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Come one, come all.

Has it been revealed yet, that Aegon is crowned King?

Or has the realm simply heard that the current King has died?

Even my House becoming ruler of the Stormlands =P?

Can we start replying if we are accepted?

Is it possible this time around, that maybe the Blacks win completely or maybe the Greens do instead?
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Waiting on Lord Wraith to fix his mistake with Superman.
Character Type - Original

Name - Karoline Hope

Alias - Ghost

Age - 23 (50 chronological)

Social Class - Downtown (Changeable)

Allignment - Anti-Hero

Archetype - Inhuman/Cyborg

Powers - Karoline is a chameleon - in essence able to change her shape. Namely able to change her shape and form to anybody - this applies only to their appearance and not in essence their powers. Due to being a chameleon, she is also able to in-essence turn invisible as well.

Skills - Karoline has nearly four decades of combat experience, in unarmed, armed, urban and cyberwarfare. Her ability to hack is very methodical and rapid - able to easily overwhelm even the most experienced electronic-countermeasures. In those times, she has learned to blend in with the crowd, how to avoid detection, cover her tracks and also be an experienced hunter and detective.

Weaknesses - Karoline has no friends - and her life as cold-android has left her void of emotions, to the point that she has become more mechanical than organic. It has slowly over the years affected her ability to socialize, have anybody to rely on or be happy at all. While a robot in essence, her body is only on the level of an olympian at best - able to tolerate small-arms fire and fall from heights - but an armored tank she is not.

Arch Enemy - Depends on target...




Long ago, in 2049, when heroes were still somebodies to look upto and trust and the government hadn't fallen down the bit of decay and corruption. Karoline Hope was born. Or rather created by a brilliant scientist known as Dr. John Hope - he was the leading expert in robotics at the time. Namely - Karoline was the product of several years of breakthrough research in the fields of artificial intelligence, organs and robotics.

Her creator had wanted a daughter - but when his own biological daughter sadly was born as a stillborn, he had decided to create one himself. With DNA from his lost daughter - he had it cloned and mixed into creating Karoline-08. She was an amazing child back then - created to be a perfect synthetic variation of a human. Namely she was all but human in appearance and physical make-up. While her parts were different, she was still the same - by creation wise.

Over the years as Karoline grew - she learned to improve herself as any ordinary human. She grew to become, as strong and enduring than the toughest human, as fast and agile as the greatest athlete. In time, she also became a hero - in a time, where heroes were slowly but surely choked out by the Superhero Registration Act.

The SRA had become a team of superheroes in itself - modelled after the late Avengers Initiative. However, this one was under the control of designated UN Delegate - by the name of Joseph Huller. The man in question had been an ex-mercenary in service to the United States government. During these times - there was less emphasize on the moral and team-aspect and more on getting results. Most young heroes whom joined the SRA - were either chewed out or became much worse in both mental and physical terms. One of them was Karoline...


She had started being a vigilante in her home-town, after her father retired. Namely after several high-profile cases involving vigilante actions causing massive damage - any and all heroes or hero-wannabees were forced to sign under SRA, like Karoline did. What none of the young heroes knew - was that Joseph Huller was a control-freak. In essence, each and every youngling had a set of 'fail-safes' installed within their bodies, upon if they became a liability they would be eliminated.

Karoline was one such individual - despite her likeability, eagerness and wish to do good; her dreams were shattered one by one. As Huller deemed her too unpredictable, unprofessional and not an 'asset'. By that point the SRA had become an almost glorified mercenary band - obeying orders from the UN through the US. But in essence, all the major officers had been former mercenaries - and all they cared about were results and getting it done. Not playing team, doing good or being a 'hero'. In Huller' mind - even the act of embarrasing the SRA was cause for termination.

After Karoline messed up a recovery of an alien refugee - she had succeded in getting her to safety - but embarrasing the SRA in such a way, that her status as an Agent was stripped from there. Despite her young age, of barely twenty-three - Karoline was demoted to termination. Due to her nature as a synthetic being - she wasn't awarded any legal rights in Huller' mind. He also thought her a liability to her robotic nature - and likely threat of being 'hacked'.

As such, with a push of a button - Karoline' synthetic heart was stopped and she was settled for disposal. Before that, she'd be disassembled and her parts used for improving the 'security and safety' of the U.N. Her father, however - had planned for such an occasion - when Karoline was ready to be disassembled, via a robotic-surgeoon - it triggered a terminator viruses embedded in her system. The lab where Karoline was scheduled to be disassembled - suffered a system-crash and due to a fire was burned to the ground. Her body was assumed burned...

Rise of a Ghost

The once cheerful and eager hero was gone - after Joseph Huller had killed the woman, back in the SRA HQ. Instead what remained was a Ghost - a person, whom completely broke ties with her humanity and in essence...became what the Head of the SRA had wanted. Karoline wanted revenge...she wanted justice...

Sadly...another hero would beat her to the punch - namely one hero by the name of Star-Fall. A former comrade of her team and best friend - had killed Huller, after the man had insulted his ability to lead her team and for causing the death of Karoline. Suffice to say, Huller never survived to reap his rewards - due to his death, the 'fail-safes' triggered. Namely killing off over several thousand young and aspiring heroes. The irony was blamed on the superhero community.

In the following years, Karoline became what she was - a Ghost. Being neither a hero nor villain - she worked only for herself. Being neither the saint of the poor nor demon of the rich. She was always here and there - fighting for the plans of one supervillain and the other day - helping one eager vigilante against another crime. As the years passed and the world turned worse - Karoline become more cynical, she lost her old idenitiy. Able to take on dozens over the years - as she improved herself even further, than her creator and father had assumed.

Nowadays, there only exists the Legend of the Ghost. A fallen hero from a time, when heroes were something. She takes no sides - neither ally nor foe. Only thing known, is that nobody should be in her way...

Notes - Moral nihilist/cynic

Sample Post - The green-haired woman walked through the down-trodden streets of Downtown. Once ago, it might have been the suburb of a nice and expansive middle-class. Now it was nothing, of the once hopeful history of this place.

She didn't stick out, not the least - her appearance, was that of a simple 'street-worker'. Compared to the others, whom had various bolts, bits and glowing eyes with all rainbow colored hair. She looked rather normal by comparison. She saw many things happen, as she walked - an eager citizen, trying to stop a robbery...only to be shot by the owner, of whatever dirt shop he possessed.

A thug, robbing someone in view of ten other people - whom simply walked past and kept on moving. It was the new reality - as one idiotic, meat-bag tried to grasp at what he thought was a nice piece of flesh. The hand of Ghost - soon met him halfway, and simply shattered his bones underneath her titanium-grip and kept on walking. Nobody looked the way of the crying man in pain - nor at her.

This was the world of 2099 - a blight, that became the normality...

Here you go...a bit AU...


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I approve.
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