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Health: 975/1300
Mana: 1482/1900
Renn: 771 Renn
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Health: 1200/1200 -100 = 1100/1200
Mana: 300/300
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✧ DAY 11 - Solace Festival - 6pm ✧

Interacting with: @Jangel13


Dubstepp reads the guild log multiple times. He did not realize the death of Karma would create this much disagreement or chaos in the guild. It looked like everyone had their own idea of coping or solving the problem. He gazed at the fireworks above him. They were beautiful, to say the least. It seemed that firework gazing with Chari would have to wait. He sent a message to Shiba: “I’m willing to help you find, Valentine. Let’s work together. Where are you right now?”

Shibata had been asking around looking for people that may have seen the monster, Valentine. He just finished asking someone when he heard his message. He opened it and saw what dub wanted to do. He wrote back saying "At the west edge of the city where he was last spotted."

Dubstepp noticed a notification in his inbox. Opening it through realizing before who the sender was. He was glad to see that Shibata was compliant and answered him back. Dubstepp chose not to waste his words and headed straight to the area. The musician took some time trying to pick out the crew member several individuals. He thought back to the faces of guild members back from the first dungeon and also looked for the gamer tag. “How’s it going?” Dubstepp asked Shiba, finally discovering his location.

Shiba waited to know that from the guild chat that he wasn't allowed to leave the city or go on a chase for Valentine. Still, he couldn't stand someone just getting away with murder like this. He turned around as he saw him come over and ask how it's going. He signed a bit and said "I'm alright but I haven't found any clues to where he went. All I know is that he left the city through this gate. It infuriates me that someone got away with murdering one of our family.”

“I feel you,” Dubstepp lied. Joining the guild was a major decision. Stepping into a group of people, he wasn’t influenced by Karma’s murder by the likes of vengeance or sorrow. He instead was worried about becoming a target and dying early. “Well, you want to look outside the gate then?”

He looked over at him as he asked if they could look outside the walls and he said "I would but the Rey decided that I wasn't allowed to look for him outside the city. Unless you feel like doing it despite what he said.”

Dubstepp scratched his chin. He drew a smug smile. “I ain’t ever been in a guild before, but is there a way he could actually find out?” He picked up his shoulders and dropped them down. “We could step outside and look around the perimeters. I’m willing not to say anything.” Dubstepp crosses his arms.

Shiba couldn't help but smirk at his response. He then nodded and said "I don't think he will mind if we just check the area for secret tunnels or things like that" he said making an excuse as he moved forward and got past the gate looking around to find any kind of trail.

Dubstepp clapped his hands. “Alright, though give me a second.” Using his trainer magic, he summoned his mighty pet Totoro. The giant gorilla-rabbit pounded its chest and gave out a small roar. “I wanted to say some boundaries. I’m all for engaging battle with whomever we find. Though if I see any difficulties or that we have no chance of victory, then I ask that we retreat and fight another day.” Dubstepp followed behind while asking Totoro to stay ten steps back.

He looked around and turned to him when he summoned his pet the hulk rabbit. He was always off-putting to him since he always thought rabbits were just cute. When he decided them running if the fight seemed to difficult he said "don't worry I don't plan on starting a fight I can't finish. An assassin only attacks when he can kill his target" he said letting him know he was only planning to find them. Maybe get a clear picture of the killer so they could be found later.

Dubstepp followed Shiba’s lead. He drew a smirk when realizing that the assassin player was playing with a leveled head...sort of. Just for safety measures, he withdrew his darts. There was no telling what might appear. “What are the chances we actually see him?” Dubstepp questioned.

Shiba kept searching nearby looking for traces. When he asked what their chances were he sighed and said "little too none. If nothing else though searching for him will ease my anger if only by a little" he said his hand on his hand ready to grab his katana and fight at a moment's notice.

Dubstepp adjusted his neck, he listened to Shiba’s words. It probably became a good thing that he tagged along. Most likely, Shiba was needing to vent. “Frankly, I would be content if we found him. I feel as though this puts a target on us, and I would be more relieved if we managed to finish him off.” Looking behind, he did see his giant rabbit follow ten paces. “I wish Reylan gave us more information. We really don’t know what we are dealing with.” The trainer complained. Rubbing the back of his neck, he opened up the message again. “All we have to go by is his name. Which kind to think of it, isn’t that a bit ballsy? I believe we only have his name because he is confident enough that we won’t pursue him or we’ll lose.”

He looked at him as he started to talk about Valentine and how he or she was pretty ballsy by giving them a name. Shiba grits his teeth before saying "he is probably an assassin class, even if karma was attacked by a player much stronger it would take an assassin to kill before they could type help in a message. I swear to God if I catch him I'll slit his fucking throat!" Shiba growled kicking a nearby tree in anger at how cocky this bastard was.

Dubstepp placed his hands in his pocket. He watched the floor and then looked at the sky as Shiba’s anger was making him slightly uncomfortable. The trainer could hear chips of the tree’s bark break from the impact. Totoro put both of his ears up in reaction; the animal seemed more confused than concerned. “I’m guessing you were pretty close to Karma, huh?” Dubstepp asked, giving Shiba eye contact back.

He gave a loud sigh as he calmed down after he kicked the tree. He turned to him when he asked if he and karma were close. He couldn't help but laugh a bit "the funny thing, we weren't close at all. I rarely spoke to him. I'm not pissed off because a friend got killed, I'm angry because he got away with it. Once he figured out how to pull it off he will do it again, and again, and again. I want to kill him before he becomes he becomes a bigger monster down the line" he admitted not angry at the murder itself. He was angry because he knew that if he wasn't stopped more and more people would share karma fate. It only takes one kill for someone to get the taste for it.

Dubstepp nodded, he examined the distance ahead of him to make sure there was nothing significant before speaking again. “It’s good to feel that way. Your moral compass is really healthy. Though I would suggest that you watch that anger.” Dubstepp gritted his teeth. “Valentine killed Karma. The only reason we know of his name is that Reylan might have met him or the murderer left a note. This hints at his personality that he’s the type to get under your skin. Things are going to be said. You should be cautious of that.” Dubstepp bit his thumb as he spoke. Totoro approaches Shiba and began punching the trunk of the nearby tree, breaking a few pieces of bark. “Jeez, I hope he doesn’t do that for every tree along the way.”

He smirked a bit as he said that it was healthy for him to have this kind of moral compass. Then he nodded as he explained that this was the kind of guy that will get under his skin if he lets them. Shiba nodded and said "I'm no fool, I'm just angry now because I can't do anything. I won't waste my chance if I ever get one." He promised, watching as the bunny punched his tree and he couldn't help but smile. Shiba then said "good bunny." He said as he took a deep breath to calm down as Shiva then started to go off the road and look around the walls themselves.

“You think we’ll actually be successful?” Dubstepp then asked. “I would become surprised if we actually managed to find Valentine and his thugs.” The tamer cupped his hands around his eyes. “I seem some boars up ahead. Nothing too menacing for us at our current level.” Digging into his inventory, he started balancing a dart on his finger.

Shiba shrugged at his question and said "who knows I don't think we will find them but we can always hope" he said not giving up hope on finding the killer. When he mentioned boars ahead he looked over and said "let's clean this up fast and get back to searching"

Dubstepp snapped his fingers. “Go get ‘em, Totoro.” The rabbit creature heard his commander and rushed towards the party of low-level critters. With ease, it managed to destroy several of them. “Leave some for Shiba. We got to split the experience points and rewards.” Dubstepp bellowed. The musician crossed his arms; it did not seem likely that the two would just come across their wanted murderer. Things couldn’t go so smoothly for them.


Dubstepp and Shiba had no luck finding Valentine or his group of thugs. They only managed to gain a bit of Renn and even less experience.

✧ DAY 12 - Solace Festival - 6pm ✧

Dubstepp whistled, he witnessed Dirk managed to negate the boars’ damage throughout his aggro effect. The musician remained impressed after the fact. Totoro adopted the same role of tank, but even then, he probably couldn’t take on that much damage. The tank class was surprisingly a huge absorber of damage.

The trainer noticed Tote’s health drop by 100 hit points. He cocked an eyebrow and gritted his teeth. ”How is the boar going to do 100 damage?” He questioned unsure of why the boar was so powerful. Dubstepp commanded Totoro to keep striking the boar. Dubstepp chose to layer the damage with a hit of his own to quicken the destruction of the enemy. The faster the enemy dies, the less health Totoro is going to take. Using his inventory, he threw two darts at the boar.

Dubstepp had his eyes move around in his noggin as he tried keeping up with everyone’s movement. He widened them when he saw Alisea get knocked down with a lot of force. “Ouch,” he muttered. “Glad that wasn’t me.”


During the second rotation of attacks, Dubstepp threw two darts at Boar #3. Totoro attacked the boar again twice.

Dubstepp used two darts.
Dubstepp increased his relationship with Shiba.

Health: 975/1300
Mana: 1482/1900
Renn: 771 Renn
STATs Tree:

✧ DAY 11 - Solace Festival - 6pm ✧

Interacting with: @Jangel13


(Spent time with Shiba, I’ll put up the post when I’m not on a lunch break.)

✧ DAY 12 - Solace Festival - 6pm ✧

Dubstepp sighed, he slowly walked with his new group of guild mates. His enthusiasm wasn’t there. Who can blame him though? So much had happened the past few days.

If the reason for the dungeon exploration was different, maybe Dubstepp would crack a smile. But the fact of the matter is that this adventure is solely for leveling up and attacking Valentine afterwards. Not even two weeks inside this game and Dubstepp was fighting someone else’s war, or now he was fighting his own war.

Dubstepp entered the dungeon’s zone. It was more appealing than the last one ventured. ”So what are the odds of us dying this time?” The musician joked about the perils that lied ahead. Dubstepp rotated his neck, looking at everyone’s expression. He remembered his hang-out yesterday with Shiba.

He hoped everyone did not share the same anger and the same vengeance. If everyone felt strongly about Karma, this dungeon run could go badly. This is just reliant that individuals don’t react to emotion alone.

The trainer stopped in his tracks. Apparently, the others in front had spotted the first band of enemies. Dubstepp peered his head over and raised an eyebrow. “Are you kidding me?”

Dubstepp summoned his monster; the giant, carnivorous rabbit appeared before him, ready to rumble and attack. “It’s Totoro,” Dubstepp corrected Reylan. The tamer then ordered his beast to charge toward the left.

Totoro did as he commanded, running sideways in a 180 degree manner. Once Dubstepp considered the position was correct, he told his beast to hit the boars from behind.


Dubstepp became worried about the emotion of his guild mates. He also reflected on his downtime spent with Shiba. Once confronted by a pack of boars, Dubstepp followed Reylan’s advice and used Totoro to attack the back of Boar #3.

"Don't lose."

Interacting with:@yoshua171@Demon Shinobi

Feya was definitely having trouble watching the fights. She did not have trouble before, but the continued beatdowns on her comrades were hard to view now. She has seen her friends take down on opponents and lose blood though those were times when she herself was fighting someone. Currently, she's standing patiently for her turn. It's almost embarrassing.

Not only did the bruising and injuries upset her, but also the losses that the members had to carry on their shoulders. Their faces entering the match are much different compared to coming back with a loss. The feeling of having that win stripped from your fingers is a hard one. Feya hoped Caesar's and Kite's feelings of pride were not broken due to this slip-up.

Feya cracked her neck and kneeled down to the beaten Kite. She thanked Hachirou and attended to Kite's injuries. "You gave it your all." She spoke to the valiant carpenter. Picking her head up, she asked for Lily's attention. "Hey, Lily. You got this. Don't lose." Very simple words were spoken, but the fitness woman hoped that would be enough to motivate Lily.

Feya glanced at the enemy captain. "Spirit? My spirit is so jacked it has freaking biceps," She grumbled while bandaging Kite's injuries a bit too aggressively.

Health: 975/1300
Mana: 1482/1900
Renn: 733 Renn
STATs Tree:

✧ DAY 11 - Solace Festival - 9am ✧

INteracting with: @Jangel13


Dubstepp's eyes kept slowly shutting, only to be opened in a quick fashion. His body expressed exhaustion and uninterest. This is the earliest he's woken up; the musician was beginning to see the responsibility of being a guild member. He barely ate his breakfast due to his tiredness. His eyes were directed to whoever was speaking at the moment. Looking at everyone made Dubstepp feel slightly uncomfortable.

It seemed Karma meant a great deal to these individuals. Dubstepp was conflicted because he was not in a state of mourning. The trainer did not feel vengeful or pissed off about what had occurred. His face showed only drowsiness while the others demonstrated lost.

Yawning, he opened up his menu briefly and discreetly. He began typing a personal message. Sure it could have been written after the meeting, but he believed the sooner, the better. Dubstepp wrote to one of the members suggesting reckless retribution last night in the guild chat, Shiba. The trainer did not know of the individual, but this might be a good time to create some bonds.

Dubstepp wrote: "Hey, if you're still thinking of going Sherlock and leading your own investigation of Valentine, I have no quarrels. I would like to help though. Two heads are better than one. And don't worry, I won't tell anyone if that's the path you are choosing."

Dubstepp submitted the email and appeared more alert, hoping that no one witnessed him passing a "note." He heard the last person spoke and coughed to gather everyone's attention. "Are they truly that powerful? We only have their level numbers to go. Their weaknesses and strengths are unknown, as well as their fighting capability. As I remember, Karma was a healer. Those classes don't fare well in close combat or even against a one on one battle. This doesn't really tell us anything about Valentine if he struggled or not. We might have a better chance given our classes are more offensive, which could very well Valentine."

Dubstepp adjusted his hat a bit to the right side. "Do we at least know if they have any wants or goals? My concern is that the rest of us are targets now which suggests why? If not, then why only Karma? There's no indicator if they are going to strike us again. I say we have some time to grind before they come to a conclusion if they want to murder another one of us."


Dubstepp sent a message to Shiba regarding a self-investigation of Valentine. He felt uncomfortable given that his feelings are opposite to those of the other guild members. The musician spoke about his opinion. Valentine's defeat over Karma was an easy one. Does this say a lot of fighting capibility? Are the others next? These questions are on the back of Dubstepp's mind.

Health: 975/1300
Mana: 1482/1900
Renn: 733 Renn
STATs Tree:

✧ DAY 10 - Solace Festival - 10AM-5pm ✧


Dubstepp chose to wake up early despite his wishes. He was reluctant to do so given so much has transpired in a few days. Joining a guild was a huge decision on his part. Not even a whole 24 hours went by and he began getting group messages. He guessed this was a perk of being within a guild. Dubstepp just pressed a few buttons and took the messages down. The festival was not as lively as he suspected, but there was a lot of eagerness.

More than likely, a lot of players must have been satisfied with this event. This mostly takes the attention off of being in a virtual prison. Dubstepp observed the people around him. All of them had their own little stories and their own little tragedies. Players needed this festival to take off the weight of killed players and the inevitable grasp of death. Dubstepp took a seat on a bench and looked up at the artificial sky. "Inevitable? Did the GameDev really give us players a shot at winning?"

Dubstepp shook his head and walked over to some vendors selling some interesting items. He was running out of money after not receiving any increases in Renn. The prices only reminded him that he was going to need to visit a dungeon or complete a quest. Saving that girl from a few days ago did grant him a nice stack of coins. Dubstepp received a free medallion and did not stop there. He bought a helmet and cloak since they seemed the most useful for someone of his class.

Ding! Dubstepp moaned at the sight of another message. "It's from the guild leader. I hope this is not a order or anyth..." The trainer opened the message and began reading the contents. He coughed once he read the most shocking part of the letter.

"Legion of the Wolf. It pains me to say this but...Karma was murdered. I am not sure when, but this bastard named Valentine is responsible. His name tag is red, possibly black now, and if you see it anywhere...bring him in. We will find him and he WILL answer for his crime."

Dubstepp reread the message several times. He blinked a couple of times; the news took him by immediate surprise. ” He called me an a dumb ass.” He stated, trying to picture the player’s face. Like Reylan, Karma happened to become of the first players that Dubstepp met on the first day. Though a falling out did occur between the both. They talked less after there dispute.

Dubstepp looked away from the message and around himself. Everyone continued on throughout their day. It was an unpleasant feeling. Dubstepp massaged his shoulder, he wasn’t sure how to feel. There was a sense of eeriness in his stomach. Dubstepp only had just joined the Wolves and a murdered occured less than 24 hours. ”Does this mean I could potentially be a target as well?”

He read the message again. ”...Answer for his crime.” The last part of the sentence put a weird taste in Dubstepp’s mouth. He wondered if Reylan was considering murder. Even then, the guild master issued for players to capture or attack this individual. This was turning into some borderline dangerous thinking. The musician pinched the stem of his nose; he understood Reylan’s feelings, but…

Dubstepp did not want to think about this. Ding! The trainer noticed another message inside his inbox. ”What the hell? How did I get a personal message?” Dubstepp does not have many friends in this universe. According to his first few friends, one of them disappeared, one of them turned former and then dead, and another has just issued a hunt for the murderer of said friend. ”Well, it could be…” Dubstepp laughed at the sender’s name.

"Hey there buddy! I'm watching the fireworks right now, want to meet up and party? I'm in the city center right now."

Dubstepp remembered Chari at the diner. Her personality was ”What an odd girl. Didn’t she received the message about the murder?” Dubstepp considered declining the invitation, but he hesitated. The musician figured this would probably be the best option to take his mind off of the murder and to further his friendship with the guild members. There was nothing he could at the moment to help with the investigation of Valentine.

He saved Reylan’s message for future use. Something told him he was going to need it. Also, the murder news did happen to be his first letter as a guild member. Dubstepp then replied to Chari’s message, ”Sure. Be there soon. I’m close by.”

Dubstepp used 320 Renn.
Dubstepp obtained Solace Medallion (Free)
Dubstepp obtained Solace Cloak [170 Renn].
Dubstepp obtained Solace Helmet [150 Renn].

Dubstepp has 413 Renn left.


Dubstepp chose to enjoy the Solace Festival. He thought about the idea of being in a guild and his chances of defeating the game. Not a moment later, a message concerning Karma’s death interrupted his shopping. Reylan sent out a group message declaring that former friend, Karma, was murdered by a player named Valentine. Dubstepp felt worried that joining a guild might have brought more trouble than it's worth. The musician accepted Chari’s invite to further take his mind off of the message.
"Whoa, I don't want to get arrested."
Your wish has been granted. Your real life problems pose no threat to animals or the ecosystem.

I wish for my sarcasm skills to improve.
Banned for not lasting even an hour.

"Is that okay with you?"

Interacting with:@ProPro@yoshua171@Spiffy

Feya's eyes moved to the right and her mouth stayed agape. A confused sound came out of her when she heard the cereal captain's response. She stuck her index finger and dug into her right ear, picking off some wax and flicking it to the side. "I apologize, did you say he has 'never been sober?' I'm more than sure that's a health hazard and throws a lot of red flags." Shaking her head to the side, she sucked air through her teeth.

"I have charts and graphs if you want to see the dangers of alcoholism does on a person. I even have a fun fact book. He's literally just one of seventeen million people that suffer from -- did you say drunken fist?" Feya stopped her rambling and stepped back. She was a bit hesitant to continue the conversation. The combat based on the user's inebriation, Feya never considered this method of fighting to be genuine; she always assumed it was a myth.

Shrugging her shoulders, she gave up on the conversation. "Alright then," the fitness woman believed it would best to spectate the battle with her own eyes. Seeing the battle begin, she kept glancing at the cereal captain. The cries of the enemy pirates didn't really help her judgment. From the start, the drunken martial artist managed to get himself locked within the rope. This was becoming a bit uneasy to witness until something strange had occurred.

Feya watched the tides turn when Ken released himself from the bindings and instead utilized the rope to temporarily keep the doctor in dark clothing in check. She stuck her lower lip out and nodded. "Okay," she muttered, slowly understanding the method of drunken combat. Feya studied the battle more and more. Lucky for the fitness woman, most of these battles utilized hand-to-hand combat and did not rely on devil fruit powers.

She then saw a gleam of light shine on the opponent's hand. A self-injection via syringe was utilized that suddenly transformed the enemy into "Mr.Sledge." The person's muscle mass and bodyweight increased ten-fold. Feya's eyes opened wide at the spectacle. "No way! Are those muscles enhancers?! Is that artificial?!" She bellowed out; the woman was clearly interested and forgotten the stress of the battle.

Once snapping out of her interest, she noticed the battle's end. Ken was inches away from victory and collapsed from overexertion. Feya kept her eyes on the falling doctor as he descended in the air. Fortunately, his captain caught him in the nick of time. Feya stared off at the pirate's reactions and how they spoke to each other. It seemed they were fighting amongst each other and in total disbelief of their losses.

Her body shook when she saw Bullet Bill give one of his subordinates a sucker punch. The poor soul was sent into one of the walls. She massaged her right bicep and rotated her neck. "Some arm you got," she whispered. Her train of thought was interrupted by her crewmate, Lilly. Glancing at her, she listened to her request. Rubbing the backside of her neck, she nodded and accepted. "Yeah, I got it." The fitness woman spoke without giving Lilianna eye contact, glancing at Bullet Bill again.

She took the medical supplies and kneeled down to the unconscious doctor. She snickered, "Can't say I'm truly impressed. Only slightly. I figure your technique is more efficient with both legs on the ground, huh?" She was speaking to a knocked out person so there was no guaranteed response. Looking at the outcome of Dr. Sledge, she began talking to herself again. "Though you did take down someone with a muscle enhancer. That's worth a pat on the back." The fitness woman examined to see if there was no blockage in the breathing or circulation. Continuing on, she checked further for any bruising or swelling -- common indicators of broken bones. using what was given, she massaged the healing gel into the most severely damaged areas then bandaging the treated areas. Looking at the syringe in her hand, she stuck the needle in the shoulder of the doctor. Putting her eyes on Liliana, she said bluntly. "I have no idea where you inject your needles into people. I chose the shoulder."

Taking a stand, she called to her captain. "Hey, Cedric. I want the big one." She threw her head and directed it over to Bullet Bill.

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