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Well, guess I'm back here again. It's been a while.
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Welp. 18 in a week. I'll finally be able to see what's hidden in all those 18+ threads.
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So, my body aches. I simultaneously want to sleep and don't want to sleep, want to eat, but can't be bothered to eat, and all that jazz. This is an issue.
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The things I do for spam topics... neon pink avatar coming up...
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Someone! Give me inspiration! Need to write character sheets!
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Hey, there. Myst here, as you've probably guessed. Can't exactly write in other people's bios, can you? But, you're probably reading this for a reason, so I'll get to it.

I'm a something-teen guy from the UK, and I've a history of not being in education for a long period of time. However, I'm back in college and I'm on a Level 3 IT course. It's a lot broader than you'd actually think.

I prefer high-Casual and Advanced games, in a medieval, fantasy or sci-fi setting, because that's the sort of nerd I am. Most of my characters will likely be male, given that I am male myself.

You could probably call me a 'bleeding heart', given that my nature would make it very tough for me to be mean to someone who wasn't outwardly bigoted. Thus, I find it quite difficult to deviate from my morals in terms of characters.

Also, you can expect me to occasionally use 'fancy' words and ways of speaking in casual conversation, because I have a rather extended vocabulary, and according to the people from my secondary school, I apparently 'speak quite poshly'. Even though I'm far from it. And I'm a thinker - I've thought a lot on certain things, and am firm in my beliefs. So you could ask me what I thought about a good few things and I could give a well-reasoned answer. Or a less reasoned answer based on my morals.

TheCharactersOfMyst - This is my storage for past and present characters, and where I might occasionally go for nostalgia and/or recycling a character I've used before.

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...I mean, I'm curious, but I have trouble keeping up with most RPs, so... 😅
Kobolds x 3 | Init: 15

Kobold A | Healthy
Kobold B | DEAD
Kobold C | Healthy
Kobold D | DEAD
Kobold E | Bloodied

Kobold A, unnerved by the sudden attack, moves away from the main market.
Kobold B lies dead, their chest caved in from the magical attack.
Kobold C hears something, and they turn to face west; away from Vaal's group. They begin to move in that direction.
Kobold D hears a curse from its kin, and ventures down the wider alley. Just as they pass the barrel where Caw hides, the kenku strikes, his rapier all but skewering them ([url…). Caw pulls the body towards him in the shadows, one clawed hand covering the kobold's muzzle. Kobold D dies without a sound (Caw dealt a total of 10 damage).
The second bolt of pink strikes Kobold E, who had a few more seconds to react, but it is still a heavy blow. They are not long for this world.

Winged Kobold x 1 | Init: 14

Winged Kobold A | Bloodied

The Urd sees one of its kin fall, and moves behind the wall. It now has half-cover.

Cassandra and Magdar

The human and dwarf move up, though they still keep their distance from the main square. Cassandra looks between Vaal and Rhaeyla, hoping for some kind of reassurance.
Unknown Foe x 4 | Init: 19

Human Foe A | Healthy
Half-Elf Foe | Healthy
Human Foe B | Healthy
Halfling Foe | Healthy

When the green-skinned kobold collapsed, the halfling was still for only a split second before ducking down behind a barrel, and the half-elf threw themselves across the market stall, attempting to get behind cover. The archer spun on his heels, his arrow skidding off into the night, unaware of where the attacker was hidden. The human woman, safely out of reach and not having seen the source of the commotion, called out. "What's happening?!"

The halfling began to gesticulate wildly for her to get down. She stared at them for a moment, before doing so.

??? | Init: 20

As the groups go their separate ways, Caw remains at his vigil. And only he sees what happens.

From the direction of the keep, a flash of pink streaks towards one of the kobolds. It crumples silently, and Caw watches as the squat hooded figure turns towards it, surprised. Another flash, hitting one of the kobolds square in the shoulders, causing it to stagger forward. Most eyes begin to turn away from the shadows of the square to these attacks.

Upon the wall stands a figure, too far away to make out any features. But she stands ready to defend Greenrest.
Kobolds x 5 | Init: 15

Kobold A | Healthy
Kobold B | Healthy
Kobold C | Healthy
Kobold D | Healthy
Kobold E | Healthy

The kobolds search the darkness with their eyes, and see nothing.

Winged Kobold x 1 | Init: 14

Winged Kobold A | Bloodied

Taking something in its hand, the Urd takes flight, landing on another ledge slightly closer to where Vaal has decided to hide. There is no indication that they have seen him, however.

Cassandra's Turn | Init: 14

HP 5/9 | Status: None

Cassandra heeds Vaal's words, and sticks close.

Magdar's Turn | Init: 9

HP 12/12+3 | Status: None

Magdar begins to follow, but his foot gets caught on something, and a dull, low thud echoes through the air. He is tense for a moment, and heads swivel in that direction, but they don't know where you are, yet...

Unknown Foe x 4 | Init: 19

Human Foe A | Healthy
Half-Elf Foe | Healthy
Human Foe B | Healthy
Halfling Foe | Healthy

Human Foe A carries a shortbow; the rest all have scimitars.

The shortest figure looked from side to side, their blade flickering like the torchlight it reflected. They motioned with a hand to their two companions. Each began to move with their blades forward in a ready stance, eyes searching the darkness. They split, moving in different directions just as the kobolds had.

The man held position, an arrow fit to the string.

Sebastian rolls a 5

Cassandra rolls a 14

Magdar rolls 9

Surina got a Nat 20! Total, 22

The Swift Family rolled a 4.

The kobolds rolled a 15

The winged kobold rolled a 14 - Contested! Cassandra has a dexterity of 14; the winged kobold wins and will go before her.

The unknown foes rolled a 19.
Magdar glares after the fleeing kobold, but there isn't any point in trying to pursue it when it takes off into the air. Time goes on without trouble, and you move forward, further into the centre of town. You've almost made it. The keep looms above you, and you can see movement atop of the walls as guards shoot arrows and drop stones. There is just one last corner... and Caw, being the quickest, is the first to turn it...

What he sees stops him in his tracks.

Between your group and the gates to the keep, a larger group has formed. Nine kobolds, and four other figures - three of medium height, and one of shorter stature. Four of the kobolds are winged, and one of them is gesticulating wildly, speaking frantically in Yipyak. The tallest of the group says something in the same draconic tongue, and three of the Urds take flight, headed in the same direction - away from the keep, to the outskirts of the city. Each carries a similar bag, full to bursting. The (presumed) man then barks an order, and the remaining kobolds begin to spread out, eyes gleaming in the dark, the remaining winged kobold flying up to a small ledge and perching there like a miniature gargoyle. For a moment, Caw is sure that the closest one has seen him, but then its eyes glide away to the next shadow.

There are five kobolds, a winged kobold (slightly injured), and four unknown foes. They don't know you're there, but they're on their guard. You do not need to fight them, but you do need to get past them. @Eleven@Vertigo@Tangletail, please roll initiative.
Stealth checks:

Caw 16, Rhaeyla 6, Sebastian 5, Cassandra 12, Magdar+Parents 11, Surina+kids 9

As he realised her current situation, Scott immediately averted his eyes, his cheeks flushing red, looking anywhere but at the woman.

“Um- I- sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he stammered, halfway to covering his eyes with his hand. “I... I’m sorry, miss. I was just... I wanted to ask if you knew where I am? Because, well, I don’t, beyond that it’s not where I come from, and I know that it’s somewhere and I’d really appreciate being able to put names to places and I’m sorry for looking at you while you were feeding your kid and I’m just…” He took a deep breath, squeezing one hand until he felt the nail digging in. “I’m just… still processing a lot of things. I… don’t quite know how things work around here, but I’m not entirely sure this place is actually real or if I’m just… imagining this while I… bleed out in my real life.”

He paused, before rolling his shoulders back and looking directly at the wall. “Sorry. I get anxious really easily. I, ah, wanted to thank you, I guess. I know, um, Miiba called him Lear? He didn’t really consult with anyone else or anything before letting me come into your home but this is… probably the safest I’ve felt since I remembered. And I wanted to thank you for, well, taking care of Miiba. Because she’s actually very young, and I don’t mean the fact that she was only born recently in this world. She’s really only a child in… in my world, too. And I’m not that much better. But you’ve probably helped her a lot, and by letting me in, I think you might have helped me a lot, too, so… thanks.”

He felt his cheeks growing warm again. He looked down at the floor, at his still bare feet. He really should do something about getting shoes.
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