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16 days ago
Current So, my body aches. I simultaneously want to sleep and don't want to sleep, want to eat, but can't be bothered to eat, and all that jazz. This is an issue.
6 mos ago
The things I do for spam topics... neon pink avatar coming up...
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6 mos ago
Someone! Give me inspiration! Need to write character sheets!
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7 mos ago
The pain of constantly refreshing an active page with a lot of people on it in case someone posts...
8 mos ago
Just stayed up the whole night doing RP stuff... now to see if it was worth it...


Hey, there. Myst here, as you've probably guessed. Can't exactly write in other people's bios, can you? But, you're probably reading this for a reason, so I'll get to it.

I'm a something-teen guy from the UK, and I've a history of not being in education for a long period of time. However, I'm back in college and I'm on a Level 3 Games Design and Emerging Technologies course. It's a lot broader than you'd actually think.

I prefer high-Casual and Advanced games, in a medieval, fantasy or sci-fi setting, because that's the sort of nerd I am. I tend to play the roguish and/or honourable characters, sometimes with a little magic if it fits. Most of my characters will likely be male, and be headcannoned as bisexual, pansexual or gay, given that I myself am male, and attracted to the male gender. I'm not all too comfortable leaving 'myself' behind.

You could probably call me a 'bleeding heart', given that my nature would make it very tough for me to be mean to someone who wasn't outwardly bigoted. Thus, I find it quite difficult to deviate from my morals.

Also, you can expect me to occasionally use 'fancy' words and ways of speaking, because I have a rather extended vocabulary, and according to the people from my secondary school, I apparently 'speak quite poshly'. Even though I'm far from it. And I'm a thinker - I've thought a lot on certain things, and am firm in my beliefs. So you could ask me what I thought about a good few things and I would give a well-reasoned answer. Or a less reasoned answer based on basic human decency.

Current Characters;

Sacrilege War. Not really a character, but I'm a nation by the name of Evernyx.
Welcome to Wonderland - An RP set in Lewis Carrol's 'Wonderland', with a few twists.
The Last Embers; here, I play Oren, an Omestrian youth in service to the Varyan Inquisition, the very god that brought his people to his knees.
C R A W L... not exactly an RP, and more of a board game. Especially since it's in the Spam Forum. My two characters are Aaron Goldfeld, the scout, and his fiancee Jamie Hart, the saloon girl.

I also do create characters for RPs which may not have been completed yet, or the rp died out;

TheCharactorsOfMyst. Alternatively, the recycling bin where characters are stored to one day be used again.

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Banned for screeching.
@Lovejoy I've been working through a block, recently, but I'll have something up soon, methinks. Just give me time, I got this.
Banned because we all know how to rectify that.
Banned because your reasons for banning others are decidedly immature.
Banned because I collect neither mist nor fog, but Myst.
Banned because love is free, but romance comes at its own pace. And because I'm beginning to suspect you're a tyrant.
Banned because I can be as gay as I hecking like and that's no reason to ban someone.
Banned because your voice needs rest, so stop screaming.
Banned for resisting the grammar police.
Banned because in the modern day, being gay is no longer a viable reasoning for punishment. In fact, that's a hate crime and woulld be turned upon you.
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