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Current Ten million points to Gryffinpuff! Fuck you Snape Gryffinpuff wins!
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-50 degrees Celsius outside. Love Canada
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I remember when things used to hold my interest.
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Ergot: Noun, a callous on the back of a horse's fetlock (ankle). Why do I know this? I don't fucking know.
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Sure love it when I watch part of a show and then ruin the rest of it for myself by reading the wiki


Yo dog

Hey, it's me, Everyone's favorite direct male line descendant of a Waffen-SS soldier.

I'm just a guy who RPs for fun, so don't expect novel-quality posts, though I try my best. Also don't expect novel-length posts, last time I tried that burned me out after a few months, eugh. I don't need special accommodation, and I have little respect for anyone who does, I'm joining your RP to do what YOU want me to do, and if I fail at that, then I'll apologize. I apologize a lot actually. I'm very insecure about my writing ability and my own character, and I'm very unlikely to believe you're telling the truth if you compliment me.

When I write, I want to explore character, discover who this person I'm writing is, but i do love a good action scene, those are hella fun. Personally I'm not very eloquent but I have a word of the day calendar so my characters are likely to be. I enjoy challenge when I write, so expect my characters to be more complicated then they first appear.

I like unsolicited PMs as long as they aren't creepy or insulting. The creepy part's a lie be a fucking creeper I'll fite you. hmu if you want to RP or if you just wanna have someone wish you a good day.

Above all else I'm here to have fun, if I'm not having fun, then what's the point really? Just don't be an ass and we'll be cool.

IF YOU WANNA CONTACT ME: (Checking my e-mail is low on my list of priorities, one step above eating, and one step below taking a dump, take that as you will.)

My Twitter @Veni_Tom

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It's called destiny, and I'm ready to kick its' ass.

Fuck you destiny's a beautiful woman
Annie Jarvis stood on the balcony of her new apartment, looking out over her new home. Well, it was certainly a place. Annie didn't have much of a plan once she got here. Where was she going to go from here? Who was she going to talk to?

Questions for later, right now she needed a smoke. With a swift potion, she put a cigarette in her mouth and lit it. She blew the smoke over the town as the wind picked up slightly, casting it away. It was almost like a god was telling her not to smoke. Fuck him, fuck her, whatever they are, fuck them.

She pulled out her phone and sent a text to her mom, letting her know she was moving in safely, and hadn't gotten killed in a drug rave as was her mom's consistent worry when it came to her. She also immediately entered the wifi password for her new router, which she had set up before she had even put the sheets on her bed. The news was much the same; world in chaos as superpowers continued to emerge. Annie covered her eyes and wondered when this was gonna stop.

She needed a drink, unpacking could wait. She grabbed all of her stuff, phone, keys, wallet, and left the way she came, heading out to find a goddamn bar.
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Haven't even started and the GM's already killing off characters SMH
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Too much female
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@ZAVAZggg probably not great, probably not great at all.
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@ZAVAZggg That's the plan
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I did it

Mentions: @Delta44 @Etranger

Well, Souta wasn't nervous anymore.

Now he was mortified.

The quirks that had just been demonstrated completely and utterly blew his own out of the water, one had guns in her arms, which was both incredibly cool and infuriating, and the other had an incredibly powerful ice quirk that was probably the strongest he'd ever seen. He stared open mouthed and wide-eyed in indignant shock. As the girl offered a bow to the rest of the students, Souta felt his teeth grind together. He would just have to live with being overlooked for now.

He decided that it might as well be best to do it now, get it over with, and get back in line. As the ice-thrower moved back from her demonstration, Souta stepped forwards.

"Impressive quirks, both of you, especially you, uh... ice girl. I'd like to take my turn now," he said, sighing in the middle. "Three dummies please," he asked, striding forwards in a slow, dawdling manner.

"My name..." Souta began speaking as he opened one of his bags and set it on the ground. " Tachibana Souta, I'm from Tokushima Prefecture, and I am fourteen years old."

Souta approached the first dummy, standing beside it and placing a hand on its head. "My quirk, Rotation, allows me to add rotational velocity to any object I touch." On cue, the dummy began to spin at an intense speed. "This can be both horizontal..." The dummy collapsed. "...and vertical rotation."

He made his way to the next dummy.

"I can also add rotational velocity to myself," he said, suddenly spinning in place and striking the dummy in the head with his left elbow, knocking it over and leaving a sizable dent.

"And, to demonstrate a combination of both, Goudo-sensei do you mind putting a glass panel around a foot in front of the dummy?" he asked, moving back to his pack and pulling out a ball, which he tossed in his hand as he walked back to the now present glass barrier.

He palmed the ball in his hand as he held his arms out, roughly measuring the distances he'd need to know. He looked at the ball in his left hand, he was right handed, but he was told not to put too much stress on that arm, so he'd be throwing as a lefty just for this demonstration. He could compensate, hopefully.

He stood sideways, both hands on the ball, pulling the ball up to head level, he kicked up his leg, and with a deep breath, stepped forwards and pushed his entire body into the throw. His hand began to move above his head, rotating towards his body, down, and forward. The motion made use of the elbow joint in much the same way that a trebuchet would use the beam to rotate the sling. As he reached the point of most speed, he released, his fingers adding the necessary spin. As his body fell forwards, the ball appeared to be going wide and high, missing the glass barrier completely.

Just as it cleared the glass, the ball suddenly shot left and down, moving behind the glass pane and striking the dummy in the head.

Souta stood back up and looked at the rest of the class with an unchanging scowl.

"That's everything, thank you." He bowed, and swiftly moved to sit down alone, attempting to avoid being near any of the other students.

Hopefully that was impressive enough.

Mentions: @tobiax

Souta wasn't good at paying attention in assemblies. Hell, he wasn't good at paying attention to much. He did feel it kinda necessary to pay at least a little bit of attention here, considering the fact that this assembly was probably going to serve as the thesis statement for the entire school year.

An introduction to each of the teachers would be a godsend for Souta, he didn't remember names on a brochure or in a program listing, and getting a grip on their personalities would certainly aid him in his future endeavors, who to avoid pissing off and who to suck up to for a chance to get out of work.

The speaker made her boring introductory statement, always the least interesting part of any event, we know what we're here for, stop holding us hostage with your word soup and get to the important parts.

One of the important parts stomped his way in very suddenly, making Souta jump in his seat a little bit. He seemed rather confident. Souta figured him for the kind of guy who would make an example of a student who spoke wrong in his class, and a line about shelving their feelings or something of the sort immediately turned Souta far, far away. Anyone who had that "suck it up" philosophy immediately lost all of Souta's respect. Bottling up something, no matter how small, was a solution not worth a thing. Souta would have fun spiting his authority. Of course Souta may have been interpreting things incorrectly, it may have just been a jab towards the stronger-willed students of the class. Souta had wished that he'd paid a slight bit more attention to the goings on in the hero world, then maybe he'd have a better understanding of who these people really were.

Next came a simple introduction from their program director. Short, sweet, and informative. Why couldn't all assemblies be that simple?

Next was their homeroom teacher, the one who had intervened outside before. He was more talkative, but his words weren't wasted, he swiftly informed the class of their responsibility to elect a representative, and the upcoming quirk test. Souta was a bit nervous about that part, his quirk wasn't exactly the most showy-type thing. It'd turn out fine, he assured himself, they let him in after all, they wouldn't kick him out that fast. He was a fan of Guodo-sensei, he had to admit, quite the charming fellow, and even his sort-of cringeworthy chant afterwards wasn't too bad, though the members of the crowd that took up the chant caused Souta to cover his face for a moment. Second-hand embarrassment was a real thing.

Next was an incredibly loud woman. Very, very loud. Loud and rambling. Long rambling. Souta found himself wishing for a plane to drop onto the building just to get her to shut the hell up. She was their combat coach apparently, and Souta was extremely displeased by this revelation. He was already very worried about combat courses, and this didn't make things better.

Finally, thank god, she stopped talking, and the speaker took her place once more. She was the academics teacher, great, whatever, she didn't seem to have much of a personality. The demonstration of the school uniforms was surprisingly exciting to Souta. The white variant of the general uniform was actually very nice looking, Souta could see himself wearing that no issues, and the gym uniform seemed simple enough, something that he could surely move around in quite easily.

And then the principal shot in, immediately seizing the audience's attention and establishing herself as a hero of some renown.

Souta had no clue who the hell she was. He wasn't a hero fan, he could name every baseball player in the league but he couldn't name a single hero outside All Might. She seemed to be a bit of a big deal though, and certainly acted like it. Well, she informed everyone that they were part of the... Four Pillars? Whatever that meant, and apparently that meant they had a sporting event coming up. Cool, he guessed, probably not the sporting event he wanted but it was something.

Well that was that, not as bad as he thought, but not interesting in the least. Well, time for quirk demonstrations. Souta was rather nervous to be honest, but again, he reminded himself that he had no reason to be worried. Hopefully he would do alright.

"Well, I'm kinda worried, if the quirk demonstrations are anything like that assembly then they'll be a shambles."

He wasn't talking to anyone in particular, but he had somehow found himself behind a large-eared girl with a bat-like appearance. He didn't recognize her, but he felt the need to apologize if he was bothering her.

"Sorry, just talking to myself."

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