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Thanks for the update. Hope things improve for you guys.
Omg, hope you're doing safe and well!
Lucas was taken aback. Was that what the world was like in the future? What could he even trade? An antique? There was no saying what the cyborg was capable off. Granted, she was drunk and could easily be picked off, considering his own powers. But the technology she had, according to the anime he had watched probably meant she had infra-red or at least a laser gun that could cut him in two. "Have a good day then. If there's anything you want to know about the past just ask". Lucas walked back to Balthazar "She's too drunk to make a deal" he casually said to his boss, trying to protect him from the reality.

Balthazar laughed, albeit sadly. "I admire your resolve, Lucas. You did always protect me. Right to the very end"

"Boss, I..." started Lucas as he fumbled for words.

"We were drunk off our asses, we didn't feel anything. Carbon monoxide's my guess" said Balthazar as he lit his cigar. So was this what death was like? Or was he still feeling the monoxide and Lucas and everyone here were nothing but imaginary people who didn't exist? The phone call was real - he got that message just before he passed out.

Balthazar considered taking over the bar and making it the start of his new empire. But they only had 1 AK, 3 SMGs, and 2 grenades - only enough for defence. There was a cyborg here, not to mention the bar was an endless supply of magical items. At least there was food and water here. And zero cops. His empire was gone. But he was still alive.

Balthazar addressed the bartender. "I'm flattered that you've allowed us to stay. Thing is, are we all dead or am I just drunk off my ass? Plus..." said Balthazar before he leaned over and whispered something in the bartender's ear.

Meanwhile, Lucas went to the Men's room, although he never came out, although the door did open. Whilst Balthazar had telekinesis, Lucas had invisibility. He decided to see what the other areas of the bar was like.

@Silent Showers
Balthazar seemed oblivious to the implied meaning of the bartender's reply. He felt it was just a witty way to respond that the old establishment was probably not looking to do any business with him. That was fine. Balthazar's gang had their own territory and were already rolling in enough cash.

"Dead and alive? Hah. You're right about that" commented Balthazar as he sipped his wine. Shady types like him were dead to the world. They didn't step into daylight. Records of them were rare and purposely faked. The general public feared or abhorred them as if even coming into eye contact with them would lead to their souls being drained. Both dead and alive at the same time. How very true.

Lucas remained silent as he watched the bubbles float up to the surface of his drink and simply pop one by one. How long had it been since he went to the beach? When was the last time he truly laughed? He became a lawyer to get himself out of a sticky situation. Balthazar helped him and his father's business. The glass of Coke in his hand wasn't just so he wouldn't spill secrets. It was also the last sense of normalcy he held onto. When all the bubbles finished popping, the glass of soda goes flat and it's no longer soda anymore. Lucas quietly stared at his boss' back. Lucas didn't want to accept it at first, but he knew what the bartender meant. Balthazar was still unaware. But Lucas didn't say anything at all. He wanted to see his boss... be alive.

Balthazar watched more customers arrive. One even had a prosthetic leg. Interesting what technology companies can do. Perhaps it was a prototype. And with the other customer, a device which foamed and stopped the bleeding - now THAT was something he was interested in. So this place was a distribution centre. By why wasn't he aware of these inventions?! He sold everything, even guns and weapons stolen from right under the eyes of the military and their scientific labs. Balthazar's head throbbed in pain. His subconscious was trying to remember something important.

"Balty?" went Lucas, setting down his drink.

"I'm fine. Ask if we can buy more of that device. Norman would attack soon enough"

Lucas gave a silent nod and went over to Vyn. "Vyn, is it? I'm Lucas McKenzie. The device which stops bleeding - my boss would be interested in purchasing them, either from you or your supplier. Money is not a problem" said Lucas in a polite tone.

@Lady Selune

Cookies had finished her saucer of milk and watched as food was taken out of the small compartment. A chill scent filled the air and made her sneeze. She looked around the cabinet, nuzzling the door a little. She wondered what other kind of magical foods would come out. And so Cookies just sat there and gave a little meow. 'Hi, food door!' would probably be what the furball was trying to say in cat-speak.

@Silent Showers
Lucas gave a soft laugh. "Ah yes, preferences do vary from person to person. As for myself I don't drink, no matter the occasion. It one of my personal codes. Wouldn't want to be spilling secrets as a lawyer. So just a glass of *ahem* an Ice Cola drink for me". As successful as he was, this was always one of the more awkward moments in the night.

Balthazar stepped up to the bar (making sure to not step on the cat). He eyed the different wines they had available, eventually he picked a Penfolds if only because it reminded him of back home. "How long have you been operating here?" asked Balthazar casually. It was odd to him that he didn't recall this establishment. Lucas didn't mention anything about it either. And the customers, they were nothing like the usual ones back in town. Balthazar's other men remained in the dark corner, not wanting to make any of the guest feel uncomfortable. Balthazar was in a good mood tonight and he was just here for a drink to celebrate. Nothing official.

The ginger coloured kitty meowed happily as the saucer of milk was placed before it. At this point, magic shined around its neck and a red pet collar formed. Apparently the kitty's name was "Cookies". Cookies purred as its ears were scratched and it rubbed its face in the bartender's hands. Cookies was momentarily distracted by a really fun "pssht" sound which came from the other customer. The kitty's tail went straight up, gently flicking about with curiousity it watched the 'cat toy' being handed over to another human. It was a cat toy, right?

The ginger coloured kitty is a homage to the first Group RP I joined on this site. We were all a bunch of stray cats exploring a city. Her real name is Cookies, which I'll have to work in later. I wonder if anyone else from that RP will come across this one. the last scene was when one of us saw a shiny candy wrapper in a parked car and slipped in through the open window. Then we all jumped into the car as well. xD
"A selection of your best wine please, Bartender" replied Lucas. "The Boss would like to celebrate, though food can be for later. This is my contact details should this establishment need anything". Lucas then handed the bartender a business card. Of course it was for a shell company, but that was to be expected.

Balthazar gave a nod to the bartender and the girl who ordered chilli cheese fries. There was the smallest hint of curiosity about how good they actually were. Not to eat of course - but to sprinkle in a person's eyes. Got to keep innovation going! Ah, perhaps he was getting too excited at the phone call he had just received. His rival had been eliminated and all evidence destroyed. He now owned the entire region down south.

Another customer came in - one who seemed to had just gotten out of a rough fight. She looked worse for wear and Balthazar wondered if she would drop dead at any moment. The smoke from her cigarette flew his way... it was a warm and comforting scent. The girl with the lighter seemed to want to keep to herself, which was absolutely fine. Most avoided people like him. He would not meddle in their affairs if they did not meddle with his.


New customer (?). Ears. Tail. Orange fur. 25cm tall. Meows. The kitty slipped in through a slightly open door and pitter pattered across the floor. It was raining outside and it felt that this place was safe. Also, it smelled food. Were animals welcomed here? Last time it tried to enter a warm place, it was promptly picked up and thrown out. The ginger coloured kitty decided to not jump onto the tables and instead weaved around the bar stools. It came to the feet of the bartender. It let out the quietest of meows. It didn't seem to have a collar, though it did look healthy and clean.
Thanks! I've introduced Balthazar (or Balty for short). He has a secret that I hope to expand upon later in the RP. :)
Balthazar - Crimelord
Location: Shady corner of the establishment

In a dark corner of the bar were a few shady men. Introducing! Balthazar (aka Ghost) - a crimelord with telekinesis. Suave, ruthless and heartless was his brand. At least that was what he thought. Imagine if they asked him to star in a series? He wore a white coat and black gloves - they matched well with his ginger hair. Most notable about him was his cane and hat. At about 1.8m tall, with a slim and athletic build, he was what every crimelord wanted to look like. Stolen cars, money laundering, theft - it was all part of daily business.

Balthazar was flanked by two of his most trusted men, one of which was a lawyer who was possibly too loyal. He had ordered a bottle of scotch, though he wasn't here to just drink and have fun with the ladies. He didn't want a VIP room either. No. It was part of an alibi meticulously crafted so that his record was spotless. Soon enough, his phone rang and from the distance a wide grin could be seen.

See this bar was not only a place full of witnesses, it also seemed to be outside the jurisdiction of most bodies of law enforcement, so Balthazar wouldn't suddenly have a bunch of stupid cop IDs stuffed in his face. He'd tear them apart given the chance. There was something about the time and place here too that he couldn't really pinpoint. Either way, it fitted the narrative. And perhaps was even the source of a hireable assassin or two.

And so it was that Balthazar noticed someone at the bar (Lady Selune's character). A fighter by the looks of it. Being in a particularly good mood tonight for some unknown reason, Balthazar whispered something to Lucas one of his men. Lucas then walked up to the bar and rang the bell. "First round's on my Boss!"

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