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The thing with grammar is that you already know how it works, you just need to put it into words
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Man I get to spend a whole ass day with no socks on, thank you COVID
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The issue with COVID is that there's no clear treatment and it's extremely infectious. It's extremely similar to SARS but has infected exponentially more people.
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I wanna make a character based off of Cabinet Man


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Forest of Death! It was happening! Totally happening right now! Hirameki was ready, he was pumped, he was fast, he was quick, he had trained for this, and now he and his teammates would be right on top! He'd tried to get them to strategize earlier but he'd been interrupted. Thankfully he was smart enough to strategize on his own and come up with a game plan. He was such a good ninja. It was frustrating that his teammates couldn't recognize that. He bounced on his heels and did some controlled breathing as preparation, palming his fist and exhaling slowly.

"Okay, team!" Hirameki yelled out in an authoritative tone, holding one hand out and placing the other on his hip. "We have to plan! We have to have a strategy, the other teams will destroy us if we're not prepared, and as good as I am, I can't do it without you guys!" Hirameki admitted with shocking humility. He was arrogant, but he was also realistic, at least that's what he was aiming for. Hopefully his team would actually work with him here, even if he doubted it.

"I vote that I distract and then you guys take em out! I get their attention and screw them up, then you guys can fight them off! You guys are the muscle, I'm the brains!"

Shannon Tower, in the heart of Keystone City, a beautiful image of the family's quest to improve lives through technology as their PR put it. The family's conglomerated holdings generated enough revenue to do exactly that, but the old guard who held the top positions refused that, not in the business of making people's lives better truly, what an absurd idea. The scion, however, James Michael Shannon was opposed to that, he saw the good they could be doing, and though he himself was rather unable to do so, he had found a way to do just that.

A flash of lightning parted the curtain of darkness, revealing the city's many cracks and windows, as well as something that didn't belong. God revealing one of his billions of sons as the absurd oddity he was, crouched atop a building as the rain ran down his shining armored form. The start of something greater, one could hope. For now it was merely one lunatic hoping to find some meaning in his survival.

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might, amen," the fool prayed, that one empowerment allowed to him in these trying times, these times of strife and misery. He was not alone in purpose and will, but in environment alone was the only word that rang true, even if by the technical definition he was not.

Beneath a glass ceiling and next to a pool of equally unspoiled and tainted water were men of lower purpose, trading in things that destroy the mind and rot at the body. Those things god disapproves of, but god can forgive easily, not so easily forgiven is the violation of god's commandment; thous shalt not kill, and in the minds below, one of the men in the room was already dead. A trap sprung without mechanism, a murder plotted as a screenplay.

The signal was made, hands met as substances were traded, but then didn't part, a face of shock, a drawing of a gun, then a crash and the soft twinkling of glass hitting ground and splashing into water. A dark shape crashed onto the floor in front of them, but before they could fire upon it the waters behind exploded as if a fountain. A split second of invisibility, a firing of two rubber bullets, a headbutt and a broken wrist, and the figure stood atop a neutralized opponent, faced by the remaining two, supine as they were. One raced for his weapon to put an end to this confrontation only to meet holy justice at the bottom of his opponent's boot. The last man gave whatever god he worshipped some prayers, good, then turned to run. The dark agent of God was too fast, and suspended him against a wall with his arms.

"You will be a good man, you will leave this life, you've seen how it ends. God has preserved you, now do as he wills, live."

"Y-yes sir I... I will! Please don't hurt me!"

The man was dropped, left to do as he pleased, the rest restrained and left for the police. One good deed done, not a worthy repayment for the life Paul had been given. The night was young, and death was restless. He would be disappointed.
Alright I'm itenerested
The girl tried to claim that she was only laughing herself to tears, but it would take a moron to fall for that, and Aurora De Valera was no moron. She stared at the girl in bemusement as she went through some "villainous monologue", eventually rolling her eyes and pulling her notebook.

"Note to self, pale little girl is a crybaby," she said very audibly, letting her know that she was not falling for the act at all. "But like, seriously dude, I don't care if you're crying, if you're cool regardless I'm not gonna mind." She gave the girl an out, getting a sense that it wasn't going to be taken.

"Anyway, I'm not crying, and I'm dressed in a swimsuit, which is super bogus. So like, no reason to do that," she said, gesturing to her swimsuit, her unclothed arms and legs, and bringing attention especially to a reddening sunburn on her shoulder. She looked over as the rest of them got to talking, but ignored them for the moment. Looking at her notebook for a moment, then scribbling in it.

"I could copy some clothes, but keeping them around would take a lot of stamina..." she started mumbling to herself as her hand continued scribbling away. "I think I should just bear it for now, there's always shade to find somewhere..."
Alright Alf. Lemme see about this.

How many people are playing non-powered heroes
Aurora continued watching the other beachgoers, pen and pad in hand. She was so enthralled that when the storm began she was taken by surprise. She quickly tried to write down what was happening, she just needed to get it down, then she could cut it away, right? She might pass out, but she wouldn't get wet. Wait... that's a little more than a storm.

Uh oh.

Aurora groaned and pushed herself to her knees, her mind taking a moment to scan her surroundings. She could tell from a glance that this wasn't the beach that she'd just been on... yesterday? Whatever, it was different, she was observant enough to notice. How totally bogus. How'd she even get here? Was it that storm?

Woah, she wasn't alone, a bunch of the people she'd seen on the beach before were waking up too. They were reacting in their very human ways, and Aurora made a mental note of all of their reactions, as she didn't have her notebook on her anymore. Oh, there it was, how lucky. Aurora was mildly annoyed with being tossed onto a deserted island, but with her notebook she had perfect recall of her plot, she'd write it on bark and leaves if needbe, but she had all she needed. Rescue would be nice, but so long as she left her work behind and someone found it? She could sit here and die for all it mattered to her.

She noticed a girl near her in the sand, looking around in disbelief, before burying her face in her hands. Well, that meant not good things. Aurora stood, gathering her notebook, which, thank god, still had a pen with it, and making her way over. She cursed at the fact that she was still clad in only a swimsuit, but that was fine, it didn't matter. She approached the girl and crouched next to her.

"Hey. You okay and stuff?" she asked, trying to sound interested despite that being the antithesis of her normal behavior.
Aurora let out a "tch" as the man left her. What an irritating interaction, now she knew how to write the sort of interaction that would make an audience hate a character for wasting their time. Who did he think he was, suggesting an epithet was like a weapon. It was just a part of you. You can put a gun away, you can't put away an epithet. What a wackjob, and not even the fun kind that you could make a story around, just a boring weirdo who thinks he knows best.

Well now that he was gone, she could finally go put some real clothes on. She looked back at the beach one last time, noticing something peculiar. A girl with a real-ass goddamn sword. That was odd, but definitely interest-piquing, noting her speaking to a small child. She tightened the towel around her shoulders once more, and approached quietly, noting the appearence, her slightly broken glasses. What an interesting character she could make.

Aurora stood within sight of her, writing down her appearance at speed. Heh, this was rad, what made her glasses look like that? Oh she had so many ideas.

Anyone nearby would totally see this random girl staring and writing intensely, it would look rather like insanity to anyone who simply saw it at a glance.
As the man spoke, he told Aurora to take it easy (angering), and that neither of them were paying attention, implying they were equally at fault (infuriating). Aurora scowled at him as he continued, deciding that then would be the best choice to be passive-aggressive about how willing she was to use her epithet. This guy, this goddamn guy was hitting all of her buttons right now and he seemed completely clueless about it. Ough the nerve, just because he's so big he thinks he can go around being a dumbass? That wasn't how it worked, especially now that every fifth person had an epithet. She scoffed at him, turning up her chin and crossing her arms.

"Yeah, whatever dude, that's not even my epithet's main ability, it's not like I'm dropping a full list of my epithet's abilities at the feet of everyone who walks by or whatever just to make them feel safer. Hey, I'm legally obligated to inform you I'm an epithet offender. To heck with that. If people get pissy about me using my epithet then I'm allowed to get pissy at them for using their arms," she said with a tug on the towel resting on her shoulders. "Like... what's your epithet anyway. You're inscribed right?" she asked. It was an assumption based on how he talked about epithets. If he had a good one she might as well incorporate it into her book, even if the guy it was attached to was a total nerd.

Aurora also heard the wild yelling grow ever intense down the beach, and she continued to ignore it, it wasn't the important thing right now, she wasn't going to distract from this dialogue to look at some background chatter, that wasn't how the story went.
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