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Current Hi guys! On 10-hour days for at least the rest of the week so if I don't get back to you in a timely manner, that's why. Sorry!


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The bumpity bump!
Just a quick bump, along with a note that I'm not currently looking for players for the Price of Failure RP. K thx bai~
Do the bump!
I'd be willing to discuss things at the very least! Did you have questions about what I had in mind, or things you wanted to include? Any ideas for who you'd be playing or requests for who I'd be playing?
Bump! And a slight update -- I'm looking for someone to play a female slave in a sort of modern world with casual slavery themes... Essentially there are two classes of people. Slaves and Free people. Once a free person reaches a certain age, they're paired with one slave of their choosing who effectively becomes their permanent partner, helping them through life -- Not all slave pairings turn sexual, some are more friendly and some are pairings of convenience... Most slaves learn useful skills in the hopes of being chosen by certain types of masters when the time comes.

Alternatively, we could flip it and have slaves choose their masters -- which would enable some people to gather more than one slave, all of which are working to help and please their master.

Could work out more of the finer details of the world and the dynamic between slave and master if anyone was interested~
Bumpity~ Really feelin' the Master x Slave pairing right now... Preferably something a little more on the lighthearted side.
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