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Current Have you heard about the Italian cook with an incurable disease? He pastaway.
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Trains don't drink.. They chug.
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Something about subtraction just doesn't add up.
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You can only 'ran' in a campsite, because it's past tents.
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My friend's bakery burned down last night. Now his business is toast.


Hey guys, I'm Rekaigan, but you can call me Rek! Some random Australian.

I've been RPing for awhile..about 6 years now? Anyway, I RP just about anything, of course there are some genres I've never done, but I'm willing to give it a shot! Despite what I just said, I do have limits. I'm not willing to do: toilet play, furry. And that's about it. I believe the term is 'High casual' around here? I'd probably fit into that category. Always up for mature-rated RPs with dark themes and gore, etc.

I tend not to RP fandom stuff, but if the universe is good and we're using OCs, I will do it. Eg. SAO universe, RWBY universe (Universes that are flexible). Otherwise, purely OC.

Always up for 1x1s, just toss me a message~

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As the students gathered around the from of the building; a massive crustacean walked out the doors, chirping away loudly, waving his claws at the door.. The actions seemed out of anger.. or just irritation? Magnhild couldn't really understand anything that was going on until a woman, whom she identified as a translator of sorts, started to speak on the Lobster's behalf. She chuckled inwardly as the hard-shelled chimera talked down on the military man, it filled her with some strange satisfaction. The Pangolin was a little slow on the uptake, not really noticing that the translator was also a Lobster after about a few minutes of staring at her. Not that it bothered her all that much. For the most part, the speech went in one ear and out the other.

Then something more interesting happened. A massive sheet rolled out and a light flicked. An image came onto the sheet.. A moving one. She looked at it in confusion and disbelief. She hadn't seen anything like this in her life and she wondered if she'd ever see it again. Suddenly sound accompanied the moving picture. What was this called again? 'Prop..Propaganda..?', Mag thought, scratching her head as she continued to watch the film. Again, she felt a slight pang of disgust at the sight of the soldiers. Subconsciously clenching her fists in irritation as the spoke of 'peaceful societies' and 'happy families'. She quietly sighed, shaking her head to dispel such thoughts. Kuzma, her foster father, would always tell her not to dwell on the past and that it was better to keep moving forward.

Suddenly everything made a turn for the worse. The next few minutes of footage left Mag in awe. The town was gone.. and the image disappeared from the screen. Magnhild's gaze went back to the Lobsters as they explained what actually happened in that film. She felt a sort of renewed resolve to learn what she could during her time here. It'll be difficult, but things that are worth doing aren't easy.

The chimera felt her ears perk up slightly when they mentioned breakfast. She remembered that she hadn't eaten much before boarding the train to the Institute.. And upon remembering that, her stomach growled.

Magnhild quietly followed the others as the Professor gave them tour of the Institute. Although, like the speech, most of the information went in one ear and out the other. The language they used was a little difficult for her to understand since she wasn't the smartest of people. Nor did she have much of a formal education.. The building itself was impressive, she'd never seen any place built quite like this. For the most part, Mag's eyes wandered with a child-like awe.

The scent of food wafted into Magnhild's nostrils as they arrived at the cafeteria. The main event of today, in her opinion. They had half an hour to eat.. Plenty of time. She looked around as she picked up a tray. There was so many foods to choose from, but she noticed a corner where there were some familiar dishes.. Even though she was from a poor background, she could recognize Airelosian food when she saw it. She had seen many soldiers eating such foods in their barracks.. Which she snuck into more than a couple of times. Bad memories.

She decided to stay with what she was used to, promptly getting a hefty serving of broiled Kaputor and noodles. It was a lot tastier than what she used to have as a kid, but that was to be expected. She looked around for a place to sit, finding a seat at a table where a canine chimera sat. His enthusiasm for food rivaled hers it seemed, hilariously so. She almost started laughing when his head almost hit the table more than a couple of times. The pangolin decided to give him a little bit of space, sitting next to him with one chair between them, digging into her food. She felt tears forming in her eyes at how delicious it was, you could almost see the air around her start to sparkle in a comical fashion.

She stole a few glances at the other Chimera as she ate, wondering if he'd enjoy head pats like an actual dog.. Moments later, she started patting the Canine on the head, as one would with an actual pup.
Guild name:

Renn Please.


Fortuna stretched her arms and back as she sat on the bar stool. It had been a long three days. She, and four others had gone into a small dungeon, but never really found anything other than money. Although, money wasn't something to be sneezed at. Especially for someone like her. The past few days had been too busy for a spot of gambling, and her brain wasn't really up for it. Perhaps tomorrow she'll try her luck, but for now, she was pretty ready to get drunk. "One pint of ale and three nights stay." She requested curtly to the barkeep, placing the payment on the counter.

Being as self aware as she was, she knew how messed up her mind was. The death of a comrade meant almost nothing to her. Sure, she felt bad that he died, but ultimately she told herself that this was a survival game now. If you die, you're done. There was no time to mourn. No matter what, she had to keep living. Her reasons being.. Somewhat trivial to others. Perhaps not. 'It's all his fault.' She thought to herself, brooding away as the barkeeper put the pint down in front of her. Her means of escape had become a trap.

She shook her head before taking a deep gulp of the ale, sighing as she placed the tankard down. Hopefully things start picking up soon. She needed to get out of here.

If there was anything lovely about today, it'd be the rain. Magnhild wasn't that used to waking up early, but today was the day she was to be enrolled into the Institute. She had hardly read the acceptance letter before shoving it into her pocket, staring out the window of the train as the scenery flickered by. Her life was changing again, whether it be for better or for worse, that remained to be seen. But it couldn't possibly be worse than back then. She heard her foster father's voice repeat in her head, 'Do not fear what lies ahead, embrace it with open arms.'

As she got off the train, she couldn't help but notice the other Chimeras that came off with her. Different generations. Different types. Different sizes. She saw them wait for the humans to walk further ahead before joining the back of the group. While she understood such a notion, she couldn't care less about it. Thus she walked among the humans, who gave her a few weird looks as she walked along side them. Had it not been for the scales on the back of her neck, she probably would've looked completely human to most.

Magnhild hadn't noticed the rain had been stopped until she looked up at the metal gates. 'For the Sake of Progress'. Progress towards what? She may never know. She frowned slightly as she realised that there was something blocking the rain. The rain usually felt nice on her scales. The scenery changed once more as they entered the courtyard, all sides covered in colourful flowers, quite different from Airelosia.. Which was mostly green and shrouded in the grey rain. She was more fascinated by the miniature trees. They looked so delicate and... Well, small. Fortunately, she was able to look straight ahead of her in time to stop herself from walking into someone. Everyone seemed to have gathered in front of a podium that stood at the steps of some building.

The Pangolin chimera glanced around the crowd, seeing olive-coloured military uniforms. The sight made her feel a little uneasy, but she wasn't in Airelosia anymore. This place seemed much safer.. She was tough, but she didn't think she was that tough. Not that it worried her too much. Her gaze fell upon the strangely dressed people near the podium.. She guessed they were teachers, but in her mind she had a little bit of a doubt. They looked far too eccentric. But only time will tell.
Hmm I'm interested, but we'll see how I'm going. So maybe.

The young girl's amusement died down as the blonde, shiny woman moved closer to her and started speaking to her. She had pointed to herself and the others around her saying what seemed to be names. Names that were not what Elanil had expected to hear. The demi started to imitate the woman, pointing at each person in the exact order in which she was told, slowly trying to copy the pronunciation of each name.


"Veh.. veh-sstah?"

"Hi...Hein.." She furrowed her brow as she tried to make the sound for the last part of the name.. But at that point she kind of gave up trying to pronounce it. She just couldn't figure out how that word is even a name. She'll just call him 'Hein'.

Her mind wandered off as Vesta and Maria started talking about whatever they were talking about. Elanil didn't understand much of it. She started humming to herself until Vesta started speaking toward her. Elanil nodded as if she understood whatever Vesta was saying. She held out one of her hands, a blueish green glow collecting in the palm of her hand. A small turtle appeared in her hand, but it's shell was covered in grass and small flowers, with a small tree sprouting from the middle.

"Mm.. That would be problematic." It responded simply. True to it's shape, a long pause fell upon the group before the spirit began to speak again.
"I had expected, but also not expected young Elanil to leave the forest. It was possibly inevitable that she would come across others like you. She has come to an age where her curiosity gets the better of her, thus I ask you to take care of her externally." It stated blankly.

"I sense a strong magic within you. Perhaps you can help this child harness her power. I would like to see her realise her potential and perhaps do something with her short life." It added, it's gaze locked with Vesta's. Elanil seemed to have stopped fidgeting, concentrating on what her 'parent' was saying.

As she waited for Bullhorn, another player shouted across the way in her direction. Her gaze fell upon a sign that said "L F G". Fortuna couldn't help but chuckle at the gesture. The sign thing was kind of cute. The rogue approached the other girl, giving her a playful smile, "I'm surprised nobody's invited you yet. That sign is pretty clear, in my opinion." She mused as she flicked at her menu, sending an invite to the Tinker. "The name's Fortuna, nice to meet you~" She said casually, giving the other girl a wink.

She wondered where Bullhorn went. He's probably gotten drunk somewhere, assuming the system did such a thing. Maybe he was dead. Who knows. He weirdly disappeared after losing at a game of strip poker against the Rogue. She laughed inwardly as she imagined him running around without pants on.. If he forgot that it was all still in his inventory. Maybe he'll learn not to gamble against a cheater next time.
Lemme know if anything needs to be changed. (This is considered finished methinks.)

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