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Hey was wondering if I could reserve a spot for the Fool?
I am SO sorry about the super delayed post! Work and college both have been kicking my ass but now I'm on a more normal schedule again. Again, I am extremely sorry.
Dr. Emilia Moral

Interacting with: @Nawmaing

Deep in thought in the middle of her lab, Dr. Emilia Moral was performing the last bits of diagnostics on her cybernetics and any of her gear and robots, specifically her personal favorite project. APK, the robotic dog that she created not long after she first joined the ship. The cybernetic arms on her back were moving around and helping her check parts on her subject and hand her tools in perfect synchronization. It took her a good while after developing these for herself to get the hang of moving them like this, but after years of practice she can move them as easily as she can her own arms. She finally finished up with the checkups and repairs just in time for her to hear the comms on ship to start and for the captain to start another one of her wonderful little speeches. Oh they were this close to the portal already? Emilia realized she was a bit behind on preparations. She pet the robotic dog which gave a metallic, simulated bark in response as she prepared to leave her lab.

The lab itself was quite the mess. Cybernetic parts, medical supplies and failed attempts into robotics scattered the floor. At least she made an effort to clean up any blood if nothing else. After gathering her medical supplies, some of her drones, and a gun for emergencies she made her way up to the bridge with a dog following behind her. Making sure to wave at a few of the crew as she passed by, after all she’s had to heal most of them up once or twice. Managing to arrive just in time to see the captain deck Dimitri right in his face, causing her to snicker just a bit.

“Try not to piss the captain off too much there bud, I’m sure you’ll have enough injuries for me to worry about without her causing them.” Emilia taunted him as she walked up. “I’m only gonna have so many supplies for when you inevitably blow yourself up.”

She turned to see the portal they were heading towards. It was certainly an interesting sight, and the first time Emilia had seen it this close. Her mind began to wander as to what they’d find on the other side of it. The possibilities, the biological samples she could acquire, things she could dissect. Were there different kinds of these bugs? What does their homeworld look like? So many questions! But she snapped herself back to reality. After all, she’d see here soon enough.
Finally got my character done too!

Well I guess it’s time to start actually writing my character, I’m a little behind now.
Awesome! I’ll start working on my CS tomorrow since it’s fairly late right now
Hello! Been a little while since I've been on here but my friend Luna brought this to my attention and I'm very interested. Mind if I reserve the Lieutenant position for the 11th Division?

Level 2 (17/20)
Location: Peach's Castle
Word Count: 322

As soon as the giant dragon turtle went down the black fog dissipated as Henry had no need for it anymore. He watched curiously as the the creature gave its final speech to the real Bowser. It was a heartfelt thing almost, if it wasn’t for the ominous smile on the dying Bowser’s face. The mage wasn’t all that interested up until a weird… spirit thing appeared from the enemy. That immediately caught his attention. After approaching closer and listening in it was made obvious that this was in fact the spirit of the dead Bowser. And what else were they talking about, absorbing it? This left the boy confused until he saw the loud, armored man absorb into his body which quickly changed the man into what looked like a demon. “Woah… that’s awesome! Do all the enemies drop spirits like that here? Can I get stuff like that too? Ooooh maybe I can finally get wings like a crow!” While too busy freaking out about this new revelation about the world he almost forgot to ask about another important thing he overheard. Galeem.

“Oh right, so what’s up with this Galeem guy you mentioned? Why am I here anyway? Or better yet where am I?” All of these questions that Henry had been holding back till now all came forward to the small group that had gathered around the Bowser spirit. But whether or not his questions were answered someone else approached and attacked the spiky turtle that Henry was starting to grow fond of based off appearance alone. That wasn’t going to fly with him. The dark mage whipped around and prepared a spell. “Careful there, attack us and you might just end up dead!” As he called this out a spark of dark magic appeared on the floor under Gene’s feet, indicating that an explosion of dark magic would occur in a moment if he didn’t move fast.

Level 2 (1/20) LEVEL UP!
Location: Peach's Castle - Interior
Word Count: 327

New Skill - Nosferatu
Another dark magic used by Henry, it takes the form of a black miasma that covers an area of Henry's choosing as long as he concentrates to keep it up. After settling into place it saps the health of anyone inside of it except for Henry himself and uses that health to heal up the caster for part of the damage dealt.

After getting knocked out of the way of the beastly Bowser’s earlier attack Henry decided it would be best to sit and wait. Even someone as messed up as him could see the variety of unfamiliar weapons and fighting tactics and continuing to fight with no knowledge might be just a bit too dangerous. Even if it was quite boring.

Though it proved fruitful as the curious mage got a perfect view of the weapons held by his allies. The ones that interested him most were the strange contraptions held by people like Michael or the Courier. Small, quick and a lot of firepower. So many cool things, he’d have to ask about it later after figuring out whatever was going on. While distracted and watching the others, two people of the group were brutally massacred. Despite being upset or disgusted Henry was more intrigued than anything, it’d been awhile since he’d seen a death as brutal as Zer0’s other than one of his own kills.

In awe of the newly encountered weapons all around, Henry almost hadn’t noticed a flying piece of furniture careening his direction until it was stopped by a giant bowser. “Thanks big guy! I owe ya one!” He called out to the giant turtle with a happy wave. “For trying to kill me like that, you’re in for a HEX of a death my friend.” Henry joked with a deranged chuckle as he turned his attention to the opponent. Pulling out a new tome that he never even realized he had, the dark mage waved his hand as he cast his new spell. “Nosferatu!” As the magic was cast a black miasma flowed from Henry and weaved its way over to Megadragonbowser before settling around him. As the creature stayed in the dark cloud of fog would slowly sap away at his health as it transferred the life force over to the caster who was already starting to heal from his injuries.
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