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Current We attack Japan. Wir greifen Japan an. 日本を攻撃する. 일본을 공격한다.
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2 yrs ago
So etwas gibt es nicht.

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Hey there, I may be interested in this. Got room for 1 more?
@MonachromeX2 post it in cs. Im gonna pm our discord to you.
Still looking.
Hey hey hey everyone RP HAS RESUMED. Yay.... took a bit of time and figuring out but let's get back at it!
For those of you who have been rather inactive lately, do check your discord as I'll be making most of the announcements there.
✧ DAY 9 - Eden Hall - 9PM ✧


✧ DAY 9 - Genesis City - 8PM ✧


✧ DAY 9 - Genesis City - 1PM ✧


Hey everyone, GM here.
So I think we'll be resuming the RP on MONDAY (5/7). Here's what you need to do / know...

1. In-game time during starting on Monday will be Day 9, Morning.
2. You should go figure out what you did during the previous few days, especially if you've been a little inactive before the RP pause.
3. Post here on OOC what you've been doing for Day 7 and 8 so we are all caught up with each other.

Alright, here's the deal guys. It seems like for college students (which from what I've been seeing is most of us) its the unholy time of finals... so I'm freezing the RP for a couple of weeks. We'll resume in about 2 weeks from now, please please please do NOT go afk afterwards =_=

Cheers and good luck.
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