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Current Sorry to those waiting on me - exhausted today, need to sleep
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@Otaku95 - Good luck with that
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Sorry to all waiting on me - been a long day. Will try to get back to roleplays tomorrow
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@The Elvenqueen - did you make it to the phone at least?
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You mean I can't send my Lady and the Tramp/My Little Pony crossover idea? Boo


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Jade giggled. "What do you wanna do now?"

"I dunno...what do you do for fun here? I haven't even met my roommate" Emma frowned "sorry, kinda not been around people for fun reasons for like...years."
"That's a good idea!" Jade exclaimed. "I feel like I've eaten too much already though...oh well."

Emma picked up a few candies, shrinking them and slipping them into Jades pocket.

"Now you have some for later" she grinned, breaking off a piece of the super-sized chocolate and munching it.
"That's...that's the greatest power ever!" Jade exclaimed, before snapping a piece of the giant candy bar off and taking a bite.

Emma looked pretty shyly at the ground while Jade munched on the giant candy.

"Naah. It's ok, but there's people here with way better. I can shrink some down to carry around later too though."
"What the!?" Jade looked at the 3 foot candy bar. "How'd you do that?"

Emma laughed at the reaction.

"It's my power. I can make objects bigger or smaller. Now there's even more chocolate to eat."
Jade hands Emma a candy bar.

Emma held the candy bar in her hands and focused on it. The candy bar grew bigger and bigger, until it was so big it needed both of Emmas arms to hold it.

"This big enough?" she smiled at Jade, offering the catgirl the now 3-foot long candy bar
Jade turned to look at Emma, a chocolate bar sticking out of her mouth. "Uhuh!"

Emma got up, rubbing her rear, then looked over at the catgirl.

"Did you leave some for me?" she was mostly kidding, although a part of her did worry that Jade might have hoovered all the sweets up. Then a thought came to mind.

"If you haven't, I can show you a trick to have even more sweets."
As Jade rapidly approached the cafeteria doors, she used her powers to make a gust of wind blow them open before she reached them, entering the cafeteria as they flew open.

Woah! That was cool!

Emma saw the doors were swinging back shut and had to dive forward, just making it in before they slammed shut. She sat on the floor trying to catch her breath before she looked around.

"I found...the sweets" she said between breaths.
"Yeah sweets!" Jade was up on her feet within seconds as she started running towards the cafeteria again.

"Woah! Wait for me!" Emma shouted, running fast after the quick-moving catgirl "watch out for the door!"
Jade made a pouty face and rubbed her butt a bit, but then she simply looked up at Emma with a toothy grin. "I'm fine!"

"Phew..." Emma breathed a sigh of relief, smiling at the catgirl "I'm glad. Now, time to get sweets!"
Jade fell backwards and landed on her butt. "Owie!"

"OhmygoshI'msosorry!" Emma looked panicked. Oh no, they're gonna think I attacked her! I'm going back to prison!

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