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Current Hi guys! On 10-hour days for at least the rest of the week so if I don't get back to you in a timely manner, that's why. Sorry!


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The title pretty much says it all! I'm in the market for a Master/Slave RP, where I'd be playing a male master. I'm looking for someone who'd be interested in playing a female slave.

The overall theme and tone of the RP is negotiable. I'm comfortable with anything from a little silly to something dark -- It mostly depends on what you're in the mood for. Due to the subject matter, I'm only looking for those who are 18 and up! As far as settings go, I'm comfortable with just about anything -- we can talk about the details of both the characters and the setting via PMs. I have a few ideas of my own, but I'd love to hear anything you had in mind as well!

Due to being terribly busy IRL with work lately, I'm only looking for ONE partner, so once I've got someone, things will be closed until my schedule opens up again. If you're interested, send me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!
In light of the fact that two of my favorite RPs seem to have died... I'm in the market for two specific RPs! The first, is the 'Alternate' version of the Master and Apprentice RP (Found inside the original ad)

The second is a Slave/Master RP based in the not-too-distant future, where corporations have begun genetically engineering humanoid 'pets' for discerning masters. These pets are made to order and genetically tied to their master. They're usually kept in a lab for several weeks before finally being released to their new owners, and allowed to see the world!

In both RPs I'm looking for a female partner, and in the second one at least, I'm mostly looking to play a male character! If either of those appeal to you, let me know! Thanks~
At least 2-3 good paragraphs per post. Otherwise, I have no real word count or anything. Just post whatever seems appropriate to the situation. I probably won't get on anyone's case about post length.
Hi there! Welcome to my new RP thread. This is really only one particular idea that I didn't want to include in my main thread -- mostly because I didn't want to overload anyone who might be interested with too much information right off the bat! What I'm looking for is an RP set in a fairly generic, semi-lewd fantasy world. Smut abounds, but one shouldn't assume that I'm ONLY looking for non-stop smut. I'm still a Casual/Advanced roleplayer, and I firmly believe one can have both smut and depth in the same RP.

You'll find our heroes in the world of Erdas. As stated above, the world is a fairly stock standard fantasy world. There are elves, monsters, dragons, demons, and vast sprawling kingdoms headed up by powerful magic users and their families. For the most part, the world is fairly peaceful. The main concerns of the populace are primarily the presence of roaming bands of monsters between towns that seem to crop back up no matter how many times adventurers stamp them out, and the occasional war that breaks out between kingdoms.

Erdas is a strange world. Unlike the static world that you or I may be used to, Erdas is in a constant state of flux. Wild magic runs deeply in the world, and outside of towns and cities where the magic has been tamed and stabilized, the terrain is constantly changing. Where there might have been a forest only a month ago, there may suddenly be a desert now, with new monsters and 'ancient' ruins teeming with treasure, traps and peril. Those people who brave the shifting wilds are Adventurers, going out to explore the changing landscape and return with treasures created by the magic of Erdas, before the next shift comes, the monsters are replaced, and a new season of adventure begins.

There are a number of humanoid races in Erdas. The most numerous is, of course, the humans, followed closely by the elves. From there, humanoid races are largely crossbreeds of those two races, and various monsters that the magic of Erdas whips up. It's not uncommon to find half-breeds of just about anything. Various animal-like races, demons, angels, and even more exotic halfbreeds like slime-people or half-unicorns! There are people who say that if you can imagine a kind of person, there's probably someone like that somewhere in Erdas.

And that's where I'll stop for now! I may expand upon this later on, if I deem it necessary. If you're interested, send me a PM! You must be 18 or older for obvious reasons. I'm willing to answer any questions you might have in PMs! Or, if it's something that you think would benefit a lot of people to have answered, you an ask here and I'll respond in kind.

Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!
Oh! Also... Looking for a superhero thing. Got some characters I wanna play -- if I don't find someone for it immediately, I'll add something to the main post tomorrow.
Aaaand I'm back! Most of my RPs have fizzled out so I'm looking for just about everything on my list in one form or another.
There can be only one! Clearly the war of fairies and cabbages must commence.

(Also: hi! Welcome.)
Welcome fellow M&M player~ :D
Aaaand another Darker Stuff added! It's sort of in the same vein as the Goddess RP -- but a little bit lighter with more potential for romance if we wanted to take that route.
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