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Current To all my RP Guildmates, I'm sorry to say this, but I am leaving RP Guild. I just don't have it in me anymore to roleplay. I may come back, but for now, I'm out. Have fun everyone and Stay Gold.
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In a creative slump at the moment... Replies will be sparse...
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@Silent Showers: You sir....
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ESO IS 96 GIGS?!! Goodbye hard drive.
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"This next Call of Duty is going to focus on the deeper, more terrifying aspects of war." Spec Ops: The Line: "Am I a joke to you?"
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I am Rusalka, Rus, Russie, or whatever the fuck you wanna call me. I'm 24 years old, a die hard metalhead, and an avid gamer and anime fan. I started roleplaying on forums back when I was on the Saints Row website as Destroyer4292, but before that I used to do alot of larping. I came to the old guild back in 2011 under my Destroyer moniker, but left before the old guild fell. Now I'm back after my third...uh...fourth hiatus. I also have a shitty DQ job that is DRIVING ME TO INSANITY!! But anywho, nice to meet y' go away before I eat your children! <.<



I love all metal, but these bands are definitely my biggest influences


Anything that is NOT call of duty


Yep, that about covers it

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@Maria 127

Evelyn could barely lift her head to Argentina, for it was more than just the crippling pain she felt pounding in her head... but embarrassment, only made worse when Ms. Keigwan mentioned taking her to Claudia. Great... that's all Ev needed, another ass chewing. Groaning and gripping at her head still, Evelyn grit her teeth. "N-no... I'm fine. I don't need a nurse." But it was clear she wasn't, blood trickling still from her nose. She reached a hand up to wipe it off, then tried to get back to her seat, but a challenge that also proved. Idiot! Look at what you've done! You made a dumbass out of yourself!

She could barely walk, her body practically sapped of energy. She had no choice it seemed, releasing a disparaging sigh. "Fine... Claudia's office is this way..."

And so she showed Argentina where.

Meanwhile, Claudia was up and about dusting off her shelves and cleaning the place up. Not that her office was a pigsty, but a nurse could never be too clean, especially with all the known pathogens creeping around. That and she was bored out of her mind. As she happily wiped down her workstation with a bleached rag, humming along to the radio, there was a knock at her door. ~"Come in!"~. She answered.

But as the door swung open and Claudia turned to see who it was, her smile immediately faded and a deep pang of concern lodged itself into her heart.

~"Evelyn? By Hecate, what happened?"~. She rushed over to help Argentina bring Ev into the room, giving Argentina a tender smile, ~"Thank you, sweetie. I'll take it from here, unless you want to stay and help."~
@Demonic cupcake @Mistress Dizzy

Evelyn sat quietly during the duration of the demonstrations, arms crossed and a contemptible scowl permanently affixed upon her face. She would admit these kids had some interesting powers, but she wasn't impressed, even if they had control over the elements or they were a walking computer virus. Evelyn still believed she could beat them all easily in a fight. When the glitchy kid finished his little show, Evelyn stood up, scoffing at him with a mocking yawn, "Lame. That's how it was."

She sauntered over to one of the few practice dummies left, her eyes narrowing in a heated glare as she turned to the rest of the class. "Watch and learn." She doubled up her fist, black, hard scales growing across her pale skin until her hand resembled a claw, a dragon's claw. Then suddenly, with a vicious roar, she swung her claw hard at the dummy in an uppercut, jetting it into the air. Watching it fall, she took a deep breath into her lungs, her eyes glowing insanely red, like two drops of purest blood. Finally, before the dummy hit the ground, Evelyn let loose from her mouth a searing jet of flames, roasting it to a blackened char. "Hmph! That's how it's done." She said with great satisfaction, a rather...disturbingly pleasant look upon her face as she watched the dummy smolder. However, as Evelyn turned to go back to her seat...something went wrong. "AGH!" It was like a nail being shoved in the center of her forehead, drilling deep into the back of her skull. Dammit....I overdid it! Nice going, showoff! Evelyn grabbed at her head, trying to get back to her seat while stumbling, but then her nose went to bleeding as well. Great... Try to be a bad-ass, and you look like a fool. Good job.
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@Mistress Dizzy@Vampiretwilight

Evelyn shrugged, "Sure, why not. Beats just laying around all day." Shuffling into the gym, she sat down beside the girl called Angel.
@Kuro Dropping a CS later tonight. Decided to go with a rogue character of mine.
@Mistress Dizzy@Vampiretwilight

C'mon Angel. Make a bunch of cutesy butterflies or a rainbow. What a bunch of pansies.. Evelyn scoffed in her head as she continued watching from the doorway. I oughta show these pushovers what real power is.. However, upon noticing the girl Angel turn the dummy to stone, Evelyn smiled a little. Ok then. You can turn stuff into rocks. I guess that's cool.
@Mistress Dizzy@Vampiretwilight

That last toke must have been a good one, because unsurprisingly, it put Evelyn to sleep. She woke up, her eyes fluttering open to find herself still lying beneath the shade of her favorite oak tree, groggily rubbing her eyes and giving a lengthy stretch before picking grass and leaves out of her hair and standing up. She was still a little under the influence, but not enough to be least she hoped.

"Damn...what time is it?" She pondered aloud, her head still feeling light and swimmy. By the looks of things, not much time had passed since she went under, probably just a few minutes. "Huh...I guess I could go to class. Don't really want to." There was still enough time for her to slip in at least, just to say she was there and move on. Surely the teacher wouldn't even notice if she was there or not either, but then again, Evelyn wasn't too keen on being around a bunch of people at the moment. With a shrug, she decided to just wander. She bumbled back into the building, per usual her hands shoved in her pockets and her head down low. As she passed the gym however, she stopped. Apparently there was some sort of lecture going on in there, as Ev could tell by the teacher speaking. Sounded like that one Claudia kept trying to get in bed. What was her name again, Ev thought.

Oh right.....Ms. Keigwan.

Peeling open the door as quietly as she could, she leaned in the doorway, watching as the teacher spoke to her students and even demonstrated her which the moody teen wasn't impressed. So you can make pretty things appear out of nowhere.
Big deal. I can burn people alive and rip their hearts out. What else do these super losers got to offer?
@Demonic cupcake Ok no prob. I fixed it.
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