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8 mos ago
Current @DruSM157: I did see that earlier, and it looks amazing. So far the only good lever actions I've had are the Slingfire and the Sentinel. The Sentinel alone is just beast.
8 mos ago
@DruSM157: That's what I figured honestly. Even after removing the AR from the shells, there really is no significant performance increase. It's got some funky internals too, and alot of dead space
8 mos ago… Currently trying to mod one of these. Performance sucks, but I'm a sucker for lever action. Took the air restrictors out of the shells.
8 mos ago
@DruSM157: Sick! I've never done much rewiring because I'm dumb when it comes to that, but I just recently put a 6K spring into my Slingfire and gave it a new paint job.
8 mos ago
So.... any Nerf gun modders out there? :D


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@Nobodyman123 Hey no worries, and yeah dude. Those vaccines are straight up brutal. You would be correct since John will be going with Ben to find Kira.

@LeiaHair Oh hush! Your post was great! :D

@LostDestiny Unless that stupid mule of Gus's didn't budge an inch! XD

Claudia: I TOLD you we shouldn't have taken that ugly old bastard!

Gus: You mean me or the mule, woman?

Claudia: *glares* Take a guess!

XD Ah but I kid! Yes, I assume it would be safe to say Annabelle and the rest made it to town safely, just so we can keep this train a rollin'!
@Nobodyman123 Ugh...RDO. I still can't get over what a hassle it is. I just stick to roaming around on story mode.
@LostDestiny Well...the shooting was fun at least, but yeah fuck Micah, seriously!

It would be an interesting character arc for her to go through, and I would very much love to read it too. ^.^ Plus I'm still wondering if she and Pete will get together, but it's too early to decide yet. Well, anywho I'm off to bed. Just one more day slogging through work and I am FREE!
@LostDestiny HA! Same! But I will admit, shooting your way out of Strawberry with him was pretty badass.

Hell with the Thunder Hill Gang and the law out for everyone, it's gonna be a hell of a ride! Plus, don't forget the indian tribes that are pissed off for uh...reasons.
@LostDestiny Oh lord! Elijah's gonna love putting a bullet in Victor's head then if he messes with Ma Belle! wonders if we need a character like Micah NO! NO WE DO NOT!

Well, there's definitely gonna be alot more trouble ahead for the gang, just as I have planned.

@LostDestiny Goddamn O'drisc- I-I mean Bannon Boys! XD Just a heads up too, I've got a Pinkerton character in the works, so uh...


Alright y'all. Have fun on your vacation, Nobody! Leia, just whenever you feel. No rush! :D
Sounds dope to me! I'm down!

"The cavalry has arrived ya bastards!"

"It's more of Elijah's boys, fellers! Shoot 'em!"

"I'm gonna send you straight to Hell, Elijah Rainwater! You and your fuckin' gang!"

"Give Satan our regards!"

"You goddamn boys couldn't shoot a fart out your ass!" Even with all their threats and blusters, Elijah wasn't fazed at all, riding hard across the valley as his two trusted guns covered his swift approach, Ben and Pete. Bullets zipped and whizzed past the ears of him and his horse, some nearly grazing his flesh, but still the valiant leader rode on, unleashing hell from both barrels of his 1851 Navy revolvers. "Howdy boys!" He hollered to John and Seth. Despite the grimness of the situation he and his gang were in, the man was laughing his head off like he was half crazy, taking down man after man without a scratch on him. "Looks like y'all need a hand!" He jumped down from Boudica's saddle, giving the mare a firm slap on the rump and sending her away before racing over to his other men behind the boulder.

"It's about damn time, Elijah!" John shouted back, still razing the rest of the Thunder Hill boys with only his Schofield. "Jamie's dead! He tried to hold on, he did! We couldn't make it back to the camp because of these bastards! Shit!" Quickly he ducked, as did Elijah when another flurry of lead smashed into the boulders. John grit his teeth, his face burning hot with anger. "Goddammit! Fuck all y'all!"

Elijah glanced over to the rocks nearby. There he lied, the younger Holcomb brother, in a pool of his own blood, a cold, empty look in his still open eyes. "Son of a bitch!" He cursed under his breath with a grimace. "I'm sorry, John! Jamie was a good boy, but right now, we gotta shoot these bastards! So c'mon! Seth, cover us from the rear! We're gonna flank 'em on the right!"

"Alright, boss!" Seth replied hastily racking the lever on his rifle. "Y'all get goin' then!"

Elijah grinned and nodded, "C'mon Johnny Boy! Let's finish these assholes! Hell's come to breakfast, fellers! YEE-HAW!" And like that, both John and Elijah sprung from their cover, both men unloading their weapons almost in perfect unison, a symphony of cracks and bangs amidst the loud, visceral screams and grunts of men being gunned down in a blaze of gunfire. Between him, John, Seth, Ben, and Pete, nowhere, not even the thickest and strongest of boulders on the prairie, was safe anymore for the attacking outlaws.

And nary could any of them escape as they were mercilessly shredded by the overwhelming hail of destruction that rained down on them.

"Holy hell! They're cuttin' us down, boys! Retreat!"

The frantic cry was given, but far too late it was. Now men lied dead in the fields, even some horses. A perfect warning to never mess with the McCullen-Rainwater Gang. It wouldn't be long before the rattle of constant discharges subsided, fading into silence, only to be interrupted by the cawing and cackling of buzzards and crows coming to feast upon the newly dead flesh. With a flourish of his pistols, Elijah slipped them back in their leather holsters, still that ever present grin upon his face at the delight of a job well done. A firm pat on the back he gave to John, stating proudly to the rest of his men, "We sure showed them fellers, didn't we? I ain't ever seen them boys run so fast." Heartily he laughed, however, his smile faded upon seeing the grim, bothered look on John's face. "You alright, son?" He asked, looking at the young man concerned.

"Yeah...just peachy." Muttered John. "We lost another one." A weary sigh he heaved, looking down at the body of Jamie. Still he was beating himself up on the inside, even after his boss and the boys came to rescue him and Seth. He should be happy, yes, but how could he be knowing another of his gang had died.

"Jamie was a good man, John." Elijah replied quietly. "He would gladly give his life for his brothers. I'll have Seth and Pete bury him somewhere nice. In the meantime, you need to get back to your woman. I reckon 'ol Kira is worried sick about you. Ben!" He called out to the other man. "Nice shootin' out there, you and Pete. Why don't you take 'ol Johnny Boy into town, meet up with the girls? I'll meet y'all there in a little while."

"I'm gonna stay here and bury my brother." Seth calmly cut in between the two, a small smile towards John. "You did good, John. Really, you did."

"Seth, I'm sorry about your brother." Said John. "I tried to get him help."

"Alright now, John. It's over." Elijah returned. "Go on now. Go find your wife." He patted the man on his shoulder. "You did good today. You sent them Thunder Hill boys runnin'. I don't reckon they'll be back for a while now."

"Hell, I reckon so, boss." John sighed with a shrug, shortly after giving a shrill whistle to call Blackjack over. He climbed up on the steed, petting his mane. "I'll see you later, Elijah. Seth, Pete, you take care." A tip of his hat he gave before spurring his horse along to meet Ben, "Giddy up, Blackjack!"

Just as quick as it began, it was over for John. He was thankful Elijah and the others arrived just in time, but still, the guilt weighed heavily upon both his mind and his soul. If only he could have reached the camp sooner...
@Silentfeather We're definitely gonna give them boys hell for messing with John! >:D

Great posts all around, everyone! I'm gonna wait a bit for the others to catch up and then you'll get to see the leader in action! Let's just say you don't ever mess with Elijah's boys.
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