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Current Good morning and TGIF.
5 days ago
I have been here for 3 years. Don't even know what Guildfall is.
7 days ago
@BCTheEntity] I am pretty sure/certain doing that does fall under the section/wording of "don't be a dick" in the rules. Like it did with Candle it hurts one's emotions and drive. (2/2)
7 days ago
@Candlelitsoul] I am sorry that has happened to you. No partner should make one feel worthless at all. Sure I have also felt like that too when it comes to finding my part in rp's too. (1/2?)
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11 days ago
@AngelBites15] Happy Birthday!
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Hello and I have started roleplaying since my days in middle school around the age of 13 but seriously at the age of 18, I am currently a student at a college with a major in Cinema and Screen Studies. I am happy from the experiences I garnered so far and seeing how it is different from another site I was on previously where I'm hoping to improve myself as well as my luck.
My list of RP's I am interested in are: Avatar characters, Final Fantasy characters, Naruto characters, RWBY characters, Pokemon characters and OC characters
My favorite Genres are: Action, Adventure, Romance, Magical, Fantasy, Furry, Modern, Supernatural, Naruto, RWBY, Fairy Tail, Pokemon, Avatar, Hunter, Drama.
I have an e-mail address for offline contact so if you want that than PM me about it but I am open to RP's like everyone else.
Hope to RP with you soon!
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