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17 hrs ago
Current Good news is I got all my replies done, bad news is...I want more.
7 days ago
Good morning and TGIF.
8 days ago
I have been here for 3 years. Don't even know what Guildfall is.
10 days ago
@BCTheEntity] I am pretty sure/certain doing that does fall under the section/wording of "don't be a dick" in the rules. Like it did with Candle it hurts one's emotions and drive. (2/2)
10 days ago
@Candlelitsoul] I am sorry that has happened to you. No partner should make one feel worthless at all. Sure I have also felt like that too when it comes to finding my part in rp's too. (1/2?)
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Hello and I have started roleplaying since my days in middle school around the age of 13 but seriously at the age of 18, I am currently a student at a college with a major in Cinema and Screen Studies. I am happy from the experiences I garnered so far and seeing how it is different from another site I was on previously where I'm hoping to improve myself as well as my luck.
My list of RP's I am interested in are: Avatar characters, Final Fantasy characters, Naruto characters, RWBY characters, Pokemon characters and OC characters
My favorite Genres are: Action, Adventure, Romance, Magical, Fantasy, Furry, Modern, Supernatural, Naruto, RWBY, Fairy Tail, Pokemon, Avatar, Hunter, Drama.
I have an e-mail address for offline contact so if you want that than PM me about it but I am open to RP's like everyone else.
Hope to RP with you soon!

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KatherinWinter 1 mo ago
I'm sorry for your loss.
KatherinWinter 1 mo ago
Its nice to know I'm not alone. I feel like I'm losing my touch.
Mistiel 2 yrs ago
You finish the first two months of a job and you'll be amazed by how many people have started already accepting you as "one of the gang." It's an awesome feeling (even if you don't REALLY know these people and never do anything social with them outside of the break room). Keep up the good work!
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