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Hi guys! On 10-hour days for at least the rest of the week so if I don't get back to you in a timely manner, that's why. Sorry!


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Hello! I'm looking for a partner for an RP idea that I've been thinking about for the past few days. I'm specifically seeking female characters, but I'll play male, female, or something in between without much concern.

The RP takes place in a world set in the future, where just a few years prior astronomers discovered something terrible -- a massive asteroid, on a collision course with Earth. They didn't inform the public, but instead went to the governments of the world to announce their findings. An emergency summit was called, and the leaders of the world put aside their differences for a time, as they got together to discuss the looming threat to humanity.

Eventually, a decision was reached on what to do, and the governments of the world turned to an unlikely source to save the human race. A game company called ArchoTech. At the time, ArchoTech had been hard at work creating their magnum opus, a fully immersive AI-driven online game. It was meant to revolutionize the gaming landscape, and give gamers a chance to really live out their lives in other worlds. At the time, the idea was to create several worlds for potential players to explore, freely bouncing around between them as the mood took them on any given day -- but when the government came to them for help, their plans changed.

Now on a strict deadline, many of the game elements were scrapped, discarded as the company prepared to convert their game system into something different... a digital ark, that would house the collective consciousness of humanity even as their planet was destroyed. Instead of creating a wide array of potential worlds to explore, they focused on the one they'd already started, a fantasy setting. It would be a fresh start for humanity, a world where everyone began as equals once again without political power or immense wealth to place one person over another.

Even as the developers worked tirelessly on their game turned digital ark though, the higher ups in the company were making other plans. They made deals with the leaders of various nations -- often the worst of humanity, who wanted to maintain their power even after entering this new fantasy world. These people made deals to acquire special abilities that would put them well above the average rank and file of humanity, and allow them to continue to rule with an iron fist and exert their rule for the rest of their digital eternity... Except one developer figured it out. They found a space that carried one of the abilities, and swiftly put two and two together to figure out exactly what was going on. As the deadline closed in, that developer did something desperate in an attempt to preserve the vision that they and the rest of the devs had for the game, they went into the game early and stole one of the abilities for themselves -- and then intentionally locked their consciousness inside before anyone could figure out what they were doing and try to stop them.

With only days away from their deadline, the rest of the company could do nothing. They released the game, and humanity soon logged in for the first -- and last -- time, as the servers were soon disconnected from the main grid, and sent into space aboard an unmanned spacecraft to drift for the next several thousand years, until it one day found a habitable planet where it could begin the process of recreating humanity from scratch, using the genetic information stored on board.

And that's it! That's the pitch. My plan is to play the dev who goes in and steals one of the special abilities for themself -- your character would likely be a would-be player who suddenly discovers that they can't log back out anymore. At some point in the story, the plan would be for your character to ALSO get one of these abilities, so don't feel like I'm trying to hoard all the power and influence for myself. XD

If the plot sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me know! I'd be happy to work with you to figure out where we go from here. Before I sign off, here's a couple things I feel might be important to know:

*I play in third person past tense, and expect my partner to follow suit.
*Smut is good, I enjoy it, and I don't typically like to fade to black. That said, I'd like to keep things at a solid 60/40 ratio of plot to smut at most.
*I like faceclaims, but I would strongly prefer that they be art/anime and not photos of real people.
Hello hello! I'm trying a different approach to an RP I want to do but haven't found many takers for. I want to break the thing I'm looking for down to some basic components! First though, a quick introduction:

* I play male characters, female characters, and female-presenting futanari characters. However, I exclusively seek to play with female characters.
* I am very much an adult. I've been RPing longer than some of you have been alive. Most of my RP experience has been on MUSHes and instant messengers however, not on forums -- so forgive me if my posts don't end up being especially fancy.
* Smut is fun! I enjoy it! I typically prefer to have some level smut in 90% of my RP, but I like to keep it at around a reasonable 50/50. Sometimes less, depending on the plot.
* I use anime and AI generated faceclaims. I have no interest in using real life images for faceclaims, but realistic AI stuff is fine.
* I RP in 3rd person past tense, and I can write anywhere from 3 to 30 paragraphs at a time depending on what I have to work with. I have no hard and fast requirements for post length, but I do ask that my partners stick to a 3rd person past tense just for the sake of my sanity.
* I don't do fandom RP. Everything I do is strictly OC x OC in either a real-world setting or an original setting. Exceptions are very very rare.
* My post times depend on my schedule. Sometimes I can post every day for a week, other times it might take me a couple days. Life comes first, but I'll try to keep you informed.
I* tend to prefer RP to unfold organically -- I don't do a ton of planning past the initial exchange where we figure out what we want to RP.
* I don't like to publicly share my RP -- particularly where smut is involved. I prefer to keep things in PMs or in a Google Doc somewhere if we don't use PMs.
* Writing Samples are available upon request.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get into the details of what I'm looking for.

If you're interested, PM me. We can talk about the details, brainstorm exactly the kind of world and story we want to play in, and go from there! I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for reading!
Greetings~ In this post, I'll be putting a bunch of my... slightly less story focused things. That's not to say that there's no story involved, just that the focus is much more on sex, fanservice, and a little kinky fun. I'm going to be expanding things drastically! I'll separate everything out into convenient sections so you can more easily find something that suits you.

This isn't everything, but I'll be expanding and updating individual entries as I go. This is just the beginning. I'll update with each bump I do from now on most likely, so there'll always be new stuff to see whenever I bump this to the top!
We begin our story in a world very similar to the one we know. It's mostly untouched, filled with the same bustling cities, sprawling landscapes, diverse cultures, and complex social dynamics. Yet, upon closer inspection, the differences would become clear. Brand names and corporations have changed. Familiar giants of industry wear different logos, or operate under alternative names, and other companies may have risen or fallen in unexpected ways. While the grand tapestry of history remains consistent, certain threads have frayed or been rewoven in ways that we might not have noticed had they not been pointed out. Key events may have transpired slightly differently, leading to altered treaties, new alliances, or cultural shifts. It's the sort of different that someone on the outside looking in might not notice at first, but they'd start to see the changes rapidly once they spent any time here.

October 23, 2024 was the day that all of those similarities came to a screeching halt. That morning, thousands of people from across the world were invited to play a game. The individual invitations were as varied as they were mysterious. A cryptic message written in the back of a text book, an enigmatic app on a smartphone, or even a UI overlay that spontaneously appeared over a person's normal vision. No matter the medium, the message was clear and consistent: They had been chosen to be competitors in this game. There was no explanation of the rules, no mention of the end goal, only the option to acknowledge that they had been selected, and then a single line of text consisting of two words 'Summon Now'

The selected players had become Summoners, and like their name implied, they had been given the power to summon others to fight for them -- unlike the summoners in games, or fantasy stories though, these summoners were given the ability to summon people. Or rather, a specific person, as each individual summoner only started with the capacity to summon a single other person. In addition to their ability to summon this person however, they gained the ability to improve them, shaping that one person however they wished, to accomplish whatever tasks the summoner required of them.

And that's where we find ourselves now, at the very beginning of The Summoner Game. The contestants have been chosen, now without any guidance from the mysterious game master they have to decide what they want to do with their newfound power, and figure out the rules of this game they've become a part of.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, my PMs are open.
~Do the bump~
At the age of 18, Ashley Kendall left home to attend college abroad, leaving behind her parents and a younger sister named Dana. Dana took her departure harder than expected, feeling a sense of betrayal as Ashley left her behind. She was angry at first, then bitter, but after the first couple of years, that bitterness faded away.

As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. That was probably be best way to explain what happened with Dana. As she grew older, she started to romanticize her time with her older sister, putting her on a pedestal in her mind, and eventually even fantasizing about her -- often in ways she knew she shouldn't. Then, all of a sudden... Ashley was back! College was done, and she was back home, and Dana... wasn't sure how to feel about it.

Sure, she was happy that Ashley was back, but Dana was all grown up now, and Ashley had clearly noticed. Dana could catch her giving her looks out of the corner of her eye, looks that Dana recognized. Guys at school gave her the same looks. The fact that her sister was looking at her the same way was shocking at first, but... maybe not entirely unpleasant. Maybe it was something Dana was even willing to encourage.

And that's what I've got! I'm happy to answer any questions or make alterations to the plot or maybe to Ashley herself if you want to talk about it. I'm mostly looking for slice-of-life romance with taboo themes. We could work a more concrete plot into things somewhere as well, or maybe several plotlines, I'm happy to brainstorm with anyone who's interested.

That said, a few things I wanted to bring up early: I only RP through PMs, or through Discord/Google Docs. I like to keep my RP private under most circumstances, especially when the subject matter is a little iffy or includes smut like this RP would.

Basic grammar like capitalization and punctuation is important, but I wont get on your case for a few typos.

Post length isn't a huge issue. I'm not going to count sentences or individual lines of text -- I just ask that you put forward the effort, and give me a decent amount to work with. One liners aren't going to do anything for me, but I don't expect a novel either.

Finally: Don't be afraid to push the story forward. I have a bad habit of wanting to write every little detail and then give my partner a chance to respond to any actions. That isn't always necessary, and if you feel like a scene is dragging on, feel free to mention it or push the narrative forward~ We're here to write together, don't let me hold up the story by getting fixated on the minutiae.
Greetings~ This is a post dedicated to one of my guilty pleasures... incest themes. If that's not your thing, that's fine! I hope you find something you're looking for somewhere else~ If it IS your thing though... feel free to give me a page~ even if the few ideas you find here aren't your cup of tea, odds are we can come up with something that is! With that, let's jump into things. For all ideas, a red * will denote the role I intend to play.

I'll probably add more ideas later, but it's late and I really should go to bed for tonight. If any of these strike your fancy, let me know! I'd be happy to talk about any of them with you!
I rewrote my post, adding in some extra detail and giving potential partners some insight into how I see things working! It's not set in stone -- there are alternatives to a lot of this -- but if you're interested, PM me and we'll go over those details privately!
Since it came up once already, here's an update! I'm looking for someone to play a FEMALE character. I'd be playing a male character myself. This has been a public service announcement!
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