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1 day ago
Current Gonna respond to all my PMs this weekend ~ (There are a lot of them D:)
2 days ago
Also, if you need more characters in your RP, feel free to spam my inbox. I'm lookin for new (preferably fantasy/scifi/historical) casual/semi-advanced RPs.
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2 days ago
You can expect me to come back to roleplaying in a month. :>
18 days ago
The weight of existence getting the better of me. Sorry for being away for so long.
2 mos ago
Survived through another blood sample draw. Tomorrow I'll know what's up with all these damn tests... Wish me luck.



Female | 21 | From Finland | A comeback to roleplaying!

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Anime, music, writing (stories), languages (5 and counting)...
My favourite genres include fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, and historical - if that is even counted as a genre, LOL!

~ See you around the forums! ~

Current roleplays

Elemental Academy as Zafiriel

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@Raptra I will try and get a post up when the party starts... I cannot promise anything though. :(

@Zelosse Honestly though, I'm a bit lost. (Partly my fault for not reading the IC...) I haven't been logging in here very often in these three months. Apologies for being inactive. D:

As far as I've understood, the Run was a challenge for the students? And some of the kids got to know each other. Something like Felix x Dia and Silas x Vera. And water elementals and stuff.

I'm not sure if I'm able to get into Zafi's character well after such long time. D:
421 :

Just wanted to let yanno that I'll probs be back in a month. :3
Hi... I am kinda not back yet...
*is lurking*
@Zelosse Ohh that's true. I didn't remember. But now I shall! In Finland we have the last exams in May.
Is this ded?
@CriticalHit Good luck with it!!

@Zelosse Sowwyyy ;-;
@Hammerman Actually, never-ending, quite literally. The sun literally drops down for just an hour or two. In Lapland, the sun never goes down during summer. It's nice and all but I can't sleep :'D
I'm so far behind with reading the posts. One day I'll just sit down and read them all in one session. Also any idea what Zafi could do? @Zelosse I'm planning on bringing her back to life after the weekend. And I guess the Run will still be going on.

It's Midsummer Eve in Finland today! Lots of bonfires & dance around lakes tonight. So I'll be busy partying (supposing I'm able to drag my lazy butt out of the apartment). ~
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