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Doctor Solomon Whitewood

Time: Morning
Location: The Avalon Avenger, Lower Decks, Infirmary
Interaction with: @Stitches Peregrin, @Tae Princess Brenna


Solomon reviewed the book on anatomy with great interest. As it turned out, while in human form, merfolk retain a body comparable to normal humans or other land-based humanoids. The biggest difference? Their respiratory system. They have two separate sets of breathing apparatus-- the lungs, and the gills, switching between the use of either depending on their current form. Unlike most races, merfolk have two sets of epiglottises, one that covers their trachea and esophagus, and one that filters air or water into their lungs or gills respectively. In their human form, their gills seal completely shut, allowing them to breathe air normally.

And their tails. Whether or not their transformation is magical or completely biological is still a popular debate among many academic circles-- mainly because nobody can truly analyze a mermaid's transformation process to get anywhere conclusive. Those bones, scales, and fins have to go somewhere, after all, and nobody is quite sure how it happens. Merfolk may have a scientific name of Siren Oceanus, but whether or not that name is a misnomer due to the presence of actual sirens may be... debatable.

Until today, at least.

The existence of this siren proves that there are entirely different species to merfolk. Perhaps this is even more like a subspecies of the common siren. Either way, while the anatomy of merfolk is interesting and very much insightful, Solomon wondered how much of it would be actually relevant regarding his new charge. In fact, for all he knew, it was very much possible that she was not even that closely related to a siren on merfolk and is instead their own species entirely. All of this was, of course, conjecture.

Solomon was prepared to continue his research when he felt a distinctly odd sensation. A familiar one, yet, nevertheless uncomfortable. He set down his encyclopedia, before turning towards his sole patient. As he expected, she was staring at him. The doctor watched with curiosity as the siren rubbed against her pillowcase for no reason he could discern.

"...You're awake." He started. "Are you uncomfortable? Does your skin itch?" The doctor questioned. Perhaps she was developing an allergic reaction to the bedsheets?

As he rubbed his beard in thought, a light knock at the door caught his attention. Before he could gesture at the guard to open the door, the princess herself had done so-- and was carrying a stack of books and supplies in her hands while she was at it. Her personal guard followed behind her, now doubling the number of guardsmen within the clinic. At her introduction, the doctor was quick to recompose himself.

"Your highness." He rose from his seat and bowed slightly. "I am honored to make your acquaintance-- and to have your assistance."

Her reaction towards the siren was understandable, and yet something seemed to be off. The eyes of the princess seemed to flash with a mix of both recognition and horror. Solomon raised an eyebrow at that. For all intents and purposes, the princess and the siren appeared to be polar opposites, in terms of appearance. Whereas one was clearly beautiful, the other one was the strange facsimile of a woman. The more pressing issue at hand, however, were the objects in her grasp. The doctor moved to assist her, shooting her guardsman a disapproving gaze (it was bad form to let a woman carry her own things, let alone a princess, even if she was capable and expected to do so), but the deed was done.

The princess set down her things and asked him what needed doing. The doctor could tell that she very much wished to begin asking the creature what had happened, but there was a precedent to these things. He turned to her with a polite smile on his face.

"I will need you to start the kettle, Princess Brenna." He gestures to the laboratory equipment secured near the side of the hull, namely an oil burner, for heating glassware (or in this case, metal kettles). "I believe a cup of tea will help soothe everyone's nerves, and perhaps bring some color back to our patient's skin." The analogy in question was not quite accurate, considering the siren's actual skin color, but the meaning remained.

In the meantime, the doctor grabbed a nearby stool and sat in front of the now-awake siren; a book and quill in his hands. "Good morning." He said to the siren. "My name is Doctor Solomon Whitewood. May I know yours?" He asked her.
In Ossvien 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Doctor Solomon Whitewood

Time: Morning
Location: The Avalon Avenger, Lower Decks, Infirmary
Interaction with: @Stitches

It had been a few days since they had arrived aboard the Avalon Avenger. All of his belongings, from equipment to personal effects had made it onto the ship safely-- something the doctor was very much grateful for. The first day mostly consisted of Solomon establishing his workstation in the lower decks. Laboratory apparatus had to be set up, books had to be placed, and supplies needed to be ready for use, after all.

The days following were, thankfully, not as hectic. The doctor spent time getting acquainted with the medical records of those onboard the ship; not just the officers, but the regular sailors too, as they were the most likely to visit the infirmary at the end of the day. As the ship was a proper vessel of the Glasstonian Navy, many of the men aboard were capable of reading and writing. That being said, these records were not quite as complete as he would have liked. For any other navy surgeon, they would have been sufficient. However, having proper and extensive records could be what separated a healthy crew from a sickly one, and thus, the doctor made preparations to perform routine check-ups on the members of the crew.

...or at least, he would have, had he not had heard the knocking.

Not on the door to the doctor's office, mind you. He heard knocking on the outside of the hull. Solomon briefly wondered if a whale, shark, or some other sea creature had bumped against the hull, but quickly discarded that theory once he listened in further. If that were the case, it would be a singular crash, not a series of relatively gentle knocks. Perhaps someone had fallen overboard? A few minutes of deliberation later, a marine entered the office.

"Doctor. We've found a strange woman in the water and we're bringing her aboard. She'll likely be sent your way shortly." The marine said simply.

A woman? In the open sea? How strange. "I see..." Solomon rubbed his chin. "Thank you for informing me. I'll prepare a bed for her arrival."

The doctor considered asking the man more questions but knew that he likely didn't know as much as he would've liked. Thus, he let him go on his way. Solomon stretched out some new linens, fluffed up a pillow, and prepared a bit of water for his prospective patient. If she was a castaway and a survivor of a crashed ship, she must be extremely exhausted, after all. Already, the doctor was running the routine in his mind. He would have to clean and bind any wounds she might have, check for internal injuries, and treat any symptoms of starvation or dehydration that are certain to appear.

Of course, he certainly didn't expect what would happen next. Some five minutes later, the ship's Royal Sea Witch had entered with the patient in his arms. "Doctor Whitewood." Aldan gave the doctor a nod.

"Mister Stormreaver." He replied, approaching the man and his charge. "This is..."

"Not what you were expecting? The same goes for everyone else aboard the ship." Aldan said as he gently lowered the unconscious Siren onto the prepared bed.

"I'll leave her in your care. I've business to attend to above deck. I'll send a marine over to watch over the Siren soon." With a nod, the Sea Witch excused himself, leaving the doctor to his work.

Solomon looked down at his charge. He had never seen anything quite like her. He had treated a few Merfolk before, but never a Siren, and certainly never a Siren like she was. Perhaps there were different breeds of Siren depending on location? Whatever the case may be, there was still a job that needed to be done, and so, the doctor approached her pensively, doing his best not to wake her. Producing a book and quill from a nearby desk, he began his report.

During his first inspection, the doctor found no injuries, internal or external. Judging by the texture and moisture of her skin, she did not appear to be sick, either. If the smell and slight residue of sloughing skin was any indication, she likely had transformed recently. It would take a few hours before she is accustomed to walking on land and breathing air.

On occasion, the Siren would call out for someone named "Sam". He would have to ask who that man was when she woke.

The most pressing issue is her apparent exhaustion. It seems as if she had been swimming for several days without rest. The doctor made a mental note to ready a meal for her when she woke, but not so much as to induce refeeding syndrome. Her clothes were torn, aged, and wet with brine. It did very little to preserve her modesty. Perhaps the princess had spare clothing lying around. It wouldn't do for a woman to walk around aboard a ship of the Glasstonian Navy looking like she did, even if she was a Siren.

With that, Solomon closed his book with a sigh. This was a new endeavor for him, but he supposed that this was indeed what he had signed up for. The doctor gave his patient one more glance before putting his book away. He then walked over to a nearby shelf, pulling out one of the books he had brought with him as reference material. "The Anatomy of the Various Known Races of Ossiven." This thick and heavy book had contained much information about the bodies of various different races, so much so that it was frequently used as reference material for any good surgeon. As he flipped over to the page containing the information about Merfolk, he briefly wondered if he would be the one to complete the incomplete entry about Sirens.

The doctor then shook his head. If he did his job right, he could do that and manage to keep her healthy, too. As if on cue, a marine guard appeared, giving the Doctor a nod before standing at his post. It seemed like the captain wouldn't have a potential security issue like her walking around unattended, which was in the end, likely a wise decision.

Solomon returned the nod to the guardsman, and with that, he began his studies. People would find the man completely engrossed in his work, as he should be.
In Ossvien 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Ossvien 2 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Looks like all of the posts are in. Now all we need to do is wait for the next prompt.
Nice to see that this is up. Are there any limitations or preferences for characters?
That took longer than I would have liked. Sorry about that, the past few weeks have been pretty hectic for me.
After weaving her way through the crowds, the Homunculus found herself in the center of the city's plaza. Following their movements, she ended up near the edge of the clearing that they had made. The silence and anxiety of the crowd did little to phase her, though she did begin to wonder as to when Seraph would appear. Soon enough, a symbol of light appeared from the Sanctum, which prompted a group of priests to come forth, moving towards the braziers and the statue. The young man that was with them seemed... strange. Letitia felt something stirring within her when she looked at him. She did not feel anything like it before; the closest resemblance being to when she looks at Father. Perhaps he was the one she was seeking?

The artificial human shook her head as if to reorient herself. There were other people with him. They reminded her of the other Caretakers. She is unsure how she feels about that. The young man with them appeared to be in a daze as he was pulled along. Curious. Soon, an old man came along, dressed in simplistic finery for the occasion. In spite of it all, even the Homunculus could feel the sheer authority the High King exuded. No doubt about it, he was important, for one reason or another. The king took the stage, cleared his throat, and begun a speech.

All seemed fine, at first. The king spoke with grace and pride in his voice. Letitia, of course, knew of the events he spoke of to a certain extent. In her time in the laboratory, she was taught about the history of the land of Ruyunae. Her knowledge was limited to books and secondhand information, though. Prior to her escape, this is the first time she saw the world beyond the laboratory, so she only really knows information from those lessons.

In the midst of his speech, a low rumbling could be heard. This immediately put the Homunculus on edge. Soon afterward, the pillar of dark energy in the distance appeared, which confirmed her intuition. Something was wrong. A scene between the High Priest and the High King occurred, which quickly involved the young man from before, and the captain of the guard stationed nearby. The bystanders around the girl left the scene rather quickly in fear for their safety. Letitia remained. She was certain her aid would be needed soon.

A dark cloud of miasma erupted forth from the High Priest's hand, which quickly filled the square. The choking darkness was more than a little obtrusive, bringing forth memories of that dark room in which she awaited her fate. In response however, a piercing light shone forth and cleared away the darkness. She did not understand what this was, but she knew enough.

This was the Seraph's doing.

The High Priest quickly dispelled his disguise, summoned minions to finish the job, and disappeared. The knights moved to defend themselves and were reinforced by a strange bestial figure. More help, she supposed. The Homunculus, realizing that the battle would require reinforcements, prepared herself to assist. For some strange reason, she feels something strange whenever she looks at those demons. It was if her blood boiled and everything in her body screamed at her to fight.

To purge.

Letitia looked up at the nearest target: a horned demon that stood upon its hind legs and supported itself with its forearms. It was relentlessly striking against a knight, who was desperately attempting to fend off its assault with his shield. The Homunculus focused magical energy into the soles of her feet and caused a small pillar to erupt from the ground. This action sent her small frame hurtling towards the demon at high speeds. She performed a somersault and channeled lightning into her fist. Without so much as a battlecry, she leveled a punch at the otherworldy being's head. There was a flash of light as the demon collapsed from the attack. It slumped on the ground, dead. Efficiency was, of course, expected in her combat style.

The artificial human quickly reoriented herself and slipped into the backline to provide support for the others. She placed her palms on the worked stone that lay beneath her feet, causing earthen barricades to appear between the knights and the demons. That should give them some more breathing room.
Nice. Alright. I'll see what I can write up soon.
Interesting setting. I might be interested, depending on the RP's premise.
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