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Current Some people can be reasoned with. Others can be reasoned with....if you have a tire iron in your hand.
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And in modding news, load orders are a bitch.
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@KingOfTheSkies As a Marvel fan, I can personally attest to that.
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Honestly, I never cared much for GOT, but I am just loving this drama.
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Ahh, the final episode of GOT. Let the comment wars commence!



I am Rusalka, Rus, Russie, or whatever the fuck you wanna call me. I'm 24 years old, a die hard metalhead, and an avid gamer and anime fan. I started roleplaying on forums back when I was on the Saints Row website as Destroyer4292, but before that I used to do alot of larping. I came to the old guild back in 2011 under my Destroyer moniker, but left before the old guild fell. Now I'm back after my third...uh...fourth hiatus. I also have a shitty DQ job that is DRIVING ME TO INSANITY!! But anywho, nice to meet y' go away before I eat your children! <.<



I love all metal, but these bands are definitely my biggest influences


Anything that is NOT call of duty


Yep, that about covers it

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@Letmehaveone2 *ahem* So about that nurse.

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"Let he who hath understanding reckon the Number of the Beast, for it is a human number. His number is Six Hundred and Sixty Si-

Oh you mean the other revelation.
<Snipped quote by VeryV>

What you looking for? I can write stories okay. The character I have in mind, is a type if there is a way to change reality for the better by force than waiting on that invisible slow ass God to come down and fix everything, my character will surely plot to do God's job instead, by being the better rational half. For God really isn't rational his setup for the fucked up reality everyone was forced to live. Picture this the infinity gauntlet exists! Why in the world would you desire to live in a shitty half-ass fucked up world while you have plans for a superior beautiful future for everyone instead? If anything the Avengers are the villains keeping the gauntlet from a character like mine. My character at this point he overcame the world, now he plot to plunge all of reality and minds into a utopian paradise world, as rational he can make it or whatever.

So what you're saying is in order for your character to create this utopian world, you would sacrifice everyone's free will and state of mind? Yeah...that's not totalitarian at all. I can see your point, but in retrospect, this is about comic books brah. There's no need to be dragging religious dogma into the fray. Secondly, this just sounds like the most OP and dare I say far-fetched idea for a character ever. You might as well say you're the Anti-Thanos or something, since you're planning on using the Infinity Gauntlet for more chaotic/good purposes than say lawful/evil. The Avengers aren't out to create a utopia or to turn everyone into mindless slaves in some happy community. They are the protectors of the Earth and her people, fighting threats from terrorist organizations to hostile aliens to otherworldly beings. Third, depending on the canon, the true Infinity Gauntlet was destroyed when...

There's no way the Avengers would have it in their possession, nor a copy of it. So in retrospect, though I commend your effort to create a character, the GM is just not into your idea.
@Letmehaveone2 Eh....we have no lives?

Well I don't at least.
This path I walk is comforting
But now I'm left to sing this song alone
I'm fading faster now
It's time to walk away with nothing left
Nothing left of my soul
I'm fading faster now

- Whitechapel, Hickory Creek
1. Sail (AWOLNation cover) - Devildriver
2. Reject - Silent Hell
3. Voice of the Cult - Chastain
4. All Out Life - Slipknot
5. Gor Gor - GWAR
6. Facefisted - Dethklok
7. When a Demon Defiles a Witch - Whitechapel
8. In Due Time - Killswitch Engage
9. Pendulum - After the Burial
10. Cross Out - Chester Bennington ft. Mark Morton
I get my sick kicks trolling SJWs.
@Achronum Just letting you know, I decided to contact (INSERT MAJOR GAME DEVELOPER HERE) and they'd love to hire you.
@DarkestFireAshe Eh...most of these are tailored towards 1x1, but I might have an idea for a group RP later on, probably like a dark and gritty crossover similar to Infinity War/Endgame or the Defenders....even though the Defenders sucked (YEAH I SAID IT!)
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