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Current Sorry to those waiting on me - exhausted today, need to sleep
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@Otaku95 - Good luck with that
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Sorry to all waiting on me - been a long day. Will try to get back to roleplays tomorrow
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@The Elvenqueen - did you make it to the phone at least?
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You mean I can't send my Lady and the Tramp/My Little Pony crossover idea? Boo


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@Shadow Daedalus

"I'm glad you asked!" Melissa grinned at the boy, leaning close to him and talking very quietly "as typical, the builders are male, so any girl trying to sneak in would get caught fairly quickly. I need you to get inside, and give me an idea of the state of the interior; is there a useable stage, or a place to set up food and amps. Can you do it? I mean...I can cover for everyone here, that's no issue, but I don't want to get you in trouble being the first guy at our school" her tone changed to a more caring tone by the end.
There was a bigger smirk on her face at that. "Don't worry, you won't get in trouble. I'll take the hit, I'm good at getting myself out of trouble" she laughed, then motioned them closer as she moved away from the other students. She lowered her voice so nobody could overhear. "Electic" she looked at Yuki "I've arranged for someone to bring some supplies for a party. He's meeting me behind the wall at the back of the school. Tell him you've come for M, and it's for the sweets. He'll know what you mean. Ice" she looked at Elizabeth "I've learnt that the soundroom is going to be unusued while they renovate it - and the workers don't work after a certain time. Find out or watch for when they leave, then text me. Rocky" she turned to the new girl, Carmen "you come with me. We have some equipment to get snuck in once Ice here gives the go-ahead. Sound good? It'll be a proper welcome back party!"

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Sorry, I've been busy since Friday - was away, only came back sunday evening and work was manic. Been catching up slowly
In The Breeds 2 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
I'm travellng this weekend - may be able to post sunday
In The Breeds 2 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
I'm travellng this weekend - may be able to post sunday
Only just realised I missed tagging @candlelitcraft - corrected now
Will get a character made in the next day
"Oh Elizabeth...there won't be a bedtime" Melissa laughed, wrapping an arm around Elizabeth's waist "let's go view the same boring classes then. It'll be fun, right?" she shrugged, following on listening to the yawnworthy tour of the same boring rooms. She let go of Elizabeth as the headteacher turned back, and waited for her to walk away from them before looking over the group, picking out a few people.

"Okay, you, you you and you" she pointed to Yuki, Elizabeth, Carmen, and Nero "whatever you were doing this evening, it's cancelled. I have plan and you're all involved" a grin grew on her face, waiting for the reactions.

@sassy1085 @Shadow Daedalus @Polaris North @shagranoz
The class dragged on, and Alice yawned. This class was so...boring. She leaned on her hand, listening to the breathing of others.

I'm so much better than this.

And so, she decided to have a little fun. A small calming breath, and the world came to a standstill. She smiled to herself, standing and picking up the candles frozen in time. She moved them one by one over to the corner of the room, stacking them in a small pyramid. Then, she threw her bracelets away, making sure they weren't easy to find. Never again was she going to suffer that hell! Once all the candles were stacked, she returned to where she was sat, dropping herself down, and with a breath... time started moving again. A butterfly danced above her.

To everyone else in the room, where once was candles suddenly there was none. All the candles in the room were stacked, still lit, in a pyramid in the corner of the room, the flames dancing up along the wax causing them to melt much quicker. It looked quite dangerous.

@Tenma Tendo@candlelitcraft
It was getting crowded at the table. Some she knew well, like Ash who got a nod and a small wave. Some, she'd just met, like this..snake man. Others didn't acknowledge her, which made sense. Still, she was getting less and less comfortable with the crowding. Especially dressed like this! She held onto Saranja's arm a little tighter, and the aura of dread started to increase again.

Then she was kissed on the top of the head, and reassured. It was like she knew! Of course she knows...she knows everything. That reassured her a little, and she smiled up at Saranja, shaking her head. "I don't feel like sleeping yet. You look more tired than I do. Are you ok? There's people..yeah, I'm not good with crowds" she chuckled nervously "if you want to meet more people I quiet and try not to put everyone off."

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