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Current Some days be mellow instead of just meh as Spring is coming
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5 days ago
[@Xaltwind] I do agree with what you said. Sometimes the answer is better than wondering why
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6 days ago
Replying to what I can, muse/morale hasn't been so high lately. Idk what's wrong.
14 days ago
Snow coming down now as the advisory went up
15 days ago
Well RIP friend i lost rp wise... -sighs- there goes the feeling of good..


Pen Name: Alexander
Aliases: Kyoya, Terra.
Birthday: September 1
Ethnicity: African-American.
Ancestry: English, Irish, African.

Occupation(s): Part-Time Parking Event Staff, Student (school-year; part-time)
Major: Cinema and Screen Studies

Sources of Writing: Laptop, Desktop [maybe in the future]
Years of Experience: 10.
RP Level: High-Casual to Low Advanced. It varies on mental state, knowledge, and time.
Commitment/Dedication Level: Very High.

Personality: Nice, Shy [when not pushed], Introverted, Caring/Compassionate, Understanding, Friendly, Honest, Imaginative, Organized, Protective, Loyal, Stubborn, Determined, Opportunistic, Sarcastic, Obsessive (somewhat)
Habits, Tics, and Quirks: Daydreaming, Repeating things [at times or when pushed/provoked] Fixated on thoughts, Autistic (Learning and processing information is affected)

Biggest RP Pet Peeve:
Ghosting, Whereabouts, Dishonesty.
Please be present and keep me updated from time to time. I'll do the same for you.
It's annoying when people become invisible or ignoring, miraculously appear out of nowhere, and complain, once they find a story canceled.
And be truthful in RP's and out of them.

Close Peeps: @AngelBites15, @Vampiretwilight, @SilverRain

Basic Comforts:
~ Primarily 1x1, since groups one time died on me quick
~ Mainly male OCs, though I'll take on a female role [npc].
~ CanonxOC, OCxOC & (sometimes) CanonxCanon. I can play various canons for both of the two.
~ MxF, FxF. I mostly do/lean into the dominant-role, depending on character and plot.
~ PM's more than threads [doesn't mean I am open to them], but stories with strong adult content belong in the PM's only.
~ Open to dark themes (drugs, abuse, etc.)

Genres - Action, Adventure, Anime/Animation, Comedy, Drama[a bit], Family, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Superhero, Western, Fandom, Video Games
Themes - College/High School, Martial Arts, Medieval, Post-Apocalypse, Supernatural, Fantasy, Modern, Slice of Life, Futuristic [maybe]

Music: '80s-'00s Heavy Metal/Rock/Rock and Roll,/Electronic-Dance, Pop, R&B, '90s-'00s Hip-Hop/Rap & Blues, Jazz, Country, Video Game OST's, Anime OST's.

Most Recent Posts

[Update: All are still open mostly despite some talks.]
Still looking?
[Re-bumping this up as I am looking for more partners.]
So in real life, I am quiet, reserved and introverted and struggle to find words to say sometimes so I come off as shy along with quiet but I am a open person to talk to along with honest so I am nice and caring in that regard. I don't smoke or drink at all.
I am a pacifist preferring to not resort to violence and to talk things out with people but will only fight if pushed/provoked. Difficult for me to feel like I can speak and get across a point I want to say for a reason I have genetics wise. I like to laugh and joke around with people I trust.

I can remember faces better than names like at a 55-45 percent ratio of the two really, I do have IRL friends [some I talk to more than others] and when I was working I got along with my coworkers fine.
I avoided to “hang out” with people because before people never wanted to spend time with me in that manner. I try to be as supportive as I can despite the lack of positivity happening in my life.
My schoolmates and coworkers would likely call me the “nice one” or “smart one”.

When I am on the internet, I can be friendly still, I wear my heart on my sleeve too instead of guarded due to negative experiences as I just want to have the good experiences happen/stick around for me like how friends do. I try to make friends and I do get a bit of them but I feel like everyone who speaks to me OOC hates me for the viewpoint I have because it is not like a singular one like everyone else.
Though it is still a goal for me to be able to find those good experiences.
Well I can answer this to the best of my ability. I had one here and then another elsewhere. Both concepts were amazing because of the rarity of them but it didn't go too far sadly.
Was ghosted by the people that started the conversation.
Evil hero man
A mysterious man in armor.
A wolf's search

A search for a lonely wolf to find what he wants, a pack to fit in and call his own in life.
Something where the strife can't find him and batter down the morale of the wolf as a whole, a hole as to where he won't be pigeonholed into being something that he is not. He is not whole unlike the others.
His heart and soul is split in two realms of light and darkness, his darkness from things not going how he wants and the notion of life, luck and love mock him almost daily around him.

His light, from notions he thought to be true being proven untrue though the two sides still fight within him. His sight still clouded by the lack of successes in his life as it feels as unforgiving as the cold knife like air cutting through his fur.
He desires what the other animals have, warmth, happiness, understanding along with the feeling of being accepted by the light without it being hot to the touch or to look at. He doesn't want to fight for the simple things that seems to have come easy for the other animals around him.

As the lone wolf looked down the path in front of him after a survey of the environment, he wonders if things will be different, if things are meant to change for him for the better and for a longer duration than before on the path.
A state of indifference would help him greatly on this walk, he doesn't want to lose the hope that is left in his heart and mind anymore. Not wanting to cope if all hope does become lost to him he trots on the path wondering if the light will be there for him to enwrap in it's warmth and ready to accept him into the light and ready to shed the dark half of himself in the process.
Category: Dogs [not big on them due to phobia of medium to big sized]
1st Pick: Kotaru A puppy like this is adorable!
2nd Pick: Gizmo Now this dog has some instincts!
3rd Pick: Kenzy Beautiful fur combination!

Category: Cats
1st Pick: Princess [Had her for so long she was everything to me]
2nd Pick: Suki [Her fur color is cool]
3rd Pick:Hiro [His activities remind me of my cat from greeting to eating on plants]

Category: Misc.
1st Pick: Peep The uniqueness of entering a sheep intrigues me.
2nd Pick: Danica I know an friend who loves bunnies, this one looks cute to me.
3rd Pick: Enigma My friend once picked up an snake and she was happy about it.
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