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Near, far, wherever you are I believe that the RP goes on
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I love to RP but I ain't got no time 🎶
12 mos ago
I RP as Death
1 yr ago
A duel, huh? First, are you my good or evil half? Gotta get them alignments right.
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Where are the Silvers?


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They're now twice the height, though still same in width. Ad content looks like it's designed for the new dimensions.

Is this a change to the layout of the forum or are the ads are getting feisty?
"So, this is called a Keyblade?"
— Riku holding Sora's Keyblade.

"Take care of her."

Also, bump.
"Your heart goes where my heart goes"

Also, bump.
Edit: Huh, I havem't played KH3, though with my idea for this RP from a few years ago, it seems I might just have spoiled myself. Yay I guess?

Welcome to my interest check, fellow KH fan. You can call me Silver and I've been RPing a number of years, with my most recent endeavours in 1x1. First of all, a rundown of my style:

* I post mostly in Casual to High Casual
* I go by PMs
* You can expect posts from me every two days to a week depending on length and plot complexity. Simpler posts mean faster replies. I don't do one liners however.
* Sex scenes can be RP'd or fade to black. No BDSM.

Important note:
This RP will be based on KH1 and KH2, ignoring the other KH 'universes'. It will also ignore the existence of Mickey, Donald and Goofy, because it's they’re just product placements tacked on by Disney. That said, I am okay with our characters visiting Disney universes amongst other places.

Now onto the good stuff.
This RP takes place after the end of KH2, though I am just keeping the KH1 outfits because they look good. The premise is that there exists two Rikus, but in the same body most of the time. Normal Riku is the one with the yellow and black vest and Dark Riku has the purple darkness outfit. They can both share the same body, or Dark Riku can seep out and physically exist on his own for some time. However, the Rikus cannot control each other. Ansem does not and will not exist in Riku. Rather, Dark Riku is just Normal Riku's darkness which gained a voice and mind of its own.

There's two ways this RP can be run.
1) I can play both Rikus and you, my dear reader, can play other characters who run into them. Sora, Kairi, Namine, Organisation XIII, characters from other universes, characters of your own creation - anything goes.

2) You can play as one of the Rikus. If this is the path you want, we also need to control other characters as well.

As for the plotline, and pairings, we can decide on that after we've nailed down some other details. I'm pretty flexible with things though, so if you have any ideas, share them!

Interested? Please PM me!
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Sent you a PM. Hope you aren't allergic to catgirls named Kita...

A lot of good points has been mentioned here already, though there is one thing which slightly puzzles me a bit. I'm going to pretend to be a curious person coming across your thread for the first time. I'm puzzled by the Medieval and yet Sci-Fi tags. With Medieval I think swords and shields. With Sci-Fi, I think Jedi, spaceships, aliens and robots. Medieval fans might be turned off by the Sci-Fi tag and vice versa. What's the Sci-Fi element in your RP? Could it be categorised as something else? When I browse an RP, the tags are my auto-filter.

That said, I'm going to give my 2 cents on what you did right because knowing that is good as well.

* I liked the scroll at the top of your post. It sets you apart from the Casual threads which are Low Casual or actually Free. IT shows to me there is effort in this thread instead of "Hey, let's be vampires!". It makes me want to read the rest of your post. First impressions last.

* I like visuals. Maybe it's just who I am. Maybe this is more towards the Advanced level, but a picture speaks a thousand words. The map makes me feel like I'm already part of the world. It's no longer "You lot are... here. And those guys are...uh, there. New guy, you're somewhere named...Random Town". Similarly, The org chart allows me to know who's who. So many times I've seen characters becoming confused with each other because it was hard to identify people and their alliances. "Wait... you're not my King. Who am I replying to?"

@Night_ Star Yep. We just need to give Yylya a lightsaber so that she can go wild and blindly hack everything in her path. She panics a lot. :P Actually, let's just give her a mech suit so that she can stomp on the squiggly thing.
Busier for the past week. And basically ran out of things to post. My Yylya's an introvert, so she's isn't the type to openly introduce herself. I guess I'm just waiting for the right time to post something for her instead of doing something silly and wrecking the RP. I didn't want to post a leaving scene in case something interesting happens and Yylya wants to be in it.

I'm all for random chaos happening though. Like I don't know, maybe a flood filled the room? Everyone grows wings? :P
Kita tilted her head to the side, the words she heard finally flowing into the human side of her mind. She gave a small nod, followed by a cute meow before hopping off and changing back into her catgirl form. "Sorries, just part of my nature!" she said, embarrassed.
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