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Welp. 18 in a week. I'll finally be able to see what's hidden in all those 18+ threads.
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So, my body aches. I simultaneously want to sleep and don't want to sleep, want to eat, but can't be bothered to eat, and all that jazz. This is an issue.
11 mos ago
The things I do for spam topics... neon pink avatar coming up...
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Someone! Give me inspiration! Need to write character sheets!
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The pain of constantly refreshing an active page with a lot of people on it in case someone posts...


Hey, there. Myst here, as you've probably guessed. Can't exactly write in other people's bios, can you? But, you're probably reading this for a reason, so I'll get to it.

I'm a something-teen guy from the UK, and I've a history of not being in education for a long period of time. However, I'm back in college and I'm on a Level 3 Games Design and Emerging Technologies course. It's a lot broader than you'd actually think.

I prefer high-Casual and Advanced games, in a medieval, fantasy or sci-fi setting, because that's the sort of nerd I am. I tend to play the roguish and/or honourable characters, sometimes with a little magic if it fits. Most of my characters will likely be male, given that I am male myself.

You could probably call me a 'bleeding heart', given that my nature would make it very tough for me to be mean to someone who wasn't outwardly bigoted. Thus, I find it quite difficult to deviate from my morals in terms of characters.

Also, you can expect me to occasionally use 'fancy' words and ways of speaking, because I have a rather extended vocabulary, and according to the people from my secondary school, I apparently 'speak quite poshly'. Even though I'm far from it. And I'm a thinker - I've thought a lot on certain things, and am firm in my beliefs. So you could ask me what I thought about a good few things and I could give a well-reasoned answer. Or a less reasoned answer based on my morals.

TheCharactersOfMyst - This is my storage for past and present characters, and where I might occasionally go for nostalgia and/or recycling a character I've used before.

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@Lovejoy Nah, it's good to throw us out of there - we've been there how long, now? Four, five months? Oren will probably have some things to say in farewell, but there's no reason for them to stay there anymore.
@Lovejoy@shylarah Yesh, agreegd
In [ C R A W L ] 10 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
>Jamie gestures for Dahlia to come closer, even as she takes a single step back to C2, speaking to the group. "Just keep your wits and breath steady, everyone. We can't afford to lose our heads." She hopes that her presence will help a little, at least.

>Aaron gives up on scavenging and steps forward to C11. Raising his rifle to his shoulder, he looks deeper into the caverns.

Sorry for not being as active, recently. I'm back in college and I keep forgetting to check the website.

Also, Mae, how are we going to resolve the Dream Team's inventory? All of their players have withdrawn those characters, so how do?
I think... at this point, I should probably accept this whole thing. I'm withdrawing from the RP. While I do quite enjoy all the shenanigans, and I love the story, I'm simply not giving it the dedication it deserves, and I'm going to have even less time to do so in the near future. So, thanks, Zeroth, for having me, and thank you *everyone* for the laughs, but Scott's stepping back for now. See you around.
Oren’s eyes closed, and he tried to conceal his frustrations. Mother Ziotea thought he knew any more than she? Certainly, he had had the benefit of Mother Indira’s tutelage, but her lessons had always been on keeping your head down, appearing devout, and its kind. Yet of his history? His people? What the Omestrians had not destroyed, Varyans did. He knew no more than Ziotea.

“I am no more one of them than you are.” he murmured, barely loud enough for even his own ears. Ziotea certainly wouldn’t have been able to.

He opened his eyes slightly, and looked at the wall with an empty gaze.

“They may not even be there when we return. If Mother Lyessa speaks the truth, then their purpose has been carried out. If she lied... well, I certainly expect that we are going to stand in precarious places.”
@Hedonismbot@Zetsuko Chicken sent a message to the discord shortly before deleting the server. I couldn't read the whole thing since the notification had a cut-off, but he said that IRL had taken over and he was sad to not be able to continue. Honestly, though? I wouldn't mind revisiting this concept. Life happens, you know, and we need to adapt as it does.
In [ C R A W L ] 23 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@Mae That is no problem. Take your time and etcetera.
In [ C R A W L ] 25 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay

>Aaron stays put, but he will scavenge the room he's in.

>Jamie bites her lip, wanting to make sure they have everyone before they go deeper inside.

In reference to the new character avatars:
Actually, I feel like you made both of their faces a little bit too wide ^^; Most everything is good, but if I could beg a few changes?

I'm sorry to ask all this of you, and you're the artist, ultimately. I also don't want you to prioritise this over letting everyone have fun - and I probably sound very picky which counts against me, I'm sure.
In [ C R A W L ] 26 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@Mae Nope. Passive healing needs to be happening. Also, I just took a look at the character tab, and something about her face seems off?
Do you guys have room for another player? I can't guarantee I'll join, but, I don't want to intrude.
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