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Current Sleep well broski, and that goes for everyone else on RPGuild
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I definitely want to make more interest checks myself, but I feel the need to draw art for my ideas first. One day, we'll all find the perfect group/partner to keep RPs going forever. One day...
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Mandatory big butts update status.
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This is just one big Truman Show reality
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Why hello there

I'm a big fan of stuff that goes boom and all sorts of actiony things. Also funny animal people but thats outside the point. Also THICC, if anything you like revolves around BOTTOM HEAVYNESS, then good, we have similarities.

Or if you want me to draw you as a dummy thicc furry animal person, I could do that too, its pretty fun.… Here is my art thread, have a look!… Here is a 1x1 thread on some fictional universe I created with anthropomorphic animal people, have a look if you dare.

If you pass by this profile and wanna do some 1x1 shenanigans, I generally like action-adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, science fantasy, dramatic battles between good vs evil and generally bantering about badass and silly ideas. and the funny animal people
Not into slice of life, calmer or just romance-only centric stuff. I do like this things when sparsely placed throughout an RP though.

Also don't worry or feel too anxious around me or worry about ghosting me etc. I've been through enough of that for a decade before and I've got too much responsibilities to fulfill to think negatively about you. No matter your race, religion, nationality, political affiliation, family drama, addictions, general degeneracy or what you believe to be past mistakes, I'm happy you've made it this far. You do you, man, this world has enough pain. I'm proud of you for just being alive. That isn't a meme, I really am. And if you really don't like that you can call be gay and a furfag for being emotional if you want to, I mean, this is the internet and it isn't like we know each other and its all kinda dumb to say this stuff outta nowhere, but confessing compassion is more relieving than keeping it in in my case

Anyway I come with up random ideas sometimes, I'll list more here when I come up with them, if they interest you feel free to spitball with me, it isn't like these ideas are set in stone or anything. If these get your noggin' joggin' then they did their job:

    1960s Alt-History with MECHS, the world is caught in a three-way cold war between a powerful Axis, a widespread Comintern and the influential Allies

    High Fantasy with a twist: Its inspired by Ancient History! Particularly inspired by the Rome vs Carthage Punic Wars, or any Mediterranean civilization war. Maybe also something inspired by Roman expeditions and colonies built in Western Europe? I've been playing Total War: Rome 2, might come up with more ideas playing that.

    Something WH40K, but I've been obsessed with that for a long time, a bit burnt out but throwing new things into the mix might work. Maybe something about the xenos like Eldar or Tau... As heretical as it is, maybe something with furry abhumans. Yiff-in-hell-furfag memes with terminators armed with flamethrowers are applicable I take full responsibility for my heresy.

    Star Wars, but something SWTOR era? Somewhere when the Cold War between the Republic and Empire went hot, like Balmorra. Or maybe something that takes place in the Sith Academy on Korriban...I love the SWTOR art designs and visuals in general, wholesome and chill memories of that game, and Star Wars Expanded Universe is big and expansive enough that lots of ideas can work here.

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@Sigma Y E S
Minus a bit of armor on those land knights and its a perfect representation.

And in regards to WH40K, the Scintillan Fusiliers are certainly a good idea of armed nobles. I'd even use the Praetorian Guard and Mordian Iron Guard as other aesthetics that work as well.
Weekly bump
Thanks for the answered questions, having a answered questions section for active threads is always a good idea!
Also sorry for the couple days wait for the post, I've been busy moving stuff out of a room, people changing floorboards and moving lots of heavy stuff.

The arrival of the ship alone stirred a great panic.

Idle peasantry sat upon rooftops, watching the shuttle move through the air at great speed, astounding with it's technology alone and causing a wonder of imagination at what they could be. Human, non-human or something much more alien, people wondered, curiosity turned to gossip and even arguments- the peasants couldn't stop their minds from running wild with ideas, even if it'd be only for a brief moment before that shuttle landed. None really thought much of the danger they posed, unquestioning of things and waiting for the next order by their leaders...

The nobility on the other hand had entered a full-blown panic, especially those well aware of their ancestors and the past war they waged. To some, it was as if Hell itself had begun knocking at their door, arming up anyone they could find and marching quickly to where the shuttle began to land. With rifles in hand, dozens of soldiers split into different squads- an incredibly small number compared to their usual armies -loyal to their nobles and marching behind or around them as a protective guard. Others brought their servants which carried food, chairs or prized materials that would help relax the nobles in this first-contact event. Others lacked an entourage of any sort, grit and experience calming them down and prepared for the worst with a handgun or sword at their hip.

And so when the shuttle landed and it's crew had arrived, witnessing the gathering before them...the crowd anarchic in clothes, technology and style, a strange concoction of peoples who stood there, silent, mouths shut, watching in amazement, fear and surprise. This silence would persist as the beautiful and captivating guests strode with armed guards, their statue-like movement- or lack thereof -causing a stir among the more armed nobles, eyes squinting with a primal panic amongst them, like animals they shuffled and stirred as if ready to jump into action and start firing.

As the ambassador spoke, the crowd then gasped, yet again the nobles simply talked amongst themselves in quiet whispers, a few seemed a bit entertained by the usage of their language! The nobles became lively in both interest...and obviously those with fear. There were those no doubt convinced it was a lie, so they tightened their grip on their guns and their peasants huddled up and would bear arms with their primitive weapons. Yet again, compared to the Midnight Technocracy, the inhabitants of Vystrallia seemed to be much less civilized and advanced, or at the least much more closer to barbaric humans.

Then, a sudden movement occurred somewhere in the crowd, in front of the recently arrived ambassadors and their guards. The nobility seemingly getting out of the way or, more likely, being pushed out of the way! Those at the forefront of the crowd turned about and as if sighting an unstoppable force, quickly moved out of the way, revealing an all-too mad and disheveled king. He stared forth, right at the recently arrived extraterrestrial guests, with a hostile look on his face. He approached, thoroughly armored and armed with a sword with strange blue lights outlining the sharp edge. He kept one hand on the handle of the sword, though keeping it sheathed, while the other remained idle at his side.

"I speak on behalf of my people and the planet I call home, as both king and a citizen of Augustillia." His voice was loud, though had a striking about of mood and anger to it, as if staring right at his own death. Melodramatic as it was, in his mind, it truly was the end, especially what was once peaceful isolation from the stars "Your arrival on this planet is a sign of great importance, one which is unable to be described in words alone. This planet and it's people have lived in peace, separated from the stars beyond for many generations. We know not what you are or what you bring, but we have no intention of harm, hostility, or war. Augustillia is a nation of honorable people and if you speak of words meaning peace, then we return with peace in kind."

His voice fell silent and so did the crowd. Words promising peace yet the actions of a few indicated something much more violent and complicated, as hypocritical as their usage of advanced technology, Augustillia yet again says one thing but prepares for another. At least of the Midnight Technocracy would be assured of one thing in the reports, this was no simple planet...
Well I'm still here if anyone is curious.
@ClocktowerEchos Oh right!
Not only the largest city, but I'd imagine they could land near/in front of the Imperial Palace that houses the king, given how much nobles like to decorate their residences one could imagine just how ornate the king's palace would be and in turn how easy it'd be to identify. It also makes things more dramatic

They can also easily observe the whole planet from the air, Augustillia doesn't really have aircraft and in turn, have no anti-air or air defense systems to speak of, so any starships wont have anything to be scared of.
@ClocktowerEchos Starliner going through the gateway, with any meeting taking place on the ground- it'd be befitting considering Augustillia is currently in [PANIK] mode and not really able to get anything up in the air.
@ClocktowerEchos Ohno. Its like Bretonnia meeting Sylvanian Vampires.
I certainly wouldn't mind.



"Everyone just stay calm!"

A long red carpet, outlined in a golden yellow had recently unrolled itself toward a large, ornate and ancient seat, which was the very place in the throne room where the king would be sitting if he had not been late. But the rest of the room was completely packed from wall to wall, they were in a midst of both curiosity and a bit of panic, with those closely connected to the monarch standing high on steps leading to the throne. These men, so recognizable in their appearance, commanded with great authority for the most loudest and unruly to stay calm- giving disapprovingly glares and keeping a firm grip on their hilts. Some carried swords, other carried guns, while a few royal soldiers standing beside them in complete silence, the only non-nobles in the room, obediently listening for any orders to be given by their commanders. The other nobility however were far from as loyal or calm as them, endlessly chattering and talking to each other, if not straight up yelling in an anxious fear that something had gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Nobility, which crowded every inch of the room like a sea of strange uniforms all bustling about in their curiosity, dressed in elaborate business suits belonging to the most powerful economists, exotic dresses from the richest families, holy clothes only worn in the most important of cathedrals, and golden armor that was made by the victorious warriors. Some had strange, tight suits with different clothes layered over them, as if a combination of the once sacred past belonging to the old colony, while also combining the new cloth that resembled ancient Earth. Some, coming from warmer climates, just wore elaborately colored togas and tunics.

Everyone was equally as uninformed as to what exactly had transpired. Flashing lights, strange happenings, perhaps ancient or alien technology. This lack of understanding alone would've been enough to cause a stir, but the king's lateness made gossip all the more engrossing and in some cases, fear-inducing.

"You think he died?" One of the men stated, looking towards the closed throne room door, past Miller, Krugel and Julius. The three men were as equally ornately dressed as the next, though Julius wore ancient plated armor and stood at an astounding height compared to everyone else in the room.

The three also all looked towards the man with disgust, confusion and disapproval.

"Oh well, I just, you know, strange things and old age, maybe he had a heart attack or-"

"Be quiet." Julius coldly stated, standing upright with his hands behind his back. The man shrugged in response and then looked elsewhere, all while the three remained quietly waiting for the king's arrival, standing next to each other as if patiently waiting in line.

Just as the room had reached a fever pitch in chatter, with even the royal guards and incredibly notoriously nobility staring at each other in confusion of what to do next, the throne room door would loudly creak open...a silence falling upon the room as all heads turned towards the slowly opening door.

The king stood their, pale skinned and with dark black hair, even in his middling age the man had an astounding figure of youth and strength, yet as well as age to his face. But none of that could be seen beneath his armor and cloth, as well as elaborate cape...strangely dressed more so for battle or an emergency than a meeting. He had a madmans look to his face, eyes staring forth right towards the throne as if speaking directly to no one yet simultaneously everyone before him. People made room, exposing the bright red carpet on the floor that lead to his seat of power, yet...He did not move.

"Its the Gateways." He said, loudly. He did not care for gasps or quiet whispers, few would understand what he meant...but those that did, those standing beside the throne and on the steps to it, those who knew the secrets of the past, incredibly quiet among the crowd, horror taking to their faces as sweat rolled down their foreheads. Augustillia wasn't ready.

"The Gateways have opened."
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