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owen. he/him. seventeen. recovering caffeine addict on the run from all of life's responsibilities. likes iced tea, eating when bored, playing the same song and videogame on repeat for three months and pretending to be a film protagonist. dislikes social etiquette, awkward encounters with estranged family and being wrong.

'unemotional' and 'possessed by the spirit of a midlife dad', according to a friends and family poll.

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<Snipped quote by dhawan>

like everything i do

you have made this joke twice now youre really pushing your luck
sounds very cool and epic much wow im interested
Congratulations are also in order for @dhawan, who was the winner of our very first Movie Quiz in the Discord over the weekend! Keep your eyes peeled for more of those coming up! Rumour has it, dhawan beat out our very own Admin, @Hank for the top prize!

one at a time ladies
@The Ghost Note

I am... in. Apparently.

inb4 obligatory penis

i am joining this super epic and awesome ghost note discord
Do you think Post-Origins AC would be seen better if they didn't have the AC brand associated with them?

origins ac itself wouldve been better without the ac brand. remove the assassin element and make an original egyptian story
<Snipped quote by dhawan>

You failed. It was in chat where people used slang. You know that's not the same thing whatsoever. And you weren't even correct with your corrections. Saying "you're wrong actually" isn't "blowing up". Time doesn't change this. Grow up please. ^_^

you were asking a question in a general chat specifically related to something you were writing. and you didnt tell me i was wrong (i wasnt), you called it a "jab". to paraphrase you, the point im making is being stingy and obnoxious over grammar while not being grammatical yourself isnt wise. roleplaying is a hobby and its really not the end of the world if people make mistakes, it doesnt warrant trying to rewrite their work. if it is really that offputting, leave the roleplay and find a new one. having an "im a better writer than you" attitude is the least productive attitude you could have.
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