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Merius Tacktheritrix

Once we were outside in the snow the cold was a little numbing but it wasn't enough to do actual damage to me, I kept looking back to the blood lust filled kitten and the dark elf to make sure they were alright, as much as I wanted to do this my self it was still Zealous' guild and his guild house best if I didn't object to his orders or request unless I really felt I would half to.

Femto blended into the snow almost exactly unlike me who stood out among the snowflakes; suddenly my wolf mount cocked his head downwards and started sniffing the snow, his muzzle sniffed around a set of tracks that I dismounted to take a better look at, I made sure not to mess up the tracks and wave the two over." Kira! Blood kitten!" I called to them." I've found tracks."

I pointed down to the area they were before looking to Femto to see the massive wolf's head cock upwards towards two different trails along the snow; I brushed some of the snow sticking to my face off and grabbed something from Femto's pack." New plan you two. Kira I want you and Neb to patrol around the pathway and guild house, follow those tracks and be careful what you come across, I'm going to follow the other set of tracks up to that cave for a quick scouting." I informed the dark elf.

Pulling out a big white blanket I wrapped it around myself covering the top of my head and ears, I leaped up onto Femto's back and rubbed the side of his neck before he started following the trail leading up to the cave nearby, I laid closer to Femto's body to almost appear like I was apart of him he sniffed the snow following whatever creature this was scent.

I was ready to take this thing on, whatever it could be, I just hoped that Kira and Neb would be okay with their given orders, or if they would even take them seriously, I really was wishing I had my npcs instead of these two, not because I could trust them, just because I wanted people that I wouldn't have to think or worry about.
Merius Tacktheritrix

After making up her Mind, Merius began walking towards the entrance of the guild only for Kira's "Gate" to appear before her, she reacted quickly taking a step back but Femto bumping into her sent her tumbling into the gate and landing nearly head first into the chair next to Kira, Merius wasn't amused, she was upside down, glaring at Kira who set up the magical portal." I could've broken my neck." She told the dark elf flatly. Suddenly Femto came to her side and licked the nekomata's face as they flipped out of the chair onto their feet.

While Merius fixed her headlamp helmet, Zel gave them orders, a simple mission that anyone of them could do, but with the extra weight of both Kira and Nebu she was gonna be slightly slowed down." Alright Zealous, I'd prefer to do this on my own without having to worry about the other set of feet following me, but I'll do it." She patted Femto behind the ears and climbed into his saddle. If Femto was an actual wolf now he would be able to scout and return to Merius but being a wolf and not an npc, or rather person, he wouldn't be able to relay any of his findings.

This was a bad time for Merius' captains to be gone, the others called them servants, but Merius decided to choose a more fitting title for them they wouldn't do much besides defend the Guild house from people who would try anything unsavory. Merius groaned, but it ended up coming out as nekomata's "Nya" Ignoring it she pointed over to Nebuchi." I'm gonna assume lead for this scouting mission Nebuchi, I'm going to trust that you won't give into your stark blood lust and can survive in cold weather like I can." She assumed." I don't want or have to need Sir femto to drag you back inside because you froze on me and start suffering from hyperthermia."

Merius fixed her helmet once more grabbing the front brim of it." Kira, just stay close to Femto for warmth, if you absolutely have to use the gate to make a retreat for yourself, don't let the early stages of hyperthermia get to you, I know with my combined skills I could be out there for hours, but you and Nebuchi I don't know about."

She looked at the both of them." If you aren't ready right now, I suggest you get ready because I'd rather we not be out there after dark, cold weather temperatures are gonna be freezing making our hard job even harder." Merius told them the truth. Cold weather training was a killer to most not ready for it, the old memories Merius had of their cold weather training was a drag to get through with their old squad and they couldn't remember how they toughed through the freezing weather and everything they had to do to keep themselves from freezing to death or Freezing till they were medevacted." Just know that cold can be a killer as much as anything we can find out there, don't take it lightly." She warned them." Some of the early symptoms of of hyperthermia are confusion, dizziness, headache, and an elevated heart rate. Followed by fainted and coma, so stay in constant communication and if you feel off speak up."

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Merius Tacktheritrix

Merius sighed, it was good that at least someone was calmed down, the serfs won't have to worry about their new found leaders losing their minds and possibly killing them, Merius shook her head before responding to Zealous." Of course there it, but firstly we must deal with the matter of the guild hall and where it's been transferred to, speaking on our races won't in fact help the situation really." Merius spoke as if they were a normal person of this world, staying in a calmer tone than most of the others that were reacting differently.

When the item of food has been brought up Merius wasn't afraid of the lack of food for them." If our pantry is properly stocked for a guild hall then we should be able to last for the while, but having a steady supply of food and water sent here will be a challenge." Merius was beginning to look at this with their analytical lens.

" As long as we aren't having a banquet every morning and night we should last for a little bit over a month, it's not the entire guild here so our supplies should be more than enough to survive, then there is the servants, for now they should get the minimal amount of food and water, not enough to starve them, but just enough to fill them for their duties. We should also keep them from going out, unless they are properly prepared."

Zealous then said there could be people outside or rather players outside." If there are pl-People outside then they will make their way to the hall, but I'm beginning to think that maybe we should move the hall to somewhere that would make it easier to access, but one does not simply move an entire guild hall without needing to use up all of their magic." She looked over to Kira the dark elf while petting Femto's head.

Merius thought on the idea of this being a different part of YGGDRASIL, they couldn't think of anywhere they could've been transported to and the nightmare peaks didn't seem like a place they'd go. The cat woman was caught off guard by the next thing he said, going outside to see the surrounding areas, Merius knew she could handle the cold, she has the fur on her body to keep warm in certain places unlike most of the others, then she had Sir Femto who was a snowy colored dire wolf." Zealous I'l-"

Suddenly Kira spoke up saying she'd be willing to go out there with Zealous, she mentioned her spells and abilities that she could use help them get back and even construct one of their golems." Do you know if you can still use your magic without the menus of spells and skills?" Merius asked." Are you sure you could get back with Zealous or use your gate magic after this situation?" She further questioned her." Zealous, I believe that I wou-"

Once again she was interrupted and by the other cat person in this guild, the blood thirsty one, she began pleading with Zealous to let them go out and kill somethings." Senseless slaughter isn't what's need right now Nebuchi and it won't accomplish anything, what we need is a plan, a plan to-" Once more Nebuchi interrupted saying she needed it.

Merius pushed herself back from the table making a loud screeching sound with her chair before standing up." I'll be back in a couple minutes, I'm going to walk Femto." She spoke before bring her rifle into her hands." With my Ranger skills and racial skills I should be able handle the elements better than most, maybe." She walked past Nebuchi and Kira." Unlike Kira I don't need to rely on magic and unlike Nebuchi, I won't be too busy wanting to murder everything to no be back before freezing to death, no offense."

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Freezes to death because of too much flexing.
Koschei the Undying

Once the ogre had fallen dead, Koschei's armor was stained with the beastman's blood their hair sticky and just as soaked, for a moment Koschei felt something was different, something wasn't right, the fight was over in a couple minutes but they felt as if hours had past, attempting to look at the time clock in their heads up display they couldn't find anything, no health meter no stamina meter, no inventory menus nothing it wasn't there the time clocks weren't there going down to the end of the game.

All the while Koschei was struggling to catch their breath, sword still held in both hands they couldn't stop breathing so heavily before they calmed down and took a single deep breath and let out a heavy breath she began wondering if they were just waiting for people to log out, but how could she if she couldn't even open up the menus.

Koschei poked at the air several times trying to get a hold of the gm or someone, but it wasn't anything she could do, looking down at her armored hands she clenched her hand several times then her red eyes opened wide as she felt that these were her hands. She began getting the same feeling she got when she first played the game, the feeling that life was worth enjoying, that feeling of self worth returning to her, a grin filled her pale face and she was starting to hope that they never have a log out button or the these servers wouldn't go down at all.

The outside world wasn't worth living in and now she was given the ultimate chance to escape from it, here she could be a hero while in the real world she'd be nothing but a living corpse being taken care of by others till she died, without a way to leave she smiled and loved this situation she was in, if she was forced to go back she'd choose to die instead of being that helpless again.

Hooking her sword across her back she began wandering in no particular direction she didn't know where she was going, didn't know if there were anything in the direction she was heading or if anyone was in that same direction, but after pushing past a set of shrubs and tree branches, Koschei noticed they were in a mysterious place they didn't know, the land was different to her eye and they didn't recognize anything. Attempting to go backwards didn't even help with this, she was in a whole unknown land, she started moving forwards, somewhere some place had to look similar to one of the old place from Yggdrasil somewhere had to.
Merius Tacktheritrix


So, this was the end of the game, it almost felt like they didn't get to play the game to long and they felt like it was coming to an end just like their time in the force. Their mind went to all the changes that happened in their life that were all irreversible and the pain that lingered with the changes they had to endure; in a way Merius figured they were a little more like their character outside the game after what they went through, they just didn't physically look like them or was catfolk.

But it was all coming to an end and they decided to go visit Overzealous and his little guild of beginner helpers, while Merius didn't have much reason to help beginners when rumors started to come up about the game ending, the least they could do was visit one of the first people they met when they began playing back as their old character, plus despite not showing up to the guild for a while they were still a member of the guild.

Before leaving their residence they collected a small handful of items including their favorite rifle, they whistled for Femto their snowy dire wolf who appeared from behind her residence and sat before her awaiting commands." Up." Merius told the beast, it stood on it's paws and the cat lady climbed into the saddle. Merius didn't really need to use Femto the guild wasn't that far from their residence, but since it was the last day here they figured, why not if anyone was there they could see Femto one last time before they were knocked out the servers.

Once Merius was back inside the guild house it felt a bit empty, but it looked the same as it always was the hall of good guys, Merius didn't know how they ended up joining them when they think of it now because Merius felt as if they were different from when they first arrived like completely different, the Japanese man fond of using Lances and spears to protect allies felt like a distant memory to the now nekopara, they tried to recall the thing that made them change from their original but the reason felt like a blur to them and no matter how hard they dug into their own memories the reason felt like it was buried under memories to painful to uproot.

When Merius met with Overzealous he seemed calm despite the fact that everything he worked for would be gone in a matter of hours, they shared a conversation with each other that felt brief as the last moments were creeping forward, as the count down on her heads up display began getting to zero, Merius dismounted her wolf and gave the mount a head pat for all it's work." You did a good job Femto." Merius knew the mount was only an npc so it couldn't show it's affection back to her but she decided to do it still.

She decided to stay by Overzealous' side as the clock hit zero, probably something in them still being honorable or maybe just wanting to stay by Overzealous as it all ends. Out of nowhere there was a cold chill, just an instant drop in temperature making it near freezing levels; the ice cold was something only bothering Merius on a minor level, then she noticed the hall was on top of a mountain and Overzealous' calm demeanor had cracked, he was yelling for everyone to get into the great hall, Merius turned and followed him into the guild hall with that immortal leading some of the other NPCs?

Merius noticed the NPCs were acting more like actual people, they weren't waiting for commands nor were they doing what would usually do, then the thought of Merius' own npc came to the cat girl's mind she wondered where her automaton was before joining the others within the halls, with the low light levels Merius decided to finally use the head lap in her helmet to somewhat illuminate the area for some of the others to see along with the small fires set up to help brighten up the room, Merius took a seat in one of the chairs, not bothering with the food just yet as Overzealous began to panic, and ask questions, looking to the NPC they began staring at the guild leader in his time of panic and Merius chimed in to attempt to ease the beings fears.

"Calm down Zealous-sama, you should shouldn't be so panicked, it will make the others nervous." As they spoke Femto appeared at Merius' side, the white dire wolf tried to get at a cut of ham on the table before Merius pulled them back from the table and told them to sit." I believe our, or your guild house has been transported to another location." Merius' cat like eyes went over to the NPCs nearby still wondering if her automaton would appear but she still hasn't shown up." I feel speaking of this should be between mostly guild mates and we should let the servants stand out for this conversation, it would be... Above their level of thought." She told him.

Thinking on it a little further, Merius didn't know what happened, one of her furred hands tried to activate a menu, their heads up display was gone, their interactive menus were gone and nothing she could do would activate them, then it was Femto acting out and attempting to eat some of the food on the table.

Merius tossed him some of the ham for the large beast to sniff and chow down on with their tail wagging back and forth as if the mount was an actual animal, this was something else, putting a hand on their face as they noticed the servants staring towards the large wolf now licking at the floor, she put together that this either had to be the biggest update the game had just dropped or it was something unimaginable, but could something like that happen? She asked herself before putting a paw like hand on her chin to think further on it, but the thought of their NPC running around awol kinda annoyed them." Damn it, right after I got the surgeries and everything." They muttered." Where could Rukuro be hiding at?" They questioned aloud.
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I wonder if nekomata count as heteromorphic or demi-human though since beastmen in general are demi-human.

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