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Current We attack Japan. Wir greifen Japan an. 日本を攻撃する. 일본을 공격한다.
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So etwas gibt es nicht.

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In all seriousness though.
✧ DAY 11 - Eden Hall Lounge - 9:00AM ✧


Legion of the Wolves Guild Meeting

It was nice enough of Hans to let the Legion use the good portion of the dining area for the private Guild meeting. He figured with their patronage, it was something small he could do for them, although if he were to be completely honest the prospect of losing breakfast sales was... irritating. He decided to even things out by selling breakfast to all the members of the Legion. Egg quiche and toasted bread this morning was particularly good.

✧ Baron ✧

Baron knelt as Volaris appeared, stooping down to make his knee touch the floor. It wasn't difficult predicting his time of teleportation; Baron could sense Volaris' movements and their intentions a split second before he made them. Being the Guild Steward, Baron was privy to great deal of things happening within the walls of the Guild. He gave no word of affirmation regarding the Supreme Being's presence but it was clear that Baron was showing clear respect. Baron wasn't much of a talker if he could help it. "... Your will be done." He replied in a concise manner with his surprisingly normal voice. For a being literally made out of mystery, his voice was one thing that didn't seem so unnatural.
Baron knelt up only after Volaris had left his near vicinity, making sure to dust off his suit. His long limbs made it so that he had no need to bend himself down to reach his knees. Raising his left finger up into the air to cast the spell "Message", Baron took a split second considering what he wished to convey to his fellow Guildmates.

With his message finished and sent, Baron teleported instantaneously back to his assigned post, the Tower of Way. Although it was Colonel Stauffenberg's personal chambers which none had jurisdiction over save for him, Baron judged that with the Colonel's absence it was acceptable to trust Volaris' judgement and commands. Baron would accept the consequences gladly if he were to be proven wrong. He began to shift through the hundreds of items laid out in the gallery, activating several of them that may serve as defensive measures and using others in order to summon Monsters capable of buying time. He decided to summon 2, Level 50 Geists, due to the item being non-consumable in nature and reusable after a cooldown period. In the long-term, using the item temporarily like this will cause no permanent effects.
After placing down some additional defenses, Baron shifted through a few magic items, equipping himself with 2 of them; Ring of Absolution and Chronometer of Dyson. While the items didn't belong to him, for they all belonged to his Lord and creator Stauffenberg, these were specifically assigned to Baron often during various campaigns and Baron judged them to be useful in the current situation.


Ah, alright. Understood.

Alright, my bad about the confusion. Keep me informed.

Huh.... Achronum told me Fallen Kingdom was Professor's area.
✧ DAY 10 - Central Square of Genesis City - 8:00PM ✧


Solace Festival is only getting good as the sun went down over Genesis. Drinking and eating still continued, a few already too drunk to be conscious but the rest just getting buzzed up to the right level. Fireworks have started up in the nightsky, bright flashes of colorful explosions lighting up the evening as if were midday.
Hey everyone, I said I won't make announcement posts here anymore but for this type of post wall of text, I figured it'd be easier to read in the forum. I've looked over all the NPC CSs so far and made a list of all the notes for edits and such. But first, a couple of announcements...

- Let's attempt to start the RP by NEXT WEEKEND. Means I need finished CSs, everyone's contribution to the Guild Hall, etc etc.

- First come first serve for assignments and Guild Hall positions. I know I kinda screwed things over by taking things over from Achronum (like previously assigned roles) and I do apologize for that. But let's get things worked out sooner than later.

General things about NPC CS

- Non-humanoid (... anything that doesn't have 2 legs and 2 arms and looks human by default) will have 3 forms; near-human, humanoid and original.

- For the purposes of this RP there will be NO TIERS for Spells and Actions. Just Levels. For Tier 10, Level 100 will be equivalent.

- Remember that Species Trait is give-and-take. It should be balanced. If there are 2 medium good traits, there should be 2 medium bad traits or its equivalents. Essentially your character's species should be approximately equivalent to a trait-less being in balance.

- Try not to list 'obvious' Spells and Actions. Like "Low Tier Damage Immunity", "Message", "Break Item", etc etc. Applies to both PC and NPC CSs, the list of Spells and Actions should be a sample of the specialized abilities that demonstrates the character's playstyle, it should just be assumed the more universal abilities are all available.


- Just remember that once Volaris goes to Alrathi, his body will have literally changed to be that of a specter. Psychologically and physically.
- Cruel Jester's Dagger needs either a huge buff or a nerf in rarity. Ultimate Grade are... well Ultimate. Not quite Transcendent but still powerful nonetheless.
- Volaris is Priest -> Cultist, Anna is Wizard -> Cultist. Inconsistent Class and Subclass progression.


- Morningstar and Garlock need Attribute nerf. Their base stats aren't too bad but the adjusted stat is pretty high.
- Please list Item Rarity.
- Please list Skills.


- There is no Exotic item rarity, even if its custom crafted it will have an assigned rarity.


Let's finish our CSs.

Go ahead

Hey there, glad you are checking us out if you think this is a lot, should check out my other RP shot
It IS getting a little bit late to join but... if you can get a CS in SOON (they were due last weekend) I'll accept.
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