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A lot of good points has been mentioned here already, though there is one thing which slightly puzzles me a bit. I'm going to pretend to be a curious person coming across your thread for the first time. I'm puzzled by the Medieval and yet Sci-Fi tags. With Medieval I think swords and shields. With Sci-Fi, I think Jedi, spaceships, aliens and robots. Medieval fans might be turned off by the Sci-Fi tag and vice versa. What's the Sci-Fi element in your RP? Could it be categorised as something else? When I browse an RP, the tags are my auto-filter.

That said, I'm going to give my 2 cents on what you did right because knowing that is good as well.

* I liked the scroll at the top of your post. It sets you apart from the Casual threads which are Low Casual or actually Free. IT shows to me there is effort in this thread instead of "Hey, let's be vampires!". It makes me want to read the rest of your post. First impressions last.

* I like visuals. Maybe it's just who I am. Maybe this is more towards the Advanced level, but a picture speaks a thousand words. The map makes me feel like I'm already part of the world. It's no longer "You lot are... here. And those guys are...uh, there. New guy, you're somewhere named...Random Town". Similarly, The org chart allows me to know who's who. So many times I've seen characters becoming confused with each other because it was hard to identify people and their alliances. "Wait... you're not my King. Who am I replying to?"

@Night_ Star Yep. We just need to give Yylya a lightsaber so that she can go wild and blindly hack everything in her path. She panics a lot. :P Actually, let's just give her a mech suit so that she can stomp on the squiggly thing.
Busier for the past week. And basically ran out of things to post. My Yylya's an introvert, so she's isn't the type to openly introduce herself. I guess I'm just waiting for the right time to post something for her instead of doing something silly and wrecking the RP. I didn't want to post a leaving scene in case something interesting happens and Yylya wants to be in it.

I'm all for random chaos happening though. Like I don't know, maybe a flood filled the room? Everyone grows wings? :P
Kita tilted her head to the side, the words she heard finally flowing into the human side of her mind. She gave a small nod, followed by a cute meow before hopping off and changing back into her catgirl form. "Sorries, just part of my nature!" she said, embarrassed.
@Lady Selune

As Kita was placed into Doomlord's arms, the kitty managed to balance herself and find a good viewing spot. She did a kitty smile and mewed happily, wondering what adventures she would be going on. In her kitty form, Kita's cat instincts took over, to which the shinyness of the BOOK OF DAMNATION caught her attention. Kita tried to get closer to it, curiously reaching out with a paw in an attempt to lightly touch the pretty and shiny book.
@Infamous Empath Posted. Yylya has now realised that the bar is full of aliens. :P
@Infamous Empath
"Oh, my ears and skin?..." started Yylya. Her mind seemed to freeze at that point for about a good few seconds. It was as if her soul wasn't there, possibly being tweaked by some unknown entity who was scrambling to patch a plothole. "...that's because everyone from where I am is like this!" she finished as she twirled around. "But that's odd. Why are all of you looking different? It's like you look normal, but not normal like me... Sorry no offense"

Abigail then tried to convince Yylya that she wasn't real. She was quite confused at how the woman had took her place. She now felt lost as if she had just stepped into a classroom when the lesson was already underway. Then there was a feeling of deja vu, and she felt like this had happened before. When it came to the specifics, whilst Yylya knew she was a schoolgirl, there were other parts of her mind that were oddly blank. Like who her friends were. Maybe it was the air around here that was making her feel funny.

Yylya jumped when Dren placed his hand on her back. She... felt scared. 'Stranger danger' echoed around in her mind, the thought bypassing all other parts of her conscience. Never had she before experienced such a strong will to get away. Those words sounded bad. Like those images of creepers in alleyways that... that... Yylya looked at Abigail in desperation and fear. She could escape, but it was better if the others here had her back.

Then a lot of things happened. A fight of sorts seemed to start and the woman was replaced by many. Yylya tried to get herself to a safe distance if she could, both mesmerised and scared at the same time. Yylya clutched her phone hard, as if her phone was the only way she could return home. What world did she just step into? Why was this bar filled with strange people? Either this was some twisted convention or these guys were...


@Infamous Empath I think it could be because I edited in the mention after I posted? I might just PM you next time - that's bound to create a notification.
@Infamous Empath

"I'm not real?" replied Yylya. Was this some skit or acting from the cosplay arena? Okay... this was getting kinda awkward. unless... "Oh my gosh! You guys are Matrix fans aren't you? I loved the first movie!" Yylya said excitedly. "Uh, but how did you know my name?" she added at the end. Yylya quickly checked to see that her wallet and ID were still there, and thankfully they were.

Yylya had trouble pronouncing D'ren's name, so just called him Dren. She shook his hand, but otherwise was at a loss. "So how much are the tickets to the place? I hope it isn't invite-only" That was when Yylya noticed the giant blob thing. She gazed at it for a while, wondering how they pulled it off. Not only that, there were others around that Yylya didn't recognise - which movie were they from? Those costumes must have been made by the best. Yylya then took out her phone, wondering if now was the right time to take photos of everyone and stuff. Being a bit too shy to go and ask people (who seemed occupied with their own matters), Yylya could only take a few quick snaps. She became a little worried as no one knew she was here, but her phone had no reception.

"Um, would you guys have a phone I can borrow so I can call my Mum?" she asked hesistantly.
Yylya was baffled and became more nervous by the second. What was she to do now? Where could she go? "Um okay... thank you" she said a bit sadly as now she was out of ideas. The girl went back to the entrance to look outside, only to find that there was no sign of a bus stop nor a taxi. That was when her phone beeped with an incoming message.

School cancelled. Assignments will be due next week.

"Yay! I get an extra week!" cheered Yylya - she had never been happy as his before. It felt like the Gods had given her a new life and now she was free to do whatever she wanted with her extra time. Her assignment was pretty much done, except maybe she could add a few more things to get those bonus points (as surely the other students would do the same). But apart from that, it meant she could use the remainder of her time to play video games and stuff! Yylya was extra happy and decided to check online to see who else was free. Maye someone could come and pick her up?

That was when Yylya found that there was no reception. No signal at all. She wanted to ask the bartender on whether there was free wifi here, but guessed that she had to buy something first. A student couldn't buy much, except for maybe a softdrink, and even then, something at a fancy place like this was too expensive. Was there a McDonald's around here?

Her Mum told her never to sit in the car with strangers or ask for a ride as there's no knowing who you could trust. But with no reception and not knowing where she was, Yylya didn't know what to do. Could she call the local police to come and pick her up? Maybe borrow a working phone from someone? Ehhh... the people here seemed to be minding their own business, but they looked sort of strange. That was when it clicked.

Oh my gosh must be a cosplay event nearby! Squeeee! Maybe she night stay here a while after all. Yylya went up to the small group (@Infamous Empath) at the bar. "Excuse me, would you know if there's a cosplay event nearby?" she asked enthusiastically.

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