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@IceHeartWell, that's a shame. Still, I guess it can't be helped. Feel free to PM me if you ever start this up again, or if you make a new RP that I might be interested in. I'll give it a look, in any case. Thanks for attempting to run regardless.
The methodical twang, click, and thunk of his weapon was something Ryon had grown very much accustomed to, these past few days. The twang of the crossbow's string, the click of the mechanism's gears, and the thunk of the bolt striking the target was something he could hone in on, even as the battle continued to rage around him. In a sense, it was the metronome that helped him decide the battle's pace, provided that he's in control of the battle's tempo in the first place. This time around? The sudden attack from the docks and the relentless advance definitely meant that initiative was on their side.

"Forward, my brothers!" The man let out a wild laugh as he fired off another bolt at a distant archer. Now that the beachhead was secured, it was time to press the attack. They would be able to get reinforcements from the other ships easily enough now, and it was imperative that this force linked up with the other force that was storming the gates. They were on the other side of the city, of course, but that didn't make the goal any less important. The squad pushed on ahead, intent on earning their fair share of kills.

When he heard those screams in the distance, Ryon had realized his folly too late. Half of his squad was now overextended, and the Nagri would soon be upon them. He briefly considered ordering his squad to pull back, but that was impossible; a loss of momentum here might mean that their attack would stall at a critical junction. No, as much as he dreaded it, he would have to push up to his other squad members and link up before the Nagri get the idea of picking off each man one by one.

"Nagri, left side!" Ryon shouted as he fired his crossbow at the approaching undead warriors. Their bone-chilling shrieks were more than a little distracting. Upon hearing the dreadful wailing of the Nagri, the lieutenant's aim wavered ever so slightly. His crossbow bolt veered off-course as it thud against a nearby wall ineffectually. Thankfully, his squad was now linked up, and they could face these monsters together, rather than alone.

As the Nagri approached, Ryon pulled back the repeater's lever with speed borne of experience... only to find that he was out of ammunition. His eyes widened in surprise, before his expression shifts to one of rage. He had miscounted this cartridge's bolts, and the fact that these screaming ghouls could throw off his aim with an ear-splitting cry only exacerbated the issue. The men at the front readied their deungpae, forming ranks in an attempt to hold off the oncoming group of Unresting, whilst the marksmen at the back prepared for another volley against the Nagri before they could close in. The lieutenant had no time to perform a full reload of his weapon, and he knew it all too well.

Thinking quickly, the man pulled a ceramic bomb from one of his pouches and lobbed it in an arc towards the front. A moment passed, before it detonated in the middle of the approaching group of Unresting, reducing a few unlucky ghouls to unrecognizable gore. That should help the men at the front, but the more pressing issue was the Nagri. Soon enough, the monsters descended upon his squad in full force. Hang-Jun military doctrine would state that the shieldbearers would protect the archers or pikemen, but in a chaotic fight like this? The doctrine went out the window.

The lieutenant however, had abandoned the playbook quite some time ago. Useful for battles against other nations. Not so much the undead. Ryon watched as a few of the men in his squad lost focus due to the shrieking, only to die in a follow-up attack from those polearms. In life, these Nagri must have been warrior monks. The Nagri ahead of him seemed to know of Ryon's lack of a loaded weapon and moved to attack the man. The lieutenant backpedaled to avoid a frontal stab, then leapt to the side to dodge a vertical swing. He needed to turn the tide now.

Ryon let out a rallying cry as he darted forward, ever closer to the naginata. The Nagri seemed to realize the man's plan far too late, because the lieutenant was already upon it. The man slammed the crossbow's heavy stock against the shrieking ghoul's face, forcing the Nagri backwards. He followed up with a powerful kick to the knee, causing the monster to crumple to the floor. What followed was a less-than-dignified display of brutality as the lieutenant repeatedly bashed the stock of his crossbow against the Nagri's head. On the second or third strike, the ghoul's head gave way with a sickening squelch.

The lieutenant looked up at his squad to see them injured, but alive. They had successfully fought off the Nagri, for now. One or two of them had perished in the skirmish, however, and many more were not able to escape without injuries. Still, in spite of it all, their expressions had mirrored their officer's. These were eyes filled with determination. They would fight and win, or they would fight and die. Ryon gave all of his men a wild grin.

"We'll make sure their corpses are returned to Hang-Jun." He starts. "...but only after we return these corpses back to the earth!" He laughed heartily for a moment, gaining his second wind as he reloaded his crossbow.

"Forward!" The lieutenant commanded.
Posted. A little more methodical than I would have liked, but it's there. Let me know if I need to make any revisions.
Alexei stirred slightly as the plane came to a stop. From his seat next to the window, he was able to spot a number of similar airplanes preparing to taxi or takeoff. It seemed that he had finally reached Hyères after a grueling eighteen-hour flight. Flying first-class could only alleviate a problem like that for so long. The roar of the plane's engines slowly died down as the mechanized ramp attached itself to the boarding doors. The Russian let out a sigh as he staggered to his feet, stretching his limbs for only a moment before retrieving his briefcase from the overhead compartments.

The weather today was fair. Pleasantly warm, but not quite sunny. A happy medium, by Alexei's standards. He produced a cigarette from his coat pocket, lighting it with his fingertips before bringing it to his mouth. He took a long drag of the paper stick, enjoying the calmness it brought to his body as the other passengers walked down the boarding ramp. The good stuff. With his urge sated, the man walked towards the airport to retrieve the rest of his belongings.

The man left the airport with a single large black trunk being pulled along in one hand and an equally ubiquitous black briefcase in the other. Both pieces of luggage had some considerable heft to them, but at this point, he was more than accustomed to the weight of both. While he had booked a hotel, the man recalled that a few members of this alliance (both the Mage's Association and the Church alike) were arriving by train. Alexei held no particular love for either faction, but this threat was something he could not handle alone. With a plan in his mind, the man hailed a taxi and departed towards the Hyères train station.

"...A tourist, eh?" The taxi driver asked him in fluent English. The man was either friendlier than most, or looking forward to a tip. Either way, Alexei would oblige him. "да." He agreed. "I am here to see the sights." The taxi driver nodded in acceptance of the answer, in spite of the Russian's heavily accented English. "Well, I hope you enjoy your trip." The driver grinned. The Russian merely gave the man a polite smile in response. The transit there would not be long at all, thanks to the airport's proximity to the train station. The city entered his view as they drove past. The traditional and contemporary buildings were foreign, but nothing he hadn't seen before. As far as the man concerned, this was just another job.

When he had arrived at the train station, Alexei made sure to give the man a modest tip before leaving. He would never admit it, but it was more for his sake than theirs; they usually won't ask questions this way and see him as another tourist, rather than a stingy foreigner who haggles for everything. The mage disembarked, securing his luggage and heading towards one of the nearby benches near the entrance of the building to await his companions. He took out another cigarette and began smoking in silence.
@IceHeart Gotcha. I'll have something written up sometime soon.
I should have just started off with some action right away and just had everyone get together from the get-go, oh well. Alright so lost two people so before anything else can happen let me just see who is actually willing to go on.


@Pie Flavor
@vancexentan Well I know you'll stay but had to call out anyway.
@Hawthorne Did Plank ever get back to you?

Alright so...the main thing now is down to two servants again. Which we can roll with but probably could use another one. I can take up the servant slot, however if someone else wants it now is the time.

We'll figure it out after I get my roll call.

Unfortunately, he did not get back to me. I guess he's no longer interested. I on the other hand, still am. Would you rather I wait for this action post before posting, or should I go with an introduction post?

@Plank Sinatra

If you're still interested in playing, I can take Kintoki on as my own Servant now that I've been accepted. If you still feel like quitting the RP though, that's no skin off of my back. Just let me know so that I can adjust my post accordingly.
@Hawthorne Rune magic route is pretty interesting. Echidna not Echnidna, for some reason that just rubbed me the wrong way ha ha. So like with another profile I mentioned it could use a bit of sprucing up to make the profile really pop out. Add in some Bold font, make sure all the paragraphs are easily seen, etc.

Well partially I went with my own version of the Nasuverse, so that I wouldn't have to get too bogged down with all the lore and stuff. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. After you make some chances I'll give it another look over.

Took your suggestions into account and added some formatting. Sorry about the Echidna thing; I'm usually a little better about typos, but I guess this one slipped underneath the radar. Let me know if there's anything else I can fix up.
Here's my application. Please let me know if there are any errors or kinks that I need to work out. I will admit, I'm not too knowledgable about the Nasuverse, so any corrections would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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