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Credit to mah boy @REKAIGAN for the badass mask he drew for me. You da real mvp.

Zelosse#6215 on Discord.

Disclaimer - I work long hours every week with usually just a single day off, so at times it's likely for me to be overwhelmed with expectations and just shut down for a week or so.
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@vFear you're aware this will be done entirely on discord, yes?



After a mysterious child was born with a golden radiance about him, the world entered an era of humans born with incredible powers later know as quirks. These powers have reshaped society for the better and a new career was born: Professional Heroes!
Agencies and academies sprang up to regulate the new demand for the luxurious position as a hero-to-be and rigorous requirements are all that keeps young men and women from reaching their dream and having their name in the spotlight.

You were one such individual.

As the saying goes, you can't always get what you want no matter how hard you try. That is an inescapable truth of life. You are either the shining star of your own story or a face in the crowd watching someone else shimmer like a star.

Too bad you didn't make the cut, none of the other hero training schools accepted you either.

That is correct, you who are not strong enough to carry your own weight. Too true, to you few who cannot adapt to the unknown and emerge victorious. To the slow and humble, I say you did not aspire to greatness so your failure is all the more poignant. You're all labeled as losers to the big fish in this city.

But that does not mean your dreams are over.

Welcome to the Last Option School for Eccentric Rejects. LOSER for short. Failure is not an option for you, there is always a way to the top if you are willing to work for it and one such operational service is run as a supplementary course for those who just barely missed their qualifying.

You have been picked from the dozens of rejects to train and re-qualify for acceptance back into the fold of the illustrious Hero courses at UA, Shiketsu, and more.

But you will need to be thrice the hero you are now if you want to make it.

There will not be another chance.

Location: Hospital

Up on the tip of her toes, hands knit together away from her stomach, she rose from first position to pointe and shuffled a few steps to help work the sore muscles in her left foot. Like her mother, Yuna had pulled a muscle and subsequently been briefly hospitalized until the problem was cleared up as excessive strain on her legs. Not uncommon for a dancer but a humiliation for someone of their background in the arts and the injury had to be shown it was not a detriment. Painful, yes. Agonizing, yes. But not a detriment. Throughout her frequent visits to the hospital and the dozens of subsequent reminders not to strain herself for too long, Yuna had persisted her routine of exercise and ballet without fail.
Today was to be her first day back to school after missing what felt like months. Homework was picked up by her father every week and her grades had stayed acceptably high so it wasn't like anything terrible was going to be missed.. but there was the horrible thought that the other students were passing her by. Growing unrestricted in the embrace of the schools unquestionable sense of driving purpose and training, while Yuna had withered away unchallenged.

No longer.

Shifting her weight to her right, Yuna made a sharp pirouette and repeated the rotation three times with a bend of her knee and a stretch of her left leg, before halting and rising on her toes again in the same position she had started.
Much to the dismay of her leg.

The Doctor had already given her a shot of morphine as the last of the quirk healing had gone underway, the process was excruciating as the surgeons quirk destroyed injured muscle and had entirely new ones grow in their place which had cost Yuna precious time in getting the muscle memory back but it was all coming together well. In this tiny room she was given 20 minutes to perform and show she had everything under control before being released, and with a thumbs up from her Doctor she was free!

"School! school school schoool, oh I cannot wait!" *Her hands were shaking at her sides as the smile threatened to overwhelm her face.

"Yes, yes, I'm sure you will be well received too, Miss Shinomei. Your recovery has been exemplary but you should still give the muscles more time to acclimate to your rigorous routine or you run risk of a relapse." Her doctor was in their late fifties, bald but for a single spot of hair on his forehead that had grown long and been styled into a salt and pepper colored horn of sorts. It was the sort of harmless fun that had made him so child friendly, looking kind of silly like this. Their attention to patient needs was no joking matter however. "Would that your Mother could have received such treatment. Does it still pain her, dear?"

Having been the family physician for over 20 years, longer than Yuna had been alive, she nodded without hesitation concerning her mother. "Momma still feels the pain in her legs even now. But she is tough! I've never heard her cry from it." True enough. While her Mother, bless her heart, never cried out from the long healed but shattered bones in her leg and lower back, there was always pain in her eyes in the quiet moments of the night. But when it came time to move forward, Momma never complained. Never argued that it was too difficult to go on. They shouldered their burden and moved forward however they could!

"Mmm." Leaning back in his chair, the Doctor tapped his lower lip with his pen in thought before scribbling down instructions on his stationary. "Have your father bring her down next month on the first, dear. We have some new faces, and new quirks, coming from overseas to study and one of them might just have the right stuff to make things easier. As for you, young lady, you had best get a move on. I won't keep you away from the next step of your journey." His smile was warm and kind as they stood, handing the sheet of paper to Yuna who took it with a smile and a hug to go with her goodbye, finally marching/running out the door with a wide smile.

Location: Hospital / Main Foyer and reception desk | Interactions: @Aerandir

The main halls weren't busy today so throughout her rush to leave, Yuna switched from a brisk walk to a shuffling series of steps on her toes into Grande Jeté through the air and back onto her toes. Any chance to practice no matter where she was. That was how you kept yourself in the game. Turning a corner, Yuna nearly ran face first into another person. A person wearing the same uniform as them! Distracted by seeing what could be a classmate, her focus trailed off even as she tried to stop, stand on toes, hop from one foot to another, but all it added up to was Yuna tripping over her own feet like a novice straight at them while waving her arms frantically.

Location: Dormitory | Interactions: @Scribe of Thoth

The light hit the side of his face and Daizo, wanting to lay there in the dark but also not wanting to upset his roommate, reached over and drew the curtains on his own side as much as he could to block out the light before rolling onto his back and staring at his roommate. The one with the wispy things? Better him than the other powerhouses in this place so at least in this the two of them saw eye to eye but Daizo knew true peace was not going to be so easy. Already the other boy showed he didn't appreciate the total void that Daizo preferred and would have to speak up or accept the others ones ways.

"Yeah.. hi. About the light, uhh.. The thing is that, well, my eyes are very sensitive and I'd like to keep the room..." What was the right way of saying this that wouldn't cause an argument. There had to be a way to avoid one or they would never know peace. "Dark. I know its probably not your preference but it would only be temporary, if that is any better?" Daizo briefly explained he had taken out the lightbulb and then his plan to put up a divider across his side of the room, as close to his bed as possible so the other boy could have more room, but explained that it was going to be a week or more before something like that was implemented. "I'm sorry to be a bother so early with such a stupid problem, so I understand if you want to keep the window open. I'll just put on some sunglasses or something. No big deal."
You're welcome Jasper/Hunter/sage
I'm actually here because I was but the lack of defined world or a character sheet or a proper description are turnoffs so I'm offering advice instead: Build a world, make a cs sheet everyone has to follow, and establish a goal of the RP. Check other similar roleplays for what is expected requirements of your future.

Bless you, new soul. Welcome to the guild.
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