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It's been like three months since I changed my profile, time for a rehaul!
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i just hit my hand off of my ceiling fan, i love being tall
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My cat puked in my work boots yesterday, I didn't know until ten minutes before my cab arrived. And you thought you knew true fear.
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Wow I haven't made a status in two months... If flies lost their wings what would they be called?
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Yo dog

Hey, it's me. I am Tommy, though you'll have to build up relationship level to get my real name. I'm just a guy who RPs for fun, so don't expect novel-quality posts, though I try my best. I don't need special accommodation, and I have little respect for anyone who does, I'm joining your RP to do what YOU want me to do, and if I fail at that, then I'll apologize. I apologize a lot actually. I'm very insecure about my writing ability and my own character, and I'm very unlikely to believe you're telling the truth if you compliment me.

When I write, I want to explore character, discover who this person I'm writing is, but i do love a good action scene, those are hella fun. Personally I'm not very eloquent but I have a word of the day calendar so my characters are likely to be. I enjoy challenge when I write, so expect my characters to be more complicated then they first appear.

Above all else I'm here to have fun, if I'm not having fun, then what's the point really? Just don't be an ass and we'll be cool.

IF YOU WANNA CONTACT ME: (Checking my e-mail is low on my list of priorities, one step above eating, and one step below taking a dump, take that as you will.)

My Twitter @Veni_Tom

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0800 hours, March 13th.

Thomas sat back in his chair, a hand on his chin. It had been a strange couple of days to be certain, he'd gone from a high-ranking but mostly inconsequential NSA agent to someone on call with the president. The world was changing, and clearly she was hoping to stay on top of the curve. He was currently waiting for a call from the Secretary of Homeland Security, if all went well, he'd be on a new assignment, keeping an eye on those "meta-humans" as the government was calling them. He understood the worry, he'd seen the pictures of the caped girl fighting the guy in the Nazi memorabilia, they had power comparable to a truck with a jet-engine. He never was one for fairy tales, but they seemed a good enough comparison to the world these days.

His computer finally showed signs of life, receiving the call he'd been waiting for all night. He pulled it open to be met with the stern face of the fine lady secretary.

He offered a salute to her and then sat back down.

"Mrs. Secretary."

"Agent Sebastion."

Her voice had a weight to it that was incomparable, every syllable had the sort of stern boldness that characterized the woman.

The woman clasped her fingers and leaned gently into the table.

"You may want to head to the bathroom before we begin speaking; we're going to be here a long time."

Thomas smirked.

"I've been told I have an iron bladder."

The Secretary didn't seem amused by his joke.

"Well, you'd better hope so," she said, almost threateningly.

"I know so," he responded with a nod. She frowned.

"Are we done fucking around, Agent Sebastion."

His hair stood on end.

"Er, yes, sorry. I'm all ears."

She gave what could be called a smirk if you squinted a little.

"Good. So on to the topic at hand," she looked down at something below the view of the webcam. "I'm sure you've heard of the recent meta-human explosion?"

Thomas nodded.

"Good, so I'm sure you know about Hurricane Stanley."

"The one that the meta-human stopped?"

She nodded in response

"The very same. This woman has power greater than any weapon we possess. She stopped an earthquake by moving the entire fucking Indian subcontinent! Do you know how fucked we are if she turns on us?" she asked, growing more and more firm in her tone as she spoke.

"Yes Mrs. Secretary."

"And she's not the only one, there's a fucking Nazi out there who can toss cars like a child throws toys. He just escaped from Germany's highest-security prison and apparently blew the whole thing into a crater," she informed intensely. "So you're going to have to ask yourself one question, Agent Sebastion; what do we do to defend ourselves from this massive gun held to our head?"

Thomas had no response.

"The answer, is we make our own gun."

"What are you suggesting, Mrs. Secretary?"

"I'm suggesting a program, a weapon against these meta-humans. I've gotten presidential assent but I need a leader for this program."

She pointed at him through the screen.

"The director suggested you, and if you wish for it, you will be the Director of CADMUS, our anti meta-human wing."

Thomas' eyes shot open and he scratched the back of his neck.

"Er, yes... Mrs. Secretary, I'd be honored."

"I'm glad, Director Sebastion. Now, a little paperwork and it'll be official, but for now we may as well discuss your duties," she said, producing a pair of glasses and looking over a clipboarded piece of paper. "It's just brainstorming currently, but CADMUS' first duty will be to find a company with the capital to create a human weapon."

"Er... a company, Mrs. Secretary?"

"Yes, we need plausible deniability, outsourcing and hiding our involvement will help in that. Other than that, you'll need to provide the secrecy necessary for a clandestine operation of such a large scale, and you'll provide some of the minds necessary. It'll mostly be a desk job, think you can handle that?"

"I was born for a desk job."

"Good, we're still pounding out the details, but I'll call when we have a design ready, in the meantime, fill out the papers I send you and start looking around, I hear there's a lot of people in Metropolis, if you're feeling ballsy maybe look in Gotham as well, but by all means, stay out of Hub City, we have enough dead agents from the attack three months ago. I'll keep in touch."

And with that, she ended the call. Thomas rubbed a hand over his forehead, he was glad he wasn't white, or he'd be fifty shades of red by now. So he was the head of a clandestine gov't superhuman operation... how fun.
@Zarkun I'm lost.
March 8th
10:00 PM
Stammheim Prison, Stuttgart, Germany

Wilhelm awoke silently, his room had no windows, even if that wasn't the reason he had no clue what time it was, but from the feeling in the air he could just tell it was night. He stood from the uncomfortable bed and immediately felt no connection to anything. The Germans had kept him blindfolded and straightjacketed for quite some time, they weren't willing to perform a proposed surgery to rob him of his eyesight and thus his ability, but a blindfold worked well enough he supposed.

Well, not really.

Wilhelm utilized his ability to remove the blindfold from his face. They'd held him here for a number of months now, but he'd never given any indication that he was only here because he chose to be, they thought these measures worked, now they'd learn that they were incorrect. Wilhelm put pressure on his leg, smiling as it supported his weight easily. He removed the cast from it with his psychokinesis. Usually femur breaks took four months to heal, although he wasn't aware how long he'd been here, he knew it hadn't been that long. He'd never known how improved his healing had been by his treatments, but apparently it wasn't that strong. Oh well, he supposed, he wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

A bang rang through the halls as Wilhelm's cell door was fired off the hinges and crashed into the wall opposite it. A cacophony of screams erupted from the inmates caged around him. Wilhelm strode out and took a deep breath, now to find what they had taken from him.

Wilhelm turned to walk out and spotted a guard approaching, taser in hand. He fired, the cord stretched, and then stopped. The man stared in complete bewilderment at the frozen taser as Wilhelm approached. The man shook his head, dropping the taser, which floated where it had been dropped, and pulling out a baton. As he lifted it over his head, it dropped in an instant and cracked him in the skull, causing him to stumble forwards. As he did so, Wilhelm dropped the taser and pushed himself, floating, into the air. He flipped himself backwards, his feet crashing into the man's jaw and sending him hurtling into the ceiling, knocking a light off. He fell into the ground, and the light crashed into his chest, the glass smashing but the rest remaining for the most part intact.

Wilhelm turned and walked away, freeing his arms from the straightjacket with the aid of his telekinesis. He pulled it over his head and tossed it to the side, stretching his shoulders with a grunt. He wandered the halls, not aimlessly, but making his way towards the nearest exit. On the way he was accosted by a number of guards. The first he tossed through a window, the second had his eyes pulled out by telekinetic force, and the third had a fist forced through his abdomen.

Wilhelm found himself otherwise unaccosted as he collected his clothing and left the building.

Only to come face to face with a GSG 9 barricade.

Clearly the police force had prepared for such an eventuality, perhaps a stronger early-warning system had been set up just for him.

How lovely.

Wilhelm was undeterred, and continued walking despite gunfire.

The bullets simply stopped in the air a foot or two away from him, and with a wave of his blood-soaked arm, he tossed a van into the air, where it proceeded to crush a large number of the assembled police. A few gave a little more token gunfire, but it slowed as Wilhelm rose into the air, the expended bullets dropping at his feet. With one last wave of his arms, he released a shock-wave of telekinetic force, smashing the concrete beneath him and obliterating the building behind him.

Wilhelm landed softly, looking over the carnage which he had wrought. He was pleased to deal a blow on these false Germans, but his real goal remained in America. That girl, she was the only one who could challenge him, and deep down, he valued a good fight. Wilhelm smiled, and flew off into the distance.
Well, despite it all, I'm glad I was a part of this RP, thanks for the experience Dynamo


I would like to thank everyone who had a simple logo for their faction.
This might help a little with letting newer factions pick their locations and make neighbor relations easier than scrolling through all that backlog of location choices.

If i got any wrong feel free to correct me. if you didn't have a logo and i got it wrong, correct that as wel.


Things hadn't exactly gone to plan. Ken's EMP had done nothing but harm their own chances, and now his target had drawn him over a flak gun. The explosion of flak and the sound of shrapnel connecting with his plane's hull made Ken flinch slightly as he directed his far slower plane after the escaping JD4, rolling behind a building to escape the flak gun.

I'm not gonna catch up.

Ken continued to push his plane onward, but it wasn't enough, his old plane was far too slow to catch the much newer fighter, so he stopped trying, and dove downwards.

This is gonna suck

Ken flew towards Larcen and his pursuer, pushing Hu as fast as she could go. Though that was far from the hardest he'd push her today. That would have to be right about now.

Ken pulled Hu up, avoiding going straight up to prevent a stall, but still at a great enough angle that it could still be a risk. He lined up his plane with the pursuing JD1, pulling past Larcen and his stalling plane as he did so. He gave the Brit a small salute, hoping that he managed to see it, before clenching the controls and pushing onwards. He gritted his teeth, fired a homing missile, and dove.
Collab with @Blackstripe,@Hagroden, and @Simple Unicycle

3:50 PM
December 4th
Hub City

Lady Arcana

"WOOHOOO~" Karen shouted, breaking through the cloud layer high over the city.

After a long, tiresome day at school, there was nothing like a good, long flight through the stratosphere. Diving towards the Earth from such a height was like the ultimate roller-coaster ride! While it might not be the absolute best use of her powers, it also wasn't a dangerous or abusive one.

Extending her arms out to either side in a plane-like motion, Karen performed an aileron roll as she sped her way through the sky. "I think I'm finally getting a handle on this flying thing!"

In the three days since that Wilhelm guy's attack on the city, the fires had been extinguished. It was too bad she didn't know any spells that would help her quickly put out flames, or she would've helped with that as well. Maybe she could've made it rain, since she has the power of Zeus and all? Ah well, too late now.

"Hmm...maybe I should help with the reconstruction? Let everyone know I'm their friend?" She mused to herself.

That was definitely something she could do, after all. She could do the labor of countless workers in short order, surely, and she wouldn't even charge for it. Yeah! That would be a perfect way to build up some good will.


Harris was in a poor mood. He and Shawn had arrived in Hub City three days ago, and had yet to provide any help to the victims. Not that it was Shawn's fault, Harris had proven not to be ready to reveal himself just yet. They had found a home just outside the city, and Harris had taken to flying over it while looking down sorrowfully. Sometimes Shawn even accompanied him.

He was on one of these moping flights today, Shawn with him. He still had yet to feel at home with the new status quo that existed between the two of them, but Shawn's presence did provide him with a little more strength, even if his own stubborn resistance had proven superior in a battle against his adventurousness.

He sighed as he continued staring downwards over the burned city, unable to force himself to help or intervene in any meaningful way. He was angry at himself honestly, but he supposed that it was too early to assume that he'd grown prepared for this, it had been a month, not exactly enough time to completely change.

A deafening silence filled the air as Harris glided over the city, trapped in introspective pointlessness. Some part of him hoped that Shawn would break the silence, but the rest of him said that he'd rather Shawn didn't.

The Wanderer

Shawn's eyes scanned the city almost lazily, unsure of why Harris continued to subject himself to these sort of things. Harris was still too afraid to try and help people, or even to fly low enough to reveal himself to the average eye. These fly-byes weren't doing anything to help either of them, and Shawn knew Harris wasn't likely to muster the courage to do so anytime soon, so Shawn spoke.

"Why do you keep doing this to yourself Harris, it's not going to help anything."

He stated, not yelling, but speaking loudly enough for Harris to hear him over the wind. Looking down again, he released a slow and quiet sigh, something Harris wasn't likely to hear over the loud winds, and began to contemplate jumping from Harris to a building as they flew, many of the roofs were close enough that he could probably land on them safely. While the chance to Stretch would be nice, he'd likely just splatter on the concrete far below them, rather than make any sort of landing on the buildings they passed.

"Hey. I'm gonna hop down and look around for a bit. I need to stretch my legs and get some air."
And with that, he jumped, crashing down into a nearby building, his newly discovered "super-strength" allowing him to do so without damage, to himself at least. To anyone nearby it would have sounded like a small explosion.
The Question

Question's Journal, December 4th, 2019: Entry #2
Been three days since whatever that was. Lady in Red fought with some guy in this big suit of armor. Seemed to be a Nazi. Meant to intervene, but she got there first. They fought, and the man was throwing
cars around. Wasn't even touching them. One hit Lady in Red, and it just crumpled against her. She was unaffected.

After she beat him, and this will sound just as crazy, she
flew him out of there. Last I heard, he was in Germany. Just recollecting all that makes me more convinced that my sanity is slipping. Wouldn't even believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

Enough lollygagging. Must get back to work.

The Question closed his journal, pocketing it and looking around. Most of the area was in ruins after the fight, the fires only recently being extinguished. In the days since the fight, he had been helping civilians whose homes were destroyed, on top of the usual patrols. Using his stored up vacation days, most of his time had been spent on the streets, with little to no sleep in the past three days.

The cold December breeze blew by, and he shuddered as he tightened his trench coat. With a deep breath, he climbed down from his perch on a fire escape and continued to walk the streets, in search of people to aid.

Lady Arcana

Karen had touched down in her home of The Wedge, where people were still tirelessly laboring to renovate the many homes that had been caught in the blaze. These were no professional laborers, though. No, they were helping to repair the nicer parts of Hub City.

Construction work had barely even started at this point, with most places still being covered in ash and soot after the fires. Well, that was fine...she could help with that too! And they needed it, she could tell.

Given how she stood out, it hadn't taken long for them to notice her. Their faces carried a mixture of fear and astonishment at her presence, many backing away when she approached. Attempting to assuage them, she slowly raised her hands in a placating manner. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt any of you. I'm here to help."

Glancing between one another, a man - apparently the leader of their community effort - slowly stepped forward. "Y-you're going to help us?"

Karen smiled, offering him a gentle nod. "If you're trying to renovate these homes, I should be able to speed things along considerably!"

Though they didn't seem to know quite what to make of her, nobody seemed intent on stopping her, either. So, the first step would be cleaning up all of this soot, dust and smoke. The community had already brought the proper tools for it, so that made things considerably easier.

Grinning to the onlookers over her shoulder, she held up a pressure washer. "Alright, who wants to see how to clean house with the Speed of Hermes?"

Vanishing into the first structure with a tyrian blur, she moved through the home in a matter of seconds, before continuing onto the next. All in all, the entire neighborhood took a good number of minutes to properly clean from their perspective...though Karen had quickly realized that it had seemed like quite a few hours had passed from hers, due to the relative nature of time.

"Whew..." She huffed, more from the mental exhaustion than from any physical wear. "Alright, all clean. What's next?"

The Wanderer

Shawn made his way down from the building-tops and began to do what he did best, Wander. Looking around, he began to see the city's damage first-hand, although given the lack of profesional workers, he could assume that this was The Hub's infamous, and poverty ridden district, The Wedge.

As his eyes wandered, he saw a group of 4 men, about his age, struggling to push, or pull, a car from the side of what appeared to be a very run-down home. With a glance at each of the men, he saw four transparent tendrils grow from his chest and connect to each of the young men respectively. They looked around, slightly confused, before seeing Shawn and smiling.

"Chris! It's been so long!" One of them shouted as Shawn approached them.Chris, huh? I guess I can't expect them to know my name, but it's strange nonetheless. He thought to himself, before grabbing the car by it's bumper. With a few soft words, the four young men backed away, and Shawn made quick work of the ordeal. Within moments, he had pulled the car completely out of the building and onto the street.

He nodded non-attentively as he stepped away from the Car, but noticed a purplish blur just a few yards up the street from him zipping from house to house. With a look of interest, he made a cutting motion over his chest, and the ties between him and the men snapped. They scratched their heads and talked quietly in confusion, certain that they recognized the bearded man before them but unsure of themselves.

Making a slight note to their reactions, he turned and began to walk towards the blur, tensing slightly, preparing himself to throw out a 'tether' if needed.

Lady Arcana

"Okay, so clean up the standing water next?" Karen confirmed what she had just been told by the de facto leader of the community effort. She knew she'd seen him around before, but his name eluded her at the moment.

The next task would actually be a little more complicated. She would need to use submersible pumps to drain any standing pools of water. Well, that kind of sounded fun! She had never used something like that before, so she was honestly kind of excited to give it a try. "Alright, you might need to give me directions, but I should still be able to help!"

Seeming to be a bit more at ease - if still nervous - around her now after witnessing her desire to help, he quickly nodded. "R-right, will do, thanks. I worked for a Renovation Company before their latest round of layoffs, so that's why I'm leading the effort."

"Nice to have your expertise, then, Mister!" She replied, listening carefully as he instructed her in transporting the first pump to the worst flooded of the homes. The fire had caused many pipes to rupture, and one entire floor was submerged in an apartment complex. Since the pump was sadly automated, all she could really do was help speed the assembly of it, and then let it go to work. Even with her help, this would take a while, since they had only one pump to go around.

Folding her arms, she tilted her head with a frown. "I guess all we can do is wait, now."

The Question

"Damn cold... Need to get a thicker trench coat..." The Question muttered to himself, walking along the streets. From what he saw, it was pretty quiet, not many people around. As he turned a corner, he looked around, noticing there were more people here. He continued scanning the area, searching for someone who needed help, when he spotted the Lady in Red. Well, Lady in Purple now.

"Hurm." Humming to himself slightly, he approached, announcing himself with a quick "hey". A few people turned to look at him at that, their facing morphing into looks of surprise. "Nice work a few days ago. Would've been more damage if you hadn't intervened. However, didn't know you had... Powers, I suppose you could call them." He said, jumping straight to the point.

Lady Arcana

Karen turned when a familiar voice caught her ear, her face brightening when she saw the familiar gray coat of The Question. Rushing over to greet him, she lowered her hood. "Wow, hey there! Nice to see you again, Question!"

Realizing that he had just mentioned her powers, her cheeks immediately reddened. Reaching up the scratch at the back of her head, she chuckled nervously. "Yeah, I kind of tried to keep them hidden for the most part. I figured they might scared people, and y'know, I'm here to help, not frighten."

Still, now that they were public knowledge, that meant she could use them to help, so maybe everything worked out for the best in the end. "So what brings you here? Are you helping with the clean up, too?"

The Question

A chuckle escaped the vigilante's mouth, "Can use fear when helping. After all, criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot." Question let his mind wander to the various times he had used his apparent facelessness to his advantage. Yes, criminals were a superstitious and cowardly lot.

The former Lady in Red asked him what he was here to do, and he answered: "Helping whoever needs it. Suppose that includes the clean up." He paused, taking a sugar cube out of his pocket, rolling his mask up slightly, and plopping it into his mouth. Pulling his mask back down, he pulled another sugar cube out and tossed it to the Lady in Purple.

"Wanted one last time. Figured this time would be no different." Question looked over the area, then turned back to the Lady in Purple. "Seems you've done a lot in such little time."

Lady Arcana

Karen reached up and caught the cube in her hand, smiling in gratitude. Popping it into her mouth, she briefly savored its taste before replying to her fellow vigilante's remark on her progress. "Yeah, the Speed of Hermes makes for a surprisingly good one-woman cleaning crew, eheh."

Glancing to the pump, she sighed. "I can't really do much about draining the water though. Honestly, if they had a hand-crank pump I could definitely do it faster than this automatic thing is."

After it finally finished draining this place, she would have to lug it across the street and hook it up at the next building that needed to be drained. "I don't suppose you have any creative suggestions for how to speed this along?"

The Question

"Hunh." The Question would place his hand upon his chin as he pondered the situation and what she could do to speed it up. "Would I be correct to assume you have superhuman strength, in addition to your other 'powers'? If so, could use that to punch a hole into the wall, allowing the water to drain out. Of course, would need to be careful to not destroy the buildings."

Lady Arcana

The community leader apparently overheard he Question's suggestion, as he quickly approached the both of them. "You know, that might not be a bad idea, so long as it's fairly easy to patch up afterwards."

Karen tilted her head to the side, her eyes darting about the apartment complex. Even before the fire, this place wasn't in the best of conditions, so she would need to be cautious in her approach. A large enough hole to let it all drain out would still not to have to be much larger than her fist, and could be easily patched up later on.

"Alright, let's give it a try!"

Stepping down into the water, she sloshed her way over to the far end of the room. Staring at a spot there for a brief moment, she drew her arm back and slammed her fist through the cement until she could feel the naked air brush against her skin on the other side. She felt it was probably best to make the hole here as it was adjacent to a back alleyway, and thus the water wouldn't drain out into the street.

Stepping back, she watched as the water began to slowly drain from the room, the waist-high pool gradually descending. Now she was soaked with dirty water, though. She'd need to go spin herself dry.

The Question

'Holy shit, that... That actually worked.' Question thought to himself, watching as the water drained through the hole. On the outside, however, he just gave a small nod and a "hurm" as though he suspected that this would happen.

"Just need to do that for all the flooded buildings, and everything should be good. Perhaps could get people to help, as you don't need super-strength to create a hole in the wall." He suggested.

Lady Arcana

"Yeah!" She nodded, seemingly happy that the idea had actually worked, despite her drenched state. "And they need new flooring, paneling, doors and trim-work, according to Mr. Khutty here."

She gestured towards the de facto leader of the community renovation task force. He smiled gently in response to this, folding his arms. "Right, though, I don't see how you'll help with any of that, unless you happen to be wealthy enough to purchase all of those materials from the local mill. None of us certainly are, I can guarantee you that much."

At this, Karen's shoulders sank slightly...but her dejection didn't last long. "Wait, the local mill?"

"Yeah, you know, the lumber mill," Mr. Khutty elaborated. "After a tree is chopped down, they carve them into proper building materials."

Cupping her chin at this, Karen's eyes seemed to twinkle with a hint of insight. "I think I have a new idea!"
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