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Maybe… I should have kept the armor off after all…

As he arrived at the castle, he decided that it would be for the best to come in in his armor to beat present himself. Surely that’s how everyone else was going to come, he had thought. But as he took up standing amongst the crowded grounds with a few hundred more recruits, it became apparent to him that most others seemed to not wear armor like he currently had equipped, if they were even wearing their armor at all.

His thoughts of the heat were hushed as an announcer's voice rang out over the gathering. Saul quickly straightens himself, making sure to stand at attention like his father had taught him back when they trained years ago. First impressions are important, he reminds himself of his mother’s own advice she had given him before leaving home. Those words rang louder in his mind as the announcer called out the ten sargents of the king's army. One of them was to be his commanding officer in the coming crusade and he didn’t want to disappoint.

Time went by as those whose names were called moved behind one of the sergeants one by one. As the crowd became thin, Saul couldn’t help but wonder how long it was getting to him. Was he one of the last recruits to sign up and he’s at the bottom?

When they stopped calling out names, Saul found himself still standing where he was, behind none of the sergeants. He blinks, as he scans around and sees that seven others seem to have also found themselves in the same position as he is. And as the three hundred others were brought into the castle, Saul wonders just what had caused them to be left out? It would seem the wait for an explanation was soon, as another man appeared and asked them to follow. With not much else he could do, Saul follows after the man with the others.

Having been brought into an area separated from the others, the group is told some new information. This man, Virgil, was to be their sergeant. Not only that, but that this small unit of theirs will be the first to enter the Abyss, in only a month's time. Saul couldn’t help but let out a low whistle inside his helmet at that. Virgil told them of their goals once in the Abyss and that they must be secretive, something that seemed strange when he pondered on it. When asked if they were join him, a couple of the others readily stepped forward and pledged themselves. Nodding to himself, he takes off his helmet as he steps forward, moving it into a carry at his hip.

“I have come far to serve in this fight. For that, you have my pledge!” As he says that, the arm not holding the helmet comes up across his chest in a salute as he makes the proclamation. A big smile also rests upon his face.

“I will admit to you sergeant that, like my priestly fellow here, I find this secrecy rather odd.” The smile on his face is still strong, but his eyes hold the Intent of curiosity.

After the long and arduous journey across the sea, the journey across the desert landscape and finally making it into Zion proper, there was one thought that filled his mind for much of the trip.

The ‘ell! Why’s it so hot?!

Tongue flicking upon dry lips for the umpteenth time, he reaches for his water skin on habit. Yet, as it was the last time, it was now bare of the precious water it once held. At that reminder, Saul makes it a top priority to refill the water skin as soon as possible.

A rumbling coming from his gut brings him to realization that he hadn’t eaten in quite a while too. As if to answer his stomach’s call, a tantalizing aroma seeps into his nose through the crowded street. Readjusting the rope wrapped bundle that was his pack and armor on his back, Saul weaves around other travelers and citizens towards the source.

Fortunately for him, it wasn’t long before he came upon a decent, moderately sized tavern. Saul quickly marched in, taking a seat at the nearest table he could get to, sighing as he finally got a chance to sit and rest his legs. Not a moment after finishing said sigh, he heard a clunk as a mug was sat down before him.

“New to Zion I take it, hmm?” a playful and teasing voice spoke beside him. Turning towards it, he sees an older waitress giving him an easygoing smile as she looks at him.

Saul finds himself blinking in surprise. “That I am… Though how did you guess?”

“Oh, when you’ve been here for as long as I have, one tends to pick up on such things. The most obvious in this case being…,” she stops as she gives the wrapped pack and armor a tap with her knuckles, “as you can see.”

A hearty laugh barked from Saul at that. “Indeed! I may as well have just shouted it out that I was new upon stepping beyond the gate!” Before he could continue, once again his gut roared in its desire of sustenance. His hand rose to behind his head, rubbing it in slight embarrassment.

The waitress simply covers her mouth as she lets out a giggle at that. “Oh dear, I do believe we may want to handle that beast in there. I’ll have them whip something up for ya right quick hun,” turning to walk away as she says that to him.

Needless to say that, once the food was brought before him, it was not long before only a few scant crumbs of the meal was left. His gut sated, he leans back in the chair and rubs his now full gut. Now, he could finally take the chance to simply rela-.

Or not, I guess… as a booming voice rang out across the city, calling new recruits such as himself towards the castle. Pushing himself up, he hooks the bundle back over his back, pulling out some coins and placing them on the table as payment.

Back outside, his eyes quickly gaze at the castle in the distance. This was it. Soon it will be time for him to step into the Crusade himself. To fight alongside others to bring about a better world for those back home. Just like his father had done before him. He couldn’t help but feel a bit of nervousness build up inside of him as he walked towards the start of a very dangerous and, likely deadly, journey. But even so…

That ever present grin never left his face.

Saul Anders

Name : Saul Anders
Age : 27
Height: 6’ 4”

Personality: A rather upbeat young man who is often wearing an easy going smile on his face. Saul always looks to keep things positive even in the worst of situations, always wanting to keep others spirits up.

Brief Biography : Saul is the sole son of Jacob Anders, a veteran of the ongoing war who suffered a fatal wound while protecting his comrades during an enemy ambush. His father was a man of conviction, who believed more than anything that the greatest asset you can have in a fight is the allies you fight beside, an ideal he pounded into Saul as he grew up. With his death, Saul knew that it was now up to him to continue where his father left off, no hesitation as he heads off to fight against the Abyss.

Gift : Physical

Stats || Remaining: 0

P(power) : 8

S(skill) : 5

R(resistance) : 12

S(spirit): 1

Passive: The Strength of a Guardian.
Guided by his father’s words and lessons, Saul sought to become the pillar that would protect those around him.
+3 Strength, +2 Resistance.

Spells and Feats :
Fight Me, Cowards!: Saul issues out a challenge towards his opponent(s), setting himself into position to be attacked.
1 AP | Ends Turn
Effect: Taunt Self (Till start of casters next turn). Caster does not roll to dodge/block. When attacked, caster can follow up with a counter-attack.

Shield Slam: Saul bashes his shield with great might into a targeted opponent, knocking them Prone.
2 AP | Ends Turn
Effect: Strength +3, on hit target is knocked prone.

I Got Your Back!: When Saul is adjacent with an ally, he positions his shield to better protect them.
1 AP | Does Not End Turn
Effect: When Ally is attacked, they may add caster’s shield modifier for their resistance roll.

Charged Armor: Focusing magic into his armor, it starts to crackle with electricity throughout it.
2 AP | Does Not End Turn
Effect: When attacked, attacking creature(s) must make a resistance roll. On a failed roll, creature is inflicted with paralysis through till their next turn.


-Iron Armor
A full set of armor that completely covers the wearers body.
S(skill): -5 || R(resistance: +5

-Kite Shield
Standard large shield designed to protect the body.
R(resistance): +5

-Iron Spear
An iron spear that has seen use over the years.
Stats:: P(power): +2 || S(skill): +2


Asher was well on his way of tuning out most of whatever drivel was coming out of her mouth. If he didn’t, this mission would more than likely turn into even more of a slog than he was starting to anticipate it was to be. He doubted the little robot could go rebel, seeing how happy and willing it seemed to want to make things like it was designed too. Granted, I don’t know exactly how such a thing even works… He sighed a little as she started her whole antagonistic spiel with Kaden.

It quieted down a bit as Kaden started asking the ANP questions about the job. Which was only interrupted once again as Lavinia suddenly shoves one of the pastries the ANP made for her into his hand. His eyes furrow as he looks between Lavinia and his supposed ‘reward’. He made no motion to eat it, instead taking the chance to casually chuck it over his shoulder when the topic of paying way for transportation to Abeneraaa Harbor came up and Lavinia was (once again) acting smug over nothing towards Kaden.

“Yeah,” Asher speaks up. “I have money for my own ticket. I do enough business on the side repairing and selling various tools, weapons and armor down at the blacksmith down the road.” Asher lets a bit of pride flow through him and into his voice as he says this. His eyes then flick over to Lavinia. “So your… generosity, will not be necessary.”

“Marvelous…” Asher speaks to himself, as he sips the coffee now in his hand. He had never heard of building little machines that not only could move on their own, but to be able to speak and magic up items too? Hearing Kaden speak about securing the job for them, Asher simply waves to let him know he heard him before refocusing on the ANP. At Lavinia decreeing he was going to be the keeper of it and ensure it doesn’t come to harm, he gave her a half lidded glance from the side before rolling his eyes and pulling out his idea notebook and started to write notes on his observations of the little robot. “I think it’s obvious I would do so, considering the job entails that everyone on the job is doing so,” he says as if it was supposed to be obvious.

Inside the notebook, little notes and rough sketches of the ANP started to fill up a page. Such notes were based on his observation of it’s joints and how it moved about. His eyes glanced over to the opposite page, which had a similar page with various notes and sketches for his current project of inspiration. This page was dedicated to the project of forging his own airship. Asher had remembered his time upon the airship that brought him and his comrades home and couldn’t help but be enthusiastic about something like this being possible. A small smile coming to his face, Asher nods to himself as he reminds himself of his goal.

With Kaden calling out to them it was time to head out, Asher closes his notebook before returning it to his rucksack. “I’m coming,” he returns to Kaden, following him out of the guild hall, choosing to ignore his comment on “playing” with the ANP. If anything, how those two could not find such a thing fascinating was the weird thing here! As their team steps through the doorway, he sees they pass yet another new member of the guild. Another one higher ranked than himself yet again, he sourly thinks in his mind, before quickly brushing such a thought to the side as he offers the guy a nod of acknowledgement as he passes. With that step back into the outdoors, he finds himself ready to prove his worth for the guild once more.

The sudden sensation of someone grabbing his shoulder quickly had him turn towards who it was. The face he found was someone new to the guild, as he had yet to talk to this individual before now. However, Asher had a hunch on who he was, as rumors tend to spread quickly around. This must be that new S Class mage who’s been making the rounds… especially amongst the local female populace, if what he had heard is true. Whatever the case may be, the guy was now shoving the quest with the A.N.P. into his face and saying that he’s going with him. But it was when he then followed up by inviting Lavinia with them that he could feel his eyebrow twitch.

His mind thinks back to the… apology letter? If one could call that. Hell, she even had to throw in a bit of a threat there towards the end! Asher remembers the groin guard that came with it as a “peace” offering. Naturally, he immediately tossed it away into a chest. He didn’t trust it, nor her.

As Asher was about to speak up to the new guy, a strange new voice pops up near them. It takes him a second, but Asher finds the source as he looks down and spots a little machine with two drinks in its hand. When the small construct then states that it’s the ANP from the mission paper, he found himself even more fascinated by the little marvel. Curiosity peaked, he found himself squatting down and taking in the details of it. Far as he could tell, it was quite well constructed and moved with fair ease. “Absolutely fascinating…” he speaks out, his eyes gleaming with interest as he rubs his chin in thought on how one could build something like this. Not only that, but it’s ability to seemingly bring out a drink from nothing. “By chance… what else can you make, er… ANP? Could you make something like say, coffee?” He asks the little machine.

Much has changed these past three weeks at Fenixtear. This was made much more obvious as he gazes at the crowded hall of the guild, not seen since joining the guild not too long ago. Lots of new faces to take in, most of which he had no clue who exactly they are.

Shaking his head, he returns to his main focus of being here today, as he approaches the quest board. Even before he can get there, the job requests nailed up there give him a moment of relief. Finally, they had actual jobs waiting for them to take! His eyes shift downward as he catches sight of others gathered around the board, likely having the same idea he had in coming here. Undeterred, Asher steps you amongst the others there.

“I have to say, it’s nice to see actual work finally coming in for us,” he speaks up, his eyes starting to scan what’s up upon the board. So many interesting jobs he could take, though he quickly noted that they are all B Rank and up. A small frown forms at that. His own rank was still sitting at C, which in part he was disappointed to see remain after taking part in taking down the dragon back in Era two weeks back. But, he also had to remind himself outside of that mission, he hadn’t had much of a chance to prove a promotion was in line for him. That in part, is why he stands here now.

Asher turns his gaze to the others beside him. “So…. which quests are you all looking at, if I may ask? I find myself interested in a few of them.”

After Astoria left to go tend to the others, Asher remained where he was on ground as he waited to be sure his whole body was ready to go. With his mind no longer focused on the pain, he thinks back to the moments leading up to the incident. He was in the middle of helping Astoria recover body heat, using his magic to help expedite the process a little faster. As she was finally warming up, Lavinia, as Astoria had mentioned, was the one that shrieked at him before delivering the kick to his neithers from behind and running off. His face scowls as he remembers this. In the times he had been around her, it was clear the girl gave off weird vibes. Even so, he didn’t expect her to be one that would attack her own guild mates unprovoked in such a manner. Lavinia… I believe she’s one that can’t be trusted if this is how she truly is.

Standing back up, he grabs hold of his previously discarded shirt, still wet from before he took it off. With a sigh, he holds the shirt open, while letting a bit of heat build up inside him. Taking in a breath, he slowly begins to release the heated breath onto the shirt. As he did, the water in the cloth starts to evaporate from the heat. A minute or two passes like this, before slipping the now mostly dry shirt back over him, the fabric still warm upon his skin.

Pondering what he should be doing next, his attention is grabbed as an airship lands where the dragon’s corpse once laid. Immediately intrigued by this, Asher hurriedly makes his way over to the other now also gathering around it. His eyes took in the flying vehicle with great interest, getting his crafting blood pumping just thinking about the creation of such a thing. At the mention of them offering them a ride back to their guild aboard it, a glint shots over his eyes at this opportunity to get even closer look at how it was built. If he could understand it, perhaps… he might try his hand at making one.

As the others started to speak, Asher snapped out of his daydreaming. A small frown comes to his face as Lavinia's voice rises, seeming to threaten the people who just offered them a ride. Not only that, his head snapped over towards the guy who spoke after her, asking them to not mind her. Asher’s eye twitched when he hears him say she’s actually a “nice person”, of all things. Ha! I have my doubts about that. In any case, he was going to make sure he indicated his interest in the ride back.“I am quite interested in your offer for a ride. And, if it isn’t much trouble, would it be possible to get a tour of your ship on the way back?”


Though Asher was still down on his knees, he could feel the tension when Astoria began to speak towards her sister. He was gracious that she was explaining what was happening, given the current circumstances as it were. His eyes gaze around him, noticing that the other guy she mentioned, Cloven, had wandered off at some point. A hand grabs onto his shoulder, returning his focus to the front as he finds Astoria crouching beside him. In her other hand, a glowing ball of water swirled as she held it up to his mouth, asking him to drink it. With a small nod of understanding, he does as she asks, leaning his head forward and slurping in the water.

It didn’t take long for him to feel the effects of the pure healing water start to work it’s magic. The sensations going through his body started to recede back to the source, his body relaxing bit by bit as it goes. When the healing finally made it to where it needed to be, Asher lets out a breath of relief as the pain fades and quickly disappears completely. “Thank you, Astoria,” he speaks up, as he lets his body fall back into a sitting position onto the ground. “You’re an angel…” he unconsciously adds, his mind basking in the feeling of relief too much to catch what he says.

Several seconds slip by like that, before he forces himself to focus back on what’s going on around him. He remembers hearing Astoria mention something to her sister about needing to help the others. His eyes shift back to her, speaking up once more. “You said you have others that need your help, right?” He motions over back where the others are. “I’ll be fine in a minute or two, so you should go help someone who needs it much more than I do, okay?”

To Asher, everything up to now had gone quite well. He was able to fight alongside everyone against the dragon. Everyone made it out alive. Now they were all recovering, as others were taking the chance to inspire the citizens about their guild. He himself was taking this chance to help Astoria, his fellow guild mate, warm back up as she was shivering and wet. All in all, he felt good about everything.

Then there was a shout behind him before his vision went white as an intense pain, known and feared by all men, jolted through his very being. Whatever air was in his lungs immediately released as his muscles tighten on reflex, bringing Astoria even more tightly into his chest for a moment, before just as quickly his strength saps from him, slowly falling to his knees. His arms shortly to meet the ground, as he takes gasps of air, trying to keep as still as possible as his body jitters at the force brought to his jewels. “W-why…hnng!” was all he could muster out, as a second wave of pain washed over his body the next moment.

As he was still on the ground trying to wait out the soreness, he suddenly felt something lightweight smack across his face, obscuring his still blurry vision. With great focus, he lifts his head up in the direction of where whatever hit him came from. His vision slowly returning to focus, he finds that Astoria has been joined by her sister Gwen. Stripped it seems, yet again. Guess... that explains what hit my face...gods, this hurts…

“Was...asked… to help…uggh,” Asher breaths out, his mind currently still more focused on the pain, limiting how much he could properly explain.
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