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Level 1 (9/10)
Location: Peach's Castle - Throne Room
Word Count: 615

Well would you look at that! With his attacks seemingly hurting his foe as well as giving the rest of his allies enough of an opportunity to attack Henry was starting to feel confident in this battle. Sure there wasn’t much cohesion or teamwork coming from Henry’s side but he was used to working along. It wasn’t like the mage had any bonds in this group anyway. Thinking about it made him miss Chrom and Robin. Unfortunately while Henry was busy reminiscing the giant dragon was preparing another attack.

The humongous turtle creature retreated into its shell and started spinning at them in a way the dark mage never expected the monster to be able to move. Looks like most of the things from other worlds don’t follow the same laws of physics, and Henry absolutely loved it. So many absurd things are going on and they all looked awesome. He’d definitely try and talk to the rest of his new teammates whenever he finally got the opportunity. But for now a giant spiked shell was barreling towards the boy and he had to think fast. It was too late to try and dodge so there was only one, risky plan that came to mind. The dark magic sparked in front of him and Henry ran and jumped over top of it, the explosion below propelling him upward just enough to clear the very lethal spikes on the turtle’s back. And then he face planted on the ground on the other side. It took him just a moment to get off the ground but when he did the smile on his face hadn’t faltered. “That. Was. AWESOME! Oh man that was so fun, I’ll have to use that again later.” There was almost a childlike innocence in his voice which contradicted to the injuries he sustained from the blast and the fall, even though he acted like they didn’t even happen.

Henry turned back to the boss and noticed the some of the rest of his comrades, as well as a few additions he hadn’t seen before, all laying fire on the fire breathing monster. He also noticed a few of them including the wooden puppet he fought with earlier were working on recruiting new allies to the cause of taking down the king. Well Henry didn’t have much in the ways of convincing people, he was much better at driving them away from him by creeping them out it seemed, so instead he worked on wearing down the annoying and pompous iteration of Bowser. Well, more annoying than usual. “You’re tough bug guy, but I’ve stared down scarier things then you. Let’s see if that superior attitude of yours helps you survive my curses!” The dark mage aimed the explosions of dark magic at his vulnerable face again but a good number of them missed, hitting along his arms and whatever other areas were available. Hopefully his little display and taunt would draw the attention of Megadragonbowser. Henry knew strategy was an important part of battle and while he wasn’t necessarily a tank, Henry was more durable than some of the other fighters. He didn’t mind taking a bit of extra damage with a healer around. Though with all the attacks aimed at it, the mage wasn’t quite sure his plan would work out.

Well, there was one more thing he could try. Charging up the magic more than usual Henry let out a more powerful attack aimed at the evil Bowser’s face. There was a flashier spark than normal indicating the larger explosion and its target destination before the magical burst exploded. “Special delivery!” Henry called out as he let out his attack.

Level 1 (6/10)
Location: Bowser's Castle Interior
Word Count: 456

Henry had inducted himself into this new and very unique group. Which wasn’t all that surprising since this isn’t the first time he’s followed after a group of interesting folks. Though now that he was here there was no time to answer any of his questions as they were already moving on to the next fight before he could even get around to it. Time to overthrow the king it seems.

The dark mage almost didn’t notice the mechanical woman who was going around healing people until after she had healed him up. He was too busy being distracted by and subtly trying to poke the spikes on Bowser’s back to see if they would make him bleed. Unfortunately he didn’t really have enough time to try before they entered the throne room and… an even bigger spiked turtle. Henry knew the creature was the enemy but it looked SO COOL! And this one had wings and stuff to make it look more like a dragon, made him think of a bigger, scarier Nowi. Though to be fair ‘scary’ wasn’t really something Henry thought of this iteration of Bowser. After all, before all of this Henry was moments away from facing off against the Fell Dragon destined to cause the apocalypse… while riding on its back. And not much was able to get to Henry before that. Ready to fight and fully healed, he prepared his tome for battle.

All of his allies started mobilizing and preparing their strategies while Henry was making sure to avoid the fire, fire is not something Henry enjoys getting hit by. After subduing the flames that caught the end of his cloak he took in the situation. Some of them moved to help the caged allies and some were focusing on the boss. One seemed to betray them but until it hurt Henry himself he wasn’t too concerned at the moment, after all he didn’t know or care for most of them yet. One thing of note was that at the moment at least their foe was immobile and a huge target for Henry.

“Sorry big guy, I’m not a huge fan of cages so I’m gonna have to kill you now. No hard feelings.” He retorted to the dragon-turtle before initiating his attacks. That shell looked really tough and while the arms he was using to protect himself seemed strong too they were definitely an easier target than the shell. Trying to get his attacks as close to Megadragonbowser’s face as possible, sparks of dark energy appeared along his arms before exploding in dark magic. Unless the large creature was able to move in time a barrage of five or six explosions would hit him one after the other.
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Atrius “Hex” Averna

Atrius stood amongst the hooded figures of the blasted cult, the ones who took everything from him except for his life. He surprisingly stood out from the group of deviants and freaks because unlike most there wasn’t a physical abnormality in the man. All of his powers and changes originated from his broken mind. It took all of his self control to realize how bad it would be to attack now. Especially since, as the old hooded man said, he knew what was going to happen. The cloaked figure called upon those who believed themselves to be the chosen. Atrius lurched forward and slowly entered the area, along with seven others. There were some fakers in their midst it would seem. Not that the former mercenary minded, there was some pent up aggression he wanted to take out. And he would be damned again if he would let one of those fools take his place here.

The fighting commenced and Atrius jumped back as far away from the others as he could as he prepared his two swords. He watched as all of the others paired off into their own fights, other than one woman who led an army of her followers, and he was left with his opponent. A shadowy woman who sunk into the darkness. Atrius remained cautious and waited for his opponent to strike first. Which after a moment she did, an attempted backstab on her opponent. How vile, attacking from the shadows, but effective. Atrius blocked the attack with his blades and with a blast of wind magic she was blown away from him. With a wave of his hand five spikes of ice formed around him. ”Just die already.” He spoke as he sent the ice flying forward in an attempt to impale his opponent.

Level 1 (1/10)
Location: Bridge to Peach's Castle
Word Count: 465

“I know the darkness is warm and delicious... But too much of a good thing is just bad!” These were Henry’s last words before the light had taken him from his world. As one of his closest comrades Robin was succumbing to the darkness of the Fell Dragon Grima, his army was trying to pull her back from the brink. What a cruel twist of fate, it would seem, that the very light they tried to bring her back to would end up being the enemy itself…

The young dark mage had been in this World of Light for awhile before he had encountered the group of those freed from the odd force that held him captive. This gave him plenty of time to ponder the matters at hand. Where was he? How did he get here? How was the light involved? All of these questions and more plagued his twisted mind but unlike the ones who awakened from the control no answers were revealed to Henry. He had thought it almost hopeless and was prepared to resign himself to his fate of being lost, never finding his friends again. But then…


In the sound of glass shattering and a flash of colors Henry was in another place entirely. A bridge, with a plethora of new and interesting characters around him. A few of which were particularly interesting to the white haired mage, namely the spikey turtle that he saw a little ways away from him. It combined two of Henry’s interests, sharp objects and animals! The only other character to really catch his attention was the dancer of their group. She reminded Henry slightly of a fellow member of Chrom’s army, even if just because they were both dancers. Despite his interest in finally encountering other living beings, assuming this wasn’t some weird after life like he originally thought, he was more than cautious about trying to interact with them. Henry knew why he was summoned here because of the large floating hand, he was here to fight. Even though he tried to just get this fight over with the dark mage couldn’t start initiate anything and instead he stayed put. He was not only ordered to only fight in self defense exclusively but he was being forced to comply. This was more than annoying to Henry. “These orders are so dumb.” He muttered to himself. But he couldn’t just refuse and turn on his master like he normally would. It seems his loyalty was forced.

So instead Henry waited, watching the group that he knew to be his enemies with red, squinted eyes. Holding his purple tome in hand he prepared himself for one of his foes to strike him and he could get to the only enjoyable part of this whole situation.
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Location: Azure City-City Streets
Interactions: Bea, CAWsForAlarm

Vincent was having second thoughts in trying to approach the child. It was too late now though, and he couldn't just let an abandoned child run around could he? Though there was off that he could clearly see. Those glowing blue eyes were not human at all. Was he a mutant too? "Hey it's alright kid, I'm a mutant too. I'm not gonna hurt you." Vincent kneeled down a little bit, trying to seem less tall and threatening.

Maksim wasn't having any of it. Despite the stranger's best efforts, Maks wouldn't fall for anything, he wouldn't let himself fall to the same fate his parents had.
Maks' stomach growled violently, but the boy tried to pay no mind to it, instead focusing on the man in front of him. Just by looking at the boy, Vincent would be able to tell how tense he was. Maks took another slight step back, one hand against the wall of the old building, guiding him back as he walked, and the other held readily at his side.

This man had followed him all the way from the park, he assumed, so simply dashing away wasn't going to be as easy. Most people paid no attention to Maks on a usual day, so why was it that this stranger was trying to hard to earn his trust, why?

This was going absolutely nowhere but without any kind of actual plan that was to be expected. Lyon was the tactician of their little group but it didn't hurt to try something for himself. "Listen, I know you don't trust me. And I don't really blame you after I kinda followed you... but I can't really leave a child out here by themself." That was when he heard the boys stomach growl. "Especially one that's this hungry." So that's why the kid was resorting to stealing. That didn't make it much better buy at least it gave the poor child some justification for his actions. Vincent could only imagine what the little one had gone through.

Something about what this stranger was saying made Maksim pause a little longer than he usually would have. Maks really hadn't experienced anyone attempting to show some form of compassion. Sure there was the stray person here and there that tried to approach him on the street, but those encounters never lasted as long as this one had.

For a split second, Vincent may have seen a lessened expression of fear, and a little more curious confusion than anything. But Maks stayed for but a few moments longer before his eyes glowed a stronger blue and the boy turned and ran. He immediately turned down the nearest alleyway, using a dumpster to jump and grab onto a low hanging roof-access ladder, before scurrying up it and disappearing to the building-tops.

What an unsurprising ending that interaction, Vincent thought. Still though he felt bad that he couldn't do anything for that child. He could've at least bought some food for him or something. Vincent didn't feel guilty for long, he did everything he could've to try and calm the boy down but to no avail. So rather than let it weigh on his mind any longer he started walking back to the festival and continue perusing the different stalls to see if he could get anymore free things.

Location: Festival Grounds
Interactions: @Bea, @Cryptek12

Little did Maksim or Sheffield know that they had someone watching their interaction. After all something like that is bound to draw attention and there was no way in hell Vincent believed those two were brothers. Something was off about the boy though, he acted weird. Like a frightened animal. "I didn't expect to do any 'work' today but duty calls I guess." He muttered to himself. The mutant began to quickly slip through the crowd after the child, barely managing to keep up. He wasn't quite sure of why he was doing this. Was it curiosity? A desire to help what very much seemed to be a street child? He couldn't quite place it.

Eventually Vincent caught up to the child whenever he decided to stop. Rather then forcibly trying to stop the child Vincent tried to be a little more calm in his approach. Normally he wouldn't care but there was something about the kid. Maybe he could kind of relate to how the kid felt, frightened and afraid. "Hey kid, I'm not gonna hurt you. I just wanna talk." He continued to approach the kid as cautiously as he could and kept an eye out for any sudden movements. "What's your name kid?"
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