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In Sentaku 4 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Makoto's smirk was interrupted by her teammates bugging her, one with that annoying nickname, "Makuza", it made her want to put her hanabo through a wall every time she heard it, and the other being his terrified self. He turned to Shirou, roaring out "idiot!" and threatening his space with her kanabo.

"You think I'm stupid or something Shirou? You dumbass! I'm not going to go around picking fights before the exams even start, I want to pass, and I'm sure as shit not going to stop you from passing just because I want to fight someone! Especially if I get a chance at a new weapon!" It was an interesting concept to Makoto, she'd had this same kanabo for years now, and it was starting to get worn down, missing studs and such. A new weapon by trained weaponsmiths would certainly be pretty badass. She then turned to Yasu, grabbed his shoulder and spun him to look at her, and playfully put a fist on his forehead protector. "Come on loser, show some self respect, don't be saying that sappy shit to me." Then he grabbed him by the hair and twisted, tugging at it with a smirk.

"Call me Makuza again and I'll geld you."

That ended when another approached them, using that same stupid nickname, and proceeding to talk in far, far too many words about how inferior her team was and how inferior their families were. Makoto stood and listened to him speak with an expressionless face, until she realized that he was trying to flirt, and not even as his main girl. It was hilarious, why would he think that insulting her team for a few minutes would be anything other than obnoxious and unattractive? She stared at him with a look of confused annoyance, before approaching, roughly grabbing him by the collar, and driving her forehead protector into his nose, with more than enough force to break it. Following that, she grabbed the other side of his collar with her other hand and spun him around and off of his feet, driving him into the ground head-first with an "ora!". She backed away from his prone form and clapped her hands together.

"That's the end of that," she said simply.
In Sentaku 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Hirameki woke up at 5 AM and leaped out of bed. Before his very hungover father could sit down after returning from his night out an hour later, Hirameki had already made the both of them breakfast, eaten his half, and was now standing in the backward violently laying his hands upon the training dummy that he had built himself earlier that week. His father stared in astonishment at the meal laid out before him, and as he looked up to ask Hirameki a question about it, his son had appeared right in front of him.

"You don't have to eat it, if you don't want I mean. I know sometimes you wake up and get home having puked out everything so I thought I'd be thoughtful and give you the chance to fill back up. Anyway, the exams are today so I need to prepare myself. Love ya dad!" And before Hirameki's father could get a word in, Hirameki had shot by him and left the building, leaving him staring at the room with a sigh.

"God he's just like his mother," he mumbled to himself as he collapsed onto the floor, unable even to reach the breakfast that had been so kindly prepared for him.

Hirameki fired like a bullet through the village, wishing the Mochis a good morning as he leapt onto their roof and dived overtop of a fruit cart with a lack of grace that hid very well his status as a genin. He blew a lock of hair out of his eyes, then looked down the road towards the meeting place. He would be the first one there even if he showed up in the next few hours, so why not do a little work fir-

A half hour later Hirameki was still seated in the same place with blades of grass in his hands, trying fruitlessly to pull them perfectly in half. Every time he tried he would bring a little bit more of one half than the other, it was unendingly frustrating! He growled and tossed another pair of freshly bifurcated blades to the ground, looking up at the sky with a pouting lip.

"No, I can't let some goddamn grass beat me! You hear me grass?! I am a soon to be chunin, you're grass!" With a roar, Hirameki tore another handful of grass out and started working his way through, blade by blade.

It took him another hour, but he finally pulled a blade of grass perfectly in half, he watched it the whole way down, and it was as straight as an arrow, utterly perfect. Hirameki stared at it once more, his eyes widening and his face being consumed by a grin. With a cheer of victory, he jumped into the air, holding both blades of grass into the sun as a demonstration of his superhuman precision. He landed with a short stumble, which he pretended that he totally meant to do by following his momentum into a spin and yet another jump.

"I did it!" he yelled out, pure bliss written across his face. He landed and stood for a second, breathing deeply even though he hadn't physically exerted himself. He looked at the split blade of grass, then tossed it into the air, turning away and running off to find something else to do.

Before the exams had even begun, Hirameki had torn out a large patch of grass, awoken many sleeping people by jumping all over their roofs, slashed the tip of a broomhandle off in an attempt to practice his kunai skills and stuck it in a tree, and had to be restrained by a summon before he could disturb a large bear that was hiding in the woods outside the village. Finally he found himself to the meeting place, a lot later than when he had first seen it. There was already a crowd there, but he didn't care about showing up first. He failed to pay attention to the hokage speaking, his nemesis, blades of grass, had again distracted him, but he understood the point anyway, you could die, be a good teammate, blah de blah. when she finally stopped speaking he noted the growth of chatter among the gathered genin, and as a result he was torn away from the blades of grass. He decided it would be a smart idea to find his teammates, so he looked around for them, zipping and snaking his way through the crowds until he finally located Yachiyo, who he snuck over to, before saying "yo" in the deepest voice he had heard in the past day. When she turned to look, she would see Hirameki brushing a lock of hair over his head with a hand, his tongue sticking out playfully.
In Sentaku 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Irezumi Makoto had awoke on the day of the chunin exams with a bandaged arm and a pain in the neck. Her father had walked into her room loudly and plopped himself next to her head, prodding and poking at it with her hanbo. She growled, and a moment later her oni tattoo had come to life and seized the hanabo in its hand, staring at her father intensely. For his part, Irezumi Taka reacted with little more than a chuckle.

"Good, you're awake," he said simply, spinning the hanbo in his hand and dismissing the oni with an easy blow. He held it over Makoto's shoulder, and she grabbed it roughly, pulling it to her lap as she sat up and scratched at her shoulder. "Makoto, don't scratch at your tattoo, you know this," her father reprimanded with that same authoritative tone she hated so much. She knew damn well not to scratch it, it was just that waking up had a habit of removing one's ability to think about such things, she stood, spinning her hanbo absentmindedly as she pulled her ninja outfit out.

"Might wanna fuck off because I'm not going to stop changing just because you're in here," she insisted with a playfully exaggerated scowl at Taka, who held up his hands in resignation and walked out. That was the scope of their interaction for the day, her father was never the talkative one, he had his brother to do the talking for him. Makoto didn't mind much, he minded his own business and let her mind hers. She would totally have stopped if he had refused to leave, ew, but he took those things literally. In short, it was easier to exaggerate to get him to leave quicker.

She dressed quickly, and slid the door open violently, continuing to tie her hair up as she walked around the koi pond in front of the Irezumi clan compound. The sound of stomping feet alerted her to the fact that her uncle Kuren had waylaid her.

"Off to the exams, huh Koto-chan?" he asked, pushing his way into her space in a way that she'd come to find more irritating than endearing. She violently poked him in the cheek with her kanabo, shoving his head away with a dismissive snort.

"Off to pass the exams, geezer. Mind your distance."

"Who the hell is this runt?!" her uncle yelled out in a rage that had to be at least partially real. "I remember when you had some respect for me and your dad!" he continued in faux-outrage. He had been the same way at her age and the both of them knew it.

Makoto tilted her head away from him and closed her eyes contentedly. "I have respect for him, not for some old chubby jackass like you. Don't you have some maiden half your age to be lusting after?" she asked with another poke of her kanabo, this one to his ribs. "I've gotta focus on mentally preparing for this, ojisan, how did you do it?"

Her uncle chuckled, massaging his hip with a hard brick of a hand. "Teased your dad, kinda like what you're doing to me," he joked, much to Makoto's annoyance. Thankfully he seemed to notice her irritation, and scritched her hair. "You'll do fine, Koto-chan. The hard part is learning it, putting it into practice is the easy part," he offered with a ridiculous smile that made her eyes roll.

"Whatever," she snarked, pushing away from him and hefting the kanabo over her shoulder. A few steps away, when she was sure he wasn't following her, she turned back and gave him a smile. "I'll thank you this one time, but don't you dare let it get to your head!"

"Aww! You do love me!" he replied with a cackle, which continued behind her as she made her way through the village proper to meet with her squad. She looked forwards to this, her teammates were all talented if nothing else, even if that Shirou kid's inferiority complex irritated her like nothing else.

Whatever happened, she'd pass, and she'd try to make sure they all passed too. She arrived at the gathering area, and watched the hokage give her speech with a relaxed face. It was exciting and kinda scary, she had to admit, but she had to reserve her energy for the fights ahead, considering the amount of foes they had to face... she needed to stop thinking about it before she broke into a smirk that might scare away her teammates. When the hokage finished speaking and left, she turned so that she was looking at the whole crowd, and crouched, her eyes scanning her opponents with a smirk forcing its way onto her face. This was exactly what she was looking for.
*Italian finger kiss*

Now this.

This is peak RP
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Huh that's interesting but how about
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