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2 yrs ago
Current All work and no play, makes these old bones dry.


Work, work, work. Rain, work, work.

Giant mutant chicken-sandwich.

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I plan on taking UK.

Perhaps you can be somebody in Europe?

Its 400 years in the future, as thus most countries will be on equal playing field anyway.

I think that is taken by host.


What do you think of my sheet so far?


So, assuming most of my Royal Navy remained intact I could have re-established contact with Australia/New Zealand and asked them to evac, some of my folk?

So, most of my issues would be in that case the rising sea levels?

When was 'international' trade re-established? Or rather the surviving and prospering nations decided to re-assume contact with the rest of the world? And see who was still alive?

So the expected outcome, of if the Global Warming wasn't stopped.

Also...hmm. How bad was the fallout? Or how much of the world was covered in it?

Well. That. But also my previous question.

Question here being. Am I allowed to have had some portions of my nation survive the initial carnage? (Aka UK/Ireland)

Although only some city-states would hold any stability left in them? The rest of the land fallen into anarchy?

Also. Did all of the ice melt away?
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