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Current Shout out to Team USA for winning the women’s World Cup
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America, fuck yeah! So lick my butt and suck on my balls πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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There's always money in the Banana Stand
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Imagine losing both your friends and RP
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I tongue punch fart boxes


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@Star Lord

Did you go to a reunion and get powers?
Color me interested
Draven @Ambra
Is draven open?
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In OBLIVION 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

You can always make a sheet and see if you get approved.

Ximena never really had any intentions of sleeping with Salem, truth be told she already knew she would have to do all the work while he sat there like a starfish and she wasn’t into playing mistress. She wasn’t even two words into their conversation behind closed doors when the cowardly lion finally grew a spin and stormed off in defiance. It was almost too comical for Ximena not to laugh, and so she did, letting out her suckling sweet laughter that could only be described as the wails of a charming succubus. Knowing the boy probably ran out to get some air and Marisol would follow suite, left her with room to breathe. No battles or knock out this time around but knowing that spirited chihuahua she would be back for her revenge. Taking her time to regain her composure and touch up on her make out and outfit left her with perfect timing. Headed for the door she pulled on the doorknob letting the light leak in through the small crack. Suddenly she stopped her pull when she heard the rambling of two voices, voices she knew. Her eyes jumped to the crack peering out in front, once in focus she saw none other than Kellie and Max.

”Wait hadn’t the two broken up so why?” the sudden revelation washed over and created a smile so sinister it could only have been matched by the Grinch. ”Oh poor little bird, Shawna is going to be devastated” Ximena thought. While the two were in the thralls of each other’s grip and gaze they failed to notice the eye watching from across the hall. With the door closed behind them, Ximena slithered out from behind the door like the snake she was. Tip toeing to the door she pressed her ear against the door gently, listening to the muffled conversation not meant to be heard.

β€œAre you sure this is what you want?”

It was silent and then an explosion of sound. Lips smacking together, and clothes being tossed only meant one thing, Ximena was sort of a connoisseur in that area. The bouncing of the springs in the bed and the playful giggles lined with more smooches only confirmed what she already knew. Jack pot. With this she could inject her venomous bite into another unsuspecting lover. With a feeling of radiance about her Ximena made her way to the stairs in order to bring Shawna the bad news. That was her plan at least, until she saw Kavi and April at the bottom of the stairs. Satan really must have been working harder than god tonight or perhaps she was just in the right place at the right time. She quickly stopped her walk and crouched down so the railing would somewhat block her from view, not that they were paying any lick of attention.

The wicked witch of the west heard every single juicy detail to the last drop. If she didn’t have enough on Santiago this would be more than enough to put the cherry on top. Yet it didn’t stop there, the sudden assault on Kavi’s lips by April was perfect. Ximena managed to get her phone out in time and snag a picture while Kavi contemplated the morality of kissing a very taken girl. Following their lead back to the party, she casually made her way down the stairs and took her victory lap back to the main atrium. The victory that tasted so sweet had turned sour in learning the revelation of Aprils pregnancy with Santiago being the father. ”Hijueputa! Yessi is going to be crushed. I must find her or Reli-- she thought before her eyes met a direct path to Shawna keeping guard of a very lonely table of alcohol. β€œWell I guess this could wait just a little bit longer” her patented devious smile resurfacing before the scene faded to black.
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Haha vieja.
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