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Current Sometimes, I get bored sometimes, I get lazy, but for the love of god please don't forget me!
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Wishing to disappear into a world of fantasy!
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Feels like having a bad time~


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Western Gangster x Japanese assassin
Dragon age Rp
Marvel Rp
Lawful good human Paladin x true neutral half-elf Rogue Rp

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"The fall season is upon us folks and the newest hottest horror Novella from new writer Yuki is falling off the shelves, In other news, police are advising London residents to stay indoors as more mysterious murders and disappearance rock central London, Police are investigating but it's advised that all residents not wondered too late at night."
Dream of the endless finds himself in the interesting position of finding someone that isn't in the book of Destiny, Curious as to why this human isn't in the book of his older brother Destiny Dream decided to watch the young man dreams to find a clue but finds out that he doesn't dream either even more curious now Dream has decided it's time to figure out about this mysterious human who doesn't dream is.

Legion Aka Vincent "Yuki" Wilson: Trimblebird

the basic idea is in the prompt I'll drop my character's profile in a bit just want to set this up in case anyone is interested.

Name: Vincent Yuki Wilson
Codename: Legion
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Powers: Magic of a distinctly Underworld Flavor
Weaknesses: abilities based on mental stability ((if unstable unknown effects can happen))
Personality: Suffers from PTSD, seemingly has a flat affect due to having to control his magic, Blunt to the point of being rude sometimes, Has a height complex due to being short as hell
Brief Background: As his Civillin Name implies he is the son of infamous Merc Deathstroke, though due to some magical shenanigans Deathstroke has no memory of his son, for Legion's part from the age 12 to 22 he was locked away living in Hades, 22 to 31 he spent on New Genesis where New God HighFather healed his mind and body from the trauma of being a living being in Hades, coming back a year ago to find his mother dead and his father turned out to be a bad guy he's kept his distance from the Merc, Taking up the Identity of Yuki a horror writer that got popular based on his rather realist horror novels based around demons and monsters, as a hero under the name Legion he mainly fights monsters and demons that help with his horror novels.
Maybe we should add dream of the endless to this rp
Both actually
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