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Current We attack Japan. Wir greifen Japan an. 日本を攻撃する. 일본을 공격한다.
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So etwas gibt es nicht.

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✧ Art Commission Fund ✧

✧ NPC ✧
✧ Current Players ✧

✧ Rules and Guidelines ✧

Games just wouldn't be games without rules...

Follow the rules and respect others, and others will respect you.

✧ Combat Post Stats ✧

Health: Current/Maximum
Mana: Current/Maximum

✧ Imgur Link ✧

✧ Character Creation ✧


(NOTE - Control+F will be VERY helpful when searching for specific items, spells, etc)
(NOTE - It's practically impossible to have every possible choices listed on here. PM the GM if you see something that is missing and I'll add it ASAP.)

✧ List of Items ✧

A party is geared up and ready to roll out.

All items will be listed in the following format:
Name (Special note / number of usage if its consumable) (Rarity) (Ingredients for crafting) (Market Price) - Noted Abilities
Items generally may be sold to NPCs at markets and such for 90% (rounded up) of their market price.

Items may be color-coded to represent their status in the market.
Red: In demand. Items will be bought by NPCs for 100% of the price, will be sold for 200% of the price.
Blue: Overstocked. Items will be bought by NPCs for 50% of the price, will be sold for 90% of the price.
Orange Highlight: None stocked. Item cannot be bought from NPCs.
Neon Blue Highlight: Full stock. Item cannot be sold to NPCs.

✧ List of Skills ✧

Cooking is an easy way to become popular among players.

✧ List of Actions ✧

"Accelerate" increases the user's movement speed - a simple and useful Action chosen by many physical fighters.

The number next to each Action indicates at which level the Action could be learned at. The term indicates which Class may learn it. Some Actions can be learned universally by ALL Classes in which case it would say "Universal". Actions that are "Passive" do not cost Mana or requires activation; it is activated the entire time. MP is mana cost. Cooldown can be estimated by the player with honesty. Naturally more powerful Actions will have longer Cooldowns.
NOTE - There are no level requirements on Subclass Actions. They only require the player to belong to that Subclass.

✧ List of Spells ✧

In the hands of a powerful Mage with high Intelligence, even a low level Spell such as "Finger Lightening" can prove to be highly destructive.

Magic follows disciplines. They are split into two major categories; Fundamental Disciplines and Structural Disciplines. Fundamental Disciplines include Fire, Water, Ice, Air, Earth, Electricity, Light, Darkness, Mind and Body. Rest are Structural Disciplines. Depending on Class, a player may be able to learn and cast spells from certain disciplines.

Mage: Mages may learn from Pure Magic Discipline and up to 2 Fundamental Disciplines of their choice.
Trainer: Trainers may learn from Training and 1 Fundamental Discipline of their choice.
Paladin: Paladins may learn from Holy and 1 Fundamental Discipline of their choice.
Mage, Trainer and Paladin players may learn from Fundamental Disciplines that are not their starting choices but at 2 times the regular lesson fee.
Non-Magic Class players may learn the Fundamental Disciplines but at 10 times the regular lesson fee.

Disciplines progress down a line, with each level having a different spell that could be unlocked. For instance, at level 2 of Fire Discipline, Fire Strike could be learned. This progression does NOT mean they have to be learned in such order. However if a level is skipped, the next lesson fee costs double. For instance, if a player wished to learn “Fire Strike (2)” before learning “Fire Burst (1)”, the lesson would cost 4 Silver rather than 2.

✧ Monster Guide ✧

Creatures of all types inhabit the world of Talrae. Some wondrous...

✧ List of Floors ✧

Players admire the magnificent view of the horizon.

✧ Class ✧

A successful party or Guild often feature an array of diverse and colorful Classes.

Classes determine the players role, main weapons, and fighting style. Every player was required to choose a Class upon logging in on the first day. For each Class there are several Subclasses that further specializes the player's identity. The player may choose to not to specialize in a Subclass. Subclasses may be chosen upon reaching Level 15.

When a Subclass is chosen, the choice may never be taken back. In return, the player receives access to the Subclass exclusive skills/actions/spells/etc. The player may still level up and acquire additional Actions/Spells exclusive to their main Class. However, some specific Actions/Spells may be more accessible to those who have not chosen a Subclass.

The following lists Classes and their respective Subclasses.

✧ Swordsman ✧

✧ Lancer ✧

✧ Trainer ✧

✧ Mage ✧

✧ Marauder ✧

✧ Archer ✧

✧ Rogue ✧

✧ Paladin ✧

✧ Tinker ✧

Adventure awaits...
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