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Sometimes Astrid wondered how people could be naturally pretty. While they had not had much in the way of a friendship or fleeting acquaintanceship, she knew her enough to notice her in passing. It also helped that the town so small insuring that Astrid almost had to notice Ruby Han’s fathers’ picture in the local supermarket showcasing that he was the manager of their humble grocery operation. “Yeah, at least the last time I checked. Although nowadays I wouldn’t mind being anyone else that doesn’t live here. It’s like this town is preventing me from leaving and not just because of the quarantine.” Astrid didn’t really know why she was venting her frustrations to a girl she barely knew, but she always felt comfortable around people she didn’t know and that weren’t from Everbrook circle.

The unintentional or intentional yoda reference made her giggle in what was otherwise dreary day in a string of dreary days. “I didn’t know you studied that much or that someone could study that much. If you need any help lugging those around, I can help you. By the way, do you know why the parking lot is so crowded? I expected it to be busy but not this much.” Her confusion was only further mounted as they made their way inside and she caught the sight of not one, but several of her peers from Everbrook high in attendance. ”What is going on here?” she pondered in her head, her tongue jabbing the insides of her cheek. It kind of felt like the breakfast club with all of them meeting up so conveniently like this especially with the several stereotypes surround them. There was William the bible thumper, Walter the class clown, Abbie the mean girl, and even your resident jock.

Distracted by the crowd she hadn’t noticed Ruby had left her side, until the crippling cold waved over her like a blanket. It was suffocating to say the least. The cold instantly reminded her of the funeral home, the morgue more specifically. The same cold she felt when she held her moms’ hand for the last time at the wake. It was a feeling that she no longer wished to feel and so her body instinctively reacted by crossing her arms and rubbing her biceps. Without stating the obvious she tried to be more transparent in her questions than William, “Why is everyone here in the first place?”

Ishin Academy | Sapporo

Interacting with:@OwO

Haruhi tossed the bag onto her shoulders like it was a bag of feathers. Her tendency to lug and carry larger pieces of metal around dusty and gravel fields led her to put on more muscle than perceived by most under her school uniform. The room itself was pretty plain probably to save money and not allow for kids to get too comfortable while abroad. The uniformity was actually more reassuring than intended since her room was as vanilla as this one. Main difference being another bed and person with her in the same room, waking up staring at Yoru until she woke up would be the highlight of her stay with her.

She left no time to spare, quickly accommodating all her things while Haruhi watched plainly behind her. Why did she have so much stuff in her bag? Do other girls always carry so many things? And there was so much make up with tools that she had never seen before. Of course, she was more used to wrenches and screw drivers and not pens and curlers. Rubbing her own chin, she figured it was her turn to unpack. Mimicking Genkuro, she laid her uniform atop her dresser followed by taking a bag out of her garments rustling with the sound of bouncing metal. Promptly grabbing the bottom of the bag and flipping it over she dumped out the waterfall of metal pieces onto her bed. Anyone else might look on in horror even more so with her next action.

With the bag deflated she tossed it to the side before throwing herself onto the bed causing most of the screws and metal pieces to jump with her and onto the floor. “Uhhh I’m not sure what do girls even do for sleepovers? Have you ever had one? OOO! Maybe we can have a pillow fight” she rolled around in bed for a few more moments before eyeing her make up and connecting the dots. “I know! You could give me a makeover! Look at my nails!” throwing caution to the wind she extended her hand to Genkuro. To say they were far away from traditional hands was an understatement. They were rough, calloused, and her nails were practically none existent since she religiously clipped them as to not break any while working.

Physical strength wouldn’t be the only thing Genkuro would need to survive Isshin, but perhaps also mental and spiritual help.

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A pair of lips here, the twirl of hair there, all pieces of a puzzle still incomplete. The shards of memories scattered all in her mind as she slept and dreamed of better days from before her life was turned on a head. This dream, in particular, was especially vivid as if she were right there living in the moment with her mother again. The young Astrid cracked her bedroom door open only to revel one eye spying on her father and mother’s conversation. She couldn’t hear what they said or make out any of the words from their mouths, it was all just a bit too muffled. When she tried to reach out and call for her mother the space in between just began to stretch and stretch. The harder she tried to close the distance the further away they got. Before she was thrown awake, the silence finally broke, her mother mouthing the words

"She’ll outgrow it, dear. It’s just the age . . .It’s the age when nothing fits."

Gasping as she woke, she looked around her room in a daze, it was still and pristine having not been disturb unlike Astrid. She noticed the alarm first, 7:59 am always the same exact time she’s been waking up recently. Her sheets were soaked in sweat, this would be the fourth time this week she would have to wash them. And then she noticed the TV, she left it on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) to help her fall asleep, but the most unsettling part was Rebel Without a Cause was playing. The movie itself isn’t what triggered her, but the line Judy’s mother utters in the film, “She’ll outgrow it, dear. It’s just the age . . .It’s the age when nothing fits." Was she really dreaming, or had she just been fabricating memories?

Whatever it was, it wasn’t normal. The dreams or at this point what she would call nightmares didn’t start occurring until only recently. Her fathers long list of therapists didn’t help but only to further their own narcissism and scribble out doses of medication she didn’t need. Her mind was healthy, but she just had no proof. Flicking off the TV she decided she needed to get out and if she couldn’t get out of Everbrook at least she could get out of her house. These days it was mostly her alone watching over their estate. The quarantine kept her out of school while it kept her father at the funeral home using his crematory on overdrive. That probably wasn’t politically correct of her to think, but her thoughts were her own and none to share.

Checking the mailbox before she left, she sifted through the mail, bills, bills more bills and then boom another return to sender letter meant for Boston University. While her frustration and disappoint was immeasurable it wasn’t anything new. The string of letters not reaching the universities of her choice was getting stale and wearing thin on her already razor thin sanity. Kicking her stand back and revving the throttle of her bike she took off in a tire screeching dash to their family business. A few knocks were meant with no warm welcome, well it was kind of hard to be warm in a business surrounded by cold. She let herself in with her key only to find the first floor completely devoid of any signs of life. Her dad was downstairs working within the morgue.

Still unable to face the morgue on her own she waited just outside of the door leading in.

“You okay Ast?” her fathers voice echoed out.

“…Yeah I’m fine dad.”

“More bad dreams?” there was no hiding her inflections from her dad whether he could see her or not.

“No, just another letter that didn’t get through.”

“I’m sorry hun, but I can’t get through to them either no matter how many times I call. Why don’t you try going to the library and see if they can do anything for you.”

While she welcomed the suggestion, it felt like it was futile no matter what she tried. Despite her better judgement she decided to go anyways since she hadn’t had much else in the way of plans. She touched the cold steel door once more trying to get her words out before shoving them back down and turning to leave.

“Oh and Astrid, be safe okay?”

Her lower lip was sucked into her mouth while her feet stopped short of the stairs. “Thanks, I will. See you at home.”

It wasn’t shortly after her departure from the Funeral Home that she arrived at the library. The lack of traffic and open road gave her a reprieve from her early morning start. The roads were empty, but the library was just the opposite. Bike racks and parking spots were filling up quicker than she expected, had the quarantine lift cause everyone to return their books in a hurry? Making her way to the entrance she noticed a familiar girl with looked like a deformed backpack from edges of countless textbooks pressing against the material. “Ruby isn’t it?”

Astrid Evans


Place of Residence
101 Everbrook Circle

Personality Traits
Captain Planet: Much like the anti-pollution 90’s superhero, Astrid is a child both of and for the planet. It might come off as obnoxious or just a phase to most adults, but she tries to leave the smallest carbon footprint that she can. Her behavior lends itself well to varying ecofriendly and animal right agencies and clubs around her.

Chameleon: Astrid is great at blending in with any kind of crowd, she changes her ‘skin’ aka her personality based on what people she interacts with or trying to impress. Her talent for fraud and theatre only help to bolster her eccentric behavior.

For the People: Despite being from a family line surrounded by wealth, the finer things in life never appealed to Astrid if at all. Rather than being caught at a country club or the white-collar version of a séance, Astrid most of the time found herself hanging around Courtland street with those who had nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Lock Box: If there was one flaw that stuck out the most, it was definitely how locked away she kept her actual emotions. With enough rehearsal and the perfect poker face her inner self was practically impregnable from outside hands.

Family History/Backstory
Ever since being born and raised in Everbrook she’s wanted to live elsewhere, now it wasn’t for the lack of trying that she couldn’t get out but moreso a series of unfortunate events. Having been one of the more established names in the quaint town in Maine, there was practically a massive tether attached to mind, body, and soul to young Astrid so she could keep the name and wealth going. All of this was a bit excessive for the developing mind of a young girl, so it was shelved for later down the road. Her parents, like most parents in the area were happily married and dedicated to their heir. Unlike most upper class crust her parents didn’t come with the less scrupulous traits of the haughty rich. Both of them worked for their wealth even having had the family’s wealth as a safety net (it was more akin to a safety castle, but you get the idea) In what did they work you ask? Well they were both morticians and damn good ones at that. The Evans on their own dime had set up their own funeral home in town and slowly gained traction over the years until they made it to the top.

Of course, no parent would want that intermingling with the lives of their children so like everything else it was locked away until she could face it. Little did she know, Astrid would have to face it much sooner rather than later. It wasn’t until middle school than she had found out her mother had developed breast cancer. And despite a three-year long war with the cancer in the end it won out the battle of attrition. The experience of that left a lasting impression on the impressionable Astrid, especially when facing her mom during the wake when the parlor that housed her was the same office, she spent countless hours with her mother and father while they attended their business. Astrid bided her time in Everbrook until it was finally senior year where she thought college would finally be an escape, but tour after tour and letter after letter either got cancelled or returned to sender. The grip of the other side felt like it was tightening its grip around her neck, why couldn’t she just leave?

Other Info

  • The Evans Estate and Wealth originate from a long line of fisherman turned to fish enterprise with the collection, selling, and competing of anything fish related.
  • Astrid works part-time at her parents Funeral Home when she’s not in school. While she doesn’t tend to the bodies she does tend to nicer things like floral arrangements and receiving calls.
  • Astrid drives a Honda XR600 that passed down to her from her father when he first owned it. She prefers two wheels and the vintage look over anything driven around her.
Honestly I never had a study hall in my school. If you weren't taking core classes or electives you just had a free period and most of the time kids left, played handball in the courtyard, or smoked cigs or weed by "smokers gate" (subtle I know).
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