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O'Ryan Cooper

The blonde ex-military vet was just so confused now. All this magic stuff was giving him a headache, why couldn't this be simple. He knew how to deal with people with guns, and other weapons and such. But, now everything had gone to hell due to all this magical stuff. All he wanted to do was grab Gavin and just take him home and just try and make things normal again. He had just experienced something being placed in his pocket out of thing air, and now this girl had walked in. Why did everything have to be so complicated? He was close to just shooting the whole building up, grabbing who he needed and just running.

'Hell... maybe I can move out to the woods.' O'Ryan thought as he tried to come up with a new set of plans.
O'Ryan Cooper

O'Ryan's immediate reaction was to get the keys off of one of these guards, and in the process freeing Ascot and the others. But he would have to be smart and fast. No room for mistake. All he had was a simple 9 millimeter. And all he had to do was grab his group and rush the hell outta here. Plus he could get the others down south to that town. They could hide out for a while, and regroup.
O'Ryan Cooper

O'Ryan immediately tensed as he saw the 'young' Ascot turn the corner now in some sort of strange cuffs around his wrists. O'Ryan's brain began firing on all cylinders trying to figure out how to get out of this situation. Running immediately was thrown out the window, he couldn't just up and leave the poor kid. The best thing was to play along for now and to simply wait for the right opportunity to strike back against the agents.

"Sure sir, we can accompany you." O'Ryan said casually looking the agent dead in his eyes, not looking away at all.
Hello, I was just lurking through the little thread here and I eventually stumbled upon your page. And I'm interested in hoping to collaborate and further work with you, if you'd have me join in. I want to make a long detailed post about why I should join in, but I don't really think it's necessary and may come off as a bit annoying to you. Especially since it's not related to the RP. But yeah, hopefully we can talk and discuss this further.
So I just recently found this thread and am interested and just seeing what it's about and discussing it. And if you can't tell by my avatar, I have a bias I already have. Also, hello, nice to meet you.

@Letter Bee

O'Ryan Cooper

O'Ryan immediately began to coordinate and search for an exit through the town, it was best to get into the countryside. More places to better hide from being tracked. The only problem was, he didn't understand Greek in the slightest. And he doubted the common person on the island would just speak English, or even French for that matter. It was going to be a bit of a pain to do this, but he had to make sure whoever these strangers were got away safely. Plus getting out would require a bit of muscle and a bit of shoving to make it to a place where they could hunker down and think of a clear game plan.
@Letter Bee I am here.
O'Ryan Cooper

O'Ryan could only stare and look around at his new surroundings. One minute he was being shot at, and now all of a sudden he was in Greece. And now he was hanging around all these weird people with these apparent magical user. He could only shake his head and massage the bridge of his nose, this was already a long day. It was only going to get much longer and far more irritating. "Alright, time to move out and hide." O'Ryan said as he adjusted the guns on himself. "We're not going to stay hidden forever, if whoever you're... fighting or whatever are as the same as you, more than likely they'll be on our asses soon." O'Ryan said.

"Also, best not to use our phones. Unless we want to basically want to wave a giant flag and shout 'Here we are!'." O'Ryan immediately began searching the closet route to get out of the crowded area of this little market. It was time to hide and lay low.
I am indeed here.
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