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Work, work, work. Rain, work, work.

Giant mutant chicken-sandwich.

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I am interested. Send me a PM?
Bumpering cars.
Of course.
Indeed there is. Feel free to join us on the Discord.

Huh. Tried, it's says 'invalid'. Are you using a new server or the previous RPs old and ancient one from the Eighties?
Huh. Didn't expect to see this back.

Any room left here?
Interesting idea. Subbed.

Thou I am assume corporations are less...corporations as we know them...and more like warlords whom had control over most of the capital, land and labor when everything went belly-up?

Since I am VERY curious on how anyone is gonna be making profit if we be paying our workers in peanuts and STILL wanting to sell them our cheap non-organic banana-oil.
This a Undertale Roleplay, based upon the Undertale game. We can start our story from the beginning, the end, somewhere in the middle or from a completely different arc or route entirely. The sky and our imagination is the limit. (Aye that includes the various AU's, Tales and Alternative Realities - Altertale, Underfell, StoryShift and so on)

I have 'some' requirements, that aren't much but what I would wish:

  • Known the lore of Undertale. Or just the basics of it.
  • (May or may not be Mature. Depending on the situation and story we will make up)

If these things interested you. Then give me a PM or leave a comment here. Thank you for reading - have a drunk Asriel to cheer you up.


I am interested in these:

Avatar the Last Airbender
Brother x Sister
Step-Brother x Step-Sister
Cousin x Cousin
Mother x Son
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