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Current We attack Japan. Wir greifen Japan an. 日本を攻撃する. 일본을 공격한다.
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So etwas gibt es nicht.

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Hey everyone,

first of all... would like to apologize for my general lack of activity lately. Been extremely busy with 3D laifu shenanigans.

^ me atm

Second of all... I think I may have come up with a stable schedule for the timetable of this RP. Been working on this for some time now, in an attempt to stop fluctuating activity amount like we've been having. Basically if you DO have to go offline for some time, this will allow you to predict what's happening and such. Here's the gist...

✧ DAY 6 - Genesis City - 11AM ✧


The city is rife with activity, as lunchtime approached. Another bright and shiny day it was in Talrae, as denizens of Floor 1 moved about with purpose. Rows of shopkeepers and merchants calling out their products of value in an attempt to find buyers, Adventurers and armed NPCs alike moving about to get to their destinations... the city was surprisingly active, even though by this point most of the Players have moved on to their adventuring locations. Those that stayed behind so far were taking days off or doing non-combative tasks.

Some chose to work on safer, more stable tasks. Such as smithing or crafting in order to raise their Skill points. Others decided to train their Attributes. Some were already busy with the bureaucracy, for securing relations between NPC organization and Player guilds were no easy task. There were rumors already going around the city that "Astral Blades" were attempting to sign a contract with the governing Council of Genesis City for exclusive resource rights.
✧ DAY 6 - Genesis City, Inn "Eden Hall" - 8AM ✧


Another beautiful morning. Sun is shining brightly, rays of light piercing through thin curtains to act as gentle alarm clocks for heavy-sleepers. It may feel early for some but the city is bustling with activity already; merchants are stocking their shelves, bakers were already sweating near their ovens and smiths were clanging their products over an anvil. Day 6 of Talrae seemed to start off like any other day in Talrae so far.

Inside Eden Hall, guests were dressing and getting ready for the day. People were walking past each other in the hallways, attempting to claim a bath before breakfast. On the menu was a bowl of gruel with fresh berries on the side, topped off with fresh cream and milk. Hans and the waitress were already at work, carrying complementary food to hungry patrons.

Hey all, my apologies for screwing it up but I'll skip to morning on Thursday night. I just don't think its fair to skip so early when not all new players are acquainted with the old players.

On a little more unsavory note some folks might be getting a PM on this site for a warning. Do check your PM box.


I can't speak for the people who haven't posted yet.
✧ DAY 5 - Genesis City, Inn "Eden Hall" - 10PM ✧


The night was growing late and the inn "Eden Hall" was starting to empty out; players and NPCs alike got their hot meal and were getting ready to catch some sleep. A few shy of 2 dozen remained on the main floor, finishing their meals, emptying drinks and generally chatting. Seemed like a dice-rolling game was happening in the corner among a few players, the clattering of dice and cups offset by occasional pained groans and happy cheers as measly few Renns exchanged hands. Despite being forced to play a game every second of their lives, some players just found themselves to enjoy gaming a little further it seemed.

Needless to say, another successful night of business left Hans rather satisfied. He didn't appreciate the little gambling that was going on in the corner but the players paid their Renn and weren't causing trouble so he let them be. But he did make sure to tap the waitress on her shoulder and asked her to tell them that their stock of strong ale has all but run out. He didn't need some meatheads breaking his tables over a lost bet. The thought that he might be able to ask for help from other adventurers, especially those who have been repeat customers for him, had crossed his mind. Hans sighed and turned to walk back into the kitchen. He figured he should tell the chef to make their meal with extra portions.

✧ DAY 5 - Genesis City, Portal Gate Square (Area D) - 8PM ✧


You emerge from Genesis City's Portal Gate, thanks to "Kadeen's Dagger of Teleportation" Aster used. There are a few people around who look at you funny. Curiously, NPCs don't seem to bat an eye. The sun has all but disappeared from the horizon, only streaks of dark blue haze in the sky are left as remnants of daylight. You look around and see that open-air market is starting to close up, with merchants and shopkeepers ready to count their earnings for the day and retire to their homes. On the contrary, restaurants, bars and inn are kicking up their businesses as many guests, both NPCs and players, seek their hospitality.
Hello yall.

Just in case everyone was not aware, I posted the link to our imgur pic collection in the CS tab. Below example CS.
Even tho they may not be exact pics (how could they be) if you wanna use them for visual aid on your materials in order to improve immersion (or save writing descriptions hahaha), please feel free to.
If there are any pics you wish for but can't find on imgur, send me the pic and I'll upload it there so we can reliably re-use it in the future.
Everyone gets following for leveling up to 9:

20 Attribute points
28 Skill points
4 Universal points - can be spent on either Attribute or Skill
✧ DAY 5 - Dungeon, "The Hill's Sorrow", Boss Room ✧


A minute after Fenrir's Herald falls and shatters into a thousands shards of light, a flash of bright light appears. The moment the flash ends, you see a pile of chests and items appear in the middle of the Boss Room. Some of you may be set back for a second; the realism of Talrae made you forget for a moment that it was still a game. Chests of items appearing out of nowhere in flashes of light should be a common sight in these types of games... no matter though. You go through them... it's a lot. You guess that you may be receiving some bonus since your party was the first to clear this very dungeon. You find the following:

    - 17 Mithril coins
    - 31 Gold coins
    - 52 Silver coins
    - 69 Copper coins
    - 251 Nickle coins
    - 12 Gems (Common)
    - 16 Crystals (Common)
    - 30 Wolf Pelt (Common)
    - 20 Wolf Pelt (Uncommon)
    - 15 Wolf Pelt (Rare)
    - 16 Fabric (Rare)
    - 9 Red Potion
    - 1 Blue Potion
    - 2 Green Potion
    - 4 Yellow Potion
    - 2 Purple Potion
    - 3 Potion of Resilience
    - 1 Potion of Might
    - 1 Metal Totem
    - 1 Lycan Pup
    - 3 Jewelry
    - 2 Hatchets
    - 1 Shovel
    - 1 Pick Axe
    - 4 Clothes (Common)

All items automatically belong to Reylan as per the game system rules. Even though there are non-Guild members who participated in the fight, the majority of the players belong to the "Legion of the Wolf" Guild, therefore all items by default are sent to the Guildmaster.
You are all automatically teleported to outside of the dungeon, where you all first started. Upon exiting the dungeon, everyone also receives the following:

- 3000 EXP
- +1 Level for first clear bonus

Private messages:

✧ DAY 5 - Outside Dungeon "The Hill's Sorrow" - 7PM ✧


Well... it's over finally. It was a long, difficult day. But a proud one. You found new friends, met and defeated some monsters, got some cash... overall it could be described as satisfying. A gust of warm breeze tickles your nose as you notice the sun is setting over Genesis. It is beautiful, most satisfying conclusion to a great challenge.
But the day is not over. First you will need to figure out who will receive which portion of the items. Then you will need to figure out how to get all the items back into town... it is no short walk and the combination of physical exhaustion and heavy item load wouldn't make it any easier. You all turn to Reylan for what comes next.

- Reylan's Jaque's Bow will require repair or replacement soon.
- Aster's Katana will require repair or replacement soon.
- Alisea's Cloth Armor will require repair or replacement soon.
- Paralyze's Leather Armor will require repair or replacement soon.
- EVERYONE's Cheap clothes and Cheap Shoes (starting clothes and shoes) will require replacement. They cannot be repaired.

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