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All of you cowards out here afraid to lick doorknobs cause of a little virus. Shame on you.


Credit to mah boy @REKAIGAN for the badass mask he drew for me. You da real mvp.

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Disclaimer - I work long hours every week with usually just a single day off, so at times it's likely for me to be overwhelmed with expectations and just shut down for a week or so.
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Stole my school name, champ. Not on purpose prob but damn is that ever catchy right lmao
The moose is loose once more!
@1Charak2 dont wait on my part. Please. Ill get in on the next round.
I have been struck with a case of shit coworkers, so it has taken a minor hit to progress. Working 14+h days rn. Please forgive my tardiness. If no post goes up soon I encourage you to skip me.

(Give me till sunday night)
They've gone to discord. /thread
Well it is dependent on me posting, so, take some guesses
The answer you are looking for is something like this.

Its alright, its ok, its alright, its ok!

A mantra of sorts. An often repeated line that played endlessly in Taijis mind when life became stressful, words became too loud, thoughts became too red, when things in life became just that much heavier. It was a perpetuated state of mind spoken in a voice far removed from his own that had stayed in their mind since childhood. The event itself was so far removed it had honestly ceased to make sense, the therapy had clouded everything but the relief of rescue even now, but that voice remained. Every time that voice spoke the words it reminded Taiji that it HAD happened. It was real. They were real and they were out there telling him it was going to be ok.

It was because things had turned out ok that they had become the safety blanket to Taijis mind.

So it was today, trapped in the detention room. Despite his isolation at the school grounds it never truly stopped a dedicated bully from giving him trouble when the need to use a washroom became required. The calm words had stopped hands from connecting but not words from being shouted. Short tempered, Taiji had blown up relatively quickly as the usual problem called him names in the hallway and had caused a scene to the classes in session.

"This sucks.."

Looking up from his notebook, something was different. Very different. The calm just before a storm to Taijis reckoning. Another panic attack? But why! His heart was racing a single instant before the earthquake hit and he was thrown from his desk to the floor, all but throwing themselves down while the very building was tossed and crumbling. Crumbling. CRUMBLING. THE WALLS WERE GOING TO CRUMBLE! Taijis greatest fear was this exact moment, to relive the helplessness of being crushed by concrete. When the walls began to shimmer and what looked like an escape had come, Taiji didn't hesitate in the decision to flee. Grabbing his bag and rushing through the portal, they were dumped on the other side face down on the ground.. right in front of Armadillomon.

That voice..

Looking up, terrified, Taiji saw Gil for the first time.
Ill post tonight

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