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Hey, Leia. Are you going to post soon?
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>> Votes for Defending the Bridge
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Er, tanned? Hispanic.
A Funko Pop!
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@Leaves You need to choose a hair colour, an item, and a skill.

<Snipped quote>
Bandages regain HP, Whiskey regains sanity, and Dynamite does damage. The Bear Claw is your personal item - Mae will likely tell you what it can do once the picture is finalised, if the past says anything.

<Snipped quote>
This is your personal skill, which everyone gets. For me, I get two dice rolls with a bonus of one movement, because I chose Cavalry Scout. Scarescrow chose Hardened Resolve, which boosted Scare's sanity up to 12 instead of the standard 10.

Apologies. I misread it.

>> Dick Grant scratches his brown hair. He remembers that when he in a fight that he relies on a Knockout Punch. Even then, he'll use bandages if the fight becomes too risky.
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>> Yes, this is me.
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I am still interested.
I remember him being a woman's man and a musician(?).
I don't remember my profile for him and I forgot how long ago I posted my character.

Marcus dug his toes into the dirt, lifting his body up and giving him a little push. He then hopped up in the air momentarily. Gravity was not existent for Marcus right now. As of right now, Marcus started floating in the air. He cut through the air majestically. This is from the item he devoured earlier: the feather.

Not exactly a means of offense, but the object does grant him the ability to cover ground. It temporarily grants him less gravity to hold him down. It's almost similar to flying, but he has to land at some point. Marcus floated in the air until he managed to grab onto a tree branch.

Using that, he climbed onto the branch. He then jumped to a tree to tree as if the man was walking on the moon. Marcus' footsteps were very light and quiet. He watched as the kids ran through the woods. This was a first for Chef Object, following a bunch of demonic kids.

Marcus peered over his shoulder quickly. He wondered where the hell everyone else was. "What the hell are they doing?" Marcus thought to himself.

The kid struggled to get out of Kurt's grasp but to no avail. The sledgehammer attack caused him to become briefly stunned. Having a giant lizard man hold him down did not make escape any easier. His eyes looked around and could not find any allies, only the enemies. His tiny legs kicked in the air rapidly. Though things did look grim, the kid felt he had a chance.

That was, of course, his mindset. When the magic woman spoke, he stood still with angered eyes. Looking at the woman directly, he started cursing and warning her. "No, don't do that. You are messing with something greater than you-- he is not going to be happy!" The boy squirmed and attempted to get the handoff of his forehead. His actions and voice became more panicked. "Okay, okay! I will tell you what I know! Head north into the for-"

The boy began to scream in a high-pitch voice. His head started to move and sway swiftly. Almost like pain completely overwhelmed his body. Immediately, his voice cut off and his composure came back to him. His hair stood straight up and his eyes became black as night. He started speaking in tongues before he translated into English. His voice deeper and more intimidating.

"Greetings, meddlers." The kid spoke with a different tone and voice. He sounded almost grown. More than likely, this individual brat became possessed. "I wondered and now I know of what is becoming. Nothing more than adolescents, disgusting. Heed my warning, go back home and you shall see another morning. Come forward, and you will be in mourning." The kid smiled from ear to ear.

"You can keep this kid and act like the victor. I am just comfortable knowing that I get to keep your sister. Don't worry, soon you will be an only child. Your sisterhood will be unreconciled. Do not try to pursue me. What awaits you is only going to be met with agony and misery." The child began laughing, his head reared to the sky.

Health: 800
Mana: 1200
Renn: 711 >> 688
STATs Tree:

Health: 550/700
Mana: 000/100
STATs Tree:

Dubstepp conversed with Needlan more on the flower business. The herbalist turned down the offer concerning tamed horses. He responded by saying he usually had someone to retrieve the supply, but the person called in sick. Dubstepp understood and felt a bit awkward after his proposal was shot down. He then waived it off, attempting to strike another offer.

He told the herbalist if he could sponsor his business in the possible future. This resonated a positive reaction from Needlan; he agreed and felt that it would certainly improve his flower shop. Dubstepp put out his right hand and shook the guy's hand thus promising to come back with more Renn.

Walking back to the Inn, Dubstepp examined his inventory. He groaned at the sight of his Renn; it certainly was higher than a few days ago, but it wasn't something to be proud of. "Looks like we have to grind a bit more before we get serious dough, Totoro," Dubstepp told his fluffy friend. He then tapped his forehead. "Dough and Totoro rhyme. Got to keep a mental note of that," he said.

The duo walked inside and sat in a booth. Totoro took the entire side of one seat. Dubstepp checked the menu and decided to spend a little extra on food tonight. Once the waitress came around, Dubstepp ordered two pot pies for himself and the rabbit. Additionally, he wanted a water and a mug of ale.

Interacting with:
No One.

-3 Ale
-10 Pot Pie
-10 Pot Pie

@Loki Odinson@LeiaHair

Posted. I made new starting bonuses for all the genres. Go ahead and edit your application to whatever bonuses you have now received.

I will also be implementing my own character soon and I might add three more stats to this game.
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