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Now I'm imagining a really, really terrible low-budget pulp action film about Red Atlas that was thrown together in a month by a couple of high school students, who managed to finish their film before the Martian Government could.
Always love to see an RP that moves quickly, eh? Also, that's pretty hilarious. I'd imagine the Space Wikipedia must split off into Red Atlas, Red Atlas (Ship), Red Atlas (Movie), Red Atlas (Cartoon), Red Atlas (Video Game), and Red Atlas (Action Figures and Collectibles). Many more to come, with sequels and spinoffs.
Happy to help. Had lots of fun making those, heh.

Holden gave the newcomer a respectful nod as Adam took a seat. Everyone knew who this guy was- Adam Gilford is a legend, even among Saturnites. After all, in spite of all the pandering towards the Mars Military, Red Atlas was a fairly distinguished group. It was also a pretty good action movie, though seeing as fifteen years or so years have passed, Castle wouldn't be surprised if sequels were out by now. As the woman spoke up, however, he redirected his attention to her.

Holden was completely silent as Artemie began to explain her origins. It was incredible, really. To go so deep into the blackness alone and on a task that would take so long, that by the time you were done, an entire generation or two of people could've been born... and after you're done, you decide to go on another mission right afterward.

If she was under since 234 SA, and the current year was 264 SA... she must've been in the ice for roughly twice as long as the rest of the pilots were.

"Damn." Holden said, at a loss of things to say. "Must've been tough... surprised you didn't go back-- the Van-Winkle Laws would've provided for you for a long time."

Anyone who went into the deep freeze knew about the stories. A military gunship on the far reaches of space takes too much damage and can't send a distress signal. They decide that the best course of action is to go into the ice and hope someone finds them. The next time they wake up? It was a couple of hundred years later, and technology had advanced so far that their training was essentially rendered obsolete. They couldn't get jobs anymore, and the measly pension they got didn't amount for much.

The Van-Winkle Laws were an attempt to compensate for that. It stated that any long periods of time spent by working personnel in Cryostasis would count towards Active Time Served-- unless they were considered MIA, in which case only a tenth of time is counted. In either case, you're compensated with wages for however long you were under, in addition to normal pay. Being a worker who spent most of their time in cryo was a lucrative and well-paying job, mostly.

...but even in spite of these laws, money was never quite an acceptable trade for all that time. Truly, it seemed that time moved on; with or without you.

"...Then again, I guess if you're on this mission, you're not in it for money, hm?" Holden nodded in approval. It might've been presumptuous of him to assume, but he couldn't help but feel a great deal of respect for the woman. After all, anyone capable of that much can be counted on to do what was necessary.
The Ajax is capable of short bursts of vertical movement via the Talaria Jump Jets, but is otherwise incapable of atmospheric flight- it's too heavy, and the thrusters can't sustain long enough for continual upper movement. Different story in low gravity or Zero-G environments, but still.
No worries! It's also my fault for not reading that post better. I'll be certain to double-check posts in the future before I attempt any interactions, heh.
Looks like Stel was sitting at another table entirely, which makes one of my posts back then incorrect. Whoops. Going to do some edits and make a new post soonish.
Makes sense. I'd imagine Holden's got a similar schtick, with the whole War Hero story, but seeing as it wasn't nearly as celebrated or spun for publicity as much as it could've been, it might be more subdued. Folks over at Saturn might've heard of him, but is less-known as you leave the Outer Planets.
Sounds about right. Regardless, it's definitely a cool niche to fill, and your character came out really well. Good job! I'd imagine that depending on how widespread the propaganda of him and the Red Atlas had been distributed, even Holden might've heard of him before this whole program was assembled.
Man, that is a super cool sheet. Nothing quite like a poster boy (with the skills to match) on the fastest Orbital we've got. Very cool.
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