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“There are those who certainly have their… quirks,” Asher forces himself to assure Carver as diplomatically as he can. “Though, I would say every guild has their own eccentricities if delved into. Be that as it may, I can assure you that we of Fenixtear take our jobs seriously.”

Asher was at least relieved to see that the new guy, Faust, was at least trying to not seemingly harass the potential client anymore. He can act professional when he needs to, thankfully. Gaze sliding over to Jessica, he could also tell that she too was having the same thoughts as he was about their current situation. He could only offer her an apologetic expression at having to be part of this with him.

It was at this point that the voice of Tearsy once more ran into the group's minds. With her last sentence, Asher could only solemnly nod towards the sentient sword, adding quietly under his breath, “You have no right idea…” He then paused a second as a thought came to him, before adding, “Or I guess if you are reading our minds, you would know, huh?”

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Following the others into the Museum, Asher took the time from the entrance to the basement to take in the exhibits. There was a genuine look of curiosity in his eyes as he gazes at each passing section. This was in fact the first time he had ever actually been inside a museum in his life. Heading down into the basement, Asher made a mental note to himself to come back another time in the future.

As Carver asked for their names, Asher introduced himself along with the others. “Asher Lancaster,” he said, keeping it simple and professional. He would hold himself like so, though as soon as Gwen was once more stripped and then tossing her clothes at the client with her abrasive tone, Asher couldn’t help but sigh. This wasn’t helped as the new white haired man of the group also in turn spoke in his own icy tone to the poor man. Asher was at least relieved that Jessica seemed to also be treating this with proper decorum. In thinking about that thought… she may be one of the least eccentric members he’s actually got to work alongside. Internally he sighs once more. Why can’t there be more members like Jessica or Ria?

Asher lets out a polite cough as he shakes away such thoughts for now. “Yes… perhaps we should go ahead and hear of the details, Mr. Mandrake?”

Asher was enthralled at meeting an actual sentiment blade that he wasn’t ultimately bothered by the white haired grouch. He raised a brow as he replied. “The Scholarly Assistance job? I was going to inquire about it shortly, but I’m willing to assist. The pay seems good, though the mystery reward has me curious too.”

His intentions clear, he returns his attention to Jessica and her blade, now named Tearsy.“It’s hard to not be interested in a blade such as yourself, Ms. Tearsy. I dare say anyone who has grown up or done work in a forge, such as myself, has at one point had a dream of hearing one of their works speak. And you say you have magic beyond this telepathy? Fascinating.” Asher’s eyes almost seemed to gleam in amazement the more he heard her speak.

A moment of clarity breaks through his mind as a realization comes to him. Giving an embarrassed cough into his hand as he straightened up, he looked back towards Jessica and the other guy. “Ah, Forgive me. It would seem in my amazement, that I have forgotten to even introduce myself. Asher Lancaster. I hope we can work well together going forward.”]

“I am ready to leave myself, though on the way, I’ll need to drop off a few items back at the workshop, as it would do no good to take them with us,” he thumbs to Gwen's broken blades strapped to the pack on his back. “It should be on the way, so it shouldn’t delay us.”

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Taking the paper in hand, he gives her a nod as he looks at the number written down. “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. And once I have your weapon’s repairs done, I’ll contact you then.” Putting the paper into his pocket as she walks away, Asher starts to think on what to do now. Seeing as he now has a project for Gwen, he was going to need to buy the necessary materials. Materials that he doesn’t have in his supplies currently. Which means he’s going to need Jewels sooner rather than later.

Packing away everything into his bag, strapping the damaged blades to its side, Asher prepares to follow Gwen’s example and take a look at what jobs are available at the board. But before he could even take the first step, a foreign voice rings into his mind. His head turns in what he felt was the direction of the invading feminine tone, where it fell upon some new girl. Or that is to say, the sword that seemed to glow upon her waist… that apparently was named Tearsy? At least, that’s what the voice seemed to indicate.

The voice once more entering his head, Asher quickly walked up to the job board towards the woman. “Pardon me,” Asher spoke to the girl, his eyes glancing between her and the supposed talking, glowing sword at her hip. “But I have to ask. Your sword…” Asher slightly tilts down as he looks at the hilted blade, his eyes analyzing its unique design as he continues. “Tearsy, I believe she called herself? Did I just hear her voice enter my head from across the hall?” He looks back up to her face, his own face showing great curiosity.

“Hrrm, I see,” releasing the magic from the iron bar in his hand, he returns it to his belt holster. Looking back at her, he continues in a business-like tone he’s used back home. “I’ll have to take a look around then and see what exactly I can get my hands on. Once I acquire the materials, it shouldn’t take too long for me to return with your completed sword.”

At the mention of new members with swords, Asher ponders what she said. It’s certainly true that there are new members that use swords. Ones he hasn’t had the chance to have introduced himself with yet. It would be a good opportunity to break the ice in such a case. When Gwen mentions knowing a thing or two about forging, he raises his brow in doubt.

When she laid out the money for his services, he hummed with approval. It’s a nice chunk of Jewels, which he certainly appreciates. Most if will be spent on material acquisition, with some saved for other various needs that arise.

At the mention of team up, he blinked. With the addition of forever, Asher found his brow raising at such a remark. This certainly was not something to hear out of Gwen of all people. Last he remembered, he was sure she didn’t even care for him. Finger tapping on the table, he responds. “If you are asking if I would team up with you on any missions going forward, Gwen, I see no problems with that. So long as I have not taken another job or in the middle of a project of mine, at least.” He adds at the end. For now, he decides to not make a point about the forever bit, least it makes the current interaction awkward. Especially if this was Gwen actually opening up to someone for a change.

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Asher blinked one surprise as he found a book being placed down beside him. Turning to find it was Astoria, his brows raise as she tells him what exactly this book was about. There was no hesitation as he quickly shifts it in front of him and flips to the opening pages. Before he dived in however, he notes the departing Astoria and calls out with ecstatic “Thank’s Ria, you’re the best!”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long after that he found the sound of clanging metal on his table. Looking up, he finds that this time it is Gwen, once more stripping down, before him. His annoyance at being interrupted was put away as Gwen asks him for his help with her blades. Grabbing the closest one, he holds it between his hands, turning it and analyzing what he’s got to work with.

“Quite rusty these are. How have they gotten into such a state?” He asks, not looking as he eyes the rubbish conditions of the broad swords. Asher lets out a sigh as he sits the sword down and reaches to his belt line, pulling out one of the bars of iron. “I can fix certainly fix them. I will ask if you have any preferences beyond kills devils. Are you wanting them as close to as they are now? A little heavier? Lighter?” He shoots out several inquiries, the iron starting to already turn into the maluable orange color seen often as his magic begins to work.

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