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Current @ Undead Eyes] that is me right now in the feels. I have no idea if it will work though.
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@Blaze Gamma] I will share the same sentiments exactly with ya...
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@vancexentan] Oof. I know that feeling and it is not a good feeling at all.
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I would go with both Fiona's tbh
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@Candlelitsoul] Get well soon! And don't strain yourself.
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Hello and I have started roleplaying since my days in middle school around the age of 13 but seriously at the age of 18, I am currently a student at a college with a major in Cinema and Screen Studies. I am happy from the experiences I garnered so far and seeing how it is different from another site I was on previously where I'm hoping to improve myself as well as my luck.
My list of RP's I am interested in are: Avatar characters, Final Fantasy characters, Naruto characters, RWBY characters, Pokemon characters and OC characters
My favorite Genres are: Action, Adventure, Romance, Magical, Fantasy, Furry, Modern, Supernatural, Naruto, RWBY, Fairy Tail, Pokemon, Avatar, Hunter, Drama.
I have an e-mail address for offline contact so if you want that than PM me about it but I am open to RP's like everyone else.
Hope to RP with you soon!

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Well welcome to RPG! I hope you find what you are looking for!
[Poem entry #2]

The flame is low, struggling to stay lit. The pit of darkness surrounds the once high flame. How long could it stay alive? The darkness surrounds it sapping the once strong flame of it's life. Strife all around the flame originating from the darkness that is surrounding the small flame biding and trying to stay alive but it's vitality is low, who will save the flame?

Who will breathe life into the small flame? Who will give it the spark that the flame needs to outshine the darkness in this situation? One where strife and conflict is rampant around the flame despite the attempts to shine the darkness away that has failed, others have bailed on this once high flame as it loses it sheen. There is a common question to this.

'Who will breathe life again into the small flame? Who will change the feeble flame into a roaring flame? The one that does...That stands the most to gain from it.'
The flame struggles to stay alive, as my drive wanes over time due to the negative experiences I have gone through. I've grown tired of the experiences and the repeated result, when will I have the better result for myself?
The lone wolf now engulfed in darkness, loneliness, and despair as it's tale is being told like a legend. It's glair of self-defense and pain through the terrible experiences it has gone through in it's experiences. The bleakness of light around it is very obvious, it has tried to obtain the light to be like everyone else but it has drawn near but never obtained it.

All the lone wolf wants is to obtain happiness like the others it had seen on it's walking path, to rid itself of the emptiness within itself, it's heart and it's own eyes as the goal of happiness is as linear as an arrow.
For the wolf, it is obvious what it wants. It's own happiness where it doesn't have to struggle for a slice of the happiness that turns out to be a temporary one frequently in every case it has wandered into in it's circle of life thus far.

The day ends the same for the lone wolf, with no one new around it for the interaction it wants. The hopes that the wolf has is dimming over time as sleep is nothing but a fleeting dream on top of the day. The darkness stays around it as it has been nothing but the only sort of companion the wolf has had for the majority of experiences in it's circle of life as it eyes close in a hopeless attempt to rest as it's heart has this words etched into it.
'Where is my happiness? When will it come to me? My light? Or am I destined to fade into the night?'
Looking for inspiration!
I've been going through a bit of melancholy remembering the "good ol' times". I had an Rp partner that was perfection in how we explored topics, the writing was on point, we had a lot of fun OOC, etc...

Anyone else have a twinge of nostalgia for former Rp partners? Wish to share those old times and commiserate with one another?

Yes. Quite a few partners for me that did Fandoms that I enjoyed and helped me to feel welcome into RPG, since then I feel like I haven't been really able to find those that would stick around though I do miss it as I look back on it as incomplete and feel like it could have gone longer than the immature end.
@Dark Romantic

You're welcome!
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