-red flags high for all to see. It was time to kick these monsters off their land and reclaim Moscow.

In the buildings and streets, the people of Moscow finally had hope - looking outside and sawing the comforting rumble of human machinery. Regaining the will to fight, and the willingness to die for the Motherland. All they needed now was the capability to win the day. As the hordes of orcs and ghouls started to get near the city.

"Yeah...well, as the saying goes enemy of my enemy. Plus the only conflict allowed on this soil is between Slavs only," chuckled the woman - over the radio. "Also we brought friends...alot of them...hope you don't mind us borrowing the equipment of your grandfathers...we kinda needed it..."

Just as the freaks were about to reach the bridge that separated them from one of the - the air was filled with blaring music. Namely that of an old nation - that had been dissolved for twenty years now. Except the arms that were being used by the allies from Eastern Europe only had these things left onboard the old tanks.

Namely tanks that numbered in the thousands and reminiscent of the tank charges of the Soviet Red Army. The old anthem of the United Soviet Socialist Republics blaring from the tank' speakers - or those that remained, it was still enough to scream an almost sonic attack against the Invaders.

Across the radios many people were singing along, even if they didn't know what some words meant. It was simply a loud, HUMAN song - that was powerful enough to rally even the morale of the most depressed soldier. As to those in Moscow - iit was the old Soviet Anthem of Comradeship and Brotherhood - even if the state it once belonged to didn't.

Riding ontop of them were millions of soldiers, equipped with uniforms and weapons from both the Modern and WWII era. Followed by millions of vehicles of different make and design. Every type of flag from the nations of AESR, Ukraine, Belarus - and even one tank having the old flag of the Soviet Union, torn but still attached and flapping strong.

The massive horde was stopped in its track as the blaring of the song almost deafened all that were near it. As they saw the river of iron beast approaching them. "FOR EARTH MOTHER'S EMBRACE, DESTROY THEM ALL!" The warchief yelled out with all of his might as the sudden shift in momentum was turning against him.

The orcs equipped with their own guns started firing volley after volley at the defenders and soon, fire fights errupted throughout the city. "DO NOT LET THEM WIN, EARTH MOTHER WATCHES!" He continued as his siege beast crushed a tank - the response was all of the tanks turned their fire on the giant siege beasts and brought them down with their combined fire. Even the beasts being unable to survive the onslaught of shells, for barely a minute and died - crushing their orcish allies underneath them.

"Just return them in one piece." The radioman playfully said as he grabbed his gun, going outside of his trench. "REINFORCEMENTS HAVE COME!" He shouted out with pride to his fellow countrymen.

The Russians erupted in cheers as they saw the support and firepower that their new friends had brought with them, along with the patriotic song that followed with them. "FOR THE MOTHERLAND!" One of them cheered out, as he waved his gun on top of the building. Soon, the defenders were worked into a frenzy as a large group charged into the demoralized greenies.

They were taking ground from the monsters no longer losing as several orc bands were decimated and destroyed in each passing time. The russian laugh as the orcs started retreating as they weren't able to keep and hold there positions.

The orcs while having numbered several times over against the humans - this time around, the reinforcing army was the size of fifteen million. Conscripts mostly, but one didn't need much training to shoot and fight against the inhuman beasts that were slaughtering their human kinsmen.

Against the Invaders, they outnumbered their foes now fifteen-to-one. The blunderbusses did some damage, but not many killed directly. As the injured were quickly evacuated away - with return fire being a million times more in reply to them.

Even the orcs, with their thick skin could not survive such an onslaught of iron and lead. Even with the ghouls charging forward, this had been prepared for - from information gathered from the survivors of the Italian Campaign. As Shock Troops soon moved in, as they hoisted up their flamethrowers and let loose.

A blaze of fire erupted from infront of the human army - from both men and some tanks, as the Invaders bastardry of their corpses was put down. The fire purging away the filth of the freaks supernatural forces that held the human corpse in its grasp.

"URAAAAAHHH!" they roared, the sheer mass pushing back the green tide. Even in the metro tunnels below, Shock Troops wielding AK47s, PPSh-41 submachine guns and flamethrowers were clearing out the place from ghouls.

Just as the Invaders were fleeing coordinates were given - as far behind the city the barrage of the Katyusha rockets started. The horrifying roar soon being felt by the Invaders - the fear that had once gripped a human opponent.

"YEAH! EAT THAT YOU GREEN PIGS!" yelled one Polish tank gunner, a teen of barely twenty age - watching as rockets streamed across the city and hit the rearguard and fleeing orcs - killing even more of them. The old Soviet artillery guns also being fired - like a thunder from the sky itself - as the impact killed hundreds with each shell fired.

"ATTACK! ATTACK!! ATTACK!!!" The warchief demanded from his soldiers as he charged at whomever he could see crushing trucks and anything that got in his way, he was relentless and fearless for he knew it was the end for him but, he didn't care for he had only one mission and that was to take this pillar city from the World Eaters. And, he intent to do so even under the price of death.

His courage drove what remaining orcs and harpies to give it their all - armed with the blunderbusses they charged into the nearby defensive lines where they were greeted with a hail of bullets. One by one they fell but, with one death they would bring along five or more with them before their dying breath.

The brutality of the assault routed what remained of the army - as rockets, flamethrowers, and tanks gave chase to the routing monsters. The massive army was gone as it collapsed and melted to tiny fragments of what it was. Easy pickings for the millions of men and women eager for revenge and justice for their family and land.

The defenders had held the line. They were given rest, they were out of ammo and exhausted but, found the time to greet the cavarly - the proud remnants of the Russian Army happily standing up to salute the new arrivals. "Thank you for your help, comrade," said an officer of some rank greeting his saviors. The hatch soon opened to reveal a rather grizzled veteran of almost eighty years.

"We were fighting for so long." He said, as more arrived - and he talked with the nearest and opposite officer. As tanks and trucks kept driving past his trenches "We were afraid for so long. Without you we would not be standing here with you. Mother Russia would not be standing still alive..."

The monsters were no more as civilians finally stood down from their posts - the realization soon hitting them. "MOSCOW IS OURS!" A soldier yelled out in delight - a victory they though was impossible in the past. Soon, others followed as cheers erupted from all sides of the city, the remainig vodka the men had were opened - men and women alike started drinking, a fitting celebration in this time of need.

Until, it blared out in a nearby radio. "To all survivors! I am a speaker of The United Alliance to Maintain Peace! Please hear me out......." The 'speaker' said "This war have shattered us! It broke us! We must unite and destroy these creatures!" The speaker continued. "If you hear us! Then please show us a sign...." The speaker ended the speech

"There's still hope for all of us." One civilian said with hope as the radio continued to repeat and repeat the message.

"Its good thing to know, that we aren't the only people still remaining out there," spoke one Major, who was of Romanian descent and was wearing something that likely a soldier in the Red Army wore - wielding an old Kalashnikov.

Soon enough, the rest of the Eastern European armies had arrived - namely trains, tons of them - carrying guns, ammo, food and fuel. While some other jets flew off into the distance - namely carrying gas and bombs to be used on the fallen cities. To deny even these filthy creatures the chance to utilize the resources of Mother Russia. The cities that could be reached, would have all their industrial capacity stripped and transported to the surrounding regions of Kiev and Minsk.

All in all - they had hundreds of thousands of soldiers to reinforce the Moscow Line - if the Invaders tried to return they would find enough equipment that could have bled the German Empire in World War One ten times over.

In addition, many of the T-34s were set up as stationary gun-positions - since many would have their fuel tanks run out by now and it wasn't feasible to have them returned. This was the front line now - and they'd hold this line with renewed strength.

As many of the surviving Russian Armed Forces would find out - the crews of the T-34s were mostly females. Some of their native homeland and others from the other Eastern countries. "So how does the saying go? Shall we bury our dead and celebrate this victory?" asked one Latvian Tank Commander, from her radio.

"I say we drink first then bury - let those freaks rot." One playfully replied from his mind, followed by what obviously sounded by him drinking his fill. The atmosphere was festive, something the weary bodies of the people of Russia desperately needed at this time of war.

Morale was high and so was their spirits, before they were prepared to die and give themselves to the cold embrace of the Motherland. But now here they were dancing, some were singing their hearts out and some were eating and drinking what rations or food remained or what food was brought in.

Like there was no war to begin with - they looked at the horizon. Happy that they got to live another day and with their homes still intact and standing. A little bit of radiation remained in the area but it was not gonna get in the way - but deep down they feared what was to come...a little bit less now.

This was not the end they knew that, the Motherland was still under threat. And the enemy was still out there, all of them knew this. But they also knew that mankind would endure and because of that they would keep drinking until they'd pass out.

Later that night...

In the remains of Moscow, lights and fires were burning into the night. People of all nationalities and culture were dancing and laughing alongside each other. Food and drinks were passed amongst each other - old wounds were forgotten at the face of their new enemy. In the ruins of Moscow there only were humans - brothers and sisters in arms. Sharing both bed, bread and blanket with each other.

Soon enough though, their radios, which had played old musics, started speaking a different tune:

"To the many people in vast area of Eastern Europe - from the battlefields of Russia to the sea of Bulgaria, victory has been won. On this day, millions of brave men and women of our lands charged against the Invader Horde and sent them running back into the plains of Siberia."

"Today old beliefs were shattered and old wounds would be forgotten. Our people have survived, our states have survived. But sadly this is happening throughout the world. This is war against the entire human race. Today, in Moscow - we showed what we can do united together under one banner, one voice."

"Though our history has been one of strife and conflict - today, I can say I would rather die next to my people of human blood - to that of these green freaks, their traitorous humanoids and flying rejects of nature. Today, we cast aside old prejudices and come together as one nation."

"From the representatives of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Russia - we have come together to form the Eastern European Coalition. Today, we are one people - together against those whom would wish to destroy our way of life. May God be with you."

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