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Current I won't be able to post for a while. School's driving me crazy, and I need to adapt to my new schedule.
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I feel like an attention whore sometimes. And I hate it.
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Two people hugging each other in a boxing ring. What else can go wrong?
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I would love to have some fries with that...
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Did you know that Hitler always had his picture taken by a camera positioned beneath him so that he could look taller?


I am yet another adolescent struggling on the road to maturity.
Nothing much else.

Doctor: You have a bad case of osteoporosis. I prescribe that you put down that outrageously large sword you're wielding.


Enjoy your stay. ;)

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"Sir Anderson, this question is just to confirm my theory, so please do not be alarmed. Do you know about the invasion of the elves?"

"Invasion of the elves? That was during the old wars over a thousand years ago. Their kind be nay afoot any longer. Hunted down to extinction by the magicians whom feared them. Much akin to how they hunt our kind right now. Unlike the elves however. We will nay become a myth. A fairytale."

Immediately, the old man ceased his carefree demeanor and quickly removed the smile on his face. What Clara had said had hinted something important - the people in front of him were from entirely different worlds. Dezuel's voice reeked of military composure, and his outfit hinted that he had come from a world sporting a medieval civilization. Clara, on the other hand, seemed to be a innocent young girl that came from London, a place than Ben was more than familiar with. The other old man seemed as if he had no idea what was going on. He would ponder to himself for a while, and then speak:

"I've never seen a living elf in where I come from. Trust me, a traveler like me never lies. I've seen mystical monks and robotic soldiers, though."

He enunciated most of his words, and paired them with slight hand gestures.

"This just calls for proper deliberation. I've seen the cathedrals and museums of London, but I've never heard of the invasion of the elves or the so-called 'Awakened Ones'. If what I'm thinking is right, we must come from entirely different places. It's a big world, isn't it?."

Hey moderators, just a suggestion: could you allow Tier 5 (and higher) characters to be used by non-mods?

I know that you might be afraid that people might create hilariously overpowered characters and unleash their unbridled fury upon the unsuspecting masses, but that would be terribly immature (let's just assume that RPGuild is a rather civilized place to conduct RPs compared to, let's say, Facebook). In a persistent world, you either create realms and empires or play in them. Of course, a realm needs its own deities and powerful figureheads. Besides, you guys could make it the responsibility of certain admin-headed groups to enforce law within the persistent world, so that we won't all go bonkers in case somebody's Mary Sue goes crazy and decides to go on a planet-destroying rampage.

It would also be terrible if somebody's tier-6 physical god kills another person's tier-3 mage without any context at all, but that would be a dick move. I hope no idiot would try to do that.

Each of the character's abilities and owned items need tiers of their own.

I like her though. She seems cute.
Tokyo. ELF. Dezuel. Awakened Ones. Ord.

Unfamiliar terms flew back and forth as the two newcomers and the other unfortunate old man exchanged words. The white-mustachioed man listened intently. Apparently, the blue-haired girl was a magician of some sort, and the armored individual was a member of some organization the old man had never heard of. He had seen much weirder things before, so he simply gazed upon the trio.

"...welcome you amongst our ranks anyhow. After this little trip I'd make certain that the magicians do nay lay their hands upon you. We of the oppressed ones should join together and from there form our own world where these others are evils that must be rooted out. Tell me, what kind of powers do the two of you hold?"

The old man had not offered a proper introduction yet, but he had been asked for information. That revealed one important point - this wasn't the world he had known so dearly. People unnecessarily feared him back in his world, simply because he had presided over the Fighter Of The Millennium tournament. His former companions had already amassed great political power, but Old Man Benjamin was a man of simplicity. Instead of choosing to climb the social pyramid and obtain wealth and influence, he anti-climatically retired and confined himself to a schedule involving three meals a day and a daily morning jog.

Due to that, he was the least feared among the former judges of the competition. He never really cared, though, as he only used his otherworldly strength to scare delinquents off his lawn after his retirement.

"Ehh? Power? We have electricity in the city. Uh.. and we have some powered by wind or water... and uh... If that's what you ask.

"Oh goodies, now that is quite the good news. A curious gathering then."


The old man's loud and deep voice seemed to shake the entire shrine.

"My deepest apologies for my rather rude introduction. After all, I never leave people with nasty first impressions. I go by the name of Benjamin Anderson. As for powers, well, you might mean something other than the power that they use to keep Japan running, right?"

"Besides, our current situation baffles me greatly. Prior to my arrival here, I met a shrouded figure that said that we would get to meet our 'gods'. Honestly, I was not expecting such a mundane place..."

@Dezuel @Hammerman
The strange white man put the gold back into his m a g i c a l briefcase.

"Sorry 'bout that. On a second note, have your people mastered the use of gunpowder yet? Or have any of your greatest innovators visualized the creation of the steam engine?"

A humanoid figure with white skin and a spherical head approached Endar. He wore a business suit, complete with a tuxedo and a blue tie. He carried a brown briefcase with him.

"Do you sell swords? I like swords."

The mysterious being opened his briefcase, producing a bright flash of light. He drove his hand into the light, and it came out holding a handful of gold coins.

"On second thought, I also have a credit card."
To anyone

Any chances this will stay strong if I decide to make a 2nd rp?

Create a clear plot and the RP will most likely last longer.

I said the exact same thing on a free interest check not long ago.
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