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Hi, I’m Salsa Verde, arguably the best salsa and formally known as the writer, Syn. I’m a Wildlife Biologist traveling the country looking to work with the coolest: herps, mammals, birds, and invertebrates I can get my hands on. I also like plants, trees, and fungi specifically. I’ve been writing for about 13 years now and recently decided to get back into it. I enjoy anything from casual to high roleplay, 1x1, and arena. My main genres tend to be anime, SOL, and superhero but I’m really down to participate in anything. And yeah I like all that weeb shit.


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It was that time already? Moving through dirty tiled floor and half dead florescent lights buzzing with exhaustion by trying to cast full brightness, led into the darkened patio room of the barracks where a lonely Anastasia could be found. Her jumpsuit had been unzipped from the nape and hung snugly at her waist. A wifebeater, stained yellow at the edges of her armpits and collar, was slowly becoming darker with each bead of sweat soaked inside the arrogant cotton. The humid rain did something to alleviate Anastasia’s ability to overthink or worse, reminisce. Luckily, there was an immediate call to action for Nemesis team to mobilize into an Osprey ASAP. The lightning illuminated the window, only catching the half of her body that was burnt cadaver.

Anastasia walked in a daze really, finding her way somehow in the foldable seat on the aerodynamic aircraft she had stepped on so many times she had lost count. The others were quick to fall asleep or left to their own devices, but she never really slept more than three or four hours, let alone on mission time. She fingered her pockets fishing for her cigarettes, first meeting the band of her tactical eyepatch then finding the plastic wrapped paper instead. If aliens were real, it would be better for them to see her wear her weakness, not run from it with alloy and leather. She tapped the top of the carton, packing the cigarettes to her liking. Fire flickered to life at the flick of her zippo, clearly worn down to bits from seeing as much action as she had, adding to the flashing lights that broke the darkness that enveloped the cargo bay.

Deep pulls dragged the life from the cigarette, expelling cumulus clouds of smoke. There was a peaceful ambience to the quiet before the deployment. She looked around, eyeing the rest of the operatives aboard. Some were so young they should have been wet behind the ears still, while others looked more like her age simply from spying their mileage, stress had a funny way of aging us faster than intended. And so, hours passed as she idly glared at the shine of her boots and rotated one cigarette out for another, ashing the stick on the gap between her and some mousey faced man, with a jaw weaker than the weapons they provided for loadout. If she had her way, she’d smuggle in an AK-74U no problem.

Her quite peace was broken by a noisy gnat that clawed at her ear. “блядь!”, She quickly fished the earpiece from her canal and turned it off, smashing it between her fingers and palms. The little ill-fated jewelry piece found it’s way into one of her tactical pockets of her vest where it would stay until she had to link with her squadron. By now everyone was awake and looking blankly into space, no doubt listening to the orders of whatever commander was in charge. Remembering she was given the earpiece and an optical gadget; Anastasia retrieved it from her accoutrement. Unintentionally, she managed to affix it to her face in unison with the others. Technology never ceased to amaze her; it was a wonder wars were still being fought.

No doubt they would reach the LZ within a few minutes if the higher up rang in. Finally, this old gal would be able to stretch her old bones once again. Amidst her stretch the mousey one finally broke the silence. “девочка, I remember you from somewhere, no?” reaching across her personal space to shake hands with the squeaky one was brazen and unsettled her, an urge rose in her to grab the hand before it could make contact, but she was not as dexterous as she once was. She turned to the boy, “ha! You look like you would break easily if you were not so far away little мышь scoffing with her thick Belarusian accent.

Event: Primitive X

Dropping off at the farmstead was a stop she hadn’t foreseen but had no ability to pass up. Both rider and dragon had been sorely exhausted at this point and by no means had it in them to storm Wesca’s abode. It wasn’t long before Zarina, albeit apprehensive, was able to fall asleep in the company of the psychotic girl. The attendance of a massive golem and her always near dragon also served as a deterrent and steadfast security. Yansee waited around a bit, staring at the moonlight wondering if she’d be able to sleep in the bales of hay. Pauppaup would eventually find his way back to his finger, it beginning to shuffle in her pocket. Unaware of its placement she could feel a constant motion in her pocket before thumbing through it and finding a rather discolored finger.

His silhouette appeared in the confines of the door frame, hanging high in the backdrop. Yansee, elated to say the least, rushed over with finger riding her shoulder to hug the walking corpse. Like an inch worm the finger work its way down Pauppaups arm and back onto his hand. A few crunches and it was back in place. ”Pauppaup!” realizing waking up a dragon was a bad omen, her teeth gritted and her shoulders loosened. ”Pauppaup” she said in a hushed tone. ”We best be going now love, it won’t be long before Wesca sicks a third party on us”. Yansee nodded and the two took off in the twilight hours of night leaving the dragon and warrior behind, they would meet again.

Yansee arrived back in An Zenui waiting at the gates where the guards had inhibited her approach to Wesca’s estate once more.

The sun was just below the horizon, still a glow waiting to break over it, but there were already people moving about on the vast and incongruously lush estate of Talo-Tecazan-Mostix-Cazui and Zast-Wesca-fa-Bantarsca. The guards were out and they were unusually insistent on barring Yansee, who was - after all - known to them, or should've been. She had an ace int he hole in the form of Pauppaup, however. While he had taken a different and stealthier route, his finger was in her pocket, tapping along in the secret code they had developed. Yansee may have been in the process of being informed that she would have to wait for another hour and half, but he was, this very moment, telling her that there was something down the side lane, in an area blocked from sight by the mansion's lush gardens, that she had to see. The question was: could she do so without arousing further suspicion, and... was it worth it?

“Coom off et then” she patronized the guards vehemently against her entering, they paid her no heed or replied in any kind of body inflection. They were worse than zombies and that was saying a lot for the queen of the rotten flesh herself. “Ryt then, fook yuuuu” she said with emphasis as well as putting both her middle fingers, webbing and all, up at both guards. Just as she was about to powerhouse her way through, she felt the finger of Pauppaup sending her a message. As to not rouse suspicion she decided to relent and walk past the estate. Luckily, they were blind to her, allowing her to slip through the side lane of both estates. Passing the lush gardens which drank up all the valuable water the people could use, Yansee spotted a queer image. There was an unmarked carriage foreign to her or Talo and Wesca’s possession. She cocked her head seeing a person residing inside. She stealthily approached, pulling Pauppaups ear, ”Oo yu think tha es?” Yansee’s eyes plastered to the cart.

A very fancy but totally unmarked carriage that you know doesn't belong to Talo or Wesca. They appear to have a visitor. The figure inside the carriage looks like a sirrahi. Yansee stretched her senses out further, sensing more cazenax in the house. Most are clearly servants, but one seems to be flanked to either side by a pair of large sirrahi.

The curiosity got the better of her even if it killed the cat and she brought it back, it was still a cat. Not a Schrödinger in sight. A heavy hand stretched out from the shadow, bigger in presence than size as it seized her shoulder, ”Now hold on, are you sure that’s what you want to do?” Pauppaup asked with slight apprehension. ”Ya, leets go” the Eeaiko made her way to the carriage still using the shadows of the side street to obscure her. She creeped and crawled to the carriage door without alerting the Sirrahi to her presence, not that they were invested in anything other than the cazenax help.

Alarmed at the unwelcomed guest the Sirrahi shifted to the defensive. Yansee jumped at the Sirrahi with uncontrollable rage, her first caustic chemical attack nearly grazes the tenant. Of little mind and reason just as Yansee, they chose to attack rather than call for reinforcements, a mistake she wouldn’t take lightly. A massive rebuke aimed to send her back to the water, but Pauppaup jumped in the carriage and saved Yansee from being fried fish. Rolling back to her feet she readied a dark blast that zapped the life out of the Sirrahi passenger. The sirrahi coachman, who was simply doing his job sitting there with the carriage, is murdered in cold blood. Craabs, eye don et eggen. Deedn meen to keel em” Pauppaup shook his head like a disappointed dad and began pilfering through the carriage, while his daughter resuscitated the corpse into a mindless entity.

Pauppaup found a number of things in the carriage: A shawl with a floral pattern of nezan blooms in gold and purple - royal colours. A small, locked chest. A pendant in the shape of a stylized eye that exudes powerful dark energies. And a second unlocked chest full of gardening supplies. Yansee came over with her new blithering zombie to find the exploits of their ambush. ”Well be taken em all” already forcing the new slave to lug the materials around. The chest is what she eyed the most, carefully enough she was able to pick the lock revealing several strange oddities. Three small, strange coins that seem to exude dark energy. A few damaged scraps of paper with strange writing on them. A vial of blood. A control rod for a demon. A small pouch of gold coins. She wasn’t sure what any of them led to, but the dark energies called out to her. ”Powerful trinkets, especially in this carriage. Better keep them for now and find out the use for them later. Shall we be leaving Yans-“ he could not finish his sentence, seeing as Yansee had already begun skulking towards the other two cazernax. With that, Pauppaup let out a sigh and followed after her.

Yansee elected to take to the roof to get a much stealthier approach, at least in her mind. There was three chimneys in front of her, one tiny one she could herself barely squeeze through, one directly adjacent to that that could fit comfortably and one in the farthest reaches that had enough room for two. She dismembered her new zombie and threw a hand down the first chimney, which had caused quite the stir downstairs. To which she was deaf to seeing as she had already plummeted down the chimney adjacent to the first. Pauppaup stayed above, seeing the lack of decorum. Yansee had chosen the unfortunate placement of the chimney directly in front of those she was trying to avoid. Caught red-handed, Yansee lands clumsily and is rather badly scalded by the fire. While it's not horrific or anything, some medical attention would be a good idea. Wesca's eyes widen. "Yansee Kensen!?" she exclaims, her bodyguard immediately taking up a position between her and the interloper. "Explain yourself immediately!"

Yansee was blowing on a burn from plopping down the chimney, the sensation of pain for a semiaquatic being was doubled. "Gaards woodent let me en"

"You stupid girl!" Wesca roared. "Did you not think there might have been a reason for that!?"

The other older woman with her shimmered and shifted and then she was striding forward. "Let us not jump to any conclusions here," she followed up dryly, "perhaps it is part of her culture."

Yansee had been caught red handed, both literally from the burns to figuratively. It was by the elderly ladies’ grace that Wesca had not sent her cazenax posse to dispose of her. Not that she would go down without a fight. Luckily, the older woman had provided her sanctity with the perception that perhaps this was how her people entered houses. Yansee sheepishly laughed, “Yu see, aur howses aur under watur, so wee gots too swem into em from the top” knowing the refined culture of the Eeaiko and what they truly did in the water was unknown to most, specifically those who were locked up in a desert capital. Her hands began to sweat a little bit, feeling the warmth budding on the outer ears from anxious anticipation if they would buy her bold-faced lie. The sweat only served to anger the pain from the fresh burn causing her to grit her teeth a bit.

The elderly lady ended up acquiescing her lie, whether she knew so or not. This caused Wesca to settle in with her attitude a bit more. Not out of virtue of Yansee’s made-up cultural norms, but out of respect and cajoling of the older woman. Yansee was bid an audience in the room with the two, having disarmed her guard a bit more under the careful watch of the elderly woman who revealed herself to be the dowager. A name and rank that was way out of the realm of understanding in the terms of her correlation to An Zenui and Wesca. Yansee understood and spoke better with the dead than the living. She was on her own mission which left her tunnel visioned most of the time. The thrill of chaos was more enticing than the politics that ran the world and the shadows behind them. Before matters could delve any deeper, Wesca immediately asked about the mission she had assigned Yansee just before.

Rifling through her persons’ she found the amulet that signified the family Cuitmits had come from and his untimely death or, so she was meant to believe. The amulet was sufficient evidence to corroborate her tale. What luck she was lacking in subterfuge entering the mansion, she was gaining back in conversation. The two prattled on, leaving Yansee to follow every other word and sit silently as if she were a child waiting for her mother to leave a friend or aunt’s house. The subject matter finally turned back to Yansee with another mission in tail. Yansee felt sick, due to acknowledging the fact she had already bonded herself to Zarina. If she didn’t want to become charred fish, courtesy of her dragon, then she had to play double agent for Wesca and the now dowager. Without much option, Yansee entertained Wesca’s bidding once more and quickly exited the mansion to make off with her spoils of war.

There was bound to be something of use or value in her plunder.

Present: @Force and Fury

Event: Primitive Nine

Present @YummyYummy@Force and Fury

Day 1 Time: Night Weather: Light Rain, Cloudy Location: The Infirmary Participants: Matron Fooma Sajid @Aeolian, Daemons (Iolana, Kannon, Sara) @Aeolian

Everything had been happening so fast, Primose had forgotten how to breathe. White and black splotches began to coalesce in her vision, a reaction to the very real possibility of fainting. She would be no use to anyone, especially Fooma Sajid, whose words were being to sounds muffled by the warring of drums generated from her rapid pulse rate. It wasn’t until the little one tugged at her pant leg that the cottage witch gasped in a buffet of air. Firing oxygen back into her brain, ears, and eyes. The command to apply pressure was a voice not of her own, her body had just been acting on adrenaline and relied on instinct over her brain. Her body and brain eventually paired once more, and she was in full control of her facilities and proceeded to shadow and mirror Sajid in his effort to treat the wounded. Slivers of memories the two shared in the infirmary shot through her mind in this moment. Besides the library, the infirmary was where she had spent most of her time. Herbalism and botany came naturally to her, of course seeing as she grew up with native flora and had perverse knowledge of those that grew in her realm, not yet familiar with those of this island.

He paid no attention to her at first, simply because she was of no use and just sat to eat her figs between classes. His infirmary was no study hall, which quickly became evident to her. Instead of leaving, however, an extension to help rather than exist had been given to her. From then, she grew on him like a vine wrapping itself around the heavy and robust base of a tree all the way to the top where the leaves sat. Despite her student status she helped quite often in his efforts and boasted a knowledge that commanded respect even from Sajid. Though he encouraged her to be a nurse or physician she would simply have to stuff the role into her umbrella of titles she would one day hold. Yet, that encouragement he gave her then, found its use in the situation they had now. Whipping back to the present moment, all she could smell was the heavy scent of iron and salt from the sweat dripping down from everyone present. An infected larva bite was nasty work, but treatable, “At your service Matron” she looked in her satchel and fiddled through tubes and compressed bags, “I have a few, healing salves, coagulants, elixirs to reduce fever and pain, raw herbs and mushrooms.”

The little one looked up when she muttered mushrooms, reaching up and breaking a fruiting body off one of the stalks bulging out of its head. She smiled in what was a tense time and accepted his offer. “I guess that’s why you leave me in charge of inventory master” there was bite to her bark that was reserved for faculty she had a relationship with and those of the wild.

The girl was just about to speak when Sajid’s voice cut through her attempt and delivered the news rather directly. It was most often the best method while keeping the air of hospitable bedside manner for those involved. Primrose tended to be a bit colder and more sardonic when delivering prognoses that often-sent patients into tears. Swallowing her voice in embarrassment, her hands found the straps of her work apron and gripped the fabric until she was clear headed once more. Sajid’s words served as a guide to her idle hands. “Huh?-Yes! Of course,” she ran over to the mostly nude girl and retrieved a bottle with a spout at the end. Squeezing the sides of the container shot out water to clean the area of blood and infection, just enough they could begin working.

Event: Primitive Nine

Moving to one of the many port cities that inhabited the coast of Xochiyeteteo didn’t do much in the way for her research as she had originally anticipated. Who would have known there wasn’t much in the way of crime that led to the disposal of corpses in the waters to sink to the bottom of the sea. It would have been easy work with both parties profiting, but alas, the only thing Yansee came up was with rogue coins and the occasional hat or random article of clothing falling into the darkness, beckoning for a body to plunge. The port cities were rather dead when there were no ships in port, which led her to venture around tediously looking for work or anything that would point her in the direction of disposable income or bodies. Eventually, the complacency plaguing her research had vexed her to the point she needed to venture further into the country to find a capital city or one up to par in terms of magnanimity. While she didn’t enjoy the idea of being landlocked instead of by the familiar shores, she knew she what took precedence. Asking around had led her to the same lingering answer, An Zenui.

The decadence displayed upon mere moments of entering the city walls had blinded the young Eeaiko, the seas had no such structure. Water was free and constantly flowing, changing, but this city had been weathered and eroded for years, yet still stood strong, sandwiched between a canyon. The exchange of water for sand was something else that kept her throat and pores parched. Something she would have to remedy the more familiar she became with her living situation. The exaggerated reactions, though warranted, she gave to seeing sirrahi and cazenax were returned to her, she was as foreign to them as they were to her. She was a real fish out of water, despite hating the common misconception of her people’s genealogy. Her broken language served her well enough to start off with tiny odd jobs that put her in shelter and kept her fed. Persistent and tenacious as always, Yansee found herself working in the primitive version of hospice within the city walls. The easiest way to cultivate corpses without having to wait too long. Though, in a city such as An Zenui, her actions, despite discrete, would not go unnoticed.

Her formidable skill in body disposal had earned her a proposition from an organization higher than she could have imagined. She would become of service to someone she only knew as Wesca. From then on, she had saw personally to disposals without question or hesitance. There was monetary compensation, but Yansee only cared for the dead. She pilfered, zombified, and piloted many a body with minor demon in hopes of a perfect homunculus.

Current day

Rays of light that once bled through the curtains in her room, had sunk back and replaced with the dim luminance of the stars above. Yansee clenched the worn leather of a journal she had pressed to her chest, she ruminated in her head if she had overlooked anything with her 891st failed experiment. To no avail in articulating any fault she stuffed the pencil from her mouth into the spine of her journal before closing it and turning out the candles that lined the walls around the head of her bed. Just as she got comfortable a knock could be heard at her door. An utterance of agitation left he lungs, smothering her face with a pillow in hopes it would kill her. Against her better judgement the semi-aquatic being rose to meet her guest. A sirrahi greeted the young necromancer, noting she was to be summoned to Wesca’s residence.

Yansee acquiesced, ignoring the need to change into something more fitting. Her readiness to meet Wesca was unanticipated by the guards, holding her at the gates until she was ready. A few moments passed and as if telepathically told, did the gates open and was she allowed to pass. Yansee found herself in the couple’s garden, a place she had grown familiar with, only to see Wesca walking over while dusting her hands off. An oddity for someone of her status to have dust on her hands, but Yansee overlooked the thought. Making herself at home she saw the prospect of imbibing some quality beverage perched near the overlook. Just as the cool metal reached her lips, she caught vision of someone not as lucky at the bottom of the cliff. Wesca dusting off her hands, the sudden sheen of cleanliness on the overlook, and the fullness of the other cups led her to the conclusion Wesca had poisoned whoever made the ill decision to cross her.

Clearing her throat, she set the cup back down and found a seat across from Wesca. A job, what she had expected. Unlike the ones she had been given before. There would be a litany of corpses, only after she killed them, to her dismay, for her to experiment on to her heart’s desire. Honestly, she could have stopped there, and it would have been enough, but the prospect of more coins than she knew what to do with and anticipation of converting a dragon into one of her undead puppets had sent her heart a flutter as long as she played along with murdering those aforementioned. Agreeing to the contract, Yansee went to gather her things and set out before first light to Netsazai.

Arriving there first had given her vantage points and time to set up for her upcoming battle. It didn’t take long for the presence of a dragon to be felt arriving. As Wesca predicted the woman known as Zarina had Cuimits in tow. Yansee had closed the distance to a comfortable amount calling over to her bounty, “Oi, sou yoo aur tee wun eyem lookeen faur”. A small bubble of corpses, including her fathers, encircled her, her fathers leaning in to offer his excellence. “That dragon is going to turn us into kebobs you know?”

Present @YummyYummy

Day 1 Time: Dusk/Evening Weather: Light Rain Location: Conservatory -> Infirmary Participants: Staggered Daemons @Aeolian

Primrose held the invitation to the ball in her hands. The paper felt coarse and harsh in her hands as if it were aiming to escape her loosened grasp as fast as it could. Foreign, was the best word to describe the feeling it elicited out of her. She read the words, the prose, the date, and time in which everyone was expected to attend. With such a deep run into her time at the Academy, attendance at an event as grand as this one seemed profoundly useless. She had forged all the connections she was going to make, seeing that there was one year left before she could put the academy behind her and return to her cottage, tending to the matters of magic that her villagers required from her. The wind whipped the paper through her hands, creating the cacophonous noise of rippling paper. Tall grass whipped at her bare feet in a more soothing matter than one of pain and discomfort. Her toes curled and pressed hard soil under the wrinkling skin of her toes.

The russet of leaves that made her cloak ruffled with the wind in a similar manner to the strands of messy hair that hung from her mask. She looked up at the sky, a deep blue devoid of any stars yet which made the sun feel lonely to her. The same kind of loneliness that would have plagued her if she did not burn as bright on her own just as the sun did. A sigh escaped her lungs, the invitation slipping through her now spread fingers. Finally, freedom. Like a magical carpet, paper flicked and flipped on the currents of the air stream. Primrose wasn’t one to litter, her toe tapped on the ground, causing a spike of briars to erupt from the ground below. The width dwindled towards the base, making it more spike like, enough to pierce the paper in midair, sapping any life and movement from it. With a snap of her fingers the briars eviscerated the paper into particles she quickly set aflame before touching down to her earth.

“Not this time Prim, maybe next time”

Primrose dropped to her knees and traced her finger through the dirt drawing up what she would have worn to the masquerade had she gone. There was a sort of comfort in imagining that reality seemed to lack. A mushroom stood watch, began to tremble, then exploded out of the ground with a sapling underneath it. A golem of soil less than half a foot tall found life through Prim’s magic. Eyelids found themselves opening with a jovial smile to accompany it. The tiny molar shaped golem made its way over to prim and nestled against her leg like a stray cat looking for food.

“Why hello there little one” a warm boisterous laughter escaping her throat, “Aren’t you a cute one? Come to accompany me today?” The golem nodded, tugging at her leaves. “Okay then, let’s have our own masquerade ball then. Care to dance? Oh, but first, let’s do something about this” her finger wagging around the nakedness of its face. Petals flew loose from a few flowers around and formed a mask around the golem’s articulated face. “That’s better” another chitter of laughter before picking up the golem into her arms and beginning to waltz with her new found friend pressed to her chest.

Swinging the little one around in an entangled circle, there was nothing that could interrupt their moment. Well, almost nothing. The soft patter of rain trickled on herbaceous leaves, causing streams to run down the venation of the plants. The soft patter began to turn into a march as more and more droplets of precipitation landed around them. The little golem grew heavy and dense from absorbing so much rainwater. More mushrooms sprouted from its head, showcasing just how fast it could grow with the guidance of Vitesse.

“Quick little one, let’s get to the conservatory before it comes down.”

Once in the conservatory, Prim did the best she could by pulling out any extraneous water that lay dormant in the little golem. The two of them looked out of the fishbowl window into the clouded skies that threatened to suffocate the sun that once shone. Quite suddenly, almost akin to shooting stars, silhouettes of clouded figures came crashing out of the skies. Prim removed her mask and affixed her gaze, causing her to squint, to the emerging figures. From the opposite side was some mystical force aiming to greet them before they could enter the bubble of the Academy. ”Is that...is that Ms. Grumble?” Prim asked in her haze of confusion. Ms. Grumble was immediately hostile, provoking a massive bolt of lighting above her. She couldn’t make out too many features on the strangers, but she knew they were hurt. Crimson red running down the side of one made it blatantly obvious, her eyes jumped and skittered around the serendipitous meeting or battler rather.

Their speech was mostly inaudible, but the body language showed no sign of antagonism from the unwelcomed guests. Ms. Grumble recognized this herself and disengaged enough to warrant some common ground. A spasm of fear quaked through her body, causing countless bumps of skin to rise on end on her skin. “Mother of Eusebia” she feebly coughed up at the appearance of Ni-Seraphi hot on the heels of the strangers. Discordant songs chimed in her ears, piercing the layers of brick and glass that separated her from the outside. The first time hearing a song so deleterious she could never have dreamed of having paired with such angelic beings, perhaps a frequency not meant for human ears. Her eyes traced the trajectory of the strangers, the infirmary was her best bet of where they were headed. The halls were empty, and the mass of students were stuck in the ballroom. They needed care immediately and who better to dispense it than the master herbalist herself?

Primrose turned to her little one with a look of determination that was parroted in the tiny golem, filled with sheer determination. Both nodded in solidarity and took off running towards the infirmary. Uneasy about leaving Grumble behind, her nerves settled a bit with the announcement from Grune about the deployment of ESP. The sudden explosion that cut off the rest of the message shook Primrose to the core, knocking her off balance before she stumbled into her feet like a newborn giraffe, tucking her tiny golem into her arms. “May the academy be in safe hands” she whispered in soft prayer. Primrose arrived to the infirmary to be greeted by the four strangers that had shed their obscured figures due to the light of the room. A man, a woman, a figure with an unusual bug-like head, and an adolescent bleeding from their side stood before her. Clenching her fist her responsibilities kicked in, “Get those clothes off and apply pressure! I need some space to work”, idle hands turned dexterous, thumbing through her bottomless pockets.
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The voices had pierced her ears whilst her eyes were glowing, and the sentiment of pain being lost in the sea of warmth and euphoria that kissed the pain and aches away in her body. Her breathing was soft and tempered, similar to how one feels when entering the licks of a lake current that has a tender bite from the cold retained from the winter passed. Her lips pursued and simply mouthed the word ”wow” lacking any kind of audible reply to go with it. Eventually the lavish pools of serene white light emptied from the bottom pools of her eyes and the light faded back to black. The jarring voice of Lucas with the imprint of sarcasm brought Ivy back to the unscrupulous setting she ushered in, unbeknownst to her at least. “Hmm?” her head slightly floating and twitching back towards Hanna who still had found peace on what was left of stable flooring. “My eyes? Wasn’t that you?”

“I…I..I don’t know” trying to make sense of the last ten minutes, “I was scrolling through countless blank pages from the book and then there was just one word on one page, centered, heavily emboldened and in a language I’ve never seen before. But..but, it turned into English. It just said ”Oblivion” another deep throb echoed through her chest and her hurt murmured for a rhythmic interruption. An energy was welling up inside her that felt like nothing before, ice in her veins that was waiting to be let out. The onslaught of questions for clarity by her closest friend were starting to gnaw at her patience. Ivy was always the one to have answers, yet her scantron fell empty with nothing but flummox. “I don’t know Hanna!” she spat with newfound bass in her voice, throwing her hands to her forehead, fingers burrowing into her natural curls. Fingers clasped together bringing them shut on her hair. Ivy began pacing back and forth, “Listen, I’ll figure all this out soon enough. For now, on your feet soldier we are leaving.”

“An ambulance? I know you have insurance and the money for an ambulance, but the others? Not so much. Besides how do you explain all of this” her hands waved around the cataclysmic football field, reminiscent of jazz hands. Ivy clasped the hand reaching out for her, followed by supporting the weight, if you could call it that, of the maimed body that was Hanna. The kiss provided a comfort that reminded her of the healing waves supplied to her just before. “Right, let’s go Anni” Ivy took one step forward before stopping, “Hold on” Ivy shifted her arm from the small of Hanna’s back to the front of her stomach, bending down and springing up to haul her over her shoulder. She couldn’t explain it but she felt sturdier, stronger, sinewy. “Much better, give me your hand Anni” lending support to the last of them before heading out of the field into the parking lot.

Ivy let go of Anni’s hand once cleared of immediate danger, fishing in her jacket pocket for the keys. The familiar jingle echoed in her pocket, sending a flicker of head beams and series of beeps out the beamer.

“Everyone get in and let’s get the fuck out of her”

Ivy wasted no time in hoisting Hanna into the front seat, always the passenger princess but never the passenger. Seatbelts clicked, gear shifted to drive, and foot on the accelerator, Ivy peeled out. To where? She didn’t know, they couldn’t show back up to PJs like this. “Where are we going? Oh! Do try not to bleed on the upholstery. There’s a cleaning fee for all of that so let’s avoid Marvin from Pulp Fiction”


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Event: Mandelein Castle

A layer of fog glazed over her eyes making things hard to make out, a tug at her arm was met by the burn of prickly rope fastened tight around her limbs. The immediate sense of bondage had snapped her out of her preliminary haze, unluckily for them, her trappers didn’t realize a Nikanese shadow’s first lesson was escape. Gracefully regaling her composure, she massaged her wrist and cracking her stiff neck. The blood flowed seamlessly in her body, the magic in her body pushing at her skin like an overzealous stream looking to crack through a stifling dam. Her senses were so crisp she could feel the forces swell in her, yet the sensitivity made her too vulnerable to the heat and noise shuffling around her.

There was no reprieve upon opening the doors to reveal a swarm of wildbloods. Ymiico looked at the moon and smiled, centering her internal magics. She wasted no time attacking the creatures that blocked her path. Quick on the attack, a series of throwing stars found themselves being hurled out, sinking into the flesh of the first wild blood as it howled in pain. It did damage to the now bloody beast, but it still stood. Her hands glowed under the moonlight releasing a massive burst of fire that she was seemingly exhaling from her mouth. The fireball was hints of flickering red and orange, scorching and charring the air and debris around them before engulfing the wild blood whole. Despite managing to take down one, the other wasted no time to leap onto the yasoi while she battled.

Ymiico was quick, even quicker with the many moons at her back, she was achieving impossible range with her acrobatics, making narrow dodges seem like child’s play to anyone watching. Twisting and contorting her body she slithered next to one of the wild bloods, bathing her hand in kinetic magics, and thrusting forward in a lighting fast job that fractured and splintered the bones within their body. The body crumpled like a stack of leaves, leaving her an opportunity to extinguish the flames from this once villagers eyes. Ymiico retrieved small vials of liquid she charged with chemical energies to turn corrosive, into the mouth of the wild blood and watched as they melted the inside, out. With just one left and no time to spare dawdling, Ymiico fled past the last remaining wild blood with not much chase from the sole survivor.

Surveying her options, Ymiico ducked into an alley hoping to lose the attention of the wild bloods around her. Much to her dismay, two child-wolves greeted her with tenacity. Normally Ymiico would have hesitated to engage with adolescents, much less children in any sort of violence, but these souls had been already lost and were vastly more dangerous and dexterous than those waiting for outside the alley. One child lept at the Nikanese ninja without much thought, a small static schism occurred, teleporting Ymiico a few feet behind the leaping child wolf. Her twin blades allowed her to venture temporally forward a few seconds. The child wolf confused would feel no more confusion after their head saw the rest of their body detached adjacent to them.

The second child wolf now humbled was much harder to pin down and destroy. Between a flurry of attacks and gymnastic prowess only a child could achieve, they danced around each other like wild shadows. Ymiico tried and tried to stun the child, feeling the presence of more wolves on her heels, but could not seem to connect any significant blows. Annoyed she finally separated into clones, cloaking her own movements from the small child. Eventually their game of tag ended with Ymiico bouncing the child’s skull off the brick faced wall she refused to get off of. She pushes deeper into town, she nears an exit, however ... A massive beast of a man utilizing magnetic magic to weld various tools together to make a hammer takes notice of her. It howls a bloodcurdling scream. With the horde behind it, there's no way she can take it on in a fair fight. She needs to reposition.

With little to no time she settles on the bathhouse, The bathhouse is nothing like what she'd find in Nikan. There are no hot springs or gender secluded rooms. No, it is a relic of a more prosperous time of Mandelein but the practice never truly died out. Theraputic mud baths were common in the swampy regions to treat certain ailments, and business continued despite rough times. Inside, she is greeted by a beast covered in flames and filled with rage, and a wolf wielding a sickle. The latter shot her a malicious gaze that lacked the feral rage most others did. Ymiico grimaces and clutches her hands even tighter than before, the outcome of this was looking bleak. No time to wait, she immediately engaged, using the mud in the boathouse as a medium. Pumping kinetic and chemical magics into the mud she created spikes of semi hardened mud to both penetrate and extinguish the fiery wolf.

The attack succeeded until the smarter of the two intervened and took the brunt of the damage onto himself. The lightning crackled and made quick work of the earth as it was its direct counter. The roof behind her collapses. The hammer has cleaned obliterated the front of the bathhouse. Leonhardt was close. Despite being amped up on her moons, Ymiico did not have the time to face these two menaces with the hammer being so close to her. The lightning wolf was proving to be too much for her as well as the fiery one who was able to attack directly after she attacked. Causing her to suffer some cleaving damage between the two of them. Thinking quick, she retrieved small metallic beads from her pouch and covered her ears and eyes before throwing them down. They exploded into a flash bang, leaving the hypersensitive wolves to be stunned by the flash.

Ymiico bolts for the back door, the flashbang catching the wolves off-guard. Before they can come to, an indiscriminate hammer swings their way and sends both flying. The constable was still on her tail.
This wasn't good, one exit was a no-go, so North it was. Having done her time on the ground she decided a change of scenery might benefit her. Ymiico took to the high ground, where many other wildbloods have started to roam. As she dashes toward the centre of town, she is intercepted by a group of four normal wolves. The big wolf starts to destroy the foundations of the buildings behind her. With little to no effort she swirled flame into her hand via the spinning of a shuriken in her palm and obliterated one of the wolves in front of her on the roof.

The flame tool swung its continuous momentum into a second wolf but did not have enough energy to topple the second beast. With her wits about her and her temporal blades she reacted to each of the onslaughts of attacks casted against her. Managing to survive unscathed she was faced with yet another wolf jumping into the fray. Again, she attacks throwing every ninja art she could think of in her repertoire to push through to the other side. The new wolf and the old wolf crumble after being disemboweled. There was no time to think, she remained vigilant on pressing on. Ymiico manages to find an opening and ninja-sprints her way to freedom. Before her is the Plaza. The fountain isn't working, and it is desolate, barring the many beasts gawking at her in the darkness. A twisted and high-pitched echo hits her and all the beasts, causing them to screech.

The massive Leonhardt suddenly lands onto said fountain, utterly destroying it. He stares down the powered up Yasoi and challenges her with a mighty roar. Bloodied and battered the Yasoi roars back in the face of Leonhardt. Ymiico flies into combat landing a normally devastating blow to his head. His body is unmoved, he adjusts his head slightly. Stringing attacks between defense was her best bet, but she quickly exhausted how much magic and dodging she could do, leaving her to cleanse in the fight to reset her abilities. His hammer lights up the sky and begins to charge, ymiico didn’t know what, but would not wait around to see. Compiling her strength she breaks the threshold, forcing him to bring down his hammer. Unsafe to the next few blows he would take despite not being able to use his hammer.

Again, he lifted the hammer and again she defies him, the previous rotation of attacks and dodges perpetuate once more before the hammer goes up thrice. Knowing she would do no damage to this beast she runs past and stuns him as she did the two wolves in the bathhouse. Ymiico begins to see a clear passage leading further North. Less wolf density. It leads somewhere familiar. The castle! Feeling light headed and blood drying on her face and hands she pauses to use her binding magic to heal herself enough to her full health. With a deep breathe she focuses herself once more before getting to the finale.

The town exit was right before her. Many still pursued her, but they had become background noise to the powerhouse that was Ymiico. The fodder was no threat, and the hammer beast had taken interest in the Church where her peers fought for survival. Perhaps she would have wished to help, but that place was SWARMING with these monsters. She had no chance to join them.

As she walked the main path leading to the castle with most of her stalkers backing off for whatever reason, she'd suddenly felt literal tension in the air. And then, once again, a high-pitched sound.

The unpleasant sound wasn't as strong, and she could feel by its intensity that it was coming from the Castle. What was strong, however, was the Thunder Wolf that crashed right in her path in a merciless bolt of lightning, steaming with excess heat. It twitched and its fur constantly hovered and erected in unnatural ways. It stared down Ymiico, keen on mauling her just like its brethren had tried to do.

Ymiico unsure of how to insulate this electric demon, relied on pure strength knowing that fire and anything else she had in her arsenal would do little in the way of damage. Her first attack was a wallop of one that was subsequently met with a zap that pinched her nerves and made her system scream. Attack after attack she landed or missed did not matter, she was continually punished for touching the wild bloods flesh with a shock of electricity. The wolf itself had a plan of its own, the polarity of the lightning he was attacking her with felt different. She could only tell due to how heightened her sense were, otherwise she would not be privy to his strategy. Ymiico had been hit with a positive and negative charge and had taken some heavy damage.

Not wanting to be victim to another round of charges she coalesced the remaining power she had into a massive ball of kinetic magic in her hand that swirled violently in her hand in a perfectly contained orb. Running towards the wolf and the wolf towards her, she thrusted the enigmatic sphere into the chest of the wolf which exploded into double the size it had been, engulfing the wolf and exploding outwards toward the castle. The wolf had been reduced to dust and the landscape behind it completely tarnished.
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