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25 Apr 2017 3:41
I'll see you all tomorrow, for now I'm gonna get some sleep.
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24 Apr 2017 23:29
I've never ran more than 3 rps at a time before, yet I want a 4th. question is: Will I be able to handle it?
22 Apr 2017 19:56
It's raining hard over here
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17 Apr 2017 18:14
When a friend of yours cracks you up so much with a post and you have no idea how to respond to it XD
11 Apr 2017 13:24
How can I send the same link without it looking like spam?


Hi, Welcome to my profile.

Type of genres I like to rp are mostly anything involving Supernatural beings with some fantasy. Maybe a bit of action every now and then, if you have something funny to post, go right ahead, make me laugh (it's not hard).

I still love crossovers, I just don't do them as mush as I used to. (I will join one if it's free roam for the most part and I am allowed OCs)

I do animal rps sometimes (mostly wolves or lions)

Things I like to do outside of RPG: Play games, watch YouTube or Take a nap. My type of games are MMORPGs(like Everquest or Wizard101), Sims(2, 3 and 4), pretty much stuff like that as long as said game allows for character creation. (I'm a creative person)

My favorite genre of music is mostly rock and anything I can dance and sing along to.

I love all animals but my most favorites are dogs and elephants.

That's it for now :)

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And I had mostly one-liners only cause I was still a bit tired when I posted.
I mean I have girl characters, but not in this rp.
Um, Juno's a guy XD
@Overlord Thraka
You're welcome
As soon as he was free, Demon Price went straight for the blood and began drinking it. He was still smiling like crazy as he did so.

Juno crossed his arms and looked him straight in the eyes. I'm a neko, not a human! He pointed to ears and tail for emphasis.

Living forest

Joey turned towards another girl asking if they knew where they were. "Besides a forest with a cabin in it, I don't know either." He then walked out of the cabin.
Name: Alexis Sparkle

Nickname: none

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Species: Snow Dragon

Crush: none

Relationship: Single

Personality: Kind, (will put more later)

History: TBR

Other: Her hair or scales change color depending on mood.

Color Chart:
Blue: Neutral
Purple: In love (rare)
Black: Sad
Red: Angry
Orange: Happy
Pink: Lonely
Grey: Bored
Yellow: Excited


@Overlord Thraka
Interesting character

Demon Price only stared at him before attempting to reach for the blood, but first he had get free from this guy's grasp. He even let out a hiss of his own, not in a threatening way, but more like in a 'Let me have some' way.

Juno glared at this guy for that remark. I'm a friend of his and I'm not pathetic and I was trying to help him get out of this place, not keep him in.

I'm working on a response, but it may take me awhile.
I should tell you that his demon only goes after humans.

And also don't ruin the fun just yet.
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