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Starring: Aaliyah | Shawna

While the two other queens or rather queen and cowgirl made their way around the crowd, Aaliyah couldn’t help but get lost amongst the decorations. Having never been this drunk she couldn’t help but rub her hands across everything while stuffing her mouth and moving around in an awkward dance. Her feet were moving on their own bringing her closer and closer to the middle of the room. Cup in hand, liquor was splashing all over. Luckily for her, both dress and makeup was saved from getting splashed. It wasn’t too long before she crashed into something or rather someone.

“Oh...haha...sorry I didn’t see you there” Aaliyah said repositioning her crown. Her smile quickly turned to shock and panic when Cleopatra was actually Shawna. “Shawna! What are you doing here?!” She shouted.

Shawna didn’t expect to have company calling her name outside of her immediate clique, at least not unless Mac suddenly decided to return from … wherever the heck she went off to. Who could tell? She seemed pretty flighty. But turning and spotting someone from her past, her far dorkier, nerdier, so far from her current image that she was projecting, especially in front of the girl that she was trying to build something more than a relationship with, past. That was extremely unwelcome, probably just as much as Aaliyah from the sounds of it. Her former colleague in a lot of facets in her old life was now here like a ghost, which was fitting considering she was in some Day of the Dead getup that looked professionally done. Far from the last image she had of her fellow debate club, quiz bowl and chess club compatriot.

Cleopatra readjusted her crown and quickly turned her away from Kellie Anne and Sunshine as she tried to cover things up. “Shawna? I don’t know what you are talking about girl!” She started to slowly work away from her two other friends as she led Aaliyah towards one of the quieter rooms. “I am mother fuckin’ Cleopatra! The baddest bitch on the Nile!” As they moved well out of earshot of the alcohol table and into a side room that could be considered more of a pantry or a closet, she dropped the act. “Aaliyah, what the fuck? What are you doing here?”

The room started spinning and her head could not catch up. All she heard was shouts and saw waves of colors. Cleopatra had ripped her away into a darker more personal enclosure. “Oh thank god I was starting to get sick in there,” Aaliyah said, chuckling while tripping all over herself. Her hands crashed into the walls keeping her stable. “What..what were you saying? OH that’s right! Shawna! What am I doing here? What are you doing here? What are you wearing?”

Shawna paused and closed the door behind them, flipping the light on just to try and good a good look at Aaliyah. The girl’s eyes were already hazy, like she had pounded a six-pack of Ice or something before entering the party. It was clear to see even under all the zombie makeup on her face...and the crown on her head. Great minds still think alike. “What am I doing here? I’m living my damn life! I’m out there with my girls, having a fucking time! Least I was until you nearly dumped whiskey on this … very expensive Cleopatra costume rental.” She took off the wig for emphasis, revealing the tossed brunette mess underneath the sheek black before setting it back into place. “But anyway, what are you doing here? You were never about this kind of life! I think I would have noticed if you were!”

Recoiling from the lights turning on, Aaliyah hissed in dismay looking for the light switch. “Ahh turn off the light! Too bright too bright!” She shouted until her hands found the switch. Aaliyah straightened herself out as Shawna began to speak to her. Who was this person? She was being so loud and vivacious, two things Shawna, and Aaliyah for that matter, weren’t. “You and your girls? Since when do you have girls? We weren’t even girls. At least I never thought you wanted to be,” she said. “Well sorry, I didn’t expect you to stand there like a tree. I’ve made some girlfriends too! I’m tired of playing chess and figuring out what the anti-derivative of 2lnx is.”

The recitation of calculus formulas snapped Shawna back into some kind of more sedate stage. As much as she didn’t want any reminder of her past having any part of her life now, it was clear that maybe Aaliyah had reached that same state that she did. It looked like she was trying anyway. She sighed. “I didn’t want girls before,” she admitted. “And I didn’t think you did either. You seemed perfectly happy living that overachieving life.” She leaned against the wall, trying to take what comfort she had in the third of a solo cup of whiskey she had left. “But, things change. They change hard, and I do have girls now. Pretty sure of it. We’ve gotten tight. And wait, who the hell are your girls? Where are they?”

Aaliyah couldn’t lie to herself. Shawna’s words burned harder than any of the liquor she had this night. Maybe it was the alcohol speaking or maybe she really had changed. It was almost enough for her to leave the room but her curiosity outweighed her pride. “I always wanted friends, real friends. We’re wasting time just missing out on experiences because of school,” the emotion welling up in her throat “They don’t need to completely change. Don’t forget that. They’re the cowgirl Chanel and Queen Elizabeth, Julie.”

An eyebrow was raised. Apparently Aaliyah overachieved even when shooting for girls to hang out with. Chanel and Julie were pretty high on the social totem pole. Hell, Julie was just named Homecoming Queen before that mind-numbing trio of talks that were far from being applied here. Those were some pretty lofty circles that she was trying to fly in. “Well shit girl,” Shawna remarked. “Definitely reaching up in the world. Amazed you freaking remembered me at all.”

She drank the remaining couple sips of her whiskey while thinking to herself. Fuck, I really hope those bitches aren’t just setting Aaliyah up for some kind of fall. Pulling some kind of My Fair Lady act. Or She’s All That. Yeah that’s better. Still. Better not be evil or something. She tossed the cup to the back of the tiny room. “Look, I’m not gonna lie, I came to that same conclusion you did, and fuck if I didn’t hate myself for it. How much time we wasted going nose deep into something that wasn’t even making me happy. Us happy, if I’m reading you. And you know what? I think you’re right.” Shawna rested a hand on Aaliyah’s shoulder. “They don’t have to completely change. Especially if you’re not here to give me some sort of throwing your life away speech and instead want to join me in this world of drunken debauchery. You know what, Aaliyah? I think we can add to each other’s girl rosters.” She took her hand off her now current compatriot’s shoulder. “Just keep your hands off Kellie, OK? We have a thing going, and I’d like to think things are gonna keep moving forward there if this night is any indication.”

The more she spoke the more she realized they really had been nothing more than teammates in the past. They were the same, but too different in everything else. The conversation was nauseating enough to make her forget about how drunk she was. Sobering up from Shawna’s words she didn’t like the direction the conversation was going. “I was happy, I just wasn’t fulfilled. That’s the difference.” Her hand almost felt foreign and unwelcomed. “I’m not here to give you any kind of speech. I want to be your friend Shawna. I really do. I wanted to back then, but I never had the nerve. You don’t have to worry about me and Kellie, I don’t keep Queens in check, I only take out Kings.”

“Hey, I can get down with that,” Shawna told Aaliyah. “One king in particular I may need to take out if he’s here, but yeah, queens got queens. All right.” She made a move to the door, but hesitated. “You gonna be OK if I open this door, Aaliyah? I mean, I’m pretty hard to miss in this getup and you almost took me out like the Medici taking out Machiavelli.”

“Don’t worry about him, whoever he is, he won’t be able to deal with the trinity,” ensuring the girls safety, there was strength in numbers. Aaliyah could feel the come down, but not enough to walk a straight line or tap her nose with each arm. “Yeah yeah I’m fine, next time I’ll hammer my 95 theses to your back so every makes sure to watch out for you. Let’s make a toast,” she suggested as the two walked out of the room.

Shawna felt a giggle escape her lips. It felt good to laugh again after all that, especially in the presence of someone she had basically written out of her life for making that kind of joke. “All right, sounds good,” she confirmed as she led the way back to the alcohol table. “Maybe I can introduce you to Kellie and Sunshine and…” Her voice trailed off as she didn’t see any sign of Snow White or Dorothy by the spot she had left them. “Shit. Where’d they go? Ah well, we’ll catch up later. Toast time!”

“Yeah I would like that” Aaliyah said toasting the Egyptian’s glass.

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Time || Morning's Glory
Location || Emergency Room
Interaction || Not so Warm Bodies

Desmond’s days were all starting to blur together, who knew that trying to live a life of being human would be so boring. There were only so many days he could paint the same thing over and over with no inspo. I mean how did Bob Ross do it for so long? This was no little happy accident it was just the opposite really. Everyday started the same in his little studio apartment lost somewhere within the depths of poverty around the slums of the Bronx. It was actually the only borough that was almost as bad as Staten Island, almost. While he was better suited to the hipster lifestyle that was apparent in Brooklyn, the Bronx allowed him to disappear with no one desperate enough to look for him. It did help that if he were to ever turn back into a rampaging killing machine that crimes were all around him and no one would notice if a few homeless men and gang bangers disappeared off abandoned alley ways.

Every morning started the same, he rose from his old school coffin just as he did the several centuries ago when he first got turned. Oh, how he did miss the American revolution and what was originally the United States of America and not this generation of soft thin skin and corporations having inalienable rights just as people do. What a crock of shit. Anyways, a short shower and cup of coffee was all he needed to get him out the door and to the Emergency room. The dead hours of night had always been his favorite especially his little habit of window shopping on which blood bags he would be willing to drain. I guess it was kind of endearing that Desmond read over all the charts of the patients whose blood he was drinking, you know just to get to know them better. The milk was as cold and lifeless as he had been all these years, really just a shell of a man he once was.

This day had started and was on track to end like any other, a few trauma patients here a few nurses and doctors getting it on in the on-call room there, anything that made a bump in the night happened here. With the world spinning on and time tugging on Desmond’s vacant soul, the feeling of the sun rising was kissing at the nape of his neck. That was until he got a ring from his pager and a woman’s voice came on overhead, ”External Triage, Rapid Response Team, Code Blue, Code Red.” The slew of codes read in a monotone voice had really sparked his interest. This kind of disaster was saved for massacres or accidents on the massive scale…or your favorite supernatural vampires. He had seen his share of vampire attacks, but they were discrete, minimal, and most often if not always just a bite. Knowing he was risking being exposed to the first rays of sunlight and the fresh wet kiss of dew, Desmond’s curiosity outweighed his mortality, man being a turned vampire sucked.

It all happened at once, a small concentrated case of hysteria and disbelief. There were pieces or rather chunks of meat and skin spread out across multiple stretchers that were…charred? Whoever they were, they died almost instantly but didn’t turn to ash like a feral or turned would. Whatever did this to them was definitely not of the vampire variety. ”Hunters?…it can’t be. Nothing as brutal as this, unles—” a thought kept in his mind while he assessed the bloody mess in front of him. The bodies were turning gray in complexion with the veins growing in size as if the blood inside their bodies were working overtime, it wasn’t human. With the sun hanging high in the sky, Desmond’s own skin began to feel the burn, he had to move. “HEY YO OVER HERE, THAT’S RIGHT EVERYONE ALL EYES ON ME” he shouted as he commanded the attention of the room.

“Thanks for coming to my TedTalk but all of you can all go back to working this shitty overnight shift and act like none of this happened, just another code blue in the books. Good job people.” His eyes clouded with black ink almost instantly in order to compel the sacks of flesh into forgetting. With their memories being reprogrammed Desmond rushed the stretchers down long hallway after long hallway until he got to his little palace in the basement devoid of any human contact. Closing the door latch behind him he shuffled through his pockets as he flipped through his contacts looking for Trixie. Hoping onto the bed and stretching his arms to the ceiling a bar of service raised on his screen sending the message.

“Hey Trix, long time no see. Anyways how was that island meeting? I wonder if that Dimitri guy cut his kids off yet, haha who am I kidding like that would happen. Sorry for not being there, but I think I have something you’ll want to see. Same place as always, I’ll be waiting."
-D. Grey


b e t t e r o n e c r y o f a c r a n e t h a n a t h o u s a n d c h i r p s f r o m
s p a r r o w s

Hane Aki, The Red Crowned Crane.
autumn () | () feather



Only a few years out of maturity, Aki’s physique has not yet reached its full development/peak. His body is tight having a rather low body fat percentage and inlaid with prominent ridges where muscles bend and crevices sink. Vascularity can be clearly seen around the back of his hands as they branch off into his arms, chest, and legs. He has a particularly silent walk and overall mannerism about him, appearing as if he were just gliding along rather than walking. The traditional high bun most samurai wear their hair in has been cut, leaving his hair dangle unevenly across his skull, hidden by an amigasa. He has no distinction in voice or smell that sets him apart his contemporaries, but instead tends to store and eat berries as most cranes do. His hakama has been modified so the area above the knee and below has been cut and exposed to allow for more maneuverability. Aki wears a short happi jacket in plain white with the tsurumon imprinted in the back and black tabi on his feet.

Just as the process of folding a katana is repeated several times, so is the process of Aki’s maturation. Coming from a distinguished family of samurai, the eight virtues of Bushido were deeply engrained into his personality as a boy. Honor, loyalty, and rectitude above all no matter what the cost was or whatever internal turmoil had manifested. That’s not to say Aki was solely composed of these ways, rather the implementation of the baby crane allowed for other traits to grow in the young boy’s heart. He has a kindness to himself and his eyes. A strong bond of compassion and empathy has been forged and tethered to nature and the spirits surrounding. While he was not devoutly religious his pedigree aligned with the teachings of Shinto. Aki values cleanliness and order to the point of ensuring every meal is properly placed and cleaned afterwards. Some might see him as rigid or static, but it’s important for him to lead by example and truly cherish every aspect of life material or not. While he is nearly mute in acoustics when he does speak it is with a tinge of warmness that is both soothing and calming. Lastly, Aki goes to great efforts to ensure his movements are precise and articulated from his mind directly through his body even if he falters and relies on instinct.


天の鶴踊る | T H E H E A V E N L Y F L O W I N G C R A N E D A N C E

Aki practices The Heavenly Flowing Crane Dance, a sword style passed down to each male of the following generation. The school primarily focuses on speed and uses Batoujutsu for its timing and targeting. The fundamentals of this school are surrounded by the family’s crest, the red crowned crane. Once the male in question has reached the age of 7 they are presented with a baby crane. The crane is used to create a symbiotic relationship and develop responsibility by keeping the crane alive and healthy. Not only does it instill character and responsibility, but also passively teaches the successor the foundations for specific sword techniques as they study the crane’s behavior. There are three milestones during this time: Adolescence, Puberty, and Succession. With each milestone the growth between crane and child directly translates to the growth in sword style. The connection becomes so empathic that if a crane is improperly raised the student will also reflect such deviation. If a crane becomes temperamental so will the owner and vice versa. If the crane were to die, the journey to succession would also extinguish. Conversely, if a crane were to die after maturation or in battle the owner keeps a totem with a feather in service of the bond.


After watching and mimicking the behavior of roosting for warmth done by cranes, Aki has translated the behavior into a Flowing Crane Dance technique. Instead of warmth, roosting has built up the muscles in his legs from practicing standing on one leg for hours. The cumulation of this practice for years has allowed for his grip strength in his feet to increase torque, strengthened his center of balance, and increase his movement speed.


By stimulating the muscle fibers in his legs and allowing more oxygen to enter his blood, Aki can move at significant speeds that some rumors say leave three after images; a tribute to his mon.


While Aki does move exceptionally fast, what the eye can’t detect in front of them can detect what’s beneath them. The strength and power in which Aki utilizes leaves behind foot prints in the ground from his feet crashing against the ground.


Still a pupil to his house, Aki has not mastered many feats or techniques associated with the Heavenly Flowing Crane dance, thus only leaving him to rely on his incredible speed and swordplay to date.

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