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Out of nowhere things started to quickly move, as quickly as Kris had told Mace to go out and find the keys, was almost as quickly as she came back and with someone else. Before Kris could even ask the man's name or even ask if was a part of their group he had already armed himself and took test swings with his blade, noticing the door locked Kris' mind first went that he wouldn't be able to swing his sword to well in such an enclosed space so they could easily beat him if they were to all rush him together.

But right before she could yell at them to stop Hawke the door both he and Mace came from ended up being slammed into by an unknown being, Kris only thought that Mace and the guy probably ended up getting in trouble and the guards were here to put them back into their cells, but her thoughts on that were put to rest once she heard a thump on the window.

The princess' eyes went wide once she spotted the monsterous creature, but she kept calm and didn't panic, she took the keys from Macey's hands, doing her best to not linger or touch Macey, and quickly used the keys one by one till she got a click and a full turn and opened the door to the Armory." Everyone! get your equipment and don't linger, these beast will be coming in soon and I don't intend on any of us dying." Then she dashed into the armory, quickly grabbing her sword and putting on her breast plate, she grabbed one of the guard's repeating crossbows knowing that it could be of some use to them.

" Everyone! Stake your lives on this fight! Our survival demands that we stake our lives on this fight! And to survive, is to be victorious!" The words came from her almost like someone else was saying them." Amongst the thousands of comrades and the tens of thousands of enemies, there is nobody I'd rather face them with than you lot, and yes, even you Scar." She gave a toothy grin to them all even Hawke.

She wasn't gonna let this stop her, this was merely another speed bump on the road to her kingdom, these monsters or beast were like the rest, bodies to be used as stepping stones to her kingdom, they were all gonna be used to get her back there, but first she needed to keep the people with her on her side and alive till they could scale up to her kingdom together.

On the other hand this new guy she stared at his large frame for a moment before focusing on the door and holding her blade with both hands could be or might be a problem, for the first time she glanced at him with an inquisitive stare before giving Hawke a more relaxed look and warm smile." Sir will you give us aid in this battle?" She asked him." If it's not too much to ask."
don't listen to tim he's with zel
He's lying! Don't join!
Merius Tacktheritrix

Femto stalked up the trail they found earlier, sniffing at the scent nose almost deep into side of the snow before lifting his head up and getting a pet on the neck from Merius, the dire wolf kept himself quiet and low as he brought Merius upon a group of goat men in their home, the cave was damp and did little to protect from the elements, but the shelter wasn't what was really important, it was the five goat men that were staring them all down. The neko riflewoman decided to take action first, she didn't want to give these monsters a chance in getting at her first, Merius grit her teeth and leaped from Femto's saddle into the air, the first shot from her rifle rang out like a thunderous strike inside the cave, the shot being so loud Merius flattened her ears down to her skull trying to protect her ears, squeezing her eyes even from the pain of the ringing in her ears.

When she forced her eyes open and bared her teeth, she noticed some of the goat men were holding their ears in pain from the first shot, and noticing where her shot connected it only wounded one of the goat men with a leg shot. The moment she squeezed the trigger for the second shot Merius began wondering if Kira and Nebuchi were okay doing their jobs and figured she would have to make this fight quickly to get back with them. Merius looked back to Femto shaking his head and getting his bearings, Merius pointed two fingers forwards towards the group of goat men who were regaining their hearing, Femto bared his teeth and snarled before charging towards them and knocking one down and tried closing his teeth around their neck to maul them.

Unsheathing her bayonet she placed the knife on the end of her rifle and charged at them jamming her bayonet into the goat man's chest making the muzzle press against the monster's skin before pulling back on the trigger quickly and shooting him off her bayonet and back onto the wounded shaman goat man. The moment Merius looked over to Femto, she could see that the goat man was becoming a snack for him and staining his coat with dark crimson blood around his jaws. Seeing the wounded goat man squirming under his dead comrade, Merius stabbed her bayonet through the the squirming goat man's head and finished him off.

The last two goat men that were in the cave rushed right by Merius and Femto running outside in an attempt to escape from the two, the neko didn't bother chasing as the cave outside led downwards, Merius walked to the mouth of the cave and loaded two more rounds into her rifle staying calm as the two goat men retreated. The neko aimed their rifle at the two firing one shot at the back of the goat men, when the shot connected the bullet acted as if it was a couple calibers higher than it originally was, the monster man's guts were spilled out and he bleated to his ally making him stop in his tracks before Merius took her next shot and the goat man's head exploded like a watermelon splattering the snow with red goat man brains.

"High ground." Merius breathed out before scooping up some snow in both hands and making sure it didn't have any goat man inside of it before placing it into her mouth and wrapping herself in the white blanket."Femto!" The big wolf stepped to her side and she stepped up into the saddle and laid into Femto's back to camouflage into him."Come on boy, we gotta make sure the dark elf and the kitten haven't gotten hurt, don't need Zealous getting angry or sad over his old guild mates dying."

As Femto started to go down the mountain and head in the direction of where Kira and Nebuchi would be, he stopped himself and cocked his head in a different direction and looked over to a direction Merius couldn't see; breaking her coverage she leaned up and looked over in the same direction he was and noticed it was someone's npc she couldn't guess who's but figured she was lost." Alright boy, go get her." The wolf leaped in swift movements to close in on Syleste and even knocked her over standing over top of the girl sniffing her like a big friendly dog. While he was having his fun Merius leaped off her mount's back and let him have his fun while she kept going on her own, if she needed him she could just whistle for him.

When she rushed back to Kira and Nebuchi she heard one of the goat men's weird gibberish words and noticed that the two were surrounded; Merius bared her teeth and gripped her rifle tighter, she was glad she left her bayonet on and charged through some of them stabbing one in the back and getting next to Kira and Nebuchi." If your too dumb to threaten us in our own language, your too dumb to even threaten us." Merius responded to one of them.

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Kris held her tongue when it came to her cohort with the animal like ears atop his head, she knew that in order for them to escape she would need to have as many people as possible in order to... She noticed that Scar was about to put the moldy sandwich into his mouth and even after what he said to her earlier she considered just letting him eat the mold and make himself sick.

The moment as she opened her mouth to stop him he was already chewing on it with some of the mold picked off, she sighed shaking her head at the sight." Scar, there was a larder on the floor below us, I remember seeing it when they first brought us here." She told him glancing up at the massive blade once more." It's packed with food and if we're lucky it could still be fresh." She told the cat man.

Out of nowhere Diana decided to use her voice magic on the door to the warden's room, quickly reacting to the situation, Kris grabbed the cat man and pulled him out of the way and into her arms as fast as she could as the attack collided with the door and turn it into nothing more than splinters.

Kris sighed and let go Scar, she looked to the dragon woman giving her a more stern look."Diana be more careful where you are attacking, if I wasn't fast enough you could've hurt or killed Scar, have a bit of patients and allow him to move." Kris stared at the monster woman not breaking eye contact as she spoke with her and didn't break a sweat.

The knight then made a mental not of how Diana did her attacks and knew she might need to keep more of an eye on her." Macy since you are the only one armed could you scout to the lower floor and give us an idea of how it looks below?" Kris asked her.

Kris almost lost her composure when her hand was brushed away and ignored, but Macy still agreed to help her making Kris smile once again."Well then I suggest we work together to break down the door once outside we'll take on." Before Kris could continue there was a loud crash outside making her lay eyes on the door and suddenly their cell was broken into and it was one of the group's members, Diana she had escaped with Scar and grabbed Kris' hand she mentioned Kris' dream before mentioning that they had to escape and grabbing Kris' hand, Kris grabbed Macy by her shirt and pulled her ahead of them before they could leave her behind.

Outside the cell they found out that there wasn't any other guards to stop them, in fact it looked almost abandoned." Hmm, whatever is going on here must be incredibly important to drag away all the floor guards, I think we may need to leave through an alternate exit, whatever is going on it must be something intense." Kris suggested before grabbing one of the potion bottles swishing it's contents around and looking at the other equipment on the table, her eyes were then drawn to the massive blade laid up against the wall she nearly chuckled at it's colossal size, It was too big to be called a great sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and looking far too rough, it was a heap of raw iron with a handle.

"Either the warden loves massive swords, or these guards have golems that can wield massive swords." Her eyes went to the doors nearby and she approached them, the one that was a thick metal vault made Kris go to it first and knock on the metal, it was solid from her knocks nothing they couldn't break through like our cell doors, Kris went to the door next to it and tried to open it, but was met with the lock." Someone check the desk for a key or keys for this door." She told the others.

Thinking upon their situation, Kris was believing their band was more full of fools than she thought, first they underestimated her ability with the sword, then they just had to take this job to be guards, she was slowly believing her way to the top was gonna be harder with each day. The blonde haired swordswoman seated herself on the grimy cobblestone floor coming up with a plan, she couldn't take the conditions they were placed upon, but with Macy with her she kept a calm composure and even shot a grin her way once in a while, just to keep her cell mate's conditions high and decided to share some of her past with Macy, she didn't care if her older cellmate wanted to hear it or not.

" Macy I don't believe I've ever told you, or any of others, but my reason for being with this group, for taking up the blade it wasn't for money like the others, or to even become a squire." The little bit of light from the outside shined into the cell and beamed down on Kris." I fight each of my battles in hope to reclaim a throne that I deserve, to claim a kingdom that I should rightfully own, it is my dream that I cling to and if I am to die here, it will be a dream that I will die clinging on to, as long as I draw breath I will stick to my dream and never betray it."

Standing up I dusted off my pants before looking down on our latrine." I don't know about you, but I refuse to stay here and if you really wish to escape you will aid me in our escape." I held out a hand to the mage looking her in the eye." As much as I'd hate to admit it I don't believe I could escape on my own, now what do you say?."


Name: Kris DeSilva

Age: 24

gender: Female

Race: Human

personality: Kris can be best described as cold, calculating, unforgiving and manipulative, she harbors a great detestation of nobility and people believing themselves to be of the highest authority; but she carries herself in a well-mannered, exemplary fashion to the same level of nobility, her mannerism and along with a keen intellect, leave people astounded when they hear of her past life. Despite her animosity towards nobility Kris wishes to become noble as well, with her dream to be owning her own kingdom at any cost.

background: Kris was born of a tryst between a noble blooded son and an elven servant, when she and her mother were found out, they were meant to be "taken care of" but were sent out into the night to fend for themselves. While Kris was only a child she was told by her mother how she was meant to be a queen and should act as nobility even without her kingdom and one day she would get her kingdom; as Kris became a pre-teen she found her mother slowly losing her mind and when people began to notice they arrested her mother and burned her to the stake believing her to be a witch. On her own now, Kris endured the harsher realities of life and let it shape her into the person she is today; choosing her life between two harsh decisions, Kris took up the sword and choose the harder of her two options, she joined a mercenary band earning her place within their ranks.


-Bag of holding

-4 healing potions

-Diin: A frost sword left upon a past battlefield, sold to many others before parting with it's old owner's hands that Kris cut off in mid battle, she still doesn't fully understand the blade's abilities, inscribed in the side of the blade are the words Diin.

-Flask of oil

-Piston and fifty feet of rope
Merius Tacktheritrix

Once we were outside in the snow the cold was a little numbing but it wasn't enough to do actual damage to me, I kept looking back to the blood lust filled kitten and the dark elf to make sure they were alright, as much as I wanted to do this my self it was still Zealous' guild and his guild house best if I didn't object to his orders or request unless I really felt I would half to.

Femto blended into the snow almost exactly unlike me who stood out among the snowflakes; suddenly my wolf mount cocked his head downwards and started sniffing the snow, his muzzle sniffed around a set of tracks that I dismounted to take a better look at, I made sure not to mess up the tracks and wave the two over." Kira! Blood kitten!" I called to them." I've found tracks."

I pointed down to the area they were before looking to Femto to see the massive wolf's head cock upwards towards two different trails along the snow; I brushed some of the snow sticking to my face off and grabbed something from Femto's pack." New plan you two. Kira I want you and Neb to patrol around the pathway and guild house, follow those tracks and be careful what you come across, I'm going to follow the other set of tracks up to that cave for a quick scouting." I informed the dark elf.

Pulling out a big white blanket I wrapped it around myself covering the top of my head and ears, I leaped up onto Femto's back and rubbed the side of his neck before he started following the trail leading up to the cave nearby, I laid closer to Femto's body to almost appear like I was apart of him he sniffed the snow following whatever creature this was scent.

I was ready to take this thing on, whatever it could be, I just hoped that Kira and Neb would be okay with their given orders, or if they would even take them seriously, I really was wishing I had my npcs instead of these two, not because I could trust them, just because I wanted people that I wouldn't have to think or worry about.
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