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Hey, it's me, Everyone's favorite direct male line descendant of a Waffen-SS soldier.

I'm just a guy who RPs for fun, so don't expect novel-quality posts, though I try my best. Also don't expect novel-length posts, last time I tried that burned me out after a few months, eugh. I don't need special accommodation, and I have little respect for anyone who does, I'm joining your RP to do what YOU want me to do, and if I fail at that, then I'll apologize. I apologize a lot actually. I'm very insecure about my writing ability and my own character, and I'm very unlikely to believe you're telling the truth if you compliment me.

When I write, I want to explore character, discover who this person I'm writing is, but i do love a good action scene, those are hella fun. Personally I'm not very eloquent but I have a word of the day calendar so my characters are likely to be. I enjoy challenge when I write, so expect my characters to be more complicated then they first appear.

I like unsolicited PMs as long as they aren't creepy or insulting. The creepy part's a lie be a fucking creeper I'll fite you. hmu if you want to RP or if you just wanna have someone wish you a good day.

Above all else I'm here to have fun, if I'm not having fun, then what's the point really? Just don't be an ass and we'll be cool.

IF YOU WANNA CONTACT ME: (Checking my e-mail is low on my list of priorities, one step above eating, and one step below taking a dump, take that as you will.)

My Twitter @Veni_Tom

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Haruki was super impressed.

Everyone else's quirks were so cool! He thought his quirk was cool, but it was almost disappointing when compared to the rest of them. He'd sort of downplayed everyone else's quirks out of irritation at being interrupted, but now he realized just how outclassed he was, and he couldn't be more excited. The thought of competing with all of these others while being at such a disadvantage, helping them achieve their potentials, it was so cool!

He was especially shocked by the girl who seemed to be nothing more than a mass of goo. Wow! He'd never seen anything even close to that, what the heck kinda quirks did they have here at UA?

Haruki watched in awe, as the principal introduced himself. He'd never seen anyone so powerful in his life, and he'd get to be taught by this guy? Wow! Haruki just kept getting more and more shocked with every reveal! It was like he was living in a movie! Haruki wanted to ask him so many questions, but he held his tongue and waited, no matter how much it sucked to do so. When they were done there, he bounced over to the teacher with their keys, and pumped his fists up and down as he waited. He was going to get a room, and a roommate! Katsuro! That guy who could light himself on fire! That was awesome! They were gonna be best friends, they were gonna conquer the world!

He was about to go over to introduce himself to Katsuro, but then he was interrupted by the security chief. Haruki immediately became concerned, there were so many rules all of a sudden. Haruki was willing to follow rules, but these were so over the top. Jeez, Haruki didn't know how okay he was with this, but he had to do this if he wanted to be a hero, no matter how strict the rules were. He shook himself and slapped his cheeks. Be happy, be excited, don't be worried, worrying is useless. Okay, rules schmules, he was gonna be a hero! Himura Haruki: best hero in the world!

Haruki retrieved his key and darted off to his room, where Katsuro was already setting up. Haruki went to go in, then realized he'd forgotten his suitcase in the car! Oh no! All his stuff! He turned to walk away, only for the security guy to shove it into his arms.

"You forgot this, your parents handed it in at the security checkpoint."

Haruki looked up with wide eyes.

"Aw man! I'm such a screw up, thanks sensei!" he replied quickly, turning to go back into the room.

"Sure..." he heard the man say behind him in a voice that seemed both confused and amused.

"Hi Ryuujin-san!" Haruki yelled out as he waddled his suitcase into his room. He pulled out a whole bunch of black clothes and stuffed them in a closet, then a laptop, which he put on one of the provided tables. Then he pulled out a black blanket which he laid over his bed, a bunch of paintings that he himself had made when he was younger, all of which were kinda spooky looking, with deformed faces and dark imagery, and stuck them up on the wall. He put out a small mat, meant for karate practice, and finally a speedbag, which he hung from the roof right next to his bed. "Done!" he yelled out with a wide smile. It felt just like home already.
Well, if you think you’d rather do a smaller house – there’s plenty of vassals to play off of. Besides, we all ghost a RP or three every now and then (plus I cancelled it at the time so I cannot blame you and you are my friend). If you need a link to my discord, lmk.

I'll think about it, I'm getting back into ASOIAF so I might make something.

And yeah, could you PM me the discord link?
I'm just gonna lurk this for now, last time I tried to join I just ghosted and I can't trust myself to not do that again, but I must witness my legacy.

Quirk presentations quirk presentations! Hurrah and hurray! Haruki was so prepared for this. He'd been waiting for this moment all day! He'd practiced all yesterday, hopping in and out of his foster parents, much to their annoyance, but he had to be warmed up! He had to make a good first impression! He was about to volunteer himself before the suddenly appearing quirk development teacher, but then a lanky student did it first. Haruki pouted, but didn't complain outloud, instead watching the presentation intently. His quirk was a giant fireball thing, which was pretty cool for sure. Haruki's eyes widened at the explosion, and fisted hands pumped at his sides in excitement. Oh boy, this was going to be so cool, if this was what all the students were gonna be like then Haruki was going to be part of the best team ever!

He moved to volunteer again, only getting out "A-" before someone else did it for him. Okay, not angry. Just a bit pouty, and maybe frustrated, not angry though. He had taken his meds this morning so he was all fine. Okay, who was this white haired girl? Zhao Emiko huh? That's a Chinese last name! A real life Chinese person! Wow! He'd never seen one of those before! Her quirk was pretty cool too, concussive force blasts that she shot by punching?! Haruki kinda wished he had that quirk instead, but no matter, he'd trained enough with his own quirk to make something out of it, so he wasn't too jealous.

Especially because she was going to be jealous of him now that it was his turn- and someone else volunteered. Haruki yelled "Dawww!" and tore a bit of hair out of his chin in frustration. Ow. Okay, lightning round! Student, blond hair!~ Could shoot fireballs! Homing fireballs! Epic!

Cool, now that he was done it was Haruki's turn so he jumped to his feet and prepared to move andthensomebodyelsevolunteeredforFART'ssake.

He didn't even pay attention to her, he was so frustrated. Something about water, he was sure it was cool.

He came back to reality just to see another student volunteer.

Haruki felt like punching something. So he did. He punched his thigh really hard and fell over. Okay maybe he shouldn't punch himself.

Another water quirk! Huh... this student was dancing around to demonstrate. Haruki didn't know how to feel about that. Wait, maybe the villains would be so distracted that he'd be able to sneak inside them and bop them in the schnoz! He could see it now! Cool quirk water girl! He caught the kiss she threw and put it in his pocket for later, maybe his mom would like it.

He stepped forwards to volunteer, only to turn right back around as another student interrupted his attempts. This had to be a new record or something. Anyway, girl! Quirk that lets her split into smaller girls! Cool! Not a quirk he'd want but still cool!

Immediately after she left Haruki barged to the front, tired of waiting and sick of interruptions. He wanted a turn already! With a furrowed brow, he roared and charged up to the stage, holding his arms out to his sides to stop anyone from coming after him. He spun around and landed in a crouch, glowering at the lot of them. Good, nobody'd tried anything. He sighed, and rubbed at the patch of skin where he'd ripped the hair out of earlier.

Then he jumped up into the air. "HI! I'm Himura Haruki andI'msuperexcitedtobehereheyteacherscouldoneofyoustandrighttherekthanks!" he said, his mouth running like a motor and no breaths coming in as he turned to the teachers and pointed at a spot right in front of himself.

"Okay! Let me!" Almost immediately Mori-sensei dashed onto the concrete platform looking just as excited as the student was. She turned towards the crowd of students on the spot Haruki had requested, gloved hands on her hips. "Is right here okay?"

"Yep! Perfect!" Haruki replied with a hop onto one foot, holding up his hand excitedly. "Okay! My quirk lets me hop into somebody!... Okay it's easier if I demonstrate."

Which he did, jumping into Mori-sensei and disappearing with a slight wind-chime-like noise. A few moments later his hands appeared, fading into existence and floating just off of her shoulders. His right hand shook up and waved excitedly, before disappearing. Then Haruki jumped out of her back, flipping and landing on his right hand, which landed on her shoulder. He spread his limbs wide with a "Ta da!" then rolled off. He turned back around and bowed exaggeratedly. He had practiced this again and again, and it had gone exactly as he'd planned! This was fantastic!

Mori-sensei, despite knowing the gist of the student's quirks already, looked very bewildered when Haruki disappeared. When his arms manifested over her shoulders she let out a sort of surprised laughter. She almost lost her footing when Haruki preformed his headstand, not expecting the sudden weight, but stood steady for him to complete his show. Upon which she turned around and smiled at her student.
"Woah! That was so strange! Very well done, Haruki-kun. I don't think I've ever even seen something like that in comics! I can't even begin to think of all of the unique ways that could be used! But we'll find that out together!"

Haruki was very happy to hear that. So happy he almost started crying again. Instead he smiled widely with tightly closed eyes. Awesome! So frickin' awesome!

"I can't wait! I can't wait I can't wait!" he yelled over and over again, hopping from foot to foot as he moved off of the stage. He trotted his way back to where he was, a massive smile on his face.


"That was a big one! I think I'm done yawning for the day!" Haruki yelled to nobody in particular as he jogged in place, watching the protesting crowds through a thick pair of sunglasses.

"That's great kid," said a clandestinely dressed police escort, who had already gotten quite annoyed by Haruki's high energy antics.

"I can't wait! I'm so excited! This is gonna be great!" Haruki shifted from jogging in place to pretty much sprinting in place, intensity written all over his smiling face.

Quirk: Symbiotic Specter

Haruki was tired of waiting. He wanted to get in the building already. He made this desire clear by suddenly sprinting off towards the doors, laughing loudly as he did. To hell with this cautious nonsense, he wanted to get in there! Meet his classmates! What was everyone so worried about anyway? It wasn't like anyone could catch him! He was just too fast, too skilled.

He sprinted his way towards the building, sunglasses falling off and getting trampled under his feet as he did.

This is it! My future! My heroic legend starting now! All the friends I'll meet! All the people I'll save! All the teachers I'll impress! This is all I've been waiting for! This will be a memory I'll cherish forever!

At that moment he crashed into the door, which he wasn't looking out for. He slammed through it and rolled across the ground, sliding on every part of his body in a sequence, finally he slid to a stop against a wall with a thud. His legs hung down towards his head, and the whole word seemed to have flipped on him.

"Woo! I'm here! UA!"

It was certainly a first impression, debuting himself to his new school ass-first, but Haruki was too excited to even realize that. He put his feet on the ground and dragged his head back up the wall in a slow and awkward display, then pulled out his ID and prepared to present it.

Number three! Wow! It was official! He was so happy to see that, even if there was really no reason to be as excited as he was. He already knew he had gotten in, but just seeing that, being here... it was something great that he just couldn't explain. He actually began to tear up just a bit. He covered his eyes with his knuckles, sniffing a few times to keep himself from sobbing.

"I'm... actually here..." he said in what seemed like disbelief. He continued, saying "I'll... give all I can give. I promise."

Mentions: @etranger@Claw2k11

Souta yawned as their paths were selected. He didn't care to offer his opinion. He would try, at the very least, when they started, but he didn't much care what his team chose. The flamboyant girl, Kiko, he recalled, had chosen the green path for them, and Soga, the dragon, had informed that the green path was in fact the longest one. Souta shrugged at that; he was fine with taking a longer path, he hadn't exercised in some time and maybe taking a bit of a walk would be good for him.

"If you think flying ahead would help, then go right ahead," he said to Soga, not really caring who the leader of the group was. "I'll do whatever you tell me to do, I don't exactly have many plans." Souta shrugged again, with closed eyes. He put his hands into his pockets and observed the other groups, all seemingly excited in their own ways. Souta couldn't manage to get himself to be that excited, about much of anything to be honest.

God he was such a downer. At least he was self-aware about it.

He covered his face with a hand and scowled, grunting in disappointment at himself. Be happy Souta, you jackass.

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