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3 yrs ago
Current And everybody singing, na na na na na. And now the bells are ringing na na na na na.
3 yrs ago
Shooting the messenger is pointless... You can't accuse a pigeon of mass genocide simply because he carried the order...
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3 yrs ago
That's not untrue...
3 yrs ago
I can'r remember the last time I even saw a rp I wanted to join ( ;_;)
3 yrs ago
I'm surprised it was even that many.


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Will do
Hi friends, was having a look over the RP, was wondering if it was still open?

Edit: I just noticed your join status is full! Don't mind me (:

You sir hath peaked my interest.
@CAWs For Alarm no problemo! Also feel free to join the discord too if you have one :)
@CAWs For Alarm as far as I know, the spot is still open ^_^ so go for it!
Accidental repost
@Severance vance is doing that, we just had a little hiccup with the original CS Template so it kinda broke ^_^

I would suggest maybe, @vancexentan perhaps remove the post for now so it's not so huge.
@Brink PM'd you :)
@Severance just checking, when you say Division 10, do you mean the entire Division? orrr? Captain or Lieutenant?
New CS templates are up. Sozz for the muck around.
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