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Something about subtraction just doesn't add up.
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You can only 'ran' in a campsite, because it's past tents.
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My friend's bakery burned down last night. Now his business is toast.
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The other day I held the door open for a clown. I thought it was a nice jester.


Hey guys, I'm Rekaigan, but you can call me Rek! Some random Australian dude.

I've been RPing for awhile..about 6 years now? Anyway, I RP just about anything, of course there are some genres I've never done, but I'm willing to give it a shot! Despite what I just said, I do have limits. I'm not willing to do: toilet play, furry. And that's about it. I believe the term is 'High casual' around here? I'd probably fit into that category. Always up for mature-rated RPs with dark themes and gore, etc.

I tend not to RP fandom stuff, but if the universe is good and we're using OCs, I will do it. Eg. SAO universe, RWBY universe (Universes that are flexible). Otherwise, purely OC.

Always up for 1x1s, just toss me a message~

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Yeva's gaze moved between the giant 'guardian' and the women that vouched for him. If they were observant, they'd see a large amount of distrust in her eyes. The mercenary sighed, as she lowered her pistol. It would seem that this... thing truly did know her grandfather. Whether or not she had a 'good heart' remained to be seen by anyone that has ever known her. She nodded slightly toward the two, tapping Hayden on the shoulder as she turned her back to the newcomers. It was time to move. The strange woman was right, they weren't out of the clear yet, especially not with this hulking tin can.

They needed to leave this town immediately, but they couldn't use the docks. It was too close to the tavern and trying to out sail pirates was a terrible idea. Perhaps the road was a better notion. Yeva started down the path, heading toward a road that exited the town, however she was careful with her movements. She didn't want to run into the military or anymore pirates, so the back alleys were the way to go. Whether or not these three could keep up wasn't any of her concern.
The engineer smiled as the AI successfully rebooted, returning to it's optimal functions. However her smile quickly faded as the situation between the Qari and the Halion worsened within seconds. Her ears tuned in on the AI's report on the closest planets, Icarus I piquing her interest more than the others. Abandoned mining sites always mean there was a valuable enough mineral deposit to work with, perhaps she could make full repairs to the pod and slowly turn it into a workable ship, but such a task would take months and a gratuitous amount of resources.

When the Halion turned to her, she flinched slightly, taking a half step back. "I-I.. Uh", she stammered. She didn't know what to say; she wasn't good at sudden improvised speech. Half the time she rehearsed conversations in her head if she wanted to talk about something other than machines. Her gaze nervously glanced over to the Azaali who seemed more in charge than the others, "I think we should go to Icarus I as well!" Kat said quickly before pursing her mouth shut. Needless to say, Katyusha felt extremely uncomfortable now that there was no reason for her to work on the ship. Fifty CCs of hyper-neural damper aminos sounded kind of dangerous.. Dangerous measures for dangerous folks?
As the other passengers on in the pod spoke amongst themselves, Katyusha continued to work at the small console, putting the systems through basic troubleshooting in order to restart the onboard AI. It was strange to her that the AI had malfunctioned in the first place as these were some of the most stable programs throughout the system.. As far as she knew anyway. Unfortunately she didn't have her more in-depth troubleshooting programs with her. It would seem that they had been left back on Faren V; what ever happen to it she couldn't remember. Turning to the small group that had gathered, she decided to relay some of the news from her end, "Unfortunately, the AI has malfunctioned. It shouldn't take me too long to repair it. Once that's done, we can send out an emergency signal or find out where we are." she stated in a very frank tone.

After a few key presses, a panel opened to the side of the console, exposing the wiring. She brought out her Plasma welder, changing some of the settings before beginning the intricate work that was soldering. Small streams of smoke billowed from the exposed wiring as she began her maintenance. It wasn't long before she close the panel and began to tap the console controls.

'Beep. Beep.' The lights of the escape pod flicker once as the systems reboot, the AI hopefully returning to it's original state.

Proof read your writing please.

Also, I'd like to know how Enigma knows my character's family and Yeva; since such information is not present in your Bio. And saying "He doesn't remember" doesn't mean that you don't have to explain yourself.


Yeva didn't bother to look back at the bar brawl, swiftly leaving the building and walking slightly to the side of the door in case any random patron or debris flew out the entrance. She glanced at Hayden, giving him a playful smirk and a pat on the shoulder as if to tell him that he needs to relax. The Darbinian observed her hand for a moment, rolling up her sleeve to inspect her arm. The shard had sent a weird feeling up her arm when she had grabbed it, but it seemed that it didn't do anything tangible.

For now, they needed to get out of this town. The pirate is going to be searching high and low for his shard and there's no doubt that he had spotted the two of them leaving.. Unless the carnage in the tavern had distracted him that much. Suddenly, she heard a thumping noise close behind her; she took a step forward before pivoting her body, swiftly drawing her pistol, aiming it at the incoming giant. It was the walking tin can. She glared at him for a moment before he started speaking, her aim trained on the weirdo's wobbling head.

"You..have lady of the seas relic. And since you seem to have a good self being, I will assist you. Whether you like it or not, Darbinian" He said. She didn't really believe him in the slightest. This relic is something that everyone wanted and she wasn't about to trust a random walking, talking diving suit.

"That's right I know your name, particularly me meeting your grandfather. Very similar behavior. HAH..HAH..HAH."

Despite the giant's supposedly familiarity with her family, he still hadn't said her name, let alone her grandfather's, despite 'knowing' them. She didn't actually know much about her grandfather, but he was a legend nonetheless. What the diver said was partly true, however. Many a time has she been told that she was similar to him, not that it changed anything.

Yeva took another few steps back, away from the walking tin can, her trigger finger ready to blow his head off his shoulders.
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How common would Smoke bombs be? (And may I quickly add them to inventory? c: )
Sorry I've been pretty busy. I should be able to post sometime later today.
Katyusha slowly awoke to the sound of a stuttering AI and some angry speech, her eyes opening groggily. It took her a moment to rub her eyes and fully grasp the current situation. She was in an escape pod. Any engineer worth their salt would know the interior of any official vehicle within moments of observation, however her situation only brought forth questions. What happened back on Faren V? Where were they now? Fortunately, two of the five aboard the pod were awake and it would seem that she was the only human in here.. Not that it bothered her too much, although the aggressive speech she heard from the Halion was disconcerting as many had said.

As much as she wanted to explain what vessel they were on, she knew that it would be unwise of her to interrupt the Halion's barrage of questions. Undoing her restraints, Katyusha immediately went searching for Dimitri, her robotic companion. As luck would have it, the drone was in hibernation mode underneath her seat. She breathed a small sigh of relief, but made no attempt to reactivate the drone since there was no need to awaken a 3ft tall surveyor in such a small pod. Instead of saying anything, the engineer decided to investigate the internal systems of the pod, opening a small console in the wall near the cockpit. Hopefully she could find what was causing the problems with the AI and perhaps any other problems with the pod itself.
In the back of her mind, she was glad that R'Ornn wasn't getting upset at her for her actions. The songstress gave him a warm smile in return as she continued to pat him on the head. Most people would find this rather demeaning but she was glad that he didn't seem to think so. The booming voice of the Captain rang out so loudly that Alya almost had to cup her sensitive ears. There were perks to having sensitive hearing, but sometimes it was just downright unhelpful. As the group made their way onto the ship and around it, Alya felt the sea breeze as the ship left the dock. Getting up and leaning on the ship rail, she watched as the ship cut through the water, the waves splashing against the hull. This was her first time crossing the ocean, it's waters were nothing like the serene lakes back home. She likened the tides of the ocean to the energetic drum beats of the forest elves, whom she had the honor to perform for only a few moons ago.. But for now, she wanted to play something to calm her quickened heart, the excitement of the voyage was a little too much for her naturally weak body. An exaggeration for sure.

As the light of day became shrouded by the black clouds, Alya shivered slightly as she played. The skies of the Lightless realm seemed more like a never-ending storm. For now, she decided to stop playing and seek refuge below deck. By that time, she, along with the others had eaten their meals or had retired somewhere else. Seemingly like a nightly ritual, Alya would clean and maintain her instrument to make sure it wasn't warped or cracked. Of course, a flute made of enchanted wood would never do such a thing, but it had been a habit of hers since she was young. As she brought out the flute, she suddenly lost all control of her body, her muscles becoming slack. Her small body fell from the chair, making a 'thud' sound against the wooden floor. Everything faded to black.

The waves soaked her legs as it lapped the shore. A cold, lonesome feeling washed over her as she regained consciousness. She slowly sat up, the wet sand clinging to her. Her eyes took a moment to adjust to the darkness, but the lack of light of the least of her worries. In a panic, she patted herself down searching for her flute. Her hand felt the warhorn that dangled from her hip, but she couldn't find the flute. Her gaze darted around the beach frantically, her breath becoming short. She couldn't afford to lose something so important. Unclipping the horn from her belt, she quickly cleaned the sand out of it and blew into it. The warhorn bellowed loudly, it's sound echoing across the beach.

Something began to glow a few yards away from her. The songstress smiled as she quickly stood up, starting towards the glow. The wet sand hindered her movement as did the remaining sedative that coursed through her body, but she made it to what looked like a glowing stick poking out of the ground. She breathed a sigh of relief as she plucked her flute out of the sand, cleaning it with the small waves that came in. With a rough blow, the remaining sand flew out of the instrument. Alya looked at her surroundings once more, realizing that she had lost all of her belongings outside of her instruments, but such things weren't as important. She wondered if the others had also survived. She hoped so.

She listened intently. Voices were being carried in the wind. Perhaps they had heard her horn? Should she stay put in that case..? She didn't really have much choice in the matter as her panic attack subsided, the drug still quite strong. Her legs slowly gave in, forcing her to sit on the sand once more. Hopefully someone heard her. Maybe. If not, she'll just have to wait for her body to have the strength to move once more.
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