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2 mos ago
Merry Christmas Everyone :D
2 mos ago
and I have rps on discord. I guess they'll have to be postponed until further notice.


Hi, Welcome to my profile.

Type of genres I like to rp are mostly anything involving Supernatural beings with some fantasy. Maybe a bit of action every now and then, if you have something funny to post, go right ahead, make me laugh (it's not hard).

I still love crossovers, I just don't do them as much as I used to. (I will join one if it's free roam for the most part and I am allowed OCs)

I do animal rps sometimes (mostly wolves or lions)

Check out all my characters here.

Things I like to do outside of RPG: Play games, watch YouTube or Take a nap. My type of games are MMORPGs(like Everquest or Wizard101), Sims(2, 3 and 4), pretty much stuff like that as long as said game allows for character creation. (I'm a creative person)

My favorite genre of music is mostly rock and anything I can dance and sing along to.

I love all animals but my most favorites are dogs and elephants.

Here's my discord: Tifa's Group

That's it for now :)

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Alright then.
Does this mean I have to remake Ky? My character.
Boo XD
Joey decided to come out of his room and wander the halls.

Price was still in his room, softly playing his guitar.
I have a few villain characters, but I don't know how to make any of them fit into this.
IC is up
((Unless you've made a CS in the Char Tab and have been accepted, please don't post here.))
Joey was standing in front of the building, taking a good look at it before heading inside to find his room. It didn't take him long since he was in room 1. He entered the room once he found it. He chose the other side of the room. His dog, Ash was sitting next to the window, watching him as he sat on the bed.

Price walked inside the building and went down the corridor of bedrooms. He stopped at room 20 and went inside. After choosing his side of the room, he sat on the bed and placed his guitar beside him.
Hey everyone.

I am almost ready to start this, but I need my breakfast first.
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