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Work, work, work. Rain, work, work.

Giant mutant chicken-sandwich.

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Okay. Sorry for taking so long.

Who is fighting whom in the next round?
Tyros would quickly step back, before dashing forward again. As Astartes they could move and fight much faster than a regular human. As Primaris, they could do much more than that.

Even though, things might have seemed almost practice for the two, any normal Han watching would see it simply as giants suddenly speeding and withdrawing at that. In the end, it came down to flexibility and the sword could much more easily be used several instances.

Thus it didn't take long before Tyros managed to draw a drop of blood from the Chaplain' hand at that. "First blood!" he declared, before ceasing his attacks.
Searching again.

I am cool either way. But if I get to win, should I write that out in my next post?

Or shall you do it JB yourself?

That is much better understand, compared to what you said of basically having a three meter tall giant, in essence duck. Considering Astartes are huge, Primaris even more.

Wait? What?

You ducked under a blow aimed at your hand? Without moving at all? What?
Tyros quickly struck forward, since he was using a sword against an axe - if he was light on his feet and quick, he could easily make due against Kelmorian. One easy point about using a power sword, was that he could stab forward. As Tyros soon flipped the blade up and soon stabbed forward - aiming at his 'guard'.

Since unlike an Arcanum - he could use a power sword to stab, slice, swing and many other avenues of attack. While an 'axe' like the Crozius needed be swung at that. Still Tyros knew, that if enough mass was to hit his power sword, then it wouldn't last long. Thus he also made sure to have his mind and body ready to either deflect or dodge.

Damn it. Use your designated name. I figured you were someone else and not my opponent.
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