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Current Pondering posting my interest check or save it for the next year when things are "supposed" to be better
10 days ago
Having someone say I am chill, kind and reasonable sure made my night good!
10 days ago
When will this bad luck of mine stop being stuck on bad? I feel i'm being pushed into mad territory..
11 days ago
I feel 'visually inclined' is just an excuse to gloss over anything detail-orientated really. Details in presentation is better than glossing it up like a madman.
11 days ago
I prefer details and fundamentals over flashiness while not relying on such fickle flashes


Hello and I have started roleplaying since my days in middle school around the age of 13 but seriously at the age of 18, I am currently a student at a college with a major in Cinema and Screen Studies. I am happy from the experiences I garnered so far and seeing how it is different from another site I was on previously where I'm hoping to improve myself as well as my luck.
My list of RP's I am interested in are: Avatar characters, Final Fantasy characters, Naruto characters, RWBY characters, Pokemon characters and OC characters
My favorite Genres are: Action, Adventure, Romance, Magical, Fantasy, Furry, Modern, Supernatural, Naruto, RWBY, Fairy Tail, Pokemon, Avatar, Hunter, Drama.
I have an e-mail address for offline contact so if you want that than PM me about it but I am open to RP's like everyone else.
Hope to RP with you soon!

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I wasn't expecting this at all given how the year has been. But it was something nice overall. So thank you to whoever gave me one!
The wolf is now at this point irked and angry of the world around him, luck and life at this point has teamed up and made the wolf's life next to impossible to be happy in unlike the others in the world around him.
The outlook of the once happy wolf is now grim and is feeling more and more excluded from the world that it once called home while everyone else seemed to only do better around him and it only fuels the hatred within him as the darkness takes over as things were not going in his favor at all.

He could feel the lack of rewards in his life as the strife doesn't seem to be letting up but in fact increase and get worse, momentum is fleeing and fickle as it is yanked out from under the wolf as he needs a life saver and one where things go the wolf's way for once. Life is cutting the wolf's belief in anything good as he doesn't see how good life can be anymore when it and luck are against him as the fog rolls in consuming the wolf as things are a mess around him.

The max effort of the wolf is never enough as life refuses to go how he wants it to go, everyone around him has found a mate but the wolf has not, the wolf is becoming the lone wolf of story and legend despite it wanting to be like everyone else. Happy, loved and on the rise in life and morale while it's happy ending won't be a mirage but actually real.

Though that is what the wolf desires, it knows life will always be against him, luck has joined against him and even love has joined the fray as it felt like a triple sided attack, his back he feels he can't trust to allies feeling they will betray him like others that came before them. Part of him has succumbed to the darkness and also his mind.

Blind to the darkness and also the light to a degree around him, the wolf goes on baring teeth carrying hate along with him as his mind has these thoughts in his head. 'Will I ever be happy like them? Everyone around me is happy, why not me? I deserve that too. Will I ever be happy or am I destined to fade away?'
These two threads i want to delete before maybe starting anew with another.……
Welcome back to the guild! Even if you don't find the old partners you once had, you have the chance to make new friends!
Well i have done more than one before in order to try and improve my odds at a potential partner. Though that fell hard as I am having little to no luck with that, I thought to answer your question is all.
Hard to do.
In Ahoy! 3 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hello there!
Welcome to the guild! Hope you find what you are looking for!
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