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The fox lady sighed a little a Deadpool's odd behavior more so when it seemed he was talking to himself. Yumi didn't mind like before, He was more than willing to overlook Wade's oddities not like he was normal himself so who was he to judge. The white hair young man nuzzled into the Merc with the mouth's arm when he pet his head again. The fox spoke again. "I call him that because he's the child of a couple of gods I know one of them happens to be the god of the moon."

That gave Yumi pause there was no way right he couldn't be related to any gods right he's just unusual person, he had to be there was no way in the world that.... but not that he was thinking about it fox like this lady shouldn't exist yet he wasn't surprised by her existing, and what about the other things he had since like the ghost Yokai that would wonder around the shrine, Maybe she was right, but thinking about it was giving Yumi a killer headach and making him extremely sleepy. "My head hurts, the things you are saying sound familiar but I can't remember a thing about my past."

"That my dear boy is a good thing, my dear boy let's just say the reason you are here and not in the celestial palace is because something went down and it's better for you to remain here with your chosen protector," She said that last part with a bit of bite to it. It seems she didn't like the fact that Yumi had chosen Deadpool to be the one to protect him. For his part, Yumi just held slightly tighter to Deadpool's arm and looked up at him with a cheery smile though when he heard the bit of venom in the fox lady's voice he just nuzzled the merc's arm.
The nine tailed fox looked slightly annoyed by the questions she was getting pelted with but, she tilted her head a little with the mention of Thor. Yumi jumped a little when he was touched by wade on the shoulder only to relax when he realized it was the merc and not the fox Before The fox could answer the silver-haired young man answered instead. "Um I think she doesn't know T-thor was it I think she means ones from here Like she mentioned Inari which is the god of rice and foxes like her." He said sounding unsure of his own words.

"Correct little moon rabbit, I do not know this thor, and as for your man in the car well." She measured her words carefully before speaking again. "He is very human, and, let's just say he desires to be more than human to wit he must have the little one here for that, or so he believes." she said before yawning a little. Yumi looked scared when she said he was needed by the strange person Deadpool had mentioned earlier he reflexively clung on to the merc with the mouth's right arm. This caused the fox to smile a little she had a feeling and so did Yumi that what she said next didn't need to be said. "Do not give your little moon rabbit there to that man, He doesn't need more power then he already has, after all, normal humans should only live normal lifespans.
Yumi brighten a little when Wade finally gave his given name that bit of knowledge though not much made the Silver hair young male feel that bit closer to the Merc with the mouth he had to admit he was kind of disappointed that the other male never removed his mask this entire time not even to take a bit, Which just made Yumi even that but more determined to find out what he was hiding behind that mask. He then thought about the question wade ask about him not eating meat. "Don't know, I did try once and it made me sick so I never did it again," he answered looking just as puzzled as the person in front of him might be.

As he took a couple more bites he noticed the owner had come back out in a while and that got him curious one might say as curious as a cat. Also, that nagging sense of danger was still scratching at the back of his mind, like a warning bell being rung over and over again. "The kana on the shop's sign there are two ways it could be read one is rice house the other..." as if to finish his sentence the Owner came back out looking well different, she was now sporting a nice set of fox ears look a lot younger and she seemed to have nine fox tails swishing back and forth behind her.

"Fox house correct, don't worry though little one I'm not a bad fox not like those kitsunes I'm merely a simple servant of Inari, besides hurting you would be a big mistake I really don't want the other gods mad at me." she said though she did have a mischievous smile on her face like she may have done something sly. "I am curious though as to why someone like you is with someone like him." she said one of her tails pointing to Wade. Yumi stood up from the table and protectively despite his shaking stood in front of Deadpool. "Wade-san is my friend, so d-don't you d-dare hurt him." His knees were shaking a bit and he did appear like he was going to pass out from both the shock of finding out that their host was a fox and that he was actually protecting someone else usually it was the other way around.
I would be in trestles in playing Loki. Pm me?

I'm going to take you up on that!
*I'm used to the fourth breakers...* Yumi sat down across from Deadpool and when the mochi was brought he bowed his head respectfully to the owner for her part seemed to soften a bit when she was shown that bit of respect, before walking towards the back of the shop were Yumi assumed the kitchen was mostly cause he thought he could hear the sounds of pots, pans and the sound of someone cutting up vegetables. as to the question he was just asked about being able to turn into a rabbit he had to think about that for a moment so he took a mochi from the plate and took a small bite. While looking thoughtful. "I don't really know I just know that I can and if I do it too often I get really tired." He answered after finishing his mochi.

Though this time he did notice that Deadpool, was speaking to himself a bit which was odd but he was rather odd himself so who was he to judge. "I don't you've got a lot on your mind so talking it out with your spirit is often a good idea." He said laughing a little. It was then the owner came back putting two covered bowls one bowl in front of each male. Then gave each a pair of chopsticks before walking off again. "Smells like Ramen a vegetable blend for me and a meat-heavy one for you!" as if to prove his point Yumi left the covers of the bowls and like he said the one in front of Yumi was a vegetable mix ramen and in Deadpool's bowl was filled with beef ham and chicken in addition to the normal ramen noodles.

The silver hair male put his hands together something in old Japanese something that not even the all mighty Google could translate before picking up his chopsticks and beginning to eat his bowl of ramen. "This is much better than just lettuce!" he said sounding very cheerful. Thought did hit him though how did the owner know he didn't eat meat, shrugging off a nagging thought of danger, He decided to ask Deadpool a question. "Deadpool, I'm guessing that's a nickname of somekind right?"
"Oh right, hehe I forget that sometimes," Yumi said laughing sheepishly as Deadpool reminded him that he was indeed now human. He walked closely behind the taller male glad that there weren't to man people out tonight but he was fairly sure the merc with the mouth didn't know where he was going, well to be truthful neither did Yumi since he had only been on the outskirts of the village, so the more populated areas like this one were kind of unknown to him. It was like a new adventure for him and this time he was as scared as he normally would be. "Yumi bunny heh I just remember that's my last name well not rabbit but Usgai which is basically the same thing." Odd as it was the more he let down his guard the more he seemed to remember almost as if he was internally hiding his memories. *He seems to approve also how the hell oh right DP fourth breaker, Hey wade if you're nice maybe Yumi might make you pretty again.*

by the time they reach the little shop that apparently they where head for, Yumi stop for a second to look around DP was right there was hardly a single person in the shop, so taking a deep breathe he entered the shop and stood on Deadpool's right side looking at him with a sweet smile. "Thanks, you're kind, I guess you've figured out by now that I'm as timid as that rabbit form of my right?" he asked sounding kind of embarrassed by his timid behavior. "Probably has something to do with those memories I seem to be missing." Shaking off that sad though he garbed hold of Deadpool's arm and looked around for a place to sit.

Of course, it was at this point that the owner of the store approached looking over the strange duo with a very skeptic look in her eyes. "How can I help you and your lady friend." she said adding the lady part towards Yumi which caused him to twitch a little. Something even his timidness couldn't help but prevent from coming up and his annoyance at being thought of as a girl was one of them. "I'm male thanks." The woman looked shocked and apologized. "It's just that your clothes and appearance my mistake." she then pointed the pair to an empty table slight away from the entrance clearly still a bit on edge though for some odd reason Yumi didn't think it was because of Him and DP anymore.
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