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Current circumstances have led me to put my position here on hold, I'm afraid I have far less time at my disposal than I initially thought. I'll keep tabs here for I won't be entirely gone, but I'll be withdrawing the character for now (saved and the such, but removing for the time being). Good luck!
@ObaSuzu I'm no GM by any means but given some people have dipped since the last character was posted, I think you're good.
@TheMushroomLord Make the character you want to make, bud. Don't let a butt-appendage lady get in the way.
Aye, just going to finish some parts of the CS and fix some formulations and it'll be in there! Not in the biggest of hurries.
@RoflsMazoy Thanks! I did put in a little bit of time, took me a nice evening. You did put quite a bit of effort on your premise, I felt like I should repay it with some effort too. That isn't to say quantity makes great, I mostly chose that route to do something new. Now it still need some tweaking with some formulations and typos, but the big parts are done.

Gotcha on the PM's. C:
Alright! I've got this character up. I've went for a very different style than I usually do, and I still have the personality section to fill. I do feel like the CS itself covers the character's personality in many different ways, but I'm thinking of how to make it interesting. I've also tried to take an interesting take as a fighter despite being more 'scholarly'. The CS should be read as a sort of 'case file', while the abilities section are Tamako's own recordings kept to herself (She wouldn't want everyone to know all her tricks!).

EDIT: I hope I didn't over-do it with some stuff, such as the talents. I feel like the concoctions are more so 'tools' she can use born from her expertise in bio-engineering and medicine. There isn't much skill to just ... Throwing gas bottles.

Well I'm certainly manifesting interest when there's this much care put into a premise with well-defined parameters. I'll also have to agree with what's been said about specialists, it's going to naturally be the primary pick for many given the big appeal here is the supernatural side of things, no need to feel obligated to cover other roles. I'm inclined to make one myself, although I'll give it a little thought first. There's no big deadline right now, is there?


The severance of the bridge had given even more weight to the lieutenant Gerudo's orders. If the bridge couldn't be risen, then only one option remained. As Darunia and his platoon poured in, the infantry up above would retaliate accordingly. Arrows coated in flames combined with explosive barrels hurled down onto the wooden passage. With enough flame and explosive material, it'd come to no surprise that the bridge would collapse. Still, better horses and perhaps some more elite Gorons could make a potential leap, but those that failed? Well, we all know what happens to a Goron in water. Needless to say, the explosion was massive, causing nearby waterways to crumble from the seismic shock, increasing the amount of rockfall! @Crystal Amalgam

With this contingency enacted, the numbers left for Nadalia to do with were much more manageable. The Gerudo troops at her side, snipers stationed above and fiendish troops just around the corner. The only real issue was the Goron Patriarch that was quite clearly tunnel-visioned in his endeavour to reach the castle. Unfortunately for him, one had to pass through Nadalia's barricade first. As punishment for Darunia's emotional charge, Nadalia so swiftly shifted her rather thin figure enough to let him pass, only for her to pivot her body for adequate momentum and deliver a pinpointed kick to the ball's flank. By no means was she a physical powerhouse, but she was precise, and all she needed was to disrupt the Goron's roll.

There was no way the Gorons were going to interfere with Ganondorf without first handling the ground troops. It was their only option, given the more watery option was out of the question.

"Zora strays. Hylian vagabonds. Sheikah spies. Unwanted Undead. Even greedy scrubs. But I've yet to confront a beast such as yourself."

Her words were articulate and precise, but even through the metallic muffle of her helmet, one could hear the light rasp in her throat. The slightest hint of a growing anxiety in her. It did not translate to her body language. Oh no. It was her speciality to have complete control of that after all. With the expected elegance of a desert dancer, she carefully drew her first Scimitar. One coated in a blue-ish aura that even with the distance made between her and Darunia, the Goron could feel the chill air oozing out of this enchanted weapon. Her posture shifted from a perfectly straight one that fully displayed her size- a size that likely matched the head Goron's- into one with her legs flexed, blade risen over her head and pointed barely downward to the front while her vacant hand extended itself, index and major fingers pointed at her chosen opponent.

The troops readied themselves as well. Nadalia's sisters were entering their own stances to take on Darunia's brothers. Archers were prepped, but they were focused on the more generic Gorons, knowing full-well that interrupting their dancing lieutenant would likely do more harm than good.

"Now then, Patriarch of the Goron. Grace me with your fabled dance of fiery passions."
@Dark Cloud Cloud as he makes this claim.

We believe in you. Will make a post today, but I'd also like to wait for Caisa.
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