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Current Have you heard about the Italian cook with an incurable disease? He pastaway.
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Trains don't drink.. They chug.
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Something about subtraction just doesn't add up.
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You can only 'ran' in a campsite, because it's past tents.
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My friend's bakery burned down last night. Now his business is toast.


Hey guys, I'm Rekaigan, but you can call me Rek! Some random Australian.

I've been RPing for awhile..about 6 years now? Anyway, I RP just about anything, of course there are some genres I've never done, but I'm willing to give it a shot! Despite what I just said, I do have limits. I'm not willing to do: toilet play, furry. And that's about it. I believe the term is 'High casual' around here? I'd probably fit into that category. Always up for mature-rated RPs with dark themes and gore, etc.

I tend not to RP fandom stuff, but if the universe is good and we're using OCs, I will do it. Eg. SAO universe, RWBY universe (Universes that are flexible). Otherwise, purely OC.

Always up for 1x1s, just toss me a message~

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Mordhaben's Institute for Aspiring Mages
Life in a different world

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Aiko Fujioka

Being caught up in crazy shit in her world was one thing, but to be thrown into a new world was something else. Although she was unceremoniously dumped into a camp, Aiko didn't allow herself to fall on her face like some sort of plebeian. Making a small mid-air somersault, she readjusted her landing angle, thus landing on her feet instead of her face. Her eyes flit around the new scene, looking for anyone particularly hostile, her hand tightening on the grip of her bat. A muscular green man, two furries catgirls, and a human. When the green dude spoke, she was surprised that they could speak her language.. Or maybe they all just spoke the same language now, who knew. Aiko may not be the smartest kid on the block, but she damn well knew when someone offers something, it ain't free, no matter how damn good it smells. "Katal, was it? Your food ain't free right? You don't look like the kinda cunt that plays nice guy, and I ain't about to try knock you for some. Not with those kinda muscles anyway. What's your price?" She replied bluntly as she walked up to the campfire, promptly take a seat on one of the logs near it, her hand still gripping the bat. For now she was staying cautious, but at least calm. Something she was taught by one of the higher ups in mafia.

Information always costed something. Maybe an arm or a leg. She'd have to see what he says. For now she could surmise that she wasn't going anywhere until something got solved. Or at least, that's how it worked in those isekai manga that she read in the Jump magazines.

As much as she enjoyed talking to Rikka, there was only so much she could talk about before she just became mentally exhausted. Especially since she was writing in a notepad half the time. Writing is a very taxing activity. In the end, Magnhild happily ate her meal, only to be suddenly interrupted by a loud THUD! The pangolin merely glanced to the side, only to see the loud dog boy.. Not being as loud as he usually is. If silence was golden, then this guy's silence was priceless. After a few moments of watching the dog's antics, she went back to her food, not really noticing anything outside of what was on her plate.

The talk of haunted buildings and even Rikka's conversation with the canine went completely unnoticed as Mag devoured the pile of food on her plate. She felt her ears perk up as someone called out her surname. "It's Voll right?" The voice seemed familiar. Again she merely glanced up from her plate, only to see the sheep boy. ”Marnahilde Voll? If I remember correctly, you took your practical examination after me. How did you fare? I’d have watched but I...was not in a position to do so at the time.”

"I passed that one. Probably the only thing I passed though." she shrugged before biting into a meatball.
"Also it's Magnhild. Mag is fine though. And you are?" She said bluntly, she couldn't remember this guy's name at all.. Did she ever introduce herself to him?

@Agent 47 Hey sorry man, I'm gonna have to pull out. Not getting the inspiration I thought I would.
Amila Yilen

As the obelisk's humming grew louder, Amila instinctively took her hand away from it. Only to see beams of light shining on the pillar. The sensation of tugging her very soul was unsettling, however she was able to suppress the pain from the cursed spell. Despite her instincts telling her that this was some sort of trap, she couldn't let these people sacrifice themselves to an unknown force. For all she knew, this could be the very thing that is causing the world's decay. Upon seeing the woman emerge from the obelisk, the elf felt no presence from her. Amila knew she was dead the moment she saw her, yet she didn't attempt to do the same ritual for this woman as she did for Ulric. For a someone like this to emerge from an obelisk.. it was dangerous to guide such a soul to rebirth without knowing what the obelisk even did to her. Especially after feeling the interference with her soul.

The creature that rose from the depths was nothing like anything she'd ever seen.. Even among the other mythical creatures that she had encountered. Out of it's maw came it's minions, which is something that Amila expected from something so large. The creature suddenly screamed something, which Amila translated to, 'AT LONG LAST, THE WORK OF THE GODS SHALL BE AT AN END!' There was much more to what it said, however such translation can come later when they got out of this god forsaken place.

"A geis or a curse. I am most wroth." Amila heard beside her, her gaze momentarily fell upon a red haired woman who began slinging fire everywhere. The sage recognized this person.. But now wasn't the time to greet them. Now was the time to fight and survive. As the others took up arms, she too decided it was time to help. Knowing what his master's intentions were, Akash's runic tattoos lit up similarly to Krogier's, burning with a blue spirit fire; soon it's entire body was engulfed in flames as it took flight. Like a miniature phoenix, Akash opened it's beak, unleashing a blue flame that burned the smaller monsters to ash.

Although Amila appreciated Krogier's concern, she wasn't one that really needed protection. Cupping her hands around her mouth, she let out a loud howl, reminiscent of a wolf's. Seemingly from thin air, a pack of spectral dire wolves appeared beside Amila, charging forth and tearing apart any monstrosity they saw.
Hmmm this sounds interesting! I'll keep an eye on it.. If it's still happening.
@Rekaigan collab to have a conversation? Or no?

If you'd like, that sounds nice.
I mean... There's only one elf..
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