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✧DAY 26 - Dungeon, "Endless Green"✧



- Goblin Warg Trainer is Intimidated. Wargs are immune to psychological affects.
- Warg 1 takes 1,200 from double Chain Lightening and Plasma Burst, 550 damage from Piercing Strike, and 170 damage from Totoro.
- Warg 2 takes 1,100 from double Chain Lightening and Plasma Burst.
- Warg 3 takes 1,200 from double Chain Lightening and Plasma Burst and 420 damage from Karuu.
- Warg 4 takes 1,000 from double Chain Lightening and Plasma Burst and 570 damage from Karuu.
- Goblin Warg Trainer takes 800 from double Chain Lightening, 150 damage from Iron Pull and is moved closer to the group. Afterwards it has been challenged by Dirk Tower. Takes additional 900 damage from Kira and 160 damage from Prome. Knee Strike misses.
- Mass Aggravate fails to affect Wargs. Gobling Warg Trainer is already in a Challenge with Dirk Tower.

- Warg 2 attacks Cecilia while she is closing gap with the Goblin Warg Trainer. However, the attack misses due to 'Practiced Steps'.
- Warg 3 and 4 counterattack against Karuu, dealing total 460 damage.
- Goblin Warg Trainer attempts Binding Whip Shot on Tower and succeeds. Dirk Tower takes 420 damage.
- Goblin Warg orders all Wargs to attack Kira. Flurry of attacks from all 4 Wargs deals 1,350 damage.

✧DAY 26 - Dungeon, "Endless Green"✧


The massive congregation of Players armed to the teeth all simultaneously teleported into the dungeon with a flash of light. The initial landing area was a large green field, with no imminent threat. Assignments to each Guild/party were passed around after the scouts got a quick assessment of the terrain and the mob army of Players began to split up in order to search-and-destroy their targets.

Area assigned to Last Genesis seems more or less typical; a large forest with a medium river running through it. A set of ruins were visible in the north if one were to climb a tree or a hill. Although the trees were thick enough to classify as a forest, it wasn't dense enough to warrant a hard hiking terrain.

As soon as you enter the general area, enemies pop up out of the vegetation to greet you. Several snarling wolves with goblins. You wonder for a second if the wolves and goblins are working together like allies or if they are more like pets to the goblin maters. Your curiosity is answered when you see the Goblin Warg Trainer cracks his whips in the air to spur the wolves into a frenzy.


- 4 Goblin Wargs appear.
- 1 Goblin Warg Trainer appear.

Skout did briefly consider intervening when the mysterious white woman touched Helena physically but stopped himself from doing so; it would not be wise to move in such an open manner when information was so limited. He decided to wait a few more moments, choosing to observe and assess the situation at hand. Helena seemed like she wasn't in any immediate danger. Although her Perception Skills were lower than his, Skout was certain that Helena would not be risking herself unnecessarily. And if situation was to turn sour, Skout had relative confidence that he could get both her and himself out fast enough.

When the mysterious figure spoke, the strange and alien monotone took Skout off-guard. Even though it resonated with a quaint sort of mysterious beauty, it seemed somehow more barren and lifeless than Skout's own metallic tones. Perhaps just a feeling he had, the more he watched the woman, the less he felt secure in his own skin. Something about her made him feel... queasy. Like she was an unnatural existence who didn't belong here. Skout knew that his own origin and background, as well as the Guilds' members', were all unnatural, dark and twisted but this woman was... different. Even though he couldn't translate her strange language word for word, his exceptionally high Perception Skill allowed him to make out the general gist of her words' intentions.

Before Skout could finish contemplating the strange figure's intentions and purpose, Helena dashed back, clearly alarmed. Skout stopped his breath- or whatever his "biological" equivalent was. A heavy split second passed before it was clear that Helena took great offense to the woman's touch and had decided to engage her in combat. Skout hissed out steam from his joints in alarm, his iron core of a heart heating up for what was about to come. He was an immaculate piece of machinery, an imitate humanoid lifeform made of gears and clockwork. He slowly pulled his main firearm out and laid his other hand on his blade. Calculations were in; Skout could fire and hit the white figure before Helena or her could engage each other in melee range. That would give Helena enough time to retreat to a safer distance and rethink their strategies. It was Skout's conclusion that for as long as this figure's powers and intentions are unclear, it would be unwise to engage in full combat.

Having made his decision, Skout stood up tall from behind a bush, revealing himself. He braced his metallic body, locking in plates and gears so that his shot may be more accurate. He felt steam building up in his right forearm, as he aimed his modified Steam Pistol that drew power from his own body. The white figure's shoulder was his target, as he didn't wish to kill her so as much as disable her. After a short moment of aiming, he pulled his trigger.

✧DAY 26 - Entrance to Floor Dungeon, "Endless Green"✧


The time has finally come. It's been less than a month since the death game has begun but everyone has settled in more or less. There are still those who despair at their current situation and are still searching for easier ways out but for the most part, players have adjusted to their new lives in this fantasy world. And now they are ready for the next step; the Council convened on the 20th, the second meeting, and decided that the Floor Dungeon "Endless Green" could be attempted if the majority of Level 10+ players could be gathered.

Initial reports and intelligence gatherings were performed by several Guilds who fit the role. It seemed that people have figured out that having a distinct set of skills others needed was a strong way to position themselves in politically favorable spots. One such member was Viktoreya, Guildmaster of Taskforce Shadow. All the Guildmasters and a few of their officers were giving their full attention to the small-framed, quiet girl.

"... Goblins and wolves. Working in unison. Expect to see... previously unseen units." She was so quiet, almost whispering. Yet for some strange reason everyone was able to hear her words clearly. The magic item "Sound Amp" must have been slipped under her coat somewhere, in an invisible position. "Average Monster level... between 10-15, although mostly horde based. Advised that you bring AOE attacks and multiple tanks.

Several people took notes with parchment and pen. Others listened carefully as such information was invaluable; in a world where life and death are too real, free information was something that could ill-afford to be lost. Especially since it was declared by the Council that information regarding Floor Dungeon are to be public and cannot be privatized for profit. Needless to say, Datalink 66 seemed displeased at such a measure, although they decided not to voice their protests. It was clear that their information holding and selling practices, while very handy or downright necessary for certain demographics, had garnered much displeasure and distrust among a big portion of the player population. The fact that Datalink 66 possessed private information about individuals and Guilds that otherwise should not be available didn't help with worsening public opinion. For now they were seen as necessary but distasteful. Afterall, no other Guild had such a vast and secretive network of spies, investigators and detectives. It was rather amazing how they managed to pull off such an endeavor in such a short amount of time.

"There will be no need to take notes my friends, the Astral Blades have taken the liberty of copying up all gathered intel into scrolls. There shall be 1 for every Guild. Aramo gestured towards a few of his Guildmates in the back as they moved on to distribute the scrolls to all parties involved. "From what we can assess, it should be an easy Dungeon to defeat, considering the numbers we have gathered. However..." Aramo paused for a split second as he scratched his chin lightly. "The concerning part is the fact that accessing the main boss room may prove to be difficult. Keon of Obsidian Crusaders can explain in further detail, as he recently has been through the dungeon up that point."

Keon stepped up. "In a nutshell, the dungeon only consists of 2 parts; the boss room and the room before the boss room. But don't let the term room confuse you, the entire dungeon is laid out across a vast forest." Keon pointed towards a large map on the table. Those in the back pushed in a little closer or tip-toed in order to get a better look. "The exact layout of the dungeon is randomly generated at every attempt it seems. But general structure remains the same. Essentially the dungeon boss resides in the caves beyond the forest here. In order to access the caves, we must defeat multiple points of... spawn locations. They will be randomly generated and must be found in the forest. It takes the form of an enchanted, stone totem in the ground. It is easy enough to destroy as it has low HP and no attacks, but the problem is for as long as it exists, it will infinitely spawn monsters."

"What you are saying is we need to locate and destroy the spawn points as soon as possible, before their numbers overwhelm us. Hmm... we are pressed for time then." A gruff sounding girl with a large blade pointed out. "Do we know whether or not there is a spawn cap on the dungeon? With this many players it may be possible to just crush them using numbers."

"Thought that question would come up. The answer as far as I am aware is a no. Either that or the spawn cap is so high that it is irrelevant." Aramo sighed slightly before moving on. "It seems that we will require some coordination among the players and Guilds. We believe that the simplest way to make things happen is to divide the map up into a grid and have every party take a section of the grid. We will make several channels of communication using the menu's chat system so that we may have strong communication in case unforeseen circumstances transpire."

"Alright, alright." The short girl pouted in a displeased manner. "Let's get on with this. Sounds simple enough, if things get sour we can all just exit the dungeon like others have done. If nothing else it will give us more intel regarding how to get to the the next floor." She looked 14... 16 at best. But the way she carried herself made her seem much more older and... somehow responsible. Even with a squeaky voice of a child, the girl looked comfortable among all the other Guildmasters. "So to make it simple, kill all the spawn points in your assigned grid with your Guild, request help or give it if anyone throws out a SOS on the chat channel and... hope that killing all the enchanted totem is the trigger we need to access the caves? Easy."

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