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2 mos ago
Current Still alive. Life's been throwing me around but I'm alright. Please don't worry ~
6 mos ago
6 mos ago
Oh boy. I had no idea my hair would turn green when the blue dye fades off. Oh well. I guess seaweed curls are nice too.
7 mos ago
Just leaving dis here. You can thank me later.…
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7 mos ago
From today on, my hair is blue.



Female | 21 | From Finland | A comeback to roleplaying!

Hobbies & Interests

Anime, music, writing (stories), languages (5 and counting)...
My favourite genres include fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, and historical - if that is even counted as a genre, LOL!

~ See you around the forums! ~

Current roleplays

Elemental Academy as Zafiriel

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Hi peeps ~ I'm still alive, not to worry. I'm sorry I just disappeared without notice. ;~; Zafi will be back eventually.
@Regitnui @Raptra Just popping in to say it says 'kaanibaru' on the manga cover. Oh, the divine beauty of Japanese transliteration... English + Japanese = Now, I shall go back to my lurker's corner.

@Zelosse Apologies for being absent all the time. A lot of stuff is going on and I need to figure it out. I hope you won't hate me ~ ;_; Haven't had the time nor energy to read/write.

"Who controls fire, controls the heart."

Ok, I have the first sentence of my post written! Yay!
Just as a note, Zafi was very stressed on her first day in the Academy, so she will be different now. Heh.
I will be writing when I've gotten through two more weeks of these stupid doc appointments.
I am now considering writing a post! Progress! Yay?
Zafi will sleep through the day, very likely. She is exhausted from all the stuff that happened. I'll make her wake up after the classes are over.

(Yas, Jordan is bae)
I think Zeke might've given Zafi a name @Regitnui

Soooo... everyone's now waking up? Or not?
@Regitnui Oh gosh. That was actually kinda hilarious. :'D

@Zelosse I don't know when I will be able to write.
@Zelosse Feels like a trap? How? Why? :

@Regitnui Ye :3
@Raptra Sounds good. Zafi's fellow fire student seems to have dropped out of dis.

I hope Zafi's not gonna be an outsider since she didn't attend the Run.
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