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1 hr ago
Current Why is everyone after bread, and why do they need a whole team to get a loaf?
11 hrs ago
Someone modded Megumin's staff as a Gunlance into Monster Hunter World. I think I can die happy.
18 hrs ago
Today hasn't been my day. Thinking about crawling into bed and hibernating for a few months.
1 day ago
Oppai. That is all.
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1 day ago
I think I'm spending too much time on Pixiv. AdSense is showing me stuff in Japanese.


"You either die a weeb or you live long enough to become a normie."

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If I'm listening to music when out on a walk, I like songs with a nice beat I can walk to.

Boredom bump.
"The intent is to provide [you] with a sense of pride and accomplishment."
I absooutely detest region-exclusive items in video games. For example: in Monster Hunter Stories, you can get some Elder Dragons as Monsties… but only if you have a game from Japan.
Could someone help me figure out what this song is? So catchy. Nevermind, I found it.

Oi, you. I see you creepin'.
Bump! If you join now, you get one free critter that sits on your shoulder!

Continuing with crying at movies, the first movie that made me cry was Dragonheart. I loved Sean Connery as Draco, so that ending…
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