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I'm just going to leave this bump right here.
The Story - You've been told your whole life -- all three months of it -- about your future owner. How they're waiting for you, and that there would never be a better fit for you than your owner in your whole life! They were tied to you by the very strands of your DNA. Your very own soulmate! Of course, they tell all the nupets that, but like all the others you've bought into it, hook line and sinker! You can't wait to meet them, and learn about everything they like to do, and go out and do... whatever people do with their nupets! It's probably fun. Everything your owner does with you will probably be fun, in fact!

Or at least, that's what you thought. Turns out, when your owner showed up they were... less than pleased for some reason, and instead of taking you to your new home like your creators told you they would, they left you at the lab and left, never to return. Instead of going to be with your perfect owner and living a happy life with them forever and ever, you were put in a room with the other rejects. One of the other pets told you that they couldn't just get rid of you -- not legally, whatever that means -- and you'd probably be sold at a discount to someone that you WEREN'T specifically made for. No perfect home. No soulmate.

Still, at least you'd end up with an owner. Even if it isn't the perfect one that was promised. Hopefully they wont be too mean...

The OOC Stuff - Why hello there! I see you've found my newest posting~ As the above few paragraphs suggest, I'm looking for someone to play a nupet. "But what is a nupet?!" I hear you asking. Well, a nupet is a genetically engineered humanoid, sold in the distant future year of 2089! They're custom made boys and girls built to order by the rich and powerful to be 'pets'. Most end up living a life as a live-in maid, or sex slave, but ultimately, they're advertised as companions, much like a dog or a cat. Those that are rejected by their owners are put up for 'adoption' for prices that while still astronomical by comparison to the average dog or cat, are generally much more reasonable than the custom orders made by the rich and powerful.

Nupets generally live about half as long as humans, and can't actually have children of their own under normal circumstances... that kind of functionality costs EXTRA, and is technically illegal. They're taught most of their adult skills before they're even released from their growing tubes, and given a few basic lessons and given several medical tests before finally being allowed to meet their new owner, a person who's talked up ad nauseum in order to ensure that the nupet is very excited to meet them.

And now that you know what a nupet is, you kind of know what I'm asking for -- ICly anyway. OOCly I'm looking for someone who can at least match me in my posts -- Usually 2-3 decent paragraphs -- and maybe post at least once every other day, barring unforeseen circumstances! I'm not unreasonable here. Any partners should be 18+, and be reasonably okay with smut! We can talk about specific kinks and whatnot in PMs, but know that I'm generally pretty vanilla.

I reserve the right to reject characters that simply don't appeal to me. Please don't feel bad if I reject a character idea, and feel free to shoot me another one! I'll usually let you know what it is I dislike about it. On the other side of that coin, I'm willing to adjust my own character to suit your tastes as much as I can! If we can't reach an agreement, then I suppose we'll just have to go our separate ways.

The Skinny on Smut - Okay, so... Yes, there's going to be basic sex scenes in this. I'd like to mention that I'd really like to keep things about 70:30 on the story to smut ratio though! I enjoy it as much as the next person, but let it compliment the story, don't let it overpower the story!

Stuff I want to see in a character - So this is just some basic guidelines! I don't really want to build an entire character for you.

1. Physically adult - For a number of reasons, even though the character is really only three months old, chronologically, they should at least LOOK like an adult!

2. Things like catgirls and the like are fine, but nupets should be more or less humanoid! I'm also not interested in anthros. Sorry~

3. Nupets are commonly seen with abnormal hair and eye colors! This is perfectly fine.

4. Nupets are, more or less perfect. They don't have the same kinds of physical flaws found in an ordinary human. Outside of the occasional quirk here or there, they are in absolutely pristine condition, and often very physically fit.

Hi there! So, I've got a character here, see one that I'm particularly fond of, but currently lacks a home in any RP! I want to remedy that, and for that reason, I've come to you with at least one character I'd like to find a player for to pair her with! If I come up with some other ideas later on, I'll add them to the list and do a quick bump at that time~

Some OOC stuff can be found below this point!

I'm only looking for one person to fill this role. Once it's filled, I'll close this request until it opens back up! I can only handle so many people at once after all~

I tend to post 2-3 paragraphs in a single post. Sometimes more if I get that spark of inspiration. I enjoy worldbuilding, and controlling NPCs and making interesting things happen within the world! I also enjoy character development, having the characters learn to do new things, find new places, collect stuff, go on adventures, etc! This particular RP is pretty sandboxy, but that doesn't mean we can't have a plot -- or multiple plots -- to keep things moving along nicely!

I enjoy smut. It's fun. That being said, I do like to have more than just constant adult content 24/7. If I wanted to just do sexy stuff, I wouldn't have made a traveling merchant character, I'd have made someone who stayed in one place with no real responsibilities or goals in life! Nepsa has goals. She has things she wants to accomplish, and she's always on the move. While I want smut to be part of the RP, I don't want it to become the sole focus of the RP in the long term, if that makes sense!
So this was an idea that came to me recently. It's not super well developed yet, but with the right people I imagine we can put something fun together! The idea is VERY loosely based on gacha games and pokemon. And by very loosely, I mean they have literally nothing to do with the final product, that's just where I got a lot of my inspiration.

So in this idea you'd be playing a Blank... a genetically pre-programmed humanoid sold to consumers that is intended to become a unique, sentient humanoid creature upon purchase! When they're initially purchased a Blank is just that... they're a blank slate. Their owners can use the capsule that they come in to decide an appearance and any unique physical features.

Once they're born, they take on the traits decided by their owner... but they also get unique 'Surprise' abilities. Sometimes these abilities are simple things like the ability to heal small cuts and bruises with a kiss. Others can be far more potent like super strength or extreme durability.

Since Blanks were introduced, a legally sanctioned tournament fighting system has cropped up and owners have taken to using their more powerful Blanks to fight against others for cash and prizes. Otherwise, Blanks are commonly kept as pets and romantic partners.

As of this writing, I need to return to work! But I'll expand upon the idea when I get back in a few hours. If you're interested or have some ideas of your own of what we can do with this, let me know!

I'm open to playing Male, Female, or Futa for this setup... but I'm really only looking for female partners.
After The End Credits Roll

Pairing: Slave x Master*

Story: You were so sure that you were going to win, in the end. You thought you were invincible, immortal and all-powerful, and you had come oh so close to wiping out all life on the planet and starting over from scratch... but that single rag-tag group of heroes somehow did it, stripped you of your power and charged in like a reckless mob to defeat you and ensure that your plans slipped through your fingers at the very last possible moment.

In an ordinary story, you might have been killed... but you were at least right about one thing. You were immortal. Even powerless, the heroes couldn't actually KILL you, and so they did the next best thing -- or perhaps the WORST thing -- they put you in a collar, and took away your freedom. With your fate entirely in their hands, what will become of you now?

OOC Stuff: So this concept is based around the idea of a typical fantasy RPG. You'd be playing the enslaved 'Final Boss' of the game. Maybe you're just a criminal bent on world domination, but the story was written with the assumption that your character was some sort of goddess ready to destroy the world only to be foiled by a bunch of mortals.

There are a couple of ways I can see this going, depending on your own preference!

1: I can play the leader of the party of heroes, who's taken you for themselves as sort of a plaything in order to punish you. -- Sort of a darker, more hopeless scenario where your character is often degraded and humiliated and generally isn't likely to be treated very well in the long term.

2: I can play the leader of the party, but instead of punishment, their goal is simply to keep you from going rogue again. Otherwise, they're a fairly kind and thoughtful person who keeps you around to keep an eye on you more than anything else. A bit more lighthearted, with some potential for romance if things go that way. Probably more of a focus on character development and world building over time.

3: We can fast forward... The heroes who once defeated you are now dead and gone, but you're still a slave... You're just being sold off like any other, with nobody quite being aware of who you once were. You end up in the hands of someone who puts you to work, but at the end of the day is WAY better to you than the 'Heroes' were. Larger focus on romance between slave and master, sort of meant to be a slow burn sort of scenario.

ALL of these setups are 18+ to some degree. There will likely be smut, so if that's not something you're interested in, please feel free to move on! I promise I wont be offended. We can discuss any specific kinks and whatnot in PMs -- no need to go into lurid detail here.

Ideally, I'd LIKE to play a male character. It's not something I get to do often in my usual RP hangouts, so it'll be a nice change of pace. I'd like my partner to play female -- I'm simply not interested in playing with male characters. I can also play female, or futa if you have a strong preference toward feminine body types.

Generally speaking, I post 2-3 paragraphs in a post, with occasional surges of inspiration pushing me over the edge and into 3-7 paragraph territory. I only ask that my partner match my 2-3 paragraphs, but if you feel like you can do more than that, then I wont complain! The only other real request I have is that you employ proper capitalization and decent punctuation.

Last thing I should mention, I'm actually strongly turned off by real life character references. If we use character reference images at all, I'd prefer that they be artistic depictions of some variety or another.

Anyway! That's it! I hope to hear from you soon~
Bump! I have returned, and I'm looking once again. Mostly looking for some of my darker stuff ideas -- Let me know if you're interested!
Hi there! Welcome to my post. If you're here, that means you're at least curious about what I'm looking for, but before we get into any of the specifics, I'd like to use this first bit to outline some basic requirements and stuff!

First: You must be 18+ to play with me. Sorry kids, but I'm an adult and I RP adult themes that aren't suitable for people under 18.

Second: I'm mostly a high-casual to low-advanced RPer, I'm comfortable with two or three paragraphs at a time, but I try to give as good as I get. I believe in quality over quantity, so don't expect a lot of padding to my posts if all it serves to do is make it look like I wrote more than I really did.

Third: I don't do fandoms. Sorry... All original content from me! -- or at least as original as I can manage without devolving into a chaotic mess of nonsensical ideas.

Last: There is nothing that will turn me off faster than pictures of RL people being used as character references. I don't know why, but drawn/artistic renderings of characters are vastly preferred, especially if we find something that we both like.

If you're still here, then let's get into why you're here... I'm looking for someone to play a younger, or twin sister in some sort of sibling-related romance RP. I can play male or female, or anything in between, with a preference for MxF pairings. I don't have an overarching storyline in mind, nor do I have a real preference on the setting! I'm basically JUST looking for the pairing, and the rest of it is just details that we can come up with to build the world around that idea.

If you're up for it, let me know! PM me, preferably. I probably wont check back on this post very often.
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