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I am unable to can
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How do you do, my fellow lickers of doorknobs
10 mos ago
All of you cowards out here afraid to lick doorknobs cause of a little virus. Shame on you.


Credit to mah boy @REKAIGAN for the badass mask he drew for me. You da real mvp.

zelosse#6215 on Discord.

Disclaimer - I work long hours every week with usually just a single day off, so at times it's likely for me to be overwhelmed with expectations and just shut down for a week or so.
Please be patient!

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Bluetommy 2 yrs ago
I may not be the first, but as of now, this place belongs to me.
Stern Algorithm 3 yrs ago
Thank you for your continued support.
GodOfWar 4 yrs ago
( ͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)
Mae 4 yrs ago
You caught me! :D
ChickenTeriyaki 4 yrs ago
Spriggs27 4 yrs ago
I'd say I'm taking your Vm virginity but sadly someone else took it, now I can just call you a VM whore.
Aiyanna 4 yrs ago
It appears I left a visitor message :P
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