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@Letter Bee

Jessia saw the rain happening around her and followed by the lightning at that. She decided not to stick around in his mud and rain, especially with ghouls around her or coming over to her at that.

While she disliked the idea, it looked like Virgo needed to go deep, very deep - into enemy territory. Namely as the woman in question, fired several shots at the approaching ghouls, namely blowing into their knee-caps or what remained of them. It wouldn't kill them, but would slow them down until Virgo could reach her destination. She pulled her jacket further up to cover her throat - as the woman in question soon broke out into a sprint.

She fired at any remaining ghouls that tried to stop her - making way towards the town of Novac. Keeping her camera closely ducked away and pocketing her red cloths at that - no need to give any likely trooper at the location any ideas. It was a good thing, that Jessica in question didn't leave any 'witnesses' or 'sights' of her exploits. Many amongst the NCR assuming that the 'Fallen Ranger' from various intelligence reports was in question a man at that. As she tied a blue scarf around her neck instead, that she had pulled from her pocket and also pulled white cloth with a bright red 'A' marked on it. Which she tied to her filed off spot of her arm - a disguise ready, and one she had used many times to her advantage.

As the woman in question, made her quickly towards Novac.

20 days later, still waiting for reply.
@Letter Bee

Guess I will need to continue alone.

Same from my end. NCR are fags. Nuff said.

Oy? You going to reply or what?

Up for doing something?

I am interested.
In War Never Changes 18 May 2017 19:17 Forum: Nation Roleplay
Joshua Graham, Christine Royce - Ultra-Luxe Casino


A laughter could soon be heard, the Ghost Trader representatives had been mostly quiet - right until Joshua Graham started laughing. It sounding a mix between somebody shoveling rocks, mixed with the pain of burned vocal cords. "It's funny, you think to assume - you have the power to fight both an ideal. That was build after a civilization, that once was the dominant power of its time for a thousand years. And also against the Man - who ruled over this place, long before your NCR emerged as a nation from the Vaults."

Joshua got an elbow into his side, courtesy of Christine - whom gave him a dirty look for trying to agitate the leader of the NCR. Despite his personal beliefs or opinions - it wasn't worth it, in dragging the Ghosts into war. Especially since they were the ones to save Joshua in the first place - and Christine was getting irridated over the months of him abusing his position.

"His views doesn't represent the Ghost Traders, or most of what we think. But, I will warn you President Kimball - do NOT threaten my extended will end badly...." spoke Christine Royce. She was the leader of a tribe of ghouls basically - but that didn't mean, she couldn't look out for her fellow Brotherhood people. Even if she wasn't likely going to return.

Not to mention, Kimball and the NCR didn't know what might hit them - if they decided to challenge the Scribes of Technology. The Brotherhood' mission was to keep dangerous tech out of tribal hands - there wasn't anything in their Charter that banned the use of such dangerous tech against their enemies. The rumors of what the Brotherhood had locked up in their secret vaults - well...there was a reason, why the Circle of Steel existed.


"As for us. The Ghost Traders simply wish to widen and expand trade with the Free Economic Zone of the Mojave," explained Christine. "My people are very good at constructing and repairing various Pre-War tech. Namely old plasma and laser equipment. We'd wonder, if it's possible to set up business in New Vegas..."

Despite being rather a rather fresh new face in the Mojave - those few souls, whom had passed the Ghost Traders and done business with them - all had positive words to say. The Ghost Traders were excellent repairmen, not to mention they could turn a broken down plasma rifle into a brand new one, with minimal parts. Some had even spoken of buying completely brand new, equipment from the Ghost Traders.

Stuff that looked like it had come off the assembly line of a Pre-War facility. It was also a open secret, that the Ghost people were from the Sierra Madre - which many spoke, of holding great technology in there. The deadly red Cloud that covered the place, was the only downside of going there - but it also had the positive of keeping Pre-War tech in very great pristine shape.

"We'd be even okay with setting up our trading posts in the New Vegas sewers - if the topside is too expensive or too occupied for us," spoke Christine, adjusting the voice modulator on her helmet. Her sound a mix between a machine and that of some, fancy Pre-War singer. Which was half-true, after Father Elijah locked her in that Auto-Doc and replaced her natural voice with the fake one.

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