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Well, guess I'm back here again. It's been a while.
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Welp. 18 in a week. I'll finally be able to see what's hidden in all those 18+ threads.
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So, my body aches. I simultaneously want to sleep and don't want to sleep, want to eat, but can't be bothered to eat, and all that jazz. This is an issue.
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The things I do for spam topics... neon pink avatar coming up...
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Someone! Give me inspiration! Need to write character sheets!
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Hey, there. Myst here, as you've probably guessed. Can't exactly write in other people's bios, can you? But, you're probably reading this for a reason, so I'll get to it.

I'm a something-teen guy from the UK, and I've a history of not being in education for a long period of time. However, I'm back in college and I'm on a Level 3 IT course. It's a lot broader than you'd actually think.

I prefer high-Casual and Advanced games, in a medieval, fantasy or sci-fi setting, because that's the sort of nerd I am. Most of my characters will likely be male, given that I am male myself.

You could probably call me a 'bleeding heart', given that my nature would make it very tough for me to be mean to someone who wasn't outwardly bigoted. Thus, I find it quite difficult to deviate from my morals in terms of characters.

Also, you can expect me to occasionally use 'fancy' words and ways of speaking in casual conversation, because I have a rather extended vocabulary, and according to the people from my secondary school, I apparently 'speak quite poshly'. Even though I'm far from it. And I'm a thinker - I've thought a lot on certain things, and am firm in my beliefs. So you could ask me what I thought about a good few things and I could give a well-reasoned answer. Or a less reasoned answer based on my morals.

TheCharactersOfMyst - This is my storage for past and present characters, and where I might occasionally go for nostalgia and/or recycling a character I've used before.

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@Vertigo Never said they were warriors, did I? ;D
Bumping, I guess?

The Swift Family has now joined your party. The Allies section in the Character Tab has been updated.
Inside the little house, Cassandra has been gently binding the wounds of the two adults with strips of cloth and a sweet-smelling tonic. The two children look on nervously, the girl holding her arms around her brother. The woman stirs, and she opens a bleary eye. She nods at Cassandra.

"Thank you, my lady." She spots Vaal entering, and for a moment, her hand twitches, as though reaching for a spear - but it relaxes in the next. "And thank you, master kobold."

Eventually, everyone sidles into the room. Linan introduces herself and her family - her husband Cuth, and her children, Tarya and Arthus. Tarya looks wary, but the boy smiles shyly and waves at Vaal.

Cassandra is standing at the window now, her eyes set on the horizon, occasionally flinching as the dragon flies overhead. Surina is just behind the door, her axe at the ready. Sebastian and Magdar are conversing in low tones in one corner of the room.

"So..." begins Cuth. "What are our plans now?"

Linan hesitates, before looking at the people around her. "I think we should make for the keep. It's not far from here."

"We will encounter resistance," Cassandra says, not moving from her post. "Not just kobolds, but men and elves, among others."


RPG? Manga?! Those words were a shock, even in their slightly-off pronunciation. So he knew? Or were they just words that someone had said before?

“I... yeah. Yeah, they mean something. And I know Florida, too. She’s an American.” He glanced at Miiba. Lear had called her a young girl. Did that mean she was a child? None of the others had spoken the way she did. His eyes softened, and he looked away. “No, I... I don’t know, Miiba.”

There were a few seconds where nobody spoke, then Lear broke the silence.

"Scott, Miiba mentioned a "shadow man" that she saw before she woke up as a Goblin. Do you remember such a figure? Did they give you any kind Or...a special ability? Something you haven't seen other monsters use?"

Again, Scott paused. “W- well, ‘they’ must’ve given me the ability to talk, if anything.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I... don’t remember any shadow men or the like." It wasn't a lie, per se. He never met a shadow man - he met the Demon King. "There wasn’t much to see, where I was. But I do remember a voice. And it did give me something.”

Scott glanced around for something suitable - and a small, pointed pebble caught his eye. He grabbed it, and then a nearby leaf. Trying his best not to tear the leaf, he began to Scribe.


Once it was done, he held it out to the pair. “If you have any scrapes or bruises, this will work just like a spell would.”
Alright! The next post will be coming up shortly.
@Tangletail Soon, it'll be soon. Again, working it out in PMs.
@Vertigo Well, it's also possible that Caw was stunned into silence by this remark - after all, it was rather accurate. If you'd still be available to roll dice for Caw when needed, that'd be great, but I understand if you can't post during the time you're gone. (where are you going? I'm curious what kind of journey will take 20 days XD).

@Tangletail The 'grabbing the horse's reins' is appreciated, but unfortunately, I've already been going over some stuff with Eleven in PMs - since Seb might respond, and so forth. Please remove that part from your post. 😅

@Tangletail @Vertigo For this, I would use Deception to conceal your feelings (or your passive Deception, which is calculated the same as passive Perception).

EDIT: Also, laptop has been fixed! If any of you three (including Eleven/Rhaeyla) want to do something, please do let me know! Otherwise, I can start moving on.

Scott looked up. This man knew, then? Or knew in part, at least. He looked at the goblin - Miiba, he said her name was. But at least he knew, now, that he’d found someone else who had… died.

“Well… I can try. Um. It’ll sound insane, though.” He paused. “My name is Scott Carter, and I used to be a fifteen-year-old human from Luton in the East Midlands. I attended school, I drew pictures, and I wasn’t… this.” He gestures to himself. “I don’t think this is even my face.”

“We don’t really have pixies there. Or goblins, or magic. We have stories and stuff about it, but none of it is real. Not like here.” Again, he paused. Did he really want to tell this man everything? How he got here? How he died? He had met the Demon King, right? And unless Demon meant ‘benevolent ruler’ or something to the humans here, the likelihood was that he was opposed to demonic entities. He didn’t want to lie, but...

He rolled back his shoulders. Half-truths? “Some of my classmates… they did something. Something bad. And when I woke up… it took me about a week for me to remember? I think? It’s all a little fuzzy.”
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