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Okay Everyone IC is up

-Vertex's quarters-

The Captain at the moment was a little busy, the half Draken was cleaning and checking her armor for any weaknesses or damages from the last raid they had, she knew the bad luck of this ship's last leaders, it almost wasn't even bad luck, it was almost like a curse for anyone who became the leader of this ship to die in some sort of way.

Vertex brought a soft cloth against her helmet and over the visor, she couldn't recount how many times shes cleaned her helmet and armor, the only thing that changed when she done this was just the surroundings; she could remember most of the battles she was in and the heavy amount of scars on her body from each of her old injuries, once the cloth met with one of the gauntlets she felt a sharp pain shoot up her arm and she rested the piece of armor on her bed before figuring she would need to check in with everyone else.

She rubbed her scaled hands across her shoulder and cracked her neck, she looked at her quarters, despite it not being bigger than the normal crew rooms she didn't mind the size, but the bed was too soft for her needs, if she got the chance she'd have to switch the bed out for something that's tougher, for now the floor would be better than the bed, the softness of it was almost painful to the captain.

Before she left out the door she noticed the board she had set up for potential targets or future targets, it was filled with information of different ships, pictures of them and their captains, crew members, parts of the ship that were good to target in an attack, the entire thing was also pretty messy and could give someone almost information overload with the wrong info and Vertex wanted it like that just in case someone she didn't want reading it came in and read it, she trusted her crew but she didn't want to share every single thing with them just in case someone got the wrong idea.

-Common area-

As Vertex walked around the ship, she had a creeping feeling something wasn't right, she had let the ship drift while she tended to her armor, she felt that it was a stupid thing to do, any peacekeeper could've crept up on them at the moment and got the drop on them, she shook the idea from her head. Ever since she had become the captain of this ship she kept getting the idea that she was gonna be knee deep in her crew's blood and corpses, she tried to keep the idea from out of her head and wandered around looking for the others to see if they were ready for a mission soon.

Out of nowhere the ship was stopped, everyone including Vertex were jerked forwards, with Vertex nearly tumbling over, the captain knew this feeling before, it wasn't them accidentlly bumping into another ship, or another ship crashing into them, she knew how that felt it would've thrown everything to the floor and even Vertex would've ate plate deck right now. She began rushing towards the bridge heading up the stairs, once she was at the bridge it was exactly what she thought; they were caught inside of a tractor beam, a transmission was then sent to them, and it was the same transmission given by Peace keepers to criminals, but all Vertex saw from their message was."Prepare to be boarded"

The Captain pressed the button for the intercom and simply cleared her throat." Everyone we are caught in a tractor beam and we will soon be boarded by peace keepers, let's give these space cops a Black void welcoming at the airlock." She pulled her scaly finger from the the button and felt confident that they would be ready before they are completely pulled in and boarded. Vertex went into a jog heading back to her quarters to get her armor.

It didn't take long for her to get her her armor on and load her LMG, she knew that she couldn't use the grenade launcher on the ship unless she wanted to destroy a good portion of the airlock and the ship it's self. She groaned and figured killing these peacekeepers would let off some steam and then they could get back to business, Vertex had a plan on how to take down these fools, they would just have to hold off against the first wave and hope they wouldn't call for backup ships. The moment she got to the airlock she began setting up a choke point and pushing some of the furniture from the lounge out for some make shift cover, hopefully it would be enough, she then waited for the others to come down or over to the airlock and hoped they would be around in time.
@deadweight5 you posted your character in the wrong section.
oh and I've finally made the captain.

Im going to try and get the Ic post up by Thursday.
Most likely a couple days really.
@Thecrash20 Wouldn't that just heat up the clay and harden his skin? Making him more easier to kill?
I don't necessarily see a problem with a religious character or a philosopher pirate. The character could work with the right execution though I would think that it's a bit tricky. Philosophy wise, there would be plenty of time traveling on a ship and laying low from the law so I expect most characters would have hobbies to occupy them during such times, why not philosophy?

Skill wise I do agree that there should be something.

Well it would kinda be hard for him to be religious when he doesn't know that much about the religion he's practicing or even understand it's language.
@Sierra It's pretty good, hopefully someone will try to ask if they can ride her drone into battle or if she does.

@KatKook No you leave with your 2A pictures, I'm joking your in. Sorry if I seemed unclear

@Thecrash20 Wait what? "Depending on the heat of the Weapons his Plasma cannon will actually begin to melt his skin, Liquid's skin is exactly that, Liquid." What? How do you burn liquid?

@GingerBoi123 Yeah man it's cool

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