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Looking up at the clear, starlit night sky, Kouta takes in a deep breath before continuing on through the woods. Tonight was the night were he would meet with Zane and the others he had recruited into this new guild to stand against Catamount. It’s still getting to him that Zane had actually came to him and asked for his help. Most everyone gave him space over these years, so having someone come to him that wasn’t just commanding him to do this or carry that was quite shocking to him. A welcome one to be sure, however. Raising his arm, he closes his hand into a fist of determination. This was his chance to help everyone. To show them he truly wanted to help.

Of course, outside of Zane, Kouta knew nothing about what he can expect of the others. Would they be as open to him as Zane had been? He sighs, hoping that that is indeed the case.

As he gets closer to the spot Zane had given him directions towards, he begins to hear voices. Slowly making his approach, he finally sees several other figures talking amongst themselves. He felt relief as he saw Zane sitting there with them, so at least he found the spot with no issue. Pushing a tree branch out of his way as he enters the clearing, he speaks up to give notice of his arrival.

“Yo,” Kouta begins, scratching his head in slight embarrassment, “I’m, uh, not late for the meeting, am I?” He knew not how long they have been here. Hopefully, he hadn’t held them up. Or missed the start of the meeting.

No last name. Kouta was the only name he was ever called, so it’s the only one he knows.

Hello! This looks interesting, so I’d like to put forward a character if spots are still open.

“We’ve done well so far,” Wei speaks to those that have fought fought alongside him this far into the docks. Currently, his group has taken the chance to catch their breath in one of the abandoned buildings as the archer threat to the forces have come to be more periodic annoyances than constant harassments upon the advancing forces. His eyes scan over those amongst those still here. It was a bit smaller than when they had first started, some being struck down while others were injured in one way or another and ordered to fall back towards the main forces. “But don’t let it get to your heads. It’s only a matter of time before they may send our way something-“

At that moment, piercing screams rung out in the air from outside. It wasn’t long after those that screams of agony were let out by no doubt victims of what monstrosity has now come to the battlefield. Even in here, the screams gave a ringing to their unprepared ears. “-worse! Damn.” Wei’s brows furrowed. “Nagri… it was inevitable they would be set upon us…” He had heard stories of them. How they could bring down some of the mightiest warriors without even having to bear their weapons or hands upon them. He didn’t know how well he could take one of their direct screams if it came to it, but he certainly was planning to not have to test that if he had too.

Wei quickly moved his arm to one of his sleeves, ripping off most of it with a strong tug. Some of the group were taken aback by Wei’s sudden action, watching him as he rips some of it into smaller pieces before working them quickly into his ear. Once he finishes the second ear, he then uses the remaining material and rips it in a way to make a long strand of fabric, before then wrapping it several times around his head, making sure it’s covering his ears as best as possible.

He turns back to the others. “Find something to cover your ears!” He yells out. More screams from outside, even damped, have him turn to see that one of them is making a fast approach towards their position. Picking up his bow, he fires an arrow towards it. It sinks into its shoulder, but it only slows it for a second, as it continues to run towards them even more angry than it already was, it’s screams coming more prominent as it approached. On the edge of his vision, he could see that those who weren’t fast enough were grasping at their ears from the sonic bursts out of the creatures mouth. He couldn’t let this continue, else more of them would be out of commission.

Valiant Song came to replace the bow in his hands, as he charges the Nagri. The beast in turn brings its naginata to bear as it brings it down at him in a mighty arc over his head. Wei dives to avoid the strike, rolling back into a standing position in time to block its second swing aiming at his side. Gritting his teeth, he pushes back against its bladed end with Valiant Song, in turn throwing the nagri off balance. Taking the opening, Wei charges forward. The Nagri once more goes to let out a scream out, only to find a blade to slam into the back of its throat, piecing all the way out the back. It writhes at this, trying to claw at Wei, one backhand striking him in the hand. Roaring in aggravation, he slams his hand onto the pommel of Valiant Song, enough force being added that the blade ripped upwards into the Nagri’s skull, splitting it in two. For a moment, the undead’s body stayed were it was, before finally giving way and falls to the ground with a thud.

Heavy breaths came from Wei as he heads back to his group, waving his blade to remove the blood and grey matter still on it. He flinches a little as he can feel his ears ringing. Even covered, those screams are definitely not something one wants to be espoused to for an extended period of time, it seems. He shakes his head, focusing back to the others. “It won’t be long till more are sure to head this way. We can’t let them dictate where the fights are. Keep moving and try to engage them before they can focus those damned wailing at you!”
Ailred Enbanise

Stepping outside the front door, Ailred takes a big breath of the morning air. With the winter season coming to a close, the anticipation of the spring was seeming to emanate out of every seeming aspect of nature itself. And with spring returning, it meant that materials that had waned in the winter should soon be making a comeback. After spending the last few days finishing setting up his home after moving into the town recently, he knew now was the opportune chance to start checking out the woods for useful herbs and other plants.

Ailred looks himself over, going threw a mental checklist. Material bag at his side? Check. Bow across his back? Check. Nodding to himself as he sees everything is as it should be, Ailred locks the door and begins to go on the path in the direction of the nearby forest. Nothing to deep today, he reminds himself. This first excursion is more for scoping the area out for later trips in the future, after all.

As he walks, his mind wonders about Frontier Village he now calls home. Having settled into the village just recently, there wasn’t much he knew about it. He had heard of the upcoming festival from overheard gossip of other villagers. Sadly, it was to be delayed due to the increase in monsters cropping up he had also heard. Outside of that, he was still too new to know the in and outs of the village. But that will be rectified in time, so he didn’t worry on it for too long.

Amongst the rocking of the ship that sailed closer and closer towards the city, just below the main deck, Wei has taken to sitting on his knees in a focused state. Valiant Song sat across his lap, while in his hand he held one of his talismans to the celestial beings above, begins to speak softly aloud in a prayer.

“To those who are watching from the Heavens, on this day, we seek to strike against the foul darkness hat has come unto these lands. We ask that you bless our blades to strike true. That our arrows hit their marks. That those who make the ultimate sacrifice in the coming struggle, be heralded to a worthy rest.” With the final sentence of his prayer, he bows his head in reverence, fingers grasping tighter to the talisman in hand as he hears the cry to form up upon the deck.

“It’s finally time…” he speaks to himself, placing the jain back at his side as he stands up. “We shall begin to bring back the light upon these blighted lands. We cannot afford to fail.” With a final check to make sure everything of his was secured, he rushes up to the deck with the rest of the soldiers.

As soon as the ship makes landfall, Wei hurries behind the shielded front, his sword dancing between the shields as the undead came charging forward. An arrow bypasses the shields, just missing his shoulder as it thunks into the soil behind him. His eyes narrow, ire towards the enemy archers on the tops of the various buildings in the city firing down on the forces.

Looking at what options are available to them, he’ll shout out to those near him. “Keep yourselves closer to the walls when possible! Use them as cover and advance when our own archers have fired back!” Catching sight of one buildings door sitting open, an idea comes to him. “In fact…” he motions to some of the others as he rushes towards it, another arrow cutting through a bit of the cloth of his pants, but nothing harming his leg. “Let us cut through the buildings and limit their archers targets as we take these chances and strike the undead from a different angle to the others!” Bursting into the interior, Valiant Song whirls and stabs through several undead within as Wei begins his advance.

And with this plan in action, Wei, along with those that followed after him, would bound across the city streets, taking cover through various buildings to avoid the ghoulish archers above and to clear out any undead inside from popping out and ambushing the forces advancing through the streets from behind. Many a ghoul found themselves struck down with great precision, Wei and Valiant Song like a dance of death.

Or would this be a dance of re-death?, he mused for a moment as his jain is pulled out of the cranium of what was once a living woman, fallen to the ground. May you finally find rest, he offers this quick prayer with each new undead stricken down.
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