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Health: 975/1300
Mana: 1482/1900
Renn: 1806 Renn
STATs Tree:

Health: 528/1200
Mana: 000/300
STATs Tree:

Dubstepp found the battle easing toward a certain victory. Becoming a trainer might have been the smartest choice considering the events that transpired. Those that chose classes specializing in close-ranged combat were forced to the frontlines. The individuals committing to the tank role such as the paladin and the swordsman were guaranteed to take damage. If luck ran out, the tanks would probably die first in combat. Then soon to follow are the ranged fighters utilizing magic and arrows.

Dubstepp recognized that it was an ugly thought, but this is what had been brought to his attention. Throughout the entire game, the musician had yet to take damage. Fortunately, Totoro proved a valuable asset in defense. Dubstepp imagined smooth sailing throughout if he just focuses on training monsters. With enough training, he might become untouchable. He smiled at the thought, regaining his full attention to the battle. A dart held in his hand as he contemplated on throwing it or not.

Just then, Dubstepp gritted his teeth. His knees buckled and bumped into each other. He witnessed the wolf-beast smack the paladin off to the side. The musician suspected the boss would continue to damage Dirk; however, another approach was shown entirely. After tossing the tank aside, the Fenrir’s Herald made a beeline through the group. ”Bastard,” Dubstepp muttered. His teeth were clenched as he wasn’t prepared for the wolf to just change targets. The wolf hybrid pushed two other players out of the way before making contact with the healer of the group. Dubstepp grunted, watching Karma get struck by a vicious claw stripe. He called out to his pet to follow pursuit, but thankfully, his rabbit was not needed at the time.

It seemed the final strike from the wolf hybrid was more of a desperation attempt. There remained only so much health in the boss that he died almost instantly. His attempts at killing Karma concluded unsuccessfully. A clear blessing as the death of a healer so early in the game would have meant an early death for everyone. Dubstepp panted after the flying pixels demonstrated the death of the boss.

Everyone appeared dumbfounded like Dubstepp. More than likely, they couldn’t believe the boss became defeated. Although, Dubstepp turned motionless because of one reason. The method in which Fenrir's Herald just directed his attention to Dubstepp worried him. He immediately recognized the superior AI. Fenrir’s Herald only targeted Karma because it acknowledged his healing capabilities.

This completely changed Dubstepp’s confidence. Sooner or later, this meant the enemies of Talrae would attack him head-on. He eyed the ground and floor, he sort of blocked everyone out as he began thinking. Blinking twice, he snapped out of his thought process before he was in too deep. Putting his focus onto elsewhere, he witnessed the spawn of multiple chests, relieved that the game rewarded them for their victory.

Dubstepp headed over to the see the collection until something transpired. The game annoyed him by placing all of the loot into the possession of Reylan. Dubstepp’s annoyance clearly showed on his face; his teeth ground in place. ”Am I being punked right now?” The musician whispered to himself. Sighing, he rubbed the back of his neck. He was not sure making a scene would benefit him.

His mood slightly became better when Reylan did give him his share. Though, Dubstepp squinted his eyes when he got his loot. Compared to the others, Dubstepp was the only member of the party that gained one item. His head swiveled when he speculated that this was because he wasn’t a member of their guild. ”Hmm, okay then.” He nodded as he talked mentally.

Turning his head, he looked over his shoulder to see Karma crying out. His health dropped a significant amount, but luckily, he issued a healing spell to himself. Shaking his noggin, he walked over to Aster who lent the abilities to the group. She informed the party of her rare item that teleported everyone to town. ”Took the time to mention that,” Dubstepp commented.

With a flashing glow, Dubstepp transitioned to the city. It was remarkable; the musician came speechless by the transportation. So many hours of walking were regained because of one single item. Dubstepp released a short chuckle as he admired the city lights. Even though they weren’t real, he felt a lost warmth. “Thanks, Aster.” Dubstepp thanked his fellow player and began walking down the street without another word.

While walking, his pet rabbit followed through. Dubstepp took some steps and coughed, ”Sorry, pal. I think I’m going to venture alone for right now.” His rabbit monster growled in return. ”See ya later, buddy.” Dubstepped teased. With one snap of fingers, Totoro got sent back to his owner’s pocket.

Dubstepp then began humming to himself as he walked the almost empty streets. He wondered if he should start shopping for supplies. He did not know what exactly he needed and he did not feel like rushing. The teen stopped in place with his hands in his pockets. Smacking his lip, he tried thinking what he could do at such a late hour.

Swaying his head to the left and right, he guessed that looking in the morning would be the best bet. He would not have to rush. Another positive is that he could better understand how to spend his money. Pulling out a handful of coins, he was thankful for the money he received. Maybe he could build his spells? Or he could add another member to his arsenal?

Dubstepp told himself to stop thinking. He needed to vent. The musician headed down the road more. He wanted to get away from the others but find a safe place. Browsing the other buildings, he found a secluded bar. It did not look like it had much business. If anything, people were actually leaving to their rooms for the night. Sighing, Dubstepp nodded his head and walked inside.

He took a seat at the bar. Cracking his knuckle, he waited for the bartender to ask him what he wanted. With a grunt, the server pondered what the trainer was thirsty for. Dubstepp responded quickly with a vanilla answer. ”Just an ale, please.” The bartender understood and completed the order within a few seconds. The only people inside the bar was the bartender himself, Dubstepp, and a few others.

While sipping on his drink, Dubstepp paid the bartender plus a tip for his services at such a late hour. Looking around, the place was barrenly proving a quiet experience. Dubstepp spotted a lot of empty seats. Something caught his eye though. In the corner of the stage, a wooden platform stood. It was a stage accompanied by a lute and a stool.

”Mind if I-” Dubstepp pointed his thumb to the stage. The bartender shrugged his shoulders. With that, the musician downed his drink with a few gulps. He climbed onto the stage and sat on the stool. He nestled the lute onto his lap. With a sigh, he began strumming it a bit.

“I’ve always meant well,
Running a thousand tall tales,
Under a spell,
No wonder I can’t yell,
Look at me starting to dwell,
Dramatic as Adele,
Catching feelings, that’s what smells,
No cologne or hair gel,
Fighting and sleeping in hotels,
Got a secret to tell,
In this hell,
I find myself fragile like an eggshell,
No mito, no powerhouse cell,
Doesn’t look well

I stand here worrying,
As death is hurrying,
And I’m left carrying,
All this stress and whatnot.
Filled my head with broken thoughts,
What is happiness, I forgot,
Go ahead and take my mugshot,
Cuz’ I’m on an onslaught,
cannot spot or slot a winning jackpot,
Cannot knot this grinning ascot,
Always losing, a not hot shot,
Mask emotions like a robot.

I try to keep appearances,
Confidence is in the clearances,
Though I still climb those pyramids,
I’m in a deep abyss,
Counting ticks, watching ABC for kids,
Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
This is how I spend my time,
Making rhymes, vodka with just a hint of lime,
Then a stomach ache, faces fake, too much stake,
Drowning lakes and loud earthquakes keep me awake,
I wait for daybreak, trying to smell the pancake
But all I can sniff is a mistake and hard to keep keepsakes,
Do myself a favor and do a retake on this remake, scratching myself a sweepstake,
As I take the coffee break and watch my intake,

Yeah, I’m fighting this unwanted mood,
How can I reach the altitudes with this broken attitude,
Trying to get screwed and pursued,
All I get is sued and misused, chewed like barbecued food
C’mon dude, ain’t that rude,
Solitude is tattooed in clear view,
One thing I have is gratitude

Because I can now handle worse,
Hit me with that remorse, divorce, and all-powerful force,
Bright side, sent to the hospital with a wet nurse,
Make a report, putting the G back in G-force,
I’m not good at sports,
But I’ll make a touchdown.
Dubstepp is the noun, hands down,
take you downtown, all smiles--no frown,
Backseat playground.
Take this red nose because I’m no clown,
But I’m a king so give me my crown.”

Dubstepp stopped strumming. He took a breath and looked out of the stage. Getting back to his feet, he placed the lute back. Without anything else, he headed out to his room.

Dubstepp used 7 Renn [Ale]

The monster began approaching the teenagers. As it advanced, heavy thudding was made from beneath its feet. It was almost as if the ground itself shook. Its jaw lowered to release a heavy roar. The size of the beast was overwhelming to look and hear at. "You had your chance to run," he mocked. The forest monster picked up his speed as he began closing the distance between himself and the teens.

He held his arm out as the arrows struck. His tree=trunk of arms were able to deflect them easily. During that moment, his throat vibrated. The bastard chuckled, not phased by the desperate attack. It demonstrated as he kept pushing eventually getting into close vicinity to Kurt.

Figuring that the man sporting the lizard skin had the most physical strength out of all the teens, he chose him as the first target. He simply lifted one leg, stamping to Kurt's chest to knock him into the surrounding trees.

The kids around the unconscious girl blinked a few times at the question. They did not expect the teenager to become interested in the sacrifice. Most of them growled and began stepping closer to the electric woman. "We first need to cut her wrists." One of the kids spoke up. His head swiveled to the left and right, he overall became concerned if this woman was trustworthy.

If you were a bit of a knowledge seeker, or you considered yourself as a bookworm, you probably would find a home at the city's library. The place remained quiet for your avid reader. People who were regulars would isolate themselves in the private desks. It was just one of the gifts the library had to offer. A lot of politicians donated to the building thus giving the library more essentials.

As of now, the library stood two stories high. There were long tables in the middle for anyone to read out in the opening. Around the corners of the building, private study rooms were available. These rooms had specific rules regarding that a single person couldn't use it; they needed to have more than one person given that it's for study groups.

Not that many employees resided in the book place. There was the librarian in the front, helping out others with questions. Some employees were picking up abandoned books on the table and returning them to the shelve. All that could possibly be heard was the constant page flipping or an allergy sufferer.

Entering the cyber cafe meant getting hit by a cloud of cotton candy scent. The place that allowed the use of their computers recently passed the rule that people can vape or smoke hookah inside. Clouds of smoke reached the ceiling and would then disipate. Usually, they had a fruity flavor attached to them: Apple Jack cereal, cherry, etc. There were a handful of employees.

One was directed to the front to receive payment. He was also in charge of distributing the snacks. They had several junk food items for sale. On top of that, they ordered a shipment of refrigerated coffee and energy drinks. This really hit it off with the regulars. The other employees walked around seeing if everything was up to the code and standard of the place. They also made certain that people were not using the computer after the amount that they paid for.

Some individuals found the computers to use for college work. It was concerning how one could focus in this place. Everyone else would happidly play one of the roleplaying games downloaded on the computer. The sound of people munching on their snacks was unavoidable too.

Health: 600/800
Mana: 200/1200 >> 1200/1200 >> 1050/1200
Renn: 368 Renn
STATs Tree:

Health: 395/700
Mana: 000
STATs Tree:

Dubstepp froze for a few seconds. He launched two more darts at the wolf hybrid in the middle. The musician did not even put any thoughts toward his actions. This battle was becoming a bit tiresome and difficult. The team had yet to defeat one of the other minions. He watched his rabbit monster's health begin to decrease through every turn of attack. He was not sure whether or not to pull him from the battle.

Using a few breathing exercises, he started to think more accurately about his next idea. He remembered something of vital importance. He checked his inventory and found his wooden talisman. Dubstepp held out in front of his person and yelled out the name of the object: "Wooden Talisman!" As if screaming out the object made it work faster, Dubstepp could feel his mana regenerating to its complete maximum.

After having plentiful of mana juice, Dubstepp put most of his moves into healing his monster.

Dubstepp was satisfied with the progress the team was making. It looked like the others had defeated the guardians. All that was left was the big boy. His ears listened to the words of Reylan. Dubstepp cracked a smile, he acknowledged that this was going to go down easily. This monster wasn't going to be able to withstand the dps of everyone.

Dubstepp prepared himself and ordered Totoro to charge. The rabbit monster did a hefty roar and rushed to the boss monster. It's legs padded on the floor; its ears stood up as he bared his fangs at the boss monster. Dubstepp went along with Reylan's suggestion and began tossing more of his darts. This guy needed to go down and the only way the musican could make sure of that was to never let it rest.

If they already killed it before the guardians, the boss monster might have not become enraged. Dubstepp sighed, not lking the level, health, and mana boost that was given to him. This seemed like a huge false advertisement. More than likely, this was the game devs trolling the first levels.


Dubstepp throws darts at [Fenrir's Herald].
Dubstepp uses Wooden Talisman.
-Throws 1 Dart
-Throws 2 Darts
Dubstepp casts Heal Monster on [Totoro]
Dubstepp casts Heal Monster on [Totoro]
Dubstepp casts Heal Monster on [Totoro]

Totoro attacks [Fenrir's Herald].
Dubstepp throws at [Fenrir's Herald].
-Throws 5 Darts

- 7 darts lost from inventory

Interacting with:

Roman particularly showed a happy attitude along the way to his home. His arms swayed eagerly as he kept walking. Looking behind, he flashed multiple smiles at the rest of the party. Despite the population at Pallet Town, it proved a difficult challenge in finding friends. The whole incident of zombies and robots really changed people for the worse. Roman lacked the social aspect of friends. More than likely, the other three individuals probably wouldn't have agreed to enter his home if they weren't forced to work together.

Maybe Nunchuks did something good for a change. Roman looked up at the sky with much optimism. Taking another look behind him, he started thinking about his new comrades. They had their quirks yet they seemed like good company. Roman couldn't be too picky in this world. Jonathan was the first person that the kid met. Overall, his addiction to radioactive puddles was weird, but his other qualities made up for it. He does initiate action before thought as seen by his execution on the zombie. There was a lack of facial expressions because of the mask thus Roman identities him as calm and collected. Through his mannerisms, it does showcase that he has dealt with more dangerous situations. Like the guy did not even flinch at the sight of a dead body. Roman was overall fortunate that he wasn't hostile.

Roman met Honey during the zombie/kitchen incident. From what he heard, she was the newest resident of Pallet Town. Like she literally just entered the gates about a few hours early apparently. This did bring up a lot of questions once Roman began daydreaming. Who exactly was she? Her small stature did not stop her from speaking her mind. When Roman referred to her ass, she really made it clear that she was going to kick his ass. That's kind of hot, sort of. Honey already started calling the shots after Nunchuks left the scene. More than likely, the woman was going to be more serious and no play.

The last one was the most eye-catching. Radioactivity caused many deformations and mutations in certain individuals. Sometimes it proved to be a blessing and others a curse. Roman peered over his shoulder and turned back around once he saw Catherine. He already knew her. It was hard not to considering a spider-lady was a conversation starter for the town. This was one of the few times he was in close vicinity of the woman. Despite how everyone was scared of her appearance, she appeared tame. Like almost as scared of everyone else. Catherine proved polite and understanding of human life. Though she did have a few outbursts that were contradicting. It was perplexing yet overall she seemed cool to hang out with. Even then, Roman would probably still...

"Bang! We're here!" Roman shouted once they came to his hut. The building itself was constructed from various metals. It did not look homely if presented before the apocalypse. Nowadays, anyone would be happy with this structure. The door was just an easy turn on the doorknob. It was a narrow and tall frame. Opening the door revealed a thin red curtain, probably acting as a screen door. Walking inside, everything was on clear notice.

The mattress that Roman lied in was near the wall with a few pillows and sheets piled. Another mattress laid on the other side of the room. A coffee table stayed in the middle of the room. Various chairs surrounded the table such as a lawn chair, a stool, and a beanbag chair. "That bean bag chair was a great find!" Roman announced proudly.

Something then caught his eye. There were a few reading materials on the corner of the bed. He awkwardly yet attempting to be stealthy walked over to them. He quickly grabbed the magazines and stuffed them under his mattress. He looked back at the group as if nothing had happened. Roman even tried to start a conversation on the matter of hand. "So what is the plan guys? How are we going to catch this criminal?
Fitness Feya

Enjoy the Sights

Interacting with: @ProPro@Old Amsterdam

Feya's nose whistled as she breathed through it. She observed the navy soldiers and how they proceeded to argue amongst themselves. She crossed her arms, looking at them with a disappointed gaze. "Well, this did not lead to anything productive," she complained. Her plans of possibly participating in a workout regimen compromised of Navy techniques had been blown out of the water.

It appeared that the Navy had strange characters as well. She tilted her head to look at her mink crewmate. "I might just explore the sights a bit. Maybe I'll find something to increase my strength, if not, I"ll just head back to the ship. I'm not planning to stick around with this constant bickering. It looks like I won't be able to get a word in. The nerve of that guy..."

Feya Fitness referred to the lazy approach by the more lenient individual. Shaking her head, she continued to shrug her shoulders. Not sure if she could convince him otherwise. She saluted Caesar as she began jogging down the road.

Health: 800/800 >> 600/800
Mana: 900/1200 >> 200/1200
Renn: 8 >> 368 Renn
STATs Tree:

Health: 640/700 >> 440/700
Mana: 000
STATs Tree:

Dubstepp gritted his teeth, his mouth formed an awkward smile. He was expecting something much larger for a dungeon boss. He shook his head in disappointment. The musician began to eat his words when the creature began to howl. Taking a glimpse at his mana, he noticed he took a heavy hit. Dubstepp was starting to lose precious points; he is going to have take into consideration how to spend the last 200 of his magic.

Dubstepp readied himself, taking more of his time into observing the three enemies. They weren't wolves technically. Well, if anything, the creatures appeared as wolf hybrids. They all stood on their hind legs and walked like man. Most likely, their concept art must have been inspired by werewolves. Looking over to his Totoro, he wondered if his pet could withstand them. Dubstepp couldn't hear anything for a moment. His heartbeat raced as he tried to think.

He wasn't sure what to think about. Dubstepp might have just been worried. He whistled for his pet's attention and directed him to the minion on the left. The musician was not about to send his first monster to fight a dungeon boss especially at the health Totoro was at. The rabbit beast immediately followed his master's directions. Sighing, Dubstepp then turned his attention to the boss. Given how he was behind everyone, the beast tamer decided to help damage the boss.

Dubstepp began chucking a couple of darts at the dungeon wolf boss.


Totoro attacks Wolfkin Guard [Left].
-Punches Once
-Punches Twice

Dubstepp throws darts at Fenrir's Herald.
-Throws One Dart
-Throws Two Darts
-Throws Three Darts
-Throws Four Darts

- 4 darts lost from inventory

Interacting with:

Fitness Feya

Hold on-What?

Interacting with: @ProPro@Old Amsterdam

Feya tilted her head back, not sure what was transpiring in front of her. She did not expect to have an opinion on the possible training routine of the navy. She observed how both lieutenants acted. Even then, she witnessed how the grunts reacted to both workouts. She responded with an awkward smile; she only wanted to participate and see if anything could be added to her "Workout Guide," but it seemed she would have to settle an argument first.

She chuckled because she knew the best decision for building a toned body. She placed her hands on her hips. A breath of air came out of her lungs as she began to speak; however, Caesar spoke first. She expected him to answer in a way that would complement the more active lieutenant. He did not.

"This is not happening right now. There is no way you think this is exceptional!" The fitness woman shouted at Caesar. Feya threw her hands at the minions who swept the floors nonchalantly. "Listen to me! The way you are training these men is unacceptable! They are not going to flourish! Muscles need active movement! You need to break down your muscles so new muscles fibers can be made!" She informed the lazy lieutenant.

Roman Martin nodded his head enthusiastically. He practically found happiness that the group trusted him and his home. He thought it over and found that they might be too trusting. Hell, Roman could be a murderer and lead them straight to a murder sex dungeon. The kid snapped out of his negative scenarios. Having actual guests in his small home is a really a step up in his social skills.

"Yeah, we can go right now," Roman shook his head to the right, basically showing the direction of his home. He glanced at Jonathan and rolled his eyes to the ceiling to begin thinking. Pallet Town was fairly large enough to hide possible murderers. Roman did spend his time hiding and snooping around. He frequently participated in trouble. "Well, I guess if we combine both of our knowledge of this place, we may be able to create a map."

Roman shrugged his shoulders toward Jonathan. He then blew some air and whistled. "We might as well start going. The more planning we have, probably the more of a chance we have of finding the person." Roman then suggested they go out the back door as to not draw any attention to themselves. He proceeded to the kitchen, exiting out the back door.

Nunchucks was in the middle of speaking to some of the citizens of Pallet Town. Most of them came curiously to find out what happened. By observation, the sheriff could see some concerned faces. He began his elaborate lie that he shared with the group he accused of being murderers. The townsfolk kept their ears open with their heads nodding simultaneously. Almost as if they were completely brainwashed, they ate up everything that the sheriff said.

The sheriff then felt a strong tug on his shoulder. He peered over his arm and noticed the tall, ravishing woman from before. The authoritative figure rolled his eyes, putting a finger out to the crowd as he asked for a quick pause. His eyes showed annoyance given his entire explanation was interrupted. He pulled himself away from the populace to speak to Olive. He gritted his teeth, "First of all, I don't know who you are to be speaking to me like this. This is not the way how shit works. Secondly, I never said anything of the sort."

The sheriff tapped his temple. "Use that shiny brain of yours and remember my words exactly. I said if you do a few things for me that I might think about letting you go out. The most important thing you should acknowledge is the fact that you have not done shit for me."

The sheriff looked out into the crowd, hoping they weren't getting impatient. "You know a waitress position just opened up in the restaurant. You want to apply for the postiion?" He snarkily said.

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>> Dick Grants skips over to B21.

Health: 800
Mana: 900
Renn: 8
STATs Tree:

Health: 640
Mana: 000
STATs Tree:

"Whoa, these wolves are stronger than the others one," Dubstepp stated the obvious. The phantom wolves had survived the first onslaught of attacks from the party. Occasionally, some of them would have died by now; however, this was different. Now the party had to make another attempt at their next turn of actions. The musician tapped his chin with his finger. He wondered if this was some foreshadowing toward something more dangerous.

He removed the thought from his head with a simple head shake. Dubstepp needed full concentration and needed to rid all of the negative scenarios in his mind. Looking at the rest of the wolves, the musician tried to see what was the best course of action. He heard Reylan speak, but that really didn't give him anything to lean on. Dubstepp recently lost his magic lightning spell due to one of the new patches. There was not enough Renn in his pocket for him to purchase new spells for his disciple.

Dubstepp bit his lower lip. With a calm motion, he ordered Totoro to keep punching the wolf in the center. Afterwards, Dubstepp tossed a series of darts at both the left and right wolf.

Totoro hits Center Phantom Wolf.
Totoro hits Center Phantom Wolf.
Dubstepp throws dart at Right Phantom Wolf.
Dubstepp throws dart at Right Phantom Wolf.
Dubstepp throws dart at Left Phantom Wolf.
Dubstepp throws dart at Left Phantom Wolf.
Loses -4 Dart from inventory.

Interacting with:

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