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6 hrs ago
Current "I have a feeling you don't like me." "Take it this way: if I had a dick, now would be the time I tell you to suck it." "… Are you coming on to me?" *SLAP!*
9 hrs ago
Dear Aussie Guildmates: Please stop warning tourists about dropbears. As entertaining as it is to watch them put vegemite behind their ears, there are critters they should be more worried about.
14 hrs ago
Does anyone know if Kuromukuro is worth a watch?
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1 day ago
Internet's throwing a hissy fit for whatever reason. Replies tomorrow.
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1 day ago
My name is Iceborne, and I'm a chocoholic.


"You either die a weeb or you live long enough to become a normie."

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Bump. Added a specific plot, and thanks to a few of the books I got recently, I'm craving it.

Welcome to the Guild. The demons will laugh at your descent into madness. Or if you stub your toe. Whichever comes first.

Bump. Added a new plot idea.

If I'm listening to music when out on a walk, I like songs with a nice beat I can walk to.

Boredom bump.
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