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Current You know when your RP luck is bad is even when one on discord doesn't even jump off. #Whenwillitend #WearyRPer
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I apologize on not being on as much as my family is moving atm and been conflicted on the matter.
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Popping in and out at times due to some life things to deal with so replies may not be as consistent as i like.
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If I could have one good wish, it would be good luck for a change or to be understood.
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@Otakuforreal] Take it easy today if you can, do not push yourself.


Hello and I have started roleplaying since my days in middle school around the age of 13 but seriously at the age of 18, I am currently a student at a college with a major in Cinema and Screen Studies. I am happy from the experiences I garnered so far and seeing how it is different from another site I was on previously where I'm hoping to improve myself as well as my luck.
My list of RP's I am interested in are: Avatar characters, Final Fantasy characters, Naruto characters, RWBY characters, Pokemon characters and OC characters
My favorite Genres are: Action, Adventure, Romance, Magical, Fantasy, Furry, Modern, Supernatural, Naruto, RWBY, Fairy Tail, Pokemon, Avatar, Hunter, Drama.
I have an e-mail address for offline contact so if you want that than PM me about it but I am open to RP's like everyone else.
Hope to RP with you soon!

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Cinder looked at Vegeta and Goku with disdain in his own right, he hated these two because he felt like these two were selfish and always needed to do everything and with absolute refusal to let the younger generation even remotely help while this anger and hatred manifested in him from within.
"I have seen you two before and I don't really like how selfish you guys are in doing everything and not letting the younger generation even live up to the bar and even surpassing you guys, you two don't even let them have a chance." Cinder said. "That's number one, number two what do you know of evil people in multiverses? Cause I got at least a bone to deal with that in the upcoming future." He said this sentence more seriously than unleashing his hatred from the inside to them.
Stayin in shell.
Banned @amorphical for being on ghost mode.
I feel like life is utter h-- at times. Nothing working out in the way that you want and adding on that life is also now against me if you really have bad luck.
I always try to understand people but apparently I don't feel understood from other people when it comes to interacting with people outside of the friends I have and I wonder where I have gone wrong.
Cinder looked at the message in surprise of this offer, a virtual reality game on earth was unheard of since the tech was coming to it but not for some time but he was entertained by the offer from Kiri. To him, Kiri was sounding like quite the gal in his mind if she was willing to play games let alone one where they can be together in.

To: Kiri
From: Cinder
Message: Well there are some experiences real world offers instead of virtual reality. Though I'm surprised by VR being a thing here I'll take up your offer for tomorrow. Who knows? It'll be fun spending time with you rather in real and in the game.


Cinder was surprised Shon read his facial expressions though it was one where he would rather read someone's body language first before doing something in a real setting while he was already starting to detest this kind of teacher already. One that was a jock and yet he wasn't as stupid, he was getting annoyed by his behavior as taking off the headset he wanted this to be over not seeing any more immature antics from this guy.

Though now on a hologram pad seeing Dragon Ball Super already made him more irked than he was previously while he looked at Shon from his phone and growled when he was gone. "Great! I'm in a multiverse where it's nothing but the goddamn Goku and Vegeta show burying anyone for cannon fodder who isn't just a brawler like them, to top it off intelligent people are still used for this since it will be nothing but the moron show!" Cinder yelled in anger wishing Shon was there to either vent his anger or punch him in the face, he already was not liking this guy's personality or his antics and now being here he was already being pushed to the point already.
Cinder responded to Kiri's message.

Loyalty and honor are important to me this is in fact true. But passing someone up for riches where I come from is basically digging someone for their riches, that is not what I'm about. I'm about real love and if I do get rich I'm earning it and doing it my way, not marrying into it where everything is easy. There are some experiences we will miss easily if we do the easy way all the way every time. Life is never about the easy way, I should know as I lost a cousin to something senseless and out of my control. I'll try with you as I'm more than willing to let you learn about me. But genuine love between something like rich and common or royalty to common has not happened in history before.
I don't want to lose you but I'm not being tempted into a easy coast through of life, there are some experiences that life teaches us that people need.

Cinder had sent this before class as he sighed feeling like he was more out of the loop and misunderstood than anything before sighing looking outside then.


Now at this class Cinder like Riven was not a fan of this guy at all, as flashy was he was he did not really like flashiness at all. He was more of the fundamentals without the need for flashy. It's something that burned within him despite being interested in technology but anything else he did not find anything good of from this "Superior".
Mentally his other copies he was lucky to not be pulled in from them, he knew sooner or later they would come again and he was working much harder to be ready for them while he was generally stuck in this place.
Seeing the virtual things and now the thing he was playing he was not really buying into this facade at all, unlike Timmy and Tecna were he just did not get why males here felt the need to dominate every damn thing. He was wondering why they couldn't be more reasonable to a degree like the ones on Earth where they have been shown to work together? And even put females on equal footing? These questions were in his mind while he was not really trusting or buying in at this point while he looked at him, Timmy and Tecna and everyone else in the classroom.
'This guy ego's....Surprised it hasn't gotten him killed yet.' Cinder thought bitterly.

The Elder Scrolls.

These ones have my interest.
Princess X Knight
Elf X Knight

These two have my interest.
Cinder had to do this considering he was in a bind as he looked at the jocks. "And turn away what makes me unique? Not a chance." He said removing himself from their grip as he retorted to physical smarts and also a bit of magic. "You guys are not smart, you guys are selfish, cocky, arrogant and only want women to screw around with while also bossy while also insecure about yourselves." He stated to them matter of factly based on the tone in his voice clearly upset.
"I will rather be an intelligent powerful person than one with less intelligent than even the average person, there is a price to such things. Power is never free but will always corrupt you in the heart and soul in the end."
"I may not be big like you guys but I'm sticking to what I have been gifted by. Intellect and logic, and even friends that accept me for who I am and I know I'm just getting better."
With that Cinder left them there in stunned silence as he was relieved to actually not only get that off his chest but he knew full well he sided with intellect not wanting to risk losing that for strength.
Sure he admitted to himself the first time with those Cinder copies of himself did not go as he would have wanted, though he was at a disadvantage in that aspect taking it as a lesson to be prepared in case of that again next time in the future.

Once in the clear of the situation and settled back into his dorm room that was relatively quiet he didn't realize he was alone for now until hearing the quiet he did not mind this until he got a message from Kiri on his phone and seeing this he decided to reply to it.

To: Kiri
From: Cinder

I'm seeing you instead of all the other girls is because you are unique from the other girls, money to me from where I was raised is only an incentive but relationships are not all found or based on money. My ego and pride are not too big as I look at the big picture of things instead of some only seeing the person and listening to their parts..Being humble can go a long way but I'll be fair to the ones I care about, to live happily ever after for me it is not only the logic and brains into a relationship but also how you get strong with your other and what you two can learn from one another.
<Snipped quote by rebornfan320>

Writters block?

Hm a bit in terms of what to do with them...Plus taking in consideration of what you suggested on how this goes.
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