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Indeed. There isn’t much for me to add as my last post was just before the most recent.

Asher was quite ready when Carver called for a break to rest and eat. The trip so far had been rather easy going so far. Certainly better than how the trip had gone on his last quest. Biting down on the food provided, Asher once more finds himself looking over notes and potential airship schematics that he hopes to start working on in the near future. Hrrm… the base design is coming together. Though, I need to figure out just how much dedicated space will be needed for all the inner workings. Once that’s figured, perhaps-

His thoughts are interrupted as his fellow guild mates alert him to sounds coming from the surroundings woods. With various moments and even what looks like small weapons catching his eyes, Asher’s eyes narrow slightly, as he casually replaces his notebook back into his bag, replacing it with an iron bar. If this turned into an ambush, he would be ready.
“Yo! Juls!” Jacob calls out and waves over to his sister and the others. “Come over here! Don’t want to be in the middle of this!”

Having said his words to his sister, Jacob returns his attention towards Zack and Seifer. It was no surprise that Seifer would go on the offensive first. It was his usual style he has seen him use over the last few years after all.

[color=cyan{“Keep on your toes Zack!”[/color] Jacob shouts out in support of his friend. “You got this!”

I’ll also try and have a post as soon as possible.

Always so cocky. Some things never change, Jacob thinks to himself as Seifer calls them out, shrugging. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand tough love. There is some merit to the concept. But Seifer goes past that line. Seeing how Zack and Droka are reacting to him, it certainly seems they are of similar feelings.

Heading back towards Zack, he speaks to him. “I think it’s clear words won’t do anything here.” His eyes glance back to Seifer for a quick moment, before returning to Zack. “I think you should go ahead and show him what you got. Should be good practice for the tournament, no? Show him he’s got something to worry about.” Giving him a pat on the shoulder, he calls back over to Juls and Dorka.

“I believe it would be best to move to the side for now. Don’t want to get in Zack’s way,” giving a follow me motion with his hand as he moves to the side of the lot. He ultimately takes a spot just off to the side of Fuu. If anything, it’ll allow him to keep an eye on both the spar and Seifer’s followers.

“Very well,” Asher responds to Carver with a nod. Hearing that the client had thought ahead to bring provisions was a great assurance that there is professionalism and that he wasn’t going to be rushing into the location unprepared. With such thoughts, and watching Carver doing the same, he slings his pack around to his front so that he could make one final check on what he has.

Unbuckling the strap and folding the fold back, begins to run a mental checklist on the contents within. Rope. Extra bars of metal materials. Canteens filled with water. And some non perishable food items that should last for several days. Amongst all these things however, also held another helpful item that could be a boon if the need arises.

The mini-ANP, seeing Asher’s face come into view, gives an enthusiastic wave.

With an assured smile back to the Mini-ANP, Asher recloses the pack, before slipping it back onto his back. Turning to Carver and the others, he speaks. “I believe that I myself should be well enough prepared for the journey ahead. Let us make way,” following after Carver as he leaves the city and proceeds to follow a foot trail.
I’ll try and have a post up by tomorrow.
In a sense, the scene Jacob had come across with Zack and Juls shouldn’t have been much of a surprise, considering who they were expecting to see here. Yet, seeing the smaller Vivi down on the ground due to Seifer. He could feel his eyes narrow in disgust at it. Seeing Julia already making her way over towards Vivi, Jacob started to walk in the same direction to stay close. Stepping beside Zack, he places a hand on his shoulders, looking him in the eye and nodding to him to indicate he’s got his back if need be, before continuing on.

Around halfway to his sister, he finds himself stopping, as his eyes look over to Rai and Fuu standing off to the side.“Oi,” he dryly calls out to them, turning his head slightly to lock his eyes on them. “Are you two honestly just going to let this continue to one of your own? He’s not going to learn anything like this.”


"If Seifer tries to start anything with us, we'll deal with that if it happens. I doubt he'll try to pull anything so soon before the tournament though, especially if there's a lot of people at the Sandlot; that'd give him a bad rep around town."

Jacob couldn’t help but raise his brow at this, his head tilting in minor confusion. As finishes up his own breakfast, he watches as Zack, with gusto, quickly disappears down the hallway towards the front door. When he is out of sight, Jacob turns to his sister.

“Seifer doesn’t already have a bad rap around town? That’s news to me,” a snarky grin on his face as he says this. Grabbing the plate Zack left behind, he places it and his own into the sink, before casually heading to the front himself.
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