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<Snipped quote by SilverRain>

Well! Enjoy the work none-the-less! I hope you'll make great use out of it in RPs or whatever you wish to use it for! I'll be putting it up in my display case!

Thanks again for the character header! <3

Its wonderful to hear that Balthazar will be part of your display case!

When I get to a PC, I'll see if I can add the header into my sig and then link to your profile/include your name at the bottom.
Thanks for being so quick with my change requests! I work with code and software and can understand how mot everything is easily tweakable. Wworkarounds can save the day!

The cropping's just right - Balty really loves his hat!

I like the updated flame orange font! It reminds me of fire and danger whilst the whitish orange from before gave me a rockmelon/fruity feel (or maybe I'm just hungry).

I think I'll forgo the cityscape. The embossed/white outline look of the grey one is intruiging - and yet also distracting as it pops out and pulls attention away from the mame and pic. I find myself looking at the cityscape too much. And at a certain point, I can also imagine them as a bunch of graveyard headstones due to the beveled look. That said, I have been told I have an overactive imagination. :p

@False Prophet Sorry I forgot to reply to you earlier, but yep, format is free to use!

Thanks so much for the character header! I love how you designed it! The placement ratios are perfect and I love the color scheme and background. The bold and striking font really brings out Balthazar's role as a mob boss.

If I could suggest some small changes:

* I didn't mention it before, but a titular point for Balthazar is his mob boss hat. I like how we can see his body build in the header, though I think I'd rather have more his hat show as it's mobster-like. I played around with cropping in MS PowerPoint (please don't laugh) and perhaps the scale for the image can be kept the same, but instead of having his suit show the coat buttons, we align the bottom of the dark V part to the bottom border of the header? That way, more of his hat and the feather can show. I'm not sure if the dark colour of his hat will accidentally blend in with the background though.

* Can Balthazar's name be made more orange? As in the shading? If we take the letter K as a measurement point, perhaps orangeness of the top part of the V in the K can be lowered down to the apex of the ^ part in the K. I'm sorry if this is confusing. Please let me know if I can clarify.

* The cityscape - I'm not sure how well the colours will match each other, though instead of white, can it be made more subtle, as in grey, dark blue or something like that? I'm aiming for Balthazar to be working amongst the city's shadows. By the way, is this a particular RL city or just a sketch? If it's RL, can I know the location so that I can see if it's possible to work into his backstory?

I hope I'm not being too fussy - if it's too much, I'll just go for the name colour change.
Thanks so much for offering to make these! Your designs look fantastic! <3

Balthazar, the modern day mob boss, entered XoXKieroBombXoX's office with his henchmen in tow. He was neatly dressed in a bespoke suit and had the air of a suave gentlemen - to his allies at least. He motioned for his men to bring to the table a suitcase. He then lit a cigar before addressing the graphic designer before him.

"XoXKieroBombXoX, am I correct? Your name is famous in these circles and I have come to you with a request. Make me a character header so that I can improve my image" His henchmen then opened the briefcase which had two labels. "Your payment will be in the form of a Like and a Thank. And of course, your name will be linked to mine as a valued ally"

"If you are so inclined, here is my request. And of course, I am open to discussion about our deal. Is there anything you want to know about me?" said Balthazar as he slid over a folder containing his details.


Name: Balthazar McKenzie (or just Balthazar if not enough space, Balty works too)

If fanart can be used:…

If fanart cannot be used: (minus henchmen and buildings)…

Background can be either:
Abstract - Something dark and dangerous that brings out his image above OR
Physical - Cityscape at night

Style of font: Mobster like? Godfather-like?

Inspiration words: Suave, charismatic, Robin Hood, fearless, is against trafficking, gambling and drugs
Notes: Hopefully his image and name can stand out over the background (as opposed to blending in)
Heya, Silver here. I'm a Casual to Advanced RPer, with posts ranging from once a day to once a week depending on my partner. My no-go zones are BDSM, drugs and love triangles. Violence, gore and death are okay. Romance and smut are not compulsory, but if they do happen sex scenes can be written in full or fade to black. I RP via PMs.

My character is Balthazar McKenzie, or Balty for short (Picture | Theme), a Private Investigator with the supernatural ability to influence people's emotions. It comes in really handy when sleuthing. That said, there are limits. He can't instantly turn a raging lunatic into a giddy mess. And if he uses his ability too much, he'll end up feeling nihilistic. Balty is a sly and suave man, most likely a sub when it comes to the bedroom. He has morally grey areas and there isn’t really any right or wrong (unless someone is trying to stab him). Here's an alternate appearance for Balty if you prefer a slightly different look.

Perhaps Balty's running a case on your crime boss character, or your guy hired Balty to dig up some blackmail material for him. The possibilities are endless. You're free to decide on the supernatural ability of your character - super excited to hear how he's like!

If instead you would like a traditional RP minus the supernatural abilities, that is totally fine - I'm a pretty flexible person. I'm also open to the idea of a cop pairing or a female crime boss, but it'll be on a case by case basis.

Looking forward to RPing with you!
Category Dog
1st Pick: Bowie
2nd Pick: Gizmo
3rd Pick: Elin

Category Cat
1st Pick: Princess
2nd Pick: Jack
3rd Pick: Boris

Category Misc
1st Pick: Peep
2nd Pick: Danica
3rd Pick: Enigma

Perhaps not Sephiroth himself; but someone like Sephiroth could work.

Ah, in that case I think I'll pass beacuse what I originally thought up for Sephy wouldn't really work if it wasn't him due to his backstory.

A bit of backstory about our Sephiroth:

Sephiroth exists in the Lifestream and projects himself through Jenova's cells. As time went on, he explored and eventually found a portal that took him beyond Gaia, and towards Earth. He took over the body of an aspiring male model and began to interact with the things around him. The apples tasted better, but the hairstyles were abysmally poor.

Feeling quite fond of 'Earth', Sephiroth became a men's hair shampoo model. At least that was until someone named Dante took over the scene. Long luscious hair was out, clean cuts were in. And thus our Sephiroth is now an underwear model (go sexy abs).

Sephiroth hasn't regained all of his powers yet due to the vast distance from the Lifestream, but the longer he exists on Earth, the stronger he will become. He vows vengeance on 'Peahead' Dante. Seriously, Dante's head looks like a itty bitty pea.

Thanks anyways though.<3 Have fun y'all, and happy postings! :)
I was traveling the past few days, so couldn't join till now. Is there still room for a Sephiroth?
@Blackmist16 Thanks for the heads up! In that case, I'll just fall back in line. (Oops)

*falls back in line*
In lieu of an active GM, how about we set up something in the interim? We could have a Disembodied Voice that guides our characters. Said voice could even probably be all-knowing, controlling various aspects of our world.

The best part is that the Disembodied Voice can be controlled by anyone to push along their character's story or create plot points. And if/when the GM comes back, he can decide what to do with the Disembodied Voice (DV for short?).

TL;DR - The Disembodied Voice acts like a questbook.

@Zanavy The Disembodied Voice(DV) can probably guide Jill to create her online business.

DV's also going to be ruthless and set our characters up with an apartment that has noisy upstairs neighbours. The question remains as to whether it would be war or peace.
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