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✧DAY 5 - Dungeon, "The Hill's Sorrow", Area B✧


The ghostly forms of the wolves, while unsettling, didn't seem to discourage the Players from facing them. Utterly silent but lucid forms of phantom-like shadows, the unnatural beasts still seemed to be affected by physical damage. Strange, one may think, but you remember this is a game. Numbers speak for themselves, more so than what your actual senses are telling you. All physical attacks seemed to pass through these wolves as if players were swinging in thin air like a bunch of fools. Arrows shot from the archer passed through them just like the sword strikes from the Paladin and Swordsman. Yet damage was dealt and their health bars dropped.
One of the wolves were stunned briefly, before Phantom Walking through the Lancer who disturbed it's ethereal form. Ghostly cold wind passed through the Lancer, only to appear behind him. The one challenged by the Paladin bared it's teeth and turned into a pale blue color, sucking in misted mana that leaked out of the Paladin. After it absorbed his mana, it too Phantom Walked through the Paladin. The last Phantom Wolf joined in with it's kin to further damage the Lancer; it viciously lashed out several times with it's paws, ethereal claws bypassing the heavy plate armor and tearing directly into the skin of the Lancer.


- Aster dealt 120 damage to Phantom Wolf 1.
- Reylan's normal shot missed but Power Shot dealt 110 damage to Phantom Wolf 2.
- Karma dealt 240 damage to Phantom Wolf 1 with Aquashot and 280 damage to Phantom Wolf 1 with Wind Blade.
- 2 of Shiba's shurikens missed, 3 hit Phantom Wolf 3 for 75 damage.
- Dirk dealt 45 damage to Phantom Wolf 1 and successfully Aggravated it.
- Paralyze dealt 90 damage to Phantom Wolf 3.
- Totoro dealt 30 damage to Phantom Wolf 2.
- Dubstepp's dart missed.
- Polak dealt 25 damage to Phantom Wolf 2 and stunned it. Dealt additional 65 damage.
- Edelweiss dealt 40 damage to Phantom Wolf 2.

- Polak take Phantom Walk damage (50% of missing mana = HP lost)
- Dirk got Mana Leaked for 100 Mana. Take Phantom Walk damage afterwards.
- Polak take 160 damage.

✧DAY 5 - Dungeon, "The Hill's Sorrow", Area C✧


Area C seems to be abandoned... there was an eerie silence offset by the rustling, warm winds that disturbed the grass. The day was still bright and the green scenery before you is calming yet, you can't help but notice an unnatural tone in the nature. Not a single cry of a bird or chirping of an insect can be heard.
@17th Day

Looks like everything is in order. Join discord on this link:

We'll talk about inserting you IC on discord. Faster that way.
@17th Day

Yes I am. Reading your PM atm.
✧DAY 5 - Dungeon, "The Hill's Sorrow", Area B✧


The remaining stragglers are cleared quickly and you figure that splitting the party to save time is a viable option; one of many advantages of having large number of players to cooperate with. 2 of you decide to explore the next branch of the path while the rest of you continue. You arrive upon Area B as you have before in the previous occasion of this particular dungeon. Unfortunately, unlike the last time you do not see any obvious chests full of possible loot. Instead you see... even more wolves.
These ones are different however. They shimmer and fade as if ethereal and you do not see any other previously seen wolves nearby. The new beasts look... eerie. Spooky even. You check the monster tags above them to make sure they are not some graphic glitches in-game. Even after checking the fact that they are nothing but really game data and therefore aren't fundamentally different than any other monsters you've seen so far, you feel quite unsettled by their appearance. Unlike the other wolves you've encountered, these new wolves do not growl. As a matter of fact, they seem completely silent as they turn to face you and bare their teeth. Whether or not they are incapable of making a sound or choosing not to on purpose, you can't tell.


- 3 Phantom Wolves appeared.


You'll be jumping in "current" time basically. I believe it's currently Day 5 of the game so I would suggest coming up with some background on what you've been doing last 4-5 days since logging into the game (before you bump into the current group).

Your CS looks fine to me. If you wanna talk to the current players for any inputs, join discord here:

✧DAY 5 - Dungeon, "The Hill's Sorrow"✧


Combined arms, combined strength... teamwork did half of the work for defeating the beasts. The increased numbers and levels of the Players served nicely for making easy work on the number of foes. The decision to debuff the White Wolf right off the bat turned out to be a smart one, as it was unable to shake off the Rogue that had mounted it. It growled menacingly before being pulled forward a few meters by the Mage's shadow magic. As it got closer, it did manage to swipe it's claws at the giant rabbit and the Paladin. However, strength had left it's limbs and only light damage was dealt.
Rest of the smaller cousins, Hill Wolves, were easily taken care of. Most were immediately killed off through a combination of might, magic and blades. One in particular literally flew across the battlefield at the brutal bashing of a mace died immediately. The remaining 3 wolves howled together into the air before attacking their nearest offenders. Although small, Hill Wolves were no pushovers. One ran towards the swordswoman and rammed her with its body, however her well-managed stance saw to it that she got away with minor damage. Another swiped its claw at the Paladin while the last one bit the Marauder's arm.


- White Wolf used Claw Swipe. Totoro takes 60 damage. Dirk takes 25 damage.
- Dirk takes 5 damage from Hill Wolf.
- Aster takes 40 damage from Hill Wolf.
- Paralyze takes 25 damage from Hill Wolf.

- Totoro stunned Hill Wolf 3, 4, 5.
- Totoro dealt 110 damage to Hill Wolf 1.
- Reylan dealt 100 damage to Hill Wolf 1 and 150 damage to White Wolf.
- Paralyze stunned Hill Wolf 5 and dealt 200 damage.
- Alisea dealt 170 damage (Frostbite) to White Wolf, 210 damage (Fire Strike) to Hill Wolf 4, 250 damage (Icicle Shot) to White Wolf. White Wolf is slowed and is pulled towards Alisea a few meters.
- Karma gave increased stat to Chari. White Wolf received Strength debuff.
- Dirk dealt 80 damage each to Hill Wolf 2 and 3.
- Chari's shuriken missed. Dealt 140 damage using Fatal Strike and additional 210 damage to White Wolf.
- Polak dealt 50 damage each to Hill Wolf 5 and 6 using Finger Lightning. Dealt additional 220 damage to Hill Wolf 5 using Charge. Edelweiss dealt 30 damage to White Wolf and briefly stunned it.
- Aster dealt 110+90 damage to Hill Wolf 1.

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@Jangel13 Any and all pics I may be able to use for this RP.
Hi I saw the interest check and saw that you were opened to new players. I wanted to see if I could possibly join in?

Yes of course. Let me know if you have any questions.
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