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Current I don't trust stairs. They're always up to something.
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William Shakespeare in past tense would be "Wouldiwas Shookspeared"
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Have you heard about the Italian cook with an incurable disease? He pastaway.
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Trains don't drink.. They chug.
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Something about subtraction just doesn't add up.


A smile better suits a hero.

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Devora Amigora

As the cabinet was removed, Devora wasn't entirely surprised to see a hidden passageway, considering how on edge the rest of the team was regarding it. Nor was she surprised by Sir Fluffles' reaction to the the small tunnel. His eagerness to protect her was only natural at this point.
"Stay here. Sir Fluffles, make sure nothing sneaks up behind us." The elf whispered as she moved past her wooden companion, finding a small gap between his body and legs. Her gaze locked onto the body of the woman as she slowly inched toward it, her revolver aimed at the woman's center of mass. As much as she wanted to bring Sir Fluffles in with her, his massive physique couldn't possibly fit in this passageway, and she wasn't about to ask the detectives to back her up.

Her gaze flicked from side to side as she took notice of the bloody runes that lines the wall, but such symbols didn't mean anything other than trouble to her at this point. Devora stopped halfway through the passageway, a singular shade rat skittering from her shadow. The rat sniffed the air for a moment before running over to the woman in the pool of blood. It was best for the operative to not get too close..
Devora Amigora

As the wolf continued to rattle on about.. Something; Devora couldn't help but frown as the shade rats perished in the darkness of the basement. Sure, she had more where that came from, but she felt a fraction of their pain as their lives were extinguished. She turned to her large companion, patting him on the leg reassuringly before proceeding down the stairs. The half-elf muttered something of a small prayer for her fallen comrades, under her breath as they descended. Her hand slowly unholstered the revolver at her hip as their footsteps echoed into the dark chamber.

As they reached the bottom of the stairs, a flutter of wings echoed throughout as Akash landed on the Operative's shoulder. The bird's form seemed to slowly melt away, it's body being absorbed by Devora's. A glowing, blue circuit-like pattern slowly flowed down her arms, the cylinders of the revolver glowed with a faint blue light as the pattern reached her finger tips. Just like before, a blue sigil appeared on her left iris. For whatever lurked in this darkness, she needed to be ready for things to get... 'Interesting.' She took a deep breath to relax herself, allowing her body to fully assimilate with her familiar.

"Sir Fluffles, on guard." She instructed, her eyes scanning the room for any kind of threat before deciding to do a little investigation of her own. Not really something she usually does in the OTO.

What caught her eye was track that formed a small path from the stairs to the idol.. to a cabinet. She slowly followed this path, before stopping in front of the metal cabinet. She inspected the scratches at the bottom to try identify what kind of creature or tool could've made the markings. Perhaps such clues would tell her what kind of monster they could be dealing with, if any. Another aspect that interested her was the state of the cabinet itself. Old, but not as destroyed as everything else.
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I'm gonna have to drop from this. Sorry man. I've got writer's block and I don't wanna hold up the group.

Hope you have fun!

Methinks my CS is done, might add some skills as time goes by.
Nobody plays archers because they're boring :^)
<Snipped quote by Rekaigan>

No. OOC is still under work somewhat but in a nutshell, we'll be following the premise of Overlord; an entire game Guild + 1 Player gets transported to another world.

So you're basically transported into the game which is now your world, but it still works like a game?
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