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9 days ago
Current To all the people waiting for responses from me in RPs - I'll be back sometime next week. Still need to improve my health.. Thank you for understanding ~
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20 days ago
Why did 10 people like me crying because I was locked out? You mean little buns GRRRR
20 days ago
The feeling when you succesfully lock yourself out of your own house *sigh*
22 days ago
ded inside
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24 days ago
Tonight, a person shredded my heart in pieces. I was surprised to see how fast it grew back together with the help of a few kind words️.



Female | 21 | From Finland | A comeback to roleplaying!

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Anime, music, writing (stories), languages (5 and counting)...
My favourite genres include fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, and historical - if that is even counted as a genre, LOL!

~ See you around the forums! ~

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Elemental Academy as Zafiriel

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@CriticalHit Good luck with it!!

@Zelosse Sowwyyy ;-;
@Hammerman Actually, never-ending, quite literally. The sun literally drops down for just an hour or two. In Lapland, the sun never goes down during summer. It's nice and all but I can't sleep :'D
I'm so far behind with reading the posts. One day I'll just sit down and read them all in one session. Also any idea what Zafi could do? @Zelosse I'm planning on bringing her back to life after the weekend. And I guess the Run will still be going on.

It's Midsummer Eve in Finland today! Lots of bonfires & dance around lakes tonight. So I'll be busy partying (supposing I'm able to drag my lazy butt out of the apartment). ~
@Zelosse @Old Amsterdam So we already have our first couple huh? :D And all happened while I was away!

I'll be back RPing sometime next week. I'm sorry for the delay ;~; I'm trying to get better.
Just dropping by to say have a great next week everyone!! I'll be back when the week is over ~
Hey @Zelosse @liferusher @Regitnui, I'm going to be MIA for some more days. I've been completely neglecting myself. I need to get myself healthy again before I can think of posting. I'm sorry. ;; I hope it's okay.

You can just assume Zafi is not waking up.
Hey folks, I'm very tired atm. Too much has happened (IRL) in the course of a few days. I need to take a day or so off. Hope it's fine. ;;
@Zelosse Then I shall give in
I might be leaving this forum for a while - just as a note.
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