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6 days ago
It's snowing over here too :)
4 mos ago
When you remember a rp from the oldguild and said rp was made way back when you first joined.
5 mos ago
Happy 4th of July everyone. Hope you all are having a great time :D
6 mos ago
@Overlord24 Sup?
6 mos ago
TFW Pikachu gets inside your mind and you can't get him out . Not that I want to.
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Hi, Welcome to my profile.

Type of genres I like to rp are mostly anything involving Supernatural beings with some fantasy. Maybe a bit of action every now and then, if you have something funny to post, go right ahead, make me laugh (it's not hard).

I still love crossovers, I just don't do them as much as I used to. (I will join one if it's free roam for the most part and I am allowed OCs)

I do animal rps sometimes (mostly wolves or lions)

Check out all my characters here.

Things I like to do outside of RPG: Play games, watch YouTube or Take a nap. My type of games are MMORPGs(like Everquest or Wizard101), Sims(2, 3 and 4), pretty much stuff like that as long as said game allows for character creation. (I'm a creative person)

My favorite genre of music is mostly rock and anything I can dance and sing along to.

I love all animals but my most favorites are dogs and elephants.

That's it for now :)

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That would be cool.
I don't see why not.

Go ahead.




Gender: Male

Abilities: Unlike most wizards, his magic comes from magical cards that he uses.

Species: Decromancer






No worries, I was going to PM you yesterday but I wasn't sure if you already had this subbed or not.
Bubbles had been asleep in her bed, but as she absentmindedly moved one of her arms, she felt grass. Opening her eyes, she found she was no longer in her bed. Oh, I must be dreaming. She stood up and looked around. Ooh, a maze! She thought excitedly as once she realized where she was.
Do you have any cool name for the meadow or is gonna be just Meadow?
Anyone else wanna make suggestions for Places or NPC enemies?

Also, Would anyone care if I played a powerpuff girl?
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