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"Is that okay with you?"

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Feya's eyes moved to the right and her mouth stayed agape. A confused sound came out of her when she heard the cereal captain's response. She stuck her index finger and dug into her right ear, picking off some wax and flicking it to the side. "I apologize, did you say he has 'never been sober?' I'm more than sure that's a health hazard and throws a lot of red flags." Shaking her head to the side, she sucked air through her teeth.

"I have charts and graphs if you want to see the dangers of alcoholism does on a person. I even have a fun fact book. He's literally just one of seventeen million people that suffer from -- did you say drunken fist?" Feya stopped her rambling and stepped back. She was a bit hesitant to continue the conversation. The combat based on the user's inebriation, Feya never considered this method of fighting to be genuine; she always assumed it was a myth.

Shrugging her shoulders, she gave up on the conversation. "Alright then," the fitness woman believed it would best to spectate the battle with her own eyes. Seeing the battle begin, she kept glancing at the cereal captain. The cries of the enemy pirates didn't really help her judgment. From the start, the drunken martial artist managed to get himself locked within the rope. This was becoming a bit uneasy to witness until something strange had occurred.

Feya watched the tides turn when Ken released himself from the bindings and instead utilized the rope to temporarily keep the doctor in dark clothing in check. She stuck her lower lip out and nodded. "Okay," she muttered, slowly understanding the method of drunken combat. Feya studied the battle more and more. Lucky for the fitness woman, most of these battles utilized hand-to-hand combat and did not rely on devil fruit powers.

She then saw a gleam of light shine on the opponent's hand. A self-injection via syringe was utilized that suddenly transformed the enemy into "Mr.Sledge." The person's muscle mass and bodyweight increased ten-fold. Feya's eyes opened wide at the spectacle. "No way! Are those muscles enhancers?! Is that artificial?!" She bellowed out; the woman was clearly interested and forgotten the stress of the battle.

Once snapping out of her interest, she noticed the battle's end. Ken was inches away from victory and collapsed from overexertion. Feya kept her eyes on the falling doctor as he descended in the air. Fortunately, his captain caught him in the nick of time. Feya stared off at the pirate's reactions and how they spoke to each other. It seemed they were fighting amongst each other and in total disbelief of their losses.

Her body shook when she saw Bullet Bill give one of his subordinates a sucker punch. The poor soul was sent into one of the walls. She massaged her right bicep and rotated her neck. "Some arm you got," she whispered. Her train of thought was interrupted by her crewmate, Lilly. Glancing at her, she listened to her request. Rubbing the backside of her neck, she nodded and accepted. "Yeah, I got it." The fitness woman spoke without giving Lilianna eye contact, glancing at Bullet Bill again.

She took the medical supplies and kneeled down to the unconscious doctor. She snickered, "Can't say I'm truly impressed. Only slightly. I figure your technique is more efficient with both legs on the ground, huh?" She was speaking to a knocked out person so there was no guaranteed response. Looking at the outcome of Dr. Sledge, she began talking to herself again. "Though you did take down someone with a muscle enhancer. That's worth a pat on the back." The fitness woman examined to see if there was no blockage in the breathing or circulation. Continuing on, she checked further for any bruising or swelling -- common indicators of broken bones. using what was given, she massaged the healing gel into the most severely damaged areas then bandaging the treated areas. Looking at the syringe in her hand, she stuck the needle in the shoulder of the doctor. Putting her eyes on Liliana, she said bluntly. "I have no idea where you inject your needles into people. I chose the shoulder."

Taking a stand, she called to her captain. "Hey, Cedric. I want the big one." She threw her head and directed it over to Bullet Bill.

Health: 975/1300
Mana: 1482/1900
Renn: 733 Renn
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✧ DAY 8 - Genesis City, Inn "Eden Hall" - 8AM-12AM ✧


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Dubstepp put a lot of thought into joining a guild. He wasted almost an entire day, thinking back to previous experiences. Finally, he came to decision. With a formal invite to Reylan, the two discussed the guild and ate alongside each other. With enough information, Dubstepp was comfortable in becoming a member.

Spectating the Swords...Drunken Guy say what?!

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Feya nodded to Bonekid's enthusiasm. Though he was a skeleton and kid, he knew how to hold his ground. Feya always settled fights with her fists. She never could understand the way of the sword. She probably could, but training for such a talent might hinder her regular workouts. Feya relied on her physical strength and not on a sword. She acknowledged that Bonekid would do tremendously well.

When the fight was beginning, Feya noticed the opponent was a female. Seeing Launcher and this new combatant brought a smirk to the fitness woman. She couldn't help but acknowledge strong women taking a stand. Even though they were about to put the hurt on her crewmates. Feya sat down on the floor, preparing to relax. Unlike the last fight with fists, she wouldn't be able to learn anything from Bonekid's.

She began questioning things such as why the woman would have a short and long sword. That's about as practical as doing arm curls with different weights. 200-pound on one arm and 100-pound on her other. It's not as efficient. Luckily, her question was answered when the short sword grew longer. By closer inspection, the woman cut herself earlier. A bit unhygienic, if the sword was rusty or had not been cleaned, but her blood crawled to the tip of the blade and managed to grow in length.

Feya's eyes widen, it would seem the other crew was full of Devil Fruit users. The fitness woman continued watching. Sparks flew as the swords hit. Swords, plant-life, and blood were three main factors of the fight. There was a lot of stress on Feya's shoulders as she kept herself informed about the score. THe sword woman was in the lead. She only needed three points to guarantee a victory. BUt atlas. she was knocked out by the second-mate.

"Bonekid, you did it!" Feya stood up to her feet and flicked her wrist. The skeleton kid flopped on to the floor without a word. Lilliana reacted fast by nestling him into her lap before giving him some milk. "You just keep milk on you?" Feya asked. She kneeled down onto one knee for a quick analysis. "Any visible fractured bones?"

Feya turned her head when she noticed the next game and opponent. "Rope climbing contest? That would actually help build my upper-" Her thought process was interrupted when she noticed the drunkard volunteer for the position. "Hold up, this man is clearly inebriated. I don't think this is a wise decision." Feya spoke directly to the Krunch Captain.

Shaping the Air

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Feya crossed her arms. One of the crewmembers that she was observing began stepping up. Ultimately, she placed her interest in the ones that seemed to have physical talent. This male figure with the tattoo looked like a bruiser. Given his competitive game of choice, there was no denying he had some unique stamina levels. Even then, he probably had a devil fruit power to give him a fighting edge. This could overall be a pattern in these matches.

"Boxing..." Feya muttered. She dug her fingernails into her arm, shaking her head she decided to do the most logical choice. She held a finger up in order to volunteer and cut Bonesword's chance. Despite him being in second-in-command, it would be more probable to place crewmembers where their talents could be used to the fullest. Bonesword is a swordsman and won't fare well in a boxing match. Feya did have other plans, but there was no other op-.

"Oh. I totally forgot you guys existed," Feya bluntly spoke out when the Krunch's Hachirou chose to volunteer and send Bonesword back as a spectator. Feya clapped her hands together. "Well, let's keep cheering and keeping positive, guys. The score can only go up."

Feya paid close attention to the fight. The competitive sport of landing attacks and keeping your guard was something Feya needed to watch carefully. Her last fight against a crab boy did not fare so well. This boxing match should give her some new pointers or hopefully something more beneficial. The fight looked incredibly even depsite both men holding back. Feya then learned that Hachirou was a devil fruit user. "I don't see myself turning into a lion anytime soon..." The fitness woman mumbled to herself.

She sucked air through her teeth. Picking up the dialogue between the two combatants, she then heard something. Holding her fist up, Feya commented to herself. "Shaping the air," Feya squinted and eyed her fist. Her concentration broke once she noticed Greaves was sent back to the ocean by a powerful blow. Feya's eyes widened. "Oh, damn it. I looked away! She complained.

"Too much or not enough, what matters is that you won. Now we are up one. I feel though we might have to stay on our toes considering the other team might rethink their strategies. They might 'play more carefully' so to speak." The muscular woman snapped her fingers.

Marcus rushed to the group of kids surrounding the little sister. He took it upon himself to interrupt their little ceremony of blood sacrifice. Chef wasn't entirely sure if that's what was interpretted. All he could acknowledge was that the group of underage children were possessed, they had superior strength, and they were stretching the limbs of sleeping girl. Marcus pressed on, his shoes made imprints on the muddy surface.

The teen did not really have an in mind. He just proceeded to barge into the circle. Holding his arms up, he began elbowing some of the kids. Marcus did all he could in order to become a distraction. The cold rain touched his skin as he took action. The first few elbow strikes were clean, but were followed by less effient hits. The kids realized they were getting attacked and began to retaliate.

The monster witnessed the impressive, lizard man running forward. It growled and began lifting another arm to stop the opposing force. Unforunately, he found his reaction to be a bit slow. Kurt's speed and overall size managed to bring the monster to its back. The freakish creature's back thudded on the mud. Water began to seep onto its body.

"Insolent reptile!" The monster growled and stayed quiet for a few seconds. Its arms began flailing in the air as it tried to fight off the lizard man. During its silence, the rain transitioned to a darker color. Despite the darkness that the woods provided, everyone could notice the slight change of color. Precipation turned to a reddish color-- blood was raining from the sky.

Let's Keep Up The Streak

Interacting with:@Gardevoiran

Feya watched closely to on the second match. During the match, she made certain to examine the opposing crew members. Feya wasn't scared of her team or the cereal crew losing. More so on the reason that if they lost, would they really comply with listening to Bullet Bill? Couldn't they just wreck everyone? Despite this, Feya did remain on the competitive side. She truly did not wish to lose because of her over-confident mindset.

Slick must have observed the match before...or not. Feya considered the idea that Slick would dominate; however, it seemed he just volunteered on raw emotion. One point was directed to Mag since he utilized a lighter on one of the balls. Fortunately, his oil powers managed to beat the vector woman. Feya threw a salute with her right thumb pointed to the ceiling. "Nice job out there. Let's try to keep a winning streak on our side."

Feya's ears flexed as they heard Bonesword speak up; the second mate took to calling shotgun for the next competition. Feya cracked her neck to the side. "I'm fine with that. Since we are calling it, I have dibs on the "possible" tiebreaker." She threw her fingers to air-quote the word "possible." "I'm okay if it's the responsibility and stress of winning a tied game is planted on my shoulders." She spoke.

Not Fair

Interacting with:@floodtalon

Feya Fitness kept to her routine. It seemed Slick and Kite were uninterested in helping with her daily regimen of lifting. She wasn't paying close attention to the surroundings around. Her ears could pick up a few words, but not complete sentences. The woman overheard someone mention a game of dodgeball. This really lit up the enthusiasm in Feya's heart. Playing sports always proved to be great craft for stamina and exercise.

Feya did not speak up as she needed to complete her set of push-ups. "One hundred ninety-eight, one hundred- ninety-nine, two hundred." She pushed herself up to feet; using her right arm, she wiped her forehead with one good swipe. The smell of sweat was beginning to emanate from her. Taking a second to catch her breath, she was ready for a game of dodgeball.

"Aye, I accept. I'll play this game of ball and Dodge. Amusing,"

"Son of a bitch." Feya cursed to herself. She couldn't believe the laziest person in the crew was the quickest to respond. The woman crossed her arms in spite. There was not much she could do but witness the game unfold. It was just a regular game of dodgeball. Just then a cannonball raced toward the woman on the opposite team. She didn't really have any interesting qualities save for her excessive use of bubble gum.

It stopped as soon as it struck her palm, not even pushing her back by a single inch! ”This will be our ball. So… Are you still game?”

"Oh, c'mon!" Feya couldn't believe this. She was envious of Caesar; not only was he volunteering in a game that improves one's evasiveness and upper arm strength, but the rules had been altered for an even more difficult challenge. Feya imagined the game could've replaced the regular balls with medicine balls though this was exceptionally better. Not to mention, the woman on the other team seemed to have incredible strength.

This confused Feya as she wanted to compete against the strong red-hair though if Caesar were to win, she would be eliminated. However, Caesar is one of Feya's crewmates and him losing would possibly weaken the team's morale. Feya shook her head and clapped her hands. Sighing, she said with a monotone voice, "Go, Caesar. Win. Or you'll have more sets assigned to your daily workout." Feya warned.

The overall game was intense. Though as the more Feya watched, the more she understood how this was going to play out. Most likely, most of these matches were going to have a catch. It appeared that the opponents had an ability to further give them an advantage. For instance, Mag showed a devil fruit power that completely put Caesar at the disadvantage. Feya huffed, not liking how the match was leading.

Eventually, Caesar lost and slumped on the wall. "We were bound to lose one match. Let's not this one loss discourage us. Caesar's loss proved that we must keep our guard and expect the unexpected." Feya then flexed.


Interacting with:@floodtalon

"I wouldn't go so far as to call it hospitable in forcing others into contests, but it is better than the latter," Feya tuned in. She listened to Bullet Bill's words as he scoffed. Though Feya wished to compete, if her crewmates were to disagree, they would have had to fight. The fitness woman took account of the forty hours needed for the log pose. That was very generous information given to them. Bullet Bill might have been a bit over-confident, but he demonstrated fairness.

Or so he was showing at the moment. The subordinates of Bullet Bill did not move until both RR and KK's crew moved closer. If Bullet Bill called it, everyone could become severely hurt. Before taking any other step forward, Feya leaned back onto the ground. She pressed her hands against the floor and moved them behind her walk. In order to succeed in the games, she needed to train as much as she could before arriving at the destination.

The woman proceeded to crab-walk along with her crew. Her palms were becoming dirty and ashy from the floor. Supporting her weight and trying to follow everyone's speed was becoming a nuisance. Fortunately, they arrived at a gate and Feya's hands were met with a nice, smooth floor. She dropped down and sat on the floor; taking a few breathing exercises, she didn't take the chance to notice the scenery around her.

"Hey, Slick and Kite! I left my weights at home. I need to bench press you guys."

Fitness Feya


Interacting with:@floodtalon@Gardevoiran

Feya rolled her pupils to the left and right on the regard of the man's bizarre behavior. The mention of fruits and vegetables resulted in the Krunch's doctor stumbling over. The fitness woman kept her eyes to a thin squint. She continued to the doubt the medical prowess of the drunken doctor. The cereal captain seemed fine with his doctor. He announced the drunk's sharing personality on his inventory of alcoholic beverages.

Feya then listened when she heard about the supposed eight healthy recipes. She was a little unimpressed with the quantity. Eight did not seem like a fair amount considering the average person eats three meals a day. Nodding her head, she accepted the offer. Although, not long she didn't realize she was about to be roped into a long celebration. She knew her crewmates and suspected the party was going to last for a while. And of course, it did, for two hours.

After the celebration died down, she found herself in total disbelief. The two ships came across an island with a huge structure taking most of it. A nice castle loomed over and touched the sky. Her eyes dazzled when she spotted an amazing symbol in the distance. "Now that's what you call a jolly roger!"

Feya was referring to the image of a cannon with flexing arms. If she had commandeered her own ship, she would've definitely added some dumbells or muscular arms in a flexed position. She acknowledged that the crew associated with that flag must be real fit nuts like her. Clapping her hands together, she couldn't hold her excitement.

Feya listened to the noises directed by the Krunch's Hachirou. Her ears picked up several faint footsteps. Progressively, it turned into a march and thunderous noise. The fitness woman's eyes lit up when she could hear the cracks of hundred men nearing the shoreline. This might have been the first time since she noticed over a hundred pirates in a single location. The overall scene of this army appeared dangerous. She would have suggested the captains of the ship retreat or start moving in another direction, but she kept quiet.

She witnessed all the men stop their tracks due to the call of their captain. Feya truly wanted to see the owner of the jolly roger. There must've been a lot of fitness knowledge coming from this one individual. In a minute, the supposed guy made his debut. He had broadening arms with ink on his biceps. The fitness woman distorted her face to demonstrate confusion. "...This guy skipped leg day. That's kind of obvious."

Feya shook her head and understood that she couldn't become too picky. It looked like the guy might have some tips regarding upper body strength. "They haven't attacked yet so maybe they're frie..." The physician became interrupted as two cannon balls splashed against the water near them. It occurred right after the man introduced himself and snapped his fingers together. "Never mind. It looks like they want to fight."

Feya sighed, she began to kneel down to the floor. She abrubtly started her workout regimen. Her first set was 200 crunches. "5...6...7...8." The fitness woman continued to count in order to get ready for the possible fight. Throughout her breathing and grunting, she could still hear the short fellow with his threats and backstory. Feya pursued her training, but stopped when her ears picked up something.

She stood back up and peered her head over the railing. "Wait, what?"

"That is y'all think that you can best me crew in a contest of strength and skill."
"-best me crew in a contest of strength and skill."

"-crew in a contest of strength and skill."

"-contest of strength and skill."

Pumping her arms up and down, adrenline began to overide her emotions and actions. "Yes!" She grabbed the shoulders of one of her nearby crewmates, Slick Drake. Feya squeezed roughly on the bone. "Did you hear that?" Shaking the shoulder uncontrollably, she let go after a few seconds. Directing her attention, she cupped her hands over her mouth and leaned over the railing. "I accept! You had me going there for a second!"

She then slapped Bonesword on the back. "This is amazing news! We can't keep them waiting for too long!" Feya basically sang that last sentence off-key. Like how she usually she does, she acted out without thinking. She jumped over the railing and dove into the water to swim to the shore.

Fitness Feya


Interacting with:@Spiffy

Feya remained quiet throughout the exchanges between the two crews. The friendships between men were peculiar. Thought the feelings were probably cordial, they did seem like to curse on each other a lot. Feya blinked a few times, her eyes had to keep adjusting to the talking badger. It seemed like every pirate crew had to have a non-human character. Red Rum has a pint-size skeleton kid and they have a literal badger. This is essentially what's to come from now on in the Grand Line.

Feya folded her bottom lip over the top on. She heard the suggestion about teaming up. She wasn't really certain what that implied. Was this temporary or would the two crews officially join together? She did not expect a merger so quickly into her new-found pirate life. Fortunately, having more allies will prove useful against all threats.

Feya sucked air through her teeth when she noticed Cedric become disappointed by the absence of alcohol. The fitness woman clapped her hands together. "Why are you sulking? You don't need alcohol to celebrate. One beer bottle is basically eating six slices of bread. We can celebrate by feasting on some fruits and veggies!" She suggested.

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