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I’d love to participate in a Rising of the Shield Hero RP for sure if it happens.

Personally, I’d actually lean more towards Thundere’s idea, that being that RPers are part of the Hero’s party, in which the hero is a QM controlled character. I say this as I believe it would be easier for players to handle a regular character than a hero with their ever expanding weapon enchantment system that can become overwhelming with each new material added in. Party members, though perhaps not as mighty as one of the heros alone, they still can get stronger and advance their classes as time goes on.

On top of that, with the QM having control of the Hero, it could help more in keeping the progression of the story in control/focused, than potentially having each separate hero splitting up and have to keep up with separate plot lines outside the waves. That’s not to say the party members have no chance for independent actions. There could certainly be down times for everyone to handle or do their own things when applicable.

These are just my own thoughts at the current moment.

Bringing his hand up to clasp his chin, Kouta thinks upon the new arrivals plan for getting fishnets. It certainly would give them a likely higher chance to capture said bird. If it was like the birds he knew, it’s likely going to be rather agile and hard to catch by hand alone. But…

“While I see the positives of getting said net, I’m not sure if we have the time to send some back for some,” Kouta shakes his head and frowns a little, “I worry about said group running into one of Catamount’s patrols. We just started this guild and… I don’t want to put anyone here at risk before we are ready.” Kouta can’t help but look between the members here, his right fist at his side tightening at such a thought.

Dawn, Miricia

An incredulous look came to Zachary’s face as he hears the diplomat of Kuro speak. I-Is this guy trying to start something?! The situation is already tense as is. Throwing grease onto a flame will only make this worse. Body moving on instinct, Zachary moves in front of Mr. Casimir, letting out loud fake coughing to grab attention as he gently pushes the diplomat back with his arm.

Zachary brings his arm back over his chest, bowing quickly to King Jacob. “Your Highness, allow me to speak upon this morning. Prince Eric and we of his group, arrived here after 18 days of travel. Once we arrived here in Dawn, we headed towards the meeting at the ‘Dancing Dragon’ tavern. Not long after our arrival, however, a strange young man had fallen through the roof of the tavern. As soon as said individual was up on his feet, he started casting magic at other patrons of the tavern sporadically, causing chaos as some patrons started to lash out in the fray. Prince Erik quickly took action, ordering several of us to aid patrons out of the tavern, as he jumped into the brawl and tried to apprehend the mad Mage. Plans changed though, as said mage’s fire magic caught the tavern alight and we made our exit. It was at that time we came out to the waiting if you guards and soldiers of Monos, who of course, brought us to you.”
Doing alright.
The Laguez trying to calm down the soldiers from an anti-Laguez nation...

I shall pray to the Goddess for you, my friend.
So. How is everyone?
Man, seeing the last login days on some of the others is rather shocking to see.

In any case, I still hope things work out.

Dawn, Miricia

This day just keeps getting better and better.

Prince Erik had finally given the call to leave, which he was initially quite grateful for. That mess in there was becoming more and more problematic as time went on. But things just aren’t going their way today it seems. Especially when he finds near a dozen laces suddenly pointed at their group from the local guards.

“It would seem that fate has truly conspired against us this day, would you not say Prince Eric?” Zachary speaks to the prince, a look of exasperation from the situation clear on his face. All he did was help people out of chaos and now he (and the others currently with them) were all treated as criminals to some new law they couldn’t have even known about!

With the crest now worn proudly worn upon his back, Kouta pulls his shirt back over his chest once more. In a way, though it was just a mark, he could feel that it carried a weight to it. It was the mark of his his mission… no. This mark was of everyone who is here, standing beside him. His new… family. Even now, it felt weird to say it.

When the last of them had received their marks, Zane once more spoke to them all. Kouta found himself blinking when he heard that Zane had given them a test right after. From the looks of the others, some were not quite pleased to be thrown for such a loop so soon. Especially with the restrictions placed upon said task. Fist clenching though, Kouta was not bothered by this. In fact, he found the challenge rather interesting. It will be a chance for him to prove his worth to everyone by working together.

“To catch a bird with no magic you say. Fair enough! With all of us together, I’m sure we can accomplish this easily!” Giving a thumbs up to his guild mates.

It was then a new face dropped in, apparently having decided to be hidden for the meeting until now. Though he was apprehensive at first, it seemed Zane accepted his arrival easy enough, so he gives him the benefit of the doubt for now. And with the man scouting out and spotting the bird, he was glad they seemed to have an idea where to go at least.

Kouta clasps a hand on the new guy’s shoulder. “Good job on spotting our bird. It would probably be for the best as you said, to try and split up around it to limit its movements. Though,” he takes his hand off the new guy’s shoulder, raising it up to his chin in contemplation, “how exactly would we want to catch it once we get close enough? Does anyone have something we can throw over it?” Kouta looks to the others quizzically. “Like...A net, maybe? Or a big blanket?”

Dawn, Miricia

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Zachary let’s out a quick breath. Wants to move the Prince to a safer area and he wants to run towards the madness. Reminds him of his brother, now that he thinks of it. But now isn’t the time to reminiscing such things. He has a task ordered by the Prince and he will uphold it.

Not like his bow would do much good in a close quarters situation like this anyway.

Thus, Zachary begins to either direct and lead patrons out of the tavern who either not participating in the chaos or to those who had the unfortunate luck to have been struck, he began to drag them outside and away from the fray. Coming back inside from one such dragging, He moves to check on Prince Erik. The boy who started this whole situation seems to be actively ignoring the Prince, much to his annoyance.

“It would seem that he wishes not to heed your orders Sir…” Watching as said boy let’s off yet another spell into the group of angry patrons. “... And I don’t think he plans to leave peacefully at this rate.”
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